Emma Makes It Big

Emma Makes It Big

Featuring Emma Watson

By Lude

Story Codes: celebs, Mf, pedo, oral, anal, tease, rom.

This last Christmas Emma Watson and I went visit to her parent’s rented house in Florida. In the movie business, I’d just finished directing Emma in a major movie, and I was certainly glad her parents didn’t seem to mind her relationship with me. I’m quite taken with her, but at Thirty-eight, I’m older than even they are. After Christmas dinner, Emma and I slipped into our swimsuits for a little private hot tubing. It was six months ago during a private audition at my house that we first

During our conversation, I made sure to tell her, “You’re a very talented. I think you’re becoming a very hot young actress.”

“Thanks” She blushed.

“If you had the help of the right man, you could be bigger than anybody.”

“Yea, that’s what mom tells me,” Emma said, showing an intriguing smiling.

I told her several jokes and liked her laugh. To make myself more comfortable, I loosened my belt and unfastened my pants. Whether in a school uniform, a bikini, or a formal dress, I’ve always admired her statuesque shape, dazzling looks and bewitching smile. I felt my growing erection pushing open my zipper. Each time I told another joke, I felt my zipper opening more and more. It was impossible to miss the bulge growing out of my pants.

I was having a beer at the time, so I asked, “Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure, how about a beer?” When I got up, I ‘accidentally’ robbed my ‘bulge’ along her right shoulder and stomach.

We clinked our bottles and I sat back down next to her on the couch. Then she told me how much she enjoyed the movies I made.

“Thanks.” Emma gave me a curious half-smile as I bent forward and gave her a small kiss on the side of her luscious mouth.

Emma seemed to like the kiss and gazed into my eyes, beholding the sparks of desire igniting in them. My hand traveled to the back of her head and I massaged her neck, as I gently nibbled and kissing on her ear. My kisses travel down her neck and she wrapped her arms around me. Feeling my desire pressing hard against her, Emma began to tremble with desires of her own. Slowly…. teasingly, I made my way to her mouth and traced the contour of her soft lips with my tongue. Aroused in pleasure, our arms pull each other closer, urging us on to greater heights of passion. Then after an excruciating moment our mouths finally meet…. lips gently pressing together, her fiery desire matching mine.

While we kissed, I felt her right elbow slowly circled around my erection. Emma had to know she was teasing me. After another long wet kiss, I said, “This room is pretty warm today. Here…” Reaching over, I started opening up the front of her dress.

A look of fright on her face, Emma shook her head, as she said, “I’m only twelve. I don’t think you should be doing that.”

“What’s wrong? Emma, don’t you like me?”

She didn’t answer. So I said, “If you want to be in my movie, shouldn’t you be nice to me.” She slowly nodded her head but still didn’t say anything.

To take charge of the situation I felt behind her back and undid her bra, exposing her small round creamy breasts and her two little rounded brown nipples. I licked my fingers and then wet her nipples and blew on them, making Emma shiver. Immediately the tent in my boxer shorts rose even higher. A look of confusion now on her face, she said, “Mom said to do what ever you told me, but I don’t know if she meant that?”

As she talked, Emma’s facial expression changed from confusion to curiosity, as she looked fascinated at my erection now pushing up through my zipper.

“But I do want to be in the movie. I guess should be nice to you,” she said.

I had noticed her eyeing my erection, so I grasped her hand and rubbed it along the inside of my leg.

“Would you like to touch it?” I asked. She nodded.

Using my left hand, I moved her face close to my waist. My right hand then opened up my boxers and my cock popped out only inches from her mouth. Emma’s eyes seemed to bug out in astonishment at my size. She then slowly moved her hand to my now twitching cock. Emma looked amazed at how big and warm it was. When she touched it, my pre-cum oozed out. Then wrapped hands around hers and began slowly stroking my cock. She looked uncertain when she ran her other hand lightly along my shaft down to my balls. But then she smiled and started playing with them. She kept stroking me when I let go of her hand.

“This feels good, I like jacking you off.”

As she starting stroking faster, I began fondling her small breasts and I felt her nipples grew harder and firmer. But then she frowned, hesitation clouding her face, and her hands stopped working. I knew she had probably never been with a man before. It might be scary for her. To encourage Emma I said, “I want you to be my girlfriend Emma. I can help you become a huge movie star.”

Her frown left her face as Emma started energetically jacking me off and I suckling her nipples. Soon she seemed to enjoy getting me off. Realizing how natural this came too her, this must be part of a girl’s makeup. I reached between her legs. In a circling motion, my right hand little pressed around her cunt, causing her to giggle. Then I stroked her steamy little pussy until her little body started to shake. But after a short pause she kept working my manhood again. I was so excited that it wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm building

“Here it comes. Open your mouth Emma!” I shouted just as my cock started spurting like a fountain. Emma was amazed by how much chum there was. I watched as one shot hit Emma in the nose and her eyes and some more landed in her hair. While yet other chum-shots splashed on her cheeks and into her mouth. She started to pull away, but I held her head down. “That’s my girl, keep stroking.” When I was done squirting, chum dripped from all over Emma’s face.

“OOOOH, it’s so sticky. You got it in my eyes.” But her hands kept pumping my hard cock.

“Don’t worry, honey.” I told her. “Just licked it up and swallow. My stuff feels good going down.” She hesitated again. So I told her, “Just pretend your doing a scene in my movie.”

Her hands were covered as she sucked the chum off her fingers. After she cleaned off her face, Emma hugged me as she said, “Tastes kind of salty, but I like it.” Then she bent down and licked the chum off of my twitching cock.

Now it was my turn to say, “OOOOH!” I was glad she was enjoying sex with me. Emma is a true living sex doll. The taste and smelled of my masculine seed seem intoxicating to her.

I next removed her dress. Her body shuddered as I covered her bare skin with kisses. When I finished, she wore only her little pink panties.

“Please turn around in a circle for me.” As she spun around, I noticed her panties slightly moved between her ass cheeks and rode up between her virgin slit. I looked at the hot young piece of ass next to me and admired her lusty beauty.

“You look so hot. Now put my cock in mouth honey and suck it.”

“Will it hurt?”

“No, lots of the female movie stars suck my cock.” It was actually true.

Giving me a big bright smile, Emma bent over my waist then gave me her first blowjob! As she worked, I noticed her breasts moving forward and back as her head bobbed up and down. I grabbed them and pinched her nipples. I watched excitedly as Emma took me even deeper and faster into her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth even faster, mimicking her hand movements.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…You’re doing very well Emma. You’re making me very happy.”

“Thanks,” Emma mumbled, stopping for a moment. Then she continued to slide my cock in and out of her sweet mouth, my balls banging, not so softly, against her chin. All too soon my sperm exploded into mouth, her throat milking my cock dry. When she finished mouthing my cock, Emma reached up to touch my face and caressed my cheek.

Her head rose and my tongue slipped between Emma’s lips again, entwining with hers in exquisite pleasure, in a timeless dance of kisses. After our mouths parted. She smiled at me and planted kisses all over my stomach and manhood. More kisses came my way, as her small breasts dangled before my hungry eyes. I still had my suit on, but she tore off my clothes, while I finally took off her panties. I bent and gave her pussy one long wet lick. Then she smiled at me and sat in my lap. While giving me more kisses, Emma began moved her hands to lovingly stroke and squeezing my balls, and then testing my rock-hard shaft, she firmly stroked up and down its length. I was in hand-job heaven.

“How about another blowjob?” I whispered. She nodded her head, giving me an angelic smile, as I wrapped my hands around her head and pushed her mouth partway down my long shaft. I moved her head to a better angle and slowly I was able to get almost my whole shaft in! O man, I could even feel my whole crown press down again and again into her throat! Emma’s lips seemed to burn as her lungs fearlessly drew upon me, while at the same time her tongue played. Pumping my long shaft and balls with both her hands, her head resumed bobbing up and down as she fanned the fire of passion. Her hands and lips went slowly at first, then quicken in pace minute after minute, until suddenly, another orgasm rewarded her efforts, loudly moaning. I felt her hungrily swallow my waves of milky flow. At only twelve years old, I was amazed to discover that Emma was a wonderful natural cocksucker. She could, so to speak, ‘suck a golf ball through a garden hose!’ She then reached both hands around my neck and pulled my mouth towards hers, kissing me deeply. At the same time, I moved toward her, reaching to caress her small, perfectly rounded pointed breasts.

My fingers then moved down her body to explore her cunt, slowly rubbing its fleshy hood. Then I moved my fingers cautiously up and down the folds of her tight wet lips. Her body squirmed and her breathing increased in tempo until I felt her juices squirt out on to my hand.

“Oh god… It feels… so good…”

Emma’s moans got louder and more intense as I slowly pressed a finger in.

“Steven! Oh my!” She shouted as her body squirmed on the bed and she chummed again. Emma’s eyes shut as her legs and arms shook against the bed. After al minute, she regained her composure, and said, “Oh my God Steven, what just happened to me? It felt… so good…”

“You had an orgasm, a juicy one!”

I next started kissing all over her body, until I felt her amazing ass in my hands and I squeezed both of her hot legs around my head, pressing her pussy right on to my mouth. With our arms wrapped around each other, we pulled each other closer. Then I ever so gently peeled her cunt lips apart. I heard little giggles at first as my tongue rubbed up and down her slit. Then anxious fingers parted her smooth labia and slipped my tongue inside her. I heard her heavy breathing as she moaned softly as I engulfed her pussy in my mouth and began sucking on each lip. As my tongue tickled and rubbed her clit, her moans increased and her body squirmed around my face.

“Oh God… It so good!” she shouted. Emma’s moans became louder and more intense as I continued to lick out her pussy and nibbled on her clit.

“Seven! Oh!” Emma shouted as her body squirmed around my face, chumming again. Her love juices flooded out in a wave, filling my mouth and covering my face. After Emma’s breathing returned to normal, she surprised me, when she whispered, “I’m a virgin. I want you to make me a woman!”

Upon hearing her request, my heart jumped and hardened cock twitched. I’d only introduced her to sucking cock less than an hour ago. Because she was so young, I didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to pop her cherry. I had been thinking about fucking her up the ass. Possibly even sawing the crown of my cock into her tight little snatch while she jacked me off. But now to my delight, the hot little girl was happily giving it to me! And I do love fucking little young virgins. Just in the last week I had popped Alexa Vega.

Fully of lustful joy, I kissed Emma fiercely on the mouth then happily whispered in her ear. “Are you sure you want me to?”

“Oh, yes! I’m sure! I want you to put your big cock in me.” She whispered back, panting into my mouth. “I want you to be the first to fuck my hot little virgin pussy!”

“God, I want you,” I said, running my hands over the smooth, taut creamy flesh as I slid another finger into her rave haired thatch. Emma whimpered. “Oh, God! Fuck me! I’m so hot! I need your cock in me right now!”

I bent forward and got on my knees between her gorgeous thighs. “Ready?” I asked. When she nodded warily, I aimed my throbbing cock at her cunt, pressing the tip toward her petite pink slit. Her hands helped to guide me.

Immediately upon contact, my throbbing cock sensed the heat of her steaming womanhood. I pressed harder and Emma could feel my bulbous tip tired to find its way inside her split peach. Slowly I slid my stiff dick into her supple, virgin cunt. She let out a small gasp as my tip pushed aside the outer walls. From deep in our throats, we moaned wildly as I felt her tender walls wrap around the tip of my hard flesh.

“Oh Jeeezzus! You’re so tight sweetheart,” I moaned, feeling the walls of her little pussy compress around my cock.

Emma was such a tight fit that I suddenly became worried that that her virgin snatch was too small for my large cock. Sensing my apprehension, she said, “I’m not afraid.” kissing my ear.

“Fuck me Steve!” she begged, abandoning her childhood. “I want you to fill me up with you chum!”

I grunted as I eagerly slipped the head of my prick between hers swollen cunt lips. `God, she’s tight,’ I thought. After I pushed several times the whole head went in.

“Wow!” Emma thought out loud. There was a stretchy feeling inside her pussy. It hurt! But it felt good at the same time, even though my size made her pussy ache. She almost wished she could casting a spell, like was done in the movies, to make my cock smaller and ease her pain, but was soon glad she couldn’t.

I watched as my cock started to saw into Emma’ little snatch, sliding back and forth, into her pussy. Then, suddenly, I slipped in another inch.

“Oh God,” she groaned, “you’re in me, you’re in me!”

I then pulled my prick head almost all the way out. It glistened with her pussy-juice. Emma stretched cunt lips pulled outward clinging to the thick knob. Then I pressed in again and her cunt lips parted wider, she felt them envelop the head of my cock. Emma could feel the tip of my cock putting pressure against the unavoidable barrier of her fragile maidenhood. Her hot pussy lips closed in around the entire crown of my pulsing manhood. With my cock head buried into the hot wet velvety entrance of her virgin pussy, I couldn’t describe the sensation and feelings caused by the tip of my cock pushing against the elastic barrier of her maidenhood. I would push forward ever so gently and it would respond by every so softly pushing back. Emma started rubbing my ass as my cock poked her tiny cunt. I pushed a little harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. While Emma pleaded into my eyes, her face was a wash in pleasure and pain.

“Am I hurting you, baby,” I asked, kissing her lovely neck.

“No, I’m okay,” Emma panted, “fuck me!”

I pushed, her hymen stretched … painfully.

“You’re doing it. Oh God, you’re doing it!” she groaned. Then whimpered, “It hurts!”

“Should I stop?”

“No … … Yes.” She wailed. “Stop! Stop! STOP!” she screamed. “Please stop!” she begged. “You’re tearing me apart!” But Emma knew it was supposed to tear, so immediately she whaled, “No, No! Don’t stop, keep going.”

She felt a tearing sensation as I continued to push. Emma started to bleed. But encouraged by my lust, I lunged forward lifting her ass, impaling her. She screamed out in pain when her hymen broke and her virgin finally relented to my assault. With a finally deep thrust I tore open her tiny hymen and my swollen cock stretched her pussy to a new limit. Emma first squealed as her hymen broke. She froze, her eyes bugged out as my shaft speared her. Then she gave out a loud moan of pleasure as my cock penetrated deeper into her tiny cunt.

Half way in her now, I found I could rocked back and forth only the slightest amount because of the incredible sensation of my hard raging cock inside the tight soft wet walls of her ex-virgin pussy. The friction was incredibly intense. Then it all improved when she spasmed in orgasm again, and her juices dripped down my burly shaft.

It hurt like hell! ‘Oh, jeeezzus! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!’ flashed through her brain. Her cries of pain were muzzled as she buried her face in my shoulder. She had never known such agony and such abandon at one time. My dick felt like a huge invader in her tiny cunt. I then began to pulled out and thrust in again and again, pushing deeper with each lunge, tearing the remnants of her cherry to shreds. After ten or twenty jabs I was buried almost to the hilt. She let out a shriek as I filled her up. Emma then moaned with pleasure as her vaginal walls molded again to my intruding shaft. Lust began to take over her actions and she lifted her ass higher off the ground, pulling me in even deeper. Her body jerked as I hit her cervix, nothing had ever touched her there before. Her shrieks turned to grunts, then to low moans.

As I continue to hump in and out of her fresh cleft she closed her eyes and fell silent. I felt her cunt wall quivering around my dick, as I drove it all the way in, my dark pubic hairs mixing with her dark raven fleece. I withdrew and entered again and again, stretching her further with each thrust. She let out another cry, not of pain, but of lust. Trying to fuck back as best she could, her grasp tightened as I began to fuck her even harder … in and out; in and out. Her tight pussy wrapping around my dick felt very good!

I began fondling her slippery breasts. As my thrusting began faster and faster and Emma felt my balls slapped against her ass crack with each thrust.

Emma really pleased me when she begged, “Fuck me Steven. Fuck me faster!”

I began seriously fucking her pre-teenage slit. Her pussy muscles clenched around me like an oiled fist, clamping my dick so hard it almost hurt.

“Oh, God! Oh, yes! Oh, do it even faster!” she gasped.

“Do you like it?” I grunted, pumping so hard and fast that the bed shook. “Do you like me fucking you?” slowing my humping as I asked.

“Yes! Yes! Don’t stop!” she groaned. She was turning into a hot little slut.

Waves of pleasure in our sexual centers grew more frequent and intense. Soon we were in perfect rhythm. My lunges were met by Emma pelvic thrusts. A thin sheen of sweat gleamed on her luscious flesh. We didn’t notice our rapid hearts and our heavy breathing as the room around us became a blur.

Emma knew this was her moment and would never know another like it. Together, she was changed forever. But it almost felt as if this was the last minute of her life and she didn’t want it to end. The horny young enchantress wrapped her legs tighter and pulled me even deeper inside, acting like she was terrified of letting me go. Matched my every stroke with her own, her heart and lungs were out of control as she plunged into the abyss of passion.

Emma felt her next orgasm build as she felt mine rising to a peek … and soon. The supple girl entwined me with her legs, her heels tapping my moving ass. Tilting her pelvis, giving my dick a different angle of attack, the new position did the trick. Her stomach jerked and her legs became weak as the ravaged teen felt my hard cock penetrate a fraction deeper.

The gorgeous little girl shivered, then moaned, followed by screams of my name as my cock impaled even deeper inside her adolescent cunt. Emma was unaware she had screamed. Her body trembled out of control and new emotions shredded her young body in this one flawless instant. Emma gasped for breath and sighed as my cock continued sliding in and out of her. Suddenly, Emma felt something new, my cock jerking.

My erection having swelled and my butt muscles tightened, my balls throbbed again. I shouted, “Fuck! Fuck en Yes!” as I ejaculated loads of hot semen into the pre-teenage seductress’ tight slit. Her pussy already filled with my cock, was now flooded with my boiling seed. Emma flawless pussy was so tight that there was no room for the hot jets of chum blasting into her. The pressure of the building load squeezed my molten seed past the seamless joint where the skintight O-ring of her snug, little fuck hole encircled my swollen cock. With each outstroke I pumped her full, with each in-stroke sperm squirted out of her perfect pink pussy. The adorable brunette could feel the expelled spume run out of her tight pussy and dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and ass crack.

I held tight to my darling-gorgeous doll, as my cock jerked for the last time, shooting a final spurt of sticky cum into her. “O God, O God, O God,” I moaned as my spasms continued even after I had nothing left to give. But we weren’t finish. After pausing to catch her breath, to my delete, she asked, “Aren’t you going to fuck me up ass?”

“Sure, if you want to. I like it almost as much as good vaginal sex.” I said, as I ran my fingers back into Emma’s pussy and scooping up some of her love juice to lather up her asshole.

Legs spread and bent over, Emma shoved her hips back towards me as I pushed myself in to her

“Mmmmmm…You’ve got a nice tight ass.”

It was only a matter of time before I felt my balls swell and my shaft completely harden as I stretched her ass out.

“I’m going to cum. Do you want it in your ass, or…some where else?”

“Oh God! I’m coming too.”

Emma’s pussy began to squirt again all over my fingers. I didn’t wait for her answer, but pulled my dick out and started pumping it. “Open your mouth Emma!” She quickly turned herself around. I started to chum again just she took me in her mouth.

I knew she right for the movie part when Emma stayed the night with me. I taught her more of the joys of sex. An eager student, Emma learned very quickly. By morning I was completely fucked out.

Now six months later at her parent’s rented house, we felt the romance of being alone in the hot water. I feed on the warmth of Emma sensual smile and the invitation of her loving arms. In turn, Emma saw the desire in my handsome Forty-one-year old face. No words were spoken. The shared the look of love was all that was needed. Luckily, we had fallen silent when I heard the back door of the house open. Just then her father decided to come sit by the tub with his after-dinner drinks!

With Emma still impaled on my throbbing ‘magical shaft,’ I tried to pull out before her father figured out what was going on. But she kept her legs wrapped hard around my asst and wouldn’t let me out. Her dad is 6’4″ and about 250 pounds, so I wanted to show him some respect, but I was trapped. Next, to my surprise, her Mom and the rest of the family decided to join us in the hot tub.

So, while Emma continued slowly rocking back and forth on her favorite sex toy, I tried to carry on a conversation with her sisters, aunts, Father and Mother, hoping no would notice the chum floating up to the surface of the water. At almost 32, her Mom was still a real looker. Things got even more interesting when she they took off her swimsuit and tossed it away. Her Mom then smiled, walked to me and wrapped her legs around my face. Emma’s father then got into the act. He moved close to Emma.

Her eyes lit up as she watched him pull out his cock and started jacking off. His cock hole was aimed right at her face. Emma then reached up, saying, “Daddy, Let me help you with that,” and she started jacking him off, rubbing him against her face.

I smiled when she said, “I want to suck your cock Daddy. Let me taste your chum.” So while I continued to fuck her, she sucked him off and soon took his orgasm in her mouth. The rest of her family then joined in our orgy. It was really cool that they were so supportive of her career.

We did have one merry Christmas! But that is another story.

The End…?

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