Eternal Hearts – Chapter 4: Torn

Eternal Hearts – Chapter 4: Torn

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

This story continues the Eternal Hearts adventure, which you will
need to read from the start to keep up with the story.

Stirring, Kylie eased from her contented sleep into wakefulness, immediately aware of the soft, warm, feminine figure snuggled close to her, unnecessary breathes gliding warmly over her shoulder as they loosely held each other. Kylie smiled happily before even opening her eyes, just basking in the knowledge that Dannii, love of her life, was with her to wake up with. The second thing she became aware of was the warmth she could feel on her, all over one side of her, the side not pressed into the bed, where she could also feel the freshness of air circulating over her naked body. Opening her sleepy eyes, she immediately saw Dannii’s pretty face, soft and relaxed as she slept, making Kylie smile once more as she carefully lifted her head and looked over them to see the cause of the mystery warmth, and the reason she felt so exposed.

She had no idea how, but somehow during the night her and Dannii had got mostly out from under the covers and were now sprawled across them together, their legs intermingling, and a wide patch of sun splashing across them from the tall French doors that led onto their balcony. Because of their changes, they noticed the warmth of the sun more now, though their rings protected them from burning up in a very typical manner. It felt good, very good, and Kylie imagined this must be why cats liked to bask in the sun for hours. Sure she sunbathed but it never felt this good, and now…it was almost worryingly good. However she didn’t try to fight it, giving a stretch and a little murmur of contentment as she rested her head down again, which in turn disturbed Dannii as their silky smooth legs slid together. She did the same thing, giving a stretch in Kylie’s arms and then looking up to see why she felt so warm and naked, glancing over their entwined bodies and then up to Kylie, who just greeted her with a smile.

“Morning,” Kylie purred, leaning forward to press her lips to Dannii for a soft, tongue-dabbing kiss.

“Mmmorning,” Dannii murmured in one word as they pulled apart, resting back down on the pillows, not the least bit concerned at their complete nudity. They rubbed their legs together sensually as they snuggled a little closer in the sunlight and laid back down a minute to enjoy each other and the sun warmed bed. Right then everything felt just perfect, all great after everything that’d happened. A hint of normality as it were, though Kylie knew deep down it was only superficial. Their relationship had changed, not only with them becoming vampires, but also with her own infidelity. There was a lot of trust she had to build back up, and she knew Dannii would never view her in quite the same way again after what she’d done to her, even if it was her primal hunger driving her to do it. That still didn’t explain Lucretia, which Dannii hadn’t found out about, and she didn’t intend to tell her either. Cheating with a man was one thing, but another woman? She didn’t want to think how Dannii would react to such news, so put it from her mind and just enjoyed lying with her sexy sibling.

After a couple of minutes just being close, Kylie decided they should do something, especially since she was feeling hungry. Her last meal had been when she’d sucked Dannii dry to turn her, and that was a long time ago, over twenty-four hours now. Stirring, she pulled herself up a bit, opening her eyes again and giving a yawn, Dannii doing similar since her girlfriend was no longer in an ideal cuddle position. Kylie was as bad as any man, and waking up with Dannii was enough to turn her on no matter how many times she did it, and with her hunger making her a little more primal and sexually aggressive, she was more than ready for action.

“I’m hungry,” she announced, licking her lips, her sharp fangs sliding out a little, from her arousal rather than her hunger. Kylie had no idea why that happened, since it had done before, it must just be part of body’s natural reactions now, the same as how her nipples stiffened up.

“Are you…um…going to bite me?” Dannii asked quietly, clearly a little nervous.

“No Dan, don’t worry, I need a proper meal, biting you would just be a bit of fun,” she teased, reaching out to brush Dannii’s messy hair back as she gave a smile.

“Going to get something then?” Dannii murmured, giving a slight stretch.

“No, because I’m hungry for something else you’ve got,” Kylie purred, looking down into Dannii’s eyes with a sly smile and leaning in close to softly kiss her, pulling her closer. Dannii didn’t resist, simply kissing Kylie back passionately as she pinned her and down and slid on top of her, parting her legs for Kylie to slide down between, breaking their kiss noisily as Kylie moved to nibble lightly at her earlobe, grinding her pelvis into Dannii’s, her little dark arrow of pubic hair tickling Kylie’s smoothly shaven mound.

“Mm I’d forgotten how horny you get in the mornings,” Dannii giggled as her older sister started to kiss down her neck a bit, getting aroused herself, feeling her gums tingle a little, then her sharp new fangs scrape her bottom lip, realising they were somewhat extended with her arousal.

“Ahem, I don’t recall you ever turning me down, so you’re just as bad,” Kylie protested playfully, her hands sliding up to cup Dannii’s magnificent pair of breasts.

“Perhaps, but I don’t make the first move, making me far more classy,” Dannii teased, sticking her tongue out a little before they both gave a dirty little giggle.

“Mmhm, well as thrilling as this is, perhaps you’d like to get down to business here?” Kylie teased, her fingers teasing Dannii’s nipples.

“Ok then, but I don’t want to have to do much, it’s far too early for that,” Dannii said with a cheeky smile.

“So I have to do all the work do I?” Kylie said in a mock-annoyed toned, cocking an eyebrow as she smirked.

“Yep, besides, you’re the one with all the energy,” Dannii said with a grin, wiggling a little under Kylie, who just broke into a dazzling smile.

“Lazy bitch,” she said mischievously, giving a little pinch to her nipples to pull a yelp from her younger sisters before she hopped off the bed onto her dainty feet and turned away.

“Hey where do you think you’re going?” Dannii asked, leaning up and looking a little annoyed that she was going to be abandoned after being turned on.

“Hush, to get a little treat for us,” Kylie said with a glance over her shoulder, leaving Dannii to watch her peachy rear sway as she set about finding one of her bags, in which she’d thrown a few of their toys. They had lots of sex toys, both for solo and couple use, since they enjoyed themselves plenty, but their sex life was varied between normal one-on-one sex and sex enhanced with the toys. About fifty-fifty she’d say. They just believed in a good time so weren’t turning anything down till they’d tried it. Kylie had thrown in a good few of their toys and dildos, figuring they’d probably need something to spice up an evening or two before they got a little collection to live at the castle, though Kylie always carried a little pocket rocket in her handbag “just in case” as she said. Dannii loved to tease her about that, saying there was surely going to be an emergency situation where a vibrator would save the day sometime sooner or later. Finding what she wanted, she pulled out a long double dildo, about fourteen inches tip-to-tip, average thickness and made from clear rubber. Holding it up, Dannii gave a smile as she saw it, since it was a different way to wake up to the norm of just a little romp with tongues and fingers.

“Treat indeed,” Dannii giggled as Kylie slipped back onto the bed with it.

“Yep, and you can still be lazy and just lay there flat on your back,” Kylie teased as she slid back up to kiss Dannii again, kneeling over her.

“Good,” Dannii said smugly.

“A very common position for you it seems,” Kylie goaded, kissing her quickly again and pulling away.

“Hey, that’s only because I sleep with vixens like you who need it first thing in the morning,” Dannii shot back, giving a grin as Kylie slid down the bed a bit and took a good hold of the sizeable toy, which was set to give them about seven inches each, quite a big cock for their tiny figures. Quickly moving, she went down on Dannii, slipping down between her silky smooth thighs, their skin gliding together as she slid down to rest on her elbows and lower her lips to Dannii’s now juicy pussy. Pressing her full lips to Dannii’s clit, she gave a light suck, hearing her younger sister moan and feeling her spread her legs before she continued, sliding her tongue down her slit and then delving it into her. Dannii murmured in pleasure as Kylie proceeded to give her pussy a quick tonguing, stabbing it quickly in and out of her velvet tunnel before pulling back to let it tease at her clit and soft lips before she raised the long rubber toy.

There was no need for words as Kylie expertly eased the tip of the dildo into Dannii, just working her open a bit to let the head get sucked into her, hearing her just lightly moan, feeling her hands flick at her hair as she lay between her legs and pushed it forwards, sliding it up into Dannii’s slick pussy, no resistance at all, able to feel how snug yet filling she was around it as she pushed it right down, giving a low groan as Kylie got her half in, a good six inches buried in her, filling her up just perfectly. Kylie looked up to her, Dannii beaming back down at her over her magnificent breasts.

“Ready for our first morning fuck in our new bed honey?” Kylie purred with a smile, letting her tongue slip over her top lip teasingly.

“Of course, I’m always ready for you in the mornings,” Dannii smirked, inviting Kylie onto her with a come-here wiggle of her finger. Kylie didn’t hold out on her, simply pulling herself up and over Dannii’s thighs to straddle her hips, reaching down to bend the toy up from between her legs. Dannii breathed heavily as she felt the toy pressure down in her pussy as Kylie bent it up so she could mount it, holding it steady as she lifted herself up and pushed her delightful rear backwards to hover over the bulbous head of her end of the toy. Lowering, she just tentatively nudged the rubber tip at her dripping entrance, finding the sweet spot, rolling her hips just right before she sank down, Dannii squeezing the toy to hold it still as Kylie’s eyes squeezed shut as she let out a satisfied moan at the thick, familiar rubber shaft gliding up into her pussy. She wasn’t always on top, but it still felt just as good as she pressed her hips down onto Dannii’s, burying every last inch of the toy into herself as she gave a grind against Dannii, both of them moaning, just a couple of inches of rubber visible between them where the toy bent.

“Mm that’s great right there,” Dannii murmured, her own eyes closed as she laid her head back on the pillows, taking in the sensations of her sexy older sister sitting atop her and their toy, whilst basking in the sunshine from the windows. It was just a great place to be, reaching up to support Kylie’s curvy hips firmly as Kylie smiled down at her, her own petite hands sliding up to push Dannii’s large breasts up and then give them a squeeze before a little giggle as she raised herself up to get going. Fucking with a double dildo was never that easy, it was always a bit of back and forth, and right now she was going first. Besides, Dannii wanted to be lazy and one way or another they’d both come, even if Kylie had to go down on her to get it done. The toy slid about even between them as she started to move, the ridged rubber shaft moving enjoyably within both of their snug pussies, Dannii giving a little shiver, Kylie smiling down at her as her tongue flicked up to lightly dab at the tips of her fangs.

“Push those fangs out Dannii, it’ll make it look like you’re a bit more into it at the very least,” Kylie teased, riding a little as her own extended to their maximum. Dannii raised an eyebrow, then did it, urging her new fangs forth from her gums, giving a powerful shudder at the unusual sensation, feeling a rush go through her, not least her clit, making her flush with increasing arousal. Kylie gave a dirty giggle before she paused to rearrange herself, settling her knees a bit more and then leaning forward, resting her elbows next to Dannii as she extended her tongue and deliberately teased it over Dannii’s sharp fangs. She didn’t protest, letting her, before she leaned up and sucked Kylie’s tongue into her mouth for a kiss, which immediately became very heated. Dannii’s arms wrapped round Kylie’s back as her legs did the same, clinging to Kylie as they embraced passionately, just grinding together, the stimulation enough, especially since their clits were doing the same.

Dannii’s tongue explored Kylie’s fangs as Kylie followed suit and did similar, both of them still intrigued by them, and ultimately desiring much the same thing, which was to use them. Kylie especially did since she was hungry, and wasted no time. There was no need for formalities now, and she eagerly slid down onto Dannii’s neck, kissing and sucking a minute before she let her teeth graze the soft, inviting skin, which just begged to be punctured by her fangs to allow her to greedily drink her fill and sate her thirst. However, she didn’t want to do that, especially since Dannii would no longer fulfil her in that manner since she was a vampire, and also because she’d done it only a while before to turn her and was still carrying the guilt. Dannii offered herself to Kylie though, their hips still grinding and thrusting steadily, tilting her head to the side to offer her neck to her older sister, who couldn’t resist, sinking her teeth into Dannii again, who gave a sharp cry, then a purr as Kylie bit her, not too hard though, just enough to draw blood and get a taste.

Pulling away with a ragged sigh, Kylie leant her head on Dannii’s shoulder as they rocked, breathing a moment before Dannii drew her back into another ravenous kiss, aching tongues duelling once more before Dannii took charge and showed some aggression, pulling Kylie away and sharply lunging for her neck, sinking her teeth in, Kylie grunting at the sharp pain and shying a moment before she let Dannii take her taste, the surge to her neck sending a pre-orgasmic pulse through the rest of her body, especially her stiff nipples, making them throb. The pain and sensations only spurred the hunger-driven Kylie to unleash more of her primal self, pulling Dannii back into a kiss as they started to fuck and grind harder, Dannii positively nipping at her tongue as they did, arching her back as Kylie sucked quickly down her neck to her chest, bending so she could attack her large breasts, pushing them up to her waiting mouth, proceeding to quickly nip and bite at them, her strong fangs just breaking the surface of the delightfully soft skin, Dannii growling and yelping at every one, her nipples screwed up so hard she was sure they’d shatter at the next bite, which came swiftly as Kylie nipped them, squeezing her breasts firmly as she pulled up away from Dannii.

“You taste so fucking good!” Kylie growled, arching her back to offer her own chest to Dannii, who was now far more active, not lazily laying back for a fuck, pulling herself up to assault Kylie’s perky, natural breasts, squeezing them hard and biting quite deep, making Kylie cry out. Holding on and sucking for a minute, Dannii pulled away with a grin, blood trickling down her chin, and down Kylie’s breast, which Dannii swiftly licked off before doing the same to her rock hard nipples, Kylie groaning loudly.

“You’re not bad either,” Kylie gasped, cradling Dannii’s head a moment before she shoved her off and snogged her again, reaching down to take hold of Dannii’s right leg. Hooking her hands under the knee, she yanked her smooth leg up, pulling it as she hauled herself up to straddle the top of Dannii’s left leg and hip, holding the leg in the air as she tucked her own left knee under it so allow them to perfectly grind together. It immediately had an effect, both girls moaning powerfully as their clits ground together, the toy just shifting inside them, stimulating them enough to go with their bloodlust and heightened senses, making their clits even more intensely unbearable to touch, not that it stopped them at all. Grinding energetically together, both girls were gasping and groaning, flushed and sweating, Dannii’s eyes rolling and fluttering at the pleasures tearing through her body just before her climax.

“Fuck Kylie, fuck me…” Dannii pleaded, her head sagging onto the pillow, back arching as her hands slid from Kylie, tensing and pressing into the bed as Kylie rolled her hips, grinding her own stiff button into Dannii’s, the little dark arrow of hair tickling Kylie as she slid up her slippery mound and off the toy a little. Deciding she’d had enough of it, Kylie abruptly stopped grinding and thrust both her hands down, one for herself and one for Dannii, her skilful fingers immediately locating what right then seemed like the centre of the universe. They both shuddered as she touched their extremely sensitive clits, Dannii barely taking any rubbing before she gave a buck, her leg pulling down over Kylie’s shoulder as she came hard, letting out a pure, lustful scream of ecstasy as her body flushed hot, a lightning bolt racing up her spine to set off a thunderstorm in her brain.

“Fuck that’s hot Dan…” Kylie growled, barely holding out before she came hard, arching herself just right so that her end of the double dildo pressured her just right at her G-spot with her contractions to magnify the immense pleasure. Giving a shudder, her breath caught and basically stopped, not at it mattered as her eyes watered and squeezed shut, her fingers and toes clenching tightly at the sensations from her orgasm, her pussy squeezing powerfully at the toy, grinding her G-spot as she squealed in pleasure, a little squirt ejecting from her onto Dannii as she jay gasping beneath her. Writhing on the top of Dannii’s leg where she straddled her, she leaned back and hauled down a huge gasp of air, enjoying the cool freshness as she drew it into her lungs, shivering with aftershocks as Dannii did the same underneath her, the bed shaking despite how sturdy it was until they were finished, Dannii a little ahead, but Kylie quickly followed suit and collapsed on top of her, both of them thoroughly satisfied by their first morning fuck.

“That was pretty good for a lazy fuck huh,” Dannii breathed as they lay slumped together, Kylie’s head on her shoulder, soft hair cascading onto the bed.

“Yeah, but you never stick to it when you say you don’t feel like it. You suddenly seem to get all energetic on me,” Kylie teased, shifting her hips a little, the toy still connecting them.

“It’s only because I like making you work for it,” Dannii teased back, sliding her leg down from over Kylie’s hip, a light hint to get off, which Kylie took. Slowly sliding up, she pulled herself off the long double dildo, which slid out of Dannii as well, Kylie pulling it out completely and casting it aside with a heavy thud before she lay back down with Dannii, enjoying a nice, lingering kiss as they basked naked in the sunshine from the windows on their new bed.

“We should get up,” Dannii murmured, not opening her eyes.

“Yeah…I’m hungry, should get some…breakfast,” Kylie mumbled.

“Fancy a bath?” Dannii asked idly.

“Yeah, that’d be great, that bath is huge, just perfect for that,” Kylie said with a smile, pulling herself up from the bed a bit.

“Good, I’ll go get it running then,” Dannii said with a stretch, leaning up to give Kylie a kiss.

“Good, want anything to…um drink?” Kylie asked, since the subject of blood as their meal was a little unsteady right now.

“No none of that for me thanks, but perhaps a bottle of wine?” Dannii said with a smile.

“Sure thing,” Kylie said with a smile, waiting for one last kiss and then hopping off the bed, Dannii far more lazily sliding over to the edge and standing up. Kylie headed out of the room, quickly grabbing a robe from the back of the door to keep her warm as Dannii gave a stretch and sauntered to the large bathroom that adjoined their bedroom. Stepping in, she was immediately aware of the sun streaming in through the huge window, quickly hiding back at the doorway in a natural reaction at the fear of being seen naked through the window. Peeking carefully out, much as Kylie had done the first time she’d used the bathroom, she soon saw nothing but the countryside of what was now their private estate, away from prying eyes, leaving them free to nakedly enjoy the magnificent view.

Looking around, Dannii eyed the polished black tiles as she looked round, the lovely shower cubicle that’d clearly been designed for two people to frolic in, and the huge shiny bath set into the floor that was big enough to lay flat in. It was going to make for a very nice bath with her sister, something they needed, since despite a nice morning wake-up screw, things were far from fine. Crouching down, Dannii still cast a glance to the huge window and the bright morning sky as she turned the taps on, jumping at the sudden blast from them, since they delivered high pressure in order to fill the tub rapidly. She turned the hot up full and balanced it out with cold, satisfied it would be nice and hot, and then stood up and walked to the window and the shelf full of various bath oils and foams. Dannii picked out a nice jasmine scented bath oil and sauntered back, bending over to add a generous amount and offer a generous view of her from behind, had anyone been looking. As the bath filled, she made sure there were some fresh, crisp dry towels for them and then just stood and stared out the window at the lovely morning scene, the river winding through the lush green fields and tall, majestic trees, their rich foliage waving and swaying with the breeze.

Kylie quickly nipped downstairs to the kitchen, finding two glasses for their bottle of wine and another for the blood she intended on drinking for breakfast. Taking her glass with her, she headed back out of the kitchen, along and down the steps to the huge fridges, opening the door with a clunk and a hiss. Sashaying into the cold, she felt it on her skin through the robe, her nipples stiffening a little more than before as she braved the chill and walked through. Firstly, she found a bottle of blood, straightforward human blood, nothing special. She idly noticed that the bottle said male type O on the label as she undid it and poured out a glass, the cold, thick deep red blood practically oozing into the glass, Kylie feeling suddenly even more desperate to drink it, to feed, to sink her fangs deep into someone living, feel the racing of their heart as she pierced them deeply, the surge of their body to her assault as she greedily gulped down the thick, hot blood.

Quickly snapping herself back, she scolded herself. It wasn’t good to think that way. It wasn’t the way to live. They weren’t soulless killers, and she wasn’t going to let it slide that way either. Yes she couldn’t deny how unbelievable fresh human blood tasted, which she’d got from Dannii when she’d turned her, but feeding would rarely be in that manner, if ever, and she had to control herself. Pouring the glass, she put the blood back in the rack at the front, which would get drunk later, and raised it to her lips, pausing a moment to sip it before she tipped it up and let it flow heavily to her waiting lips, over and past them into her mouth, Kylie giving a shiver as she rich, slightly metallic taste of the blood spread over her tongue and slid coldly down her throat from the chilled liquid. Warm and fresh was better, but there was something so refreshing and invigorating about a cold drink, and blood was the same for her, gulping it down greedily as she felt the warmth of her sated urges spread through her calmingly, relieving a little tension she was feeling and calming her mood, the urge to pillage and savage people for a drink fading quickly away to leave her completely controlled.

“Much better,” she breathed to herself, finishing the glass, tipping it up to lick the remaining blood from it as she walked along to the wines, store separately within the fridge room. She idly flicked through, not really knowing that much about wine, looking for a nice white one to take their minds off blood, since red did have a rather obvious resemblance. Picking out a nice oak-aged chardonnay that took her fancy, she thought back to how coincidently Lucretia had mentioned that very type of wine, smiling a little to herself as she took it with her and turned to leave the fridge, heading back out into the warmer corridor with a sigh of relief at the exit from the chill before closing the door. Heading back to the kitchen, she put her used glass aside, grabbed a bottle opener and the two wine glasses and headed back upstairs to their bedroom, where the quiet suggested the bath was already ready. Walking through the bedroom, she stopped in the doorway of the bathroom, staring with a mesmerized smile.

The bath was steaming and bubbling, and Dannii stood in the middle, thigh-deep in the hot pool, the rest of her body still dry, standing waiting for Kylie with a sly, foxy smile, her dark, luxurious hair cascading down round her face and over her shoulders and an eyebrow arched invitingly. Kylie just eyed her and smiled widely as she slowly approached the bath, leaning down to stand the wine and glasses on the mat surrounding the lip before peeling the light robe off and throwing it back towards their bedroom to leave her in her naked glory once more. Just standing a few feet apart, completely naked and silent, gave them a chance to take in each others bodies and see how they were altering, positively glowing with health, skin supple and smooth, so young and firm as their eternal youth removed any hint of ageing, Kylie’s more humble breasts perkier, fuller and firmer than before, Dannii’s larger pair also showing less obvious signs of firmness.

“Come in,” murmured Dannii, reaching up towards Kylie with both hands and a smile. Kylie immediately took her invitation, stepping the two steps to the bath and taking her hands, carefully stepping down onto the ledge in the bath and then down completely, feeling the hot water lap around her own smooth thighs as Dannii drew her close for a soft, romantic kiss, just sensually swapping tongues. As they kissed passionately, Dannii bent her knees and pulled Kylie down with her, lowering so they sank into the hot water onto their knees till it was right up around their shoulders, Dannii’s long hair floating out in the water behind her amongst the jasmine scented bubbles. After an unusually long kiss, taking advantage of the fact they didn’t need a breath, they slid slowly apart, Dannii gliding onto the ledge and seating herself, Kylie doing the same and reaching out for the bottle of wine.

“Enjoy your breakfast?” Dannii asked with a slightly forced tone, clearly showing she hadn’t fully adapted to their new way of life just yet, which was fair enough. Kylie hadn’t either, there was a long way to go yet, and she was just making the best of it.

“Yeah, it’s better fresh though,” Kylie said without thinking and immediately froze, slowly turning to look at Dannii, who just gave her a frosty and looked away.

“Sorry…” Kylie said for her lack of thought at the comment.

“Well, maybe I’ll actually try it sometime,” Dannii simply replied, not looking back at her briefly, her feelings clearly hurt at Kylie’s lack of tact. Kylie decided it’d be best if she didn’t say any more right then and focussed on opening the wine, easily cracking it with her superior strength, unsealing it and getting the cork out. She poured a full glass of the perfectly chilled wine and turned and gave it to Dannii, who she nudged with a foot to gain the attention of. Dannii took her wine and couldn’t hold back a slight smile, unable to stay too upset with Kylie when she was sharing a bath with her. Turning back to pour her own glass, she felt Dannii’s blissfully smooth legs slide between her own, their lower legs just gliding gently together, similar to how it did beneath the sheets at night, as Kylie poured her beverage. Dannii took a good drink of the crisp, sharp wine, giving a little shiver at the cold of it as Kylie turned back with her own glass. They looked into each other’s eyes, just pausing to do so, captivated by one another as they did, before Kylie broke the silence and raised her glass.

“To new beginnings,” she said, raising her glass, which seemed a fair toast.

“A fresh start,” Dannii said, raising her own glass before they tapped them together with a crystal clink and then both took a drink, Dannii particularly enjoying the wine-and-bath combination. They settled down with their wine, legs still entwined for a couple of minutes without another word, just enjoying soaking in the hot, oily water. Finishing their first glass, they stood them aside and then Kylie took the initiative and slid closer to Dannii on the seat, Dannii just eyeing her and smiling knowingly.

“Better than the baths we have back at home huh,” Kylie murmured, sliding her arm around Dannii’s smooth back and drawing her close, slipping her thigh up over Dannii’s knee sexily.

“Well…more room to play, but then being squeezed in next to you was never really a problem for me,” Dannii purred, leaning forward to nuzzle her a little and then softly kiss her, no need for urgency or any aggressive snogs here. Helping Kylie follow on from her initial move, she slid her arms round her slender sibling and helped to pull her over onto her lap, Kylie sitting up out of the water briefly, her breasts briefly exposed, which Dannii took advantage off, leaning forward to lick slowly over one, especially the stiff nipple. Kylie gave a light moan before Dannii slid forward off the seat into the middle of the huge bath, into the depths, sinking down into the hot, steaming water with Kylie still on her lap, who immediately slid her legs round Dannii’s waist, holding herself firmly as she let Dannii carry her in, sinking in to her shoulders again, Dannii’s head just above the water, luxurious hair spreading out in the bubbles behind her.

“However, I guess this tub has some advantages,” Dannii murmured, spinning slowly round in the water with a smile.

“Yeah. Would you like some more wine?” Kylie asked with a smile, squeezing Dannii a little with her thighs, Dannii’s hand’s sliding round Kylie’s hips to her firm, perfect ass.

“Yeah that’d be nice,” she murmured, giving Kylie’s gorgeous rear a good grope as Kylie’s hands found their way to her own large breasts beneath the water and foam, giving them a good hard squeeze which made her grunt, teasing at the nipples before she pulled away. Leaning over, she picked up the bottle of wine, not bothering with the glasses as she settled back in Dannii’s grasp, who held her comfortably, leaning back and closing her eyes as Kylie raised the bottle and drank straight from it, necking a good couple of gulps with a pleased murmur before she held it out the way and leaned down to kiss Dannii, who with her eyes closed, didn’t expect it, and was pushed down just beneath the water with a squeal, almost tipping Kylie over into the water with her. Pulling back up, she blew the water from her lips and blinked a few times in the brightly lit bathroom, looking past Kylie out the window.

“So great to be able to have a view,” she murmured as Kylie offered the bottle to her, pushing it to her lips. Dannii just continued to hold Kylie, well, grope her ass and stroke her lower back suggestively, as Kylie carefully tipped the bottle up for her, Dannii drinking the crisp chardonnay and enjoying the cold as it flowed down her throat, a stark contrast to the heat of the bath water enveloping her. Taking a good drink of the wine, not much really left in the bottle now, she gave a contented sigh as Kylie withdrew it from her, allowing her to focus more and guide her hand to stray back around Kylie’s hips and over the top of her thigh. Kylie gave a little glance down at the roaming fingers, but didn’t say a word, sipping the wine some more herself as Dannii’s fingers found their way to her pussy, stroking softly down between her legs, teasing her middle digit up her slit and over her already stiff clit as she gave a groan.

“Mm that’s so nice,” Kylie murmured, pushing her hips forward just a little bit to intensify the pressure on her sensitive button, using her spare hand to reach up and squeeze one of Dannii’s magnificent breasts again as she offered the bottle of wine to her mouth again, tipping it up and letting Dannii expertly down the rest of the bottle, gulping the fine chardonnay easily and licking the mouth of the bottle before Kylie stood it aside, freeing both her hands to attack Dannii’s chest as they pulled together for another kiss, Dannii pulling herself up more to do so, their tongues entwining and blending together so perfectly as they caressed and groped one another. Kylie’s right hand went south as well as she slid her legs from around Dannii’s waist, floating a little more freely in the warm, jasmine-scented water as her hand slid down Dannii’s tummy to her pussy, just feeling the carefully maintained arrow of hair above her lips as she moved onto them, rubbing them completely with her hand before she too split them with a finger to locate Dannii’s throbbing nub.

“Mm you do that so well,” Dannii murmured through their kisses.

“Practise, you’ve given me plenty of opportunities,” giggled Kylie. Dannii did the same in return, pulling back to look deeply into her eyes, pausing for a moment before she fairly lunged forward and snogged Kylie again, knocking her back over into the water. There was no problem with breath as the water engulfed the embracing pair, snogging enthusiastically as the hot water closed over them, sinking down into the bath from the energy, Kylie’s back bumping on the bottom, their legs locking together as their hands stroked and grasped at one another, Kylie’s fingers digging into Dannii’s smooth back. It was the first time they’re every properly kissed underwater, and with a lack of breath meaning there was no pressure they could last, enjoying every succulent moment of the illicit kiss, their soft hair floating loose and free in the water, sinking down around their faces as they did. After a minute or so enjoying one of the most intense moments of their lives they bobbed back up, breaking through the skin of the water as they knelt up, both taking a gasp of the warm, steamy atmosphere in the bathroom, their hair plastered wetly down their faces, Dannii’s right down over her shoulders and round her neck.

“Mm I think we should take a bath every morning,” Kylie murmured, their hands still roaming over one another’s delightful bodies. They rarely had time to share a bath or even a shower in the mornings, so the prospect of this huge bath to do just that was attractive, to her at least.

“That sounds lovely,” Dannii said softly in reply, smiling to Kylie through her soaking hair. Kylie beamed in response and they quickly battled their way past it to kiss warmly once more before breaking apart and slicking their hair back.

“Had enough?” she asked, reaching back to grasp the plug release lever.

“Yeah, else we’ll stay here for far too long, and go all wrinkly!” Dannii giggled, the prospect of wrinkles something of the past for them now, but still made Kylie showily gasp and quickly pull the handle with a giggle of her own, a loud glug sound as the drain started to swallow their warm bath water, both girls standing from their knelt position, the water dripping off them, foam sliding down their lusciously smooth bodies as they stepped out, Dannii first. Stepping up to stand in full view of the window, dripping wet and naked, completely unashamed at it as she turned and reached down to help Kylie out, pausing to look out the window at the view with her a moment before padding over to get them a couple of towels. Stepping back, she dropped one aside with a smile and held the other out wide for Kylie, who just smiled back and stepped forward to melt into the warm, crisp towel her sister held.

“Thanks,” she breathed, sinking into it, Dannii wrapping it around her, holding her briefly before beginning to teasingly slowly rub her down and dry her off. Carefully doing her back, avoiding her pert rear, then moving to her hair and down to her arms, then avoiding her breasts in the same manner and going to her feet, sensually stroking her legs in turn to dry them off before finally moving up and giving her the thrill of a dry, rough towel sliding over her engorged labia, just teasing the clit to draw a moan from her as she reached round to very thoroughly squeeze her ass whilst “drying” it, before quickly moving up her tummy and over her breasts she stood up, before wrapping Kylie in the large towel completely to indicate its completion with a giggle.

“Thanks Dan, that was very…thorough,” she said with a giggle, pausing quickly to kiss her naked and still dripping wet younger sister.

“Well we can’t have you being wet, that’d be unacceptable,” Dannii teased with a little hint of her tongue. Kylie gave a laugh, a great burst from her soul as she tucked the towel in and picked up the other one, turning to her cold, voluptuous sister.

“Well…I dunno, you seem to remedy it by making it wetter usually,” Kylie purred, not being such a tease with the towel as Dannii had been, giving her a fairly brisk rub down with it.

“Fight fire with fire right?” Dannii joked, her large breasts jiggling as she was dried off, tensing a little as Kylie did, amusing her all the same as she too was fondled, only much more forwardly. Finishing with a quick, tantalizing lick to Dannii’s snatch, she stood up and wrapped her sibling with the black towel and even tucking it in for her, Dannii glancing down to the hand doing it, then back into Kylie’s eyes.

“Thanks,” she said with a smile, then kissed her before taking her older sister’s hand and leading her back towards the bedroom. Of course having wet their hair meant they took an inexorable amount of time to get ready, and when they were finally done there was hardly any of the morning left, heading towards midday. In the abundance of clothing they’d brought with them there was plenty to wear, with Kylie opting for sandals, cut-off trousers and a simple vest top and Dannii slipping into a summery white linen dress, loose and comfortable, wanting to enjoy the waning summer on this warm day. They paused to have a cup of tea, since Kylie just had to have one, and then headed out, over the raised patio area that was built onto the castle itself, down the stone steps onto the grass and then strolled casually out away from the castle for the first time, though they weren’t exactly sure where they were heading.

Deciding to head round side to side as best they could, they went to their right away from their extravagant new property, soon breaking away from the open lawn area, which itself was huge, and into the cool, shaded forest. Walking through the beautiful autumnal day, dry leaves crunched underfoot as they looked up at the majestic trees, some shedding their leaves, others just clinging to them, in amongst scattered evergreen trees, the sunlight filtering down to them as they walked along a partial trail left through the trees from long ago. Grass tickled at their toes as they chatted and strolled arm-in-arm through the lovely forest, reaching out to touch the trees, pausing to look at animals or birds, or interesting natural features provided by the woods. They walked for some time through the enticing woodland, just giggling and talking about anything and everything as they headed further from the castle, eventually hearing the sound of water as they approached the river. A bridge was built over it to continue to the remaining part of the abundant estate, and a log seat had been carved, since here the trees ended, and beyond the river were roving fields and hills in the distance, facing out to the southwest direction where it would be the most wonderful place to watch the sun sink behind them on long summer evenings.

“Fancy a sit?” Kylie said, gesturing to the seat. Dannii didn’t reply, just smiling and letting Kylie ease her to the carved log, her long dress blowing slightly in the breeze as she sat down, Kylie parking herself closely next to her, resting her head on her shoulder immediately as they looked over the water of the steadily flowing river as it wound its course through the world, the reeds overhanging from the banks to almost touch the surface. The sky was clear except for a few sporadic clouds, the blue sky all around them, the sun high to their left as they just enjoyed the sound of nature, the peace and quiet of it all. Resting comfortably, their hands interlocked as they listened to the calls of wild birds and watched the few clouds, taking pleasure in the rare sighting of a wild British otter bobbing past on the river before Kylie replaced her head on Dannii’s bare shoulder.

“Do you still love me?” Kylie suddenly asked, not lifting her head. She could feel Dannii tense up, the heavily loaded question just dropped on her. Kylie just had to know. She knew what she’d done to Dannii was bad and Dannii’s trust in her wasn’t just shaken, it was shattered. Their morning had been a nice lazy fuck and playful bath, everything seeming rosy, but Kylie knew it wasn’t, and she had a long way to go with Dannii before she would trust her in the same way again. And right now, that had Kylie wondering if it didn’t go further than just that. Dannii hesitated, unsure how best to answer her. She still loved Kylie, it wasn’t something you could just turn off, but she felt so deeply betrayed by Kylie through her behaviour that it made her view her somewhat differently right now, and she needed some kind of closure on the matter. Kylie sucking up to her was lovely but the fact was it didn’t heal the wounds in her heart, and whilst she’d become a vampire and a new life awaited them together, it was still on her mind.

“Yes,” Dannii whispered, since it was the truth that Kylie had asked for.

“But?” Kylie asked, her voice almost cracking as she felt she might cry, Dannii seeming less than convinced by herself that she still loved her.

“You can’t expect me to just forget all about it in two days Kylie,” she said firmly, trying to keep it controlled since it was a rather volatile conversation topic.

“I know, I know, I don’t expect you to ever forget it. I just hope one day you can forgive me,” Kylie whispered, sighing and casting her eyes down, which ironically meant she looked straight down Dannii’s dress at her firm, unsupported breasts.

“It’s hard, especially since you just decided I’d be better off as a vampire and made me into a meal for the indulgence of your own whims,” Dannii growled, the memory of being forced into her turning after having unwittingly opened the door for Kylie to do so still burning hot inside her. Kylie had nothing to say to that. It was true, and wrong, and she couldn’t defend the decision, so just kept her mouth shut.

“So I need some time to get back on my feet, in this relationship, in myself. I can’t just pretend it never happened,” Dannii finished, feeling she’d made herself clear.

“Ok, I love you,” murmured Kylie, feeling she should make it clear she offered her own affections completely.

“I love you too,” Dannii said quietly, again confirming the basis of their relationship as solid, just not the current situation. It was still a little tense as they sat a few minutes longer at the river before Dannii wordlessly got up and led Kylie on to continue their walk, turning to walk along the side of the river, the grass deep and lush round them, walking along the side of the forest on another semi-worn trail which was beginning to overgrow. Clearly nobody had been here in many months, making Kylie recall the attitude of the estate agent to the castle and it’s mysterious inhabitants when she’d first arrived several days earlier. They paused to attempt to skim a few stones on the surface of the water, but continued to walk, getting past the edge of the forest, the trees thinning out, a huge dead stump that rose some forty feet into the air, craggy branches and hollows defining its presence, marking the edge of the forest. From here, they could look back across the fields to the castle itself, bathed in a mixture of sunlight and shade, a perfect painters view, something ideal to commit to canvas.

“Lovely place this, so calm, tranquil,” Dannii murmured, looking round over the river to the fields and hills beyond, then back to the forest they’d just passed, over the fields towards the castle, where something was protruding from the undergrowth. It looked like a large fountain, or a statue perhaps, standing beyond the lawn area in the wilds quite a distance from the castle itself. Turning away to her right, to the south edge of the estate, she could see the crumbled remains of a building, an old castle outpost standing on the banks of the river that’d long since fallen into disrepair centuries before, now derelict and overgrown, a relic to a bygone era of conflict. They walked on, Dannii leading the way towards the outpost, which was a fair distance away but they had plenty of time since it was only early afternoon, taking a while to walk to it through the grass and vegetation. Reaching it revealed it to be larger and far more spectacular than an idle glance had suggested, the coarse, weather-beaten stones telling a story of its history, still unconsumed by the natural world, which attempted to reclaim its land.

“This place is just so rich with history,” Dannii murmured, finding fascination in it. Kylie mumbled an agreement and they carefully ventured inside, through an archway where perhaps a door had once hung, taking care to make sure it was safe as they went in, looking up to see no beams or roof to fall on them, long since rotted away in the weather. It was just an outpost, advanced warning and placed to watch the river, with arrow slots and cannon apertures in the walls, and a stone staircase leading up the side wall to what would’ve been the top floor. Carefully picking their way through the stones and other debris, they made their way tentatively up the stairs to the remnants of the look out area, the beams and floor long gone, but a stone lip still existing at the top of the stairs, large enough for them to both stand on, which they did, stopping to look out over the estate from a better vantage point now, both back towards the castle and also out to the fringes of their estate beyond the river, where changes in the landscape hinted at possible intriguing locations for another day. In the fields towards the castle, it certainly looked like a statue rising from amongst the plants and vegetation, something they both felt compelled to explore.

“Don’t get a view like this very often,” Kylie said, referring to their busy city lives.

“Nope, this place is a lovely get away,” Dannii said, standing with her sibling in the warm sun, idly adjusting her day walker ring thoughtfully as they did, before they carefully descended once more and made their way out and back to the fields. Walking back directly towards the enigmatic ornament, they strolled hand in hand through the long grasses, some of it almost as tall as themselves in places having not been cut in years, before stumbling onto a random stepping stone type path, leading towards their destination. A few minutes walking later led them to it, revealing it to be a large fountain, a statue of an angel bending down as if to offer a drink of water from its hands to them, standing atop the pool where once water had flowed and gathered in abundance, down over the Lilly shaped pads into the smooth basic below. Now the only water there was the remaining puddles of some rain water, visible through the tangled, overgrowing plants that pulled and climbed over the fountain.

“Such a waste, wonder who put it here?” mused Kylie, stepping round it a little where she could to view it, the quite intricate carvings and shapes still visible in places, weathered and eroded in others.

“We’ll get it cleaned up or something if you want,” Dannii offered, since it was a nice fountain. Something would have to be done about some of this overgrowth to prevent it consuming everything, though they wanted to preserve it for the wildlife that’d made their homes in the absence of human activity.

“Yeah maybe, maybe,” Kylie trailed off, eyeing it a moment before she and Dannii turned away, linking arms, and heading back towards the magnificent castle, battling through the undergrowth for a long while before making it to the more controlled lawn that stretched for a significant distance behind the building, pausing to sit on the springy grass with their firm rears, stretching aching legs from tramping through their countryside estate. After a few minutes of talk about their surroundings, and a light kiss or two, they got up and headed casually back to the house up the grass, noting details on the grand, ancient building that marked the labour of thousands of men in a different time. Once they got moving again, heading up the huge lawn, they opted to walk around the castle itself to the front door to take in the splendour completely, since they’d arrived in darkness late the previous night. Walking round the south side of the huge building, they looked up the tall brightly sunlit building and towers, reflecting off the smooth stone as they walked round to the front, now cast in the heavy shadow of the building. Ivy climbed up the bottom of the building from amongst the bushes, a pair of swallows swooping low overhead and peeling apart like a Red Arrows display team as they made their way to the front door.

“Lovely walk,” Dannii said as they let themselves in, the heavy oak door swinging back to let their diminutive figures in. Kylie closed it behind them as they paused, Dannii looking down at her white linen dress, now streaked with green from their little trek.

“I think I’ll go change,” Dannii said, turning and heading up the stairs into the castle itself, Kylie eyeing her nice bum through the dress momentarily before she walked herself back into the castle, heading into the main lounge room, figuring she’d stick the news on or something to get a quick idea of what was going on in the world. Firstly though they could have some lunch and Kylie headed for the kitchen, putting the kettle on to boil and pondering what to make for them to snack on. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by a loud knocking, taking her a startled moment to realise it was from the front door. She raised an eyebrow as she wondered who it could possibly be, since nobody knew she was here except her driver and there was no reason for him to come, oh and Lucretia, who’d left and wouldn’t bother to knock either if she returned.

She swung the large oak door back to see who was there, taken by surprise as her one-night-stand from the bar staggered heavily in past her, covered in blood, his clothes clinging wetly to him with it, holding a mauled arm as he stumbled and slumped to the floor in her lobby.

“Jesus Christ! What the hell happened?!” Kylie almost shouted, shoving the door shut and dropping down to help him, assisting him in rolling over a bit and sitting up, breathing heavily, trying not to get his blood on herself and trying to quiet the little part of her that was being turned on and tempted by the smell of the fresh blood.

“I was attacked, by a wolf, real big one, just out of nowhere,” he breathed, his chest heaving as Kylie carefully plucked the soaked cloth of his sleeve from his deep wounds, peeling it back to reveal the damage, feeling a little surge at the sight and smell of warm, fresh blood, quickly chiding herself and remaining controlled. The injuries were pretty severe just to his arm, and the blood on the rest of him suggested it was much worse than that.

“Just attacked you for no reason?” Kylie said, looking up into his eyes, which locked on her, despite the fact he knew what she could do with her gaze, though she was hardly likely to proposition him right now.

“Yeah, I was just out looking at the night sky, star gazing and then there it was before I even knew it,” he said, taking a deep breath, seeming a little calmer now, though Kylie couldn’t work out how he was even alive.

“Stargazing? This happened last night?” Kylie asked, glancing up to the tall mahogany grandfather clock in the entrance hall that showed it to be nearly two thirty in the afternoon.

“Yeah…” he said, not thinking it strange it seemed.

“So why didn’t you go to a hospital? How are you even still alive?” Kylie asked, searchingly looking over his body as if it would yield some form of answer.

“Well that’s just it, that’s why I came here,” he said, clearly having some kind of point, though Kylie cut him off.

“You know, my girlfriend’s right upstairs, if she comes down and finds you here…” she said, feeling she didn’t need to complete her sentence to make her point.

“I know I know, I don’t mean to drop you in it, just I think you’re the only person that can help, or at least listen, being…what you are…” he said, looking into her eyes once more.

Kylie went to speak but it was too late, as there was the sound of Dannii’s feet coming down the hall towards the stairs and them, having heard voices. Looking up to the banister overlooking the entrance hall, Dannii stopped at them, dress in simple jeans and a top, looking over to see their mauled visitor, eyeing him a moment and giving a definite sniff, her eyes narrowing a little as she started onto the right hand set of stairs, not taking her eyes off him as she walked down the red carpeted stairs, Kylie staying silent. Stepping down the stairs, slowly reaching the bottom, she sniffed again, using her enhanced sense of smell now to identify something, and Kylie got the feeling it wouldn’t be good, since whilst Dannii had never met her little one-night-stand, she’d smelt him on her, and after their conversation just a little while earlier this didn’t promise to be good.

“What is he doing here?” Dannii hissed, pointing at him, eyes narrowing, having identified him by the smell of his aftershave, the scent of betrayal as far as she was concerned, looking now to Kylie with anger in her eyes. Even though Dannii was half his size he felt uncomfortable, the way she continued to sniff the air, making him attempt to cover his wounds with what was left of his clothes, even if they were blood soaked.

“He’s been hurt pretty bad Dan, bitten by a wolf, this is no joke,” Kylie said in quite a serious tone, since this was no laughing matter, he was badly mauled and she was almost afraid to peel back the remains of the rest of his shirt to examine the damage.

“I just want a seat, that’d be good,” he said, giving a slight grimace. Dannii cocked her head a little, still eyeing him unsurely, not trusting him at all, which was fair enough really. She took another lungful of air, smelling it, tasting it. She’d initially smelt the aftershave and been infuriated because she knew who it was, but then the new, intriguing smell of blood, fresh blood, had filled her nose, making her feel a little rush run through her, as if trying to urge her fangs from her gums at the new, strangely arousing scent.

“Give me a hand can you?” Kylie asked, getting her shoulders under his messy arm. Dannii gave a grumble and grudgingly went to help, clearly very annoyed at having to even look at let alone touch the man that had touched her girlfriend and sister, her temper bubbling dangerously. Kylie knew the danger signs of Dannii’s temper, and intended to get her out the way as soon as possible, but right now she needed her to help haul her well-built mistake up the stairs. Helping to hold him up along the corridor, they got to the edge of the open lounge area near the French doors to the patio and helped him into a wooden chair standing at the table which was near the walkway, a casual dining area on the edge of it. He slumped down gratefully with a sigh, Dannii quickly distancing herself from him but not Kylie, carefully manoeuvring herself between him and Kylie to direct them apart, which Kylie noticed. She just kept her distance though, standing back with Dannii to make sure her younger sibling knew this wasn’t some little plan or something.

“Thanks,” he said with a grateful sigh, just sitting down and resting a moment, looking up to find Dannii’s eyes piercing him, locked on him intently, never wavering. He found it more than a little unnerving, and all he could do was look back as Kylie looked between them a moment before he managed to speak, still not looking away from Dannii, smart enough to realise she was far too dangerous to turn your back on.

“Um…is it ok to, you know, talk in front of her?” he said to Kylie, immediately realising that if it wasn’t he’d just dropped Kylie in it anyway.

“Yeah it’s ok,” she replied, glancing to Dannii, who still stared intensely.

“So she knows you’re a vampire?” he asked tentatively, still finding it a hard thing to say and actually believe it, though he knew first hand it was true after his night with her.

“Yes…” Kylie said, pausing and looking sideways to Dannii, “She’s a vampire as well,” she finished, looking back to him, who finally took his gaze from Dannii and put them on Kylie at the revelation. The tension was palpable as they both knew what he was going to ask.

“Um, when did that…take place exactly?” he asked carefully, since he’d known Kylie was new, after all he was her first proper feed, so Dannii must have been turned in the last couple of days by Kylie, which was quite a big deal.

“The night before last, she’s very new,” Kylie said, glancing to Dannii, who glared back at her angrily, almost a spark of hate to her eyes as she recalled being forced into it by Kylie, pinning her down and sinking her teeth in as she writhed under her begging her to stop.

“Ok, well, I don’t think this is any ordinary bite,” he started, Dannii looking back to him, her pretty blue eyes narrowing as she looked frostily at him, her arms crossed underneath her large breasts, pushing them up a little.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a werewolf,” he said, looking between them, waiting for an apprehensive expression, which never came, since they were vampires.

“Werewolf? Why?” Kylie asked, eyeing him.

“Because I’d be dead by now if it wasn’t something special, and this…” he said, lifting his shirt to reveal a healed stomach wound, now just marks across his near six-pack.

“Wow, that’s incredible,” Kylie murmured, stepping forward. Sure she healed but hadn’t sustained any serious injury like that, well…apart from the deep bite to her neck for her turning but that was different, that was deliberately done to induce bleeding after all. Even Dannii was craning curiously towards his healed wound, trying to peek at him through his ragged, blood-stained shirt.

“Well I guess that settles it, you’ll be alright then, back to your old tricks soon enough I’m sure,” Kylie said quite nonchalantly, not realising the effect comments like that had on Dannii. She gave a quiet growl, her eyes locked on his, which flitted quickly down the rest of her, taking in the younger Minogue sister, seeing the tension of her slender body, looking back up to her eyes in time to see them finish looking him up and down, sizing him up, clearly fixing for a fight rather shortly, her temper bubbling. Dannii could feel herself building up to a sudden outburst of aggression, unable to hold it back much longer. She was feeling a little hungry and the smell of fresh blood in the air was aggravating her, intensifying her rampant emotions and making her far more primal than she’d been before.

“Well, we’ll see, probably best I don’t get up to anything, might get attention…” he said, his eyes locked on Dannii’s, seeing her nostrils flare a little, teeth clenched, ample chest rising as she breathed, clearly to keep herself calm.

“I dunno, some people enjoy your tricks,” Kylie almost purred, causing him to look back to her, seeing her warm, playful smile, unable to avoid glancing at her perky breasts, which he’d had the pleasant opportunity to get acquainted with. He gave a warm smile back, knowing it was just an innocent joke, but he could see Dannii positively snap in his peripheral vision, and was sure she’d break her own fingers she was clenching her fists so hard.

“Kylie, outside, now,” she growled throatily, clearly on the absolute brink of losing it totally, forgetting there wasn’t really an outside to this room since it was rather open. Kylie looked up to her, staring at them with a fire in her gaze she’d never seen before, seeing the warning signs of an impending explosion, and decided it best to do as she was told, turning away from him and walking into the hallway. Dannii shot a quick glare at him, which he returned worriedly, almost concerned she’d ordered Kylie out so she could deal with him there and then. But she turned on her heel and stalked after Kylie, giving him the opportunity to take in her bum through her snug jeans, which looked inviting, though he was hardly in the best frame of mind to fully appreciate her assets.

“What’s up?” Kylie asked, surprised and confused at Dannii’s attitude, and her frosty reception as she grasped Kylie’s arm and hastily led her away.

“What’s up? What the hell do you think’s up?” Dannii snapped, leading Kylie past the kitchen towards the huge main staircase at the far end of the main hallway.

“Um…” was all Kylie could manage before Dannii cut her off again, something she seemed to do so perfectly when they were fighting.

“How do you think it makes me feel, seeing you two so…connected after what’s just happened between us? Things aren’t that perfect yet and don’t you forget it,” Dannii said sternly, putting her foot down hard on their relationship situation.

“Ok Dannii, I didn’t mean to…” Kylie murmured, not wanting to say anything that might further infuriate her sister.

“And I’m hungry, and you haven’t shown me these fridges yet,” Dannii said, as if that were any kind of part of the reason they were walking briskly away from him, turning the corner to walk down the passage and stairs to the fridges past the kitchen, Kylie guiding them.

“That all?” Kylie asked tentatively as they reached the cold stainless steel door.

“No it’s not. I don’t trust what might happen if I left you alone with him,” she said simply. The phrase was heavily loaded, since it implied a concern for her safety, but also a concern for her trustworthiness, which stung though Kylie didn’t say anything.

“Just through here,” she murmured, pulling the airtight door back and stepping into the chilly fridge, the all enveloping cold taking just a few moments to seep into their bodies, Dannii feeling the familiar sensation of her nipples screwing up tightly, stiffening and poking through her vest top easily for all to see, casting a quick eye down to them. Kylie also felt her nipples harden, glad of the padded bra she was wearing under the top to enhance her breasts a little bit. Kylie showed Dannii briefly around, and got her to the bottles of blood stored in a rack, all labelled themselves as if they were wine. Selecting the bottle she’d opened for a drink earlier, she pulled it out for Dannii, handing it to her to muse over as she looked around for some glasses, pausing in surprise at a rack of them right next to it, wondering why they were in the fridge. Chilled glasses she supposed for the wine more than anything else, but they were there, so she selected two and brought them over for Dannii, who was still eyeing the bottle of blood interestedly.

“Wanna open that?” Kylie said with a slight smile, holding out the glasses. Dannii let a smirk play at the corners of her lips and then undid the bottle, Kylie offering the glasses for her to pour two as casually as wine, which she did, both their eyes fixed on the thick, rich flow into the glasses. Capping the bottle again, Dannii stood it down on the floor and took her glass from Kylie, taking a quick sip with a shudder, feeling the cold, need-filling blood glide down her throat, her eyes closing as she gave a sigh. She looked back to Kylie as she took a sip, deciding it was the perfect time to start her inquisition of her girlfriend.

“Did you know he was coming here?” she hissed, clutching her glass firmly at the stem.

“No, I swear Dannii, he just showed up,” she murmured, after hastily taking her sip of blood, wiping her lip.

“Do you trust him?” she quickly continued, Kylie not getting a chance for another drink of her blood, however Dannii took one herself.

“Well…I don’t really know him that…well…” Kylie trailed off, looking down with a slight blush. Dannii just gave a hmm of disapproval however, making her keen to defend her choices.

“But he certainly seems it, a nice guy, not some…opportunist player,” she said, taking another drink of her cold, fulfilling blood.

“Maybe, but how do you know he doesn’t just want to get into your knickers again?” Dannii said straight forwardly, Kylie raising an eyebrow as she took a good mouthful, knowing the blood would calm her down, Dannii doing the same, feeling the warmth as the forbidden liquid started to absorb into her body, still a little repulsed at herself as she felt the cold blood slide down her throat thickly, feeling a sudden urge to gag, but she held it back, grimacing a little.

“He probably does, but it’s not gonna happen,” Kylie said clearly, stooping down to pick up the bottle and top both their glasses up a bit to give them more of a meal.

“Hm…” Dannii murmured, unconvinced as she took another chilling sip, holding up the glass to marvel at the thick blood as if it were a fine wine.

“Disturbingly wonderful isn’t it?” Kylie murmured, seeing Dannii’s questioning gaze at her glass.

“Yeah, it is, wonder if different blood tastes the same?” she said idly, taking another sip.

”Yeah, it does, different species taste different too as far as I know, haven’t tried it,” Kylie said, taking another drink from her own glass.

“Different species?” Dannii said incredulously.

“Oh yes, seems they….we try everything,” Kylie said, looking up into Dannii’s eyes and taking another sip, casting her hand to the racks of blood before them, which led from their “usual” diet of human blood to a variety of other species.

“Not really right is it?” Dannii said, scrunching up her face a little and drinking some more, feeling the cold soak into her mouth before she swallowed.

“No, but what about us is?” Kylie countered, Dannii giving a little shrug.

“I guess. Smart enough not to drink from the source of some of these things though I see,” Dannii said, eyeing a label marked cheetah, giving a slightly apprehensive look.

“No, made it civilised, from the bottle like a wine it seems,” Kylie said, glancing around as she idly drank, far more comfortable with her required diet than Dannii was.

“From the bottle, well that’s the only way I’ve drunk it,” Dannii mused, unable to prevent her eyes sliding over Kylie’s smooth neck.

“Well you drank from me,” Kylie said, offering her a way out of her clear feeling of inexperience.

“I wasn’t a vampire then, and you’re already one, it’s not the same,” she sighed, looking down and taking another drink from her nearly empty glass.

“It’s best from a living person, a human, so warm and fresh,” Kylie breathed, a slight glint to her eyes as she thought of the way it throbbed from the wound, gushing into her eager mouth and down her throat.

“Yeah, so fresh I didn’t want to give you it,” Dannii said, eyes narrowing to a glare which she directed at Kylie over her glass.

“Wait till you feed properly, you’ll love it, it’s just so exciting, feeling their heart pumping, the way they tense and fight…” Kylie murmured without thinking, suddenly stopping when she realised what she’d said, and just admitted to herself.

“So you liked me fighting did you? Kicking and thrashing, begging you to stop as you sucked me dry,” Dannii said carefully, her temper rising a bit as she drained the last of her glass.

“It’s not like that, it’s just…it makes it feel so raw and pure, dangerous…” Kylie said, unable to quite describe it.

“Right…” Dannii said, clearly not understanding and not really trying to either.

“I didn’t like what I did to you Dannii, and I feel guilty enough as it is. I cried, and it still eats at me, so don’t think you have to keep reminding me,” Kylie said quietly, turning away as she felt the threat of tears pricking her eyes.

“Fine. Does he need something to eat or…?” Dannii said matter-of-factly, not liking the fact that he was part of their equation.

“Yeah I guess he does…” Kylie said, looking round and walking towards the other end of the cavernous underground fridge. Selecting a nice rich steak, she walked back to Dannii, who waited, eyeing her carefully as she sipped her deep red blood, leaving her feel just a little uncomfortable at Dannii’s temper, which now just seemed so much more sinister.

“Good to go?” Dannii said bluntly, not liking the idea of him being in their new place at all it seemed, and Kylie couldn’t really blame her as she emptied the bottle to top up their glasses completely.

“Yeah, get this back to give him something to nibble later on if…well if he’s really a werewolf I guess,” Kylie said as they headed back towards the door of the fridge. Heading out, they locked it firmly and went back up the stairs, Kylie ahead with the thick steak, peeling off into the kitchen and putting it in the fridge for later, for when he would turn, if indeed he was a werewolf. Walking back from the kitchen to the open lounge through the huge hallway, they sipped idly at their blood in silence as they got back to him, still blood soaked and slumped in his chair, dozing off a little. They wondered for a moment if something worse had happened to him, but he started as they approached and looked up bleary eyed at the sanguistic sisters, seeing their glasses, eyeing them for a minute, though he figured they wouldn’t be looking for a bite out of him at least.

“You ok there?” Dannii asked, her first real interaction with him, though her tone was neutral, divulging neither compassion or aversion.

“Yeah,” he said sleepily, sitting up and shaking himself to wake up, having been awake all night due to his mauling.

“Want a shower?” she offered, taking both him and Kylie by surprise as her hospitality towards him.

“Um yeah, that’d be nice…” he stumbled, surprised at her change of tone, though he could still see her dislike, nay, loathing of him.

“Lead the way Kylie,” she said, glancing to her older sister, who gave a pleasant smile and turned back to the hallway, looking back as he got tentatively to his feet and then moved to follow her at Dannii’s indication. Walking out past the kitchen, they quickly reached the large staircase that led from the ground floor up to the first floor, walking carefully up them, Kylie glancing back to him and her sibling in tow, catching his eyes locked on her firm rear as they went up the stairs, holding back a slight smile which might alert Dannii and annoy her any more. Luckily she couldn’t see his eyes and where they were fixated, though she had a fair idea where they might be as they emerged onto the first floor, walking round the banister into the equally impressive hallway.

“Just down the end here,” Kylie murmured, remembering the bathroom she’d found other than the en suite during her brief exploration of the castle. They followed, Dannii just eyeing him carefully as he looked back at her, clearly a little unnerved to have her behind him. Walking all the way to the end, Kylie swerved to the right side and opened the door of a room, stepping into bright bathroom, which was sizeable as it extended through into the turret at its far corner, making it into another impressive bathroom. It was tiled the same as their large en suite, black tiles with white grout, and another large twin-headed shower at the end, except this was part of a large walk-in wet room in the turret rather than an enclosed cubicle, which Dannii raised an eyebrow at, thinking it’d be quite hot to walk in on someone, especially Kylie, standing there showering, completely exposed. Directly ahead was a large standing bath, and on the wall to their left inside the door was a mirror and basin. They walked in and he looked around, taking in the magnificent room.

“At least you can make use of the mirror,” Kylie commented, seeing him give a start as she walked behind him when he was looking in it, startled at her lack of reflection.

“No reflection, takes some getting used to,” Dannii murmured, leaning in the doorway.

“I bet…” he murmured back, casting a glance to her before walking over and glancing out the front windows over the snaking driveway.

“Got everything you need, shower gel and stuff over here, towels,” Kylie said, pointing them out, “and if you want to lie down or anything after, since we’ll be in the library for a while, use the bedroom next door,” she finished, pointing at the adjoining wall.

“That’s great, thanks,” he said, unsure if he could do anything else to thank her under Dannii’s watchful eye, both of them still cradling chilled glasses of blood.

“Both of you, thank you,” he added, trying not to sound too hasty with it, looking to Dannii, who for the first time offered a slight smile, though that could’ve just been because Kylie was going back to her.

“Have fun,” Kylie said as they left, her hand slipping into Dannii’s as they left, pulling the door shut and leaving him alone in the bathroom. He just took a breath, then peeled off the ragged remains of his shirt before discarding the rest of his clothes to the floor near the door, grabbing a towel and quickly selecting the least girly shower gel there was and heading to the wet room, getting the water running before slipping gratefully into it, the hot shower feeling like heaven right then.

Walking down the corridor hand in hand, the sisters took a sip of blood as they walked back to the stairs, Kylie’s hand just cheekily slipping away to squeeze Dannii’s bum.

“Do you know where the library is?” Dannii asked, looking over with a smile, unable to hold her frosty mood.

“Not actually been up there so no, not really. I’m sure we’ll find it though,” she mused, taking another sip with her left hand as they strolled back to the stairs and started up, passing a cupboard onto the bottom of another magnificent staircase. They walked out, which came straight onto the second floor hallway. Directly ahead was a door, which they opened to reveal some smaller guest quarters, then turned back to the right where there was another room, and they couldn’t resist taking a look. Opening the door, they paused and looked curiously around at some odd stuff that was stored there, such as coffins and crosses. They eyed them for a moment and then closed the door, moving on, where the corridor turned at a T junction, which ran out and turned again to continue down the front and back sides of the castle.

“There’s some weird stuff around here,” Dannii said as they looked either way, deciding to go right.

“Well the place belonged to a vampire, it’s expected,” Kylie said as they walked to the front side of the castle and turned left to walk along the thinner hallway, though it was still pretty wide, looking out the windows over the countryside beyond the driveway.

“I guess. Maybe there’s some spare clothes up here or something,” Dannii said, glancing round thoughtfully.

“Well…maybe, why? I doubt anything of hers would fit you?” Kylie said, wondering what she was after when they’d brought plenty of clothes with them.

“No not for me, but him, he will need something to wear,” Dannii said with a slightly acid tongue.

“Oh right, well yeah I guess he does, good thinking,” Kylie said as they came up on another junction, where a corridor broke off to their left. Deciding to explore, they turned down it, walking to another left turn as the corridor doubled back on itself, leading to a set of doors at the end of it. They were interesting corner doors, dividing the two rooms on either side that the one corridor linked to. Opening the left, Dannii stepped into a room full of racks of spare clothes, covered in plastic to protect them, and as her eyes roamed over them she could see they stretched back over the ages, the last few centuries at least. Kylie meanwhile went into the right door, and walked into a more contemporary walk-in wardrobe, full of Lucretia’s more contemporary clothing, though she still chose the more classic look. Which was fair enough really, since she came from such times, and was merely making use of modern fabrics and fashions, since she was still a woman and needed to be a little up to date on things.

“There must be something around here,” Dannii called to Kylie, who stepped back from the walk-in wardrobe and closed the door.

“Hmm maybe,” she said, following Dannii into the room and standing her glass down inside the door where Dannii had also put hers.

“Much in there?” she asked as they started hunting through a few racks and boxes on the off chance there was anything suitable.

“Walk-in wardrobe, but nothing for him,” she said, opening a box, pausing before pulling out a pair of jeans. They looked kind of old but still in perfectly good condition.

“Hmm these might do,” she said, offered them to Dannii, who took them and held them up.

“Yeah, about the right kinda size, enough to manage isn’t it?” she said as Kylie rifled through the box and pulled out a simple black shirt, also holding it up and checking its size.

“Yeah he only needs something basic, these look about right,” she said, giving the shirt a quick shake and folding it back up, Dannii doing the same to the jeans. Kylie added the shirt to them as she held them up, then passed her glass of blood to her as they left the room, Kylie closing the door as they sauntered back down the corridor, glancing at Dannii’s rounded bum as she walked with a slight sigh.

“I’ll just pop them down here, we’ll collect them on the way back,” Dannii said, dropping them on the floor of the hallway they’d come from. Kylie gave a nod, then they linked arms and headed down the corridor once more, a large room to their left as they did, no hint at what it was as the hall turned at the end where it met the turret, curving round it, a door opening into the turret, which again they opened, seeing a set of spiral stairs round it leading up to the roof.

“Check it out another day,” Dannii said, Kylie agreeing with a nod as they closed the door and went on, round to where the corridor straightened again, in front of the library, which had windows opening into it, showing huge shelves packed full of books, including the large pile on a big wooden table in the centre of the room that Lucretia had said she’d left out for Kylie to read. However, there was a door to their left, which they had to check out first and quickly opened. They stared round at a huge drawing room, proper stools and drawing boards set up, clearly for someone pretty into it.

“Hmm…well at least if we ever need to sketch something there’s somewhere for it,” Dannii said with a giggle.

“Yeah, if you suddenly want to nude model or something,” Kylie teased.

“Only for you, and you don’t need to draw me, you’re always far too busy doing something else to me,” Dannii retorted, both of them giggling. The room was divided at the end, creating a smaller room at the curved bit where it created the corridor round the turret on the other side. Walking in, Kylie waited as Dannii nipped over and took a look, peering into a small dark room, a few photos up on the walls.

“Dark room, into photography too, very arty up here isn’t it?” she joked in a posh voice, Kylie smiling as they rejoined and walked across to the library at last.

“What’s all this lot?” Dannii said quizzically, putting her glass down after another sip and picking up a book.

“Well I was told a load of books were left out for me, required reading sort of thing,” Kylie said, finishing her own glass of blood, thinking for a moment she’d like to be drinking from the source.

“I doubt werewolves are required reading generally,” Dannii said, following suit with her glass of blood and looking around for the right shelf to find some books on them.

“Probably not,” Kylie smiled, wondering whether there was much of an order to the shelving. They seemed to be in alphabetical order, which didn’t help her too much as they could be under anything really, though she started with W for obvious reasons. Kylie paused as there seemed to be an suspiciously large amount of books on werewolves, a whole shelf packed with them. Casting the thoughts aside she picked up one of them, quickly thumbing through though she didn’t know what she was looking for. Flicking through a couple more which were more about the history of werewolves and their mythology, she decided that wasn’t what she needed, as right now she just needed stone cold facts to be better informed about what seemed to be waiting for them downstairs. Selecting a small stack of what seemed to be the right kind of books, she walked back and put them on the table where Dannii waited, who immediately took one and flipped it open, studying the contents.

“What are we looking for exactly?” Dannii queried, without so much as looking up.

“Any generally useful information I guess, so we have a good idea what happens,” Kylie said, a little unsure herself what they were looking to find, just wanting some general education on the darker side of her one-night-stand. They sat flipping through the books, skim reading, eyeing several hand drawn pictures and sketches curiously, reading odd parts in depth and just picking up general information. Of course accounts and details differed, quite drastically at points, leaving them wondering just who was right, but overall they got a good idea of what to expect. Closing her book with a thud, Dannii looking pointedly at Kylie.

“Well, looks like we’ve got quite a handful then,” she said, her tone unmistakeable, which told Kylie she was not the least bit impressed this had been brought on them.

“Yeah it does, but we’ve got a safe place to put him at least,” Kylie said, closing her own book and putting it back with the others, figuring she’d get a chance to read with far more depth later on.

“Yeah, lock him up away from y….us,” Dannii said, changing her words carefully, but it was clear what she was thinking.

“Indeed,” Kylie said, eyes narrowing, getting a little tired of Dannii’s attitude now. She knew she’d done wrong but really couldn’t be having it thrown in her face like this. Picking up her empty glass, she turned and walked towards the door, leaving Dannii to catch up to her, which she did, not saying anything but taking her hand. As they passed they picked up the spare clothes they’d found for him, before heading back to the stairs and gliding back down to the first floor to find him, wondering what he was up to after his shower, since they’d spent a good forty-five minutes in the library. Walking towards the corner bathroom, they stopped at the bedroom before it, since it was hardly appropriate to simple barge in on him if he was still in the shower or something. Kylie decided to hang back and make sure she didn’t seem to eager to see him, letting Dannii take the lead on this, where she went straight to his door and opened it, clearly seeing nothing inappropriate about disturbing him in the bedroom instead.

Pushing the door open, it revealed him laid out on the bed dozing, bloodstained clothes discarded to one side, wearing just his boxer shorts, which were a little snug and showed off the bulge in them, which Dannii’s eyes just lingered at a moment as she gazed over him. He seemed quite fit, and the slash marks from his attack were certainly healed, fading well or complete gone in some places, such as his stomach. Kylie glanced over him as well, unable to stop herself glancing at the bulge in his shorts either, though she had slept with him and knew what was underneath, which was plenty of fun though she wouldn’t let on to Dannii just how much.

“Think we should let him sleep?” Dannii murmured, looking across to Kylie.

“Well, he’s had a long night, maybe we should?” Kylie whispered back, both of them standing in the doorway glancing over the foot of his bed at his near naked body.

“Although, we don’t know when he’ll change, if he’s going to?” Dannii said softly, which was a fair point, and they really needed him somewhere safe before it happened so they made sure it all went smoothly.

“Good point, guess we’d better get him up then,” Kylie said, and both of them stepped into the room, Dannii just tapping the bed with her foot and giving an “ahem” cough, as if she were merely interrupting somebody. However, he hadn’t been asleep very long so was only dozing lightly and stirred, giving a mumble of something, blinking and looking around, before he spotted both of them looking at him and hurriedly sat up, Kylie with a simple pleasant smile, Dannii with a nice smile that looked a little forced, but also hinted a little at something else, which was enhanced when her eyes briefly flicked down to his crotch and it turned to a slight smirk. He quickly averted his gaze to Kylie as she spoke, unable to stop his eyes roaming down and taking in her figure, noticing her slender waist and accentuated hips.

“We thought it best we wake you, just so we’re all ready,” Kylie said, looking him in the eye. She wasn’t thinking anything else about him other than sorting this current problem out even though he was nearly naked on a bed. After all, she only had to recall the memory to remember any carnal pleasures he had to offer her.

“And we found some spare clothes, hopefully they fit. Thought you could use them since yours were a little…ragged,” Dannii said, casting a sideways glance to pretty sibling beside her and then back to him, again with her suggestive smirk.

“Um yeah thanks, that’s good of you,” he mumbled, unsure quite what was going on with Dannii. Kylie was looking to help him and he knew from experience he could trust her, which was why he’d come here in the first place, but he remained wary of Dannii, who was playing her cards close to her ample chest. There was a moment of tension before he pulled his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, deciding he wasn’t going to be intimidated by Dannii’s seeming mind games and stepped forward to her, where she matter-of-factly handed him the jeans and shirt, which he set about putting on as Dannii didn’t change her unreadable smile, casting her eyes lazily up and down him as he dressed, pulling the jeans up and buttoning them, feeling a little tight at the waist but wearable.

“How’s the fit? Any good?” Kylie asked, watching as he settled them a little and slid his arms into the black shirt.

“A little tight,” he said, looking over to her as he pulled the shirt together and started buttoning it up.

“Better than too loose,” Dannii purred softly, catching his eye as he looked over to her again, where she treated him to a distinct bat of her eyelashes.

“Yeah, won’t be falling off or anything,” he said, doing the shirt up completely.

“I should hope not,” she replied, her lips just curling in a slight increase of her smirk as he looked up from the buttons, the shirt a tad loose, which was fine and comfortable. Dannii just turned away from him with a slight sway of her hips and sauntered back outside the door to the bedroom.

“Lucky we found those clothes for you, good fit too, they’ll do,” Kylie said, brushing out the back of his shirt a little as she stepped back round in front of him.

“Yeah they’re fine, thanks for them,” he said, smoothing it out a little.

“No problem. Want to come down and watch some TV or something?” she asked, since it’d help take his mind off what was surely making him nervous.

“Yeah, yeah that’d be good,” he said with a smile, Kylie turning and leading him from the room to the hall, where Dannii stood waiting, gazing at one of the many paintings lining the walls.

“Anything you want to watch particularly?” Kylie asked, just making conversation as they headed to the stairs, Dannii sidling from the wall to follow them, making him looking back a little unsurely to her, greeted by a warm smile as she glided down the hall behind them, her eyes finding their way to Kylie’s fantastic bum, always happy to walk behind her sister and girlfriend.

“Well, wouldn’t mind catching up on the football?” he said, a slight hopeful tone in his voice, which was unnecessary.

“Ah typical bloke, wants the football,” Kylie giggled, glancing back to Dannii, who gave a knowing smile to her.

“Is that ok?” he asked, wondering if they wanted something else.

“No that’s fine, we have other things to do anyway, you can just relax with the football,” she said, smiling up to him as she walked beside him, several inches below.

“Thanks,” he said walking down the stairs with Kylie at his side, glancing carefully to Dannii out of the corner of his eye as they went round the wide, curved staircase, noting she seemed very casual towards him walking right next to her girlfriend now. He refrained from looking back to Dannii, heading back to the open lounge area and settling on a sofa, getting the sport on and focussing on the results, rather than the feeling of foreboding building up inside him.

“Want a cup of tea or anything?” she asked, making him feel guilty at how helpful she was being to him.

“Oh…yes, please, that’d be nice, thank you,” he stumbled, Dannii now standing by the French doors that opened onto the raised patio.

“How do you take it?” she asked, noticing Dannii’s silence, just glancing to her quickly as he looked back to Kylie again, just seeing her mutter something under her breath, though Kylie didn’t hear it and nor did he, though it almost seemed as if she had muttered “from me,” looking a little frostily towards them for a moment as he looked back to Kylie.

“Milk and two sugars please,” he said.

“No problem,” Kylie said with a smile, turning to head back to the kitchen.

“Tea, Dannii? Kylie said as she did, Dannii turning back to look at her sister as she walked into the hall.

“Yeah, that’d be nice,” Dannii said with a smile that Kylie returned, a warm little moment forming between them, at which point he looked round to Dannii properly for a few moments, seeing her silhouetted by the sunlight against the windows, seeing how striking she was, a rather curious beauty. He looked back to the football at the right time as Dannii looked back round, glancing to the sport for a minute and then turning and opening the doors to the patio, stepping out into the fresh warm air and breeze, listening to the relaxing chatter of birds in the afternoon sunshine.

Kylie soon returned with three mugs of tea, handing him his, which he thanked her for, and after being told of for telling her she was being too generous, she headed to Dannii and gave her hers, where the sisters then strolled out onto the patio. They stopped over at the wall, looking out over the estate they’d wandered round earlier on, perching on the low wall and just enjoying the lovely weather as the day wore on towards the late afternoon and early evening, the sun now round the front of the manner, starting to cast shadows down onto the east facing patio. As the day faded into a warm, summery evening, one of the last few to enjoy in the approaching autumn, they slipped away from the shadows of the manor to the lawn to enjoy lying together on the springy grass, laid on their backs in opposite direction, just their heads together, which frequently turned to indulge in soft, lingering kisses under the sun. The sun sank down on the horizon, bathing them in the deep shadow of the manner, lighting up the sky from the curve of the earth in a beautiful blend of pink and orange, shortly before they finally decided to head back indoors since a slight chill was creeping over the lawn, leaving them not even needing to mention it was nippy.

“How was the football?” Dannii asked casually as they walked back in holding hands, glancing to him on the sofa, looking a little tense.

“It was good, but I think it’s close,” he said, giving a little shiver and rubbing at his arms, which were feeling decidedly prickly.

“Oh right, well I guess it is getting on a bit, the moon’s gonna rise soon,” Kylie said, glancing back out the doors at the fading light.

“Better take him downstairs then huh,” Dannii said, glancing to him with that smirk again, but he was far too edgy to read into it.

“Yeah, come on,” Kylie said, quite soothingly, reaching out to offer him a hand, which he needed to help get him moving. He pulled himself to his feet with Kylie’s help, her small figure now not limited by size for her strength, getting him to stand and leading him immediately into the hall, grabbing the big bunch of keys from the counter, Dannii again following them, across the hall to opposite the kitchen, where she lead him down a side passage which went almost immediately onto a set of stairs, which she took him down to a heavy door. Opening it swiftly, she pulled him through, his bare feet slapping on the cold stone beneath them, making him inhale sharply at the unexpected cold. The stone corridor widened, heavy walls either side, open doorways either side, then another wooden door ahead of them, securely closed. Kylie pulled him to the left into a large cell area, where wrought iron bars were built into the unforgiving stone walls to make individual cells, the doors standing open.

“In here, we can lock it up so you, and we, will be safe,” Kylie said, leading him into a bare cell. Kylie glanced round and saw a straw mattress in another cell on the other side, which would be useful. She realised it was the very mattress she had turned on, where Lucretia had laid her after sucking her dry, where she’d awakened in her tumultuous rebirth. After a pause, she pointed to it.

“Dannii, grab that mattress, he’ll need something to lay on,” Kylie said as he leaned back against the bars for a moment. Dannii looked over at it, then walked across without complaint and hauled it up, dragging it over to his cell, grumbling something about why he couldn’t just go in that cell, which Kylie ignored, helping Dannii pull it into place on the floor. He stepped over to his, standing onto it to get his cold feet off the floor, noticing the place seemed reasonably warm, insulated somewhat being underground. He wasn’t cold otherwise though, feeling warm, almost itchy, which he figured was the fact he was going to turn for the first time quite shortly.

“That ok?” Kylie said, wondering what else they could really do for him.

“Yeah that’s good, just gotta ride this out,” he said, looking round unsurely, his heart beating hard.

“Yeah, just gotta get through it, but we’ll be here when we can help,” Dannii said, eyeing him again, sizing him up.

“Thanks, you two have been so helpful,” he said, his voice full of genuine appreciation.

“No problem. Now strip,” Dannii said abruptly.

“Um…what?” he asked, not quite sure he’d heard right, and it seemed nor had Kylie.

“Dannii what the…?” Kylie asked incredulously.

“Strip, it’s very simple. The clothes are just gonna tear when you change aren’t they? And if they don’t it’ll be very uncomfortable, and I for one am not helping you get a pair of jeans that tight off,” she said with a smile, which seemed slightly like she was enjoying this.

“Good point,” he said, Kylie nodding. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off, where Dannii held out a hand, which he sort of folded it and passed it to. Dannii held it and waited for his jeans to follow, which they did, both sisters watching him as he undid them and pushed them down, stepping out and folding them as well, before handing them to Dannii too, feeling their eyes burning into him.

“And the shorts,” she said, looking into his eyes, which widened a little.

“Dannii really, that’s enough,” Kylie said quite sharply, feeling she was going far too far with this.

“He’s not the incredible hulk Kylie, they won’t conveniently stay on,” she retorted, glancing to her blonde sibling before looking back to him.

“You don’t have to,” Kylie said to him clearly, making sure he knew that Dannii wasn’t in charge of him.

“No…she’s right, they’ll just rip and be wasted if I keep them,” he said, looking down at the floor. Kylie turned and shot a glare at Dannii, who just cocked an eyebrow and looked back to him as he took a breath and reached down to take his boxers off, stepping out and putting on a brave face, standing fully before them and handing them to Dannii, who stood with an outstretched hand. She took them and swung them onto the top of his pile of clothes, then looked him in the eye again with her smirk, holding his gaze for a moment before her eyes slowly flicked down his naked body, then back to look into his eyes, her smirk turning to a sexy grin as her eyelids just weighed a little.

“Mm good boy,” she purred quite heavily, before turning and walking casually out of the cell, definitely swaying her hips as she turned left to the other cells, out of sight a moment before she pulled a wooden chair back and put it across from his cell near the doorway and placed his clothes down on it. Turning back, she looked in at him and Kylie standing in the cell, just giving a little smile.

“Good luck,” she murmured, before sauntering out the door and back towards the stairs, both of them listening to the sound of her feet as she headed back up into the castle. Kylie looked back to him with a blush, looking away as he stood naked before her, feeling a little embarrassed but determined not to show it. Besides, Kylie had done far more than see him naked so he didn’t mind really.

“Look, I’m really sorry…” she started, feeling the need to apologise for Dannii’s humiliating behaviour.

“No no, it’s fine, she’s right. At least I have them to wear tomorrow after this is all over…well I hope it’s all over,” he said, looking down to Kylie with a brief smile.

“Ok well I’ll see if we can find you something else, in the mean time good luck. I’ll lock you in, you’ll be fine, and if you need anything just shout, and I’ll come and check on you now and then, especially once…you know…” she said, trailing off.

“Thank you, this is why I came to you, I knew you’d be able to help,” he said as Kylie pulled the bunch of keys from her pocket, having picked them up on the way down.

“No problem, now good luck, and try to relax, it’ll help if you don’t fight this I think,” she said.

“I’ll try,” he replied, taking a deep breath in the anticipation of what was to come, already feeling something new and alien rising in his body, as if his soul was about to break free of his mortal frame. Kylie gave a smile, then reached up and gave him a quick kiss and a little hug, then stepped away and closed the cell door, locking it securely and removing the key, holding up the bunch and shaking them noisily at him for a playful moment, both of them giving a laugh before she smile and little wave.

“Goodnight, hope all goes well for you, and I’ll see you later,” she said. He didn’t answer, just giving a hopeful smile and a nod, watching as she disappeared past the stone wall, standing for a moment before he sagged down onto the mattress heavily, giving a sigh and turning to lie flat, reaching up to hold his head and gather his thoughts.

During the course of the evening they checked on him a couple of times, just joining him for a couple of minutes to see whether anything was happening, and that he was alright so far, since none of them really knew what to expect. The sisters spent their time in the comfortable open lounge area watching television, the door to the dungeons open so they could hear if he needed anything, though they heard nothing. Seeing the moon starting to light up the lawn and patio outside, they decided something must surely be happening now and headed down to see him.

“Hi we just came to see if…” Kylie started, both of them stopping as they stepped round into the cell area, seeing him hunched on his simple mattress, resting his head on his knees, holding onto the rudimentary bedding and breathing deeply.

“Are you alright?” asked Dannii cautiously, since he hadn’t turned yet but was clearly in some kind of distress.

“Yeah…” he said heavily, clearly focussing and holding himself together, giving a slight growl with his next breath, which made the sisters warily approach the cold, unforgiving bars of his prison.

“What’s the matter? How’s it feel?” Kylie said, looking at him carefully through the bars, looking for any sign of change.

“You must be getting close now, the moon’s rising big and bright out there,” Dannii said, glancing to Kylie.

“Yeah I fucking am!” he snapped, looking up at them, a strange glint to his eyes, like they were discoloured, both sisters realising it must be part of the change, since this was his first one after all.

“Calm down, just relax,” Kylie cooed, waving her hands softly downwards in a soothing manner, not that it helped. If anything it just made things worse.

“Calm down, how can I calm down? I’m about to turn into…into…fuck knows what!” he yelled, losing his temper as he stood up, completely unconcerned at his nudity, though so were the sisters just then, stepping back from the bars a little.

“We’re just trying to help you through this,” Dannii said coolly, not liking his attitude.

“Trying to help is right. You can help by getting outta here,” he snapped sharply, glaring at Dannii, who glared right back, giving a slightly aggressive growl herself and exposing her teeth somewhat.

“Ok ok we’re going. Dannii, we’re going,” Kylie said firmly, grasping her younger sister’s arm and looking into her eyes though they didn’t turn to her, pulling her towards the door of the dungeons, Dannii not looking away from him for a moment, mumbling under her breath as she was pulled out of the dungeon, Kylie holding onto her and pulling her out and up the stairs to the hallway. He gave a deep sigh and dropped heavily onto the mattress again, curling onto his side and giving a shiver, completely oblivious to the way he’d just treated the two people who had decided to help him.

“Dan calm down, this isn’t easy for him,” Kylie said, seeing Dannii still seething.

“Maybe not but he could be more grateful, we took him in and look what we get,” she said moodily as Kylie pulled her back into the kitchen and practically parked her against a work top, putting the kettle on and setting about making them a cup of tea to calm down.

“I doubt he has any idea he’s doing it. You certainly weren’t the most polite little creature when you’d just been turned,” Kylie said, casting Dannii a glance as she found the milk.

“And I suppose you were?” she said with a scowl, clearly not wanting any more insults.

“No, definitely not, I was a bloodthirsty little bitch, it’s just the way it is,” Kylie said as she stepped back to pour their hot drinks. Dannii seemed satisfied by this admission, and a little out of ideas as to a comeback, so simply let her simmering temper go off the boil as she shared a mug of tea with her girlfriend and went back to the show they’d been watching.

Around half an hour later, the moon had risen properly into the sky, big and bright over the trees. The sisters were still watching telly, another show on they idly kept up with, giggling over some of the cute guys in it and other stuff, when they heard a low noise. Both of them immediately went still and silent, Kylie quickly muting the TV, their sharpened hearing picking up the sounds far more clearly than any normal human would.

“What was that?” murmured Dannii, both straining to hear. They heard it again, a low, soft call of need, now making it out, “is anybody there? Please?”, the confusion and need laced into it in the most profound way.

“It’s him, come on,” Kylie said, swiftly standing, grasping Dannii’s hand and pulling her towards the hall, nipping along it and down the corridor onto the stairs, which quickly got them into the dungeon area, turning round the solid wall to his cell. He was laid on the floor on his front, almost like he was doing a press up, his fingernails digging into the cold floor off his mattress, the grimace of pain evident. He managed to glance up, barely able to think who they were through the deep, bone-aching changes that were sneaking up on him, his skin crawling.

“We’re here, don’t worry,” Kylie said, kneeling down and reaching for his hand that he extended towards him, which seemed an effort when gripped in the throes of such deep-seated changes.

“Yeah just breathe deep and calm down, you’ll get through this,” Dannii said, Kylie glancing up, a little surprised at the compassion and support Dannii showed after her mood just minutes earlier. He didn’t reply, still breathing heavily, grunting and growling a little more, Dannii reaching down, seeking Kylie’s other hand, clearly wanting to be able to pull her back out the way if, or rather when, something happened.

It happened fast, Dannii giving a slight squeal and yanking Kylie back out the way, falling back on the stone floor with her as he gave a sharp lurch and a cry, arching his back and straining, looking completely tortured before he curled forward, curling up on the floor as he felt a sickening, crunching gristly noise, feeling his spine expand as he gave a loud cry, contorting tightly as he struggled even to draw the tiniest breath. The sisters backed away from the caged as he managed another strained cry of pure agony, watching wide eyed as he changed, which was happening very quickly. Pain shot through his body as he felt his limbs straining, like they were suddenly too short, the joints throbbing excruciatingly as his bones changed, becoming longer, stronger and thicker, making him taller and broader than he already had been. It wasn’t just that though, as he felt a surge burst through him and his muscles suddenly felt like they’d been pumped full of air like balloons, straining unbearably against his skin. He let out a long, loud scream at the intolerable pain, feeling like he’d burst when he felt a sudden itching over his skin.

Neither of the sisters spoke as they stared fixated on his metamorphosis, unable to do anything but watch as he writhed in agony on the floor, feeling the creeping across his skin, like it was tightening up, followed by a bristly sensation which rapidly turned to a feeling of millions of tiny needles forcing his way through his skin, forcing another cry from him as he tried to block out the pain, barely aware of anything now as it suddenly felt almost tickly, as a coating of dark hair spread all over his skin, bursting through abruptly and flowed down him to a set length, the pressure feeling relieved, on his skin at least as it changed around his new body, turning to what he now was, a tail extending surprisingly fast from his spine, but was soon overcome by another pain as it was like someone had punched him in the face. Everywhere in the face, as his nose and cheeks hurt unbelievably, straining and stretching with a bone-chilling crunching and squelching sound that reverberated through his skull, his gums hurting and bleeding as his teeth forced through, touched by his already changed tongue, long and soft in his mouth.

He was completely unaware of himself now, turned, feeling the last painful and uncomfortable constrictions and stretches take place and settle down as he gave a last spasm or two, pain fading completely from him, resting a moment before he flipped onto his feet with incredible speed, throwing his head back and letting out a deafening howl before his eyes fixed on the sisters. Without even a sniff his nose told him they were fresh, warm meat, and he hurled himself at the bars to get to them, both sisters scrabbling back to their feet in shock, terrified as he grabbed the bars and heaved, the iron giving a weary groan at the strain, as if it might fail, but held him back all the same. As they clearly resisted him, he gave a snarl and let go, pulling back from the cage and standing up, massive now, the tiny sanguistic siblings staring up at him. Standing about eight feet tall now with shoulders twice as broad as before, his body, which had been fairly toned anyway, was now a rippling mass of taught, powerful muscle under a coating of dark fur, his long snout sniffing ahead of his searching yellow eyes, which were locked on the Minogue sisters.

“I…think we’d better leave him alone for a while…” Kylie said slowly, neither of them taking their eyes from the cage.

“Yeah that sounds a good idea,” Dannii said, taking her hand again and briskly pulling her away from the cage, out into the corridor and back to the stairs, hearing him give another growl as they did. Getting onto the stairs, they shut the door and swiftly headed up the stairs to the wide hallway, both breathing a heavy sigh and looking at one another.

“Damn…have you ever seen anything…” Kylie trailed off, looking down at the carpet and shaking her head.

“Nothing even close…” Dannii murmured, both of them mulling over the unimaginable transformation they’d just witnessed. Tottering back to the lounge area, they slumped down on the comfortable furniture, both sitting in silence for a few minutes as they tried to take it in, both running over it in their minds, the way he’d sprouted his thick covering of hair, or the way he’d just stretched and bulged in front of them. However what struck both of them most was his screams of pain, which far surpassed anything they’d had to put up with. After a few more minutes they got talking again, going over the same things more than once as they talked about him, what to do with him and so forth, but eventually decided they’d feed him the steak they’d brought upstairs earlier. They collected it from the kitchen fridge and then headed back down the stairs in the side corridor from the hallway, slowly opening the door and peering into the dungeon area as if he’d be standing there waiting for them, which he wasn’t.

They could hear him in his cell, breathing quite heavily just round the stone wall separating them, hearing a change in it as they entered, knowing he was aware of their presence, not that that surprised them at all. Stepping round the corner, he was waiting in his cell, the iron bars still holding just fine with him just behind, eyes already searing into them as they stood, but quickly drawn to the thick steak Kylie was holding, its enticing aroma capturing his attention. He let out a low growl, his tongue just lolling a little.

“Um…hi. We brought you something to eat, thought you might be hungry…” Kylie said a little lamely, her nerves and uncertainty showing.

“Kylie, he doesn’t understand,” Dannii said a little scornfully, though she was no barrel of bravery at that moment.

“He might, we don’t know,” Kylie retorted, then carefully approached the bars, immediately recoiling as he also approached them, eager for the meal she was offering. Eyeing him carefully, she slipped forward out of Dannii’s clutches, who again held her hand to be able to draw her back out of trouble, just getting close enough to the bars with the thick cut of meat. Whilst he stood near to the bars, he didn’t make any movement besides eyeing them and breathing, which was a good start. Kylie didn’t quite know how she was going to give it to him, but she didn’t think she’d be trying to hand feed him any time soon, so stayed out of reach. Swinging the heavy steak a couple of times, she turned it and threw it between the bars, right at him. It never even touched the ground as he moved with amazing speed and grabbed the raw, juicy steak, stepping back and hunching to devour it. Dannii pulled Kylie back to safety as he tore at it with his impressive jaws and new, sharp teeth, tearing out a big chunk and chewing it noisily, Dannii wearing a slightly disgusted face as he demolished the meat, looking up at them almost accusingly as they watched him eat.

“Hopefully that’ll settle him down a bit,” Dannii murmured, easing Kylie back towards the entrance.

“Yeah, keep him calm,” Kylie replied idly, both still watching him, though Kylie’s eyes flitted down, taking him all in, noticing quite a substantial bulge at his crotch, though more out of mere fascination as this incredible creature than anything else, not the least bit interested in anything like that, at least not then as they worked to understand him first.

“Let’s go and have another cuppa huh?” Dannii cooed in her ear, still guiding her back slowly as he worked at the large steak, which wasn’t so large anymore.

“Yeah, yeah let’s go,” Kylie agreed, tearing her eyes from the grim spectacle and turning up the stairs, Dannii following with a last glare to him feeding in his prison. Again they closed the door and headed back upstairs, getting the kettle on for another hot mug of tea to help maintain normality as both of them ended up where they had been before, just thinking about him in an endless circle. Neither had any idea what to expect, whether he’d settle down or become more aggressive and energetic, exactly what they didn’t need. And neither of them had the faintest idea how long it might take to happen after eating, so they just had to guess and wait it out a little while. They had the telly on but neither of them was really watching it as they drank their tea, thinking deeply to themselves or talking it over.

“Well, he certainly seems containable…” Kylie said, pointing out that he was secured after all.

“Yeah, for now, but is this just the beginning? Like us, he’ll get stronger as he gets more…developed shall we say,” Dannii countered, which was a fair point.

“Don’t know really, all we can do it go and read some more of those books I guess,” Kylie said, the most practical thing they’d come up with since it’d all begun. Although it was a bit of a walk, once they’d finished their tea they stood up and joined hands once more and headed back up the majestic stairs to the top floor and the library. Walking through the darkened corridors was quite eerie, even though there were lights it didn’t quite chase away the complete feeling around them, though they were sure it was nothing. Back in the library again, they settled down with the werewolf books, now with a more specific research aim, which was the development of werewolves after their first turning and what their moods were like, hoping to find a clue as to whether food would placate or enrage him.

As usual they found conflicting reports, since most of the books seemed to be based on the mythology and legend of werewolves and lacked good solid first-hand contact. However, a few did have some good personal accounts and delivered mostly consistent information that suggested, like most creatures, that food was a top priority and he should calm down, at least somewhat, if he was well fed. Having found out what they initially came for, and a few other less relevant facts, they headed back downstairs and decided they should check him first, warily descending the stairs to the dungeons again and looking round into his cell. Even in the small area he was pacing, immediately looking up to them as they arrived, giving a slight growl. The bone from the meat was picked clean, and bitten in two, on the floor of the cell.

“Perhaps best we get him something else to eat huh?” Dannii murmured as they saw his still aggressive stance, clearly looking at them with a less than friendly air.

“Yeah, might be an idea,” Kylie replied, both of them pulling back and slinking away without hesitation, heading straight over the hall and along a bit to head down to the fridges. Only a few moments later they were out again with two thick steaks, bigger than the first one, deciding that feeding him up plenty certainly couldn’t hurt his demeanour. They immediately headed straight back down to the dungeons and round to his cage, where he was waiting at the bars, sniffing heavily at their offerings, having smelt them coming from the hallway with the fresh meat. Eyeing him carefully, Dannii stepped forward, her slender arm outstretched and holding the thick steak, watching him to see how he reacted, which was different to how it had been at least. He was definitely calmer, but showed more control, as if he understood they were being nice to him. However it soon reverted as he snarled and tried to snatch it, Dannii recoiling and then positively hurling the meat through the bars at him.

“Not much respect is there,” she snapped, looking moody as he grabbed the meat and once again started to devour it with no regard for mess or noise, Dannii sneering a little at the display.

“Not yet,” Kylie said simply, edging closer as he gorged and throwing her own steak through the bars at his feet. His eyes flitted to it but he didn’t look up, and they once again withdrew, heading back out and closing the door to the stairs. It was getting reasonably late now, pushing on eleven thirty pm as they settled on the sofa once more, idly watching TV as they gave him time to feed and with luck settle down a bit. Sitting on the sofa, Dannii let tiredness overwhelm her and dozed off, sinking down into the sofa cushions and resting her head softly against Kylie’s shoulder. Kylie just continued to idly watch the TV, and take in a brief, well-known look down Dannii’s top when she glanced at the clock and noticed it’d been the better part of an hour since they’d fed him again, and they should take a look at him. Glancing at her pretty younger sister, she decided not to wake her and carefully slipped off the settee, leaving Dannii snoozing lightly as she padded back to the corridor, down the stairs and through the door to the dungeons.

Slowly approaching, she leaned round the wall to see what was going on, having not even heard so much as breathing on her way down. He was standing, back from the bars, looking curiously around his cell, examining it for something. Perhaps looking for a way to escape, though the only way that would happen would be through the bars, which so far held firm without worry. His gaze immediately switched to her as she stepped into view in her cropped trousers and snug vest top, having never changed after he’d arrived so dramatically at the mansion. He moved forward, but slowly, carefully, as if he didn’t want to startle her, not that he could really since she knew what to expect from him. Stepping a little closer herself, but still out of reach of him, she waited to see what he’d do, seeing him sniffing the air deeply, as if able to pick something specific out, but what she had no idea.

He came right to the bars and pushed his nose through a little, Kylie leaning back warily, looking into his eyes, which now seemed far more curious and warm than they had earlier when he was clearly in a far more primal state. However she wasn’t a fool and didn’t expect him to suddenly be what he wasn’t, and it was clear he didn’t have any particular control over his new self, which was entirely understandable. Glancing down him, she could see he was relaxed, catching sight of his long, plush tail hanging down towards the floor between his legs, which was just curling and wagging slightly, making her arch an eyebrow. She didn’t want to liken him to a dog, he was far more than that, but was there a chance it indicated similar, that he was happy to see her? She thought for a minute, when he hadn’t done anything to threaten her as they stood there, standing back up straight and then very carefully and slowly raising her hand towards him.

She couldn’t keep a slight tremble from her arm as she lifted it, a mix of fear and exhilaration, slowly raising it close to his nose, where she felt the cool movement of air as he took a particularly deep sniff, though she was sure he’d only smell her perfume a little stronger by doing so. However he sniffed her strongly again, then slowly slid his tongue out, rolling it slowly over the palm of her hand as she squirmed a little, the hot, wet sensations like a giant dogs tongue a little disconcerting as it flicked over her hand, the rough surface mixing with the soft, slightly sloppy way he lapped at her hand, Kylie eventually withdrawing it with a giggle as it tickled, smiling, and seeing his tail give a slightly stronger flick as he gave a growl that was clearly more of pleasure than anything else.

“Mm good boy,” she murmured, half without thinking, and half hoping it’d help train him to see she meant no harm, though she had no idea if he could even understand her. Taking a breath, she stepped carefully forward, now within reach of his large arms and sharp claws, though neither came through the bars at her. Feeling a little more confident now, she took a final step closer, right up to the bars now, face to face with him now he’d pulled back inside his bars, looking at her as she smiled inquisitively up at him. She wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do or wanted from her, so she just stood to wait and see, confident in her strength and reflexes to escape if he made any funny moves. He gave a long sniff, smelling her more completely now she stood close, stooping significantly to sniff at her since she was so small compared to him, almost resting his fingers on the floor as he sniffed over her generally from behind the bars, across her chest and body, dropping down to all fours to lean down and start at the bottom.

Kylie looked down curiously as he sniffed up her feet and legs, wondering why there was any reason to particularly sniff her there. Surely her scent was much the same wherever he tried and he must have it down by now. Sniffing up her thighs, he moved up further still, level with her crotch as he breathed in to continue enjoying her scent, moving up to her lower tummy, then pausing and moving back down to her crotch again, Kylie feeling a surge of excitement as he did. She knew what he could smell, and what he was after, which was a deeper sniff at the meeting of her thighs, and she did nothing to repel him as he pushed his snout through the bars towards his target.

She was far enough back that he couldn’t actually touch her, so he wouldn’t be burying himself into her trousers like the wet nose of an horny dog, but he could still get what he wanted, and did just that. Pushed through as far as he could get, he was about an inch from her groin, smelling her thoroughly, Kylie just standing and feeling somewhat empowered by it. Deciding he’d had more than enough of her proximity, she stepped back from the bars, making it clear to him he’d had his chance, breaking the moment as she eyed him. Her eyes soon went very wide as he stood back up with a little stretch.

“Oh…my…god…” Kylie breathed, her jaw actually dropping open, barely forming the whispered words as she stared at the huge erection he was now sporting, sticking out prominently from the fur of his crotch, his absolutely massive cock just finishing hardening as she watched. His changes into the werewolf also applied to his cock it seemed, as his decent sized cock was now absolutely massive, about thirteen inches long, thick with a prominent head, hard as steel and almost against his body, full balls hanging snug beneath. Kylie had never seen anything like it, doing a double take to make sure she wasn’t seeing something quite ridiculous, looking back again to see his dark, huge cock still waiting for her as he eyed her somewhat lustily. She was simply amazed, and so was her body, immediately feeling herself wetten, noticing him shortly give another deep sniff, then a slightly aroused sounding growl, but it could’ve just been her mind wanting it to be since she herself was turned on.

“I’ll be back in a minute…” Kylie murmured, unable to tear her eyes from his cock, carefully edging back, keeping her eyes on the most incredible penis she’d ever clapped eyes on, though she knew she really shouldn’t be this turned on by a werewolf. She finally wrenched her eyes away from his groin and turned to the stairs, running quickly up them and back to the lounge area where Dannii was dozing on the sofa. Kylie hurried over to her, giving her a quick shake.

“Dannii, Dannii wake up,” she said as she shook her, not failing to see how her ample breasts jiggled.

“Huh, why what’s going on?” Dannii almost shouted, shocked awake so abruptly, thinking something had happened as she jerked awake and sat up quickly, her head snapping round.

“Nothing, it’s fine, I’m fine,” Kylie quickly said to reassure her.

“Thank god for that, Christ…” Dannii breathed, sagging back on the sofa with a deep sigh.

“Just…you gotta come see this,” Kylie said, taking Dannii’s hand.

“Don’t do that to me. See what?” said Dannii a little grumpily, clearly wanting to be asleep far more.

“Come on, I can’t explain,” Kylie said excitedly, Dannii letting Kylie pull her to her feet with a groan, giving a stretch before following Kylie, who almost dragged her to the stairs.

“Wait, you’ve been down here alone?” Dannii said angrily, glaring at Kylie, who paused and looked back to her.

“Yeah, but it’s fine, he’s much better now we fed him,” Kylie said, starting to guide Dannii towards the stairs once more.

“You shouldn’t have done that, what if something had happened?” Dannii snapped angrily as she followed her older sister down the stairs.

“But it didn’t, it’s fine, and he’s locked up tight,” Kylie said, barely thinking about her responses as she pulled Dannii round to stand in front of his cage.

“I know but if…” Dannii said, stopping mid sentence as she looked into the cage, her eyes immediately fixing on the huge, rock hard cock standing up to greet them. After about thirty seconds of silence, Dannii finally managed to speak, Kylie giggling a little as she saw how her younger sibling’s eyes were locked on his erection.

“Kylie, just how did you get him up like that?” she said, turning her head a little to talk but keeping her eyes on him.

“He just sniffed me is all,” Kylie said, but didn’t go into details of just how he’d done so. Dannii continued to stare, her eyes moving up and down his cock to take in every contour and shape.

“He’s massive, never had anyone…” she trailed off, Kylie just giving another giggle.

“Told you you had to see it, magnificent isn’t it?” Kylie beamed, holding Dannii’s hand still as they eyed him unashamedly.

“Bet you’re glad I made him take his shorts off now aren’t you,” Dannii giggled, glancing over to Kylie. Kylie noticed with ease how hard Dannii’s nipples had got, which matched her own stiff little points, which had screwed up very quickly as she was now exceptionally wet, and wasn’t surprised he was sniffing deeply from his cage with both of them outside it. As they carefully approached the cage, Kylie far more boldly than Dannii, he moved forwards, causing them to slow as he leaned down to sniff pointedly at their hip level, causing Dannii to look over at Kylie.

“Oh so that’s why he’s got a stiffy is it?” Dannii said with a slightly derisive tone, though she couldn’t keep the playfulness of arousal out of her voice.

“I don’t think you really mind, besides you’re as bad as me,” Kylie said with a teasing sniff, both girls giggling a little as they warily got close to the cage, seeing him back away a little bit, perhaps to seem less threatening, still down low smelling them powerfully, his eyes flicking quickly between them.

“Come on boy, up here,” Kylie whispered, clicking her fingers softly as high as she could reach. She could tell her wanted to just bury his nose into the crotch of either her sister or herself, and so tried to tempt him to stand up straight to let them at his cock. He looked up unsurely, then back down to what was evidently his prize, both girls shifting a little restlessly at this delay.

“Give him something to lick,” Dannii murmured, and Kylie knew exactly what she meant, Dannii still staring straight at him in the cage, on edge and ready to spring back at a moments notice. Kylie lowered her hand and, after a moments hesitation, pushed it down the front of her cut-offs, straight into her knickers and onto her dripping, shaven pussy. She gave a light moan, even Dannii glancing to her older sister as she rubbed herself, letting her fingers glide deliberately between her puffy lips to get them wet, before she composed herself and pulled her hand out. Offering it again, she snapped her fingers more forcefully.

“Come on boy, up,” she said firmly, and he glanced up, sniffed, and then pulled himself up to nearly stand, leaning down a long way to sniff deeply and then lean forwards to tentatively lick at her fingers, Kylie trembling just a little bit and Dannii watching wide eyed, worried that at any moment there could be a bite. His hot, long tongue slide and curled over her fingers, making her giggle a little as it tickled her, moving a little closer so his mighty erection was just inside the bars. Kylie edged a little closer and reached down with her other hand, slowly sliding her dainty digits onto his cock, feeling him jump a little at her touch as if surprised she’d ever touch him there, despite the fact he wanted some stimulation. Kylie just started to stroke a little at the huge cock, before taking a breath and closing her hand round it, well as much of it as her tiny hand could manage, nowhere near reaching around his shaft. Holding him, she just felt the thick, rock-hard cock in her grasp, before giving a little stroke and hearing an immediate growl as he pulled his mouth away from her hand.

“God he’s so fucking big,” Kylie breathed, lost in her little moment.

“I think I can see that Kylie,” Dannii murmured, eager but apprehensive at the building situation.

“So come and feel it too,” Kylie murmured, lowering her hand and continuing to carefully stroke, pulling a little towards her to urge him to the bars of the cage. He gave a whining, whimpering sound as he did, Kylie’s delicate touch evidently frustrating him, but he did what she wanted, moving close to the bars. His large, clawed hands grasped the bars tightly and he growled lightly through heavy breaths, leaning to knock his teeth on the bars as he lightly bit at one in frustration, his cock now fully through the bars for the delicious sisters to enjoy, Kylie’s small hand still wrapped around it. Stepping back a little, Kylie cast a look to Dannii, who watched fixated as she started to stroke at him, slowly adding her second hand, allowing her to wrap completely around his enormous cock and stroke properly, just gripping firmly and moving slowly, hearing him give a deep, low growl.

“Come on Dannii, it’s ok,” she said. It clearly wasn’t, and he was an unpredictable beast, but right now he seemed calm enough with Kylie’s lovely little hands working at him. Dannii carefully stepped forwards, looking up to him as she did, before looking down to guide her hands to him. Kylie slid her hands off out the way to let Dannii grasp him, which she slowly did, taking in the feel of smooth skin as she slid onto him, going straight in with both her hands to take a hold on him, giving a slightly squeeze to make him give a somewhat punctuated growl, glancing down to her a bit more and giving a sniff as she started to stroke him carefully, using her two hands separately though, one near the huge, swollen head and the other lower down his shaft.

“He’s so hard,” she whispered, Kylie giving a smile as she submissively sank to her knees, reaching up again for his large cock, easily the biggest she’d ever seen or touched that wasn’t a toy. Dannii moved her hands down to work them both lower on his shaft as Kylie’s hands went to the top, both of them stroking in unison as they got into rhythm with one another.

“He’s loving this,” Kylie giggled, looking up at the heavy, snorting werewolf, which held tense against the iron bars, his feet shifting.

“A lot of men would,” Dannii said after a slight pause. It was a little awkward, as despite the fact they were dating, the sisters had never taken one man to bed to share between them, so this was a slightly new experience for them. They continued to stroke, Dannii removing a hand so she could gently reach down to fondle and squeeze his large, heavy balls, feeling him push forward a little more as she did so.

“He’s like a man but…not quite, something’s different here,” Dannii murmured, meaning his cock, since he was in wolf form and things had changed.

“Well, I spose he takes aspects of both,” Kylie said quite sensibly, looking down his cock, unable to pinpoint what was different, apart from being thicker near the base. The girls continued to stroke at him, Kylie feeling his warm, slick juices leaking down over her pumping hands as he got more and more into it, desperate for relief and leaking already.

“Well, I guess we’re um…taking care of him, else he’d be hard to handle,” Dannii said, excusing the fact they were stroking the werewolf.

“Well, I think we can do better than just rub him,” Kylie said, and without waiting for any discussion or protests from Dannii, leaning up and softly planted a hot, wet kiss on the side of his cock, just below the head. It jumped in their grips and he gave a bit of a snarl, making them slow, but they quickly realized it was just arousal and he wanted more, spurring Kylie to do it again, planting a series of kisses down her side of his cock, before switching to her tongue, dragging it wetly along his cock, letting it slip top and bottom of the thick shaft as they continue to stroke him.

“How is it?” Dannii asked, watching her sibling licking at him.

“No worse than licking any other cock,” she replied, and continued, working her hands in the rhythm they’d established and leaning forward to lick a little more thoroughly this time at the huge cock before her. Dannii took a breath and took her hand off his balls, using both at the base of his cock as she too leaned forward and tentatively pressed her lips to his shaft, realizing Kylie was right and setting about as her sister had, licking and sucking over him as they stroked, feeling him pulse and respond beneath.
“Well, I suppose he wouldn’t mind a blowjob either,” Kylie muttered, pulling away from him a little bit, looking over the thick shaft at Dannii, whose eyes widened at the very notion.

“What you think you can swallow this do you?” she said derisively.

“No, but am sure we….well I…could do enough for him…” Kylie murmured unsurely, both girls not slowing their stroking of him.

“Well…go on then, he’s almost there anyway,” Dannii said, going back to licking up the side of his cock slowly. Kylie immediately moved round in front of him, sliding her tongue round onto his head, immediately hearing a grunt and then took a calming breath and pushed her mouth over the huge, engorged head in front of her. He growled loudly, Dannii glancing up to see the beasts eyes close a little as Kylie engulfed the head of his huge cock in her hot, wet mouth, Kylie just about fitting the swollen glans in and closing her lips behind it, giving a few sucks and letting her tongue work briefly before she pulled off again.

“Well he certainly liked that,” Dannii murmured, picking up the pace a little bit as Kylie licked and kissed at the prominent head, just teasing her tongue in the slit and working hard as he breathed heavily. Dannii pulled herself round next to Kylie, easing her out the way to go back to stroking and licking the side of his cock as she took the plunge herself and took the tip of his massive cock into her mouth, humming a little as she pushed him down as far as possible, to the back of her throat where he could go no further, at least not tonight. Quickly tugging at him with her hands past Kylie’s, she sucked and licked as her sibling had and pulled off with a sigh, seeing him tense and imminent. Pulling back, she let Kylie shift back next to her where she started licking and sucking gently at the tip as Dannii worked quickly at him, feeling the trembling of climax and then a sharp buck of his hips against the bars. Reaching down, she took a gentle hold of his balls, moving her other hand up just behind the large head where she very rapidly worked, a technique she’d perfected from plenty of boyfriends.

“Open wide Kylie,” Dannii said to her still stroking sister, who looked to her in surprise, her mouth just opening as she was about to question it, but Dannii had already aimed his large cock at her, giving his balls a good squeeze and firming her grip. Dannii barely had time to register the large knot swelling near the base of his cock, huge and hard, designed to tie his bitch like a dog, clearly one of his changes, but Dannii was quickly drawn to his climax. His thick shaft bucked powerfully in her hand, putting Dannii’s aim off a bit as a thick, hot blast of come burst from it across Kylie’s face, making her gasp loudly and screw her eyes shut, mouth open from the shock of it, and just doing what she’d done before when she’d given a couple of boyfriends the treat of using her like a pornstar and letting them come on her face.

The thick blast hit her across her top lip and nose, Dannii quickly directing him down a bit as his large cock jumped in her hand, surging as it spurted over her older sister, Dannii aiming him well into Kylie’s mouth, who made no protest, Dannii still wanking him furiously as he unloaded, another poorly-aimed spurt going over Kylie’s cheek, her chin also getting covered as she closed her mouth to swallow with a groan, opening wide again to accept more of his weakening flow, taking another spurt before she leaned forward blindly and took the tip into her mouth, the rest running into her hungry mouth before she swallowed again, letting Dannii’s messily squeeze and work it out over her chin and lips. Neither of them said anything, Dannii giving a last loving squeeze to his balls and letting him go, his cock springing up hard, showing no signs of softening immediately, drawing her attention back to the huge knot near the base.

“That was incredible,” Kylie breathed, a significant amount of his load having dripped and soaked into her top.

“How’s it taste?” Dannii asked as Kylie regained her senses and grasped her top, peeling it carefully over her head to leave her in just her black bra, before using the top to wipe her messy face with since it was already in need of a wash. Two mouthfuls was more than enough, so she didn’t fancy swallowing any more.

“Much the same as any guy, but there’s so much of it,” she said, wiping the thick streak from her cheek.

“Here, have a look at this,” Dannii said, indicating the knot, reaching up to touch it before he started to pull back.

“Yeah, wow, it’s like a dog, must be one of his differences I guess,” Kylie said, looking up to him as he slipped away from the bars and pulled away, cock still painfully hard.

“That’d be something if you were fucking him, think it’s big to start with then he gives you that,” Dannii said idly, just imagining the fully stuffed pain it’d induce.

“Yeah be kinda intense, but then you’re meant to be his bitch,” Kylie said, imagining it as well.

“Suits you then,” Dannii teased and got up, helping guide Kylie away from the cage as he withdrew, seeming much calmer than he had been previously.

“I’m only a bitch for one person, and that’s you,” Kylie said with a smile, taking Dannii’s hand.

“Good, now let’s go get some sleep, he’ll be fine,” Dannii said, pulling towards the stairs, Kylie agreeing and following, sliding close to Dannii and carrying her wet top, her black bra contrasting nicely to her pale skin. Heading up into the main hallway, closing the door behind them, they turned left and walked to the stairs, heading up to their lavish bedroom. Neither of them spoke, just walking closely as they practically glided up the magnificent staircase to the first floor, Kylie still able to taste him in her mouth. Both siblings were desperately horny, dripping wet in their underwear, but neither dared to touch themselves, as if ashamed to want to, even though they both knew each other was gagging for it. Strutting along the hallway to their bedroom, they slid inside and closed the door, breaking hands and immediately setting about getting undressed, Kylie casting her wet top aside. Kylie only had to unclasp her bra to become topless, shrugging it down her arms as Dannii peeled her black vest top over her head, revealing her lovely unsupported chest, nipples hard as rock.

They looked up into each other’s eyes as they simultaneously set about undoing their trousers, Dannii releasing her snug jeans whilst Kylie quickly undid her lightweight crop trousers, both girls kicking away their comfy shoes as they did. Kylie’s trousers were already at half-mast when Dannii peeled her tight denim down her lovely legs, both sisters swiftly unveiling their silky smooth thighs and knickers, Kylie’s showing a damp spot on the dark fabric. Stumbling a little as they wrestled their trousers off, they stood up again, topless and proud, breathing hard even though they didn’t actually need to through force of habit. After a moments pause, Kylie slipped her black bikini cut panties down, Dannii quickly following suit with her little purple knickers, leaving them both standing naked, a smile playing across their lips through heavy breaths, before they practically launched at one another, kissing hard, devouring one another’s tongues ravenously, embracing tightly.

“Oh fuck I’m horny,” growled Kylie, pushing herself forward against her younger sister, their smooth, naked bodies gliding over one another’s.

“Shut up,” Dannii simply growled in response, shoving Kylie dominantly down on the bed, knowing full well what mood Kylie was in. Both of them were on the verge of orgasm already, exceptionally turned on from what had just transpired down in the dungeons, Kylie a little more so given she’d taken an impromptu facial in the process. Wasting no time, Dannii hopped onto the bed and turned round, throwing her leg over Kylie. Neither of them could wait, so a 69 was the only feasible way forward, and Kylie certainly seemed to agree as she guided Dannii’s thighs over to let her kneel over her face. She didn’t even need to hint before she felt Kylie’s blissfully soft, skilful lips on her pussy, her dainty hand grasping her hips firmly as she raised herself up to lick Dannii’s puffy lips, just sliding her tongue up her slit before she buried it deep and pressed her lips to Dannii’s, something she loved, making her let out a deep groan as she arched her back and leaned down herself.

Kylie paused as she gave a tremendous shudder when Dannii leaned down to just softly kiss her clit, sucking lightly and making her whole body tense and rebel against her control, feeling Dannii’s large, heavy breasts pressing down into her tummy, the stiff nipples pushing into her erotically. Dannii continued, not bothering to waste any more time with Kylie’s pussy but the clit, apart from one quick, broad lick she delivered from top to bottom, since she knew how proud Kylie was of her perfectly smooth pussy, and adored the sensation of a hot tongue gliding over it, especially Dannii’s, so she didn’t refuse her. Quickly getting back to her stiff clit, she attached herself purposefully and sucking firmly, dispatching the delicate hood to assault the tiny button full force, unleashing her tongue on it, twisting, twirling and kneading with the tip, Kylie groaning loudly into her own pussy, tensing and writhing underneath her.

Dannii let out a deep, lustful moan, the vibrations of Kylie’s buzzing her clit like one of their many toys only ten times better, especially when they were combined with Kylie’s powerful tongue driving in and out of her like a piston, tickling and teasing her, making her pussy clench and squeeze down on it, something Kylie loved doing to her, especially since it made Dannii’s entire soul surge with exhilaration every time it happened, her tummy knotting up. However Kylie moved on from that, looking to finish Dannii off with herself, releasing her left hand from her younger sibling’s hip and expertly delving two of the fingers straight into Dannii’s pussy, driving a squeal of pleasure from the foxy brunette which turned to a silent scream of intensity as she aimed them perfectly down and hooked to her G-spot, pressing and then rubbing it deep inside Dannii just right. At the same time, she got her mouth straight onto her clit, making Dannii squirm and start tapping her foot very quickly on the bed as she sucked and licked voraciously, Kylie feeling her sexy little arrow of pubic hair tickling her chin as she did.

It was all either of them could stand, the hugely sensitive areas being stimulated so intently, especially in the manner both of them loved most, which was what was to be expected from an eager, experienced lover. There was a moment when everything seemed to fade away except for the huge bomb of rapture that ticked to zero in their tummies, Kylie reaching climax from the clitoral thrashing her sisters tongue was giving her, tensing up so tightly she thought her tendons might tear, pulling her legs up from where they hung over the bed as she did so, her fingernails digging into Dannii’s hip, her other hand tensing to powerfully pressure Dannii’s G-spot with the two embedded fingers as she managed a final suck of her clit before she dropped her head to the covers and arched her back, letting out a scream if sheer ecstasy as she pushed her perky chest out towards Dannii’s thighs, her eyes screwing up as she bent backwards and a rush of juices leaked from her dripping pussy.

Dannii was only moments behind on top, and Kylie digging her fingers so strongly into her G-spot was more than enough to finish her off as well, feeling the orgasm rush up on her like a runaway freight train, bursting from her pussy as it gave a tremendous squeeze on Kylie’s fingers and roaring up through her body, tearing up her spine to hit her brain like a lightning bolt, making her give a huge shudder and then tremble uncontrollably as she gave a stuttering, growling groan of pleasure, her eyes watering as her sisters magic touch did the trick, her back sinking lower as she shoved herself up even harder onto Kylie’s fingers that rested on her G-spot. Clenching her teeth hard, she took a ragged breath, letting out a gasping sound as if she were juggling hot coals and gave the tightest arch her body had ever managed, before she and Kylie both gave a huge sigh and relaxed at almost the same time, Kylie sinking loose on the bed, Dannii dropping to her elbows and letting her legs relax but keeping herself above Kylie before she lazily leaned down to lick Kylie’s puffy slit, careful to avoid the over-sensitive clit as she lapped up her older sister’s excessive juices, something she always did since Kylie was at the least very juicy and quite often a squirter.

“Fuck Dannii, that was just…” Kylie murmured, unable to speak properly as she extracted her fingers from Dannii’s sweet pussy.

“I know,” Dannii mumbled in response, just about managing to drag her leg back over Kylie without kneeing her in the head and kneeling up next to her, brushing her hair back from her sweaty face and leaning down to Kylie to softly and tiredly kiss her. Kylie didn’t care in the slightest that Dannii had just licked her pussy, and Dannii had no problem with the reverse as they locked lips firmly, their tongues entwining and writhing together as they snogged for a good few seconds, Kylie reaching up to cradle Dannii’s head before she noisily pulled away.

“Come on, let’s get some rest,” Dannii said softly, taking Kylie’s hand as she pulled back the smooth satin covers. Kylie took a second, then put the effort in and got up with a groan, exhaustedly pulling herself up to get under the covers, Dannii slipping in immediately behind her and flipping the cool black sheets back over them, nestling down with her, her arms slipping round Kylie’s waist as they both closed their eyes with a contented sigh, Kylie’s hands closing over Dannii’s as they just lay together for a couple of minutes being still in each others arms. Dannii never noticed it as they drifted into sleep from their comfortable silence, just pleasantly falling asleep together, something that was one of the simple pleasures of a loving relationship.

Dannii awoke to Kylie shifting in her arms, murmuring something unclear as she moved a little, which had caused Dannii to stir, awaking to the back of Kylie’s soft blonde hair as they lay in bed, resting comfortably on the pillows.

“Kylie, Kylie sweetie wake up,” Dannii cooed, nudging her older sister a little, who gave another murmur and stilled in her arms, relaxing as she woke up, giving a sigh.

“I was just having a dream,” she mumbled as Dannii leaned down to just kiss her shoulder soothingly.

“I gathered,” Dannii replied softly, just pulling her a little closer as they lay in bed. Dannii had no idea what time it was, somewhere in the dead of night for sure, and she was looking forward to drifting off once more for a satisfying post-sex sleep with her girlfriend. That was until Kylie broke the silence.

“I wanna fuck him,” she blurted out, immediately blushing and burying her face under the edge of the satin bedcovers. It brought Dannii well and truly back to the waking world, who leaned up, looking over at her sisters face curiously.

“Who?” she asked, genuinely perplexed by the sudden comment through her sleepy mind.

“Him,” Kylie murmured, not looking up from the pillow where she’d hidden her face.

“Him…HIM?” Dannii hissed, pulling away incredulously and sitting up with a look of sheer disgust.

“Dannii, I know how it sounds…” Kylie started, rolling over and looking up imploringly to her sister as she leaned up on an elbow.

“Yeah I fucking do! Kylie, I don’t know if you noticed but you already did fuck him!” Dannii snapped, crossing her arms as an equally frosty expression crossed her face.

“No, no not like that…” Kylie said hurriedly, but the look from Dannii made her change her tune a little.

“Ok, well yes I did, but that’s not what I mean,” she said, pulling herself up next to Dannii, who she had to admit was covering her ample breasts disappointingly well with her crossed arms while she simply sat unconcerned about her own.

“Then what do you mean?” Dannii asked, her eyes narrowing as she watched Kylie carefully.

“I mean I wanna fuck him, but like he is now…” Kylie said quietly, looking down with another flush of embarrassment as Dannii eyes widened so they might as well pop out of her head.

“You want to fuck a werewolf?” Dannii said in disbelief, gaping at her sister who sat shyly beside her.

“Yeah…” was all she could meekly reply, fiddling with the sheet a little.

“Why do you wanna do that?” Dannii asked, showing a little real interest in the proposed venture.

“Well…I…oh hell, you saw that cock of his, it’s massive!” Kylie said excitedly, imagining the mighty erection they’d played with earlier on.

“Yeah, it is, too massive for you, how would you ever take that thing?” Dannii said disdainfully.

“Well…we’re different now, and I’m sure he’d…well you know…” Kylie said, unsure how to finish the sentence.

“Force you to take it? That’s what he’d do,” Dannii said firmly, making it clear that she felt Kylie was simply not up to it.

“I know, I know, but what’s so wrong with that? It’d be just so…intense to have a cock like that…” Kylie said, finding a little more nerve to put forward her reasons from somewhere.

“A cock like that, yeah with that great big knot, like a fucking dog, did you forget that? I don’t recall you ever wanting to mate with a dog before,” Dannii snapped.

“Well…” Kylie said, looking away again, avoiding Dannii’s gaze as she felt the heat in her face.

“Well what Kylie?” Dannii said, using her name to make it clear she was disappointed.

“I just wanna do it, it’d be so raw and primal you know, just so powerful, getting with nature as it were, I just wanna do it…” Kylie said, unable to offer any more argument than her lust. There was a long, loaded silence, Dannii contemplating what to say, Kylie feeling horribly exposed, personally, even though she had no secrets from Dannii, it was like she’d opened up a bit too much, and she certainly never expected what came next.

“Ok…” Dannii breathed, find Kylie’s eyes as she looked up.

“Ok?” Kylie asked, a smile just playing at the edges of her astonished mouth as she looked up to Dannii, unable to believe it.

“Yes, but only on one condition,” Dannii said sternly, immediately tightening the mood once more.

“Anything,” Kylie whispered, realizing immediately that she shouldn’t have said that, not that it really would’ve changed anything, she didn’t have to go through with this.

“You take it up the arse, and I watch,” Dannii said, completely straight faced. Kylie’s mouth fell open as she stared at her younger sister for a few moments before gathering up her tongue.

“You what…my arse…what, why?” she spluttered, Dannii smirking a little at the reaction.

“Because I’m not having you fucking around on me, and your pussy is mine, that’s definitely for me only,” Dannii said, resisting the urge to add “from now on” and further remind them of Kylie’s infidelity.

“I thought all of me was yours, especially my ass?” Kylie said, since it was a comment Dannii had made.

“It is, you are, but if I’m offering a bit of you for this little…experiment, then that’s it, you’re not getting your pussy stretched out by that thing,” Dannii said.

“But Dannii…” Kylie started

“Because I said so, that’s why. Now that’s the offer, take it or leave it,” Dannii snapped, making it clear this wasn’t a negotiation. Kylie just looked a little put out, looking down at the covers again as she thought it over, whether she could really stand to take him up her ass. Sure she liked anal sex, loved it even, but could she really take a cock that huge up her ass, with his power and strength and importantly unpredictability? The seeping wetness between her thighs made her mind up for her, and she decided that with her ability to regenerate that any potential injuries wouldn’t be a problem anyway, and she just had to have that cock, and having Dannii watch her would only be a turn on.

“Ok…” she whispered, not looking up.

“Slut,” Dannii said cuttingly, then turned and pulled herself out of bed, not looking back to Kylie as she got a robe and slipped it over her voluptuous body, the smooth black cotton swaying round her feet as she finally turned back, throwing another robe at Kylie, who caught it and then quickly got out of bed, hurriedly putting it on.

“Now?” Kylie asked shakily, since she was amazed but nervous at the prospect.

“Well loverboy won’t be a wolf forever will he, and you’re already wet,” Dannii said, then walked past her and out the door, leaving Kylie blushing again at getting caught, embarrassed that Dannii could see through her so well. However she quickly darted to the bathroom and grabbed a tube of lubricant that’d made the move and then hurried after Dannii, catching up to her as she slow descended the stairs, taking this in a way Kylie couldn’t read. She seemed willing to let Kylie do this, but she knew it wasn’t going to be that simple. She could sense the fire burning inside Dannii, and it’d only be a matter of time till she felt her wrath. However right now there was a fire burning somewhere else, and she just had to get back to the huge cock that’d slipped into her dreams.

They walked down in silence, then turned and headed down to the dungeons, lit by gas torches along the cold stone walls. Turning into the cell area, just round the wall, they stood in front of his cage, looking into the gloom past the heavy iron bars to where he was slowly prowling up and down, immediately stopping as they entered, eyeing them intently. Their little time spent earlier rubbing his cock hadn’t made him any less primal, not at this stage, and he was still wary. However he soon sniffed the air, and became very interested in it, clearly able to smell Kylie’s wetness as she stood before him.

“Robe,” Dannii commanded, holding out her hand. Kylie looked to her nervously, then used her shaking fingers to slide the cord on her robe undone and shrug it off, giving a shiver and goosepimpling at the cool air as she handed it to Dannii, who looked her over before she cautiously approached the cage. He moved forwards, easier to see in the flickering light from the torches as she got closer, taking him in, breathing fast as she contemplated what she was about to do.

“I gotta get him up,” Kylie said, glancing down to see he wasn’t erect for her yet.

“So give him another sniff, a proper one,” Dannii said, giving a slight roll of her eyes. Kylie knew exactly what this meant, since Dannii had got a good idea of what his sniffing had been like before even though she hadn’t seen it herself. Kylie carefully moved forwards, wary of the potential injury he could deal her with his fearsome claws and teeth at this range, but once again reached down and ran a finger through her juicy slit, holding it up to him so he could thoroughly smell it. He sniffed at it, immediately becoming more interested at the somewhat familiar smell and then licked quite vigorously at it, Kylie giggling a little at the tickling of his tongue before she pulled her hand away, but lowered it, so he looked down and tried to follow. Doing this meant his nose was drawn towards her pussy, where it picked up her emitting odour.

He immediately lowered his head, not bothering with her legs this time though, going straight for her pussy, and she was standing so close to the bars that he could really bury his nose into her heavenly scent now, and wasted no time in doing so, pushing his snout through the bars and plunging his nose into her groin. Kylie gave a yelp as his cold nose touched her, breathing her in, but then a little groan as his tongue flicked out to taste her straight from the source. Kylie reached down and carefully stroked his head, closing her eyes to just enjoy the moment as his long, soft tongue lapped at her pussy, easily flicking and parting her soft lips as he tasted her, flicking at her clit as he did to send little jolts of pleasure coursing through her.

“I think that’ll do,” Dannii said, who could see that it had had the intended effect. Kylie opened her eyes and looked down, leaning past him to see the huge erection now standing up and pressed into his furry body. Kylie reluctantly pulled herself away from his unintentionally skilful tongue and looked down to him, who looked up to see why she had withdrawn his tasty treat.

“Come on boy, up here,” she said, as if talking to a dog again, snapping her fingers as high as she could reach, which was barely his shoulder when he stood right up. He did as he was asked, standing up straight again by the bars, his huge erection completely stiffening as he did, bumping the bars in front of Kylie. She looked down to his mighty cock, almost drooling as she stared, captivated by it, by then quickly realized she needed to be on her guard, no matter how great a cock he had. Stepping back a little, she glanced back to Dannii, who was just watching her do her thing.

“Throw me the lube would you?” Kylie asked, gesturing to the tube standing on the floor. Dannii glanced over to it, then was kind enough to throw her it, rather than potentially hurling it away somewhere into the cavernous dungeons and telling her to ride him without it. Uncapping it, she poured some onto her fingers and quickly reached back to spread it in and around her arsehole, since she knew his aim was likely to be a little unsure and wanted to make sure she could slip as easily onto him as possible. After adding a little more, she got close to the bars again, looking up and him as she did so, reaching out to carefully take his cock just through the bars, hearing him growl deeply. She quickly administered a few slow, firm strokes and pulled to lead him to the bars fully so he would protrude for her, which is did without fuss much to her relief. Pouring more lube into her hand, she reached out and wrapped it round him again, where he immediately whined and pulled back.

“No no sweetie, please, it’s for the best,” she cooed, holding onto his cock and hoping she sounded reassuring to him. She seemed to, as he calmed down as she stroked at him and then resumed his position, where she added some more lube and thoroughly stroked it over him. Satisfied, or at least accepting it was the best it would get, Kylie closed the lube and threw it backwards onto the floor, looking up to him, where he leaned down through the bars and licked her face, breathing hotly over her as she grimaced a bit.

“Thanks,” she murmured as she wiped her face, Dannii giving a giggle as she sat down on the chair she’d left opposite the cell.

“See, he is like a dog,” she quipped, still showing her disdain for what Kylie was about to do with what she determined an animal.

“Well…how am I gonna do this?” Kylie said, reaching down to stroke his slippery, waiting cock again to keep him in place.

“Don’t ask me, this was your little fantasy,” she said, looking at Kylie with a raise of her eyebrows.

“I know but…I don’t wanna get this wrong…my pussy or anything,” she said, hoping to play the rules Dannii had set somewhat and earn a bit of help from her.

“Well, present yourself to him, bend over so you invite him to fuck you,” Dannii said, taking a surprisingly factual tone about the proceedings. It was a pretty obvious idea as well actually, and Kylie looked back to him, then tentatively bent over, spreading her legs to seem more receptive to his advances. He gave a growl and pushed forwards against the heavy bars, sniffing deeply as he inhaled her musky scent, which hung powerfully in the air. Kylie edged backwards, trembling with anticipation as she saw his twitching cock, the huge phallus ready to impale her, its owner ready to put plenty behind it too by the look of it. Her nerve went and she stood up, stepping away from the cage.

“What’s the matter?” Dannii said coolly, as if it was commonplace for Kylie to attempt to anally mount a werewolf.

“I…I can’t,” Kylie said, looking ashamedly at the floor.

“What do you mean you can’t?” Dannii said, standing from her chair.

“I just…look at him…” Kylie said, turning back to look at him, his huge glistening erection standing up proudly for her. Dannii stepped up behind her silently with her bare feet, slipping her arms round Kylie’s waist from behind, surprising Kylie a bit, making her jump.

“Shh, calm down,” Dannii cooed, resting her chin on Kylie’s naked shoulder.

“I…just…” Kylie mumbled, her eyes still locked on the mighty cock awaiting her.

“Shh, let’s just look at him, look at that massive cock, so hot and hard, and it’s all for you, he got it up for you,” Dannii whispered into her ear, her breath erotically hot over her neck.

“I know, just…” Kylie attempted, unsure what to say as she calmed down, letting her fantasy seep back into control.

“All for you, for this tight little ass of yours,” Dannii whispered, reaching back to give her rear a squeeze.

“I know, but…it’s gonna hurt…” Kylie said weakly, since that was hardly a detail either of them had just realized, not responding to Dannii groping her, aside from the unmentioned thrill of having it done to her that she always felt.

“Yes dear, it is, a lot, and you love that, don’t you, admit it,” Dannii purred, leaning in to suck at Kylie’s earlobe, making her murmur in pleasure.

“Not like this though…” she said, thinking of what was to come.

“Oh yes you do, you’re just too worried to ever go to these levels. But I know you, and you’re dripping after a spanking,” Dannii murmured, licking at her ear, making Kylie shiver.

“I know, it just turns me on,” she replied, which was nothing but the truth.

“And now, you’re a vampire, you don’t need to worry about the potential consequences,” Dannii continued.

“Well…I do, it’s not that simple…” Kylie murmured, feeling how pleasant her siblings body felt in close proximity behind her.

“Yes it is. You heal up to be as tight and fresh as you ever were. Sure you might be a bit sore for a few hours, but you can fuck that great big cock as hard as you want, any way you want, and not need to worry about any embarrassing questions at the hospital,” Dannii whispered with a sexy, dirty little giggle, pushing her tongue into Kylie’s ear, making her squirm.

“Yeah, yeah you’re right,” Kylie said more confidently, feeling the desire build in her again.

“Of course I’m right. Treat yourself Kylie, fuck your fantasy,” Dannii said, reaching up to cup Kylie’s perky breasts and deliver a firm squeeze, Kylie giving a little shiver in her arms before she turned her round to face her.

“You can do it, so you can forget the worries and go for it,” Dannii said with a sexy little smile.

“Thank you,” Kylie said with a smile of her own, before they locked into a passionate kiss, tongues battling between sealed lips. Kylie gave a squeal and her eyes popped open as Dannii abruptly inserted three fingers into her dripping pussy, pushing them deep into her and stretching her out. It wasn’t unwelcome, just unexpected. Before she could question it, Dannii pushed her backwards, straight into the grasp of the werewolf at the bars of the cage. His huge, strong paws grasped her under the arms, lifting her off her feet away from Dannii as she gave a squeal, their kiss ending noisily, though Dannii kept her fingers buried in her pussy to the knuckle. Kylie kicked a little as she was hoisted up, hearing his growl of pleasure at having got her, his large paws gripping her firmly, fingertips and claws onto her humble breasts as he lifted her, pulling her back against the icy cold iron bars quite hard, making her scream at the shock before he roughly pulled her down onto his cock.

“Fuck!” Kylie gasped with a grimace as he tried to stab her down onto him, his cock, bumping at her ass and slipping forward, where Dannii’s embedded fingers prevented him entry to her slippery pussy, Dannii’s primary intention with her digits since she wasn’t attempting to pleasure her older sister, meaning his huge bulbous head poked her in between full force. Lifting her up again he did the same, pulling her down, but this time she helped him out by rolling her hips, shifting him back a bit where his pressure went onto her anus, and that was all it took. His slippery cock and her slippery arsehole, thanks to her lubrication, went together a treat. Kylie was tense due to the nerves and stress of it, not to mention the way she was being manhandled, but it didn’t make the slightest difference, except increasing her pain a little more as he plowed his huge cock into her rear, the bulbous head straining at her just a moment before breaking through her barrier, stretching her obscenely wide as he pulled her down, her tiny ass swallowing his huge head and the first few inches of his thick thirteen inch penis.

Kylie’s deafening scream of pain reverberated off the stone walls and floor, practically making the cage bars resonate as the pain shot through her, the most pain she thought she’d ever felt in her life, emitting from her tortured sphincter, which was stretched round his very thick shaft, and she hadn’t even taken any of his length yet. Her back arched and his hands slipped down her as he forced another couple of inches of himself into her ass, her muscles finally stopping his advance so his claws raked down her soft body till they stopped at the flare of her hips, leaving scratches down her perky breasts and tummy which made her hiss loudly, tears escaping her eyes and sliding down her cheeks as her face contorted with the throbbing pain of penetration.

“Well, have fun,” Dannii said with an evil smirk, giving a very quick rub to Kylie’s hard clit with her thumb before yanking her fingers out of Kylie’s pussy as abruptly as she’d put them there, a brief spark of pleasure in the fire burning within her. Dannii walked away as he pulled down a little, then rammed upwards again, whilst pulling Kylie’s tiny body down, very quick to realize her hips offered maximum leverage and he wouldn’t slip, her corset-trained waist offering the perfect taper to pull against. She had a little flashback that it was much the same when he’d fucked her a few days earlier in their little romp, pulling back against her curvy hips to screw her hard, though it was soon washed away in another burst of stretching pain, Kylie feeling more tightly stuffed than she ever had in her life as he sunk himself into her. He wasn’t playing around now and simply yanked her down, Kylie screaming with agony as she felt something give way and him bury himself to the hilt in her, right down to his balls, well as close as he could get her with the cage between them. Tears ran down her cheeks as she gave a strained sob, the pain unbearable from the brutal way he was plundering her body.

She knew it’d be this way, but it still hurt, though she got a moment to collect herself as he growled deeply in pleasure of being completely in her hot, squeezing rear. He yanked her back up with a scream, about half his length before pulling her down once more and burying himself in her, Kylie shuddering and screaming once more, though her body gave another little tingle of pleasure. It was barely discernable, but she knew it was there, the enjoyment at being treated this way, the pain coursing through her body, lighting up her nerve endings as the huge cock plowed into her ass, the biggest thing she’d ever fucked by miles, and in her arse too, it was all too much for her, and pain or not it made her wet. She made a conscious effort to squeeze at him as he fucked her, hearing him growl low and long in pleasure, shaking a little as he held her, most of her bodyweight supported by his huge cock anyway, his paws gripping her tightly, claws scratching at her supple skin as he pumped her, becoming a little more adventurous, lifting her further to fuck her harder, Kylie squealing again but a strong tone in her voice making it clear the pleasure sneaking along underneath it. Glancing up through heavy gasps, she saw Dannii sitting watching intently, her large nipples poking hard through the thin gown, her hand just straying underneath it, forcing a smile from her as he pulled her down once more.

Dannii was mesmerized by the show before her. Kylie’s guttural screams were piercing her very soul, but in an erotic way, since she could hear the pleasure within them, and see and smell the wetness of Kylie’s pussy which was almost dripping, leaking a little down her thighs as Dannii watched. Unable to hold back, she slipped her hand between her legs and the folds of the robe to access her own slick pussy, her fingers sliding over the soft, bulging lips and immediately locating her clit, which she wasted no time in strumming, quite vigorously masturbating over the scene before her, giving a groan herself. As she watched her older sister being fucked hard, crying and yelping, holding onto the cage bars to steady herself, she felt a wave of jealousy spread through her. It was partly because she wanted to be the one taking a hard, well-endowed pounding, despite the fact it hurt, just because there was a side to every woman wanting that, but also because she wanted to be the one fucking Kylie so hard she screamed. With that however, her mind immediately swung to thoughts of Kylie cheating on her, with this very beast, just in human form, and she immediately bubbled with bitterness and anger. This was like rubbing it in, so extravagantly fucking him in front of her like this, even though she’d said yes to it, and it just made her boil with rage, but that quickly subsided as she rubbed her clit some more and stifled a growl of her own.

Kylie screams had abated now, though they were still there, but blending with growls and groans as the pleasure got through. Her tender arse was screaming at the penetration of the massive cock, but it was stroking in and out of her hard and fast, the way she liked it, and it didn’t fail to get her going, and when added onto a dose of pain it sent her wild, which she was right now. Hanging on his cock, her lovely legs loose round him and swinging above the floor, her body covered with sweat, red faced with the exertions, she yelped and gasped with pleasure, eyes squeezed tightly shut as she let every tiny sensation penetrate her soul and take complete control. Squeezing at him, she felt him ramming deeper and faster, using shorter strokes of his huge tool, and she had a pretty good idea what that meant, though she didn’t care what happened now. She felt alive, her body a huge pitched battle between pleasure and pain with her caught in the line of fire.

Dannii had reached her peak very rapidly as she watched, part of her loving the pain inflicted on Kylie, especially since she was clearly loving it, bouncing up and down on the huge dog-like cock in front of the bars. She could feel the orgasm rising from deep within her and didn’t attempt to delay or prevent it, simply rubbing at herself harder as she watched her exhausted girlfriend take the pounding, letting every emotion of anger and arousal free to overrun her body as she rubbed in a blur on her stiff clit, feeling the snap as her orgasm broke over her. Dannii let out a surprisingly loud squeal of pleasure, Kylie looking up as she openly rubbed herself to climax under the robe, her spare hand desperately grabbing at a large breast to tease the nipple through her surge of pleasure. Shaking on the chair, Dannii’s legs kicked as she clenched her teeth, gasping and grunting through a powerful orgasm before giving one last tense and relaxing with a sigh, sweaty and satisfied as she lazily opened her eyes with a smile to watch Kylie.

Kylie was on the brink herself, and her tightening and extra effort was enough to finish him off, though she wasn’t prepared for what she got. He suddenly picked up his pace a bit, getting deeper than he had throughout the whole session and then let out a howl, right behind her head as he kept himself deep. Kylie suddenly felt a huge swelling in her arse, the base of his cock inflating with terrifying speed as he reached climax, Kylie realizing he was knotting her as the huge, wide ball engorged in her arse, stretching her tortured insides even further and straining back against her sphincter as she gave a squeal of further pain at being tied and knowing deep down he’d just made her his bitch, sending a throb through her nipples and clit as it turned her on just a touch more, on the brink of an orgasm that pain simply couldn’t induce, her juices leaking down the top of her thighs.

“Fuck he’s gonna split me in half!” she gasped, her eyes screwed up tightly as she rocked with the last of his short, strained thrusts.

“Touch your clit darling,” Dannii purred, knowing it’d get Kylie off in a flash. She did it just as he burst inside her, pumping her full of thick, hot sperm in spurts that splashed deep within her, more come spilling into her than she’d ever known, being filled with an absolutely huge load that felt like he was ejaculating about a pint of it into her. And to make it even more intense, his huge knot was tied tight inside her, leaving absolutely no way for any to escape or leak from her, so he just filled her up with his long, hard spurts. As he did, she gave a scream of pure, raw ecstasy, her body bucking powerfully on him as he growled behind her, her ass squeezing a little tighter under his huge knot as she came, her nipples feeling like they’d pop as she shook uncontrollably, her sharp fangs sliding quickly from her gums with an intense rush as her pussy convulsed and gave a considerable squirt onto the stone floor in front of her, Dannii following it as it splashed to the ground, before another burst of Kylie’s juices erupted and leaked down from her bald cameltoe onto her thighs, running down the smooth skin towards her feet, dripping onto the floor beneath her, some running under her ass to where she was so completely impaled.

There was a collective tense, then a sigh and everything seemed to relax, Kylie slumping exhausted on his cock, full and tired, completely used and finished for the night, the huge knot still embedded in her ass, meaning she wasn’t going anywhere for a while. Behind her, he stood firm, breathing heavily and holding the bars with one hand to rest a bit himself, one arm holding his Australian bitch up, once again calm and relaxed after having come. Dannii just sat in the chair watching curiously as Kylie tried to recover, positively glowing, locked to him through the cock she was sitting on, panting fast, her body glistening with perspiration, fangs fully out and pressing into her lower lip, her own juices running down her lovely legs and dripping onto the floor. After a few minutes, she seemed to be more coherent and pulled herself up straight, still breathing heavily as she coped with the constant aching pain from her abused ass.

“How was it then?” Dannii asked with a slightly smug smile, since she’d known it’d be something like this.

“Painful, and just so intense,” Kylie breathed, giving an uncomfortable grimace.

“But you enjoyed it?” Dannii asked, standing up and tugging her robe properly closed.

“Yeah, and so did you,” Kylie said with a tired smile.

“Yes I did, and I knew you would. You just had to. You know what it’s like now though, but I think you won’t be trying it again for a while hm?” Dannii teased, standing a few feet away and looking up at Kylie.

“I don’t think I’ll be sitting down for a month,” Kylie said, giving a half smile and looking down again, breathing deeply.

“You’ll be fine tomorrow,” Dannii said, pulling herself together a bit.

“Can you help me down from here? I gotta get this thing outta my ass,” Kylie said with another face, wanting to relax now.

“Well…I can try,” Dannii said, remembering the knot. She wasn’t into bestiality, but she knew enough to know what the knot was for, and she hadn’t forgotten the size of the thing either. Stepping carefully close to Kylie, she reached up and grasped her hips and then lifted to try and extract Kylie, who immediately gave a yelp as the massive knot pulled at her tender anus from the inside. He also gave a loud growl and looked round at her, giving a bit of a snap so Dannii backed away and pulling her back close the cage, letting Kylie sink back fully onto his shaft again, the huge knot, swollen to the size of a small football, keeping her locked on his cock.

“He’s got you tied tight Kylie, that knot is just way too big, so until he’s finished with you there’s nothing I can do,” Dannii said, looking up helplessly to Kylie. At that moment his cock gave a twitch and she moaned slightly as another small squirt of come leaked into her already full rear.

“I’ll just have to wait then?” Kylie asked, a little worried, scared he’d never shrink enough to withdraw.

“Yeah, just try and relax I guess,” Dannii said with a shrug, unable to offer a magic solution. There was nothing to do but wait, and it took an agonizing half an hour before Kylie even felt him shrinking, tying her good and proper it seemed. He took a further ten minutes to gradually reduce in size, until his knot was almost completely deflated, her ass leaking around him, juices running down the backs of her legs, at which point he lifted her up and sharply pulled out of her, stretching her again so she gave a scream of pain, a huge splash of his load going with it and over the cold stone floor as he released her and then unceremoniously stood her down, where her jelly legs promptly gave way underneath her. He turned away unconcerned as Dannii quickly hurried forwards and pulled Kylie up from the cold floor, wrapping her in a large towel she’d gone to collect during the wait and mostly carrying her towards the stairs out of the dungeons.

“Oh god, I gotta lie down,” Kylie mumbled, desperate for a rest after her ordeal.

“No, the only place you’re going is a shower, gotta get you cleaned up, and then we can go lie down,” Dannii said firmly, wasting no more time and picking Kylie up completely, swiftly carrying her tired form up the stairs to their bedroom, where she took her straight to the large en suite bathroom and its elegant shower. Flicking the lights on low, she sat Kylie down on the edge of the tub, Kylie wincing and leaning onto her side gingerly as Dannii stood up and nonchalantly shrugged off her thin robe, casting it towards the door. Padding nakedly across the cold black tiles, she walked to the darkened window and glanced out over the silent acres, the slightest glow of the coming dawn on the horizon. Grasping some shower gel, she walked over to the magnificent cubicle, gazing over its sheer spacious design for a moment before swinging open the large polished glass door. Leaning in, she turned the taps to get it going, a blast of cold water going over her back as she did it, making her squeal and pull back quickly, goose pimpling all over with a shiver, her nipples stiffening again, from cold this time.

Glancing back to Kylie, who was watching idly, Dannii reached in to check the temperature, turning the hot up a bit more to get it right. Satisfied, she walked back over to Kylie and reached down for her, helping her up from the sunken bathtub, pulling Kylie’s towel away to the smooth floor to leave her naked. Dannii paused for a moment to take in the scratches down her older sister’s smooth body, inflicted by his claws as he’d ravaged her. They were already healing however, no longer bleeding and not inviting Dannii to lick her as they had earlier on. Taking Kylie’s hand firmly, she turned and led her to the shower, pushing her ahead as she reached it, sending Kylie into the hot water that cascaded down from the two golden showerheads that came from each wall above the corner cubicle. Kylie gave a loud sigh of relief as she hot water splashed down over her, leaning her head back to let it run down her face, washing away the sweat from her toil.

“Washing away your sins are you?” Dannii said, light-heartedly but unable to keep the icy edge from her voice entirely. Kylie didn’t reply, just gasping as she water ran down her, running deep through her hair and feeling as if a weight was being washed away from her. Dannii stepped in, eyeing her curiously, since she didn’t think she’d ever seen Kylie quite so overwhelmed by a shower. Showerhead sure, but not the shower in itself. Closing the door, she slid fully underneath the hot spray, pausing to enjoy it as it soaked her body, able to flow over her front and back from both the showerheads where she was standing. Pausing a moment to let it soak her, she gave a little shiver as she warmed back up, before grasping Kylie and turning her underneath it so she was caught by both the heads, hearing her give a light moan of pleasure at it, rubbing her hands over herself to idly stroke away the aches and pains.

“Come here sweetie,” murmured Dannii, opening the shower gel and squeezing plenty into her hands. Kylie didn’t protest, simply edging into Dannii’s grasp and holding her arms up a little, letting Dannii access her totally to wash her since she was just too tired. Dannii wasted no time, running her soapy hands swiftly and firmly over Kylie’s perky body, giving a brief squeeze to her breasts and then rubbing her body, then kneeling to do her legs, carefully washing her tender ass and giving a quick pleasing rub to her pussy as Kylie smiled down tiredly. Standing up, she was drawn into a kiss with her girlfriend before quickly washing herself, taking a moment to share another slippery, soapy snuggling kiss with Kylie before they rinsed off properly, no time or energy for any more fun now. Satisfied they were clean, Dannii screwed the taps shut and stopped the water, opening the door and stepping out, careful not to fall over as she walked wetly across the cold tiles to get some towels, Kylie just waiting naked in the cubicle.

“Here,” Dannii said simply, casting a large dry towel to Kylie, who wrapped herself gratefully in it as Dannii did the same, neither of them concerned any more by the large window that ran the length of the room, since they knew nobody could see in it. Quickly drying themselves off, they set about doing their hair, Dannii having a far bigger problem with her longer, luxurious brown locks. They took a while over that, rubbing and drying, getting their hairdryers and tiredly drying it all out, since neither of them fancied sleeping with damp hair. Finally finished, Dannii swiftly guided Kylie to bed without even wasting time for her to put anything on. She wasn’t planning any sex, both of them were far too tired for any more, she just wanted to sleep, but she liked snuggling up naked with her sister. It was one of the little things she looked forward to every night, feeling her own naked body close with her girlfriends, and she wasn’t going to let tonight be any different, so quickly got Kylie into their luxurious bed and hopped in behind her, snuggling up like they had been prior to Kylie’s dirty little confession a couple of hours earlier.

Unlike earlier, there were no sudden confessions to break their comfortable silence as they snuggled together in the darkness, both exhausted but so exhilarated they couldn’t drift off to sleep. Kylie’s sexual exhaustion made her fall asleep a little sooner, so tired she didn’t even dream, not even of the huge werewolf that’d filled her up. Dannii took a little longer, her conflicting emotions welling up and tumbling around inside her, unable to switch off properly, lying awake with her sleeping sibling a little longer before she succumbed, light enough to dream bizarre, strangely erotic dreams involving them and werewolves, and lots of other random things.

Hours later, deep into the morning, not that you could tell down in the dungeons, he stirred on his straw mattress, sprawled on his back. Blinking and raising his head from the strange angle it’d ended up at, he quickly realized just why he’d woken up as he felt a slight, warm weight finish settling on his hips, just leaning up a little before a pair of hands grasped his shoulders and authoritatively pinned him back down. He tried to think straight and clear his head, the disorientation not disappearing as quick as he’d like, almost like a hangover, but different, not feeling himself at all, which was understandable really considering what he’d been through, not that he remembered anything about it. However he got his eyes open and focused on the person leaning over him, looking up at Dannii, who was straddling and pinning him to the mattress, his glance flicking down the soft grey robe that concealed her voluptuous body, though didn’t conceal the fact she wasn’t wearing any knickers, with her soft, naked bum sitting firmly on his own naked crotch. However she didn’t seem concerned by this, or even to acknowledge it, and he didn’t dwell on it as the smirk on her face suggested she wasn’t going to do much he liked with that position, especially since her fangs were already out.          

“Dannii?” he said, finally finding his voice, “What are you doing? Where’s Kylie?” he asked, since Kylie was the one mainly helping him and he hadn’t really got to know Dannii enough, certainly not well enough to expect this little wake up call.

“She’s in bed, still asleep, poor dear got worn out last night,” Dannii said thickly, her fingers curling to just press her nails into him a little.

“Oh, did you…get busy?” he asked, immediately cringing at his choice of words, his soggy brain not his best friend right now, eyeing her fangs warily.

“Well yes actually, but that was before you got far more busy with her,” Dannii said, firmly jabbing a finger into his chest, scowling and pouting round her fangs.

“I…did I?” he asked, looking up confused, since he really had no recollections of his first night as a werewolf, his mind still a mess after his transformation.

“Yes you most certainly did, really did a number on her too,” Dannii said, her tone of voice dropping a notch or two, suddenly sounding much more intense and husky.

“Well…I…” he attempted, with nowhere to go, since he didn’t actually know what had happened to give any sort of come back, cut off as Dannii gave a deep purr and a foreboding smile.

“Speechless huh, that good was it?” Dannii prodded, giving a little wiggle on him to keep him held down, not helping the fact that despite she was a rather threatening presence, her naked crotch was sitting on his hips.

“Well no…I mean yes…she’s good but that’s not, I don’t really…” he stuttered, knowing he’d do better to just shut the hell up, but unable to put it into effect with this vicious vixen straddling him, feeling her heels turn into his legs to lock herself on him a little bit tighter.

“Hmm…did you really think I was going to let you get away with fucking my girlfriend?” Dannii said coolly, but dangerously, looking into his eyes, making him feel like she was stripping away his soul as her tongue just flicked over her teeth, especially her sharp fangs.

“What? I didn’t even…” he hurriedly started, taken aback by the comment, especially since when Kylie had first come onto him he’d been unaware she was attached.

“Shut up,” Dannii snapped, not interested in his excuses, pressing him harder into the mattress, her smirk fading completely. Suddenly sliding back a little, her bum moving to his thighs, she leaned down close to him, her large, soft breasts pressed down into his stomach, her soft hair tickled at his chest where she pressed her ear to his chest, right over his heart. Hearing the rhythmic thumping of the muscle and the draughts of air in and out of his lungs made Dannii’s body surge with excitement, temporarily mesmerized. He looked down at her head, feeling her fingers just grip him tighter before she suddenly pulled herself back up, looming over him, her soft pussy positively sliding over his now semi-erect cock beneath her robe. With an evil smile, she caught his eyes, a fire in hers before she suddenly lunged down and sunk her teeth into him hard, piercing deep into the side of his neck as he gave a cry of pain, feeling her tighten over him to hold him down as the blood rushed into her mouth.

Dannii gave a moan of pleasure through his neck as she fed, the rich, thick blood surging from the wound and down her throat as she gulped greedily, feeling what it was truly like to feed from the source for the first time, since Kylie was a vampire and it wasn’t quite the same. She was feeling a little edgy, having not fed since the previous afternoon, and this was absolutely mind blowing and she simply couldn’t get enough. His blood was just so sumptuous, rich and full, bursting with flavour and energy, and she felt her whole body light up at the sensation of his running thickly down her throat to her warming stomach, her whole body feeling new and strong, like someone had turned a switch on. Kylie had said this was the best and she wasn’t wrong, it was almost orgasmically good, and she wondered fleetingly if she’d ever be able to feed on anything other than fresh blood after this.

As the initial burst of excitement passed and clarity prevailed, Dannii quickly realized she had to slow down if she didn’t want to do him any harm and duly did so, reigning in her sucking, though she kept her fangs buried just as deep into him flesh, loving the thought of it. Tasting the metallic blood as it flowed over her tongue, Dannii relaxed a little bit to enjoy it more, feeling his hands on her sides, tantalizingly close to her large breasts. As she became more aware of herself again, she realized she was feeling pretty turned on, her nipples and clit considerably stiff, her pussy definitely wet from the sheer intensity of her feeding. She also became aware of the rock hard erection she was now sitting on, the underside of his shaft actually splitting her smooth cameltoe where she straddled him, resting in her slick entrance, causing her to abruptly stop. Pulling away noisily, her sharp gaze caught the flow of blood that ran from his wound before he quickly reached for it to try and stop it, inhaling sharply at the sudden withdrawal of her fangs.

“Oh my god, you’ve got a fucking hardon over this! This is actually turning you on!” Dannii shouted at him, pinning him down and then giving a definite grind against him that made him shiver and close his eyes.

“Maybe I should bite you down there, seems to be plenty of blood, and that’d stop you fucking my sister,” she said sternly, looking down to where his hardon rested against her, hidden by the robe.

“What! I…” he started, shocked and worried that she’d actually do it.

“Shut up,” Dannii snapped, kneeling right up and wrenching her robe open, swiftly shrugging it off and throwing it aside to leave her as naked as he was, his eyes widening in surprise but also to take in her gorgeous naked form.

“Dannii what the fu…” he said, trying again but was icily cut off.

“I said shut up,” she growled through clenched teeth, glaring at him, her eyes enough to silence him right then. Without another word she quickly rose up on her knees, grabbed his hard cock, then aimed it up and impaled herself hard, driving herself right down to sit on his hips and take all seven and a half inches. They both gave a loud cry of unbridled pleasure as he sunk into her blissfully tight pussy, her neat arrow of hair pointing down to where they were connected, not that he had a chance to look as she smacked his hand away from his neck and sunk her teeth into the fresh bite, making him hiss loudly through his teeth as she pressed a little deeper than before, cutting more tissue as she started to feed again, a little faster now as he once again grabbed her sides, though now they were bare, her smooth, warm skin feeling delightful under his hands.

He gave a deep groan as Dannii started to ride him, wasting no time on foreplay as she quickly lifted herself up a few inches and then drove back down to the hilt, giving a groan through his neck as she started to fuck him. As she got going he quickly pushed up to meet her, allowing her to take a bit more of his cock as they both worked, feeling her stiff nipples pressing into his chest under the weight of her large boobs, relishing the sensation of his cock squeezing in and out of her wonderfully snug tunnel, unable to stop from thinking that she was just as tight as her sister, the eternal youth and tone of being a vampire hitting the spot right here as the younger Minogue sister rode him. Feeling her legs tighten on him, she sped up more, fucking him harder as she fed, his cock driving in and out of her now dripping haven short and fast as she humped him, clinging tightly to him as she continued to feed, faster now, unable to stop it accelerating with their fucking. He didn’t pretend he wasn’t copping a feel now, his hands on the sides of her large, soft breasts, squeezing and fondling at her enhanced chest.

The feeding wasn’t affecting him, though he had no idea why. He could only surmise that it had something to do with being a werewolf but he had no time to think about that as he fucked Dannii, his hands sliding up round her smooth back to hold her perspiring form tightly, her legs squeezing almost painfully tight at his hips as she knelt astride him, her long, luxurious brown hair hanging down over his neck and shoulders as she gulped, unable to stop herself now as they approached climax. Her snug, squeezing pussy and vigorous, energetic fucking was more than enough for him and he simply couldn’t hold back, and didn’t see why he should either, quickly doubling his own efforts so they were fucking unbelievably fast. Dannii’s firm ass slapped against his thighs noisily as he reached his peak, his toes curling as he held on for one last thrust, slamming up hard into Dannii with a loud groan as she pushed down, pulling her down on his aching cock and holding her there, his cock the deepest it’d been as he came hard, his thick, hot load splashing into her.

Dannii didn’t try and pull back up, knowing it was the moment, loving how he held her down and the heat of him coming inside her, something she always loved, and combined with a rolling grind of her clit on his pubic bone it was enough to see her over the line as well, giving a squeal through his neck and reaching orgasm, her body tensing up as if she were freezing from her core outwards, before she gave a tremendous shudder as she came hard. Her eyes rolled into her head, not that he could see that and she bit down hard, sinking most of the rest of her teeth into his neck and shoulder at the same time, hearing him growl in pain but also feeling his cock jump inside her squeezing cunt and deliver a more powerful spurt before his climax faded in a softer one and then a last trickle into her womb, just before her own climax passed, giving an arch of her back and a slight tremble before sagging down over him with a groan of relief. Sucking lightly at his wound, she took a last taste and withdrew, almost carefully slipping her fangs out and then licking over it to clean him off, though blood immediately leaked from it again as she knelt up with a satisfied smile, resting her hands on his firm stomach as he reached up to block his wound.

“Well, that was the best breakfast in bed I’ve had in a long time,” she said with a sly smile, licking her lips and giving a wink before climbing off him, his softening cock slipping from her wet pussy as she got off and stood up from the mattress, glistening with a sheen of sweat. Dannii gave him a good look at her firm arse and juicy vulva peeking between her thighs as she bent over to pick up her thin robe, quickly sliding her arms in and doing it up again, her back to him as she unlocked the cage, stepped out and swiftly locked it again with a firm clang, just giving him a sideways glance and a quick flick of her eyebrows with a devilish smile as she padded out of the dungeons to the stairs, hearing the door close behind her, leaving him lying sweatily on his straw mattress wondering what had just happened aside from a fantastic fuck.

Sauntering up the stairs, Dannii gave a wistful sigh and feeling thoroughly satisfied. Her hunger was well sated, that was for sure given how much she’d devoured him, and she also felt very satisfied, having had a good hard orgasm, and delivered by a cock. She didn’t know what it was, but she’d been feeling a little frustrated lately, despite the very satisfying sex with Kylie, and hadn’t known what it was, but now she did. Dannii just needed a good session with a man every now and then, which wasn’t surprising. Her and Kylie, whilst both bisexual, classified themselves as straight-bisexual, since generally besides one another they were mainly into men and did enjoy their frolics with them.

However Dannii hadn’t actually had sex with a man in a good couple of months, going through a bit of a dry spell on that front. She’d had a few dates but nothing serious, and none of them had she wanted between her thighs, and with Kylie there was hardly any pressure for getting laid. But right now, she just felt great, though she wasn’t sure if it was the fresh blood or the sex, but she had a feeling it was a mixture of the two. Either way she’d needed the pretty stiff fuck she’d just received, and just wished she’d known before so she hadn’t waited so long, and hadn’t done it with him, though she had to admit he was pretty good despite her animosity towards him.

Walking casually out into the wide downstairs hallway, Dannii turned towards the stairs, where Kylie was just coming down, having woken up herself. She walked towards her with a smile, greeting her warmly.

“Morning Dan, where did you go, I woke up alone,” she said, her smile fading as they got closer, seeing a smear of blood down Dannii’s chin. Dannii just gave her a smirk and went to walk past, but Kylie grabbed her wrist and held her back.

“Dannii, what the fuck happened?” Kylie asked sternly, glaring into her sisters big blue eyes.

“I put him in his place is all,” Dannii said with a slightly smug smile, then pulled her arm away and sauntered away towards the large staircase…

To Be Continued…

Plenty to come!

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

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