Gee And Britney Spears

The following is fiction about celebrities and a fictional character,Gee.It could be deemed offensive by sensitive readers,and persons under the age of 18 should not read the following content.It is a collection of stories and readers should start at Cindy Crawford for a more satisfying reading experience.

Gee & Britney Spears – by Big GEE

“So Chrissy recommends that you give one great fuck,”is Britneys first sentence to Gee.”Well the people I fuck usually cum more than once,”is his reply.He doesn’t really have much in common with Brit and they fail to make a real connection,but they both know that she needs
to be fucked by Gee to determine accurate results about who the best teenage fuck in the music business is today.”Come to my place,12am Monday morning.I’ll be up and the door will be unlocked,”says Brit.

It’s late and the Spears residence has only one light burning.A dim light.Gee walks up to the door and is about to ring the doorbell when he notices that the door is ajar.He pushes it open and sees a string of tiny lingerie forming a path for him to walk.He follows the path,past Britney’s sleeping parents,to her bedroom door.He pushes the squeaking door open and sees that Brit,a member of her church choir,is still unchanged.Wearing her grey and black choir uniform,she lays provocatively spread across her bed,her legs slighty open,almost presenting her wet pussy to Gee.”I’ve been expecting you,”she says with a sexy smile.Gee drops the leather jacket,he had slung over his shoulder,onto the floor and closes the door.”Lock the door,”she says,”The room was sound proofed because I work on my folks’ nerves with my crappy voice.It’s amazing I’m such a phenomenen on the music scene.””Great!Then nobody will hear you when you scream,”he replies.He slowly moves onto the bed,lifts up her skirt and rubs her legs from the top of her warm thigh,down her sculptured calves till he reaches her little feet.He sucks off each toe,which she dipped in chocolate sauce before he arrived,as he slips his hand up her skirt and inserts three of his digits up her awaiting pussy.She goes wild,squeezing her big,silicone breasts and hardened nipples,and consistently cums on every second toe he sucks.She is now nice and wet and her wild titty sqeezing results in her lying topless on the bed.She rips off Gee’s shirt in a violent passion and runs her fingers along his muscular curves.She undoes his pants and starts to lick his limp dick.How the fuck his dick is still limp after making her cum on five ocassions is a mystery to Brit,but she intends on changing it soon.She slips his shaft into her mouth and runs her tongue around it.Gee gets hard in her mouth and rises to his 9½ inch length and 3¾ inch width.Britney is capable of giving great skull and she blows him till the onset of his orgasm.He then withdraws his shivering dick to her surprise.He stands arms-length away from her and instructs her to give him a hand job.Doing this makes her cum again,and as she opens her mouth to moan,Gee accurately shoots his load of cum down her unsuspecting throat.She loves the taste and masturbates his cock even harder and faster to satisfy her whorish needs.Gee pushes her back and slides her short skirt down her wet legs.She’s cumming all over herself and this makes Gee very horny indeed.He jams his cock deep into the shaven,pink,tight,virgin Britney Spears cunt.He starts fucking her like a $5 slut and she can’t get enough of his large proportions,as she bucks her hips to get more of him inside her pussy.The wetness of her young cunt intensifies their respective orgasms.He cums in her fat-lipped pussy,filling her up for the first time.It mixes with her blood and cum and runs out of her pussy.Gee goes down on the youngster again,and laps up the cum-blood-cum with pleasure.Britney begs to kiss him and suck his tongue.He willingly obliges and she can taste her sweet self in his mouth.She lets her tongue roam all over his mouth so as to gather up all the cum.While she does,he twists her round to allow him access to her famous behind.It’s not as big and solid as Jessica Simpson’s ass,neither is it as bony and tight as Christina Aguilera’s ass.He pulls his tongue out of her mouth and starts exploring her ass with it.His tongue licks all over the small,tight,solid,virgin Britney Spears ass.He inserts his tongue up her ass and,to his surprise,gets a pleasant taste.This whore pulled out all the stops to make herself a great fuck.Her ass wasn’t lubed up so he thrusts his hand into her full cunt and extracts some of the cum-blood-cum to use as lubrication.He smears it all over her buttcrack and deep into her asshole.He then insertes his dick into her ass and starts pummeling away at her ass.She didn’t expect it to be so painful and screams for him to stop,but once you get inside the tight Britney Spears ass,there’s no stopping till you cum.Her screams for help are heard by nobody,so she just lays there,bleeding anally,and accepts the painful ride.The pain camoflages the pleasure,but Gee knows she is enjoying herself,even if just a little,by her multiple orgasms drenching the bed.He cums up her ass and it runs deep into her rectum.Some of it spills out onto the pussy-cum drenched bed.Brit can’t move due to the excrutiating pain,so Gee rolls her around in her own cum and starts to lick it off.He starts at the head and works his way towards her crotch.He stops and starts licking the cum off her feet and works his way to her pussy where he again inserts his tongue and eats her out.She cums in his face with her sweet stuff and he swallows it all.”I fucked Christina Aguilera up one fuckhole twice.I fucked Jessica Simpson up one fuckhole twice.Which fuckhole do you want me to fuck up twice?”asks Gee.”My sopping wet juicy cunt,”she murmers.She hardly finishes the sentence when his cock is again inside her,fucking her up badly.Her pussy is bruised and bleeding due to his length,width and intensity of fuck.She cums on numerous ocassions.Gee blows his hot slime deep into her twat again and retracts his dick for her to lick clean.”I don’t think I’ll be able to decide who the best fuck is because you all have your special qualities.I might have to consider fucking all three of you at the same time,”smiles Gee.”Sounds like fun.Count me in,”she stutters before passing out.Gee smirks:”I have a few meetings though.So this great teenage diva orgy is gonna have to wait.Who is next?Oh,Leelee hooked me up with Anna Kournikova.This should be fun.”

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