Extra Spicy Lohan with Everything

Story title: Extra Spicy Lohan with Everything

Story by: Money

celeb in story: Lindsay Lohan

story codes: MF, oral, anal, breast expansion

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any questions or comments on the story send them to rockcook5@yahoo.com I would like to thank Dr. Blasphemy for his help on this project now on with the story.

Summary: For her fans that wanted to see her with a huge rack here you go

Cooking challenges were nothing new to me I enjoyed a good match so when I went head to head with Lindsay Lohan there was an instant rivalry that heated up both in and out of the kitchen the busty redhead knew her stuff and a few dishes that I had never tried were actually very good we hooked up not long after that our schedules rarely let both of us be home at the same time about a month ago breakfast started tasting a little off and becoming more horrible every day I didn’t want to insult her cooking skills but she wasn’t giving me a choice.

“Lindsay the eggs are off again.” I said

“I didn’t burn them baby they should be fine.” she said

“Didn’t say they were it’s gotta be the seasoning throwing off the flavor.” she said

I decided to make a small batch of eggs to make sure they were still good as I got the seasonings together I noticed a pill bottle behind the spice rack it was out of place since I rarely used medications at all as I read the label I ended up even more confused.

“This must be new I don’t remember this in cooking class.” I said

“I was hoping to find that first.” she said

After Lindsay told me what they were I started laughing I wasn’t pissed I just thought it was hilarious she would try to make my penis bigger while trying to hide it.

“The only thing it’s done is supposedly increase my sperm production I’m still the same size I’ve been before.” I said

“I don’t get it I ground up the stuff and slipped it in your eggs something should have happened by now.” she said

Even though the prank backfired on Lindsay I wasn’t mad by any stretch I decided to have some fun at her expense using her recent antics as ammo along with her current outfit of a tanktop with a front zipper and shorts I started pacing around her before speaking.

“So what I’m hearing is you want me to have a bigger dick by slipping the wrong pills in my food hoping I won’t notice the taste.” I said

“So your not mad?” she asked

“I’m not mad just wondering why you didn’t want big boobs to go along with the horse cock you wanted me to have.” I said

“I can’t walk on a movie set with bigger boobs than these…people would stare.” she said

Lindsay had a point but I knew saying anything about the way she looked would blow up in my face so to defuse a problem I turned it around back on me playing with her hair.

“Hmmm….being a bit bigger does sound fun maybe a solid 18 inches to slip between your boobs so I can blast a huge load on them.” I said

“I would love to see that.” she moaned

I unzipped her top getting my hands inside massaging her boobs getting her going lightly humping the chair she was in as I bent down to whisper in Lindsay’s ear while she closed her eyes.

“I can see it now I’m in nothing but a pair of shorts straining to keep my monster 18 inch cock at bay when you arrive home it breaks free onto the table begging for attention you put it between your boobs while sucking me off then it explodes all over your tits and face.” I said

“Mmmm you know just what to say to get me horny.” she said

“It’s only fair since I would love to see your shirt rip open from having bigger boobs but since that won’t happen without me slipping you meds I’ll keep it locked in fantasy world.” I said

I could tell Lindsay was hot and bothered we ended up having sex but it felt like she was just going through the motions thinking about me with an even bigger dick it didn’t bother me since I had hatched a plan of my own putting flavorless growth hormones in everything I made for her I kept the doses small but they were adding up fast.

3 months later

Lindsay looked a bit flustered I was hoping a negative side effect wasn’t the problem the last thing I needed was her to be pissed when I told her what I had been up to.

“Went through the whole supply and nothing to show for it maybe they don’t work.” she said

“Sounds like you were up to something start talking.” I said

“Ok you got me I changed the pills I used on you to something else for the last 3 months with no results.” she said

“Fair enough I’ve been slipping you HGH during the same timeframe as a gag the only time you didn’t get it was when you cooked for yourself….wait what did you switch to.” I said

Lindsay told me about when she talked to one of her friends about getting the correct dick pills she wanted for me and how they should have worked months ago I in turn told her about my antics and how they seemed to have misfired as well with her boobs still their ample size stuffed inside a teal lowcut dress with spagetti straps nearly overflowing out of it on her way to some Hollywood function all dolled up she was nearly out the door when we heard a loud snap Lindsay looked around trying to find the source of the noise it was close so I listened for it again while Lindsay went down the hall stopping at the full length mirror getting an eyefull of the rather large 38F’s that were pushing the dress out and distorting the shape of it.

“Found the culprit.” she said

“You look amazing.” I said

I had to admit Lindsay did look good even without the cartoonish figure I was pretty sure she wasn’t leaving now with the pair of guests on her chest and was proved right soon after.


“I really liked that dress.” she said

“In all fairness that was a cool trick.” I said

“Well looks like I’m not going anywhere…wanna give these a workout handsome.” she teased

“You bet.” I said

We were both too horny to think any clear thoughts as Lindsay pushed me against the nearest wall nearly shoving her tongue in my mouth before shredding my shirt like an animal.

“Hey I really liked this shirt.” I said

“But it was a cool trick.” she winked

Lindsay was slowly working her way down to my pants by now she was normally feeding my 12 inch cock into her mouth I was still waiting when she stopped.

“I need a tape measure down here.” she said

“I’m 12 inches Linds no need for it.” I said”

“Your a bit bigger than that.” she said

“No way.” I said

She took her arm and held it up next to my dick normally it went from her elbow to just before where her wrist started now it was not only thicker by a few inches but also longer extending past her wrist to her fingers.

“Oh yes you are.” she said

“Ok tape measure then.” I said

Lindsay was nearly giddy waiting as I fished out the tape measure from the garage toolbox she measured of the 12 inches first extending it more when she finally stopped at my new length she nearly fainted.

“Whoa…18 inches.” she squeaked

“I can see your happy.” I said

I pulled off what remained of her dress freeing Lindsay’s new impressive rack with stunning 45F’s I began sucking on them while Lindsay was busy stroking my huge meat with both hands.

Handling Lindsay’s new assets was a challenge my hands could only work with anything up to 36C’s so the extra large F’s were proving to be interesting as I got on her back in the bedroom.

“The more you suck them they might get bigger.” she said

“maybe later.” I said

I slipped my thick girth into her pussy which made her shudder as I passed my usual spot Lindsay opened her legs wider welcoming more inside her body.

“This is beyond what I’m used to.” she moaned

“Just a little more.” I said

My full length was rubbing Lindsay’s clit as it passed by invading her womb with minimal effort my size alone nearly caused her to pass out.

“So stuffed.” she moaned

“Then you should enjoy this.” I said

As I drove my hips forward into Lindsay’s deepest places she was playing with her huge tits watching me even catching a look of my 18 inch girth nearly stretching her belly while exploring her womb.

“I can feel it cumming.” she moaned

“It’s a big one.” I said

I sucked on Lindsay’s boobs as my balls pumped out a good load into her pussy it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be before I tried pulling out the rest of it showed up.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH……too much!!!!” she squealed

“Here we go again.” I said

My cock started spewing spunk again in even greater volume and thickness totally filling Lindsay’s womb all the way up and back out coating her love tunnel along the way her own orgasm had hit moments later her hips bucking like a wild animal on my cock we were both exhausted and satisfied.

Over the next few days it was nearly impossible to keep Lindsay away from my dick no matter where I went in the house she was trying to get in my pants the pills had yet to run their course so I stayed 18 inches while Lindsay still sported some impressive D cups to have some fun at my expense she got into a schoolgirl outfit the short skirt fit well enough the bright red button down shirt was stretched out nearly to it’s designed limit.

“Hmmm..maybe I need a better top.” she said

“Looks good to me very sexy.” I said

“I’m thinking horny schoolgirl and the late homework for some fun.” she purred.

“Ok I’m game been a while since we roleplayed anyway.” I said

Lindsay was late with her homework 45 minutes late I half expected her to not show at all but was surprised as she came in with an armfull of papers dropping it on my desk with a loud thud.

“There you go I’m out.” she said

“Oh no you don’t I’ll grade them now…sit.” I said

I could tell she was pissed having to wait as I broke out my red pen marking up the papers with lots of corrections as I went Lindsay was heated sitting on my desk shifting her hips.

“Maybe this would go faster if I sat on your lap.” she purred

“Your still failing but it couldn’t hurt.” I said

“I’ll do better I just need more time.” she said

“Given the timetable before mid terms you can’t makeup the work that fast.” I said

“I’ll do anything to get an extention name it.” she said

“Let me think about it.” I said

I wanted to take pity on her but thought she might be playing me as Lindsay sat on my lap in a rather seductive manner pushing her spine into my chest and rubbing her huge tits against me grinding her hips.

“Just a little more time.” she moaned

“Maybe we can come to an arrangement.” I said

As we kissed I felt her up getting my hands all over her shirt having some fun when I heard my chair start to creek and felt more weight in my lap I saw Lindsay’s boobs had expanded to some very large 48FF’s snapping buttons off as they grew larger.

“Keep going I’m loving this.” she moaned

“So am I.” I said

I kept rubbing her huge tits when I heard another cracking sound Lindsay didn’t hear it the chair legs gave out spilling me on my back with Lindsay landing on top of my chest sporting a pair of enormous 50HH boobs overflowing out of her top broken and warped buttons spread on the floor.

“Wow these are impressive.” she said

“You owe me a desk chair.” I said

I played with Lindsay’s huge tits sucking on them while my big dick stirred in my pants begging for release as it grew along my thigh where Lindsay could see the bulge I was easily larger than anything she had ever had she was interested in what was between my legs.

“I had no idea you were packing something this big.” she said

“Seeing you suck it would help with a down payment on a new chair.” I said

Lindsay got on her knees and unzipped my pants letting my 18 inch cock out her eyes bulged at it’s sheer size a worried look crosses her face that she can’t pull off deepthroating me even with her skill set.

“It’s bigger than I was hoping for…sweet cheese that’s thick.” she said

“Well then I smell summer school if somebody doesn’t get started..and I rule summer school.” I said

Lindsay got to work fast the first 12 inches were easy getting down her throat it was the last 6 that were a challenge trying again and again she couldn’t handle my size as I noticed the bulge in her throat.

“Thick… too much.” she panted

“I’ll help.” I said

I put my hand on her head as she continued to bob up and down her throat only to get 14 inches down before failing again.

“It’s too thick I can barely get one hand around the shaft.” she said

“Hmmm, I’ll give you another chance if your willing to take it in your ass.” I said

The frightened look on her face was obvious as the thought started sinking in running around in her mind the sheer dynamics it would take for her not to scream if it didn’t fit.

“I have never had anything near that size in my ass before it might rip me apart inside.” she said

“I’ve always been very gentle with you this is no different.” I said

She stood there for a good 10 minutes looking at my dick before the horny part of her brain kicked in and that nympho smile was on her face before Lindsay finally caved to wanting my monster cock in her ass.

“Ok let’s do this.” she said

“On the desk.” I said

Lindsay laid on the desk face up her big tits sitting on her ribs with her legs propped up over her head giving me easy access to her ass in no time my monster cock was going in and out at a good pace making Lindsay groan my long powerful strokes adding pleasure as my cock started getting thicker expanding to 12 inches clearly getting Lindsay’s attention.

“UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNN….that is a big dick it feels like it’s about to come out my mouth any minute now.” she said

“Not likely but that does sound cool.” I said

Even with everything going on in her mind Lindsay had a look between her legs seeing the tip of my cock cause a bulge above her belly button the feelings were overriding any negative reactions.

“I’ve never felt this stuffed in my life keep going.” she moaned

“Can’t keep this up much longer.” I said

I had to pull out of her ass before I exploded if Lindsay saw the state her ass was in now she would be so pissed to say it had been wrecked by a horse sized cock would be putting it mildly walking funny would be the least of her problems over the next few weeks.

Lindsay had a shocked look on her face as she got her first look at my 18 inch long and very thick cock between my legs knowing that had just been inside her ass moments ago she was now on her knees fitting my slab of meat between her near beachball sized rack and the tip in her mouth.

“You look so hot like that.” I said

“Mmmmmmmpppppphhhhhhhfffff.” she moaned

I had never seen her oral skills in such a sexual way with Lindsay’s hair flying around the ultra busty redhead was quite a sight even sliding 2 fingers into her pussy.

“I can’t hold out much longer.” I said

“Just what I wanted to hear.” she purred

Lindsay sucked as hard as she could on my dick while humping it with her massive tits the sight of her red hair draped over them is all I could take before I blasted her face with thick sperm her mouth was open all the way spilling my huge load on her big boobs as it churned out what felt like nearly a gallon of spunk covering most of her face and hair nearly turning it white she happily cleaned my cock so I ended up giving her an A+ for the class.
“Mid terms were fun…can’t wait for finals.” she cooed

“Maybe some tutoring between classes would help.” I said

After that we went through every kinky scenerio we could think of even though it was just us the fun factor was always there no matter what but those are stories for another time.

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