Emma Watson Gets Phased Out

Title:  Emma Watson Gets Phased Out

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Emma Watson

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Frank stood in front of the pretty girl and looked down at her naked body.  He’d had her in the cabin for three days now and she was just about ready for phase two of her captivity.  It all started a few weeks ago when he was summoned to a posh LA hotel room.  When he arrived there, he found a suitcase with $100,000.00 in twenties and small tape recorder.  The voice on the tape, which was obviously disguised, told him to kidnap a very popular actress, turn her into a drug addict and whore and film the entire process.  Once that was accomplished, he would receive another $250,000.00 in cash.

Frank set his plan in motion as soon as he discovered who the target was.  He’d been lusting over the young Brit for years and his cock got hard just thinking about defiling her.  This wasn’t the first time he’d ruined someone in Hollywood and his reputation for discretion was beyond reproach, just ask Lindsay Lohan’s father.

Frank leaned over and grabbed the girl by the hair and fed her his cock.  She looked up at him with drug glazed eye and started sucking him off.  He looked around the room and made sure the cameras were all operating while Emma Watson swallowed his 10 inch cock.  She moaned as she sucked him deep into her throat and he smiled as she began to play with her hairless pussy.  He slammed his cock deep into her throat and came.  He pulled her off his cock and told her to swallow his load.  After she did, Emma licked her lips and she fell back down onto the bed.  Frank cooked up a syringe of heroin and shot her up in her arm.  He showed her track laden arms to the camera as he pushed the drug into her vein.  She was a full blown addict after three days of being shot up by Frank.  Emma started to moan and play with her pussy again as the drug took effect.  Frank pushed her hand away and replaced it with his own.  He pushed two then three fingers into her sopping wet cunt.  He wasn’t gentle about it either.  Soon he had his entire fist inside the former Harry Potter actress and was fist fucking the little bitch.  He was wrist deep into her when she came for the first time.  Her cunt juices coated his fist as he slammed her harder and harder.  She screamed for more as she came over and over again until she passed out.  Frank pulled his hand from the little actress and left her lying there on the bed.

When Emma finally came to, Frank told her to get on her hands and knees.  He got up behind her and pushed his cock into her ass.  Emma yelled out in pain as Frank pushed his entire length into her once virgin asshole.  She’d never been sodomized before and the pain was unbearable.  She passed out almost immediately and fell flat onto the bed.  Frank didn’t stop.  He slammed his cock in and out of the pretty starlet and raped her mercilessly for almost ten minutes.  He finally filled her gaping hole with his hot load and climbed off of her, leaving her there with her asshole bleeding and full of cum.  He stood over her and began to piss on her face.  She started to come to and Frank told her drink down his piss.  She did as she was told.  When Frank finished, he shot her up again and repeated the process.  He filmed himself sodomizing Emma for the next four hours.  By the time he was finished, she was willingly taking his cock and even begging for it and more drugs.  Her degradation was almost complete.

Frank handcuffed her to the bed and locked the door to the cabin.  He got into his van and headed out for phase three.  He made his way through the streets of LA and finally found what he was looking for.  A group of homeless men were gathered around a fire under an overpass next to the freeway.  He offered them each $100.00 to come with him, no questions asked.  The five men got into the van and Frank offered them each a bottle of whiskey for the ride.  They were laughing and drinking during the 30 minute drive into the hills.  When they arrived at the cabin, Frank told them there was a girl inside and they could do whatever they wanted to her.  The men just looked at him and smiled.  None of them had had a woman in years and they eagerly agreed.  Frank opened the door and uncuffed Emma.  He shot her up again and told her to let his new friends do whatever they wanted to her.  One of the men recognized her and told the others who she was.  They all stripped out of their clothes and pounced on the young girl.  They gangfucked her for several hours while Frank filmed them.  They fucked her in all of her holes and filled her with their cum and piss.  Frank watched as she begged the filthy bums to fuck her harder.  The men choked her and slapped her face while they slammed their cocks deep into her cunt.  They took turns fisting her cunt and her ass while she was face fucked.  They made her lick their filthy assholes and one of them took a shit in her mouth.  They made her swallow it and gave her some hot piss to wash it down.  They continued to beat and rape Emma until they could no longer get it up.  Frank turned off the cameras and went over to Emma.  He shot her up again and left her lying on the bed, covered in filth.  She drifted off into a drug induced sleep and he told the men to get dressed.  Frank led them outside and pulled out his glock.  He shot each of them in the back of the head.  He buried them in a large hole behind the cabin.  No one would ever know they existed nor would they know that they just had the best time of their sad, pathetic lives with one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars.

Phase three was complete.  Frank sat down at his computer and started editing the film.  Emma woke up and Frank helped her into the bathroom so she could take a shower and clean off the mess the bums had made of her.  When she came out of the bathroom, she sat on the bed and held out her arm.  Frank shot her up again and kissed her on the forehead.  He told her she was a good little whore and that she would have to start earning her keep.  She looked at him and asked what he meant.  He told her she was nothing but a whore now and that if she wanted to live, she’d do whatever he told her to do.  Emma hung her head and nodded.  Frank pulled his cock out and told her to suck him off.  She took him into her mouth and gave him the best blowjob he’d ever had.  She was even better than Lindsay and soon had him filling her mouth with another load of hot cum.  She swallowed it down and asked if he wanted anything else from her.  He told her to get some sleep because she was going to have a busy day tomorrow.

Frank finished editing the film and laid down next to Emma and went to sleep.  He woke up with her sucking his cock.  He looked down and saw the pretty actress deep throating his meat stick.  She sucked his balls and then opened her mouth for his load.  She swallowed it down and begged him for a fix.  He shot her up again and then took her in the ass.  She begged him for fuck her harder and harder, telling him she was his whore.  He could do whatever he wanted to her and she was right.  Frank had broken the starlet and now she belonged to him.  When he finished, he led her into the bathroom and they both showered together.  He gave her a douche and an enema and then had her get dressed in the clothes he’d bought for her.   She put on a short plaid schoolgirl skirt and white blouse which she tied into a knot just below her tits.  She put on a pair of white cotton panties and white thigh high stockings.  After she put on the six inch strapped heels, Frank had her put her hair in pigtails and applied dark eye shadow and bright red lipstick.  Frank took several pictures of her and then downloaded them onto the computer.  He posted them on an underground website for sexual predators and told the chat room that she was available to the highest bidder.  He opened the bidding at $1000.00 and gave them an hour to win a night with her.  Phase four was about to begin.

The final seconds ticked off and Frank looked at the winning bid.  $12,750.00 bought a night with Emma.  He sent the winner a private message and told him where to meet them.  Frank had chosen a seedy motel in Hollywood right off the strip.  The strip was well known as the worst part of LA.  Prostitutes lined the streets each night while cars drove bumper to bumper looking to buy a whore for an hour or so.  Frank blindfolded Emma and put her in the back of the van and headed to the motel.  He told her what was expected of her and she told him she would do whatever he wanted.  When they arrived Frank put a large coat over her head and led her into the room.  He removed the blindfold and had her sit on the bed.  He fixed her makeup and then gave her another fix.  A few minutes after 8pm, he heard a knock on the door.  He opened it and let the man come inside.  The winner was in his fifties, fat and balding.  He handed Frank the cash and looked at his prize as Frank counted the money.  He introduced the man to Emma.  Emma smiled and shook his hand and then told him he could do whatever he wanted to her.  Frank set up two cameras and started filming.  He told the man that he had three hours with Emma.  He could do anything he wanted to her as long and he didn’t permanently damage or scar her young body.  The man agreed and Frank left the room.   Frank sat down in his van and pulled out his laptop and watched the live feed from the motel room.

Three hours later, Frank opened the door as the man zipped up his fly.  He put on his coat and left, thanking Frank for the best night of his life.  Frank closed the door and looked over at Emma.  She was laying on her stomach, her hands and feet tied to the four corners of the bed.  Her body was covered in cum and sweat and her asshole was still gaped and bleeding.  Her makeup was smeared all over her face and there were several puddles of vomit on the bed and the floor.   Frank turned off the cameras and untied Emma.  He picked her up and took her into the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water.  He gently washed her body and then dried her off.  She slowly got dressed with a little help from Frank and then he carried her down to the van and laid her on the floor.  She didn’t say a word for the entire trip back to the cabin.  She was having a hard time walking so Frank picked her up and carried her into the cabin and set her down on the bed.  He gave her another fix and she drifted off the sleep.  Frank sat down at the desk and edited the evening’s film.  Phase four was complete.

The next day, Frank drove down to a nearby gas station and used the pay phone.  He called the number given to him and told the voice on the other end that the job was complete.  The voice told him to bring the film and Emma to the same hotel room he had received the first suitcase at.  Frank drove back to the cabin and found Emma waiting for him.  He gave her a fix and then told her get dressed.  She put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers and Frank put her in the back of the van.  He blindfolded her again and told her she was going home.  She started to cry and begged him not to leave her.  When they got to the hotel, he told her to go to the designated room and wait for him.  He handed her a keycard and she left.  He followed her a few minutes later so that no one could see them together.  Frank walked into the hotel room and saw Emma sitting on the bed.  There was another suitcase next to the desk.  He opened it and saw the $250,000.00 that was owed to him.  He set the hard drive with the film of Emma on the desk.   Frank went over and kissed Emma one last time and left.

Several weeks later, news stories about Emma Watson began to surface.  The stories reported that she was in rehab because of a heroin addiction.  Over the next few weeks, pictures and then videos of Emma having sordid sex with multiple men hit the internet.  Emma was finished in Hollywood.   The videos of her getting gang fucked and sodomized were the most popular on the internet, especially the one with her tied to a bed in a cheap Hollywood motel.  No one in Hollywood would hire her again.  Frank never did find out who hired him, not that it mattered.  The money was real enough and his memories of defiling one of the hottest young actresses made it all worthwhile.

The End.

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