Fresh Out of Rehab, Part 1

Title: Fresh Out of Rehab, part 1

Author: Tori

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Joe couldn’t believe it.  One minute he’s filling his pickup with gas and the next minute a gorgeous woman is propositioning him.  When she pulled up next to him at the pumps in her Mercedes convertible and asked him if he wanted her, all he could do was nod and say, “I live around the block.  Just follow me.”  He finished pumping his gas and hopped into his truck, keeping  his eye in his rearview during the short ride to make sure she was following.

Once inside, she looked around the apartment and walked into the kitchen.  “Nice place” she said.  “It’s a dump” replied Joe.  He looked over at the hot brunette as she hopped up on his kitchen counter and slid her dress up.  “Do you like my legs?” she asked as she ran her long fingernails up from her ankles to her thighs and then put one of her fingers into her mouth and started sucking on it.  Joe just nodded and took in her beauty.  She looked at him smiling and said, “How about it?  Wanna fuck me?”

Selena Gomez looked at him and wondered what was taking so long.  She wanted, no, she needed to get fucked and here she was, inviting this guy to do her.  She looked at him and said, “Listen, I don’t have all day so either take your cock out or I’m leaving.”  As she hopped off the counter, Joe came over to her, pushing her back against the counter and said, “I don’t know what you’re up to and I’ve only dreamed about doing a hot piece of ass like you, but here you are, ready to let me do whatever I want.  What’s your game?”

Selena just smiled and said, “No game, I just got out of rehab and I’m horny as hell.  When I saw you at the gas station I figured you’d be up for some hard fucking, that’s all.”  Joe smiled and unzipped his fly.  “If all you want is a hard cock, then get on your knees and prove it.”

Selena slowly dropped to her knees and reached inside his jeans.  Her hand found what it was looking for and pulled out the massive 10 inch cock.  “Holy shit!  You’ve got one hell of a big cock.”  Joe just smiled and said, “Shut up and start sucking.”  The gorgeous Latina opened her mouth and started to suck him.  Her glossy pink lips wrapped around the thick shaft as her tongue ran around the head.  Soon, she was slurping down the hard meat, taking it deeper and deeper into her throat.  Joe looked down and watched as the brunette beauty sucked him off.  The 32 year old construction worker had had his share of trim before but this slut was the best.  The saliva ran out of her mouth and down across her chin as she devoured him.  Joe put his hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth.  Selena put her hands behind her back and let him skull fuck her for almost five minutes before she felt his cum shooting down her throat.  When he finally pulled out of her mouth, the pretty singer swallowed what was in her mouth and then used her fingers to get the rest.  When she was finished, she stood up and said, “Come on stud, we’re just getting started.

Selena slowly started walking towards the bedroom.  Along the way, she unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor.  As she walked into the bedroom, she reached behind her and undid her bra, exposing her breasts.  When she turned to look at Joe, she slowly slid her silk panties down around her ankles and kicked them away.  “So, like what you see?” she asked.  Joe stood there admiring the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and said, “You’re perfect.”  Selena turned around and bent over the end of the bed and looked back at him.  “Hurry up, I need that cock inside of me.”  Joe quickly stripped out of his clothes and stroked his cock, getting it hard almost immediately.  As he came up behind her, she pushed one of her fingers into her tight little asshole and said, “I want you to fuck my ass.”  Joe slapped his hard meat on her ass and said, “Is that where you want it?  You want this fat cock up that ass?”  Selena laid down on the bed and used both perfectly manicured hands to spread her ass cheeks apart and said, “Hell yeah, fuck my ass hard.”

Joe placed the bulbous head of his cock against the tiny brown hole and spit on it.  He used his finger to make her open for him and then slowly pushed inside.  Selena let out a gasp and then said, “Jesus FUCK!”  He pushed more and more of his cock deep into her now gaping hole and when he was all the way inside, Selena let out a deep moan and pushed back on him.  Joe started to fuck her like a ten dollar whore and was soon pounding away at her.  He sodomized the Latina beauty, slamming his cock balls deep into her with each hard thrust.  Selena was soon begging him to fuck her harder and harder.  Joe grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back and spit on her face.  He said, “You like that don’t you whore?  You like my hard cock up your shit hole, don’t you?”  Selena was grunting and moaning and screamed, “FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!!!!  FUCK ME HARDER MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!  SLAM YOUR COCK UP MY NASTY ASS!!!!!!!”  As Joe pounded away at her, she started to cum and soon her pussy juices were squirting out of her cunt, coating his balls as they slapped against her clit.  She came over and over again, clamping down on his hard cock.  This made him start to cum and Selena felt him filling her hole with his hot load.  Joe pulled his cock out and pulled her to the floor.  He said, “Suck it off bitch.  Open your mouth and taste your ass.”  Selena took his cock into her mouth and sucked, licking him clean.

When she finished, Joe stepped back and said, “You should see yourself.  You look amazing.”  Selena opened her eyes and smiled.  She looked up at him and said, “Thanks for the fuck.  I really needed that.”  Joe helped her up and said, “Anytime you need a good fucking, you know where to find me.”  He handed her a towel and as she cleaned herself up, Joe jotted his phone number on a piece of paper.  Selena got dressed and headed for the door.  Joe handed her the paper and opened the door.  Selena kissed his cheek and said, “I’ll call you, I promise.”

After she left, Joe sat down and thought about what had just happened.  He just fucked one of the hottest woman in the world and not only did he fuck her, he fucked her in the ass.  He was just about to take a shower when he heard a knock on the door.  When he opened it, Selena came in and said, “Fuck it, I need that cock in me again.”  Joe just smiled and followed her into the bedroom.

The End of Part 1

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