Embracing The Sacred Black

Title: Embracing The Sacred Black

Author: Hydrogen

Celebs: Tegan Quin, Sara Quin, Rihanna

Codes: FFF, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction.

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Hello, folks!

Looks like its time for another story from the bard. Although I haven’t written anything for six months, it still feels so nice to write erotic stories again. Anyway, hope you enjoy this one

Isaac woke on the floor, right next to the door. He saw through the door, a desert. In this desert lay a body of some strange liquid that did not look like water.

From the seemingly viscous liquid, emerged 3 beings. Two nearly identical and the other different. It was Sara Quin and Tegan Quin, along with Rihanna.

Isaac was bewildered but some force of nature compelled him to not question and just watch.

Now completely rid of the liquid, Tegan grabbed Rihanna and pulled her down. He heard a sound of creaking wood.

Isaac had now noticed that both Tegan and Sara were wearing transparent strap-ons.

Tegan pushed Rihanna to her knees and made her suck her fake phallus, gently at first and then in a rougher manner. As Rihanna moans and chokes on the phallus, Isaac hears creaking of wood that always seems overpower the sound of her moans.

Losing no time, Sara gets in front of her and also shoves her dick in her mouth. Rihanna seemed to be enjoying Tegan and Sara’s display of dominance.

After a good mouth fucking, Tegan bends down and kisses Rihanna passionately.

Isaac notices that there is a sound of glass being pressed under someone’s shoes, whenever Sara or Tegan moan.

Continuing their Sapphic acts, Tegan lifts her strap on and lets Rihanna tongue her while Sara fucks Rihanna in the ass. Rihanna stifled moans and Tegan screams, along with the wood and glass sounds, made for a surreal and extraterrestrial symphony to hear.

Now getting right down to business, Tegan mounts her vaginally while Sara continues to fuck her ass. Grabbing her by her hair, Tegan starts to buck violently, as all three of them reach a screaming orgasm.

As the they reached orgasm, the wood and glass sounds got more and more violent, and when they it, Isaac heard the sound of wood breaking and the sound of glass shattering.

Suddenly, the sky turns black. Isaac sees all three of them lying there in a post orgasmic bliss, unfazed by the sudden change in the sky.

Next, Isaac sees that flying up, as if backwards. He sees the land erode to make way for a molten planet and then to nothing.

The three still float in the void.

He sees the universe pulling back, thousands of stars and planets reliving their birth. He sees the creation of the universe, in reverse.

They still float in the void, as if part of its sacred geometry. And in a flash, there is everything.

Isaac woke up on his couch, the TV still on. The music channel was playing Tegan and Sara’s new song.  He was quite fond of them.

He realizes that he had dreamt something bizarre but couldn’t exactly remember what it was.

A strange night this turned out to be.


So the title is inspired from a chapter in Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot.

So how was the story? A bit to the short side, I know. Thoughts would be welcome.

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