Emily Osment: You Need To Fuck If You Don’t Wanna Die!

Emily Osment: You Need To Fuck If You Don’t Wanna Die!

( FF, MFF, f, f)

By John Karl Ritter

Disclaimer: I Do Not Know Emily Osment or Miley Cyrus
This Is Only Fictional. Any comments are welcome!

Emily Osment woke up Way early , 6am to be exact, she didn’t feel good all night.

She figured if she’s getting up every hour and get some cold ice water to drink to cool her down ,

Might as well get up for the rest of the day. Her Mom heard her and rushed to her side.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“I don’t know I don’t feel so Hot haven’t all night”

“we better call the doctor or even take you the hospital”

“nah ill be ok, just let me sit here watch TV, I’ll go over to mileys in awhile”

A Hour later she called Miley On the phone to make sure she would be there.

“yes but hurry I got go to some signing gig’s”

“Ok I will”

Emily Put on a pink hat, Red Shirt & Orange Spring Jacket and rushed out the door.

She Drove 12 Miles To Miley’s House. Emily ran the door bell, Miley could see her through the glass door.

Miley Cyrus was wearing light blue jeans, lime green sleeves top, and Light violet top with dots Under Neither.

“well about time there you are, we gotta go” Miley checking out Emily “You Don’t Look so Hot anything wrong”

“No it’s nothing”

“you sure?”

“yeah sure”

“then let’s go Bud” Said as Miley patted her On the butt.

Miley put there hands to gather and got into Miley red Convertible.

“Nice hun?”

“yeah how did you get this ? Did you Buy it or rent It?”

“neither” Miley Smiling Big “I Did a Blow Job”


“yeah sweet ani’t it?”

“yes very Sweet” “I Love Giving BJ‘s”

Miley turn the key and off they went. Miley once again looked at Emily, Emily forehead was drooling with sweat.

You Sure Ok Emily”

“yes im fine fine”

“Oh real you sure about that?” Said Miley as she Put her hand on Emily’s Leg.

“um um Positive”

“because actually I know what’s wrong with you and I can Help you out that’s if you need it”

“well since you are kind of opening up to me” “well…what is it?”

“it’s Hypoparathyroidism Disease you have to get fucked in the next 20 minutes or you could die”

“you have all the systems”

Miley pulls over the car on the side of the road , picks up her cell and dials a number.

“I’ll just call my agent and tell him ill be 5 minutes late” “I don’t want you to die sweetie”

“well I don’t know Miley you sure about this?”

“for damn sure”

“Hello Gus yeah I’ll be 5 minutes late have some business to take care of”

She hangs up and moves closer to Emily and kisses her, smooching and placing of the tongue. Then Miley places her hands inside of Emily’s Pant’s and starts rubbing her Pussy.

“mm god your soaked Emily very wet”

“I know I am …. Please help me Miley”

Miley and Emily get out of the car the lay on the grass and miley takes off Emily’s Tight Pants and starts Licking and sucking her pussy.


“Sweet Nibblest you taste good”

Emily slips off her spring coat, showing her breast’s through her red shirt.

Miley moves her hands up and Gripps and squeezes her Breast’s.

“ Finger yourself Fast Emily, I want to get my strap on from the back of the car”

Emily starts to put two fingers in her tight swallowen soaked Pussy then rest fingering really fast and Moaning.

Miley goes to the car, gets out the strap on, put it on and walks back to Emily.

Then she takes Emily Fingers out and starts fucking her with the strap on.

“Feel Good Emily?”

“Oh soooooo Goodddd Miley”

“well let’s she those Tits Of Yours why don’t we!”

Miley takes off Emily’s Top exposing her Breast’s while Miley Fuck’s her Even harder.

“Fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck me Miley, feel’s so damn Gooddddddddddddddd”

Emily spits and Has a Orgasm all over the strap on. Miley Takes the strap on off Emily’s Pussy and then Takes it off her Body and Lick’s Emily’s Cum of Off it.

Then Miley Get’s On Her Knees and Cleans Up the Rest off Of Emily’s Pussy.

“OMG! That felt so good, and Look I’m not sweating anymore, I’m cool as a cucumber”

“your welcome sweetie, We got to get dressed and Back in the car. I got still show up for the signing gig you know”

“yeah I know”

They get dressed and back into the car .

“Hey maybe I’ll meet some guys and we can have Some Real fun eh, Miley?”

“O God Emily is that all you can think of at moment Like this? But I know deep down your right!”

“Hey Having two nice Long Doggies up are asses, banging Us hard, Mmm that sound’s since doesn’t it Miley”

“Stop that! Your making Me all horny and wet”

They were Silent for the rest of the Drive.

Before they got out of the Car Emily Put One hand On Miley’s leg stroking it back and fourth with her hand and the other gripping Miley’s left Breasts.

“Still horny Miley are we?”

“Emily I told you to stop that! I know it’s Part of the Disease you have but give it a rest”

Emily all Pouty said “But I need SEXXXXXX”

“Fine Fine Lets Just go inside the Mall and after I walk on the stage I’ll see what I can do”

“Thanks Miley Thanks your such a true friend”

“Welcome now get your hand off my breast will you Please”


They walked to the stage, Miley walked Up and sat down. She Motioned to her

Agent and whispered in his ear what Emily wanted.

He Smiled and whispered Back “Can I do her?, I be willing to help her Out”

“No just find her something I’m sorry but I know your size and your not her type”


The Agent went looking for a Young Man who had what Emily called a Long Doggie.

He finally found a Slim Man, 26,white male, who was willing to do it.

The agent Took him over to Emily and he Introduced him to Emily.

“Hi my names James, heard you looking for a nice slim Long Man”

“MMM yes and you are” Emily looking down “And starting to get hard”

“Oh yeah! I love you on Hannah stare at your ass all the time”

“Oh really, well today you get to fuck it maybe play with it”

“so where should we go to do this Emily? If it wasn’t crowd with people I do you here right now!”

“Well how about back in one of these back hallway’s”

“sound fine with me”

Emily and James walked to the closet hallway and went far enough so no one would see them. It was Dark but not to dark.

Emily got on her knees slipped off her jacket and started unzipping his pants.

She Pulled it Out and started stroking it>

“MMM wow you are big! What are you 10inchs?”

“Why thank you Emily im not that big though im only 6 Inches”

“still pretty big”

Emily Opened her Mouth wide and take a deep breathe and started sucking slowly then faster and Harder.

“Oh damn oh damn your so good and what a slut”

Emily’s head know was Popping up & down on his dick ,she sucked deeper now gagging.

“damn your to good Emily can I keep you”

He started slipping off her shirt in till she was exposed again.

She can’t believe she had her best friend Miley and Now a complete stranger all over her.

Emily pushed, pushed and pushed very deep swallowing his dick.

“O god Emily your going make me cumm soon”

For this she knew she had to stop sucking him and make him bang her ass.

Her ass was moaning, begging for a nice Dick in her ass all day.

She was a little nervous as she never had a dick up her ass, sure she given BJ’s before But that’s it.

Emily got up and dropped her pants exposing her ass with it up in the air while she leaned her hand against the wall.

“MM Fuck me fuck me James I know you want to ,you told me”

“MM yeah I want to fuck you,, hear you moan my name”

James Placed the head of his cock in her ass going slow then going in & out faster and faster.

“Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Godddddddddd that feels so ggoodddddddd”

‘you Like that don’t you you Little slut?”

“MMM oh yeah fuck me fuck me hard yes harder bang me very hard”

Emily laid Out a real Moan that even Miley could hear.

Lucky Miley fan’s ignored it and kept coming up on stage.

“MMM I about to cum Emily all over your pretty face”

“MMM big Load Hun?”

“MMM o god yes very Big Load”

“then take out and cum on my face and rest in my mouth”

James Took out is Dick and Cam all over Emily’s Face and in her Mouth.

Emily swallowed the cum down her throat and stroke his dick for more.

“MMM thanks James”

“No no thank you I needed That”

“So what about Miley think I could fuck her”

“maybe, Got anything you can give her” “she told me earlier today she got her car from giving a guy a BJ”

“MMM Emily I want to do more to her, maybe you can help me?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Let’s get dressed and play along with me”


They Got Dressed and went to Meet Miley. There was Only 15 people More in line to get her autograph.

“So wzup Emily?”


“Who this?”

“Hi my Name James”

“Nice to meet you”

James Looked Miley up & Down.

“So Emily is this the guy who just finished doining you?”

“Ohhh Yeah”

“MMM Looks Yummy”

“I am Miley”

James walked closer to Miley and squeezed Her Breast’s.

“Aaa.. What do you think your Doing?”

“Chill Miley”

“But Emily….”

Emily Slapped Miley Face hard in till it was Red.

“Ouch! Why did you do that?”

“James Grab her by the wastie, I got her feet, Lets bring her in the backroom tier her up

And Drag her to the car”

They Dragged Her to the car while Her Hands and feet were tied together.

“Get In Bitch”

“yeah Miley and if you try to move out of that seat ill have James Tie Your hands tighter”

“Ok ill be good , I don’t know what your up to but ill play along and be good”

They drove to Emily’s House, they all walked down the basement steps. There Emily & James Tied Miley Up to the wall, stripped her naked.

Emily Placed 4 Fingers in Mileys Pussy.

“Feel good Miley?”

“Oh Yeah Wee Doggie it does”

“You Lied To Me, you said you Broke your Virginity”

“I never said that Emily, I said I given Bj’s before”

James then sticked up a Carrot up her Pussy making her moan.

“Godd Miley you are tight”

“Hold On James take that out of her I just remembered she has a strap on in the car”

“MMM yeah Keep Fucking Me James keep Fucking me with the carrot, Miley Likes”

“I’ll be right back, Then I’ll fuck you to Miley”

James Untied her and placed her On her Knees.

“Be a Good Miley Now, Suck my Dick that’s it good Miley Good Miley”

“MMM wow your Big” Said Miley while she was Stroking then sucking.

She Start Sucking Deep making James Moan Loudly.


Emily walked back in, put the Strap On Around her wasite.

Then Emily Bend Down and started Fucking her Ass.

Miley Loved it she Smiled Big as She Now was Swallowing James Dick.

“MMM Yes Love my dick Miley yes That’s it, show what a Big Girl you are”

Emily took out the strap on and tells James to Take out his dick out of Miley Mouth.

“Suck On This Miley, Pretend It’s another dick to suck on. Yes That’s it Suck all your juices off it Just like the Slut you are”

“I want to fuck her Emily” James Looks into Miley’s Eyes “I’m going To Bang you Hard and The Come all over that pretty face of yours”

“ I would Love that James you Two Got me all Horny“

“Get Up Miley and get on top James So you can ride Him. That’s it That’s it “

Miley gets on top, Goes Up and Down Faster & faster.

“Yessssssssssss! Yesssssssss! Fuck me Miley”

“MMM Please yes yes Force that dick in my ass” “ohm I need it OOO YESSS!”

Emily Takes Of the strap on and starts Fingering herself Into she reaches orgasm.

Emily Places her Pussy in front Of Miley’s Mouth.

“Suck my Juices Whore”

“MMM Taste so Good Emily Really Good”

Miley Gets on her Hands and Knees her ass facing Into James Dick. He starts Banging Her hard.

“MMM Yeah yeah James Treat me Like Whore that I am, MMMM OOOO YESSSSSSSS!”

“MMM about to cumm all over your faces ladies”

James Pulls Out, Emily and Miley get On the Knees in front of His Dick with there Mouths Open wide.


He Spit’s a Big Load in there faces, they take the cumm off there faces with there fingers and Lick them.

“MMM yummy! Godddd I love cumm But You Had a lot to give Miley didn’t you?”

“MMM yes OH yes I did Miley”

They all went up stairs, miley & Emily were talking and eating Ice Cream Naked as James was taking a show.

“Damn that was wonderful Emily, Thanks”

“No Problem no Problem sweetie” Emily said has she brushed Miley’s hair with her Hands.

“he was good wasn’t he/”

“Yeah To Bad we can’t keep Him”

They heard James coming down the steps.

“I got to go ladies Nice meeting you all”

Miley & Emily Waved Good Bye to James.

“well I better go home before My dad wonders were I am”


“Opps.. I better get dressed, got any Clothes I can Borrow?”


“You Know since Mine are all sticky!“ They Both Laughed.

They went into Emily’s bedroom, At first Miley was Surprised the Hypoparathyroidism Disease Wasn’t Kicking in but then she remembered How Much Sex Emily had that day.

Miley got dressed and left while Emily Hopped in the shower.


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