Flying Coach

Title: Flying Coach

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Taylor Swift

Codes: Gang, nc, oral, anal, exh, drugs

Summary: Taylor Swift takes a pre-flight sleeping pill

Disclaimer: The following is a completely fictional story…FICTIONAL. Do not email me telling me how unrealistic this may be…that’s the fucking point. It involves a celebrity too.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Lohan and no Kardashian).

Taylor Swift loaded her carry-on suitcase in the overhead compartment before taking her seat near the window. The blonde star was flying “across the pond” from London to New York and was stuck flying in coach instead of first-class. She was furious as she screamed at agent while waiting to board. The young woman had not flown coach since her pre-pubescent years.

Instead of further making a scene, Taylor decided to bite the bullet and accept her coach seating. She was a bit uncomfortable at first but after slipping a sleeping pill, her nerves were calm. She stared out the window at the tarmac when a middle-aged man sat down next to her.

“Wait, really?” the British man said as he looked over at the celebrity at his side. “Taylor Swift?”

“Yeah, it’s me,” she said as she adjusted her pillow.

“In coach?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was a mix-up,” she said as the plane took off.

“Well I’ll try not to bug you too much,” he said, spitting his chewed gum into his hand and sticking it under the seat.

“Oh don’t worry, I took a sleeping pill,” she said with a disgusted look on her face.

“Okay then.”

After about a half hour, Taylor began to feel sleepy. She let out a loud yawn before she passed out. The man looked over at her and stared at her peaceful body.

“Taylor?” he whispered. “Still awake?”

The famous blonde was deep in a slumber, unable to respond. The man looked around and saw a very small amount of people on the plane, mostly men with only two or three women on board. He looked back at the sleeping girl and admired her. She was wearing a sparkly silver dress with knee-high white boots.

The man stuck his hand out and rested it on her bare thigh. He began to sweat as he slowly slid his hand up her legs, keeping his eyes on her pleasant face the whole time. As his shaky fingers disappeared under the fabric, he looked around to see if anyone was watching him. He quickly realized that he was in a good enough position that nobody could see what he was doing.

Taylor was in a deep sleep, leaving her body at the full control of the strange man. He reached another hand up her skirt and slowly pulled down the cotton panties she had been wearing. He took a deep breath as he saw her panties slide down her milky thighs, over her knees and down the black boots.

“Christ,” he whispered as he dropped them at her ankles.

The man grabbed her dress and lifted it up to her waist, exposing to himself her cleanly shaven pussy. He looked over his shoulder once again before dropping his hand to her crotch, allowing his finger to brush against her pussy lips. An erection grew in his pants as her velvety ran under his fingertips. His other hand went up and rubbed her hips and stomach, slipping under the dress and reaching for her petite tits.

A stewardess walked past the man and he quickly turned around, not moving his hand from her body. The woman walked past without looking so he focused back on the girl. He squeezed her nipples under the dress hard, enough to make her scream had she been conscious. He removed his other hand from her crotch and lifted the dress up past her chest, giving him a look.

“Sweet damn,” he said as he bent forward and took her left nipple in his mouth.

“Excuse me sir,” the stewardess said from behind his back. He turned his eyes to her without taking his lips off of Taylor. “Do you need a condom or anything?”

The man pulled away from Taylor and smiled at the woman.

“No thanks, I don’t plan on using one,” he said. “But could I ask a favor? This girl is pretty dry; could you give her cunt a little spit?”

The stewardess looked at Taylor’s sleeping face before hawking a big loogie on her pussy.

“There you go love, give it to her good,” she said before walking away.

The man started to remove his pants when five other stewardesses approached him.

“Melinda asked us to help out,” the short blonde said before spitting on Taylor’s cunt.

The other four women spit as well before leaving him alone with the unconscious singer. He drops his pants to his ankles and crawled on top of her. The man’s cock easily slid into her slimy cunt as he started to fuck her. Just as he started, a brunette stewardess stood in the row behind him and watched with a sexy look.

“I can’t stand this cunt’s music,” she said as she yanked her blonde hair, held her jaw open and spit down her throat before slapping her across the cheek. “Bitch is going to get a surprise when she wakes up.”

As the man continued to fuck her, he kicked the seat adjuster and dropped her almost completely horizontal. The stewardess lifted her skirt up and started rubbing herself over the sleeping singer. With Taylor’s body being roughly rocked back and forth, the woman quickly had a squirting orgasm that rained down on her peaceful face. She laughed as she watched her juices spray on the girl.

The man bent down and licked the feminine juices off of Taylor as he put every ounce of force he possibly could into raping her cunt. As the stewardess walked away, the man reached his breaking point and filled Taylor’s pussy with his thick, creamy seed. He looked down and softly slapped her wet face as the last few drops sank into her womb. He pulled himself off of her and sat back down in his seat. He grabbed Taylor’s panties off of the ground and cleaned the head of his cock off before tossing it on her mostly-nude body.

“Damn that was great,” he said as he pulled his pants back up.

“Excuse me sir?” a man’s voice asked from his side. “Do you mind if I had a go at her?”

The original man looked at the older man and gave him a nod. He stood up to get out of his way when he was stopped.

“I want her throat,” the older man said. “If you don’t mind Mr…”

“Frank. And it’s no problem, show this bitch what her mouth should be used for,” he said as he slapped her pussy a few times.

The old man got in the row behind them and pulled Taylor by the hair back until her head was hanging over the edge of the headrest. He pulled his six inch cock out and shoved it between her lips. He groaned as he felt her tongue brushing the top of his member as he went deeper. Once he felt her nose brush against his balls, he took hold of her skull and fucked her as fast and hard as possible.

As the old man continued, three more men approached the situation. Frank stood up and allowed the men to pass through and join in. The shortest man immediately shoved his eight-incher into her messy cunt. Another man knelt on Frank’s seat and slapped his cock against her flat chest. The last man stood between them, grabbing Taylor’s hand and jerked himself off.

The stewardesses all gathered around to watch the gang assault on the famous fuckmeat. They giggled as the old man pulled out of Taylor’s mouth and painted her forehead in thick globs of cum. He wiped himself off in her hair and walked off to the side. The man slapping her chest crawled over her and took his place. With cum still drizzling up her forehead, he put his cock into her mouth and violently fucked her face.

“Make her suffer!” one of the women yelled.

The man fucking her in the pussy pulled out and crawled onto her, pressing his kneed into her stomach. He aimed his cock at her neck and gave her a perfect pearl necklace. He finished by rubbing his head against her neck before looking at the man in her mouth.

“Can I have her for a second?” he asked.

The man pulled out and allowed him control of her head. He signaled him to step back for a second before he unloaded a solid golden stream into her mouth. Quickly, his urine began to flood out of her mouth, down her cheeks and into her hair. Within seconds, her long blonde hair was drenched in dank piss. He finished after about thirty seconds and crawled away.

The man returned to fucking her mouth while another man twisted her hips and pressed his cock to her asshole.

“Wait!” the stewardesses yelled before dashing towards them.

The women all fought for space as they spat all over her puckered asshole. They knew it would take a lot of lubrication so they spent a full minute spitting on the hole, pushing it in with their fingers. After they were done, the man thanked them before shoving his cock into her asshole.

Just as her ass violation got going, the man in her mouth pulled out and covered her lips in his glistening, milky cum with some dripping down her throat. He finished and stepped away, replaced by one of the stewardesses who had her skirt hiked up and her hand moving at a mile a minute. The woman, like the one before her, quickly sprayed the young singer in her sweet juices, adding to the three orgasms and bathroom break that her head had already taken.

“This cunt is a mess!” she yelled as she came.

“Not enough of one,” the man in her ass said as he fucked her with enough force to push her head onto the seat in the row behind.

That man was ready to cum so he pulled out and roughly crawled over her. One of the stewardesses held her head up, allowing him to aim his cock at her nose. He shot multiple giant shots up her nostrils. The woman opened her mouth and he could see his cum sliding from her nose, down her throat.

“Stupid cunt,” he said as he slapped her mess of a face.

For the next several hours, the five men and five women took turns fucking the unconscious celebrity, all covering her head in their cum until she was almost unrecognizable. Cum, piss and spit covered every inch of her body above the neckline of her dress, which also had a few shots of cum and wads of spit on it. Frank was the last one to get a final shot at her. He fucked her one last time in the ass, filling her bowels with his cum. He quickly pulled his pants up afterwards and sat back in his seat. The other men sat Taylor back upright and yanked her dress down.

Frank pocketed Taylor’s cum-rag that used to be her panties but not before wiping her eyes clean so she could open them. The plane landed and he started shaking Taylor.

“Wake up, Taylor!” he yelled. “We landed.”

Taylor jerked and opened her eyes. She was clearly still groggy as Frank stood up and walked away. The other men stared at her and smirked as they walked past the drugged girl. She stood up and followed them out without even realizing the situation. Cum was hanging from her chin almost down to the hem of her dress.

“Excuse me, miss,” one of the stewardesses said. “You have an eye crust,” she said before wiping it away from her and smiled. “There you go!”

“I…um…thanks,” she said in a daze, still groggy from the sleeping pill.

Taylor exited the plane, barely able to stand and walked into the public. Two young girls approached her, screaming in joy.

“Taylor can we have an auto…” they froze as they saw the mess on her face.

“What’s wrong girls?” she asked, trying to focus on them.

“Uh…” one of the girls started before her friend stopped her.

“Can we get a picture with you?” the other girl asked.

“Sure!” Taylor exclaimed. “Where did I put my phone?”

Taylor was so out of it that she left her bag on the plane but she felt something in her pussy. She spread her legs and a cum-covered cell phone fell from her pussy.

“There it is!” she exclaimed.

Taylor wiped the cum off of the screen and turned the camera on. She took a selfie with the girls and sent them the picture. The girls signaled more people over to her and she ended up taking picture after picture with fans. She continued and gave them autographs before heading off to the ladies room. Her mind was beginning to clear as she walked in and headed towards the sink. She started to wash her hands when her eyes looked up at the mirror.


The End.

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