Emma Bunton Vs Geri Halliwell – Part 2

     <title>Eat Me, Beat Me, Bite Me, Blow Me, Suck Me, Fuck Me</title>
<!– Unknown – Jhene Chilombo – mf, oral, anal, mDom, mast, ff, fDom, nc, oral, voy –>

"Eat Me, Beat Me, Bite Me, Blow Me, Suck Me, Fuck Me"
Contents- mf, oral, anal, mDom, mast, ff fDom nc oral voy<br>
Featuring: DeMario Thorton and Jhene Chilombo

Me and DeMario was really cool wit each other all da
nigga O, Rell,
n Dru was cool wit me. But it was something bout DeMario that I find
sexy about him. I thought it was his dick, or those lips. Now as
many time as I’ve heard every1 tell me that he had soup coolers or
pussy lips that would send a chill up my spine. Well I was at the
boys house. Actually in De’s room and I notice I was alone because
the fellas was out wit there gurls and De was n the bathroom he had
been n there for a good ass while so I figure I would look at a
video. Forgetting that DeMario was a freak I popped video and it was
a porno. OMG that shit got me horny. I was feeling ova ma self.
Caressing my nipples and grabbin’ ma breast just the surge of the
woman moaning turned me on. I was feeling between my legs and I sat
on the bed and slid my hand under my miniskirt. I didn’t have so
panties on so I started caressing my clit n a slow circular motion.
The rhythm of the man suckin’ the woman pussy and fingering her out
got me so turned on I was rubbing ma clit even faster. I let out a
low moan then inserted two fingers inside me. I was getting really

DeMario’s POV.<br>
Bree don’t noe I’m lookin’ at her through the crack of the door.
Damn she making me horny by fingerin’ herself. Damn, big man calm
down. Those moans and her fingering her self got me fuckin’ horny
I’m bout to bust n that bitch n put it on her. Bree don’t one what
the hell is going on I just wanted a lil booty from mami. But she
hard to get through. She moaning louder. "I’m bout to cum all ova ma
fingers", is what she said. Damn I got go through there she got me
so turned on. I bust through that door. She popped up off the bed
and was about to turn off the tape when I got on top off her and
held her hands above her head.
Bree-Um, De what do u think your doing.
De- I’m gonna finish what u started.
I kissed her and she kissed back addin’ tongue. I slide my head
under her miniskirt and started massaging her clit. She started
nibbling at my ear. She whispering in my ear "Add some tongue into
it." This is my first time sucking and eating clit. I figure I would
start off slowly. I licked her clit n she shivered a bit. So this
gave me the impression of her pleasure. I licked n sucked her clit.
I was a lil tease seeing her squirm and pushing my head n furthur. I
stuck ma tongue n her hole. She moan and screamed my name. She
pushed my head further down so ma tongue would hit her walls. She
was moanin’ loudly. Damn, she gonna kill homeboy. Fuck, I wish she
would stop tryanna suffacte a nigga.
Bree POV<br>
Damn, this nigga was workin’ me. I wished he’d stop teasing me.
Bree- I’m bout to cum.
De- Cum all ova ma mouf
OH, ma jucies flowed in his mouth. He slurpped them all up he kept
fuckin’ wit ma clit n it made me cum even more. He got up n licked
his lips.
De- So what do u wanna do now?
Bree- U.
I pulled him on top of me and kissed him. Let me tell u I taste
good. I pulled off him shirt n i near was bout 2 cum again from
lookin’ at his abs. I flipped him ova and started biting on his
bottom lip. I love when I tease him. I was grabbin’ his dick and
beatin’ him a lil. I licked and sucked his neck. That ma callin’
card for those hoe not to touch a nice big red mark on his neck. I
nibbled n his ear. I whispered, "U want me to go lower". "Yes,"he
moaned. I kissed his chest n licked his nipples. I’ve neva seen a
nigga squirm so hard like De. I kissed each of his abs. I got to his
pants. I looked up to him and he was waiting for me to go down on
him. Damn, De is sexy n I would do anything for him. Fuck it, I’ll
do it. I unbuckled him pants and pulled out his long, black dick.
Damn, aight I over exaggerated a lil when I was talkin’ bout his
dick. This motha fucka was long. I kissed his head and then I put it
in ma mouth. I looked at him n his eyes rolled to the back of his
head. This is to good. I went really fast cuz I’m not the type to do
stuff n a slow manner everything is fast. I felt his hand on my head
pushing me down farther. I didn’t think a whole 9 in’ could go that
far n my mouth but it did. It was all the way down my throat a nigga
could’ve chocked a sista. Everytime I sucked faster his dick grew.
He was moanin’ he was cummin’ ain’t no way he cummin’ and I didn’t
get to ride him so I got off my knees and got on top of him. It hurt
the first time cuz I never had anything that big n me before. I rode
him like i was at a rodeo. He grabbed my hips and pushed me down on
his dick. "Fuck yea baby, mmmmmm. I’m gonna cum," I moaned. He
pulled out and bent me ova doggy style. He stuck it in ma ass. N I
shall say shit like that don’t come by easliy.
Bree- Oh, u bitch that shit hurted.
De- Bitch I’ll show u bitch.
I really should’ve took that shit back. Cuz when I said that he
grabbed my hips and rammed my dick inside my ass. I was screamin’
from the pain. IT BURNED SO BAD.
De- Until u admit who’s the bitch hell no.
He fucked me faster and hard. Oh I noe he noe I’m in pain. He
grabbed my tits and just rammed me even hard. I’m not admiting that
I’m a bitch. Oh, now its starting to feel good.
Bree- Uh, De. (moanin’) Fuck me harder please.
De- If I give it to u harder u gonna be screaming.
He put everything he had into. I screamed to the top of my lungs
that how bad it hurt. Afta a while I gotten use to it. He fucked me
hard and I was about to cum all ova him again.
De- I’m gonna cum baby.
Bree- I am two.
I felt his kids fullin’ ma ass and tricklin’ down my leg. He flipped
me ova and drank me dry again. Afta that he came up and layed beside
Bree- That was funny.
De- I noe but I gotta a question to ask u.
Bree- What-.
De- Will- (hear the door opening.)
Jhene- DeMario we home.
De- Fuck Jhene, Bree just get dressed n I’ll handle her.
Bree- U stupid I’m takin’ a shower first.
De- Fine take a shower.
(He got up and threw on some boxers n shorts and ran downstairs.)
Jhene POV<br>
I noe he just did sumthing cuz he came down wit his shirt off. I
wonder which hoe it was this time. Not like I’m fallin’ for him. He
noe I’m dyke so its no way n hell that I’m fallin’ for him.
Jhene- So which hoe was it this time.
De- Wasn’t no hoe it was Bree.
Jhene- Oh, sexy mami who always be around here.
De- Yea. Anyway who is the we that home.
Jhene- Oh me n ma dick.
De- Speaking of dick I noe u got a lot of them ri.
Jhene- U noe this.
De- Well, do me a favor.
He whispered all this shit n my ear about what to do to Bree n the
bathroom. Homeboi a freak.
De- Do, u think u can do it.
Jhene- Hell yea.
De- I should watch.
Jhene- Don’t cuz then she’ll think u had something to do with it.
De- That’s the whole point.
Jhene- Whateva.
I ran upstairs and found the largest vibrating dildo I had. God, I
still can’t believe he want me to do that. I went into the bathroom
and took off my clothes quietly so she wouldn’t noe ma ass was
there. I pulled open that shower curtain and she turned to me n
shock. She was about to scream but I covered her mouth.
Jhene- Shut up n enjoy this.
I slammed her back up against the wall and put her leg ova ma
shoulder and dug my tongue into her clit. She was tryin’ to hold n
her moans but no for Jhene she moaned and pushed my head further n
her pussy. Mmm, she tastes good. I c y DeMario wanted me to do this.
Damn, I finally got my chance to eat this pussy like I really wanted
to. She was enjoying my tongue when I stuck 2 fingers inside her and
she moaned like crazy I just wanted her. She kept pushing my head n
further in further. I sucked her clit dry.
Bree POV<br>
Why Iam I enjoying this it my friends cuzin. The dyke. I should tell
De. Naw, I don’t noe I just noe this feels good. Oh shit, she
stopped something bout to happen.
Jhene- U gonna take this lil gurl.
She pulled out this big ass dildo. It was big and fatter than De’s
oh u noe ma ass is in trouble. She shoved it inside me n had me
screaming at the top of my lungs. She turned on the vibrator and it
massaged my walls and I was moanin n screamin’ at the samn time.
Where is De at? I am ova here screamin’ and he ain’t doin’ nothin’
about this. He pushed it in and out of me make the virbrater tickle
my walls makin’ me more wetter than what she started with. She
sucked ma clit while pushing this. I had a fat ass orgasm not once
not twice but three times. Now she noe I was tried so she got out
the shower and I fell to the floor. She put on her cloths and left.
I just sat there trying to catch my breath. De’Mario came n the
bathroom opening the shower curtain and sat on the toilet seat.
De- Y are u on the floor.
Bree- Nothing.
De- Jhene just left out wit a didlo and her clothes in her hands. So
again y are u on the floor.
Bree- She ate me out and fuck the shit out of me wit a big didlo
that was bigger than yours.
De- It must have been that good. Good she worked u correctly.
Bree- What u sent her up here?
De- Of course. I wanted to c how u would react to her.
Bree- She’s really expreienced with good didlos and kinky shit.
De- (leans over and gives her a kiss.) So like I was trying to say
before Will u be my girlfriend.
Bree- Of course. But make sure your lil kinky ass don’t do no more
shit like that ever again.
They kissed again and both washed up.

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