Emily In Ecstasy

Emily in Ecstasy— A Story by The Continental

The contents of this story are fictitious, and should be treated as such.

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I had been craving a bit of Emily Procter lately for some unknown

reason, so I decided to go and get some. Hacking in to her assistant’s

laptop, I found her itinerary for today and set off to find her. As I

was pulling up to the set of “CSI: Miami”, I called the limo service

that Emily normally used and notified them that they wouldn’t be needed that

day. Then, I sat back and waited.
Before long, they wrapped for the day and

a little while later Emily walked out to the parking lot where normally her

car & driver would be waiting. Looking around with a puzzled frown on her

face, her gaze settled on me. “Hello Ms. Procter, your regular driver called

in sick today, so I’m here in his place. My name’s Victor. Where can I take

you today?” “I’m in the mood for some shopping, Victor, or can I call you

Vic?” she asked with a grin on her face. “You can call me whatever you want,

Ms. Procter.” You’ll be calling me daddy a little later on, I thought to

myself. “Vic it is then,” Emily said as she hopped in to the backseat.

“Could you turn on the air conditioning? It’s so hot out I feel like I’m

going to melt!” she added as she put on her seatbelt and settled back in the

sleek leather seat of my BMW. “Your wish is my command,” I said as I

switched on the air conditioning, releasing a special chloroform vapor into

the back of the car which would soon put the luscious Ms. Procter into a

deep sleep. “Hey, my head feels kind of…funny. Do you feel funny?

Everything’s kinda… blurrrrry…..” Emily’s head slumped down as the gas

took effect.

I opened the windows and shut off the air conditioning while changing

direction towards my house. I then slipped in a tape of subliminal messages

hidden under a layer of new age music. These messages would work on Emily’s

subconscious while she was passed out and would make her ready, willing and

able to do whatever I had in mind once we got to my house.

Thirty minutes later, we pulled up to the gates of my Hollywood Hills

hideaway. As the gates were opening, the chloroform began to wear off and

Emily started to regain consciousness. “W-where are we?” Emily mumbled as

she rubbed her eyes and yawned deeply. “I thought I’d show you this old

house here,” I said ,motioning towards the main building. “It was built in

the early 30’s by Clark Gable for one of his lovers but she killed herself

before they were supposed to move in.” I was lying through my teeth, but who

cares? “Wow, I’d love to see the inside of it! Do you think we could go in?”

Emily turned towards me with an expectant smile on her face. “I don’t see

why not,” I said with a grin as I led the way.

Emily’s plans of shopping had been erased by the tape in the car, and now it

was just a matter of time before I gently suggested to her that she would

love nothing better than being my fucktoy for an afternoon. The tape that I

had played in the car had conditioned Emily’s mind so that she would be

instantly ready for sex when I suggested it, and she would not be fully

satisfied until I was satisfied. When I suggested something to her, she

would believe it to be a good idea and adopt it as her own. All of her

inhibitions had been banished to the deepest recesses of her brain, and she

would be willing to try anything I asked of her. Plus, as an added bonus,

she would not be able to bring herself to orgasm. Only I would have that

privilege, whether it was by direct stimulation or by giving her permission

to come.

I opened the front door and let Emily walk in ahead of me. She looked

around, wide eyed at the classic architecture and exclaimed “Wow, it’s so

beautiful in here! I love it!” “Why don’t we go upstairs and I’ll show you

the master bedroom,” I suggested with a gleam in my eye. “Okay, sure,”

chirped Emily as we climbed the spiral staircase to the second floor. I

opened the door to the master bedroom and allowed Emily to walk in. In the

middle of the room was a king size four poster bed with a canopy. Off to the

left was a huge bathroom, complete with whirlpool and steam room in addition

to all the regular facilities. “Oh my god, this room is so beautiful! I love

how it’s set up, with the bed in the center of the room. It really puts the

focus on the bed. Clark Gable must have had some great times in this bed!”

Emily declared with a grin on her face. “Yeah, it’s a room that was built

for sex, since Clark Gable was one of Hollywood’s greatest lovers,” I said.

Emily lay down on the bed, stretching out on the huge mattress, which was

covered in silk sheets. “Mmmmmm, I love the feeling of silk against my

skin,” she sighed. “Really? So you’d probably like the feeling of the sheets

against your naked body, wouldn’t you?” “Yes, I probably would,” Emily said

cautiously, looking at me nervously. “Why don’t you take off your clothes

and get into bed then honey?” “Okay,” Emily replied and obediently began

taking off her clothes.

My cock was straining against my pants as Emily nonchalantly undressed,

taking off her shoes and stepping out of her jeans, revealing a tiny pair of

white thong panties. She then took off her top, revealing her perfect bra

covered 34C tits. As she unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the ground, it

was all I could do to keep from coming right then and there. She got into

bed and let out a long moan of satisfaction. “Ooooooh god, this feels so

good!” “The silk is turning you on isn’t it?” I asked while moving closer to

the bed. “Yeah, it sure is,” purred Emily while rolling around on the bed

with a big smile on her face. “Are you getting horny?” I asked innocently,

knowing full well that she was. “Yeeesss,” Emily whispered while running her

hands all over her body, enjoying the feeling of silk against her naked

body. Her hands moved to her breasts, kneading them and playing with her

nipples, making them erect. Emily let out a small moan as her fingers

tweaked her nipples, pinching them lightly. Her right hand then traveled

down between her thighs, where her pussy was already becoming wet. She

gasped as she slipped a finger into her panties and began to play with

herself. I sat back and enjoyed the show. Emily’s mind was conditioned to

accept my presence and to enjoy my being there.

Emily’s fingers made wet clicking sounds as she massaged her clit at a

steady pace. Her breathing was getting heavier by the minute, and I knew

that she would be wanting to come soon. I let her go for a little while

longer, letting the pressure build. Emily was frantically diddling her clit,

panting with the exertion as she tried to make herself come. I got undressed

quickly and sat on the edge of the bed. “You want to come, don’t you Emily?”

“Yes! Oh God, I’m trying so hard, but I just can’t get there!” “Would you

you like me to help you?” “Fuck yes!! Make me come Vic, I need it so bad,

Please!!!” I quickly removed Emily’s soaked panties and then put my hand on

top of Emily’s and rubbed along with her as I whispered “Come for me, Emily,

you can do it, honey, come on, pump your pussy for me.” I slipped a finger

into Emily’s soaking wet cunt and touched her clit, setting off a huge

orgasm for Emily as she thrashed around on the bed and screamed out “Oh

yeah, right there, don’t stop, don’t stop, ooooooh fuck I’m

coooominnnngggg!!” Her hips convulsed as she pumped her pussy down on to my

fingers, soaking my hand with her pussy juices and whimpering loudly. I then

made her taste her own pussy by giving her my hand for her to lick clean,

which she did enthusiastically, sucking each one of my fingers until they

were cleaned of her juices.

“You look like you could use something else to suck on for a while, Emily.

Why don’t you suck my cock while you’re sitting on my face?” “I’d love to,

Vic,” Emily said eagerly as she turned around and then straddled my face,

positioning her wet cunt over my open mouth. I reached up to grab both of

her nipples, tweaking them between my fingers as I pulled her down to meet

my waiting tongue. Emily gasped when my tongue made contact with her

dripping cunt, and she ground her pussy down on to my face as she tried to

get more of my tongue in her. I pulled her head down between my legs so that

she could get better acquainted with my cock. Emily took my cock in her

hand, licking it up and down before taking almost all of it into her mouth.

Meanwhile, I had grabbed hold of Emily’s asscheeks for leverage and plunged

my tongue into her snatch. Emily yelped as she felt my tongue make contact

with her clit and ground her pussy onto my face, wanting more of my tongue

inside her. I pulled back and started licking the rest of her pussy, teasing

her by staying away from her clit and enjoying the sweet juices that were

running freely from her cunt.

Meanwhile, Emily was giving my dick some greatly appreciated attention. She

jerked me off steadily while sucking gently on my balls & then teased them

with her tongue. I inserted a finger into Emily’s wet pussy in addition to

my tongue and applied gentle pressure to her clit, making her whimper and

moan as she pumped her hips back at me, trying to get more of me inside her.

I then took her clit in my mouth, sucking on it determinedly as Emily

screamed out “Oooooh fuck, I’m coming, don’t stop, don’t stop, aaaahhhhhh!!”

Her pussy soaked my face with girlcum as her orgasm ran through her body.

She collapsed on top of me, her hand still moving weakly up and down on my

dick. I pushed her off me, rolled her on to her back and then pushed her

legs up towards her chest, giving me perfect access to her cunt.

“You want my cock inside of you now, don’t you Emily?” “Yeah, put your cock

in my pussy and give me a good fucking. I need it so bad!” “Spread your

pussy for me, honey,” I commanded. Emily moved her hands between her legs

and spread her pussy lips wide, anticipating my cock. I placed the tip of my

cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and rubbed up and down with my dick,

teasing the blonde sex toy and making her whine as she pumped her hips in an

effort to get more of me in her. Soon Emily couldn’t take the teasing any

longer so she grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to her, wrapping her legs

around me as she panted, “I need it now! Put your cock in me! Fuck me with

your big dick!” I needed no further encouragement so I grabbed hold of her

hips and slipped my cock deep into her pussy in one smooth motion. Emily

gasped out loud as she felt my dick penetrate her pussy to the fullest. She

immediately started to thrust her hips towards me, loving the sensation of

my prick moving in and out of her soaking wet pussy. I moved her legs up to

rest on my shoulders as I pumped my dick into her at a steady pace. Emily

writhed and twitched underneath me, gasping and moaning as I pumped my cock

in and out of her cunt. I took hold of both of her tits in my hands and

rubbed them all over, tweaking her nipples and making her moan with

pleasure. When I decided it was time for her to come I whispered into her

ear, ” Come for me, baby, pump your pussy for me so you can come all over my

cock.” Emily immediately started thrusting her hips back and forth, panting

heavily as I plunged my dick into her snatch. I angled my cock to rub

against her clit as I took both of her nipples between my fingers and

pinched them firmly just as her orgasm hit. Emily pulled me close and

wrapped her arms and legs around me, raking my back with her fingernails as

she convulsed and moaned “Oh god, keep going! Don’t stop!Uuuunnnnhhhh! I’m

cominggggg!!” Her pussy gushed a river of girlcum, leaving her limp with a

silly grin on her face. Once she had stopped shaking, I straddled her face

and placed the head of my cock at her lips. “Clean it,” I said, holding

Emily by the back of her head as she took my cock in her mouth, tasting her

own juices for the first time. When she was finished with my dick I grabbed

her hand and led her towards the sauna.

As we entered the sauna I turned on the heater underneath the rocks to get

them nice and hot. I then made Emily lie back on one of the benches and told

her to start playing with herself, which she did gladly. Once the rocks were

hot enough I dumped a bucket of water on them to get some steam going. Emily

already had a good sweat going as she focused on fingering her dripping wet

cunt. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily as she worked 2

fingers into her pussy. My cock was hard again just from watching her as she

concentrated on diddling her engorged clit. I dumped another bucket of water

on the rocks and got on the bench beside Emily. “Get on your hands and knees

for me, honey,” I said as I stroked my dick with one hand. Emily obediently

got on all fours for me while still playing with her clit. I knelt behind

her, enjoying the small gasps and moans she made as she tried to bring

herself to orgasm. Spreading her legs apart, I moved her hand away from her

cunt and replaced it with my own. Emily immediately began to pump her hips

back towards me, trying to get more of my fingers into her soaking wet

pussy. I teased her by avoiding her clit with my fingers, focusing instead

on her G spot. My other hand was busy rubbing her anus, getting ready to

penetrate it for the first time. I stopped rubbing Emily’s cunt, causing her

to moan in disappointment. At the same time I slipped a finger into her

tight little asshole, making her gasp in shock as she felt her rectum

manipulated for the first time. Her ass was nicely lubricated from the sweat

which ran down her body. Her anus resisted me for a moment, but then opened

up to accomodate my finger. Emily’s eyes were tightly shut as she felt her

ass invaded. I added another finger to her ass, making her flinch as she

frantically rubbed her nipples. “You like this don’t you, Emily? You like

the feeling of my fingers in your ass, don’t you, you little slut?” “Yeah,

it feels so tight, so good, I’ve never felt this way before,” she panted.

“You’re going to feel a whole lot better in a few seconds, baby.” I pulled

my fingers out of my ass and wiped them on a towel I had brought with me. I

then placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Emily’s ass, which was

slowly returning to it’s normal shape. Not for long, I thought as I slowly

slipped my dick into Emily’s virgin anus, making her cry out in surprise as

she got her ass fucked for the first time. “How’s that feel, Emily?”, I

growled as I pounded my cock into her tight little ass. “Oh god, it feels so

good, Vic, fuck me harder, please fuck me harder! Fuck my ass good and

hard!” she moaned as I grabbed on to her tits and pinched them roughly. I

could feel myself starting to come, so I grabbed hold of Emily’s hips and

plowed away like there was no tomorrow. “Come for me, Emily,” I panted, as I

rammed my dick into her sphincter until I blew my load deep in her bowels.

Emily came with me, screaming “I’m comiiiinnnnnggggg!!” as she frantically

rubbed her clit. Her pussy spasmed as she came, and the force of her orgasm

pushed my cock out of her ass while pussy juice squirted from her cunt. She

slumped forward, lying on the bench and breathing heavily. I slapped her

ass, making her jump, and said “What do you say we go take a shower babe?”

“Sounds good to me Vic, I could sure use one.”

We left the sauna and went into the bathroom. I turned on the water and then

made Emily get on her knees in front of me. “While we’re waiting for the

water to get hot you can clean my cock,” I said looking down at Emily. Emily

took my cock into her mouth, tasting her asshole for the first time. She

licked it up and down, deep throating it several times as she cleaned it

thoroughly of her shit. Once she was done we got into the shower and started

to wash each other. Emily paid special attention to my cock and balls while

I gave her ass and pussy a thorough cleaning. When we were both done I made

Emily lean against the shower wall and then turned the shower massager on

full blast and washed us both off, then I placed the head of it between

Emily’s thighs. I spread her pussy lips apart and sprayed her clit with warm

water. Emily’s knees buckled as she felt the water hit her clit, and she

gasped as I switched the massager to “pulse” mode. “How’s that feel baby?” I

asked Emily, kissing her neck while keeping her pussy spread apart with my

other hand and propping her up against the wall. “Ooohhhhhhhh fuck I’m

coming already!” Emily moaned as I kept a steady stream of water directly on

her clit, making her scream out” Oh God, Yes, Yes,

Yeeeeeeeessssssssssannnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh!”as her hips spasmed and her

fingernails dug in to my back, making me grit my teeth in pain. I kept the

shower head directly on her clit, bringing her to 2 more orgasms in rapid

succession and leaving her limp and gasping for breath on the floor of the

tub. I shut off the water and toweled us both off, then led Emily to the

sink. I had Emily spread her legs wide for me. I then pulled her hips back

and slipped my cock into her pussy from behind, making her tighten her grip

on the sink as she felt all of my cock fill her pussy once more. I bent her

head forward, pulled my cock out and at the same time slipped a stiff string

of rubber beads into her ass, making her flinch and shiver as she felt each

bead go past her anus. When it was fully in, I pushed my dick into her cunt

once more, feeling the stiffness of the beads through the walls of her cunt.

Emily’s cunt had never felt so full, especially with me twisting and pushing

the beads in and out of her anal cavity. I grabbed on to her hips and

started driving my cock in and out of her moist cunt, making her moan out

loud. I took hold of both her tits in my hands and whispered in her ear

“Look at yourself in the mirror Emily, look at yourself getting fucked from

behind. You love the feeling of my cock in your tight pussy, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do, I love your cock inside me, Vic. Do it harder, honey, fuck me

good and hard!” I needed no more encouragement and started driving my dick

into Emily’s pussy at a rapid pace, while pinching her nipples firmly

between my fingers. Emily thrust her hips back to meet my cock as I pounded

it into her pussy. She had her eyes tightly shut as she focused on feeling

my cock rubbing against her engorged clit. I pulled on the string of beads

that was lodged in her ass and popped a few of them out, making Emily squeal

in surprise. Her eyes opened wide as I pulled a few more beads out and

started stroking her G spot with my left hand. “Look at yourself come,

Emily, I want you to see yourself in the mirror when I make you come this

time,” I whispered into her ear as I pumped my dick into her soaking wet

cunt. Emily looked at her reflection in the mirror, her mouth open as she

panted from the exertion of thrusting her hips back and forth to meet my

cock. I pulled the string of beads out of her ass one at a time, making

Emily convulse and whimper as she felt her anus stimulated like never

before. At the same time I pressed my fingers directly on to her G spot and

stroked it hard, causing Emily’s face to twist into a mask of agony and

ecstasy as she screamed “Oooooh Fuck!! I’m coming! Aaaaannnnnhhhhhh!!” She

grabbed both of her nipples in her hands and pinched them firmly, adding to

her pleasure. Her hips spasmed as I pulled the last few beads from her ass

and girlcum squirted from her wet cunt as she had her strongest orgasm yet.

When she was done she slumped against the edge of the sink, but I wasn’t

done yet. I pushed her on to her knees and fed my cock into her mouth. Emily

was too weak to resist, and as she took my dick deep down her throat, I blew

my wad for the second time. Emily swallowed it all greedily and when she was

done, she looked up at me with a dazed smile on her face. “Wow,” she said,

“I’ve never come like that before, ever! I can’t believe how many times you

made me climax!” “All in a day’s work my dear,” I said with a big smile on

my face. “Do you think I could see you again sometime?” Emily asked with a

hopeful smile on her face as I pulled her up off the floor. “I think that

can be arranged,” I said as I handed her clothes to her.

The End

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