God Bless America

God Bless America (Part 1) (mast, oral)

By B-Boy (B_boy68@hotmail.com)


There she was on stage, a vision of beauty, and the stirring in my pants made me grateful I’d joined the army. I was one of the many U.S. troops that had been sent to the sweltering Oman desert to prepare for any incursions into Afghanistan following the atrocities of September 11th and we were all certainly willing to give it our all to bring down the Taliban. But, all thoughts of warfare were far from our minds as our ever-thoughtful government had arranged a performance just for us. None of us were expecting any
kind of entertainment so when the high brass told us a show had been organised and training was cancelled for the day and we had to go to the amphitheatre we were all looking forward to it. It would be good to have a break after so long away from home in a foreign land, it didn’t matter who or what it was. But I don’t think there was a single man there that wasn’t over the moon with what we got.

Mariah Carey stood on a makeshift stage carved out of the desert surrounded by several hundred whooping GI’s belting out another of her many hits. Now, I’m not a big fan of this kind of soppy pop crap but I wasn’t really listening to the music, just ogling her perfect body as she strutted across the stage, clearly revelling in the attention she was getting from all these fit young men. And from my seat just a couple of rows back I had as good a view as anyone. She was wearing a pair of ridiculously short, blue denim hot pants that didn’t fully conceal her perky ass cheeks. On top, Mariah had a tight, cropped white t-shirt on with the initials “USA” written across it in red, white and blue glitter. Like her shorts, the t-shirt looked a few sizes too small and from certain angles, which all the guys were straining to look from, the swell of her large breasts was clearly visible.

As the performance drew on, Mariah began to noticeably start to feel the effects of the sweltering heat; she drank more water and began to sweat. As beads of sweat ran down her body it became obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. The already tight t-shirt had become slightly clingy with moisture and Mariah’s nipples were visible through the thin, white cotton. For a bunch of sex-starved soldiers, this flaxen haired beauty in front of us now was giving most of us a serious case of blue-balls. Mariah carried on regardless and belted out a couple more hits; swaying her hips, shaking her ass and generally getting a kick out of teasing us all like the slut she was. She saved the best for last though, as her final song ended with one of those high notes that only she seems to be able to hit she had the microphone in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. She threw her head back and warbled the final note, holding the mic close to her lips; she was having to lean back slightly pushing her ample tits out even further. Then she tipped the water over her head and neck letting it run down the already damp fabric of her t-shirt I watched as intently as everyone else as the beads of sweat and water dripped slowly over the curve of her breast. The soggy cloth now stuck tight to her voluptuous upper body and I, along with everyone else, dreamed of fucking this fit little bitch. Then, she stopped and looked up with dripping wet hair and breasts proudly on show for everyone. It took a moment for everyone else to stop daydreaming but then the rapturous applause began with wolf whistles and hollering aplenty. Mariah bowed in all directions, making sure everyone got a good eyeful of her pendulous melons and stiff nipples.

She lapped up the applause although I’m sure everyone there wished it was something else she was lapping up! Finally, after several minutes of taking it all in (I wished it was something else she was taking all the way in!) she sauntered off stage with extended strides, drawing extra attention to her long shapely legs. She winked at me and licked her lips! I swear! She winked at me! That made my mind up for me, it was just going to be crafty hand-job but now I’d decided that I was going to find Mariah’s tent later and fuck her brains out. She obviously wanted it, fucking slut! And now, she’d singled me out! I left the arena and, like everyone else, dreamed about screwing the big-titted diva but unlike everyone else, I was going to be doing it for real!

Chapter I

The guy driving me back to my tent on the way back from the gig had been one of the men in the audience and judging by the bulge in his trousers he certainly enjoyed the show. He was the usual tall, muscular G.I. with short cropped blonde hair under his cap and lightly tanned skin; a direct result of the merciless sun here in the Middle East. All my gear was back at my tent so I hadn’t had the chance to get changed yet and the journey consisted mainly of this fit, young man ogling my still damp body while trying to concentrate on his driving. Conversation was limited and I never found out this chauffeurs name; he was too busy daydreaming about sucking on my big, ripe tits that were jutting prominently from beneath my clammy t-shirt. I decided to have a little fun. The jeep was an automatic, so he only needed one hand on the steering wheel. About 10 minutes into our drive I leant over from the passenger seat and began softly stroking his large right hand. The young soldier glanced briefly to look at me before trying to return his attention to the sandy road.

“Oooohh.” I purred, “what big strong hands you have.” I grabbed him by the wrist and began toying with his hand. “Our country’s in safe hands, if you’ll pardon the pun!”

“Errm. Th…thanks Miss Carey.” This polite, all-American boy answered. Still trying to resist me. I dropped one hand high onto his right thigh for support and he unconsciously and momentarily gave the jeep a little more gas. With my other hand I raised his own digits and started to suck and nibble slightly on his index finger.

“Mmmmm.” I groaned quietly around his thick digit. My metaphor certainly worked; the large bulge in his pants twitched slightly as I’m sure he imagined what I’d rather be sucking on. My hand in his lap moved upwards to play with his rock-hard member.

“Ah!” he gasped. I pulled his finger out of my mouth and guided it to my chest. By now he needed little encouragement and, as forcefully as he could at such an unconventional angle, palmed at my bouncy melons. I loved how it felt as his rough hands ran over the damp fabric of my t-shirt. I carried on playing with his cock through his pants and he continued to make pleasing noises. I moved his hand down to the top of my left leg and he quickly began caressing my supple thigh. Slowly, but with increasing confidence, he cupped and stroked the soggy denim of my shorts and started rubbing my eager pussy lips and inflamed clit through the soaked fabric. With my free hand I turned my attention to my breasts; mauling my own huge orbs as I lost control.

“Oh god yeah.” I breathed, tossing my head back over the seat. “Mmm, that’s it baby!” As I began to lose control my subconscious rubbing of his prick became faster but more erratic.

“Uuuuhhnnn FUCK!” The guy had come. I could feel the sticky dampness seeping through the fabric and lightly coating my hands. The jeep swerved briefly as he tried to regain control and he removed his hands from my crotch. That sudden jolt made us both stop our caressing and as he returned the jeep to its straight course he looked down, ashamedly. “I…I’m sorry.” he muttered. I just smiled. A few minutes later we arrived at my tent. He hadn’t said a word since his little ‘accident’ and I had just been absent-mindedly been playing with my hair. He cut off the engine and waited for me to get out but I hadn’t finished with him yet. Instead of leaving through the passenger side, I leant across him and opened his door; making sure he got a good look down my cleavage. He swallowed hard and was obviously a little uncomfortable. I swung one of my long, bare legs over him and sat down in his lap.

“Couldn’t be helped, could it big boy?” I said, now sitting astride him. “No man can resist this.” I ran a hand down my toned figure and could feel he cock coming to life once more. I placed my arms around his neck and for anyone watching we must have looked like a loved-up young couple. “But you turned me on so much and now I need a big, stiff cock pumping into me.” Those last few words I spoke while simultaneously grinding my ass into his excited groin. I cocked my head to one side gave him my ‘slightly disappointed’ face. “You wanna fuck my titties?” I turned around so I was sat on his lap with my back to him, “Or maybe bend me over the back of this jeep and hear me scream your name?” The boy was speechless; he just couldn’t believe I was saying this to him. I smiled and finished with: “You go back and clean yourself up and maybe, just maybe, we can have a little fun later!” I scooted off him and left the jeep. He just sat there open-mouthed staring at me. I closed the door and gave his cock one last squeeze before winking and strutting into my tent.

God, I enjoyed teasing them! Just being on stage and showing off this fabulous body got me hot but when they were making no attempt to hide the rubbing of their bulging crotches I just got damp! That encounter with the driver had just made me even more eager to have multiple screaming orgasms that night. If none of them had had the balls to come to my tent I don’t know what I’d have done, probably frigged myself senseless, which would have been all well and good but a bit of self-abuse can’t replace a good, stiff cock (or several)!

My ‘home’ for these few days could only be described as sparse at best. A tent in the middle of the desert that had a half dozen large water barrels outside; it was still some distance from where the soldiers were housed. Thank God for small mercies, I don’t think I could have put up with living in close proximity to such pigs for very long. I was given an old wicker chair and a foldout camp bed covered with course green fabric, I had demanded pink silk but it seems that no one listens to me and no one understands my needs. I also had a sink and a shower, which were connected to the water barrels outside and as nice as it was certainly wasn’t what I was used to. I’d been given the impression that I would be staying in Oman’s most exclusive hotel but instead I got this! I fired my manager of course and complained but there was nothing I could do about it now; for the next week or so I was stuck in sweltering heat with only the bare minimum needed for survival; no croissant shop anywhere near! I tried to look on the bright side and contented myself with the knowledge that I was better than this, that these plebs I was surrounded with had no idea what it was like being the world’s best selling female artist and the icon of millions; but I’d still be giving my record company hell when I got back to the States. The one thing that seemed to make this trip worthwhile (apart from the money that is) was that I would have the undivided sexual attention of hundreds of men. Who could blame them really? I’m hot and I know it. I’m tanned, toned and have a figure to die for. Millions of men worldwide want to fuck my brains out but think I’m unattainable; that just adds to the attraction. What all these people don’t know is that when I want something I always get it. And if I was going to be forced to live in virtual poverty I intended to enjoy it as much as possible. There’s nothing I like better than being than being fucked hard by a group of guys who think I’m slut. They think they’re in control but knowing it was me that engineered the situation just turns me on even more. I just love having rock hard cocks pumping into my every hole and controlling the animal urges of Neanderthal males, making them think they’re the ones with the power. Of course, my public image is just the opposite but that’s just to sell records and keep the money rolling in.

Chapter II

I entered my tent and peeled off my damp clothes that were becoming a little uncomfortable. I’d hung them up on a makeshift clothesline I’d constructed between two tent posts. Honestly, having to do things like that myself; I was being treated more like that Robin Crusoe guy than Mariah Carey! The shower was spraying out unreliable bursts of freezing cold water so that was out of the question. I decided to make the most of what was left of the day and work on my tan. I put on my little string Gucci bikini that was lime green with white trimming. It was deliberately a size too small so the triangular top barely covered my nipples but little else. The bottoms weren’t quite a thong (I had an image to maintain and the paparazzi could be cruel) but didn’t exactly leave much to the imagination. I looked damn good, if I did say so myself. After oiling myself up, (a job I enjoyed, I was still a little turned on from the jeep ride) I donned my $5000 dollar sunglasses and armed only with a towel and the latest issue of ‘Cosmo’, I went behind my tent to catch a few rays.

My magazine was lying on the sand next to me and I guess I must have fallen asleep. It was difficult to be sure since I didn’t have my watch on but I’d been daydreaming at the very least. Thinking of all those hunky young soldiers getting hard at the sight of me, willing to do anything to have the chance of fucking my every hole. And how I was willing to let them. I ran my fingertips lightly over my stiffening nipples and gasped lightly as a shudder of pleasure washed over me. My other hand slipped underneath the elastic of my bikini bottoms and danced over my clit.

“Mmmmm!” I moaned as I drifted away into a dream about being stuffed by cock after cock after cock.

I awoke slowly with the sound of an engine slowing down and then cutting off completely. My body was still alive and eager to finish what I’d started but I had to see what was going on. I left my sunglasses and magazine on the towel and crept around to the front of the tent. There was a jeep (but not the one I’d been driven up here in, this one had different plates) parked mere metres away but the driver was nowhere in sight. Save for the road (what a poor excuse for a road it was, more like a well-worn track in the sand) leading down to the main army base, there was nothing but sand for miles all around. The only place my visitor could have gone was into the tent. I snuck up to the door (or rather tent flaps) and peeked inside. Inside was a large, heavy-set black man, dressed in army fatigues and facing away from me; he seemed to be looking for something.

“Can I help you?” I asked softly while leaning against a tent post just inside the door.

“Ah…Um…” He turned round sharply and looked at me like a rabbit caught in some headlights. He stared, open-mouthed at my sleek body and I could guess what he was thinking. After a couple of seconds, he closed his mouth and swallowed hard. “I…you…”

“Yes…I what?” I began and started to saunter towards him, making sure to swing those shapely hips of mine. I brushed past him, deliberately grazing his arm with mine and sat on the edge of my bed. The ladylike thing to do would have been to cross my legs but I sat like guys usually do with them wide open.

“I thought you wanted me here?” He asked nervously and walked over to where I was, “With the winking at the gig and all?” He was trying not to act anxious but every time he decided to stare at his feet, it wasn’t long before his gaze returned to me and then usually my ample chest.

“Oh but I wink at guys all the time.” I wanted to make him think I was letting him down gently. “If every guy that thought I fancied them came after me, I’d never have a moment to myself.”

“Oh…OK…Sorry, my mistake.” He turned slowly and made to leave. Suddenly, I lunged forward, grabbed his waist and promptly unzipped his fly. I hauled his pants down to his ankles, his underpants quickly followed. At eye-level to me was perhaps the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. His ebony pole was around 10 inches long, very thick and as stiff as it could be. My eyes widened with lust and I licked my lips.

“But maybe you can keep me company.” I happily suggested. I raised a soft hand and cupped his large balls, while the other loosely gripped the shaft of his impressive cock. I could barely wait; I would have been happy to let him fuck me right there and then but patience is a virtue, as they say.

“Oh yeah baby.” All his nerves had disappeared now he realised I’d only been teasing him.

“Mmmm yeah. It’s so big and hard.” I moaned, “It’s gonna feel so good.” I shuffled forward on the bed so I was just a matter of millimetres from his throbbing dong. I flicked my tongue out and danced it over the helmet of his cock. “Mmm, arrr.” I continued murmuring sounds of encouragement; one hand delicately ran up and down the considerable length of his fleshy shaft while the other lightly ticked his large, hairy nuts.

“Suck it baby, suck it.” He sighed, while he started playing with my hair. Wordlessly, I complied (but only because I wanted to and not because he said). I had to open my mouth as wide as I could to fit all of his chunky shaft in. Rather than take the softly, softly approach I decided to do this passionately. I swallowed his first 2 or 3 inches and began to rapidly bob my head up and down his steel rod. I gripped harder with the hand encompassing his cock and began to punch down on his thick root. I was striving to cram as much cock down my throat as I could but he was huge! He grabbed hold of my hair more forcefully and began to hump forwards. “Oh fuck Mariah! Yes! Take it all!” He was getting louder and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. I knew it wouldn’t take long, men are so weak! Particularly when it’s Mariah Carey sucking your cock! He started to fuck my mouth faster and faster and I had trouble not gagging; I was taking his entire stiff length down inside my gullet! I’ve sucked countless dicks in my time (I consider myself somewhat of an expert) and struggle to remember one as big as this but I just loved how it felt as his large, fleshy monster ravaged my throat. Throughout all of this I was just getting more and more turned on and whimpered loudly but incoherently around his chunky shaft. “Fucking hell! I’m gonna cum!” he shouted. He pushed me away and I fell back onto the bed, saliva hanging from my aching but still open jaw. He pounced, sat astride my waist and grabbed his slick organ with both hands. I opened my mouth in anticipation of what was coming. “UURRHHHH!” he groaned as the first shot of jizz landed on the corner of my lips. As I used my tongue to lap up what I could another shot hit my cheek. “Yeah, drink it all down slut!” I loved the taste of cum and was only too happy to swallow what I could. He was still tugging his root but the force of the shots wasn’t as great and as he faded the final ropes of his thick cream landed on my neck and tits. His salty slime running over the curves of my breasts, soaking my bikini top. He collapsed backwards onto the wicker chair with his long, limp cock now hanging between his outstretched legs. “Fucking hell girl! You’ve sucked some cock in the past!” He panted.

“I’m not done with you yet!” I smiled as I ran my fingers over my bikini top, rubbing his jizz into the fabric. The dampness caused my hardening nipples to become visible as I got more and more turned on.

“I hope not!” He laughed, “I’m gonna fuck that sweet cunt o’ yours once I’m back to attention!”

“Well, let’s see if we can’t speed that up!” Of course it wasn’t going to take long, I’m Mariah Carey and I can get men hard in an instant! I clambered off the bed, got on my hands and knees and crawled slowly towards him. A few beads of cum dripped off my chin and tits as I prowled in his direction. “You’re gonna stick that monster inside me and fuck me till I pass out.” I purred seductively, “I’m gonna drink all that sweet goo you’ve got boiling in those big nuts of yours.” When I reached him, he’d sat up and was playing with his flaccid dick. I sat on my knees and placed both hands around his cock, which was now at my chest height. I looked deep into his eyes and guided his meaty prick under the fabric of my bikini between my cleavage. His impressive tool was still glossy from the blowjob minutes earlier so slid in between my tits easily; he cottoned on to what I was doing and shifted his body to accommodate me. I could feel it getting stiff already and pushed my tits together around it to create a tight seal. Slowly, I started to move my torso up and down, relishing the feel of his slick shaft through the valley of my wondrous orbs.

“Oh yeah Mariah!” He groaned in disbelief; I was acting out fantasies that he’d never have dreamed possible. I looked down briefly and saw the head and first few inches of his cock poking out from the top of my breasts before plunging back in.

“Yeah baby! Fuck my tits!” I sniggered, increasing the pace of my movement to a rapid speed. He reached around my back and undid the knot tying my bikini. The thin scrap of green fabric fell down and hung over the base of his dick. It was quite an amusing sight; he looked down and laughed but made no attempt to remove it. I didn’t miss a beat and continued to stroke his shaft with my now naked breasts.

“Oh god Mariah! I’m gonna cum again!” This wasn’t what I wanted! I was just trying to get him hard! I stopped angrily but it was too late. He grabbed his dick and started wiping it in my face as it spasmed to life. His warm, buttery mucus leaked onto my face. “Oh Fuck YES!!” He shouted. I tried to pull away but with his free hand he gripped the back of my head and forced me lick his cockhead clean. Another couple of loads of creamy nutbutter oozed onto my lips. I was still pissed at him for cumming so quickly but I couldn’t resist lapping up his milky discharge. He collapsed back in the chair and left me on my knees with a face coated in jizz. He looked at my frown and just smiled sheepishly, “Sorry baby, but I mean, you’re Mariah fucking Carey!! What d’ya expect?” Before I could respond:

“ATCHOO!” I swung my head towards the entrance. Stood there enjoying the show were two more soldiers wearing their fatigues and sporting very visible bulges in their pants, one of whom was my driver from earlier. The other was another stereotypical GI. Big, muscular and blonde, perfect for a good, hard fucking! Guiltily, they both entered and stood in the doorway.

“What the fuck do you want?” I asked angrily. I must have looked quite a sight; wearing nothing but the bottom half of my bikini, my face caked in drying sperm and a 10inch cock dangling just in front of me.

“You said we could have some fun later.” Appealed my driver. “My friend here didn’t believe me so he tagged along!” The ‘friend’ gave me a sheepish little wave.

“Bit presumptuous, little boy!” I grinned devilishly but already an idea was forming in my mind. I’d had two guys today who got a little over-excited a little too quickly. Perhaps the three of them together could satisfy me?


Ok folks, that’s the first two parts of this story. I’ve got another two parts virtually finished but they little a little revising and it may be some time before I actually get them out. I hope you all enjoy this though, suffice to say Mariah’s adventure is only just beginning, there’s plenty more to come.


Authors note:

Yes, I know Mariah entertained the troops in Serbia rather than in the Gulf but I think it’s just a little hotter in the Middle East and I really wanted to have her tip water over herself. I also know that it’s Robinson Crusoe, not Robin but I’m trying to make Mariah look like a semi-loony, bimbo slut. Ignoring little technicalities, any comments (good or bad) are appreciated.

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