Ellen’s Bedpost: Jennifer Lawrence

Ellen’s Bedpost: Jennifer Lawrence
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, cons
Celebs: Ellen Page, Jennifer Lawrence
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Some weeks later, Ellen was at another premier, when she saw Jennifer.  The two were in the last X-Men movie, but didn’t have any scenes together, and didn’t even meet on set.

“Hey, Jen,” Ellen approached her nonchalantly, “Hoping we’d finally get to meet.”

“Oh, hi, Ellen!” Jen grinned and waved.  The two talked about the director, who they were both friends with, and how psyched they were for this movie, until it was time to go into the theater.

In the few minutes before the movie started, sitting in the back, they talked about other directors, particularly ones they wanted to work with.

“Uh, I would love to be in a PTA movie,” Jen mentioned.

“Oh, yeah, I love Boogie Nights.”

“Really?  Anything to do with Heather Graham getting naked?”

“That’s…one thing I like.” Jen laughed at this. “How about Payne?”

“Oh, yeah, Election was freaking brilliant.”

“Or About Schmidt?”

“Yeah, although I didn’t need to see-”

“Dude, I totally know what you’re gonna say.” They both laughed.

“Hey, what about Wes Anderson?”

“Oh, my God, yes!  I fucking loved Grand Budapest Hotel!”

“I know, right?  Also, that movie totally cemented my girl-crush on Saoirse Ronan.”

“Okay, I’m definitely filing that away under B for blackmail.”

“Actually, I’d rather tell her myself, if you know what I mean.”

“Wow, I’m just learning so much about you tonight!” They both laughed again.

Just then, the lights went down, and the movie started.  After a few minutes, Ellen started thinking about Jen’s little confession, and then she thought about her night with Amanda.  She looked toward Jen, and watched her face, illuminated by the movie screen.  Ellen then got a devilish idea.

Casually, Ellen moved her hand over to Jen’s side.  Feeling something touching her leg, Jen looked down, and saw Ellen’s hand, migrating slowly toward her inner thigh, as Ellen pretended to watch the movie.  Jen didn’t know what to do, so just sat there, as Ellen’s hand moved under her skirt.  Before she knew it, Ellen was diddling her twat.  Starting to breathe hard, Jen reached over, and clamped her hand on Ellen’s be-jeaned thigh.

“Ellen!” Jen whispered.  Ellen turned her head, and Jen grabbed it, and gave her a deep tongue kiss.  Now turned toward Jen, Ellen switched hands, and started diddling Jen’s twat with her left rather than right.  Jen, meanwhile, moved her hand down Ellen’s back.  Ellen felt Jen’s hand go in the back of her jeans, and, as Ellen was wondering what she was up to, she felt Jen’s middle finger slide between her cheeks, and into her butt-hole.  This was new to Ellen; nobody had ever played around with her butt before, not that she was complaining.

After a couple of minutes of this, Jen pulled down the straps on her dress, exposing her breasts.  Ellen started sucking on Jen’s nipples, which by now were hard and pointy.  Moaning, Jen now rubbed the crotch of Ellen’s jeans, until she felt the moisture seep through.

“Psst!  Ellen!”


“Take your pants off.”


“Take ’em off!”

“Um, okay.” Trying to be as discreet as possible, Ellen took off her sneakers, then her jeans.  Once Ellen was down to her panties, Jen stuck her head between her legs, moved her panties aside with her teeth, and proceeded to perform cunnilingus on Ellen in her seat.  Ellen sat and watched the movie as Jen ate her out.  When she came, Ellen bit down on her finger, to keep from crying out.

When Jen came back up, Ellen said, “Spread your legs, I wanna do you now.”

“Do you think you can reach?”

“Trust me, I’ve worked this out.”

Ellen got up on her knees, and turned sideways.  Sure enough, in spite of being much shorter, Ellen was able to get her head between Jen’s thighs.  Now, it was Jen’s turn to watch the movie while being eaten out.  When she came, Jen stuffed her fingers in her mouth, to keep from moaning out loud.

Ellen came back up, and they made out for several more minutes, then fixed their clothes, and sat and watched the rest of the movie.

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