Elvira: The Show Must Go On

Elvira: The Show Must Go On (MF, cons, oral)
By ASp1

(Note: This story pick up about a year or so after Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark. Elvira is living her dream as a star on Vegas, when suddenly people start to lose interest. She has to convince the theaters property manager to let her stay in his facility…)

The busty Mistress of the Dark was in her dressing room after her show in Vegas. It had been just over a year sense the ultimate Goth goddess had started doing her show in the city of sin, and she’d noticed a gradual decrease in attendance. Tho’ Elvira appreciated any and all of her fan’s she was feeling
down over the lack of interest. Also her agent had told her that management had threatened to close her down for a new act. What was she going to do?

The woman rested her face in her hands and stared at the mirror. Just then the door opened and a tall fat guy in a cheap suit walked through the door. It was Brad Scott, the manager of the club Elvira preformed her show at. Pushing her best fake smile, the busty brunet turned in her chair to great the portly man.

“Elvira…I-I love your show, you know that.” said the man sadly, “It’s sexy funny, and full of energy, but…well…it’s just not bringing in enough cash to pay the bills. I’m going to have to cut you from the schedule.”

Elvira jumped off her chair, her big boobs bouncing in her skimpy dress. She couldn’t believe after all her hard work she was going to lose her dream because of low attendance. She was desperate, she’d have done anything. She knew Brad was sincere about wanting to let her go, how could she use that.

“Oh please Brad.” whimpered El’ as she dropped to her knees, “I’m begging you don’t get rid off me, I’ve got no where elts to go.” she pleaded, pressing her cheek into his pubic area, “I’d do anything…ANYTHING.”

“I’m sorry Elvira, but I can’t afford to keep the show.” replied Mr. Scott

Brad could feel his cock stiffen in his pants, and so could Elvira. The leggy brunet smiled as she felt the organ stiffening against her face, that’s what she’d hoped would happen. She pressed her large tits against the man’s crotch, and looked up at him with a pouty expression on her face. She slipped her hand up the inside of his thigh, and took a firm, but gentle, hold of his balls. With her long tong the voluptuous beauty licked the growing bulge in her fat friends pants, slowly leaving a wet saliva stain in it’s wake.

“Is their anything I could do to…Change your mined?” asked El’ as she unzipped his pants.

“I’m afraid not.” replied Brad, while nodding affirmatively.

A long fat cock popped out of the man’s pant’s, bumping against Elvira’s round pail cheek. Pulling Brad’s pants down to his ankles, Elvira, began to stroke his big throbbing cock, while licking his balls. She soon had the large scrotum in her mouth, delivering a hummer with her full sensual lips. This couldn’t have come at a better time, thought the which, it’s been weeks sense I’d gotten a big cock in me.

Elvira could hear Brad groan while she nibbled on his foreskin. The raven haired beauty then opened her mouth wide, and engulfed the throbbing tool between her full red lips. She began to slide her mouth over the long hard dick, while the BJ recipient ran his fingers through her long hair. She pulled away from Brad’s shlong leaving a string of saliva from her pouty bottom lip to his cock head. Then like a hungry animal she gobbled it up again. Faster and faster she bobbed on his dick until suddenly she slipped him deep into her throat.

“Oh that’s nasty!” blurted out Mr. Scott, “Oh I had know idea you were so gifted.”

Elvira smiled up at the large man, she continued to stroke his cock and sucked on his balls. Then she stood up and pulled down her panties. Sitting down on a table, she spread her legs, and began to finger her wet hairy cunt. Brad licked his lip’s at the sight of the full pussy lips surrounded by dark pubic hair. He knelt down this time and began to lick the witch’s hot hole.

“Uh…oh Brad, your…ooow…so good at that.” shuttered Elvira, pulling at his hair. “Mmmm, oh, thats the spot.”

Elvira could feel her large nipples stiffen. She took her fingers, and began to tweak them through the silky material of her gown. Slowly she pulled back her top, and revealed a pair of soft milky white tit’s. Her large dark nipples stood out stongly on her pale flesh. The Mistress of the Dark began to slowly circle her sensitive nipp’s, biting her bottom lip from the pleasure.

She grunted, and felt her legs tremble as Brad started to vigorously fingering her cunt. She bore down on her lower abdominal, trying to fight off cumming to soon, but it was no use, soon a stream of pussy juice squirted Mr. Scott right in the face. Witch he proudly lapped up off her long legs.

“Come over hear and fuck my titties.” said Elvira.

Brad climbed on to the table and straddled El’s torso. Placing his monster meat between her tits the pale beauty squeezed her gimmick together and he began to hump her big boobs. As he pumped her tit’s Elvira would lick the sticky head of his cock as it popped out from her cleavage. She didn’t want him to cum with out fucking her pussy first, so when she thought he was close she told him to stop.

Elvira got on her knees and slanted her upper body downward. Resting her head in her arms, the lustful performer, shook her ass in the air (and barked like a dog). Brad smiled and knelt behind her, the woman shuttered as he shoved his cock into her hole. Screams of passion filled the sound proofed room, as the big prick bounded her cunt. Sweet dripped from El’s long ivory form, her titties jiggled like jello in an earthquake, while she yelped for more. Suddenly she heard Brad starting to grunt, and she knew he was ready to cum. Turning around she took him in her mouth again, where he shot a monster wad of hot cum. She swallowed it down with a smile.

“Well I guess I can let you stay a little longer.” said Brad.

The End.

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