Ghostly Encounters Of Room 52: Jennifer Ellison

Title: Ghostly Encounters Of Room 52: Jennifer Ellison

Celebs: Jennifer Ellison
author: Ghostroom52
Codes:MF, Ghost, cons, oral, fantasy

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright
Ghostroom52 2009 onwards.

Ghosts need love too,

And a good fuck never hurt anyone, living or dead.

Jennifer Ellison stood in a hotels warm bathroom, looking into a mirror, admiring her naked form, her long dirty blonde hair that easily covered her heavy breasts, to her smooth stomach and curved hips leading to her shapely legs.

Brushing her hair over her shoulders she revealed her small pink areolas and their long juicy nipples. She couldn’t resist cupping her breasts, the way they filled her hands brining a smile to her face as she let her fingers find her nipples and gently tweak them, not wanting to get herself too excited yet.

There would be plenty of time for that once her guest finally turned up, a shiver running down her spine at the thought of what might be in store for her. Still completely naked Ellison walked back into the main room, a large candle sat on the floor slowly burning. With a slow sigh she sat back on the bed again and picked up the instructions to check she’d done everything right for the third time that night. And for the third time she came to the same conclusion, she’d done everything right, even the way the candle was burning with a tall thin flame indicated that her ethereal guest had arrived, hours ago infact, and yet she’d felt nothing. The room was still toasty warm and she didn’t have that unexplainable feeling of being watched.

For what must have been the 10th time that night she spoke to an empty room.


Nothing, and she was just about to let out a disappointed sigh when something blew cold air into her ear from behind her. With a shriek she was across the room, her back nearly pressed to the wall breathing heavily, causing her breasts to rise and fall in a most alluring fashion.

Taking a deep breath through her nose, she steadied herself, suddenly feeling very naked. Looking around the room she couldn’t see anything, walking quickly towards her bath robe, which she’d left hanging on the bathroom door. She kept her breasts covered as she went, until she took her soft white robe off the door hook. Quickly throwing the robe on she turned back to the main room, swallowing she couldn’t help but wonder if she just imagined it or if she was being played with. Putting her best smile on she addressed the room.

“Hello, I’m Jennifer, …….um..are you ok with me being here?”

She jumped as the bathroom door behind her slammed shut and then locked itself from the inside with a click.

“Are you ok?” her now quiet voice carrying more than a touch of the fear she was feeling as her heat beat like a drum in her chest. She heard a brief jingle of keys and looking at the front door, she’d locked it but had left the keys in the lock in case she needed to get out quickly, they were now missing and she couldn’t see them anywhere. After waiting what felt like an eternity for something to happen,

“I guess I owe you an explanation”

A still silence followed, even the natural surrounding noise of a hotel were absent. All she could hear was her own deep breathing.

“Well, to cut a long story short, I was told that in this hotel, this room to be precise, a…um, you lived, if that’s the term,” she said.

Her head snapped to the bed, as she could hear a deep, loud continuous growl from on top of the bed. It sounded like a large, extremely pissed off rottweiler was lying there but she could see nothing, not even the sheets showed any sign of something being on them.

“Listen I didn’t mean any offence ok,” she offered.

The growling had moved of the bed and was slowly approaching her. Now panicking she had her back pressed against the bathroom door and practically shouted out in her scouse accent.

“Look I’m only here for a fuck,”

The growling stopped, and once again she felt completely alone in the room.

“Obviously you don’t want me here, so if you just give me the keys back I’ll blow out the candle and leave you alone ok?” she said, hoping to get out of it in one piece.

Jennifer nearly fell over as the bathroom door suddenly opened. She managed to catch herself and ended up in the middle of the bathroom, turning in time to watch the door close again and lock itself again. Seeing the lock just turn by itself made her shiver, and she could feel something in there with her.

The sound of tearing plastic caught her attention as the shower curtain was ripped off its railing and was promptly thrust into a nearby bin. The shower then turned on by itself, Ellison could see the dials turning, setting the shower to full power at its hottest temp.
The small bathroom started to fill with steam, looking to the misted up mirror she knew what was coming.


The word was quickly and perfectly written on the mirror without so much as squeak.

She couldn’t help but smile at the simplicity of it, speaking warmly.

“Hello, it’s nice to um, meet you” she said with a careful smile.

Do you still wish to leave?

“Do you want me to leave?”

I find your Offer appealing

“Thank you, just so you know, I’ve never slept with a ghost before,” she said, watching the mirror.

Neither have I

“Oh ok, do you mind if I ask how many women you have slept with?” she asked, feeling she should know.

None as beautiful as you

Feeling much more relaxed, she folded her arms under her breasts presenting a deep and easily visible cleavage through the parting of her robe. Her skin was now shiny and slick from the moist hot air.
With a sway of her hips and a saucy pout.

“So what can a ghost like yourself do to a girl like me?” she said, almost challenging it.

That depends on what you had in mind

She bit her lip gently.

“Well I guess I’ve never really thought about it, I was expecting you to just, you know, take me,” she said a little shyly.

You want to be Taken???

“I don’t want to be raped if that’s what you think I meant!” she quickly protested. The mirror showed nothing, the spirit simply waiting.

“I just, well, I’m not here for a loving sex session, if you get me” she said, trying to share what she’d expected.

I’m sure there must be plenty of men who’d be happy to assist you

“Too many, I don’t just want to be some guy’s score that he can brag to the press about,” she replied.

Why would they care??

“Oh sorry, I’m abit of a celebrity I’ve been on TV and on quite a few magazines, I pose for saucy photos,” she said, realising he wouldn’t know anything about her.

You must do very well for yourself

“I do ok thank you. I don’t want to sound cheap but I’ve been anticipating you for hours now can we move along?”

Sorry I rarely get to talk to anyone
And just so you know I’m not some
Tool you can summon whenever you
Decide your feeling horny

Going wide eyed Ellison covered her mouth.

“I’m so sorry, that’s not, I um…”

I know you didn’t mean to offend
And there’s no need to panic
I’ve never attacked a woman

Feeling rather embarrassed Ellison pulled her robe together, and took a seat on the toilet.

“Do you ever get lonely?

No, but I don’t like it
When beautiful women
Cover themselves up from Me


Pulling her robe apart until it only just covered her nipples, she pushed her hands under each breasts forcing her divine cleavage up.

“Is that any better?” she said with a short, horny purr.

Jennifer cried out as she felt a long, cold tongue licking along the tops of her breasts and probing into her cleavage. She could only shake as she cried out at the sharp contrast of his icy tongue in the roasting hot bathroom. As the tongue neared her chest, it probed impossibly deep between her heaving tits before roughly dragging itself up from between her breasts causing her to arch her back thrusting her chest out as she moaned out loud, her nipples having long since become hard as rock.

The tip of the ethereal tongue trailed up her neck and over her jaw, causing her to tilt her head, till it stopped just below her ear.

She felt a cool air against her ear and heard a low deep growl

“Oh GOD,” she panted deeply, looking around quickly, trying to see where the next touch might come from, before looking back to the mirror

Come closer

As she walked slowly towards the mirror she heard the shower stop behind her, and once she reached the mirror all the moisture on it simply started to vanish, in a few seconds it was crystal clear and all she could see was herself, her long dirty blonde hair lying messily over her shoulders and back, her skin shining with a mixture of sweat and mist. She couldn’t help but briefly admire how her breasts heaved under her robe with each lusty breath.

She was about to speak when she felt a phantom pair of large hands gently but firmly grasp her waist, watching herself transfixed in the mirror she saw herself stand taller as she felt and watched her robe get pressed to her body as the hands travelled upwards. Lowering her hands from her chest she knew exactly where “his” were heading, biting her lip as they softly cupped the underside of her breasts and held their weight, before feeling the hands expand to encompass the whole front of each of her assets and gave them an energetic squeeze.

Closing her eyes briefly to enjoy the sensation, she quickly opened them again with a sharp intake of breath as she felt both her arms getting grabbed just above the elbow and pressed towards each other behind her back. Holding her arms tight, forcing her back to arch, thrusting out her tits. The phantom hands disappeared from her breasts, and she could only watch in the mirror as the top part of her robe was slowly peeled away, starting at the collar pulling it over her shoulders, her large breasts lightly bouncing free as the robe was pushed half way down her arms, leaving her entire top half completely exposed, while the robe kept the rest of her covered.

With her arms still locked behind her, she felt soft fingertips running up under her hair, gently pulling it over her shoulders, covering her exposed back with her long soft hair.
Gasping as she felt a cool kiss on the side of her jaw bone, and another on her collar, before feeling a sharp but playful nip to her side above her breasts causing her jump and let out a small cry of surprise.

She was then left for a few moments, just her arms held tightly, a small horny smile spread over Ellison’s face, she had a definite feeling that she was being admired.

“Well are you just going to look at them all night? Or actually do something to them,” she goaded.

She took a sharp intake of breath, which was followed by a bigger smile as the loud growling from before returned, this time coming from just two foot infront of her. It was different though, it sounded slower and thick with promise, she found her knees going weak at the threat which made her already slick pussy throb even harder.

“Well what are you waiting for?” she said as the growling slowly moved closer.

“I’m used to having men attacking my breasts, I’ve come to quite enjoy it.” The growling rushed into her chest, she felt it hit her like it was hard air before it changed and roughly gasped her breasts with strong fingers.

She cried out, surprised at how roughly the ghost attacked her chest, her cry turning into a deep moan which hit a high pitch as she felt both her nipples getting a gentle tweak that turned into a sharp pinch. Forcing herself to look into the mirror she could see the impressions on her tits as her rough massage continued, closing her eyes as she felt the ghost blowing icy cold air onto one of her nipples. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she tried to keep herself from crying out at the sensation. Jen felt the blowing get stronger before it stopped and a cold tongue slapped the underside of her right breast and dragged itself sharply over a rock solid nipple.

In a second the tongue was licking her left breast and was replaced on her right by rushed kisses that moved around her nipple,

“Mmm come on,” Ellison moaned a loud, eager to feel him sucking on her nipples.

Unable to refuse such encouragement, Ellison felt both the tongue and the kissing lips leave her breasts only to feel what she would describe as teeth firmly sinking into the base of both her nipples before slowly being dragged off the nipple, every muscle in her body going tense at the sharp sensations, pain and pleasure illicitly mixing as it pulsed from her nipples.

The instant the teeth left her nipples they were attacked by freezing cold mouths, both hungrily sucking hard at her nipples, Jennifer cried out at the top of her lungs, instinctively shaking her chest trying to dislodge her cold assailant, which only caused the sucking to get harder and colder. Ellison tried to fight against her invisible restraints but couldn’t move her arms and upon moving her feet she realised her toes were only just able to touch the ground, kicking her legs harder as she tried to accept the sensation of cold lips encircling her nipples and the feelings of the ice cold saliva that coated them as they were sucked on harder than any man had done so before.

“God, Mercy! Mercy!” she cried, but the sucking didn’t relent. It was simply joined by a hard bite to each nipple that pulled at her already stretched nipples, taking the sensations of cold pleasure and sharp hot pain to new heights for the blonde haired goddess.

Just as she was certain she couldn’t stand the cold anymore, the lips started to warm around her nipples before finally pulling off them with an audible thwack, then there was a parting lick to each of her now tender breasts. After just a second she found herself alone again, her arms were released and she suddenly became aware of the hot air in the bathroom surrounding her again causing her to bite her lip as she felt it rapidly warming her cold throbbing hard nipples, resisting the temptation of giving them a tweak herself.

After her legs stopped shaking she slowly went about recovering herself, biting her lip harder to keep from moaning out loud as she dragged the soft material of her robe over her hypersensitive teats, with every breath she felt like she was grinding her nipples against her robe, sending dozens of sparks of sharp pleasurable sensations through her chest. Each one causing her clit to throb in turn, she moved and pressed her back against the nearest wall, leaning against it she closed her eyes while she caught her breath and enjoyed the sensations that still plagued her body, imagining what was in store for her next, her thoughts were broken when she heard a single squeak from the mirror.

Are you ok?

“You know it’s rude not to finish a girl off after all that,” she replied with a small pout.

I didn’t want to wear you out…

Just yet

“Is that a fact? Well why don’t you take me to bed and show me what you’ve got?”

Why not right here?

“Because my cocky little friend, If I’m going to let a ghost fuck me its going to be done properly on a bed,” Ellison couldn’t help but break into a wide smile that flashed her teeth, “for the first time anyway”.

I’ll be gentle

Just as before the door unlocked and slowly opened itself, Ellison took one last look at the mirror before she started towards the large bed.

“Now why don’t I believe you?” she said with a smile.

She crossed the room quickly to the still neatly made bed, sitting on it and leaning back, steadying herself with her hands, her smooth legs parted and inviting, her large breasts straining the robe she wore with her long dirty blonde hair cascading off her back and nearly touching the bed.

“Well, my robe’s not coming off by itself you know,” she said with a seductresses smile.

Taking in a deep breath as she watched the knot in her tie belt slowly undo itself, before being slowly pulled completely out of her robe, she couldn’t help but take note of how purposefully it was placed just a few feet away. Her robe was slowly opened, as though this was the first and only time he was going to see her in all her glory and was memorizing every inch of her as her robe parted revealing her perfect body. As the robe parted it first showed her breasts which still sported her sore dark pink nipples, they showed both her eagerness and her anxiety as they rose and fell faster creating a hypnotizing display. The robe parted further showing off her perfectly smooth stomach which showcased the curve of her hips as the robe revealed her completely hairless pussy, its lips swollen and moist.

Ellison could feel her cheeks redden, knowing that her most intimate parts were being taken in by her ethereal host. With much more haste than before she found her robe being pulled down her arms, where she happily helped by lifting her hands off the bed and then her hips as the ghost dragged her robe out from under her and swiftly cast it clear to the far side of the room. She gasped slightly as she felt it gently parting her legs more, and a cool breath against her neck.

She could help but let out a quite murmur as the ghost started slowly kissing down her delicate neck and over her glistening breasts, pausing briefly to give them a hard lick from bottom to top causing them to jiggle delightfully. The ghost continued downwards kissing and lightly nipping at her firm stomach, Jennifer parting her legs invitingly as she relaxed on the bed, her hands cupping her breasts and using the sides of her fingers to give her nipples a gentle tweak in anticipation. Her breath stopped and her whole body tensed as she felt finger tips and nails slowly being dragged down the inside of both her thighs. Once they reached her hot pussy, only two finger tips remained, where they crossed just above her pussy before moving down tracing the outline of her heated labia.

Gasping as she felt her lips getting parted, she breathed in a deep breath on the peak of anticipation, which she let loose in the form of a shocked scream, the cold tongue had returned and had given her a quick probing lick that ended with a cold flick of the tongue to her swollen clit, sending icy shocks of pleasure to her core. In reflex Ellison immediately closed her gorgeous thighs, still shaking from the cold shock.

“Bastard!” she yelled, sitting bolt up right on the bed, curling her legs to her, looking around the room, feeling very vulnerable sat in the middle of a bed completely naked.

Holding her breath as she waited for his next move she saw her robes belt being lifted up from the bed, at the same time she felt a pair of gentle but firm hands gasp her wrists pulling them together in front of her. She watched silently as the belt was wrapped tightly around each of her wrists binding them together, before they were pulled up and over her head, causing her to fall flat onto her back, the belt pulled firmly stretching her arms out towards the other end of the bed.

Panting hard her attention was immediately moved from her bound wrists to her still closed thighs as she felt fingers running up there sides. She felt her ankles being grabbed and moved upwards till her legs were fully extended pointing straight up at the ceiling, then the ghost effortlessly parted them, keeping them straight as they were pressed down onto the bed. Jennifer closed her eyes briefly, thanking her ballet training for letting her do the splits without any discomfort. Slowly opening them with an intake of air she looked at her position, her wrists were bound and pulled tight stretching out her body from her arms down to her hips, her breasts thrust high into the air, and her legs held apart and tight against the bed. Knowing how completely vulnerable her pussy now was to whatever pleasure or torment her ghost decided to inflict upon her caused a tremor of fear to go down her spine, and yet she found her checks completely flushed at how totally aroused she felt, her rock hard nipples dying for attention and her pussy throbbing with every beat of her heart was completely soaked and getting wetter by the second.

To be continued ?

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