Ellen’s Bedpost: Emma Stone

Ellen’s Bedpost: Emma Stone
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, drugs, cons
Celebs: Ellen Page, Emma Stone
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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While filming the movie with Ms. Roberts, Ellen was working on her own project.  She decided to ask Emma Stone if she wanted in, partly because she wanted her in it, but, well, after her recent conquests, Ellen was getting more and more confident in her skills as, for lack of a better term, a ladies woman.

She met Emma in her apartment, who offered to get Ellen a drink. “What’s your poison?” Emma asked, chuckling.

“Uh, rum and coke?”

“Okay.” Emma walked out, giggling.

A few drinks in, and deep into discussing Ellen’s project, Emma asked, “Freshen your drink?”

“Uh, sure.”

As Emma was leaving this time, Ellen was trying to think of how to broach the topic, when she hit on a brilliant idea.  Not so much original, but brilliant nonetheless.

Emma came in holding two new drinks. “So, I keep meaning to ask you…” Emma stopped in her tracks, and nearly dropped the glasses.  Ellen was standing there, completely naked. “Um, Ellen, what are…is this like the naked man thing?”

“Well, naked woman.”

Emma put the drinks down. “You know, you could’ve just asked me if I wanted to do it, and I probably would’ve said yes, but A for creativity.”

“Now you tell me.” Emma laughed, then walked toward Ellen, and, after a brief pause, the two placed their hands on each other’s heads, and shared a long, lustful kiss.  Ellen grabbed the bottom of Emma’s pink tank, and Emma lifted her arms, so Ellen could take it off, then wrapped those arms around Ellen, placing her hands on her butt-cheeks, as they continued to make out.  Ellen then unhooked Emma’s bra, and slipped her hands up the front, and then felt up Emma’s breasts, her nipples already hard.

“Oh, God, Ellen,” Emma whispered, “I’m so wet.”

“Hmm, nice,” Ellen smirked, then slid one hand into Emma’s shorts, and into her panties, and started to diddle and finger her twat.

“Houh!” Emma gasped, and leaned on Ellen, for support.  Ellen then slid the other hand into the back of Emma’s pants, and soon, Emma felt Ellen’s middle finger slide into her tight, pink butt-hole. “Oh!” Emma yelped, and doubled over slightly.  She then started to nibble on Ellen’s earlobe, and cling to her even more, as Ellen fingered both her holes. “Ohfuck!  Ohgod!  Yes!” When Emma came, she squirted in her panties, and a little even dribbled down her leg.

Ellen then pulled her hand out, and licked Emma’s pussy-juices off her fingers. “Nice…”

“Oh, God, that was so fucking hot!  I wanna make you cum now!”

In a moment, Emma lay on the couch, as Ellen straddled her face.  Ellen gasped and moaned as Emma’s tongue prodded her hairy, dripping cunt. “Uhm, finger my butt…” Emma inserted her middle finger into Ellen’s butt-hole, and Ellen started to writhe and clutch at herself. “Oh!  Oh!  Ohfuck!” Ellen’s whole body jerked when she came.

Ellen then came down, and shoved her tongue in Emma’s mouth.

“So,” Emma suddenly asked, “was all this just to get into my panties?”

“Uh, yes and no.”

“Okay, fair enough.”  They continued to make out on the couch.

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