Ellie Goulding – Studio Slut

Title:  Ellie Goulding – Studio Slut

Author: DaxG2001

Celebs: Ellie Goulding

Codes: MF, cons, oral

Disclaimer:  The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, characters, franchises or places depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Staring: Ellie Goulding (UK pop singer)

Ellie Goulding – Studio Slut

A celebrity erotic story/fan fiction

By DaxG2001

Tags: MF, cons, oral

* * *

Malcolm was a very successful music producer in the United States. Having worked with big names behind the scenes, he was already responsible for hit albums, number one chart singles, and award-winning tracks and some have even said artists themselves. Add into that his handsome good looks, toned build and short hair, the American certainly had almost everything going for him.

Currently though he had other, far from professional thoughts in his mind. In his recording studio right now he had an export from across the pond, in the form of British pop singer Ellie Goulding. The blonde beauty, known for songs like “Starry Eyed”, “Burn” and “Love Me Like You Do” from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, was currently nodding her head as she listened to a proposed hit song for her through headphones. This had her full attention, so she wasn’t noticing the fact that he was checking out her gorgeous, curved body being shown off in a tight, no sleeved top that clung to her large chest, and her long, sexy legs in a tight skirt that nicely displayed her rounded ass.

“Yeah, I heard that too… That this chick is real fucking easy…” Malcolm says to the voice on the other end of his smart phone, knowing she can’t hear him. “…Yeah, she fucks to get great songs on her records. Wish other bitches in the business would follow her lead… Yeah, I mean more like her right? …Oh for sure, I’m gonna fuck this chick, you should see her. Hot piece of UK ass! Hey man, gotta go, I’ll let you know how tight she is…” He says, seeing her taking off her headphones.

“This track is amazing!” Ellie says in her thick accent, smiling as she stands up to face him. “You’ve got to let me have it, it’s going to be perfect for the next album!”

“Glad you like it…” Malcolm says as he puts the phone away. “But I’ve got to be honest girl, I’ve got this track lined up for a couple big names… I might be burning a bridge if I hand it off to you…” He says with a smirk.

“Oh?” She raises an eyebrow. “I thought you said earlier you weren’t working with any other female artists at the moment?”

“Did I? Well, I tend to say a lot of stuff…” He chuckles, brushing off the statement. “But I tell you what Ellie, I’m gonna give you a shot to prove to me that this the track for you, and you’re the girl I’m looking for.”

“Whatever you need from me, I’m up for it.” Goulding says with a nod. “A song like this is too good to pass up.”

“Sure… Just head into the booth, and we’ll start laying some vocals. You know, testing if your voice is the right fit for it.” He says.

“That’s it? No problem mate…” She says with a smile, starting to turn away from him.

“Except I want you naked in there while you sing.” Malcolm says, making her freeze and turn to face him.

“Excuse me??” She questions, looking surprised with eyes widened with shock.

“What? We’re both adults, and we’re alone in this studio. Only people are security downstairs, so no one’s gonna come in and see us… I mean you while you’re in there.” He says, still smiling as he openly checks put the curvaceous singer.

“You’ve… You’ve got to be kidding me!” Ellie shakes her head, folding her arms across her sizeable chest. “Is this some kind of prank?!”

“I’m fucking serious babe. You want this song? Then show me how much you want it.” He states with a serious tone like he’s making an ultimatum to her. “If not, then maybe I can call up that girl who yelled in that Minaj and Grande track. Bet she could do with a real hit…”

Pausing for a moment, she bit down on her pouty lips like she was thinking over the indecent proposal. “And… And no one… Is going to see me. I won’t get in any trouble if I do this?” She asks, sounding like she was warming to the perverted suggestion.

“Honey, this is my studio. Anyone getting hauled out of here it’ll be me. You’ve got my word.” He says with a smirk but more at how she’s responding to him now.

Letting out a sigh, she nods her head. “Oh… OK… I’ll… I’ll do it…” She states, reaching down to start to pull her top over her, letting her large, rounded tits sexily bounce free for him to see. “I do really want that track…” She half-mumbles, tossing the garment away towards the couch in the room before she reaches down to unzip her skirt.

“I bet you do…” He says back handedly, watching as she slips that skirt down her long and lovely legs, letting him check out that ripe booty of the English babe along with a completely shaved and delicious looking pussy. “Woah woah! Keep… Keep those heels on…” He says as she steps out of her skirt. “You look real good in them.”

“Fair enough…” She says, standing up and now naked apart from those sexy high heels, giving him a look over and looking torn between wanting this and regretting it. “Let’s… Let’s just get this over with.” She says, turning and walking towards the door to lead into the recording booth area of the studio.

“Yeah… The sooner we do, the sooner I can start fucking the shit out of you slut…” Malcolm says under his breath.

However as she enters the booth, there’s a smirk on Ellie’s face as she licks her lips a little, all unseen by the horny record producer. “Another prick who can’t keep his dick in his pants… This is going to be too fucking easy…” She says to herself under her breath, as this clearly isn’t the first time someone has offered her a music track in exchange for sexual favours which she knows this is what this will lead to. “At least he’s a cute one… Let’s just give him what he wants, and hope he’s a decent fuck…”

Indeed, playing up to what the lusty producer is wanting, she made sure that her body was turned towards him so he could openly leer over that curvy frame, making sure as she sang to give him plenty of looks, letting him get the impression that she was wanting him just as much as he clearly wanted to pound the Hell out of her.

The teasing continued as she occasionally would run her hands across her large tits, lick and pout her juicy lips, and flutter her eyelashes once in a while at him. It had the effect she was after over a couple of takes, seeing him clearly having to adjust his crotch in his pants, no doubt packing a hard on that he was craving to shove into her. The final straw was half-way through the recording session, as she “accidentally” knocked the lyrics sheet off the stand she was using, watching the paper fall to the floor.

“Sorry! Let me just pick that up…” Goulding spoke into the microphone, before deliberately turning so her back was to him through the glass, and then she slowly bent over forward, sticking her round butt out towards him and letting him get a clear look at her tight pussy, already just a little moist as she was truthfully turned on by knowing she was about to fuck to get a song, as she’s already done again and again in her music career. If that made her a slut, then so be it, but she was a damn famous and chart topping slut at least.

“Ellie.” Malcolm said through the recording system to her. “Get the fuck in here. Now.” He ordered with a lusty tone and standing up he saw him already taking off his shirt as he made his intentions clear.

With a nod, she put the lyrics aside and started to head back, smirking again out of his sight at how this little sexual game was playing out. When she stepped in however she was “in character”, letting out a shocked gasp as he was already out of his pants and boxers with his rock hard cock pointing towards her. Her reaction was part playing up to him, but part honesty as she was very pleasantly surprised by how long and thick his dick was, making her properly lick her lips as she stepped forward and stood in front of him.

“You want that song? Then you’re gonna fucking earn it…” He said, spitting onto his hand and then rubbing the saliva over his rod. “We understand each other here?” He asked, but the lustful look in his eyes and in his voice made it clear that they were about to fuck.

“Absolutely.” She eagerly said with a smile that she kept small but sinful enough, while inside she wanted to grin ear from ear just from having seen the biggest dick she’s seen in an extremely long time, if ever with this kind of vast length.

Keeping up the act like so he didn’t know she was using him as much as he was about to use her, all the British singer did was stare at his cock, watching it bounce as he moved towards her, a slight  lick of her full lips as she looked over his fat bell end, the long shaft and his heavy ball sack, turning her head as he stepped around her with her gaze still locked onto his manhood like she was some kind of sex junkie, craving her next fix. Her thoughts were snapped out as he gripped her thigh, his other hand on her back to suddenly bend her over forward, sticking her rounded arse out towards him. Presented to him, he could clearly see a slight moistness on her smooth, tight looking pussy – further evidence of how she’d been getting off on this erotic recording session. While she was looking him over, his focus was down at that snatch, gripping his dick now and running the crown across her folds, making Ellie moan as she tensed for a moment, her hands sliding back so she could grip her thighs, one hand brushing against his as she prepared herself to start properly “earning” this song.

“OH FUCK!!” She moaned, head raising the moment that he firmly pushed his big, unprotected cock into her snatch, gasping as he sent a couple of inches forward into her and he didn’t stop there, rocking his hips back and forth as he pumped that hole, moaning himself with a smirk at how easy the gorgeous blonde is. “Mmmmm… Oh shit… Yeah… Yeah… Give it to me!” Goulding encouraged in her sexy, thick accent, obediently staying bent over for her producer as he pumped deeper into her pussy that was getting damper now that the “foreplay” and teasing was finished, and she actually got to take his size inside her.

He had every intention of doing just that, his pace steady and firm with no intention of rushing through this and ending up a “minute man” with the English singer. He was going to savour the gorgeous slut, feeling her tight pussy all around his cock as he pushes himself right forward into the bent over woman, and even as her walls stretch and are made to accommodate this invading size she only moans out, her arousal providing more than enough lubricant for him to really get a piece of her. Glancing over to her pretty face, he smirks at the straight-out-of-a-porn O-shape her mouth is in as she groans away with every in and out pump he gives her, before his gaze goes back down to her shapely backside to watch his dick moving into that tight tunnel she’s willingly, and all too eagerly, offering up for him.

“Ahhhhh!! Come on stud… Mmmmm!! More… Fucking stick it in me…” Even with the amount of dick she’s currently taking, the horny pop singer is still craving more of him, wanting to get off on this at the same time as making sure he gets satisfied enough to give her the next big hit single she and her career needs. “Oooooooh!! Mmmmm yes! Be… Be as hard… As hard as you like babe…” She continued to groan out in a very slutty tone, watching his crotch and waist connect with her ass as she rather easily took him in balls deep, causing him in turn to moan his approval and enjoyment as he pumped her from behind, the impact allowing her rock forward on those high heels just a little and in turn her large tits swayed underneath her as she moved against his stiff thrusts.

Taking the offer, even though he could easily fuck her in any position and in any way he wanted to, he reached down and grabbed a hold of her wrists, pulling her arms back and making her gasp already at the controlling action. With this grip, he grunted himself as he picked up the pace, delivering a round of harder and quicker thrusts straight forward into her snatch, making her ass cheeks shake with each impact of his body colliding into hers, but making her still just call out in whorish delight with every motion he sends deep into that needy box. As he drew backward, he tugged onto the arms so he could haul her sharply back onto his dick as he slammed forward hard to fully stuff the “Love Me Like You Do” singer who squealed in shameless delight every time she was roughly pumped.

“Oh God!! MMMMM!! Oh yes!! Shag me! Mmmmm… Fucking use me!!” She almost begged, even though this was what was exactly what was happening to her, that curvy body being pulled back hard against his toned frame before rocking forward from the impact, accompanied by both the sound of skin hitting skin and both of their moans. She was honest with her statement – she was being completely used here. Opening giving up her body to a man she’s only met this day, and paying with sex and that tight pussy in order to get a song like a musical prostitute. However it’s completely willing as she still looks back at the stud, seeing clearly that he doesn’t just a big, fat cock that already feels fantastic stuffed deep inside her snatch, but he more than knows how to use it. Despite how dirty this is and how cheap and easy she knows she’s acting, she also hopes he can keep using her in this manner as her snatch stays tight and wet around his tool.

“Shit… You’re a fucking slut, aren’t you?” Malcolm stated the obvious, smirking as he let go of her arms, freeing his hands so he can deliver a spank onto her rounded backside.

“Mmmmm… I am… I’m a fucking slut…” Ellie said as she looked back, groaning from the spank and the feeling of his dick still buried in her snatch. As much as she would have loved her statement to just be her playing up and telling him what he wants to hear, she knew deep down how much she was loving being fucked like this as well. “I’m fucking for a bloody song… That fucking well makes me a slut!”

“In that case slut…” He says, pulling his dick out of that snatch with a sigh as he stepped back. “It’s about time you got to sucking my dick!” He ordered as he cast a long look over her stunning body.

“Not a problem…” Goulding eagerly said, standing up just to turn and squat down, putting those high heels to good use once again as she stared up at the hunk, giving him her best seductive look as she gripped his dick by the base, her other hand holding onto his thigh to already show this is far from her first time handling some cock. “Mmmmm… I’m gonna suck this big fucking dick real good… Mister Producer…” She said with a tone right out of a porno script, before she got right to work on him, greedily taking that shaft up into her mouth with a deep push down, making him moan as those inches were fed into the warmth and wetness of her oral hole, just moments after he’d been so deep in another damp orifice of the pop singer’s. She certainly doesn’t mind that fact, groaning as she tastes her own pussy from off of his rod but sets about cleaning her fluids off from him as she raises her head upward to the tip before moving back down, and smoothly repeating the action.

“Mmmmm!! Awwwww fuck… Yeah, fucking suck it bitch…” He said, talking dirty to the beautiful blonde who was performing that very task, working those wonderfully full and pouty lips briskly up and down over his size, even feeling her groaning around his manhood while she blew him as she apparently was either getting a thrill from sucking dick, from getting humiliated and taunted, or likely both. “Ahhhhh… Yeah, fucking blow me… Big fucking lips like that were made… Mmmmm!! Made for sucking cock…” The music producer groaned out, watching her mouth glide back and forth along that stiff pole with obvious experience, already applying her saliva to that member and all the while still looking up at him as she feasts on him with loud, shameless slurps and the occasional pump of her hand over the base.

“Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm… Mmmmmphhh!!” The British pop star continued to groan nastily around the dick she’s servicing, her talented mouth pushing further down his cock that is the perfect fit for a slut like her, not yet gagging as she takes his man-meat in and out of that damp mouth and keeps her big, juicy lips applied as tight as she can around him. It doesn’t stop her saliva from seeping out from the repeated, steamy motion as her spit starts to drip from off of that pole as well as trickling slowly down her chin to leave her once again looking far from a chart topper and more like a veteran sex worker. “Mmmmm… Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm…” She gazes up again at the hunk she’s selling her body, and currently her mouth, to in exchange for her next hit track, lustfully running a hand up his thigh to encourage his moans, even though her oral talents are more than keeping that happening with each up and down suck she gives him.

“MMMM… Ahhhhh shit!! Fuck… Fucking choke on it!” He says after a groan, not letting her call the shots now as he grabs a hold of her blonde hair, making her eyes widen as she groans in the mix of desire and discomfort as he forces her pretty facial features right down into his crotch, making him moan but her gag loudly as he has her deep throat all of his inches. “AHHHHH… Mmmmm!! Fuck yeah… Fucking choke all over… Uhhhhh!! My big fucking cock…!” He orders, despite leaving her no choice currently but to endure this oral abuse, the pop starlet gagging again around his shaft and making her saliva splatter around his size and drip down onto his balls. All she could do is gaze up, eyes watering slightly now and her hands gripping onto his legs as the naked save for a pair of sexy high heels woman stays squatting in place in front of him with her mouth and now throat fully filled up with dick.

“GAWWWWRRRKKKKK!! GAHHHHH!! GAAAAHHH UHHHHLLLKKK HHHHHLLLKKK!!” The “Starry Eyed” singer was beginning to see stars herself as she was robbed of air, her nose and lips pressed firmly against his crotch to continue with this far from pleasant for her deep throating, contrasting to how deeply and loudly the man taking advantage of her right now is moaning out. Despite the pain, she refuses to risk angering this music producer and lose out on a potential hit record, so keeps herself in place like a good whore even as she lets out a raspy, nasty gag around his now soaked in her saliva dick. “HHHHAAAALLLKKKK!! GAHHH!! GAAAAHHHHHH HHHHRRRKKKK!!” Her spit runs from her chin and down her neck, all the way to her sizeable chest as the oral onslaught continues for the stunning popstar, whose eyes are now half-open, feeling light headed as tears from the discomfort begin to roll down her cheeks, ruining her eyeliner and contributing to the mess her make-up is being left that her saliva has been doing already.

Mercifully perhaps, he releases his grip and instinctively she pulls right up and off from him, sending saliva flying as her head and hair tosses back, gasping for breath and clutching her neck for a moment, much to his smirking amusement as he watches the gorgeous blonde compose herself but still stays down squatting in just her high heels. After wiping the tears away from her eyes, further smudging her make-up, she looks up with another gaze of desire, giving those full lips a lick as she stands up and gives his dick another look over despite how it has been so painfully stuffed down her  gullet moments before.

“Ready for more, slut?” Malcolm asks, with the kind of tone that doesn’t give her a choice in the matter.

“Abs… Absolutely.” Ellie obediently answers, nodding her head before she brushes strands of hair away from her face. She could have said a whole lot more but her submissive reply and the way she’s still glancing down at his dick spoke far more than any speech could.

“You are a good fucking whore, aren’t you?” He chuckles, moving over to the couch in this part of the recording studio and taking a seat, relaxing back, stretching his arms out along the back cushions, and spreading his legs apart just a little. “Come give your producer the best fucking ride of your life.” He orders, taking the opportunity to look over the sexy body of hers as she immediately moves towards him.

Recovered enough from the deep throating, she easily swung a leg over him, her lovely long legs spread far apart now and planted on the ground with those high heels next to his own strong thighs. This allowed her to reach down, lining his shaft up with her snatch as she sank down with a long, low moan all the way down until she felt her ass cheeks touching his crotch, taking a moment to grind that kitty down against him, making them both groan in sinful approval. Giving him a glance back over her shoulder to flash a very slutty look and a lick of the lips, she turned back and gripped her own legs for a bit of support, starting to raise herself up to the half-way mark before she dropped herself down to let gravity aid her in this position.

“MMMMM! Ahhhhh FUCK!! Ooooooooh FUCK YES!! Mmmmmm!!” The blonde beauty moaned out as she established this riding motion, soon the sound of skin smacking off of skin ringing out along with their groans and moans as she got to work on that big cock, taking him deep up into her still nicely tight and even wetter than before snatch. “OH GOD!! Oh… Oh shit!! MMMMM FUCK!! YES… YES YES YES…” She hissed her lust out, even with all the abuse and the selling out nature of this sexual encounter she can’t deny how good it feels to have such a big, thick dick filling her pussy up to the limit, causing her to gasp in sinful delight each and every time she bottoms out and takes all the manhood in to the hilt.

Underneath the bouncing, busty blonde the perverted hunk who was quite rightly taking full advantage of this situation was grinning as he moaned out himself, watching her stunning body moving effortlessly up and down on his cock, seeing that thick pole of his when she lifted up before he vanished up into her when she dropped back down in the next moment as the motion repeated again and again. Right now producing a hit music track was furthest from his mind as he watched her rounded backside jiggle delightfully every time she dropped down to take him in balls deep, enjoying the feeling of her soaking wet but still snug twat all over his cock as she worked that hole smoothly and quickly up and down again and again onto him.

“Ahhhhhh!! AHHHHH!! MMMMMM FUCK!! You… MMMMM… You like that??” The Brit Award winner in 2014 for Best Female Solo Artist is certainly putting a performance worthy of several accolades, looking back over her shoulder with desire for a moment as she keeps on bouncing away on the big, thick cock of the man she’s mounted on to keep them both groaning away in shameless joy. “OOOOOOOOOH FUCK!! OH GOD!! MMMMM!! FUCK!! Ahhhhhh…” She tilts her head back, showing no signs of stopping as she fucks herself on the dick of the man who should be producing her next hit song instead of taking advantage of her to get a red hot fuck from the stunning British singer as she raises her hands up for a moment to squeeze her own big tits as they bounce in time with her very slutty motion.

“MMMM… Damn fucking right… AHHHHH… I’ve fucking loving this…” He says between his moans, all too happy to just rest back on the recording studio couch and let her do all the work, enjoying the feeling of her still snug snatch running up and down his stiff, American prick as the English beauty rides away on his shaft, showing that much like the other positions and sexual acts she’s been in during this sex she is far from inexperienced when it comes to taking some dick. “Yeah!! MMMMM!! Get it slut!! Fucking… MMMMM SHIT!! Fucking take that dick!!” His rather back-handed “compliments” and “encouragement” aren’t even needed at this point, but work to make her groan and keep the now sweating stunner working quickly on his dick to move her body like an elevator lift, the sinful sound of her body smacking against his ringing out every time she drops that curvy frame sharply down into his crotch before lifting right up to do it all over again.

“OH GOD YES!! MMMMM!! I’M SO EASY… AHHHH!! I’M SUCH A FUCKING SLUT!!” The singer of “Love Me Like You Do” for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is certainly showing a love for some wild sex, her blonde hair shaking in time with the bouncing workout she’s putting her body through, keeping her rounded breasts jiggling even as she continues to grip and grope herself. “OOOOOOH SHIT!! MMMM!! FUCK… FUCK ME!! USE ME!! AHHHHHH!!” All the while as she begs for the dick she’s handling deep into herself, she still keeps her motion swift and firm, putting all the energy she has into taking this dick all the way up into her wet and still pleasurably snug love tunnel, her eyes closed and sweat dripping from her face to further ruin her make-up and make her look more and more like a desperate slut.

While her whorish words were just her filthy lust coming through as she felt her orgasm approaching, they acted as a trigger for the man she was currently riding who caught her by surprise as he gripped her waist, hauling her backwards until she was resting with her back against his toned chest. Licking her lips, the blonde beauty waited for what was coming next as he then reached up, grabbing her long legs to spread them wide before he started to ram his dick in and out of her already dripping snatch, causing her to near scream out in slutty delight at being taken so roughly, that sweat-soaked and luscious body jolting up against his frame to keep her large breasts bouncing away.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHH!! OH FUCK YES!! SHAG… SHAG MY BLOODY TWAT!! YES YES AHHHHHH!!” Her long and loud moans and squeals of erotic joy were a far cry from the songs she usually sings, but this new aggressive pace was driving her even wilder than before as she once again was getting used for nothing but sexual pleasure by the music producer she was on top of. All she could do was arch that lovely frame, causing her jiggling tits to look even better as she stuck them out unintentionally, caught up in the intense pleasure going through her as the pressure again builds and her snatch starts to clamp around the dick pounding deep into her. “FUCK!! CUMMING!! FUCKING… I’M!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHH MMMMMMMM!!” She groans out, head tilted back and mouth hanging open as Ellie starts to cum hard all over that thrusting, fat and long cock, her body shivering as the pleasure floods through her, and she in turn sends a wave of juices to coat that rock hard shaft still slamming up into her twat.

“UHHHHH… Hot… Fucking slut!! MMMMM…” The stud under her chuckles between a moan, seeing how the slutty beauty still moans away like this was a scene straight out of a porno as he keeps her cumming by keeping up this hard and swift pace to keep his member pumping in and out of that dripping wet hole he’s become all too accustomed to since getting her to easily agree to his indecent proposal. “Yeah!! MMMMM FUCK!! FUCKING… SLUT!! MMMMMM…” The fact that he’s made such a stunning but horny woman orgasm is just a bonus treat for him, as his focus is getting his own pleasure at her expense which is why despite hearing her gasp and groan as her sexual high drifts off, he hasn’t even slowed down or eased off his wild, dominating pace that keeps him groaning and moaning with every thrust into her snug snatch.

“AHHHHH… Oh fuck!! FUCK!! Oooooooooh shiiiiiit MMMMM…” Despite being layered in sweat and worn out, like a true whore she stays right in position on top of him, all too willingly letting him have his wicked way with her and leaving her just to take it, her hands raised up to brush hair out from her pretty face that’s now wrecked from tears, saliva and sweat that’s left her make-up completely wrecked. “Mmmmmmm!! OOOOOOOOH!! Mmmmm yeah… Fuck me baby…” She still encourages him, even after being used like a cheap whore she still craves that all important song he’ll produce just as much as she wanted the pounding he’s given, and is still giving her that leaves her sexy, busty frame still roughly rocking back and forth against him which every balls deep pump he sends up into her snatch.

“SHIT!! MMMMM… Fucking… BITCH!! AHHHHH MMMMM… Fucking SLUT!!” He hisses through gritted teeth, and while he might be mocking her for her whore-like behaviour he’s sure loving being so deep in her fine, tight British pussy that continues to take his fat American cock over and over again. He rough and rapid pace however is beginning to take its toll, already shown by the sweat that’s across his toned frame and trickling down his handsome face. “AHHHHH… YEAH… Gonna… MMMMM… Gonna fucking… CUM SOON…” He groans out, releasing the grip on her legs so he can reach up, giving her big tits a deep squeeze while he gives her another sharp round of thrusts, causing her to groan as the machine gun-like sound of slaps rings out when his body connects up with hers. He manages a few more up into her before he feels his dick starting to throb, the warning sign for his own peak fast approaching and it makes him quickly pull out of her box.

Knowing what’s coming, and in fact cumming, next gives the already well-fucked pop star a sudden burst of energy as she shifts off of him, getting down to her knees in front of him as he stands up, gripping his dick and starting to stroke himself off, the target obvious as he aims down towards her gorgeous face. Like a true slut she makes sure the blast area is clear by brushing her blonde hair back, pressing those big, juicy lips together and tilting her head back, eyes closed and ready to receive a well deserved reward that at this point would satisfy her just as much as bagging the hit single she was selling her body for to him in the first place for.

“AHHHHHH… AWWWWWW FUCK… AHHHHHH…” He sighs in relief, his dick twitching again before the first thick blast of spunk fires out, landing high up across her forehead and into her hair – a shot enough to make her groan but like a trained pornstar she doesn’t flinch at all, allowing the next blast to splash down over her eye and down her cheek, followed by another over the nose and onto her forehead. “MMMMM… Oh shit… MMMM… Fucking… Fucking cum slut…” He groans with a grin as keeps pumping away at his man meat, sending his sizeable load out onto that already make-up ruined face that now has a covering of spunk, with jizz now left over her cheeks, chin, and over those pouty lips and all the while she just groans lightly and waits patiently until the last drops are eased out and wiped off onto her nose for good measure.

“Fuck… You’re one fucking slut…” Malcolm says with a laugh, looking over the mess on her face now as he lets go of his spent cock. “But… A deal is a deal, you’ve got your fucking song…”

“Glad to hear it…” Ellie says, carefully reaching up to wipe cum away from her eyes so she can open them and look up at him. “Would hate for all of this to have been for nothing.”

“True… Well, get your hot ass back into the booth and we’ll finish off this track and get it ready.” He says, already stepping away towards his clothes.

“What? You want to get back to recording?” She questions as she stands up, covered in sweat and now with cum dripping slightly off her face, dressed only in a pair of high heels. “With me looking like this?”

“Use it as, I dunno, motivation.” He says, smirking as he shrugs his shoulders. “I know I will.”

As he turns to put his shirt back on, Goulding smirks to herself and licks her lips, scooping up his load and sneakily swallowing it down before she rather casually walks towards and enters the recording booth in a reaction that if he’d seen it would be far from what he’d expect from her.

“You aren’t the first horny prick to demand this from me mate…” She says slyly under her breath, sounding very proud of herself and making it obvious she knows exactly how to secure hit songs from lusty music producers.  Walking into the booth, she stands up to the microphone, having no issue once again just standing in her heels in full view of the man who has just been fucking her. “And you sure aren’t going to be the last either… But after a fuck like that, I bloody hope you’ve got some more tracks for me to shag out of you…”

* * *

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