Fun Between Sisters

Title: Fun Between Sisters

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Vanessa Hudgens, Stella Hudgens

Codes: FF, inc, oral, drunk

Disclaimer: This story is 100 percent fiction. None of this has ever happened and sadly probably never will happen.

“Hey Vanessa, I just wanted to say thanks for offering to be our designated driver for Sammi and I tonight. We owe you big time V,” Stella said to her older sister from the backseat of Vanessa’s black vintage Charger.

“Yeah we so you so much baby V!” Stella’s best friend Sammi Hanratty added as she fixed the skirt on her dress.

“It’s no problem ladies,” the older Hudgens sister replied. Vanessa figured that she needed to get out of the house for a little bit anyway. She did not want to spend any more time feeling down about her recent relationship with a guy she really liked that ended in heartbreak when she found him fucking one of her best friends in their bed.

It had been almost three weeks since she walked in on her lover’s betrayal and Vanessa finally realized she needed to stop crying and eating ice cream in her bed while watching sappy romantic comedies. So, when Stella and her friend Sammi said they were going out to the club, Vanessa was more than happy to offer to be their designated driver for the evening.

“So what clubs are you girls hitting up tonight?” Vanessa asked as she kept her eyes on the road in front of her.

“We are going to the new club that just opened up on Rodeo Drive,” Sammi replied as moved her body to the music that was playing through Vanessa’s stereo system.

“Yeah, that new club is where everyone is going to be,” Stella replied.

“Well I hope you ladies have a great time in there,” Vanessa replied to the disappointment of Stella.

“Wait, you’re not coming in with us?” Stella asked.

“You wanted me to come with?” Vanessa asked back. She didn’t actually think that Stella and Sammi wanted her to go out and party with them. She had just gotten out of another failed relationship and needed time to heal from the heartbreak before she could go out to the club.

“Yeah. It would have been rude of me to invite you just to be our chauffer,” Stella replied. “So, you’re not going to come in with us?”

“Sorry sis,” Vanessa replied. “I actually have a list of errands that I needed to come into town for anyway.”

The rest of the drive to the club only took a couple of minutes. As Vanessa parked the car on the sidewalk she turned her head to the backseat to speak with Stella and Sammi.

“So what time do you want me to pick you girls up at?”

“Around 11 sounds good. Sound good to you Stell?” Sammi asked.

“Yeah, 11 sounds good to me too,” Stella replied as both girls got out of the charger.

“Okay, see you guys in a bit,” Vanessa said as Stella shut the door and walked into the club with Sammi. Vanessa waited until both girls were inside of the club before going out to do her errands. Vanessa felt a bit sad that she disappointed her sister, but she needed time for herself and she was sure Stella could understand that. She drove away hoping Stella wouldn’t be mad at her.

[b]11:30 p.m. [/b]

“Oh shit! I can’t believe I missed their pickup time,” Vanessa scolded herself as she tried to get through late night Los Angeles traffic. She quickly parked her Charger and hurried into the club after paying the bouncer with a 100-dollar bill. Inside she found Stella dancing by herself and clearly drunk.

“Stella!” Vanessa yelled to get the attention of her drunk sister.

“Hey V! What’s going on with you?” Stella asked as she stumbled around.

“Where’s Sammi?” Vanessa asked over the blaring music.

“Oh Sammi? Yeah, she went home with a dude,” Stella replied.

“And she left you here on your own?” Vanessa asked back.

“Not her fault. The guy was fucking hot!” Stella yelled back.

“Okay, I think it’s time for us to go then,” Vanessa said as she grabbed Stella’s arm and tried to leave the club. Stella quickly pulled her arm out of Vanessa’s grasp.

“Oh, come on V! One more song?” Stella asked with her big brown eyes that even Vanessa couldn’t say no to.

“Fine. ONE more song,” Vanessa said as she gave in to her adorable little sister. “I’m gonna get a drink and we’re leaving after I’m done. Got it?”

“Thank you, V!” Stella said before Vanessa walked over to the bar while keeping an eye on her sister.

Vanessa had seen her underage sister drink before. She didn’t approve of her drinking but she had done the same exact things as Stella at that age and she had faith her sister wouldn’t get into too much trouble. She took a seat at the bar and ordered a diet coke from the bartender while she watched Stella let loose on the dance floor.

Looking at how Stella was moving on the dance floor, Vanessa could tell the shots of vodka were already kicking in and affecting her little sister’s behavior. While Stella was fun and flirtatious, she was never really slutty, but there Stella was, fiercely grinding her body against another girl while the music blared, clearly wanting attention from the other club goers. Vanessa decided that it was time that she should get Stella out the highly populated club before she could embarrass herself in her drunken state.

“Oh, come on V! Let a girl have a little fun for once. Let me have a good time. As long as you are here to protect me, I’ll will be fine,” Stella said to try and calm Vanessa’s nerves.

“Sorry Stella but I think it’s time we called it a night,” Vanessa did her best to help the obviously drunk Stella out of the bar. Vanessa grabbed onto Stella’s arm and took her out of the club. She got Stella safely secured into the backseat of the charger and started to drive back home.

“Thanks for picking me up tonight V!” Stella said from the backseat.

“No problem,” Vanessa replied.

“I don’t get why any guy would break your heart. You’re the nicest person I know,” Stella said as she giggled. Vanessa felt the raw emotion from her breakup slowly creeping back up to the surface so she blasted the music before Stella could get another word in.

After a long forty-five-minute drive, Vanessa parked in her garage and helped Stella get out of the back seat and up the stairs where she decided she would let her little sister crash for the night.

“Here’s your room for the night,” Vanessa said as she tried to keep her sister upright.

“Thanks V! You’re the best big sister ever! You are beautiful. Any guy or girl would be lucky to have you by their side,” Stella said in a drunken slur before rubbing Vanessa’s shoulders.

Vanessa tried to keep her eyes open but the tears continued to flow down her face like a majestic waterfall. She knew her sister was right and anyone would be lucky to have her in their life but none of her relationships have worked out.

“Anyone would be lucky to have you V. You’re smart, funny, caring, and you have the body of a sex goddess,” Stella said as she lowered her hands down Vanessa’s body.

“Wait a minute. Did she just say I have the body of a sex goddess? That is a really weird fucking comment to hear from your own sister. Does she realize who she is talking to?” Vanessa thought as she felt Stella’s head nestle in between her cleavage.

Vanessa was trying to figure out what her sister was trying to say when she felt Stella’s hands go into her shirt and slowly glide down her back until she felt her younger sister’s hands fidgeting with the straps of her black lace bra.

“Uh Stella? What are you doing with my bra?” Vanessa asked as her she felt her litter sister’s hands undo her bra straps, pulling the piece of clothing off her body completely.

“I know for a fact that you feel much more comfortable when you don’t have a bra on. Just figured I could take care of that for you V,” Stella replied. Vanessa did in fact become much more comfortable when she had her bra off, but the way Stella took off her bra made the older Hudgens sister start to feel uncomfortable.

“I just want to make you feel better V. Just let Stella take care of her big sis and her needs,” Stella whispered in Vanessa’s ear as she slowly lowered her head down to Vanessa’s neck where Stella began to leave little but pleasurable kisses. Vanessa felt good from what her sister was doing physically but Vanessa knew she was being emotionally manipulative towards her younger sister. She needed to stop Stella’s advances.

“Stella, I don’t think this is right. You’re drunk and I don’t want to take advantage of my little sister and help her do something she might regret in the morning,” Vanessa said as she felt her sister moving closer and closer until they were chest to chest.

“You’re my sister and I am going to do anything I can do to make my big sis feel better. I don’t care what this is. I just wanna make you feel good,” Stella said as she slid her hands down Vanessa’s back and pushed her hands into Vanessa’s tight denim jeans. She wiggled her hands into the tight pants until she took both of her sister’s ass cheeks in her hand and gave them a rough squeeze. Vanessa let out a low toned moan and rued the day she told Stella that getting her ass manhandled turned her on rather quickly.

Vanessa closed her eyes as the pleasure of having her ass cheeks massaged by Stella’s soft hands made it too easy for Stella to quickly push Vanessa’s jeans to the floor, leaving the older Hudgens sister’s body only covered by a barely there black lace thong. Vanessa felt like she was going to give into her younger sister at any moment and she knew she had one last shot at trying to stop her sister from making a mistake that she would immediately regret come morning. Vanessa used all her will power to push away her sister. Vanessa cleared her throat before speaking.

“Stella. I love that you are so protective of me and want to make me feel better, I really do. I just think that you have had too much to drink tonight and you and I for that matter, are not thinking out the consequences to what we were just about to do,” Vanessa said as she tried her best to articulate her thoughts to Stella.

Before Vanessa’s words had even registered in Stella’s mind, she aggressively approached Vanessa again and planted a huge kiss on Vanessa’s lips. Stella was the aggressor in the kiss as she violently shoved her tongue into her older sister’s mouth. Vanessa pulled away one last time to try and stop her sister.

“No! Stop! Don’t do this Stella!” Vanessa begged as she hoped this would finally get her little sister to stop this madness and return them both to their senses.

“Shh. Just let me take control, give yourself to me,” Stella said as went back to aggressively French kissing her older sister. Vanessa had little time to respond before Stella pressed her lips to Vanessa’s and forced her tongue into her mouth.

As Stella took control of their kissing, Vanessa felt her sister’s hands on her bare body again as they went back to groping her butt again. Vanessa couldn’t help but moan into Stella’s mouth as her hands felt incredible on Vanessa’s ass. After a couple minutes of aggressive French kissing and ass groping, Stella pulled away from her sister, causing Vanessa to whimper in need of her sister’s attention.

“Well? Do you want to stop now?” Stella asked in a snarky tone, already having a pretty good guess to what her older sister was going to respond with. Stella knew that she had her sister right where her sister wanted her. Now she could just wait for her sister to say what she really wanted.

“No! Please don’t stop Stell!” Vanessa screamed, knowing that participating in this kind of behavior with her sister was so wrong, but feeling so damn good in the moment. Vanessa knew deep down in her heart that she was going to absolutely hate every fiber of her being when she woke up in the morning knowing what she had done with her loving sister the night before, but the recent heartbreak she had endured made her want some love and physical affection desperately and would take it from anyone willing to provide it, including Stella.

“That was what I was hoping you were going to say. Now let me join you in the no clothes party,” Stella said with an all-knowing smirk as she grabbed the zipper of her dress and slowly pulled it down the length of her body, making a performance of stripping off her only piece of clothing for her sister.

Vanessa’s eyes followed the dress as it moved down her little sister’s body until the tight black dress pooled around her feet on the floor. Her eyes went wide as she noticed that her sister had not even bothered to wear any kind of underwear tonight. Her eyes looked up the length of her little sister’s body until she was staring directly at Stella’s breasts.

“I think my tits are pretty nice, but not as soft and perky as yours V,” Stella said as she used her arms to push her breasts together, creating a valley of cleavage for Vanessa’s eyes to enjoy. Vanessa’s mouth began to water as she saw her sister’s naked breasts being pushed together. They had seen each other naked thousands of times before but this time Vanessa was seeing her sister as the young and well-developed hottie that she was instead of her innocent little sister.

Noticing the attention that Vanessa was giving her bare tits, Stella brought her hands up to her chest and slowly tugged on her pink nipples with her fingers. She could see the effect her little show was having on her sister as she noticed Vanessa brushing her legs together, trying to relieve some of the pent-up tension that was coursing through her lady bits. She knew her sister was ready to get to business but needed her to start becoming more involved.

“They’re yours if you want them,” Stella said before leaning over top of Vanessa so her perky chest was within distance of Vanessa’s mouth. Vanessa couldn’t resist the temptation. She brought her hand to one of Stella’s breast while her tongue traced around the bumps on her other nipple. Stella let out a loud moan as the stimulation of her sister’s wet tongue on her nipple caused the nipple to instantly go hard.

Not wanting Vanessa to do all the work, Stella used both of her hands to tug and pull on Vanessa’s nipples. She reached forward with her free hand and did the same thing that her sister was doing to her. Vanessa closed her eyes and moaned in response to Stella’s attention to her breasts. Strong bolts of pleasure shot through Vanessa and Stella with each tug or lick of their sensitive tits. Both sisters could feel themselves getting ready to move on to more than foreplay, but both had trouble letting go of each other to move things along.

Stella decided that her sister was too far gone in pleasure to be able to really take control of the situation, so she took her hands off of Vanessa’s breasts and slid her hands down her taunt stomach until they rested on her hips. She pushed herself into Vanessa’s lower half while also leading her horny older sister onto the bed. Stella straddled Vanessa’s hips and brought their mouths back together for a passionate lip lock.

“Oh Stella! This is so wrong to do with my baby sister! It feels so wrong but if feels so good! I can’t believe how wet you’re making me right now,” Vanessa moaned in between their kisses as she could feel her sister’s warm center brushing against her own, driving her absolutely mad with lust.

“How wet do I make you V? Show me! Show me how wet I am make my big sis!” Stella moaned as she encouraged Vanessa to make a move.

“Why don’t you feel down there and see for yourself? See your own work,” Vanessa moaned back in response. Stella decided to take her sister up on her offer by taking her right hand and slowly sliding it into Vanessa’s panties. Stella could already feel the small amount of hair that Vanessa left down in her lower region that was already smashed down due to the wetness of the hair. Stella slowly pushed her way farther down into Vanessa’s panties until she felt her sisters slightly enlarged lower lips. With the amount of moisture coming from down there, Stella felt like Vanessa had just gotten out of the shower.

“Do you like what you’re feeling down there?” Vanessa asked as she seductively bit her lip and spread her legs a little wider to give her sister as much room to maneuver her hand around as she possibly could. Stella licked her lips as she could feel Vanessa’s throbbing clitoris with her pinky finger while the majority of her hand could feel her enlarged labia begin to open for her hand like a flower that was beginning to bloom.

“I do, but I think I’m gonna need a better look just to make sure,” Stella said before lowering herself down so her head was parallel to her sister’s crotch. Doing the sexiest thing that came to her mind, Stella opened her mouth and took Vanessa’s panties in her mouth before slowly pulling the black lace thong off of her sister’s body. Having her sister’s panties in her mouth, she made a show of sniffing her sisters soiled underwear. Stella completely shocked Vanessa when she took the soaking wet panties and put them into her mouth.

“Holy fuck Stella! That is so damn hot! Enjoy the taste of your big sister’s juices in your mouth!” Vanessa moaned as the erotic site in front of her was only making her more damp in arousal. She had no idea that something like seeing her sister taste her wet panties could make her so aroused, but that was the effect it was having on her.

Seeing Vanessa completely hypnotized by the performance she was putting on, Stella decided to make her next move in making her sister feel better. After making a show of the panties in her mouth for several minutes, the younger Hudgens sister slowly and seductively removed her sister’s panties from her mouth. She quickly made her move on her sister as she lowered herself in front of Vanessa’s spread open legs, quickly getting her face as far up against her sister’s cunt as she possibly could. She took a long lick down Vanessa’s cunt lips before she began to please her sister with her oral skills.

“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy fucking shit!!!!!” Vanessa screamed in surprise at the top of her lungs as she felt Stella’s tongue aggressively push into her cunt and lick the insides as she was not expecting her sister to immediately go to eating her out.

She figured that her younger sister would at least warm her up by using her fingers to play with her clit or fuck her with her fingers, but the surprise of Stella’s tongue on her lady parts spiked the pleasure she was feeling with every movement of her sister’s tongue against her. Vanessa had no idea where her sister became so good at licking pussy. There was no way she could have thought that this was Stella’s first time going down on a women due to her incredible skill.

For Stella, this was indeed not the very first time that she had ever decided to go down on a woman and taste the womanly nectar straight from the source. The only woman that she had ever gone down on before was Sammi. They were not in any sort of lesbian relationship or friends with benefits relationship by any means, but when they got drunk they both had a tendency to end up in bed together.

Stella learned all of her techniques from what Sammi did to her when she went down on her. Despite being completely wasted, Stella was able to remember the majority of Sammi was able to do to her and figured if she liked it then maybe her sister was the same, which was proving to be absolutely true.

Stella teased her wet hole with her tongue, barely poking it out and tickling her labia. As her nose was tickled by Vanessa’s pubes, Stella shoved her face hard against her, stopping the tease and darting her tongue inside the waiting pussy. Looking up at her sister, Stella smiled as she saw Vanessa with her eyes closed tight and squirming around in response to where Stella’s tongue was licking her.

Vanessa loved the sight as she looked down at the lower half of her body. There was Stella licking away at her pussy like a dog licking water from a water bowl. She loved to see her sister’s lips pressed hard against her cunt lips and her landing strip of pubic hair brushing up against her sister’s cute little nose.

Seeing her sister pleasuring her like this was driving her mad with lust and she needed more. Vanessa took her hands and grabbed Stella’s head, pushing her sister’s head harder into her lower half to make sure she kept receiving her sister’s talented tongue.

“Oh my god, Stella!” Vanessa yelled as Stella ‘s tongue rubbed against one of her weak points. Noting her sister’s response to what she just did, Stella focused in on that spot and began to lash her tongue against it.

“Does that make u feel good V?” Stella asked in a cutesy tone in her voice.

“Oh my! That feels so good Stella!” Vanessa moaned as she felt incredible pleasure.

“Does it feel good when I do this?” Stella said as she shocked Vanessa by pressing two of her fingers into her sister’s cunt, causing Vanessa to jolt up from the bed in shocking pleasure. Stella pushed her fingers into her sister relatively slowly to allow her cunt to adjust to her fingers.

“Everything you do feels so good to me Stella!” Vanessa shouted while her sister’s fingers continued to push in and out of her glistening love hole.

“Mmm, yeah, that feels incredible!” the older girl said, spreading her thighs as far as her body would allow and pushing her sister’s mouth harder onto her lower body. Stella was loving the effect that her excellent oral skills were doing to her sister. Taking the responsible as of late older sister and turning her back into the care free and fun-loving sister that she used to know. She kept attacking her sister’s clit as hard as she could with her tongue which was having her desired effect on Vanessa.

“Keep fucking me sis,” Vanessa moaned at the top of her lungs as Stella looked up and gave a sexy smirk to her sister before she brought her lips down back to her crotch and went to town to give her sister what she wanted.

“That feels so fucking good. Please keep doing that,” Vanessa moaned as Stella continued to tease Vanessa’s clit with her tongue while continuing to ram her fingers into her older sister’s aching love tunnel. The combined pleasure that Stella’s fingers and tongue were slowly getting Vanessa ready to blow.

“Please Stella! I can’t take it anymore! Please make me cum!” Vanessa screamed as she started to slowly feel the build up to an orgasm that she desperately needed. Hearing her sister’s pleas for release made Stella work harder and faster on her sister’s cunt than ever before. As the ripples of pleasure began to flow through Vanessa’s body, she got aggressive and held her baby sister’s face to her cunt by her hair, making sure that she couldn’t stop until the big moment happened.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” Vanessa screamed to the heavens as her orgasm quickly spread throughout her entire body. Her body shook and twisted as the pleasure coursing throughout her veins. She balled her fists and punched the bed as the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling felt like a thousand roaring infernos.

Stella tried to continue licking away at her sister’s cunt but Vanessa’s jerky movements was making the task harder to accomplish. Vanessa’s then felt something she had never felt before. She felt her hips thrust up into the air as she felt herself squirt for the very first time. Her squirt shot out of her cunt like a powerful squirt gun. The thick spray Vanessa’s cum shot out of her like a cannonball and splashed Stella all over her twenty-one-year-old face.

As Vanessa’s orgasm finally began to die down she looked down at her sister’s face that was absolutely coated in her own sex juice. The look on Stella’s face as she wiped off the cum on her face with her finger and tasted it brought out an animalistic side in Vanessa that she didn’t know she had until that moment in time. In the heat of the moment, Vanessa grabbed Stella’s shoulder and threw her down onto the bed so that Vanessa was now on top of her sister.

Vanessa straddled herself to her sister’s thighs as she leaned down and forcefully shoved her tongue into Stella’s mouth. Vanessa could taste the leftover cum that Stella didn’t swallow as her their tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths. Vanessa did not want to waste too much time with foreplay. She wanted to make Stella cum like how Stella made her cum and that was all that was on her mind, returning the favor her sister just gave her.

“I wanna skip the foreplay and just start eating that delicious pussy between your legs. That okay with you?” Vanessa asked seductively as she got into position to orally pleasure her baby sister. Stella only nodded in agreement as she eagerly awaited the moment she had been waiting for the longest time. Vanessa quickly lowered herself down Stella’s sweat covered body until she got closer to Stella’s pussy and stopped for a moment to take in her intoxicating scent of arousal.

“Yes! Please eat me out V! I’ve waited so long to hear those words. Please, please, fuck me with that sexy tongue of yours!” Stella screamed as loud as a lion’s roar as her dirty secret fantasy was finally going to become a reality. Stella looked on with incredible excitement as her sister’s face crawled between her legs and eventually nestled right up against her oozing snatch.

Vanessa reached down and pulled her face as deeply as she could into Stella’s crotch. The thought of having her face just mere inches away from another girl’s twat was something she couldn’t have ever imagined before this evening and now there she was, with that person’s crotch being her own baby sister’s no less.

Vanessa had some thoughts about having sex with another girl like many curious women her age, but she figured it she actually ever got to the stage of really having sex with another woman that it would be with her best friend Ashley Tisdale. Now she was eating out her own relative. Vanessa thought she was crazy but this was too fun to stop.

“You smell so good down here Stella. I can’t wait for you to come all over my face. Just blast my face with your squirt,” Vanessa confessed as she began to lick her sister’s womb with her tongue. Vanessa treated Stella’s cunt like it was a kiss, having lip to lip contact while she wiggled her tongue around her sister’s most intimate area.

“Please V! Don’t tease me anymore! Please eat my pussy!” Stella moaned as she pleaded for her older sister to finally start making her feel good. Vanessa decided to finally be a good sister as she shoved her face into her sister’s pussy and began to perform oral sex on a woman for the very first time. She focused her efforts on the inside of Stella’s folds, messaging all of them with her tongue.

Stella began to breathe audibly as Vanessa continued to work her magic on her younger sister’s aching body, taking sharp breaths and letting out cute little moans to let her sister know that what she was doing was working wonders on her body.

“Oh my god V, you are so fucking good at eating pussy! Your mouth is incredible!” Stella shouted in approval.

“I’m gonna make you cum just like you made me come sis,” Vanessa said as she surprised Stella by taking two fingers and slowly pushing them inside her sister’s tight opening.

“Oh my god!” Stella exclaimed as Vanessa began to stretch out her pussy with her long soft fingers. Vanessa was impressed by how tightly her sister’s inner muscles would hold onto her fingers as she pushed them in and out, creating a solid rhythm along with what her tongue was doing. Vanessa spit on her fingers before pushing them back into Stella so they could push in and get out faster, giving her sister the penetration she desperately craved.

“You’re a good sister, aren’t you?” Vanessa moaned to Stella in between licks across her labia. “You are a good sister and a good sister gets rewarded.”

“Oh fuck!” Stella screamed. She had no idea how much she was into dirty talk before fucking her sister, but something about the way Vanessa was speaking to her was amplifying every single nerve in her body. She was having trouble trying to relate to her sister how she wanted the dirty talk to continue do to her lack of breath but she just hoped Vanessa knew exactly what she wanted. As soon as Vanessa resumed eating her out and fingering her, Stella gripped the sheets on the bed as hard as she could as Vanessa’s tongue and fingers continued to pleasure her.

Vanessa stared at her sister’s moist cunt as her continued to ram their way in and out of her aching cunt while attacking her clitoris with her tongue. She took a quick second to look up at her sister’s face and saw the look of absolute bliss that she had been dying to see.

Vanessa wanted to see Stella cum and she needed her to cum now. Vanessa pushed herself into overdrive as she began to shake the bed due to the increased force she was exerting into pleasuring her sweet little sister. Her fingers were pushing so hard into her little sister cunt that a loud squishing noise could be heard by both girls. Vanessa was getting close to making her sister climax and she knew it. After a minute or two, Stella body tensed up and was ready to orgasm.

“Oh my god V! I think I’m gonna…I think I’m gonna… I’m gonna!” Stella exclaimed as she experienced massive orgasm. The built-up tension in her body led Stella to have an explosive orgasm. She gripped Vanessa’s hair and pulled her as close into her cunt as humanly possible as every muscle in her body tensed up. Warm streams of clear liquid started gushing out of Stella’s cunt.

Vanessa licked up as much as she could get into her mouth. She closed her eyes and giggled as she was gladly showered by her sister’s juices. What didn’t get into her mouth was now rushing down her chin with some of it splashing across her breasts or falling to the bed beneath them. All of the stimulation of her sister had also gotten Vanessa on the brink of another orgasm. She quickly mustered up every ounce of her energy that she could and stood up on the bed, trying her best to aim her incoming squirt at Stella’s face.

“Vanessa! Cum on my face V! Come right here for your little sister!” Stella screamed as she opened her mouth as far as she could open it. Vanessa let out a loud groan as she fingered her pussy until thick ropes of squirt began to drip out of it, hitting the younger sister on her face and getting all in her hair.

The younger sister closed her mouth and swished around the cum she had managed to get into her mouth before swallowing it while the rest landed on her chest and on the bed. Being completely tired from her orgasms plus the orgasm she had given Stella, Vanessa quickly felt down onto the bed in exhaustion.

“Are you okay, V?” Stella asked, her face and hair still dripping with Vanessa’s cum slowly dripping down her chin onto the bed.

“Yeah, I’m more than fine,” Vanessa chuckled.

“Did I make you feel better at least?” she asked.

“Do you really have to ask?” Vanessa laughed back. Before either of the sisters knew it, they both had quickly fallen asleep, both of them fairly confident that they wouldn’t regret the little bit of fun between sisters that they shared the night before.

The End

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