G Hannelius and the Producer

G Hannelius and the Producer

The rudeman

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Genevieve Hannelius

Disclaimer: This story contains descriptions of sexual relations between an adult and a child. It is pure fantasy, has no basis in real life, and the author does NOT condone such activity in real life. That said, it’s fun to fantasize. If this offends you, do not read any further.

G was getting frustrated with “Dog with a Blog”.   She heard there was an open casting for a new movie; she thought that this role would get her out of the cute little girl that she had been portraying from the show.  She entered the producer’s office for a reading and found out it was just her and the producer in the office.

As they talked, the producer said he was a big fan of the show and liked her part.  He also explained that this would be a more mature part, and wondered if she was ready for that yet.  G told him she was ready to advance her career.  The producer also explained that the part would be part of a young prostitute and he wanted to see if she fit the part.

He first asked her to stand; she was wearing a white buttoned blouse, with a skirt and boots.  The producer himself was about 6 foot 2, which was towering over the little G as they stood together.  He looked her over, saying “yes, very petite. That is perfect”.   “And small breasts, that is good too”.  Then the producer reached up and started to fondle her small breasts.

“Does that upset you?”  The producer asked.

“No, not really”, replied G.  She had been felt up before by some of the Disney producers before, and she knew the drill.  Give them a cheap thrill and get the part.

Then the producer grabbed G’s shoulders and forced her down on her knees.  “Now for the next part”, he said and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.  G noticed that even it was half erect it still had some girth to it.  “Now let’s see how well you suck cock”.  Before G had a chance to reply, the producer grabbed her head, and pushed his cock in her mouth.  G fought a little, but the producer was just too strong for her to fight.  The producer started to pump slowly in G’s mouth, as she felt it get harder.  “Hmmm you got a little experience, you little slut”.  The producer moaned.  “Now let’s see how deep you can take it”.  He grabbed her hair and pushed her mouth over half way over his cock.  He held it for a second as G gagged and fought, making him even harder.

“Come on big girls can take it all” the producer moaned as he continued to face fuck her.  He held his cock deep in her throat as her throat muscles messaged his cock, then he would pull out for a few seconds so G could get her breath. This went on her about 10 minutes, but to G it felt like hours.  He could feel his balls tighten, “time to take some cum”  the producer grunted as he held G’s head and came, she could feel the cum shoot in the back of her throat which made her gag, and she felt like she would vomit as she was forced to take the producer’s load.

The producer pull out his cock as G coughed, “ok boys, I think she’s ready.”  G turned around a saw 4 huge muscular men walk into the room.

“She’s all yours”

The men pulled her up and started to rip the clothes off the little starlet, as they mauled at the young girl feeling her perky tits, tiny ass and small frame. “Wow she really is a little cutie” one of the men said, as he ripped off the small dress and underwear G was wearing.

“Keep the boots on, so much sexier” said the producer as he sat back at his desk and lit a cigar to watch the show.

Then the 4 men started to take their clothes off, as G saw the biggest cocks she had ever seen (at least what she had seen in her life so far).  They took her hands and placed them on 2 of the men’s cocks and made her start to stroke them, her hand barely fit around these men’s cocks, and still G was at a loss for words.  The other two started to kiss and suck on her neck and small breasts.  She felt a small moan escape her, and she suddenly felt herself getting excited.

“I think she ready boys”, one of the men said as he reach down and rubbed her small pussy and found it to be quite wet.  “She is a tiny little slut”.

One of the men picked her up (which was not a hard thing to do), and placed her belly down on the producer’s ottoman in front of the couch.  As she felt pinned down, she felt someone insert several fingers in her small pussy and started to finger fuck her.  As she opened her mouth to make some kind of protest one of the men rammed his cock in her mouth. Her he started to bury it for all it’s worth.  She tried not to vomit as the large cock hit the back of her throat, as tried to accommodate, another one of the men rammed his hard cock in her teen pussy.  She tried to yell in protest but all it did was make the man fucking her face go faster. Soon the two men had a rhythm of fucking the little star back and forth.  G felt like she was going to pass out as the two men raped her.  The man from behind felt his balls tighten, “I can’t wait to cum in this little slut’s pussy” he panted thrusting as hard as he could.  He pushed as far as he could go and felt his balls unload in the once virgin starlet.  G tried to scream, feeling the cum shoot inside her, all it did was make the man fucking her mouth get closer to the edge, he pushed in also, “swallow you little bitch” as he shot a pint of cum down her throat.

This went on for the next 6 hours as the men took turns raping the little star,  soon she was taking cocks up her ass, then having to take 2-3 cocks at a time, the producer was amazed how the little frame girl too cock after cock.  Just as they took a break and she thought it was all over, and then restarted raping her, they all came in all her holes, some shot cum shot, after cum shot all over her face.  When they were all done the producer came over and blows a final load on her face.    G Just laid there all spent after being humiliated and raped.  The producer looked down with a devilish grin and said “You know, you may not be the actress we are looking for in this part, now go clean yourself up”.

As she got dressed, barely able to move, she thought that maybe being on a show with a dog might not be a bad idea after all.


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