Faye Fantasy

The girls were in the dressing room, getting changed from their performance.

Lisa and Faye were watching Claire, they winked at eachother.

‘Can someone help with with this?’ asked Lisa, Faye pretended to be busy so Claire did it.

Lisa and Faye had started sleeping with eachother several months ago when they were watching porn together in the hotel room. Now they were desparate to get Claire involved.

After unclipping her bra, Claire said ‘There you go Lis’.

‘Thanks’ replied Lisa

They continued watching Claire, while getting very aroused.

They watched in awe as Claire took her bra off to reveal
her small pert breasts.

They had seen her breasts many times, but now they were excited as they imagined sucking on them, teasing her nipples with their tongues.

They could feel their juices seeping into the panties and could resist it no more.

Lisa made the first move.

‘Claire, we were wondering if you’d like to come and watch porn with us.

‘Sure, ok, i’m up for anything’ she replied, much to their surprise.

They put the tv on and lay on the bed, dressed only in skimpy bathrobes.

Faye could see Claire’s nipples harden as she became aroused at the video they were watching.

She wanted her friend so badly, to teach her the ways of female love making.

She could resist it no longer and started running her hand gently across Claire’s back.

Seeing this, Lisa joined in and caressed her firm buttocks.

‘Guys, what are you doing?’ Claire asked, bewildered.

‘Aren’t you feeling horny?’ asked Lisa

‘Well yeah, I guess so’

‘Then let’s enjoy ourselves’ said Faye in a seductive tone.

With that, Faye pressed her lips firmly on Claire’s. At first she didn’t respond, but then Faye felt her tongue poking through her lips and opened her mouth to welcome it.

Lisa untied Claire’s bathrobe and began caressing her warm body, paying close attention to her breasts and nipples.

She took one of Claire’s breasts in her mouth and teased her nipple with her tongue. She felt Claire relax and knew she must be enjoying it.

Lisa and Faye swapped over, Lisa kissing Claire passionately, while Faye searched Claire’s body with her tongue.

She reached her pussy and caressed it with her tongue, she explored her lips, her parting and her clit. She heard Claire moan softly between kisses.

Lisa untied her bathrobe and guided Claire to her huge tits.

Claire sucked and teased them the way they had done to her. She was starting to enjoy the experience.

It wasn’t long before Claire came to a climax and Faye lapped it up, every drop.

Faye kissed Lisa and they shared Claire’s honey in their mouthes.

Claire reached down to Lisa’s wet pussy and began exploring it the way Faye had to her.

Lisa moved with the rhythm of her friend, guiding her head with her hand.

Claire stopped and let Faye have a go at eating her pussy, while she kissed Lisa.

She could taste her own juices and was surprised to find that she liked it.

She wondered what theirs tasted like.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, Lisa grabbed her head and let the two girls continue eating her while drawing closer to a climax.

She came in their mouthes and groaned as they lapped it up.

Next it was Fayes turn. Lisa took Faye’s cunt while Claire caressed the rest of her body.

They swapped over and it wasn’t long before Faye reached orgasm.

Claire tasted Faye’s juices and lapped it up willingly, enjoying the taste of her friend.

Once finished they flopped down on the bed and sighed, the video had finished.

‘So what are we going to watch now? Claire asked.

Faye and Lisa looked at eachother and grinned.

This was going to be a wonderful friendship!


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