Ellen’s Birthday Present

Ellen’s Birthday Present
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal
Celebs: Ellen Page, Kat Dennings
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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The day before her twenty-eighth birthday, Ellen recieved a call from her friend Kat.

“Happy birthday, Ell!”

“Hey, Kat.”

“Listen, are you busy tonight?”

“Uh. not really.”

“Great!  The thing is, I have got the perfect birthday present for you, but I have to give it to you here.  So, if you could come over to my place, like, tonight at eight, God, you are just gonna love it!”

At eight, Ellen knocked on Kat’s door.  Moments later, she was greeted by Kat, wearing a men’s dress shirt, hot pants and stiletto heels, as well as red lipstick.

“So, what’s this great present you’ve got for me?  You certainly built it up enough!”

“Well, it’s in my den.”

On entering the den, Kat had Ellen sit down on a folding chair.  Kat then put out the lights, and turned on one of those colored light balls you get at Spencer’s Gifts.  Ellen was starting to catch on to what Kat was doing, when Kat then pulled down a curtain she had up, revealing a stripper’s pole, then walked over to a laptop she had set up, clicked on something, and Judas Priest’s “Living After Midnight” started playing, which caused Ellen to laugh.

As the song played, Kat did a pole-dance, then, leaning up against it, tore off the shirt and shorts, which Ellen now realized had velcro on them, revealing a silk, magenta bra and matching panties.  Kat then got down on the floor, and crawled towards Ellen, then jumped up, sat in Ellen’s lap, and shoved her tits in Ellen’s face.  As Ellen nuzzled her breasts, Kat undid the bra, took it off, and threw it aside.  Ellen then started sucking on Kat’s big, pink nipples, making Kat moan.

Kat then spun around, and sat the other way on Ellen’s lap, as Ellen continued to fondle her tits.  Kat ran her fingers through Ellen’s hair, then lay across Ellen’s lap, back arched.

By the time the song ended, Kat was back in her original position on Ellen’s lap.

“So,” Kat asked, “how do you like your present so far?”

“Oh, I love it!”

“Just one problem, though.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ve still got your clothes on.  We’re gonna have to do something about that.” Kat grabbed the bottom of Ellen’s t-shirt, and pulled it off her, revealing a simple cotton bra underneath, which Ellen quickly took off.  Ellen then just as quickly got out of her jeans.  The two then made out in the chair.  As they kissed, Ellen squeezed and fondled Kat’s butt-cheeks.

Kat then slid down on the floor, like she was still dancing, and, with her hands, spread Ellen’s legs.  She then leaned in, pushed the crotch of Ellen’s panties aside, and then stuck her tongue out, and slid it inside Ellen’s hairy, moist slit.  Ellen moaned and bit her lip as Kat ate her out.  As Kat’s tongue probed deeper and deeper, Ellen writhed in the chair, almost falling off a couple of times, until she felt the orgasm hit her, at which point she let out a high-pitched screech, and jerked so hard, she almost knocked Kat off her.

Kissing Ellen’s now clammy thighs, Kat said, “So, best present ever?”

“Oh, yes.  So good, in fact, I have to return the favor.”

“Oh, no, babe, this is your present.”

“Well, I really want to return the favor, okay?”

Kat sighed. “Okay, fine.  Get up, so I can sit there.”

“Oh, no.  I have something special in mind.”

“Um, okay.”

“Get on your hands and knees.  Turned away from me.”

Kat did so. “Like this?”

“Yes, just like that.”

Ellen then got down on the floor, behind Kat.  To Kat’s surprise, Ellen then pushed aside Kat’s panties, spread her cheeks, and started eating her ass.

“Oh!  Oh…” Kat closed her eyes, as Ellen rimmed her, meanwhile rubbing her clit with her thumb.  Kat’s brow furrowed as Ellen’s tongue massaged her asshole, something she’d never felt anything like. “Oh, God!  Oh, God!” When Kat came, her elbows gave way.

Kat rolled onto her back, and Ellen crawled up to her.  They again kissed, this time with a lot more tongue, then Ellen said, “Your birthday’s in June, right?”


“I’m gonna have to come up with something pretty good to top this.”

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