Elves on Christmas Rampage

Title: Elves on Christmas Rampage

Author: RoboBongoCuckooCop

Celebs: Ariel Winter, Bella Thorne

Codes: M+ff, rape, anal, oral, magic, viol

Disclaimer: This story is 100% fictional and none of it is based on real life.

Also this story contains violence, torture and rape of underage girls.

If that offends you don’t read any further!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


December 24 2016


The explosion woke Santa and he rushed outside. “What the fuck happened?” he yelled at one of his elves. “A small faction of elves have rebelled sir, don’t worry we have killed them all off but they managed to blow up the toy factory. Thankfully the toys are all ok”. Santa breathed a sigh of relief, and went to examine the damage. As he wandered through what was left of his factory, he noticed footprints in the snow leading toward a secret door, which was now explicably open. Santa yelled for his elves to go inside and check it out, which they did and reported to him that it was empty. Santa’s jaw dropped in horror; that was the jail for elves that had gone completely and utterly insane with lust. They had been imprisoned for fucking his wife to death, and Santa could only hope that they all starved to death before making it to civilisation…….


December 25 2016


Ariel and Bella had shared an Uber home after going to a Just Jared Christmas Party. They had both dressed up as hot Santas and looked absolutely amazing. The Uber dropped them both off at Bella’s place and Bella invited Ariel in for some more drinks. Ariel had heard rumours about Bella’s sexuality and was actually bi curious herself so she gladly accepted. Unbeknownst to either of them, their night was about to turn into one of complete and utter horror……..


The insane elves that had escaped Santa’s prison hadn’t perished as Santa had hoped. In fact, they had managed to use their final bit of magic to teleport to Los Angeles, and were now hunting anything that looked like Santa. They spotted the girls leaving the party and tracked their Uber to Bella’s address. They summoned the others and started to plan their attack…..


Meanwhile, Bella was pouring Ariel a drink. Both were still in their sexy Santa costumes and were talking about film roles they would like to pursue. Due to Bella’s intoxicated state, she had forgotten to lock the door or set the alarm code. Which meant she never was alerted to the fact that 12 insane, horny elves had entered her apartment. Bella was on her way to give Ariel her drink when suddenly the power went out for 10 seconds and then came back on. When the lights came back on, Bella screamed and dropped the drink. Ariel ran in to see what was wrong only to be confronted by a dozen elves.


The elves swarmed the two terrified drunk girls and, despite their small size, were more than capable of pinning the two girls down. Both Ariel and Bella had an elf on each of their limbs, and the other four were busy ripping Ariel’s costume to pieces. Ariel had decided not to wear a bra but had a red thong on underneath the Santa suit and this too was ripped off. The four elves then started to strip revealing cocks that were way, way out of proportion for their small bodies.


Two of the elves positioned themselves at Ariel’s pussy and ass and they slammed themselves into her holes. Ariel screamed out but her scream was cut short when another Elf shoved his big cock into her mouth. The 4th elf sat on her chest and started fucking her tits hard. It didn’t take long for all 4 elves to spurt their cum into and onto Ariel. Ariel was glad that they had finished, but her eyes went wide with horror when she realised that another 4 elves had replaced the first four and that she was about to get raped again. These four elves pounded her without mercy and the one fucking her tits even started biting and clawing at her massive set of boobs. Ariel’s body was racked with pain but the elves didn’t care, they just kept on going. Once the 2nd set of elves had finished the 3rd set charged Ariel and started fucking her with ruthless abandon. Bella was watching what was happening to Ariel and knew it was only a matter of time before the same thing happened to her.


Once all 12 elves had their way with Ariel they turned their attention to Bella. Ripping her costume off revealed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. Bella was then subjected to exactly the same brutal rapes as Ariel had been, it was like these elves had a never ending sex drive. Bella was raped for almost an hour before the final elf squirted his cum all over her face and tits. The elves then dragged Bella and Ariel up and used their magic to suspend her in the air. The two girls couldn’t move a muscle and could only watch as each elf took a position around each girl.


Then suddenly without warning 4 elves leapt towards the girls and took a breast in each mouth and bit down hard. The remaining elves started double fisting Bella and Ariel in both their cunts and asses. The girls tried to scream out in pain but were unable to due to the elves magic. The elves tortured both girls like this for close to thirty minutes, swapping positions when they felt like it.


The elves were finished with both the girls but before they left to continue their rampage they were ambushed by Santa and a squad of highly trained elf killers. The insane elves were massacred, and the elf killers took their corpses back to the North Pole. Santa was about to use his magic to restore Bella and Ariel’s bodies and wipe their memories when his own sexual urges got the best of him and he fucked them brutally in each of their holes. After Santa finished, he wiped their memories and restored their bodies to before the ordeal began.


Ariel and Bella woke up, and the last thing they remembered was the lights going out. They assumed they had passed out from drinking too much and just carried on with their night. Although whenever they looked at photos of them in their Santa costumes from that night a strange tingling sensation ran through them but they could never quite put their finger on why……..

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