Ellen’s Bedpost: Emma Watson

Ellen’s Bedpost: Emma Watson
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, cons
Celebs: Ellen Page, Emma Watson
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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A few days after her meeting with Ms. Stone, Ellen went to talk to Emma Watson about being in her movie.  However, when Ellen arrived, Emma was in the shower.

“Oh, bloody hell!  What are you doing here?”

“Uh, you said ten.”

“I did?  Fuck!” Emma said this last word in a hushed tone. “I…look, I just got in, uh, go and watch the telly, or something!”

Ellen was about to go, but then realized the situation she’d walked into.  She opened the bathroom door, and saw Emma’s naked form silhouetted behind the fogged-up glass, the sight of which had Ellen licking her lips.  Watching Emma behind the glass, Ellen took off her clothes, then went and opened the shower door.

“Oh!  Uh, hi.” Emma sounded surprised, as she looked Ellen’s naked body up and down.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Um…okay…” Ellen got in, as Emma continued to eye her up.

“God, just imagine how many fanboys wish they could be where I am now.” Ellen then placed her hands on either side of Emma’s head, pulled her closer, and gave her a long, sexy tongue-kiss.  Emma immediately loosened up, as Ellen’s tongue wrestled hers.

“Oh, God, Ellen,” Emma whispered, “I’ve got such a girl-crush on you.”

“Well, hell, you’re half the reason I saw all the Harry Potter movies.”

The two made out in the shower for several minutes, then, without even drying off, were soon on Emma’s bed.

Emma had her legs spread wide, as Ellen’s tongue explored her dripping(only partly from the shower) cunt. “Oooh…fuck…” Emma sighed, tilting her head back.  Ellen pulled herself away from Emma’s twat for a second, and kissed her inner thighs, then stuck her first two fingers in.  Emma assumed Ellen was finger-fucking her, but then Ellen pulled her fingers out, sticky with Emma’s pussy-juices, then stuck them in her ass. “Oh!” Emma started to clutch at herself, as Ellen fingered her ass, while sucking on her pulsating clit. “Oh, God!  I can’t believe how awesome that feels!” Ellen’s knuckles were slapping against Emma’s butt-cheeks, when Emma came, grabbing Ellen’s hair and pulling it.

Ellen now lay with her legs spread, as Emma hungrily ate her moist, hairy pussy. “Oh, yeah…” Ellen moaned, squeezing her tits.  Emma then physically flipped Ellen over. “Oh, what are we doing now?” She was answered by Emma spreading her cheeks, and roughly licking her asshole. “Ohf…” Ellen reached under herself, and diddled her twat, as Emma’s tongue penetrated her butt. “Oh, God, you’re a dirty bitch, Hermione!” Emma responded to this by sticking her first two fingers in Ellen’s ass, and fucking her with them.

Moments later, Ellen and Emma were sixty-nining on the bed, while finger-fucking each other’s asses.  The room was filled with the sound of them moaning, whining, and eventually screaming, as both came simultaneously.

Later, they lay there, basking in the after-glow.  Ellen then broke the silence. “Oh, right, I came over to ask you-”

“Yes,” Emma laughed, “I’ll be in your bloody movie!” Both then laughed, before again kissing.

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