Fallen Angel

Fic Title:Fallen Angel

Author:Andrew Troy Keller


Pairing:Hudson Leick/Lucy Lawless/Kevin Sorbo


Disclaimer:Xena:Warrior Princess belongs to Renaissance Pictures and

Universal TV.This story is not-for-profit,but I own it.

Summary:A saddened Hudson Leick describes to us the reason for her


Warnings:Female/female sex,strong language,male/female sex


My name is Hudson Leick and this story that I’ve been compelled to

tell you had suddenly started on the 26th day of March on the set of

the syndicated television series that I was
working on entitled

XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS,which had starred one of my good friends,Lucy


You see,my real name is not Hudson Leick,for you see,’Hudson Leick’

happens to be a name that I’ve given myself after I’ve been banished

to Earth from the beautiful paradise known as Heaven for something

that I shouldn’t had done in the first place.

That’s right,Folks.Believe it or not,I’m really an angel…and the

one thing that I’ve been banished to Earth for was that while some

of the elder angels were having a conversation with the head

angel,Gabriel over some sort of matter on the world beneath us,old

little curious me had snuck into the forbidden chamber and took a

little peek at the glowing crystal orb and saw something that I now

know as adult porn.

And after I’ve gazed upon it and discovered just how beautiful it

actually was,I’ve gotten myself out of the forbidden chamber before

the elders had discovered that I was in there and ran over to one of

my fellow young angels and told her of my discovery,which had caused

her to look at me with a look of disgust on her face and say to

me,”How dare you speak of such things here?Our lord would never

allow such a thing to happen amongst all of his angels!”

But that was before I’ve removed my dress,expossed my nude body to

her,placed my hands on her hips and moved my lips closer to hers.

And then,just as she was about to allow herself to object once

more,I’ve kissed her ever so passionately on the lips,just before I

had removed her dress from her nude body and started pumping my

fingers in and out of her cunt and sucking on the tips of her


“Aaaahhhh!No!It’s forbidden!Not allowed!Please don’t do

this!Stop!Oooohhhh,please don’t stop!”,my first angel lover had

said,after she had placed her gentle hand on my

back.”Yeeeessss!That’s it!Touch me!Suck my wet pussy


Then suddenly,a flash of lighting and loud sound of thunder had

caused us to stop what we were doing,for the both of us had just

realized that we were both in big trouble.

Fortuntely,for my first angel lover,she had only recieved a minor

punishment,because she didn’t want to do it in the first place.

However,as for me,I was kicked out of Heaven and banished to

Earth,where I’ve had no other choice,but to live among mortals and

never set one foot within the heavenly paradise ever again.

At first,I was able to adjust to my new life on Earth by giving

myself a new name and a new line of work at a city known as

Hollywood,California as an actress for movies and TV shows,which had

brought me to become one of the stars of XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS as

Callisto,Xena’s most hated enemy.

Then,all of a sudden,we had to shoot a scene in one of the

episodes–which had Kevin Sorbo guest-star as Hercules–in which

both Xena and Hercules were relaxing their battle-werry bodies

within a bubbling brook and Callisto had walked over to the

unsuspecting duo and challenged Xena to a sword-fight to the death.

But then,after Lucy had gotten herself out of the brook,grabbed for

Xena’s sword and was about to use it against me,something had caused

her to stop and look at me with concern in her eyes…and that

something was flat-out fear,for Lucy’s nude body had suddenly

reminded me of my first angel lover and what had caused me to be

banished from Heaven.

Just then,after the director had yelled ‘cut’,a concerned Lucy had

lowered the sword and asked,”Hudson,what’s wrong?Are you alright?”

I was so shaken-up that I was unable to answer…and with everyone

else looking at me and wondering what was wrong with me,I was so

overwhelmed with fear that I’ve had no choice,but to run as far away

as I could from the set.

After I was unable to run any further,I’ve dropped myself down to my

knees,looked up at the sky above me and cried out at the top of my


And then,after I had placed my hands over my face and began to cry,a

friendly hand had placed itself on my shoulder,causing me to look up

and notice that it was the hand of a confused and yet,caring

Lucy,who was–at the time–wearing only a bathrobe.

“Hudson,are you alright?”,Lucy had asked me,while she and Kevin had

helped me get back on my feet.”Do you want to talk about it?”

But of course,after I was able to pull myself together and told them

the truth about myself,I’ve looked at both of their faces and

realized that they were unable to believe me,which had caused me to

bring them back to my trailer,where I had removed my costume and the

harness for the wings on my back.

And after they had looked at my wings and their eyes had became as

wide as saucers,I had taken a deep breath,lowered my head in shame

and said,”That’s right,my friends.I was telling the truth.I’m a

fallen angel from Heaven.”

But after I had allowed a single tear to run down my cheek,a

suddenly-understanding Lucy had walked over to me,placed her gentle

hand on my cheek and said,”Well,yes.It’s true that you’re a fallen

angel.But a beautiful one,never the less.”

Then suddenly,even though I was afraid that the fear would cause me

to run away from my friends again,something inside my mind was

telling me to not run away and allow Lucy to kiss me instead.

And when she had given me a warm and passionate kiss on the lips,the

fear that was bulding itself up inside of me was gone and I was no

longer afraid.

And then,after our little kiss,Lucy and I had looked over at Kevin

and discovered that he was stroking his stiff cock,causing Lucy to

walk over to him,bring him over to me and said,”Go ahead,Kevin.Go

ahead and fuck her.”

And after she had sat herself down on a chair and started touching

herself all over her nude body,Kevin had placed his stone hard dick

inside my hot,wet pussy and began to suck on the tips of my firm

breasts,causing me to place my hands on his bare back and

say,”Aaaahhhh,yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,Kevin!Fuck me!I want you to

fuck me!Aaaahhhh!”

Then,at that exact moment,I’ve suddenly realized that I was once

again experiencing something that I had once experienced with my

first angel lover,for I was experiencing pure and untamed

erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after Kevin had placed his stiff rod inside Lucy’s

hot,moist snatch and started licking on my cunt,I’ve started sucking

on the tips of her stiff mounds,causing her to place her hand on my



And then,after we had started moving harder and faster and our

lovemaking has reached its final journey towards the Pearly Gates of

Heaven itself,the three of us had came and collapsed due to


After we were all finally able to catch our breath and Lucy and I

had placed our heads on Kevin’s chest,I had taken a deep

breath,looked at my newfound bi-sexual lovers with a smile and

said,”I want to thank the both of you for understanding…and to

help me get over my fear.”

“Which was no trouble at all,Hudson.”,said a smiling Lucy,after she

had gently placed her hand on my cheek.”And besides,our fun has just


And then,after we had shared a small chuckle between us,Lucy,Kevin

and I had snuggled-up to each other and went to asleep within our

naked arms,while the rest of the show’s cast and crew were getting

everything ready for the next scene.

Now,I do understand that the big guy and the elder angels back up in

Heaven had kicked me out of there as a form of punishment,but that

was before something had happened to me…and made me say to

myself,”Hey,if they don’t like what you had done up there,then screw

them!Because you’re having the time of your life down here!Go

on!Enjoy it!”


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