Emma Nails Her Next Role – Part 2

(Writer’s disclaimer: This story, as well as the previous one, are works of fiction. Although I have lived in England, I have never been to the set of Harry Potter or met Miss Watson. )

Emma nails her next role, Part two. By Kwheels

Emma recoiled against the wall as my cock was still pulsating with cum dripping out of my still hard cock. Her pussy was dripping with baby seed as she instinctively sucked the last drops of cum out.

Her mouth let out a soft ”pop” when she curled up in my arms. I felt her 32b’s and rolled on top of her, as my still hard dick needed a tight cozy cunt to slam.
She had been well fucked by several men, including her dad and uncle, but she preferred non-relatives.

I slid my cock inside her and started fucking that tight pussy. Her hand grabbed my butt and started pushing me deeper and deeper inside her. “Oh god, I want you so much,” she moaned. She knew I had no protection and that our movie was going to involve her getting pregnant. “Make me pregnant, for real!!!” She begged.

I was lost in the moment, as I knew I was the luckiest man on terra firma as I just kept fucking her. Emma Watson wrapped her lithe legs around my waist and I felt my balls begin to boil with semen and my ass cheeks tighten. “God damn cunt” “oh yes, call me names.” She replied to me. If all those Harry Potter fans knew that Emma was just a submissive slut who loved being dominated and humiliated, they would be beside themselves.

My sperm started to spew into her uterus and I moaned loudly, grunting out “I’m cuuuummmmiiiiinnngggg.” Emma’s legs locked me into position and my baby juice flowed inside her. “I love you,” she purred. We then kissed for what seemed like hours and she fell asleep.

I quietly got up and went around to the other side of the room, where a camera had been running. I turned it off and replaced the film in it. My thoughts went back nearly 22 years, when I was in Los Angeles and had a bit part in an adult movie starring the late Shauna Grant. The scene ended up being cut, but I got paid $2000 and had the best fuck of my life to that point from an amazing girl/woman.

I went back to where Emma was and lay back down next to her. She rustled and then woke up, smiling at me. “Are you tired yet?” “Kind of,” she purred. “I think I know what you need to wake up.” I started sucking on her tits and rubbing her pussy. “I remember when these were just flat nipples and your hot cunt was as bald as Kojak.” “Oh Kent, I’m just sorry you weren’t the first.”

I wet my hand and rubbed her cunny a little more. Then I abruptly got up and back into my wheelchair as I knew what I needed to do before I had to let her go. I pulled her up off the cot and had her face me. She then got on her knees and started sucking me. “Talk dirty to me.”

“I’m a slut.”

“I know that, tell me more,” I intoned.

“I love cock.”

She sucked harder as I stroked her hair and felt her ass.

“I love older men. I suck all the guys on the set.”

“You are a good little cocksucking slut”

“Yes, and I suck older men, too. My daddy has men come in and fuck me all the time.”

“Do they pay him?”

Emma nodded as she continued to suck.

“You are a dirty little whore then, aren’t you?”

Before she could answer in the affirmative, I had her stand up and turn around and sit opposite me, with my cock between her legs. She then started stroking my dick.

“Whenever I am with these men, they make me feel good and useless at the same time. To them I am just a piece of trash. Some men are nice, but most just want to fuck a movie star.”

I empathized with her for a minute. Women throughout my life had used me for various reasons, but then I returned to the task at hand. “OK, sweetie, now lower the sweet little famous ass onto my cock.”

Being the good girl that she was, Emma did just that. Although she had been fucked and survived a fisting by a highly evolved 18-year old fan, her ass was still tight. She started grinding that ass up and down, started telling me about the darkest moments in her closet.

“Oh, Kent, it feels so good. I got pregnant when I was almost 13. I panicked. I didn’t know who the daddy was…”

“You can tell me what happened later. I want to cream your shithole.”

She got back to the task at hand. I had grabbed her hips and she was doing a number on my cock. I started cuming and held her close to me as the sweat dripped off her hot forehead. I rubbed her clit ever so slightly and she had a orgasm for what seemed like forever.

We had been in the room for nearly two hours. I knew that the dining room would be opening back up soon and Emma and I cleaned up best we could and I directed Emma out the service door. As I looked at her, standing in the alley ringing her mother up on her cell, I knew that I would be seeing her again.

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