Emily Osment Gets Famous On And Off Stage

Emily Osment Gets Famous On And Off Stage

(M+F, MF, FF, cons, oral, anal, food, mast, voy)

By John Karl Ritter

Disclaimer: I Do Not Know Emily Osment or Miley Cyrus
This Is Only Fictional. Any comments are welcome!

Emily Osment walked into the Back Room and entered [Destiny] Miley Cyrus’s Dressing Room.

Emily Had on Black Skirt, Black Tank top and White Over Coat.

Miley Had On a Old Hilary Duff Concert Shirt, Brown Pants and White Bra.

“Hey Wzup?” Miley Asked

“Nothing Thought I go out
on stage with you and you can Introduce me” Emily Answered

“What…Why?” Miley Asked

“well you know I think because I ‘m famous as much of you are” Emily said

“Whatever, Just Because you were on my show I gave you break. Doesn’t Mean People will like you” Miley Said

Emily Locked the Door from inside. She Pushed Miley to sit down on the chair.

Started Rubbing her Shoulder’s, then down to her Breasts Grabbing and squeezing them hard.

“Damn Emily that feels So Good, It’s Like you have done this before” Said Miley

“Are you now going to let me sing a couple of songs before you” Emily Asked

“ I don’t Know Emily what you gotta Offer me?” Miley Asked

Emily Now getting on her Knees started Unbuttoning Miley brown Pants; slipping them off.

Exposing her bald Shaved Pussy.

“Damn Miley you Look Dealiouse” Said Emily

“Why thank you thank you I try” Miley said with a Huge Smile On her face.

Emily Placed 2 Fingers Inside and started Fucking her Making Miley Moan with Pleasure.

“mmm god this feels so good” “where did you Learn How to do this?” Asked Miley

“Porn Miley Porn” Emily Said

“So that’s why on the show you had hard Time Not checking me out” Asked Miley

“You Got Miley. Now Give Me that banana I’m going to Open that Bald Pussy so good

You will be Begging For larger Objects” said Emily

Emily Placed the banana In Her Pussy Fucking her faster And faster With Every Motion

“Think you can take this and keep Fucking yourself while I get undressed?” asked Emily

“Sure“ said Miley

“Good I want you to Fuck yourself hard and suck on my hard perky Nipples“ said Emily

Emily Took off her Top Placing her Breasts Towards Miley Mouth.

“MMM Yeah Suck them suck them Good“ said Emily

“MM there so Juicy and hard Emily“ said Miley as she was forcing the Banana deeper & deeper

“you Like them Hun?” Asked Emily

“oh sweet Nibblets yes!” said Miley

Miley Fucked her Pussy So good she came in a orgasm.

Emily Once Again Placed herself on Her Knees and Licked all the Juices From

Miley‘s Pussy

Just Then They Hear Miley‘s Body Guard and Agent Telling Miley it was Show Time.

“I Guess you better Get Dressed Miley and get ready For the Show“ Emily said

“ill see you Out there in a Minute, I got get dressed too. Mind if I Bowor one your Outfits Miley“ Asked Emily

“Go Ahead any Outfit you want. Make sure you Look Nice fans Like that also.” Said Miley

Miley Changed Into Her Hannah Montana Wig and Dressed up.

Emily Grabbed a Dark purple Sparkly Top and Light Pink Khaiks.

She Figured she take off her Under wear there fore she had a Plan.

She Heard that Miley was throwing a After Concert Party Down The Street from The stadium.

Miley Walked Out On Stage and Introduced Emily Osment.

Emily Was Far behind Schulde She was Hitting On one Of The Limo Drivers.

“o sweet Nibblets ; be back in Minute” Miley told the Crowd with another Big Smile But this One was fake. “Emily will you stop Flirting and come On” Miley said madly

“But…But..” Emily said

“will you just come on already?” Miley getting flustered now

“Ok But I wasn’t Flirting I was trying to go down on that Guy” Emily said

“Flirting go down on Guy we Don’t Have time for that” Miley said

Emily Behind Miley , Miley once again walked On Stage.

“Sorry ‘bout that guys her she is INTERDOUCING THE ONE THE ONLY ‘EMLIY OSMENT’” Miley said

“why thank you thank you Miley, thanks for having me on stage” Emily said in the Microphone

Emily sang a couple of songs and then Let Miley take control of the Concert.

While Miley was singing Emily went into Mileys Dressing room Sat on the Couch and took off her

Pink pants and started Finger her self while watching a episode of Hannah Montana.

“Damn Miley Looks so Hot in this Episode” Emily said to herself

Then Turned Around and stuck The bannna Miley used On her Pussy and fucked her ass with it.

“O God Miley Fuck me yes Fuckkkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeee Hard. Mmm that’s It” Emily said pretending Miley was there fucking her with a strap On.

Then Emily turned back around and fucked her Pussy with it also pretending it was Miley.

She did this in till she came to orgasm and spit everywhere.

Emily Put her Pants back on and finished watching the Show.

After the Concert Miley walked to her dressing room Felling Happy and Spunky.

Walking down the hallway to her Dressing room.

She thought Emily Must of went to one of the tables and was singing autographs because Miley’s Door

Was wide Open.

Miley was in for a shock when she saw Emily was still dressed. Some reason in back of her Mind she thought If Emily was in room she be naked or at least Doing something sexual.

“Hi Miley you ready you know go.. Clubbing shaking are Booty’s. “ “maybe Get some action?” Emily asked

‘You Know I have to change Besides I never truly promise that I be at the Club” Said Miley

“oh come On Miley don’t you want to get laid, I bet there are some real Hot Guys there. With Long doggies, if you know what I mean” Emily Giggled

“yes I do Emily But I don’t know the press might be there and some fans Might see me Hit on a guy the wrong way then will I be? Probably in the Poor House” said Miley

“well you know I could change your Mind” Emily said

Emily walks Over and Starts taking Off Miley’s Top exposing her perky Breasts and Licks them

While Grabbing her Ass Tightly.

“MM STOP Emily! Ok Fine Fine we will go but if I don’t get some its all your fault.” said Miley

“don’t worry we’ll get some.” Emily slapping her own ass “guys will be all over this and All over that” Emily said Smiling

“Let me get Changed Into Something the Guys will notice me In” Smiled Miley

Miley Changed Into a Tight Pink Top and Tight Black Dress pants.

“ok I’m Ready to go. But wait what about that outfit?” Miley Asked Emily

“nah it’s Ok I love this Outfit” “anyways it’s Not Like I’ll be wearing it all Night” Emily said felling Horny again.

Miley And Emily walked From the Dressing Room To The Limo.

Even though it was 2 Blocks away they wouldn’t be dared to be seen, expically the

Way they were dressed.

They Got In the limo and Started Kissing and touching each other’s Breasts.

“Stop the car for a Minute” Miley told the driver

“Sweet Nibblest where at again Miley” Emily said

“I know but kissing you and feeling you up feels so Good” Miley said Looking deep into Emily’s eyes.

“hey Driver want to join us or sit there and watch ?” asked Emily

“but Emily What about the Club” Miley asked Emily

“Oh Yeah silly me I forgot, your hot in all but I want to feel a hard doggie in me” Emily said Smiling Big

“me to, I so wannna get laid again & again” Miley said with a Big grin

The Limo driver started the car and drove to the Club. They Entered the club through the back door

And went there separate ways.

A guy walked Up to Miley and started pushing his Crotch on Miley.

“what are you doing there and what’s that my ass Is rubbing against baby?” Miley asked the Guy

“Sorry was doing a dance I know I didn’t mean to do anything sexual” said the guy

“it’s all right you can grind me all night Long if you want” Miley said with a huge smile

“excuse me aren’t you Miley Cyrus or are a look-a-like?” asked the Guy

“all Miley baby now how about we go into the ladies room and I can give you a Nice BJ?” said Miley

“Really are you serious “ Asked The Guy

Miley Grabs the guys Cock and squeeze it.

“dose that answer your question?” Miley asked Him

“Yes it does yes it dose. How about you also let me Ride that ass?” Said the Guy

“you want to break my virginity Hun?” asked Miley

“oh yes Miley I want to bang you hard and make you moan” said the man

Miley and the guy went into the bathroom. Miley gave him a BJ and he blew his Load

Before he stuck his 7 inch dick in her ass.

As For Emily for some odd reason it was harder for her to get a guy to notice her.

She got tired of dancing and not getting any attention. She went to the bar and had a few Drinks.

A old Guy sitting by her was checking her out and she noticed it.

“Go away go away freak stop looking at me that way” Said Emily very Upset

“what’s the matter Emily don’t Like Dad’s of your fan’s Looking at you sexually” Asked the Guy at the bar

“no way I’m into young guy’s” Said Emily

“well your Lose” said the Guy

Emily walked away from the Bar and hit the dance floor again. She Bumped into

A tall white Male, that she could see had a major hard On.

“oh sorry excuse me” said a 19yr Old Male

“excuse me for what? That Huge Long Dick you have that I love to suck all the way to I reach your balls” Emily said Sexually

“Would you for real would you right here infornt of all these people” asked the 19yr old

“MM fuck yeah” Emily said as she got Closer

Emily took her top Off exposing her breasts. The Guy Started Licking them as Emily start Massaging his dick and balls with her hand’s.

Then Emily Dropped To Her Knees and Unzipped her pants and Stroked His Dick in her hands.

“wow Never had a big One Like this before, it Huge” Emily said shocked

“Think you can handle it down that pretty face?” Asked the 19yr old

“sure can Just watch me. Emily can do Anything” Emily said Giggling

Emily started sucking slowly then faster and Harder.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk Yesssss Fuck Yessssssssssss Emily. Your such a good Cock sucker.” said the 19yr Old

Emily then Sucked deeper making Him Fuck her Mouth. Then she Wrapped her Tongue Around His Dick

Even Sucking the Tip.

Then Emily sucked Deeper and deeper gagging On His Dick.

“Time To Have real Fun” “Anymore Guys want there dick sucked then fuck my asshole?” Asked Emily with Her face wet from sucking.

“I need only can take 7 guys” “hey you come here pull your dick out so I can suck it and you pull my pants down and stick it in and fuck me hard.” Emily said Demanding

Emily was sucking a 6inch dick while get fucked by another 7inchs.

The guy she sucked off before hand came and two Blondie females Cleaned Up His Dick.

She was Now getting banned hard and swallowing dick at the same time.

The rest of the 5 guys were useless as the came watching her.

And before you knew it the other two pulled out there dicks put in them in front of her face

And came all over it.

“mm Thank you guys I need that cumm, MMM deliousce “ Emily said Covered with cumm and smiling

Miley On the other hand was still in the bathroom ; Lining up to get Fucked.

But After 45 Minutes she had enough.

“ok Guys the Fuck section is Over I get back to my tour bus to get ready to hit the road tomorrow” Miley said

Miley Looked hard For Emily she Finally Spot her.

“Emily we all done here” Miley Asked Emily

“yeah I can’t believe we didn’t take any guys Home. They wanted to fuck me right here in the Club” said Emily all happy

“me too me too they all fucked me in the ladies room” Miley said Also very happy

“I got to go catch my Plane Miley” Emily said

“That’s Ok I got to head to my Tour Bus anyways see you in California” Miley said walking away

They went there separate ways after they said goodbye to each other.


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