Emma And Uncle Steve’s Woody

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Emma and Uncle Steve’s Woody:

Featuring: Emma Watson and Alexa Vega (2-02-03)

Story Codes: celeb, Mf, ff, pedo, oral

As soon as we heard St. Mary’s school bell ring, my best friend
Alexa Vega and I straighten our clothes, and excitedly grabbed up
our book bags. We had a three-day weekend and no homework! Much
warmer than yesterday, we held our coats instead of wearing them.

“Emma, I’m sure glad we’re going to school together,” Alexa said
with a bright sunny grin.

“So am I,” I answered, smiling back. “I still can’t get over Dad and
Mum letting me stay with my Uncle Steve here in Los Angeles.”

“I’m glad too.” Alexa laughed as her smile changed to a mischievous
look, “You know. If they hadn’t let you, I never would have met your

I stuck out my tongue at her, “O you bitch. I love you to!” We both

Avoiding the tidal wave of screaming youth, we left the building by
the side entrance. As we went around a corner, I immediately saw
Uncle Steve. He was walking towards us along a hedgerow.

“There’s your Uncle.” Alexa said, pointing. “He sure looks hot

“Yea,” he was wearing a nice suit. “I wonder why he’s so dressed

“Hummm, how about I come over later and we use the hot tub. If he
joins us, I hope he wears his thong. You know, the little blue one.”

“Don’t be gross,” I told her. Trying to be cross with her, I wasn’t
very convincing.

“But he has such a nice ass!” Alexa countered, smiling. I smiled
back unable to fake disapproval.

While we walked towards him, she leaned toward me and whispered,
“Maybe he’ll let us play with his big woody?” Alexa had a far away
look in her eyes and a smile that indicated a private joke that I
didn’t know about.

“Alexa control yourself!” I scolded her. But she’s right. Despite
being his niece, I’d wanted to do more than play. I liked the thong
that he wore when he took us swimming. With only a thin piece of
material running between his cheeks, most of his nice hard butt was
uncovered. The thin material would stretched out so much that some
times we could even see his ‘woody.’ As we came within hear-shot, my
eyes got larger when I noticed the bulge in his pants. Uncle Steve
smiled as he greeted us.

“Hi Emma! You look nice.”

“Hi Uncle.” His colon smelled nice when I hugged him. While I was
glad that the hedgerow hid him padding my butt, it felt nice.

“Hi Mr. Watson,” said Alexa, greeting my Uncle Steve. “You’re
looking good today!”

“Thanks Alexa, so do you.”

“See ya Emma. Call me.” Alexa has bigger breasts than mine. I could
feel them press against me when I hugged her. We both giggled when I
gave her a kiss on the mouth good bye.

“See ya Emma. Call me,” said Alexa. Before she left, Alexa turned
and gave Uncle Steve a long hug. Hidden by her coat, she reached
down and stroked his ‘bulge’ several times. Then, with a flirtatious
smile, she said, Bye…Mr. Watson.”

I waved as I said, “Bye Alexa. I’ll see ya later.”

While Alexa and I have been in big movies and we have seen a lot of
the world. We’re still only twelve years old and I wondered what had
got into her. But I was even more surprised that Uncle Steve didn’t
seem to mind Alexa feeling him up!

“So why would anyone want to go to the Mall of America?” My uncle asked
as we walked together to the parking lot. The ground was slippery
from the bright Sun playing upon the melting snow. He almost fell as
we walked but being very athletic, Uncle Steve kept his balance.

Sliding my head back and forth. My sharp brown eyes were fixed upon
his bright blue ones as I answered him with a song,



Double loser

As if


Get the picture

Shopping Daaa!”

He looked at me for a moment, a silly grin on his handsome face
before I asked, “Why are you asking?” Almost a teenager, I’m
supposed to given him a hard time.

“Well, you know there’s no school tomorrow…” Just then a long white
limo with dark windows pulled up.

Half an hour later Uncle Steve and I were on the highway on a
six-hour drive north. I wondered what he was thinking about because,
sitting next to right me, I’d noticed the tent in his silk pants.
Full of curiosity I asked, “So, what’s the special occasion?”

He turned on his side a little to face me better, pulled out a long
pearl necklace from inside his suit jacket and said, “This.”

“It’s so beautiful. Thank you! But why…?” As I thanked him I felt an
almost-electrical tingle when his ‘bugle’ came to rest on my leg
just above my knee. It felt warm and kind of…cool! I felt my chest
tighten and my nipples hardened, pressing almost painfully against
my bra. But I had to wonder what was making him so excited. It
couldn’t be me, could it? While he’s kind of old, at thirty-eight,
he’s still a real hunk.

“Your welcome,” he answered, “We’re not as close as I’d like us to
be. I want to change that.”

Our smiling eyes met as he spoke. He was being so sweet, I felt
giddy. Words didn’t seem adequate to thank him.

“So, can I put it on you?” he asked.

“Sure!” I answered him. As we’d been talking, I felt his erection
slid up along my leg, stopping near my left hand. I had a real good
idea how big he was. Once when I’d been six or seven, he came to for
a visit. Well, he’d been taking a shower and I accidentally walked
in to use the toilet. I hadn’t been able to say a word when he slid
open the door and asked me to hand him a towel. I could see…I could
see everything. I stayed frozen as he stood in front of me, drying
off. His penis, sticking straight out, seemed to be pointed right at
me. But when he asked, “Do you want to touch it?” Bring up my hand,
it felt warm to the touch. I remember twirling a finger in his pubic
hair as he said, “Go a head and play with it.” But at that moment,
Mum came home early. Hearing her voice, I ran from the bathroom like
a scared rabbit. I had never said anything about what happen that
day. Now six years later, I was looking close-up at his ‘bulge’

“Here,” he said, running his fingers under my sweat shirt, “this
needs to come off first.” He pulled it up and over, revealing my
white uniform blouse. I didn’t care that my hair became a mess. I
want to see how the pearls looked on me, but was confused why he had
to take off my sweatshirt. I almost didn’t notice that, unmistakable
even through his pants, his erection had shifted into my hand!

“You know, pearls should only be warned on bare skin.” He started
unbuttoning my blouse.

“Can’t you just put it on?”

“O, honey.” He looked very said. “I spent so much money, I really
want to see them worn correctly. Don’t you like them?”

“Sure I do, but…” I stopped talking when I unintentionally closed
hand around his erection. Realizing what had just happened, I didn’t
dare move a finger, hoping he wouldn’t notice somehow.

“Ok, then.” In shock at what had just happen and my resistance
weakening, I let him finish opening up my shirt. When he finished,
the top of my white breasts showed above my small pretty silk and
lace bra.

He then said, “The pearls are going to look great on you,” as he
reached around and put them on me. I couldn’t help but smile when I
looked at them, so did he.

“Wow! You look really good in them, and Emma, you have very nice

I liked his complement. It made me feel older. I think in an almost
subconscious manor to thank him, I started squeezing my tomb and
forefinger together in an up and down motion. I could tell he liked
it, especially when he said, “That’s nice. Keep going like that and
you’ll make me cum!”

Without thinking, I rolled my eyes as I said, “Thanks Uncle Steve,
you’ve got a really – really nice penis.” I stopped stroking him
when I realized, too late, what I had just said.

But instead of being put-off, he actually smiled. “It feels so good
to have you touch it. But please, men like it to be called a cock.”
Then his smile faded to a deep frown. “I’m glad you like my…your
pearls, it’s just…”

“Just what?” I wondered if I was squeezing his…cock too hard?

“Have you ever heard the expression ‘nothing but pearls’? As he
talked, both his hands took hold of the front clasp of my bra.

Alarmed I yelled, “STOP THAT!” I shouted louder then I meant to. He
wasn’t really making me mad. It was just that I was surprised that I
actually like all the attention he was paying to me.

“If you don’t like the pearls, I’m taking them back then!”

“Uncle Steve,” I wined. “I do like them. Please don’t take them
back.” I started stroking him even faster, hoping it would make him
happy. I asked, “Do you want me to keep stroking your…cock?” I
looked down bashfully as I pronounced the last word. But then to my
own surprised I, giggling, pulled my arms from the sleeves and took
off my shirt. I then shrugged out of my bra. In a moment, both shirt
and bra joined my sweatshirt on the limo’s floor. He had a wolfish
look as he stared at me with nothing but pearls on above the waist.
The strain hung down across my cupcake-sized breasts, adorned with
small brown aureoles.

“Pearls and your breasts, now that’s a beautiful sight!” Uncle Steve

No one had ever talked this way to me before and I really liked it.
He was making me feel hot and sexy and I liked it being treated like
a women. As I told him, “Thanks,” his cock felt alive in my hands,
“Uncle Steve…you’re getting even bigger!”

His hands went around the pearls, at the same time, the backs of his
fingers caressed my nipples. Enraptured by my breasts, Uncle Steve
licked his fingers, then wet my nipples and blew on them. It made me
shiver and I tried to gaze up at the sky, a look of sheer bliss on
my face. It got even hotter when he kissed both my breasts,
outlining their curves.

I gasped in delight, small orgasms gripped my body as his fingers
pinched and massaged my taut nipples. Then sucking on my nipples,
his tongue made circling motions around them. Liking his new way of
showing affection. I grasped his head and pulled his mouth down
tightly upon my chest. When he finished, to my surprise, I gave him
a peak – on the mouth. Then even though I felt weak at the knee, I
French kissed him! Our mouths were locked as Uncle Steve rolled on
top of me.

Then his breath was hot as he nuzzled against my neck. As uncle’s
hands moved down my back, exploring my ass, his bulge seemed to have
a mind of its own. Going up under my skirt, between my legs, it
ended up pressing up against my panties! While it felt wonderful, I
was afraid at the same time. But to my own continued surprise,
instead of running scared, my legs squeezed around his cock and
pressed his tip against me! It was almost like I had lost control.
The moment ‘it’ touched me ‘down there’ my eyes roll back into my
head and my body tensed and shuddered! My panties become so wet that
it dripped down on my legs. I was dumbfounded, as we kept kissing. I
was so excited, that I soon felt another orgasm growing. I knew I
should fight it. But he seemed to take over, running his hand over
body. I took hold of his hips to help his efforts to hump against
me. Then after the sudden onrush of gyrations, the tip of his
erection pushed up an inch or so into me through my panties! My body
shuddered as I chummed multiple orgasms and the insides of my skirt
and the top of his pants got all wet! The English language is
incapable of to express my sensations as I cried hot tears of
pleasure. I think my passion even surprised him, and he rolled off
of me.

After we caught our breaths, he took a box out of his pocket and
opened it. “I think these diamond earrings will look good on you

“Cool! They’re gorgeous Uncle Steve, thank you! Thank you!” I
reached for them. But before I could grab them, he closed his hand.

“Not so quick now.” His smile grew. “To get them, Emma you have to
do something for me.”

“What? Tell me.” I said quickly.

“Why this my little kitten.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out
his ‘big woody.’ “Do you want to hold it?” he asked, a bit of a
tremor in his voice. His hard shaft of flesh stood straight up like
a totem pole!

“Please!” As I answered him, I noted the lust in my own voice.

I shared his smile as I hesitantly touched his big cock. At first I
just rolled it around in my hand experimenting. Then with a
mischievous glint in my eyes, I wrapped my fingers around it and
started running up and down along his long shaft. I squeaked in
surprise when it responded to me and began to grow even larger.

“Does that feel all right?” I asked.

“Yes, it does!” Uncle Steve told me. “Please take my whole shaft and
balls in your hands and really stroke hard up and down.” I obeyed
his prompting and soon I had his cock at nine-inches of full
attention. When squeezing his tip and seeing its opening, I realized
that I was having a ‘hole – ly’ experience.

“What? You mean you want me to jack you off?” I asked, nodded my
head, smiling at the thought.

“Hummm, that would be nice honey,” Uncle Steve nodded his head,
continuing to smile. “But, I want you to use more than just your

“What?” I looked at him funny for a second. Even though I didn’t
quite get what he meant, I was getting even more excited.

“Don’t worry if your face gets messed up. I brought your makeup

Realizing what he meant, “You want me to…”

“Yes,” he interrupted, nodding his head. “I want you to suck my

“You want me to do what?” I asked in happy misbelief. Back in
England, I’d once licked my old boy friend’s penis. But he chummed
as soon as I’d touched it with my tongue. Afterwards, he had been
too embarrassed ever to try it again.

“Would that be so bad, I thought you’d be gratefully for the
jewelry?” He seemed more disappointment than angry.

“Yes I am…but we shouldn’t. It’s just that…I’ve never sucked a …”

“That so much the better Emma. I’d love to show you how.”

As he talked, I my fingers stayed wrapped around his cock. I’d
actual thought about giving him a blowjob many times before. So,
giving him my best angelic smile. I nodded my head. Licking my lips,
I resumed squeezing and stroking him.

Lowering my head, I began to rubbing his hard cock against my face.
I could feel a hunger build in my insides when he left his pre-chum
on my lips. But worried about his large size, I asked, “You’re
cock’s so big Uncle Steve.” I liked saying that word. “Will it hurt
if you put your…cock in my mouth?”

“I love hearing you say that word. But no, sweetness, it won’t hurt.
You’ll love it Emma.”

I think my eagerness surprised him when, full of desire, I then
embraced his cock with both my small hands. I could feel his
breathing ‘become more and more frantic as I lower my mouth. He felt
my hot breath first before I gave his woody a kiss. After pausing to
look up to give him a wicked smile, my tongue shyly probed out and
licked the tip of his cock. Then with our eyes locked, I brushed my
tongue up and down, circling around his crown, licking his cock like
I would a big sweet Popsicle.

I asked in my most innocent little girlish voice, “So, dear uncle,
my I give a blowjob?” Adding a pleading pouty-smile in the end.

“Fuck yes!” He reached his hands around my head and pushed my face
down farther.

First, I entrapped his crown in my lips and I sucked on it for a
minute. Then I open up my mouth wider and slid my lips partway down
his long shaft. As my left hand grabbed the base of his massive
cock, I pushed my mouth down over it. I then back up and tightened
the grip of my gums on his crown. As he felt my round tongue on his
thick delicious organ, I began to stroke up and down. With my mouth
and my hands worked in tandem with my lips, I slowly, but
deliberately pumped his cock into my mouth.

I really liked the feel of his burgeoning head and the smooth sides
of his cock as I twirled my tongue lovingly around each and every
contour of his cock. I soon discovered when I moved my head to a
certain angle I was able to get almost his whole shaft in! Uncle
Steve then wrapped his right hand around my head to help speed and
deepen my efforts to humping his cock into and out my mouth.

“Hummm!” He moaned. Then he said, “Just open your mouth wider and
relax your throat.”

O God, soon I could feel his whole crown press again and again,
through my and down into my throat! My lips seemed to burn as my
lungs fearlessly drew upon him, while at the same time my tongue
continued to play.

I then decided to suckle on the helmet-shaped crown again, bobbing
my head as I slurped. At the same time I jacked the shaft with my
dainty fists. A quick study, my rhythm was soon perfect. With each
down stroke of my lips was met by an upstroke of my hands, Uncle
Steve moaned even loader, “O God. Emma, you’re wonderful! Suck it!
Suck it! O, my little sweet girl!”

As he caressed my small, perfectly rounded pointed breasts, I
continued pumping his long shaft and balls with both my hands.
Driven by the firs of passion, soon my head began bobbing up and
down even faster. Without realizing it, I started to moan, “Hmmm!
Hmmm!” I felt like giggling, until my orgasm overwhelmed me. With my
white knuckles clenched upon his head, I arched my back, and tried
to let out a wale. But as I chummed, I accidentally bit down, not so
softly, on his shaft.

“Oooh! Honey, careful with those teeth.”

“Sorry, let me kiss it to make it feel better.”

“Please!” Luckily, I didn’t draw any blood. But I did leave red
teeth marks. Much like the ones my fingernails would soon leave on
his back. Afterwards, I started up again. My lips took him in slowly
at first. Then quickening in pace, minute after minute, until I
could feel his balls banging against my chin. He seemed to like it
when I fondled his ass checks and the area between his balls and
anus. Soon, my efforts were rewarded!

As Uncle Steve shouted, “Here it comes,” he pulled his cock out of
my mouth just as it started spurting like a fountain. I was amazed
by how much cum there was. One shot hit me in the nose and my eyes,
more landed in my hair. While yet other chum-shots splashed on my
cheeks and into my mouth. Even though it was kind of fun, spraying
his chum on my face seemed a waste of hard earned prize. So I
started to push back down to take it in my mouth, but he held my
head still.

“That’s my girl, keep stroking.” When he was done squirting, chum
dripped from all over my face.

“OOOOH, it’s so sticky. Uncle Steve, you got it in my eyes.” But my
desired still unquenched, I wanted more and continued pumping his
hard cock.

“Don’t worry, honey,” he told me. “Just lick it up and swallow. It
will feel good going down.” I hesitated, until he told me, “Your
friend Alexa Vega loves to swallow.” Uncle Steve’s comment made me
realize who had been tutoring her.

Alexa had surprised me earlier at school today when we both went
alone to the bathroom. After locking the door, Alexa told me she had
some thing to show me. “Something that you’ll really like,” she said
smiling. “It’s called giving face.” She’d been right. I’d liked it
so much in fact, that after she made me cum, I did it to her.

It’d been fun to run my fingers along Alexa’s firm little ass and
pull down her panties. With her skirt pulled up, Alexa had wrapped
her fingers around my head and pulled my face between her legs.
After one long up and down motion with my tongue, I pull back to get
a better look. As I took in her small pretty pink vertical smile
covered with dark brown fuzz, I smelled her sweetness. Then, after
licking along her pussy and nibbling on my clitoris, I pressed my
tongue inside of her. I was surprised how good she tasted. Squirming
and moaning, Alexa chummed several times and I lapped up each. But
now, tasting something even better, I figured I would ask him about
Alexa later.

My hands now covered with his cum, I sucked it off my fingers.
Afterwards I cleaned off my face. “Tastes kind of salty, but I like
it,” I told him. I then bent down and licked the chum off of his
twitching cock. I moaned loudly, as I hungrily swallowed the last of
Uncle Steve’s milky flow.

It was his turn to moan now, “OOOOH!” I was glad he was enjoying it
so much. He then told me, “Honey, you’re a true living sex doll.”

The taste and smelled of his masculine seed seem intoxicating, as I
reached both my hands around his neck and pulled my mouth towards
his. When I arrived, we French kissed deeply again. I let out a
squeal like sound, “OHHH, HUMMM!” Only twelve years old, I was
amazed to discover that I’m a natural-born cocksucker. Like Uncle
Steve tells his friends now, I can ‘suck a golf ball through a
garden hose!’

A little later I told Uncle Steve, “It’s a good thing that you
brought my makeup kit.” I was sitting in his lab, jacking him off.
“You know, you didn’t make it very difficult for me to notice your
big cock. But, I would have never told you that before today.”

He laughed. “I’m glad you like my cock. You’ve grown up so much
lately that I get a hard-on every time I’m near you. But I’m not
through with your hot little English body yet today.

“That’s fine with me.” So, just as before, I took him in my mouth. I
wanted more of his chum before what I hoped would follow next.

Uncle Steve was in paradise, as his niece’s warm mouth engulfed the
head of his cock and pleasure shivered up his spine. My tongue
darted and flicked over the nerves in his cocks head. While I bobbed
my head up and down, I fondled his balls and he moaned again in
response. When he looked down, he saw that my lips were stretched
obscenely around his cock and how my raven hair was wet from his
chum. He knew the moment was near again.

As I bobbed my head up and down on his cock rhythmically, using my
fingers to stroke the underside of his penis, my mouth muscles ached
and my cunt was wet. The faster I stroked, the harder I sucked. I
had his cock most of the way in my mouth as his tip was tickling my
throat, as I gave him second orgasm. He moaned as his legs began to
shake as he shot hot cum into my mouth. His cock jerked again and
again, and my mouth was filled with the flavor of uncle’s salty
seed. I kept my lips tight, so I could get all of his semen. I
swallowed each spurt, loving the taste and the sensation of his hot
cum in my mouth and throat. I kept sucking and swallowing until he
had no more explosively ejaculating. When I was done, I decided it
was time to deal with another ‘issue’.

Releasing his cock, I stood up, “Uncle, I want you inside me. I want
you to fuck me.” He paused, looking down into my bright eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked. We were at the point of no return and I
felt not the slightest bit of hesitation.

“Yes, more than I’ve ever been sure of anything. Uncle Steve, I’ve
wanted you to fuck my virgin pussy for so long.”

My uncle smiled, while running his hands over my body, he said, “I
want to fuck you too,” then he groaned, “but first there’s something
you should try.” As finished talking he knelt before me, spread my
legs and bent towards me. My skin was like warm velvet, soft and
supple with youth. I moaned with anticipation and could hardly wait
for the touch of my uncle’s tongue. Raising goose bumps, he kissed
all over my ticklish teen thighs.

I then parted my legs even wider, opening my outer lips, spreading
the fine dark curls and revealing my pink wet folds. With my pussy
glistening, he ran his tongue around my virginity. Steve scarcely
touched the folds of the fragile lips, knowing that tongue teasing
his young niece would make my orgasms wilder, more powerful.
Circling his tongue around and around, each pass moving closer and
closer. Finally his tongue penetrated my virgin cleft, and brushed
my perfect unbreach maidenhood.

The touch of my own fingers inside my pussy had never been as
satisfying. I gasped with delight, while I gripped his head and
shoulders as he plunged into me, tongue fucking me as hard as
possible. He went deep, flicking and twisting his tongue, and my
moans become screams of delight as small orgasm gripped my body.
With his mouth busy, hands pinched and massaged my taut nipples and

“Oh my big beautiful uncle, eat me!” I groaned, looking down at him
with lusty eyes. “Oh, fucken yes. EAT ME!”

Cunt juice coated his face and my thighs. At last my legs clenched
and she emitted a high-pitched half-squeal, half-scream. I lifted
one foot, placing it on the edge of the car seat, to give him better
access to my oozing orifice. He then quickened his spiraling tongue,
sparking tiny flames inside me. It wasn’t long before my knees shook
and I began to chum a third time with my uncle’s tongue buried deep
in my cunt. Then sliding out of my snatch, he licked up and down the
length of my wet pussy, lapping up my chum chowder from the insides
of my thighs.

“That feels nice,” I mewed. Alexa had been good, but I had never
been licked out like this before. So I wrapped my legs around his
neck to pull his face into me as hard as I could.

“OOOH GOOOODDD!” I shouted, chumming again. “You’re my Daddy! You’re
my Daddy!” In orgasmic heaven, I covered his face with my juices as
he continued to tongue my pulsating womanhood.

Later, when he was done, I sat naked in his lap. While I was happy
with the eating out he had given me, we still hadn’t dealt with the
issue of my virginity. So I raised myself up and moved his cock to
the entrance of my pussy. He looked at me, nodding his head smiling.

In one quick hard push I impaled myself on his cock! I felt my
cherry pop as he filled me up as I squealed as my hymen broke. My
eyes seemed to cloud over in a flash of blinding pain, until it was
replaced by pleasure and I moaned loudly as my uncle’s cock
penetrated deeper into my tiny cunt. I froze, my eyes bugged out as
his cock speared me. Another “yelp” of pain was muzzled as I buried
my face into his shoulder. I had never known such agony and such
abandon at one time. His dick felt huge as it invaded me. Then the
pain faded and I began moving rhythmically on top of him feeling
lustfully sensations like I’ve never before!

I moaned with pleasure as my vaginal walls molded to his intruding
shaft. I lifted my ass higher off him and then pushed back in even
deeper. My body jerked as he hit my cervix, nothing had ever touched
me there. New shrieks turned to grunts, then to low moans.

As my uncle cock continued to move in and out of my fresh cleft I
closed my eyes and fell silent. My cunt quivered around his dick as
he drove all the way in, his dark pubic hairs mixing with my own
fleece. He stretched me with each thrust. I let out more cries,
while I tried to fuck him as best I could. I desperately tried to
hold on to him, as he began to fuck me even harder … in and out,
in and out. But soon my tight pussy felt wonderful wrapped around
his dick! While Uncle Steve plunged all the way into me, his willing
niece, he fondled my slippery breasts. Then he started thrusting
faster and faster and I felt filled with his hard cock as his balls
slapped against my ass crack with each new thrust. My pussy began
purring as I instinctively grinded myself upon him, while I gasped
for breath and sighed with joy. It felt so good to have my big
handsome uncle fucking my little slit. Suddenly, I felt something
new; it was his cock jerking as his body shook.

Uncle Steve shouted, “Fuck! Fuck en Yes!” as his erection swelled,
his butt muscles tightened, his balls throbbed, and he ejaculated
loads of hot semen into my pre-teenage tight slit.

My pussy already filled with his cock, was now flooded with his
boiling seed. But my flawless pussy was so tight that there was no
room for the hot jets of cum burning in. The pressure of the
building load squeezed his molten seed past the skintight O-ring of
my snug little fuck hole encircled my uncle’s swollen cock. With
each outstroke he pumped me full, as with each in-stroke, sperm was
pushed out of my perfect pink pussy. I could feel the expelled spume
run out and dripped like hot wax down on my smooth inner thighs and
my humid ass crack. He held tight to me, his darling niece, as his
cock jerked for the last time, shooting a final spurt of sticky chum
into me. “God, God, God,” he moaned as the spasms continued to run
through him even after he had nothing left to give.

Slowly we stopped moving and he collapsed between my
fresh-fucked-fawn like legs. He rolled over and fell panting beside
me. It took several minutes for us to recover from our incestuous
love fest.

“Jeeezzus, what a fucken orgasm! I’ve never chummed so much,” he
said, as he marveled at my innocent face, lovely breasts, flat
stomach, slim hips, and yearling-like legs. His face lost in a sea
of lust as he said, “You hot little sex kitten! What got into you?”

I smiled. Me, his ‘inexperienced’ twelve year-old niece had given
him the best fuck of his entire life! In the sunlight, my neatly
trimmed raven pubic hair sparkled. I stared at the rosy hue of my
spread legs and watched in awe as white foam trickled from my tiny
slit, which dribbled down the crack of my ass and on to the car

With still almost three hours of drive left. I discovered that Uncle
Steve has a lot of energy, for an old guy. Let me tell you, he can
keep it up all night and is usually good for three orgasms before he
runs dry. I enjoyed the pleasure of Uncle Steve’s ‘woody’ many times
that weekend.

I returned to school the following Monday a happy woman.

The End

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