Fern Britton

Title: Fern Britton

Author: Mick278

Celebs: Fern Britton

Codes: MF

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

Having just attended the TV show “this Morning” It was apparent hat there was a spark between Fern Britton and myself.  I was there to explain my role in the armed forces in Iraq. There were quite a few risqué comments made by Fern about the size of my weapon etc.  Any way on completion I was sat in the green room when Fern walked in and offered me a beer, I thought it was slightly early to be drinking but what the fuck I thought.

Where have They put you Fern enquired, Nightingale hotel I replied.  Mmm is very nice there I some times stay there my self if I stay over Fern said.  With that she was called back to the studio, I could not be sure but I thought I caught her giving me a sly wink as she left.

Sometime around 7 o’clock I was sat in the bar of my hotel drinking a nice bottle of red wine.  I had been there about 45 minutes when a familiar voice spoke.  May I join you Mick, looking up who should be stood there but big old Fern Britton.

Sure sit down, taking her jacket off and hanging it on the back of her chair she was dressed in a see through white blouse that clearly showed her lacy black bra covering those huge GG tits. Below she was wearing a short cream skirt that was rising up above her knees.

As we sat drinking Fern started moaning about travelling her husband, working hard etc.  she seemed quiet excited about my life as a soldier she was openly flirting and being suggestive.  I decided that I had had enough and told Fern that I was going for a walk in the ground of  the hotel and I would catch up with her later.

As I left through the patio doors I walked slowly knowing that if I was right Fern would sure to follow. As I passed a rear entrance there seemed to be a small alcove with bushes around it. I stopped to light a fag and waited. Sure enough no more than three minutes Fern came sauntering by.

She noticed me leant against the wall and walked over to me. I knew that as she had done the chasing I was going to take advantage. I grabbed her and threw her against the wall. Grabbing a hand full of hair I bent her head and kissed her hard on the mouth, my tongue sliding into her mouth. Mmmmmm she moaned then tried to pull away.

I pulled her tighter and moved my hand up and grabbed one of her huge double G tits. I squeezed and pulled on that big motherfucker all fleshy encased in that lacy bra. I pulled my head away and let her catch her breath. Fuck Mick who the fuck do you think you are dealing with. You can’t do that to me. This time with my hand still on her huge tit I pinched very hard on her nipple aaahhhhh she screamed.

Listen to me you fat fucking slag stop moaning and start to relax, with both hands i grabbed her blouse and ripped it wide open her fucking huge titties  encased in her black bra were right before my eyes.  Flicking the front catch both tits sprang out, i pinched ard on her nipples then lent down and bit hard on the flesh. Leaving a big love bite for her husband to see. grabbing both tits i forced her to her knees and rammed my hard cock straight into her whore mouth.

Fucking her face i pulled my cock from her mouth and smacked the sides of her cheeks with it. “Yes Mick, yes treat me like your own little whore!!! Fuck my mouth as roughly as you’d like and cum down the back of my throat, please I’m begging you!!” Fern was in frenzy now and my harshness paid off; she did like to be treated like a slut!! i grabbed ferns hair once again and shoved my cock between her posh sweet lips. “Suck it good you fat fucking cunt!! If you do that I’ll give you all of my warm, seed!”, With my hands, i continued to grab and squeeze her fat massive tits. I took each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began to pinch, twist and pull it hard. Fern shrieked, in pain and in pleasure as i took control of her body. As i face fucked this fat slag, i thrust every inch down her throat and exploded my spunk straight in her mouth. On her knees gagging i told her to swallow which she did with relish.  Clean up and meet me in room 278, in half an hour. get ready for the fuck of your life bitch and don’t be late.

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