Golden Child

Golden Child

     Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy

     Never let your mother plan your party. Even if she is a movie star.
     Kate Hudson definitely thought that was a lesson to be learned. Sure it was great to have
Goldie Hawn as a mom. Kind, loving, had an Oscar to play with and provided her with a lot in
life. She’d helped Kate get her start with acting and let her know how Hollywood really worked.
And it had paid off. "Almost Famous" may not have been the big box office hit Kate hoped it
would be but it did have critics
going nuts and hailing her performance as arguably the film’s best.
She had already won a Golden Globe and was now the favorite in the Best Supporting Actress
Oscar race. So, Goldie had decided her daughter deserved a big celebration party and Kate had
agreed, expecting the usual Hollywood affair.
     What she didn’t expect was that her mother would suddenly go into a "Laugh-In"
flashback and deck the party out in 1960’s 70’s decor. Evidentially, Goldie thought it would be
nice to echo the 70’s era of the film, albeit with a touch of the 60’s as well and had gone all out.
Guests were encouraged to come in 60’s wear and just have a great time. Kate was embarrassed
by her mother’s plan but thought what the hell and decided to go with it.
     She had to admit, her mother had gone all out for this. The house carried everything you’d
expect for a party of that era, day-glo drapes and decorations, lava lamps, disco balls and more.
The guests were really into the spirit, peace symbols, loose dresses, tie-dyed shirts all the rage.
Goldie herself was definitely back in the spirit of it, her blond hair hung with some braids, wearing
a loose two-piece outfit and, just for the hell of it, she’d even written some "peace now" stuff on
her exposed belly. She may not have been quite as young as she once was, but she was still a
     Kate was a little more subdued than her mother, but she had definitely inherited her
beauty. She wore a long day-glo dress, a headband holding up her long blond hair, a pair of
colored glasses on her face. She made her way through the hubbub of the party, trying to balance
her drink. She paused to talk to a few of her mom’s old friends, relating past times and more.
     Across the room, Goldie smiled as she saw her daughter. God, she was so proud of her.
Rising star, head on straight and she may soon repeat Goldie’s Oscar-winning accomplishment. It
was enough to make all the shit of Hollywood worth it.
     "Very nice party, Goldie." Hawn turned to see a man standing before her. He was truly
dressed for the party, long dark hair and beard, tie-dyed clothing with ripped jeans and a nice
smile. He nodded towards Kate. "Your daughter’s nice. I really liked her film."
     "Thanks," Goldie smiled. "I’ll let her know you said that."
     "Actually, I was hoping you’d introduce us," the man smiled. "My golden girl."
     Instantly, Goldie’s features drooped, her eyes glazing over as she stared blankly at the
party without seeing it. Sheldon smiled, glad to see that the old post-hypnotic trigger still worked

after all these years. Goldie had no memories of it, but she had been having an affair with this
man, off and on, since the late ’70’s, the man having his way with the star and sending her back to
her life without any idea of what had happened.
     "Goldie, listen to me carefully….." Sheldon said, whispering instructions into his long-time
slave’s ear……

     "Kate, could you come with me please?" Kate broke off her conversation with a studio
director and went with Goldie to the small guest room with a single bed and desk inside. Inside
was simply Goldie and Sheldon who smiled.
     "Kate, this is Sheldon. He helped design stuff for the party," Goldie explained. "He
wanted to show you something I really think you’ll like."
     "Well, okay," Kate shrugged. She loved her mother but sometimes the woman could get a
little overeager on stuff. Still, what was the harm in at least checking it out, right? "So, what is
this thing?"
     "Well, I think you’ll like it," Sheldon said. "Here." He pointed to the wall, where there
hung an odd retro design thing. It looked like one of those Magic Eye type displays people
showed, the kind with a hidden message but as hard as Kate looked, she didn’t see anything.
"Here, it helps with these," Sheldon said, handing Kate what appeared to be a pair of 3-D glasses.
"Put these on and it’ll all be clear."
     Shrugging, Kate slid the glasses on and looked over at the display. "You really have to
look at it to see it work, Kate," Sheldon explained as he backed up towards Goldie. Kate was
looking intently at the display so she didn’t see Sheldon whisper into Goldie’s hear, instantly
putting her under again. Katie was too caught up in how the display seemed to be moving about,
the patterns flowing in nice, even waves, each wave seeming to have a flash of words but they
vanished from her eyesight. But not her subconious mind.
     Sheldon nodded as he saw the display once again do its job. It had been tricky to create in
the 70’s but the boosts in technology since had helped him make it even more effective. The
glasses sent out a tiny signal that made it seem like the displays were moving, the waves relaxing
enough but words flashed in between them, two fast to register to Kate but still seeping into her
mind. Words like "obey," "sleep," "obey," "love Sheldon," "obey."
     Sheldon tore his eyes away from Kate falling under to turn to the hypnotized Goldie. As
much as a mother-daughter encounter would be awesome, Goldie would be missed at the party.
With her back down there, giving excuses as to where Kate was, things would work out nicely.
"Just go down and tell everyone what I’ve told you," Sheldon said. "And make sure no one
comes back up here."
     "Yes, Sheldon," Goldie said softly, turning and walking out. Sheldon admired that nice
ass, thinking about having it again. Maybe later. He watched the door shut, knowing Goldie
would wake up knowing nothing of what had happened or what was happening. Sheldon walked
over and locked the door before looking over towards Kate.
     Kate was swaying in place, her eyes drooping beneath her glasses. "Sleep," "obey," "love
Sheldon," fully registering to her now, the waves continuing to wash in patterns before her eyes.

It had taken Goldie several minutes to fall under back in ’76. With the advances Sheldon had
made, Kate was nearly totally under after only four. Kate watched the patterns move around and
about, the messages taking their toll on her mind, driving her further and further into a trance-like
state. Finally, Kate’s head slumped forward, letting Sheldon know she was under.
     He moved forward, reaching and pulling off her glasses, seeing her closed eyes behind
them. He smiled and stared at her. "Can you hear me, Kate?"
     "Yes, Sheldon," she whispered.
     "Do you love me, Kate."
     "Yes. I love Sheldon."
     "Will you obey me, Kate?"
     "I will obey you."
     Take off all your clothes and get on the bed," Sheldon commanded. In a flash, Kate’s retro
clothing and modern underwear were on the floor and she was lying on the bed inside the room,
legs spread. Victor smiled and walked over to the bed, naked, crawling onto it. He kissed Kate
deeply and she answered back, pushing her tongue into his mouth as he ran his hands over her. He
pushed his cock into her pussy and began pumping, sliding it in and out of her tight passage. Kate
moaned as he felt him go at her, kissing him again as his hands moved down to squeeze her pert
breasts, pinching the tight nipples as he slid his rod in and out of her. Kate moaned as she felt
Sheldon go at her, shoving his cock as far into her as he possibly could, trying to drive the young
woman to orgasm. Kate moaned as Sheldon’s grip on her tits increased, then cried out as she felt
herself come as he blasted his wad into her, her body shaking under him.
     Sheldon pulled himself out of Kate and moved his cock to her face. "Suck me, Kate," he
commanded and Kate instantly obeyed, taking his rod into her mouth and running her mouth up
and down the shaft, tickling the balls with her finger as she took him in. Sheldon moaned as he felt
the young actress suck him off, totally obedient to him now, her tongue lapping at the tip of his
penis as she took him all the way in her mouth, loving the taste of him under her lips. Before he
knew it, he was hard again, making it all the easier for Kate’s lips to run up and down his shaft.
He moaned, massaging one pert breast as she sucked him off, then squeezed it hard as he felt
himself let loose, blasting his wad into her throat.
     He took her once more, then decided enough was enough and Kate had to go back. He
had her redress and stood before her. "When you leave, you will wake up and not remember
anything that has happened here. Now, if you ever hear me say the words ‘daughter of gold,’ you
will once again fall into this trance and obey me. Go."
     As Kate left, Sheldon hummed to himself, picking the display off the wall and folding it
up. He glanced at his watch and smiled. He figured he had time for a quickie with Goldie before
leaving. Now that he had both women under his control, he was in for some fun. Maybe if Kate
won the Oscar, he would enjoy a mother-daughter coupling that would truly be a ‘golden’

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