Faith’s Speeding Ticket

faith hill caught speeding , so miss hill whats your excuse this time,now step out, miss hill, how much have you had to drink ,Im sorry just a few,get in my car, now open my zipper and get to work sucking me dry,noooo I wont you are in big trouble officer,slap ohhhh awyyyyy now get started, ohhhhhhdont hit me awyyyyythen you knowwhat to do okm ohhhhhhahhh now thats a good girl ohhhthats right swallow it all you whore,now get those pants off Im going to give you a good fucking, panties to. oh yes whata sight,blond pussy bush, ohhhhhh awyyyyyy ah ah ah ah now turn over and spresd those cheeks awyyyyy awyyyyy I never been fucked
in my ass before. ohhh I like it give it to meeeeee ohhhhh yes ah ah ah ohhhhh fill my ass with your come and then let me clean you with my toung….I WILLL LICK YOU CLEAN…..keep my panties for a momento from a satisfied woman. her is my personal phone number, we can get together when Im lonely and horny……

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