Faye And Lisa Fantasy

Faye and Lisa were in Faye’s hotel room watching porn on the telly.

They were both feeling aroused.

As if reading eachother’s minds, they started touching eachother up, without saying a word.

Lisa took Faye’s top off to reveal Faye’s pert tits. She immediately groped them, taking her hard nipples in between her fingers.

Lisa and Faye had started fucking eachother a while ago, and had even involved Claire. But she didn’t want to do it as often as the girls did, so they did it themselves more regular.

Faye pulled Lisa’s top of and noticed, she too, didn’t have a bra on. The thought of that excited her
as she could always see her hard nipples through the thin material.

Faye took Lisa’s breasts in her mouth, sucking them long and hard. Lisa let out a gasp. Lisa reciprocated, teasing her friends’ nipples with her tongue.

Lisa liked it when they were on tour, cos it was the only time that they could fuck without the others knowing.

Now of course, Claire was in on it too.

They kissed passionately, tongues exploring eachother’s mouthes.

Lisa worked her way down Faye’s body till she reached her friends waist.

She quickly undressed her and set to work on her pussy, which was wet with anticipation.

She glided her tongue up and down her friends’ slit, before poking her tongue in her love hole. She could taste her sweet juices. She heard her friend sigh and worked a little faster.

She moved up to her throbbing clit, lapping at her rosebud. She instantly came and Lisa struggled to lick it all off.

Faye moved Lisa’s head to hers and they kissed again, Faye could taste her own juices in her friends’ mouth.

Faye then moved down to her friends soaking pussy and realised she had already cum. She licked it all up before staring to work her own magic.

Faye went straight for her clit, lapping at it fast. Lisa shuddered at the touch and could feel herself about to orgasm.

She let it go and groaned loudly, Faye always made her cum quickly, she didn’t know how she did it, but she loved it. It kept her wanting more.

Faye cleaned her up and then thrust two of her long fingers inside Lisa.

She worked very slow at first, building up the sensation, then she moved faster and faster till Lisa exploded and covered her fingers in her juices.

She pulled them out and let Lisa lick them clean.

She told Lisa to finger her, Lisa obliged, wanting her friend to feel the way she did a moment ago.

She glided two, then three fingers into Faye. Her pussy was well lubricated and she found it easy.

With her other hand, she teased her friends’ clit. Faye immediately climaxed, letting out a loud groan.

Lisa lapped up her cum quickly.

There was a knock at the door, it was Claire………………….

The End

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