Getting Into Playboy

Getting Into Playboy

It was late one Thursday Night Smackdown and finished hours agon most of the

Smackdown brand where either out drinking or in they’re hotel rooms asleep or

doing something. Stephanie McMahon the onscreen Smackdown GM was currently in

her room wearing her favourite black matching bra and panties with a black

see through type of dressing gown sat cross-legged on her bed looking at the

three profiles of the three Smackdown divas:

Torrie Wilson


Dawn Marie

The reason she was doing this was because Hugh Hefner had approched the WWE

and offered
to put or base another one of they’re Playboy issues on one of

they’re top divas the previous WWE superstars to grace the Playboy front page

had been.

Sable who was due to return soon and Chyna aka Joanie Laurer. Stephaniee had

decided that due to her popularity there was only one real choice but first

Stephanie intended to make sure her choice was indeed Playboy material just

like Sable and Joanie had had to go through a “Playboy Material test” so too

would this diva only instead of Vince and Shane getting to see if she was

Playboy Material Stephanie would get the honours this time.

An so Stephanie called the diva up asked her if she was busy and since she

was not would she mind comming to hotel room 69 and seeing Stephanie

Stephanie added it was in her best interests and it was important which it

was. 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door.

Stephanie opened the door to see Torrie Wilson, smiling at first, then

turning a shade of red. Seeing Stephanie in her lingerie both aroused and

embarrassed her, but Stephanie invited her in happily. Torrie swallowed

hard. They were both grown adults after all, and it was late. Torrie sat

on Stephanie’s bed next to her.

“I called you down here in order to pass along a bit of information to you.

It seems we have another chance to extend our publicity and I’m interested

in having you as our representative.”

Torrie forgot all about Stephanie and perked up at the thought of getting

more publicity and helping the business.

“Oh wow, really? What sort of chance would this be?”

“It would be the chance to join two of most loved divas in one of the USA’s

most loved adult magazines.”

Torrie clocked straight away, “You mean I’d get to do Playboy?”

“Yes that is if you’d like to do it.” Stephanie said smiling.

“Sure I’d love to but what about all the other divas?” Torrie asked.

“Vince and Shane sat down together and decided this time it would be a diva

from Smackdown and if we get a fourth shot from Hugh then it will be a diva

from RAW if the brands are still in effect and if there is a next time.”

Stephanie told her.

“Now I looked over Dawn’s and Nidia’s but I just couldn’t picture either diva

in Playboy. But you I could picture doing it and making it an equal sucsess

to Sable’s copies and maybe even rivalling Chyna’s first copy.” Stephanie

said. Torrie blushed proudly. Stephanie continued, “See, Nidia has a great

body, but not the best face in the world, and Dawn’s age is getting a bit up

there; but you, you have a great body, a great face, and wonderful features,

we think it’s in the WWE’s best interest to have you represent us in


Torrie smiled. “Well I’ve never gone nude before, but if I were, this would

definitely be the time to do it. I mean, Sable and Chyna were huge when they

put out their issues, you think I could do the same?”

“I’m positive,” Stephanie replied.

Torrie squeaked with joy, “Just tell me where to sign!”

“There’s something you don’t know about Sable and Chyna however.” Stephanie

then said.

“An what is that?” Torrie asked.

“You don’t know how they got into Playboy.” Stephanie said.

“I assume they just signed on the dotted line.”

“We’ll then you assume half of the truth.” Stephanie pointed out.

“What else did they do. Sable sexually pleasured my father and Chyna sexually

pleasured my brother and after they had both done that then they signed on

the bottom line and that is what has become known as the Playboy Material’s

test.” Stephanie said.

Torrie stared slack-jawed at Stephanie. “And you want me to…sexually

pleasure one of them?”

Stephanie rolled her eyes, seeing she had to spell it out. “Not quite,” she

said in a sexy low voice as she rubbed Torrie’s denim-covered leg. Torrie was

even more shocked, though she didn’t let it show that she wasn’t horny for

Stephanie, even though she’d never had a woman before.

“Steph…not that I’m flattered but I’ve never really done that sort of thing

before, I doubt I’d be very good.”

“Trust me Torrie the ones who doubt themselves turn out to be the best at

it.” Stephanie said. “So are you willing to take the test?” she then added.

Torrie searched the floor, trying to avoid Stephanie’s piercing gaze. Finally

she whispered underneath her breath an unsure. “Yes.”

With her head still bowed Stephanie brushed the blonde’s hair aside, and

lightly kissed her neck.

“You won’t regret it Torrie; if anything you’ll like it, and you’ll be making

the WWE, and yourself, alot of money.”

Torrie kept her head lowered to the ground until finally Stephanie raised

Torrie’s head up to face her and then planted a kiss on Torrie’s lips and

then for some reason unknown to Torrie her body started to act against her

as she felt herself kiss Stephanie back she then felt Stephanie’s tounge

trying to get into her mouth after a few stabs with it at Torrie’s closed

lips Torrie’s mouth opened and the two of them slithered they’re tongue’s

into each other’s mouth and ended up on they’re sides on the bed kissing

and touching each other up.

Torrie couldn’t believe she was doing this, and how great it felt. Stephanie

may not have been a lesbian, but she definitely was no stranger to bedroom

games. Torrie’s front was exposed to Stephanie, and it conveniently had a

zipper going up the front. Stephanie had taken notice earlier, and without

opening her eyes or relinquishing her kiss, she slowly unzipped the blondes

top, letting her bra-covered breastes breathe from the tight shirt.

Torrie decided to try and keep up and keep things even between the two

although this was all about her pleasing stephanie this was her first lesbian

experience and she wanted to enjoy it as much as Stephanie and so without

taking her eyes off of her boss and without breaking the kiss Torrie reach

down and indid the belt and then moved the dressing gown to the edge of her

shoulders and to the brink of comming off Stephanie’s body and let her

breasts that where still struggling for freedom from the tight bra but she

was able to see them better than she could through the dressing gown.

Torrie’s hands fumbled a bit, but she finally worked off the exterior of the

dressing gown. Stephanie lifted her body up slightly, allowing Torrie to

slip it off and simultaneously run her hands all the way down the sides of

Stephanie’s curvaceous body. Stephanie returned the favor, running her hands

slowly down Torrie’s front,between her breasts, before undoing Torrie’s belt

and taking off the rest of her shirt. The two now laid there, Torrie in her

bra and jeans, and Stephanie in her bra and panties, sensually running their

tongues through each other’s mouths. Torrie knew she had to please Stephanie,

and took the lead, unsure as she was. She broke the kiss and began kissing

the front of Stephanie’s neck, causing her to tilt her head back and take in

the light, lovely pecks.

Torrie then began to lick and suck at Stephanie’s neck causing the slightest

moan to escape from Stephanie’s lips signaling that despite her being an

ameture she was doing the right things. She then moved down and Stephanie

arched her back allowing Torrie to get her hands around and unclasp the

black bra and once that was free she began to play with them with her hands

tweeking the breasts and nipples she then began to use her tounge and worked

both nipples she then suckeled and bit and nibbled on one nipple and breast

while she hand massaged and played with the other with her hands.

All that ran through Torrie’s mind was to imagine what would make her feel

good. She followed her own advice and seemed to be working just right.

Stephanie’s large breasts were ample targets for Torrie, who was proud of

her tongue, as she had a reputation of being a great French kisser. She

even nibbled lightly, causing Stephanie’s moans to take on a suprised tone

momentarily before sinking back into sounds of pure erotic joy.

“Mmm…please, lick my stomach.”

Torrie obliged, as it appeared Stephanie had a thing for having her stomach

pleasured. She leaned down further and began to run her tongue slowly in

circles around Stephanie’s navel, before licking all the way from her lower

belly to just beneath her breasts.

Torrie then moved from the bottom of Stephanie’s breasts down to her panties

Torrie took a deep breath knowing this was where it got serious so to speak

she slowly moved Stephanie’s panties down a little and then licked the area

she had just uncovered and continued to do this untill Stephanie’s panties

where completel off of her body Torrie then moved inbetween Stephanie’s legs

that Stephanie lightly wrapped around Torrie’s head and then Torrie began to

have her first taste of a woman’s pussy.

The scent and taste were absolutely intoxicating. She didn’t know why, but

she craved more and more with each light lick she gave Stephanie’s innards.

Her tongue began slow, but with each full lick she had a small pause, letting

Stephanie lightly moan and roll her head one way, before another lick made

her moan again and roll it back. After enough light licks, Torrie went all

out and stuck her tongue in Stephanie. Deep. Stephanie’s lungs took in a full

rush of air as the sudden attack left her gasping. Torrie swirled her tongue

around Stephanie’s inner walls, getting louder more consistent moans with

every second.

Torrie then deciced to use her fingers to help her out and so she started

with one finger and then moved ont to too and since two fingers and her

tounge seemed to do the trick she left it at that pumping and licking

Stephanie without mercy and all the while her other hand was tending to her

own pussy.

Torrie just couldn’t help herself, all this action made her so hot, her

free hand just involuntarily made it’s way down to her womanhood and began

masturbating, but only in a teasing manner. She didn’t want to climax yet,

lord knows what Stephanie had in store for her. She quickly put it back to

Stephanie when Stephanie began whispering, “Oh God…I’m starting..”

signalling for her own climax. Stephanie’s hips began thrusting up, but

Torrie didn’t miss a beat, keeping her face and hands flowing up and back

down with Stephanie’s body.

Stephanie kept moaning “Oh gods” so much so Torrie had to stop fingering

herself for fear of cumming before her boss and then Stephanie took a deep

breath and yelled at the top of her lungs, “OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!”

An then Torrie tasted her first woman’s juice and she was lusing her tounge

like a vacume eating and sucking as much fluid into her mouth before finally

and ultimately swallowing every drop and then she cleaned Stephanie’s cunt.

Stephanie’s hips dropped back to the bed and she continued to breathe

heavily, completely devoid of energy.

“Torrie…just wow.”

That was all she could get out for the moment Torrie crawled up to her side

and casually kissed her neck, as Stephanie’s breathing slowed.

“So…how’d I do?” Torrie couldn’t help but ask.

“Well your most definatly the next diva in Playboy but before you get dressed

and leave for the night i have a favor to ask you from woman to woman.”

Stephanie said with a heavy sigh of pleasure.

“And that is?” Torrie said with a smile hoping it was what she wanted to


“You can say no if you want and it won’t cause me to change my mind about

Playboy but mind if i say thank you in my own way?”

Torrie smiled from ear to ear, “Well let me think about it..Yes!”

Torrie began to reach around Stephanie’s body, but Stephanie pushed her away,

flat on the bed.

“Don’t move.” Stephanie said, smiling. She raised Torrie’s arms up and

reached by the side of the bed as she hovered above Torrie, allowing the

blonde to kiss her breasts. She came back up with a pair of leather straps,

which she used to tie Torrie’s hands to the bedpost. Torrie lay prone and

defenseless, clad only in her bra and jeans, as Stephanie sat mounted on

her waist.

Stephanie smiled. “Now that your unable to resist or stop me.” Stephanie said

she then unclasped the bra Torrie was wearing and dove down onto her left

breast and attacked with a firaryness Torrie had never felt before with her

soon to be husband Billy Kidman or any of her past boyfriends and yet the

fiaryness Stephanie was using made it all the more erotic and pleasurable and

Torrie not worrying about her moans let Stephanie know she loved what was

happening to her as Stephanie bit sucked and licked and kissed the breast and

nipple trapped in her breast before moving on to the other.

Torrie gasped repeatedly at the pure onslaught of pleasure she was receiving.

“Oh…Stephanie!” Torrie called out. She’d never called out another person’s

name, be it male or female. Stephanie just looked up and smiled, before

continuing to nibble on one nipple while pinching the other.

Torrie kept moaning Stephanie’s name as Stephanie moved from Torrie’s breast

down to her tanned and fit stomach and licked all over the belly causing

Torrie to giggle and then worked on her belly button and then made a direct

be-line from her belly button down to where her Jeans started. It looked from

Torrie’s point of view like Stephanie was ripping to get Torrie’s jeans off

but Stephanie wasn’t she was just going as fas as she could desperate to

taste Torrie’s pussy once the jeans where off Stephanie saw that Torrie had

not been wearing any panties or a thong.

“Naugthy and good girl both at the same time.” Stephanie said.

“I aim to please.” Torrie responded.

“So do I.” Stephanie said and then just like she had with Torrie’s breasts

Stephanie attacked Torrie’s pussy with the same fiaryness she had attacked

Torrie’s nipples and breasts with.

“OH GOD!” Torrie cried out. Feeling her breasts tweaked was incredible, but

it paled in comparison to the rush of adrenaline Stephanie’s tongue in her

pussy put into her. Torrie’s hips similarly bounced up and down off the bed,

and Stephanie’s head followed suit anticipating every move Torrie made.

Torrie was desperate to grab a hold of the bedsheets to release just a

fraction of her pleasure, but received no relief as the straps kept her

clung tightly to the bed. Stephanie kept working over Torrie’s pussy fast

and furious, before pulling back for just two seconds, before quickly

inserting 2 fingers into Torrie.

“oh yes! yes!!!!! harder! deeper!!!!!!!! faster! please stephanie fuck me!

fuck me with your fingers!” Torrie cried begged and pleased not beliving the

words that where comming out of her mouth but unable to stop them due to the

sheer un-adulterated pleasure she was reciving Stephanie just smiled as she

watched Torrie’s body work with her fingers as Stephanie continued to the

finger fucking of Torrie.

Torrie could tell she was getting close, and in between moans, cried it out

to Stephanie. The billion dollar princess could also sense when it was

coming, and just seconds before, inserted a third finger into Torrie, causing

her to scream out of pure ecstacy before comming hard onto Stephanie’s

fingers and into her mouth.

Stephanie just like Torrie had done after she had cum Stephanie cleaned up

after herself and after Torrie and then sat back and said, “So Torrie how was

I for your first woman.” Stephanie asked.

“The best and not just because you where my first.” Torrie said.

“Well if ever Billy doesn’t cut it in bed there are plenty of divas who would

be interested in making up for his lack of abilities.”

“Such as?” Torrie enquired.

“Such as the first diva who ever posed in playboy from the WWE. And who your

set to have a feud with in a matter of Weeks a month at most,” Stephanie


Torrie just smiled and said, “I never knew appearing in Playboy would open

so many doors for me.”

And with that the two just layed there fondling each other and eventually

they both fell asleep.

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