Get Out! – Chapter 3

Get Out! Ch. 03

by shawnomega ©

She woke me at 5:00 AM with a kiss.

“Sweetie, we have to go otherwise we are going to miss our flight.” Not only was going to meet my parents for the first time; but apparently her parents were coming down to meet me. I was freaking out it was all those damn movies, were the dad doesn’t approve of the person their daughters dating. Then they find a way to talk about their gun collection. Jessica was getting nervous to, I guess she was going though her own self-doubts. From moving in with me to making the step outside of living with her family. She smiled at me and sat next
to me after we boarded the plane. “Sorry baby I am a little afraid of heights.”

Gripping my hand my hand, she nervously squeezed my hand. Adjusting in her seat, the Captain came on the PA system and started going over the flight info, he left the rest to the stewardess’s. They started talking about the norm no smoking or tampering with smoke detectors ETC. We finally took off, she rested her head on my shoulder I kissed her head a few times. Playing with her hair always calmed her down, sweeping her hair out of her face I kissed her nose softly.

“Baby it’s ok, just tell me if you need anything and I’ll get it for you.”

Luckily that calmed her down, “Yeah, it’s more about meeting your parents your parents that’s worrying me.”

“Aw Jo, if they see the same girl that’s sitting next to me. Well they’ll love her.” That earned me a kiss, I guess her tears welled up brimming over she kissed me again. We’d finally perfected knowing how each other wanted and liked to be kissed. Slipping in a little tongue we both closed our eyes. I guess a fan had seen her, soon we were interrupted by

“Hey aren’t you the singer Jo Jo?” She broke the kiss, any lipstick that she put on this morning rubbed off on my lips.

“Yeah, I am Jo Jo this is my boyfriend Marshel.”

The fan barely said a word to me, some guys don’t like when a girl they’ve been lusting after is taken.

“Would you mind giving me an autograph and a picture?”

She was a little frustrated, she was spending some time with her boyfriend and this guy was bothering her but like a true professional she shook it off and gave the guy what he wanted. The guy handed me the camera, it was a little uncomfortable to take a picture with my girl in it and another guy with her, but I did it.

“Hey I am glad you like me and all, but I want some alone time with my boyfriend.” Jessica hoped the fan would get the picture, her hand came to rest upon mine.

The guy took awhile, but he did. I turned to her and shook my head I glanced at her.

“Why do you have to be so hot?” She giggled and snuggled closer to me. Grabbing my arm she smiled and took out a napkin, with her free hand.

“M, I love you but you have my lipstick on your lips.” She dunked her napkin in cold water and brushed it across my lips. I stopped her,

“So what, I am proud I got kissed by my girlfriend?”

She grinned and continued “Babe it’s got nothing to do with that.

Our relationship is pretty serious now. I don’t want to meet your mom, and the first thing she sees is my lipstick all over your lips. I understood that, she wanted my mom to see her as my girlfriend and not a slut. So I let her continue wiping my lips off. I was staring into her beautiful brown eyes, we had at least a 5 minute staring contest.

“What baby?” Her cheeks flushed.

“I love you is all, and I hope I can make you happy. I worry that you’ll grow tired of me.” She shook her head and kissed my temple.

“I love you too, you treat me like gold. I gave you my virginity, you have my heart.”

That made me feel a little better I was just going to have to except that I was going to have to fully trust her. She leaned in and kissed me softly, after braking the kiss she went on saying

“Baby I am more worried about losing you then you are about losing me. First of all dealing with the press, and when other girls find out I am dating you. They’re going to come flocking, girls are like vultures when one sees that a man is being taken. Well all the rest figure that they are missing something.”

“Well I am you man, and that’s plenty enough to keep me happy.” A squeeze would be given to my hand, and the flight was over. My mom and step-dad would be picking me up at the airport. Loading up our large Yukon, I smiled and glanced at my mom. “Jessica, this is Julie my mom and Peter my step-dad. You guys, this is Jessica my girlfriend.”

She extended a fragile hand out to my parent, while shaking their hands her free hand remained holding one of mine. She started to shy up, and then my mom chimed in

“Wow Jessica you are gorgeous.” On a lighter note she poked a little fun at me and said, “What are you doing with my son?” Well joke or no joke Jessica had never met my parents, so she was going to play it like it was a joke. However she would still fire back her own two cents in case it wasn’t a joke.

“Julie is it? I think I am the lucky one, your son has been nothing but a complete gentleman.”

My mom nodded, she was a very look oriented person. She’d only thought one other girlfriend I dated was cute. Jessica was my 5th girlfriend, so that would mean 2 out of 5 girls my mom approved of. The comment made me blush a little here was my girlfriend sticking up for me, I don’t think my mom understood that I was really serious with this girl.

Either that or she enjoyed embarrassing me, I was sort of leaning towards the second option. Regardless she wasn’t the first or I am sure the last to wonder why Jo Jo was with me. To tell you the truth I wasn’t really sure either. We grabbed our stuff and brought it inside the house after we finally reached the house. We were only going to be staying a few days, after that we were going to find our own house. Because there was no way in hell I was living under my mom’s roof. If I was with Jessica at least, we had already made love and gotten used to sleeping into the same bed together. At my mom’s house we’d be lucky to sleep in the same room together let alone in the same bed.

I was twenty-one years old, and Jessica was eighteen and we had to go to our self-respecting rooms when it was time for lights out. It was going to kill me when she traveled, I already missed her body heat next to me. I think she felt the same way, you spend two months sleeping next to someone and then you go without it, it’s sort of hard to just go to sleep. I heard rustling in the other room, man I felt like such a loser right now.

Forced to obey my others rules, I looked up at the ceiling. Now I knew she was having a hard time sleeping; her tossing and turning could be heard clearly through my walls. I felt this intense heat next to me, I drew closer to it. My arm wrapped around Jessica’s waist. An eye opened, there she was smiling at me

” Sorry baby, I was watching you sleep. I missed you next to me.”

Shoot it my mom came in and checked she would think that we slept together. That would be very bad. I wanted to have my girlfriend and my mom on talking terms. My mom was the type of person who wanted me to date someone for at least 6 months before I even thought of even bringing up the idea of having my girlfriend sleeping with me.

Jo Jo was looking very sexy in her pajama’s, they were the ones I brought her for our two-month anniversary. Jessica was one of those girls who liked to celebrate every month for the first year of the relationship. But the big ones were the 6th month and the year anniversary, if we lasted for longer then that we would only by celebrating those two after the first year mark. She got up, and French kissed me and walked back into her room sauntering her nice ass. Yep she was teasing me, we had two days to find an apartment.

After that she was going to do a consort in New York. So after us both getting dressed, we had a nice little breakfast. We were set for the day, I had just graduated from massage school. So I was clearing good money finally, so in case we didn’t work out for some strange reason I could easily support myself. She was starting off with about 3 million dollars, and that was just in record sales. So together there wasn’t a whole lot we couldn’t afford. We ended up in a quaint little place in San Francisco.

It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms. One room was ours, one room was a gaming room with a pool table and my playstation 2 and my X-box. We had a huge TV in the gaming room, a 100-inch and one in the living room and a 40-inch our room. The other room was a guestroom. Finishing touches were put on it, we now had a couch that folded into a spare bed in case we ever had more then one person staying at once. The place was massive or off something of MTV’s cribs, but it was only two people living in the house there was no point in having an ungodly big house with two people staying in it.

Later that night her parents showed up, we greeted them at the door. Her mother right the bat seemed like she liked me, however just as I thought her father wasn’t to keen on me.

“Marshel, this is my father Rick and my mother Ann. Guys this is my boyfriend.”

Her father chimed in,

“You can call me Mr. Brooke.”

Oh wow man, chill out is what I was thinking. Of course his wife gave him a playful swat on the arm.

“Rick be nice to Jessica’s boyfriend.”

He grumbled I guess the thought of his daughter with a 21-year-old made him wary.

“So is there any drinking going on?” He questioned me.

“No sir, I don’t drink, or smoke. There are no wild nights for me, I am committed to your daughter.”

I swear if you listen close enough that you could hear a huge chip as it fell off his shoulder and hit the ground. When he started speaking again it was in a much softer tone, though he still wasn’t completely relaxed.

“Mommy, daddy please sit down. Marshel and I are going to make dinner. I proceeded to ask if I could take her parents coats.

Slowly they both slipped their coats off and I took them and hung them up.

“Excuse me.”

I walked into the kitchen following Jessica. “You sit down and mingle with your parents. I’ll cook.” She smiled, and snuck in a kiss. I gave her a little hug and a kiss on her cheek.

“Go on Jo there’re waiting for you.”

“I love you Marsh.”

She smiled, and turned around and went out to entertain her parents, as well as give them a tour of our brand new place. Well we made it out all right, and her parents left. I was still a little sweaty from getting put on the hot seat from her father.

I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when she walked up behind me, she made me put down the dishes. She took my hands, and placed them on her waist. I grabbed her butt, she smiled at me

“I love you mister; I am pretty sure my family does too.”

I kissed her forehead the water from my hands was soaking through the fabric of her pants.

But the forehead kiss wasn’t enough for her, she leaned in and kissed my lips.

“Mmmm.. That’s more like it.”

God I enjoyed her kisses, slowly we went to our bedroom. It was the first night we spent together in the house I missed her body heat. There was plenty of time to make love to her, I just felt like cuddling. With my arms wrapped tightly around her waist, we spooned we both fell fast a sleep. Months passed we hit our 6 month mark. I was watching Jo Jo perform on HBO, she would be back tomorrow evening, and even though our anniversary was tonight we decided to celebrate tomorrow. Then it hit me I picked up the phone and called Jessica’s father. He picked up,

“Good evening sir.”

He chuckled he was beginning to like me.

“How are you Marshel?”

“Good sir, hey listen I’ll make this short and sweet. I would like to ask you for your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

The phone went silent for about two minutes,

“Yes, she really seems to like you. You make her really happy, hey thanks for caring what I thought.”

I nodded to myself as if he could see it, “Well I love Jo Jo and I want to make sure she has the support of her parents.”

“Anyway thank you sir have a good night.” We said our good byes and hung up the phone.

I continued to watch the consort, half way through it Jo Jo smiled at the camera.

“Happy 6th month anniversary baby I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She blew a kiss, and continued with her consort. Any guy that didn’t know that Jo Jo was taken and liked her hopes were crushed after that announcement. Finally the consort ended, we hadn’t seen each other in a month we had only had phone contact so I missed her.

I turned off my TV, got into my car and drove down to the jewelry store. Buying her a small purple diamond ring, it was her favorite color. Heading back home, I went to sleep. The next day rolled around and it came time to go and pick her up. Heading to the airport, I got out of the car and waited right outside of the airlock. As you can imagine I was a little nervous. I continued to stand there, until I saw her immerge from the airlock. Our eyes locked, she smiled and dropped her luggage she ran at me. Leaping into my arms, I caught her and spun her around. She delivered about eighty kisses to my face and finally got down.

“Baby! I missed you soooooo much!”

She said as I grinned as I pressed my forehead against hers.

“I missed you to Jo bear, did you have fun?”

With my left hand I lifted up her suitcases; and with my right hand I held her hand.

“Yeah but it was hard at times. You were always on my mind so it was hard to fully have fun.”

I nodded and put down her luggage and pretended to tie my shoe. I glanced up at Jessica our eyes locked. I pulled a small box out of my pocket, she folded her arms across her chest. Opening the box the diamond caught the artificial lighting of the airport.

“I don’t know what you had planned the rest of your life. But I was sort of hoping you would be my wife?”

She stood there for a few moments stunned she started to tear up.

“Oh wow, Yes!”

I slipped the ring onto her finger, kissing the finger the ring was on. Standing up off of my knees I quietly said

“My fiancée”

Kissing me passionately she wrapped her arms around me. Wiping her tears from her face I pulled her in a tight hug. A few more kisses came, I picked up her stuff. We begin holding hands again

“Have a good consort love?”

She nodded, smiling at me and nuzzle close to me.

It went silent, and she looked up after staring at her engagement ring.

“I am going to have to buy you a ring now baby.”

She grinned at me

“I look forward to wearing it.”

I said the bags were loaded into my car after we made it there, hoping into the car we were headed home. I helped her unpack, and after we settled in the first person she called was her mom.

“Mommy, Marshel asked me to marry him. I told him yes! Yeah of course help me plan the wedding. Yeah I know I won’t be able to travel as much if I get married.”

Finally the phone hung up, she giggled.

“Mrs. Jessica Jo Case, I like it. No I love it.”

“Jo Jo I am glad you said yes.”

I kissed her lightly; she grabbed me by my belt buckle and dragged me into our room, we were going to make love for the first time in this house as well as the first time as fiancées. She took her shirt off her full breasts only being held back by her bra. Swooping her hair to the side, falling over her right shoulder. Trailing my fingers through her hair I grazed them lightly against her tender shoulder flesh. Blowing lightly on her neck, it started forming goose bumps. A small helpless moan came out of her lips,

“Please touch me?!.”

I started unbuckling her bra without looking away from her eyes.

Small kisses pecked their way across her breasts. My warm tongue brushed against her nipples. Slowly grazing my teeth against the hard nubs, biting down softly I enjoy doing it, she’d grown to like it.

“Please god, I want you now!.”

Kissing down her stomach grinning I took the zipper of her pants into my mouth. Undoing the button as well, she had soaked her way through her panties.

Taking the fabric of her panties into my mouth, I moved it aside. Flicking my tongue out against her outer pussy lips; this caused her to buck up and meet my tongue half way. The very tip of my tongue was inserted into her


she squealed moving her hips in a circular motion her eyes closed tightly. Her moans got louder and sexier, the echoes bounced off of the walls. She came hard, her juice hitting my lips.

Pressing my teeth against her clit, tugging on it lightly she screamed again. My finger entered and she came hard again. Kissing up her body I slowly undid my pants; my penis was fully willing and able to enter her warmth. Pushing my member into her slippery walls, they begin to grip my penis. Moaning lightly we both met a certain pace our hips grinding together. The sounds of sex filled the room, we both groaned as she pushed me deeper into her. My warm cum filled her womb, closing her eyes as one final orgasm rocked through her body. We both fell asleep, cuddled close together she was my heaven on earth.

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