Ellen’s New Wife

ellen got shania twain as her tv show guest, and set her plan into work, after the show shania got a cold drink of druged coke,and passed out,ellen then rapped her in a blanet and carried her beauty to her van, and drove her to a upper vermont cabin, shania awoke disorianted and wondering where she was and what happened to her, when ellen appeared and told her that she would be trained to be her wife, and personal property.youve got to be nuts shania explained,you stupid dyke,that pissed off ellen, and she slapped shanias face,and then ellen pounced on shania tearing off her clothes,tell she was left crying in her silk black
bra and panties,then ellen told her to remove the remaining clothes her self,buy now a scared shania did what she was told, shaking and trembling, standing naked trying to cover her pussy with one hand and her boobs with the other, begging ellen to let her go,and then, another slap,awyyyy you hurt me please dont hit me ellen Im sorry, then ellen grabbed shania buy her hair and pulled her in her arms and began kissing her face and neck while she was fondling her ass, and then she put shania across her lap and began to spank her, awyyyy ohhhh noooo ahhhh ohhhhh please stop ellen please noooo more awyyyyy awyyyy ohhhhh it hurts something awful. ok honey for now I will let your butt cool off ,then she carried shania to the bed where she stripped naked, shania was surpried that ellen was built nice a small but firm set of boobs nice legs and a firm ass and fair looks,she began getting aroused at the thought of what would happen next,and then it did, ohhhhh ohhhh ellen yes ohhhhnow kiss me quick Im commmming ohhhh I love you ohhhhhhh Im yours now ellen my lover, yes shania my little kitten,I think I will youse the small dildo on you I dont wat to strectch your tight little pussy out.ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ohhhhhIm going to come again ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh yesssss, now turn overovcer its time to fuck you in that cute butt,Im a vigin there please be gentle and grease me first ellen, oh yes a little ky jelly and it will only hurt for a while and then your going to like it,,awyyyyy awyyyyy ohhhhh ohhhhyes but fuck me ohhhh ohhhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh awyyy Im going to cme from being butt fucked ohhhhh ahhh ahhhh yesssss, my master lover ellen my sweet ellen. ohhhhhhh, later I will put a tampon inyour little pussy your starting your period,,,ohhh shit.

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