Girl Talk


Tracy Shaw, Suranne Jones & Sally Whittaker (aka Maxine Peacock, Karen McDonald & Sally Webster of Coronation St fame) had arranged to go out for the evening.The limo had collected Tracy & Suranne as arranged but went it arrived at Sally’s house there had been no reply.The 2 babes had decided to go on to the club & ring Sally when they arrived.Tracy was first to emerge from the limo, she was dressed in a glittery blue 2-piece with a skirt so short, it barely concealled her tiny white panties,a top designed to show plenty of cleavage & 6″ high mules to show off her long shapely
legs.Suranne, not to be out-done, was wearing a short tight red sun dress that clung to her curves.Though not as short as Tracy’s, it still showed plenty of thigh & the pencil shoulder straps struggled to contain her bra-less tits.She also wore strappy high heels.

Once inside the club, the ladies were shown to a private area overlooking the dance floor.”I’d better ring Sally & see if she’s ok” said Tracy.She pulled her mobile phone from her bag & dialled Sally’s number.After a few rings, Sally answered the phone.”Sal ? are you ok ? only we called for you but there was no reply.” After a few seconds, Sally replied.”mmm….yeah, everythings fine.I… er just got a bit…mmm….delayed thats all.””Well, are you still coming ?” enquired a curious Tracy.”Oh definitely !!” snapped Sally,”I’ll be about half an hour…mmmmm…make that an hour.””You sure you’re ok Sal, you sound a bit breathless” asked Tracy.”OH, I’m fine replied Sally,” I’m just…mmmmm….doing…exercises,I’ll explain more later.Bye”

As they waited, girls drank wine & chatted about many things.After about an hour, Sally was shown to their table.Although not as busty as the other two, Sally’s tits were firm & round, topped with rock hard nipples that poked through her flimsy white dress.As she walked towards them, it became obvious under the bright lights that she was wearing nothing underneath.”Sorry I’m late” said Sally, grinning wildly ” but something came up.So, what you been talking about ?”” Same as usual” replied Suranne “sex.””Oooh, my favourite subject” said Sally, still grinning.Finally, Tracy’s curiosity got the better of her,”how come your sitting there grinning like a cat who got the cream ??””Not cat who got the cream”, replied Sally “more like pussy that got creamed !!.””You mean….” stuttered Suranne “Yep” replied Sally,” when Tracy phoned me I was sitting in the chair with my legs spread having my pussy eaten””Tell us more” pleaded Suranne, starting to feel horny.”Well, when you came to collect me, I gave my husband a goodbye kiss but instead of his usual quick peck, I suddenly felt his tongue in my mouth & his hands on my arse.Before I had chance to reach the door, he’d pushed me into the chair & spread my legs.Seeing that I wasn’t wearing panties just turned him on even more & before I knew what was happening his tongue was savaging my clit.He knew I couldn’t resist that for long until I begged him to fuck me & sure enough, he stuck his cock deep in me.He made me cum at least 3 times before I left to come here.”

Whether it was the wine or Sally’s story or a combination of both, but by now all 3 ladies were extremely wet & extremely horny.Suranne was the next to start talking.”Oooh I love it when a bloke doesn’t want to make love to you but just wants to fuck you there & then.It happened to me when I was doing that photo shoot for Maxim.There I was in the dressing room wearing this low-cut top that tied at the front, bikini bottoms & high heels.I felt like a complete slut.Then in walks this make-up artist & he is gorgeous.Before I know it, he’s got me bent over the table & he’s fingering me like crazy.I should be screaming rape but all I can think of is his thick cock inside me.Then he enters me from behind , God it feels good, as his shaft starts pumping in & out of my twat.His hands then pull my tits out from my top & start squeezing my nips.This is too much for me & I start screaming as I cum all over his cock.By the time he’d shot his load, I’d cum 4 times & could barely stand.”

The scene now resembles something from a porn film.Whilst Suranne has been talking, Tracy Shaw has accosted 3 waiters, the first of which has his tongue stuck firmly in Sally Whittaker’s cunt making her scream out with pleasure.” OOHHH GOD YEAH….THATS IT BABY…..SUCK MY PUSSY….OOOOOH…..GOD YEAH……YOUR MAKING ME……..MAKING ME………MMMMM…..CCUUUMMM !!!.”Whilst Sally is cumming over the waiter’s face, the 2nd waiter has laid Suranne Jones over the table.He grips her ankles & spreads her legs wide before thrusting his cock into her juicy pussy” FUCK ME YOU BASTARD !!” she screams as he pumps her long & hard.Suranne locks her legs behind his back, allowing his hands to squeeze her lovely titties & pinch her nipples.”OH GOD…….YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM LIKE THAT………PLEASE…..OOH PLEASE LET ME …….MMMMMMMM……..OOOOOOHHHH…….I’M CCCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG !!!!!!!!!”.Suranne collapses in a heap, leaving only a very very horny Tracy Shaw left.The third waiter pulls her to her feet, crushing her tits against his chest.”So you wanna cum do ya like your 2 slutty friends ??” sneers the waiter.”Oh God yes,please fuck me doggy style, I love it from behind” she begs.”Fine” says the waiter.He bends her over the table & pushes her face into Suranne’s cummy pussy.”If you wanna be fucked from behind then lick her out & make her cum””NO WAY !!” cries Tracy.”Your choice Lady,you don’t cum unless she does”She knows she has to cum, shes desperate to.Her tongue slowly snakes its way into Surranne’s pussy & begins to lick.”Thats it bitch eat her out” shouts the waiter as he slowly begins pumping Tracy’s snatch.”WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ??” cries a startled Suranne Jones, “I’M NOT A FUCKING………DYKE……..OOOHHH….NO DON’T……MMMMMM……..PLEASE…..STOP….I….”Its too late now though, as Tracy’s finger pumps in & out of Suranne’s pussy.”OOOOHHHHH TRACY……YOU MAKING ME………….CCCUUUMMMM !!!!!!!!.Tracy suddenly feels her hand get covered in cum as Suranne orgasms again.”Good girl, now your turn” says the waiter.He begins to pump Tracy harder,making her tits jiggle about.”Now, do you deserve to cum ??” asks the waiter cockily.”YES……YES, PLEASE !!” replies a now desperate Tracy.The Waiter reaches round & begins rubbing her clit whilst fucking her pussy.”OOOOHHHH YOU BASTARD” she screams ” DON’T STOP PLEASE……..I LOVE IT….MMMMMMMM….OOOOHHH………RUB JUST THERE…OOOHHH….YEAH THATS IT…..OOOHH GODDD……I’M GONNA…..OOOOOHHHH….MMMM GONNA…..CCCCUUUMMMMMM !!!!!!!!”

The waiters survey the scene.The 3 soapstars are laying there, legs spread, tits out & pussies pouting.”Tight bitches, we didn’t even get a tip !!”

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