Emily Needs a Friend

Disclaimer: The event in this story is entirely fictional. Any chance (highly unlikely) that the events depicted should be in any way accurate is purely coincidental.

Notes: English is a second language for me, so you might have to bear with me! Constructive feedback will be appreciated, either by mail (dk_jp87@ymail.com) or on the C-S-S-A forum (I checks for updates once in a while – even though I can’t join, it’s kind of like a country club for privileged perverts only but I sneak a peek over the fence).


‘Finally home!’ she thought slumping onto the couch. Having spent close to a month away either playing, filming or doing PR, she had arrived home just hours earlier. Flipping through the channels on her TV, she wished some of her friends were around. All of them were away or working… or found other excuses as to why they couldn’t help pass her time.
Deciding nothing worthwhile was on she turned it off and headed for the bathroom. Having slept on the plane a nice hot bath was what she needed. ‘And maybe a joint to properly wind down’ she thought as she ran the water. Liking the idea she went to check her stash, only to find it empty. Disappointed she returned to find the tub full and shut off the water.
Pulling her top over her head and slipping out of her pants, she quickly discarded her bra and panties and soon her young nubile body was submerged. Dipping her entire body under water for a couple of seconds before emerging again, she pulls her hair back and rests her head on the edge of the tub.
Her thoughts went back to getting a smoke… It always helped when she felt restless. She didn’t use any hard drugs and it was only a couple of times a month, but right now she needed it bad. Lying in the tub her thoughts drift to what it would mean for her career if anybody found out. It would most likely lead to a slap on the wrist by Disney and excuses to the public about a role model and doing such things. She smiled at that, role model! She was still a teenager for god’s sake… but still she didn’t want a bong case like Miley, after all she was only the sidekick, they might not take it as lightly if she was also caught.
Closing her eyes she enjoys the warm water. Her hands start to wander her body giving a nipple a tweak, running along her breast, stomach and over her bare pussy mound. Letting her fingers rub her pussy before finding her clit, circling and pinching it, eliciting a light moan.
Gently rubbing herself at first, she soon inserts a finger in her dripping sex. Her moaning increases as she adds another finger. Her free hand moves to cup her breasts and play with her excited nipples. It doesn’t take long before she feels the orgasm wash over her, her body trash and shake in the water. Lying back she enjoys the afterglow. But she soon feels a tingling in her sex again, her feeling of restlessness returning. Sighing she leaves the tub, water cascading down her forms as she grabs a towel to dry off.
Wrapping herself in a fluffy bathrobe she leaves the bathroom. She finds her cell back on the couch and makes a call.
“Hey…” comes the answer after a couple of rings.
“Uhm… hi this is… Gerti” she rolls her eyes at the codename he wants her to use, when she first learnt that his name was Gary she had said that she had a role where her brother was named Gary and so an obvious choice of alias was taken.
“Haha, how are you doing babe?” he knew she hated the codename.
“Yeah, I need some fresh supplies…” she told him.
“Oh, you do? Well I’ll drop by tomorrow…” he started.
“No!” she interrupted “… sorry! I mean today?” she asked.
“Sorry babe, I’m not in town today. Might be able to drop by tonight…” he offered.
Just my luck she though, not liking what should be a relaxing homecoming so far.
“Hmm… is there any other way for me to get some? I just need some to take off the edge…” she pleaded with him.
After a couple of moments silence he replies. “I really shouldn’t help you out here… If I cut myself out off the supply chain I’ll lose business.”
“Oh come on, Gary! Help me out, I promise I will even give you your cut later. Please… pretty please?” she pleaded to the best of her ability.
Sighing he relented, “Alright I’ll make a call and text you, ok?”
“Yea…! Thank you so much!”
“Right… see you” he hung up, still unsure on whether it was a smart decision. He trusted that she would continue buying through him, but he wasn’t sure if it was smart to set up a meeting between his supplier and a Disney star.
Getting off the cab Emily looks around the neighborhood, it was rundown but it could have been worse. The streets were mostly empty at this time of day; it was a couple of hours after noon. She crossed the street and entered Motel lot. She had received the text containing a room number here and a remainder from Gary to be careful. It had made her smile that the man supplying her with illegal substances was worried about her, but she thought it was cute he wanted to look out for her.
Now walking up the stair to the upper floors she felt some nervousness in her stomach. Finding the room she took a deep breath before knocking.
The door opens and she is greeted by a tall, athletic black man. She was staring right into his chest; the tight fitting shirt his was wearing showed that he took care well care of his body. She looked up at him, smiling nervously.
“Hi… Gary sent me” she said warily.
“Yeah? What’s your name girl?” he asked and looked over her shoulders scanning the surroundings before allowing her inside.
“Emily…” she answered expecting him to introduce himself.
“That ain’t who G told me…” he said.
“Oh… well then Gerti” she replied, giving him a smile as she stood in the motel room. It was your typical motel room layout; a bed, a TV and a bathroom in the back.
“Well what is it girl?” he asked not sounding too pleased that she had given him an unexpected name.
“Okay… my real name is Emily, Gerti is just … a nickname I guess” she explained.
“So what should I call you?” he asked her smiling at her, his eyes piercing into hers.
She blushed and stammered; something she normally wouldn’t do. “… just… Emily, Gerti is a name from a role I played… just a bad joke I guess.”
“Played? Yo an actress?” he asked guiding her to take a seat on the bed.
“Yes, I am. And what can I call you?” she tries to change the subject, not wanting this man to know too much about who she is.
“James…” he smiled at her.
For some reason she felt very attracted to this man. Maybe it was due to the way in which he stared right into her eyes, something she wasn’t used to men doing, or perhaps her unfinished business in the bath played into it.
“So…” he interrupted her thoughts “I got what you wanted… G placed your order, aight?”
“Yeah?” she replied “Sounds great, how much?”
“Let’s talk ‘bout that honey” he stopped her when she reached for her purse. He got off the bed and picked up something from the other side of the room.
“Talk?” she asked, confused, as he returned with a small sales bag.
“No worries…” he smiled down at her, “Here’s the deal… YOU get this for free” he held out the bag, but pulled it back when she reached for it “Ah ah… and you smoke it here… with me.”
She looked at him suspiciously… She didn’t mind his company and as she hadn’t anything else to do why not get some free merchandise. So she agreed to stick around…
Emily looked at the ceiling sighing… at least a couple hours had passed since she walked into the motel room, and she hadn’t regretted staying with James. Her day had definitely taken a turn for the better, but being as high as she was now didn’t do a lot to help her initial horniness. Closing her eyes she enjoyed the softness of the bed…
Her eyes shot open when suddenly a pair of lips closes over hers. James was learning over her giving her a deep kiss. Too stunned to react she just stays still as he forces his tongue into her mouth. His hand moves to cup her breast through her top, the sweater she had worn long gone.
Feeling the trills going through her made her start responding to his oral assault. Her hands grabs onto him as she too added a tongue to the play. She tried to break the kiss when she felt him pulling her top up… when he ended the kiss it was pulled past her breast, the bra the only clothing separating them from his view.
“Wait… wait…” she tried to interrupt but he had no trouble pulling the top off and throwing it away.
He dive right back in kissing her passionately. Giving in to her desires she grabs onto him returning the kiss. He lifts her up and she wraps her legs around him, his hands grabbing her jean encased ass to support her. She was enjoying the kiss so she pouted when he sat her down and ended the kiss. Giving her smile and pulling off his shirt he gives her another quick kiss before pushing her to her knees.
“Damn you fine girl” he says as he unbuckles his belt. Taking a deep breath her small hands reach for his pants pulling them down along with his boxers. Slowly exposing the biggest penis she had ever seen. It was a good eight or nine inches and still only half hard, when she pulled the pants past the head it bobbed up slightly smacking against her lips.
Giving a small squeal and pulling back in surprise, he responded with a light laugh before guiding her head onto his hardening tool. She had given head before, although not that many time, but she quickly found that she couldn’t just take it in and suck it. Gagging a bit after her initial attempt, she stroked it while sucking the head and licking along the sides of it. It grew to around ten inches and her fingers didn’t touch when she held onto it.
As she started getting the hang of it, sucking four or five inches into hot mouth, he reached down gave her breast a squeeze. Her contenting moan and smile as she looked up at him encouraged him further, as if he needed that, and he reached behind her unclasping the bra.
Giving her breast a firm squeeze and flicking each nipple as the bra is discarded. He grabs her head as she keeps bobbing on his hard tool. She feels him push more of his cock into her mouth, her eyes opens wide as she looks up at him. He forces the tip into her throat, and keeps it there, enjoying the feel of her throat contracting. As her eyes starts to water and she looks up at him pleadingly he pulls all the way out. Coughing and taking a couple of deep breaths, she still feels incredible turned on by the treatment. So she quickly returns her stare to him wanting to take the lead yet again.
“Open up…” he simply tells her.
She obeys, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. He slaps he cock on her tongue a couple of times, before feeding her with it. She bobs her head onto it a couple of times her hands grabbing the part she can’t fit into her mouth and fondling his balls. He pulls her hands away and takes control, fucking her mouth and forcing a couple of inches into her throat as well. He kept on this onslaught for some time, having to stop to give her breather once in awhile.
After having fucked her mouth for good couple of minutes he can feel his cum boiling. He pulls out of her warm soft mouth, her eyes staring up at him slightly teary from the treatment. He brushes some hair out of her face with one hand, while he purposely jerks his cock with the other. Grabbing hold of her hair behind her head he tilts her head back slightly.
“Open up, yo gonna get a little treat!” he smirks at her.
“Ohhh?” she replies playfully, her breathing somewhat back to normal after his assault on her mouth and throat. Feeling naughty and more turned on then she had ever been before she bit her lower lip and stares expectantly at his hand, nothing more than a blur, stroking off inches from her face.
“Arrggg!” he grunts as the first jet of cum shot from his large cockhead. The strand hit her in her forehead and her hair, her body jerks in surprise, leaving a trail of cum from her hair and down to her nose. He shot a couple more loads directly into her gaping mouth before pushing the head inside. Swallowing, she sucks and swivels her tongue around the tip of his cock draining him completely.
“Hehe, that was… hot!” she grins her hands stroking him and fondling his balls, her eyes locked onto his a naughty smile on her face.
“Damn girl… you too fine!” he pants, scooping up the cum on her forehead and pushing it to her lips.
With a grin she sucks his finger clean swallowing the cum. He then pulls her onto her feet, pulls her into a deep and passionate kiss. He turns her towards the bed and bends her over it. He unclasps her jeans and pulls them down along with her panties leaving her completely bared. He pushes her onto the bed her round ass facing him invitingly.
“I’ll return the favor babe” he told her giving her round ass a smack indicating her to flip over.
“Mmm yes please…” she moaned in response crawling onto the bed and laying back, legs spread, presenting her to him.
He put his mouth on clit, which has popped out from its hood due to her excitement. Licking her clit immediately makes her moan in pleasure and he sense that she is on the verge of an orgasm. Knowing it won’t take much to push her over the edge he starts licking and sucking gently to build on her excited state.
“Arhh… yes yes!” she hiss under her breath, her eyes roll as she felt on the verge already due to her excited state.
As if acting on their own her hips trust upwards, meeting his tongue. He smiles at her reaction and adds a finger, easily slipping between her slippery folds.
“Oh my god… that feels so good!” she moans.
He keeps licking the bud as he tease her with his finger, her moaning increasing until her body convulses in orgasm.
“Uhh… wow!” she muttered as she catches her breath as she comes down from her high. As her body stops shaking she feels her excitement rising again. During her orgasm he has added another finger and continuing his work on her she soon feels the pleasure wash over her again. Her groaning increases and she grabs onto the bed sheets before she screams as the biggest orgasm of her life wash over her.
As her entire body shakes from her release his kisses his way along her flat stomach and over her breast, sucking a nipple into his mouth along the way, until he is hovering above her. When his lips lock on hers she regains some of her senses, the intense feelings of pleasure subsiding a bit. As they kiss she feels his hard organ pressing onto her dilated vagina wetting its underside with her excitement. Her body reacts by pushing onto it as she groans into his mouth.
He grabs onto his hard cock and pushes it between her puffy lips, his head easily slipping inside. Regaining some sensibility she breaks the kiss and puts her hand on his hips blocking any further advance.
“Hold on… please… you gotta wear rubber!” she blurts out, excited and breathing heavy.
“Sure thang babe…” he smiled reaching to the nightstand and grabbing a condom. Quickly tearing the wrapper and rolling on the rubber he is once again rubbing the head of his cock along her excited and slightly dilated pussy. Pushing the head back in and grabbing firmly onto her waist he pushes into her.
“Woau… uuhhm, fuck yeah!” she mutters under her breath as he pushes into her, “Give it to me!”
He pushes a good five or six inches in before stopping to let get used to the invader. Staying put for some time while his hands roam her naked body.
She releases the sheets which she held onto when he entered her and grabs onto him pulling him in for a kiss. Groaning into each others mouths they kiss passionately and he starts trusting inside her. Slow short trust at first, slowly building and going deeper and faster all the time.
“Yesyesyes” she mutters as he grinds into her, her moans and groans echoing in the room.
Breaking the kiss he sits upright, trusting hard and deep into her. Her groaning and moaning soon change into small screams of pleasure. Grabbing onto her bouncing breast he stares into her eyes, seeing the look pleasure in her face. Her mouth agape her eyes returning his gaze and rolling whenever she received a particular hard trust, all the while moaning and screaming out her pleasure.
“Aarrhh yeesss!” she screamed when he pinched her nipples hard, her body convulsing and her cunt gripping his cock tight. He stay still, buried inside her quivering sex as her entire body convulses, her mouth agape and her eyes closed. A good minute pass before she calms opening her eyes and seeing him smiling down at her as he begins trusting again.
“Damn… like the pain girl?” he muttered as he started to pick up pace again.
“Uhhmmm, uugghh… maybe… a… bit…” she replies with a cheeky smile “Just fuck me stud!” and pulled him onto her. Kissing him hard as her hands travelled over his well sculpted body before hugging him tight and moaning into his ear. Enjoying her gasps of pleasure as pounded her hard until another wave of pleasure washed over her, quickly followed by yet another. He felt like he could keep pounding her for hours on end, having already cum once.
“Ohh… my god… fuck!” she sighed, having never experienced as many orgasms as she had today, and his cock was still hard buried inside her. His stopped trusting, buried to the hilt inside her, and wrapped his hands around her rolling onto his back. “Oh? My turn I guess…” she grinned rising so she was sitting above him.
“Well, get to it” he responded giving her a light smack on her ass, grabbing hold of her hips to guide her movements.
“You’re amazing! I’ve never cum this many times!” she exclaimed, her voice a tiny bit hoarse after screaming out several orgasms.
“You aint half bad yourself babe…” he said as pushed her down, bottoming out, her rump resting on his filled ball sack. “And we’re just gettin started!”
“Aaiiiee… yes!” she squealed as he started trusting keeping her body in place above him. The force of the trusts causes her to lean her body forward enabling him to lean forward and tease her nipples with his tongue and teeth. “Arghh! Hey!” she screams as he bites hard on one nipple, to which he responds with a laugh and just keep sucking the nipple.
He stops trusting and move his hands from her hips to cup her breast and tug on her hard knobs. While playing with her she starts riding him on her own, slowly grinding at first but after some minutes she is bouncing on top of him her moans gradually turning into screams.
“Keep goin’ bitch, keep goin’” he hissed at her, slapping her ass as she rode him fast.
“Aiee! Yes yes!” she screamed, sweat pouring off her, both of them by this time drenched.
“Gonna cum again girl?!” he pulls her down and whispers in her ear.
“Mmm… yeah, mmph…” she replies as he pulls her mouth onto his, thrusting inside her. She pulls free with a scream of pleasure as he fucks her hard, her release imminent. He kept pounding her until he felt her pussy start to quiver. He moves her body back a sitting position, her hair disheveled and her breathing ragged. She looks at him slightly confused having been denied her release which was so close.
“Wanna cum, gotta work for it!” he smiles at her, his hand reaching between her legs and flicking her clit with his thumb.
Pouting playfully she lifts herself up before dropping down, groaning loud. She repeats this again and again, steadily going faster, while he keeps stimulating her with his thumb.
She keeps riding him hard until with a long growl her body tense up and shake as she cums hard.
“Yesyesyes! Arhh… uhhh, I’m coming so hard baby!” she screams in a high pitched tone.
He keeps massaging her clit until she stops shaking a falls back, lying on her back her breast heaving and a contended smile on her face.
She comes to when she feels him licking her tender sex quickly before getting into position ready to enter her with his condom covered member once again.
“Ooohh…” she groans as he enters her, thinking that she’s going to be sore tomorrow. “Please… ugh… gentle…” she mumbles between groans as he trusts into her. He complies and slowly grinds into her for some minutes, while kissing her neck, nipples and mouth.
Starting to and more force to his trusts her eyes roll and she grips him tight. Her small squeals and moans urge him on as he starts fucking her with purpose.
“God… do you… hmmph… ever… cum? … Wow!” she pants between trusts.
He keeps pounding her hard, her legs spread wide and her feet in the air, until he feels the tingling in his balls telling him his release is imminent. He pulls out to hold off his orgasm for a while longer, grabbing hold of her ass he lifts her up licking her pussy. A while later as another, albeit smaller, orgasm rocks her body she grabs onto the sheets, arching her back in pleasure. He flips her over and pulls her onto her knees, getting in position behind her and spanking her ass.
“Put it in…” he tells her his hands keeping a firm grip of her round ass.
She smiles playfully at him over her shoulder. Reaching between her legs she grabs hold of his hard tool, still wrapped in the condom, and guided it between her folds. He doesn’t move but allows her to push back slowly, impaling herself.
As five or six inches were inside her he took over trusting into her. She gave a delighted squeal and her moans and small screams of pleasure soon echoed around the room again. He rode her hard and fast, occasionally bringing his hand down onto her ass for a hard but playful smack.
“Mmmmhh aaiii! Oh oh uuhhh!” she kept moaning and screaming as another wave of orgasm swept over her, her mouth agape and her eyes closed her body writhes in pleasure. As her pussy contracts squeezing his tool his trusts becomes more erratic, his groans louder and he grips onto her hips harder.
“Ugh ugh ugh…” he grunts giving her the final hard trusts as he feels his balls tightening and bottoming out inside her he fills the condom. Sagging over her back, he holds onto her breast, gasping as their sweat soaked bodies touch.
After a while he pulls out and untangles himself from her. Raising up he looks down her exhausted body slumped on the bed, her eyes closed and her ass in the air she almost seems unconscious. Grinning he removes the filled wrapper and heads into the bathroom.
As he leaves the bathroom some time later he sees her in the same prone position, her ass slightly raised and her eyes closed with a look out utter exhaustion and pleasure on her face. Licking his lips he feels he cock start to grow again, he grabs a jar of petroleum jelly from a shelf next to door and walks out the bathroom.
Stroking his cock he walks to her, splayed on the bed in an almost comatose state, his cock at full mast as he kneels behind her. He kisses her ass cheek and rubs a good amount off grease onto his erection. She responds with some small moans, but in her exhausted state she still wasn’t fully aware of her surroundings. So when he raised her hips and put a large glob of petroleum jelly on her sphincter she didn’t react to it, partly because of her exhausted state and partly due to the attention he was paying her ass cheeks and pussy, kissing and biting her softly.
With plenty of grease both on his cock and on her anal opening and her completely relaxed state he was able to push his head and a couple of inches inside her before she came to her senses.
“Aiiieee… jeeesus!” she screamed, her body tensing and her ring closing tight preventing him from any further advance.
“Relax babe” he hiss at her kissing her neck, “yo gotta relax, or it’ll hurt.”
“You think?” she snaps back at him, but his fondling of her body and the kisses and whispering in her ears soon calms her down some. The stinging pain slowly subsiding, she turns her head and looks at him, his face inches from hers. As he draws her into a kiss she wonders why this man has such an influence on her, showing his huge cock into her ass and all she does is lie there, taking it.
“Yo gonna love it Em, promise” he tells her raising his body again, his one hand grabbing her hip while the other snakes around her body finding her still moist pussy.
“Arrg… oo… okay, just be gentle please” she resigns and puts her head back on the bed, trying to relax her muscles.
With a smirk at how easily she granted him access he pulls back slightly before pushing a back in. At the same time he has her juices running again with finger circling her love button.
“Ugghh… uhhmm… uhhh…” she moans as he trusts slowly back and forth with only the tip of his cock, the stinging excruciating pain from his initial intrusion slowly subsiding, replaced by a pleasurable feeling of warmth that fueled her desire to continue. He starts to inching his way in slowly, putting a little more force to each trust as he feels her opening for him.
Taking advantage of her relaxed state and the fact that her ass had adjusted somewhat to his hard tool he grabs onto her hips with both hands and pulls her back onto him, impaling her completely.
“Aiiiee fuck!” she exclaims, her body rising to as he pulls her back. Now on all four with by far the largest cock she’s ever seen buried in what up until a few minutes ago she considered a forbidden hole.
He just keeps it buried for some time his hands wandering, rubbing her ass or hips and grabbing her breast.
“So much for being gentle then?” she asks breathlessly looking back at him.
“Ohh I’ve been very gentle babe… but …” he says pulling back until only his head is still inside her, “… we can change that!” he lunge back inside her.
“Aaaiiiieee… oh fuck!” she lets out an ear piercing scream.
“You love it babe! I can feel you juices runnin’” he teases her as he returns his fingers to her sex.
She only responds with some grunts and moans as he trusts hard into her ass, but she has to admit to herself that she does enjoy this more then she could ever had imagined. She still feels some pain, but the pleasure she feels and the feeling of excitement from doing something forbidden far surpasses any pain.
“Arrgg… damn girl! You take that cock all the way up that fucking tight ass!” he grunts.
“Uhhhmm arggh yeah… god… feels so good!” she gasps.
He trust deep and hard into her ass occasionally swatting her round ass leaving a sting but then she felt a pleasant feeling of warmth spread in her cheeks. She never thought she would enjoy pain, but the pain from the anal intrusion sent waves of pleasure through her and the spanking made her pussy drip. He kept this up for a long time at which point she no longer felt the pain but just pleasure.
“Damn!” he muttered as he pulled his cock out of her his hands on her round ass holding her cheeks apart, her ass gaping wide for a couple of seconds before closing up.
As he easily push his way back inside her tight hole she buries her head in the sheets and the sounds of small cute moans and groans fills the room. He starts pumping steadily into her welcoming ass, leaning over her and kissing her neck and the side of her face, softly biting her ear.
“What happened to that cute innocent white girl that came knocking on my door?” he whispers in her ear, “… but I do love this anal slut!” he gives her a single hard trust.
“Arrgh…” he eyes roll and she turns her head looking back at him, he’s no longer leaning over her and he starts increasing the rhythm of his trusts. “Uhhmmm… aiiieee, fuck me!” she screams staring into his eyes.
He smacks her ass and pumps her hard and fast, her head returning to its resting place on the bed her moans of pleasure and the sound of their sweat soaked bodies slapped together.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” she moans as steadily trust into her.
“You love this… don’t you Emily?” he asks increasing the speed of his trust “You love acting like a whore…” he don’t ask that part, just state it.
“Aaiiiiee…! Yesyesyes…. I do, I do!” she screams as he slaps her butt hard, “I love it! Fuck me like a whore!” she screams, her voice hoarse from the number of times she have had to scream out in pleasure.
“You’re my whore, girl!” he states, seeing how into it she is and wanting to push her further “I own this ass!” he tells her, followed by a series of hard slaps to her round white ass, now a shade of red.
“Arrghhh…” her eyes are wide open, her body tingling from the friction of his big cock but also from the degrading words. Nobody has ever talked to her that way and she didn’t like people talking to woman that way, or at least she though she didn’t. Being taken hard and dominated like this turned her on beyond anything she had ever felt and that came on top of the greatest series of orgasms she had ever felt.
“Yes! I’m your whore! I’m yours, James! Fuck me!” she turns her head and looks at him.
“Damn right you are!” he grins pulling her body into his locking his lips over hers. She locks her hands together behind his head as he trusts hard into her ass his hands roaming her body.
He finds her clit and stimulates her while he starts fucking her as fast as he possible can. He grunts loudly and she screams in pleasure as the addition of his fingers brings her to climax her ass clenches gripping his cock tight.
Her entire body shakes as the orgasm wash over her and she then collapses onto the bed pulling of his twitching cock. Grabbing onto his cock he quickly jerks it feeling his balls tightening and spraying her exposed ass and back with his cum. He shoots a strand on each cheek and a couple between her ass cheeks and onto her back before slumping over her his softening cock pressing into her.
Breathing heavily they lay on the bed for a couple of minutes catching their breath. He kisses the side of her mouth and she turns to return the kiss for a while before he gets up and pulls her sweat and cum soaked body with him. Still in somewhat of a daze she feels him guiding her into the bathroom and under the shower.
The next morning a tired Emily Osment walks from a cab and into her house, the cabdriver snickering at her slightly bow-legged walk as she drags herself to her door. He had dragged her into the shower and it didn’t take long before she felt his once more rising cock pressing into her. He had taken her in the shower before they’d returned to the bed and before she left the next morning they went at it a couple more times.
As she crept into bed her head hitting her soft pillow she quickly started to drift off. She goes over the night’s events some of them very hazy, either from the drugs or from the oversexed state she found herself in. She did things she wouldn’t have imagined she’d ever do during the night but she didn’t feel the least bit guilty as she closed her eyes and drifted off with a contended smile on her face.


(Might be continued… depending on feedback)

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