Good Neighbour

Good Neighbour by:

Kate Keltie plays Michelle Scully in the TV soap Neighbours.

I looked up and down the hall to make sure that there was no-one watching.

With the keycard I had stolen from the housemaid, I quickly unlocked the

door and slipped in without a sound. I closed the door behind me and locked

it again. I breathed a sigh of relief as the corridor outside remained

quiet. I turned to face the dark room I had so skillfully if somewhat

nervously let myself into. The room was dark but lit enough for me to know

it was one of
the more expensive rooms in the hotel and more importantly the

room of the hot young actress who plays Michelle in Neighbours. It had alll

started hours into my first day in Australia…

I had arrived here in Oz after saving up for about three years. I had

always wanted to come here and every Summer, plans were put in place then

soon abandoned due to something coming up or someone pulling out. This year,

I had had enough of waiting so I came over on my own to make my fortune.

Well either that or at least be a poor beach bum in the hot weather. I

always said if you’re gonna be a failure, might as well do it in the warm

weather. So I got in after the 19 hour flight, it was two days later somehow

and I was dog tired. I had miscalculated the time difference and it was

later than I thought when I hit town. I tried to find a room for the night

at the hostels I had already looked at on the net but most were either full

or they didnt take people in after 8pm. The night was closing in and it was

getting dark. I was in a strange city after the longest fucking day of my

life and I had nowhere to sleep. I decided to go way over budget for one

time only and just fork out for a hotel. The girl at reception was not too

pleased with my tired ass appearance and kinda gave me the cold shoulder for

a while. After a bit of persuasion, she realised my money was as good as

anybodies so I got myself holed up on the fourth floor of this place.

So I was way over budget already and I was only there about three hours.

Might as well make the most of it – I loaded up my case with towels and soap

and shit, I didn’t bother unpacking. Get up at about ten and look around

town for alternative accomodation while keeping an eye out for jobs. I

decided to take a stroll down to the reception to get a wake up call sorted.

That snobby bitch flashed a fake smile at me and wrote down my wake up time.

Just as I was turning the keycard in my door, I heard some girls voices

further down the corridor. It was three girls walking in my direction. I

stood in my doorway and looked as they passed by my room. One girl was a

tall brunette wearing tight jeans and a pink top. The next was your classic

blonde bimbo – big tits and long legs. The middle one was the one who got my

attention the most though. She was wearing a white mini skirt, showing off

her smooth legs, right up to her thick little thighs. She wore a very tight

matching white top, cut low to reveal her very big breasts. These things

must have been about 32E or some shit. She swung her hips as she floated by,

and I caught a glimpse of her tight little butt cheeks as her tiny skirt

rode up as she walked. She turned her head as she was entering her room,

which was only a few doors down from me on the opposite side. Her two

friends walked on and down the stairs at the end of the corridor. She caught

my eye and winked before smiling and closing the door behind her. It was

then that I recognised her – Kate Keltie! She played the so fucking sexy

Michelle Scully on Neighbours. Michelle was a sexy little schoolgirl who the

producers of the show saw no problem with squeezing her busty body into a

little school unifrom. She played up on her whole innocent sexuality thing

in almost every episode.

Fuck me I thought as I got into bed. This must be pretty close to where

they film Neighbours. I lay in bed and started to think of all the times I

whacked off looking at her in that little uniform or slutting around Ramsey

Street. Just as I thought about her I heard a crash outside the room. I

jumped out of my bed and concealed my now growing erection. I opened my door

to see what had caused the commotion. I saw the maid bending down on the

ground to pick up her cart. I helped her to pick it up and all of her keys

on the gorund. I spied the maid’s tight white thong riding up her little ass

as she bent down to pick up the last of the keys. She smiled at me slyly as

she stood up again. I chatted with the maid about how she must get to see

some wild stuff in her job. She told me how she often walked in on people

getting it on and how she had to clean up all sorts of messes. I was

chatting her up about a minute or two when Kate Keltie’s bedroom door opened

and out she walked, smiling at me as she passed by. “Mr. Smooth” I heard her

whisper, under her breath. I looked back over my shoulder at her but her

head didnt turn and she disappeared out of sight around the corner. I turned

back to the maid who was not at all impressed. “Slut” she barked as she gave

me the old dagger eyes and moved on down the corridor in the opposite

direction. I turned to go back into my room when something on the floor

caught my eye. It was a keycard which we had missed on the ground. Oh shit,

it was the young Michelle Scully’s room. Well, what would you do?

So I ducked inside her room and closed the door behind me. I breathed in a

long deep breath and turned on the light. Wow – Kete Keltie’s room. I looked

across the room, her bed was unmade and her clothes on the floor with a

towel. Oh fuck – her knickers, on the floor. I moved over to them and

kneeled down beside them. I picked up the flimsy blue underwear and felt it

between my fingers. The thong was a lacy material, very transparent,

especially around the crotch. The strings either side were silky and smooth.

I sniffed Kate Keltie’s little knickers – fucking hell – They smelled so

good. I put them in my pocket, knowing they would be the ultimate wanking

accessory. Imagine – Kete Keltie’s little panties. I went through her

drawers in her wardrobe. Little skirts, hot pants and the smallest little

tops I had ever seen. For a girl with such big breasts she really loved

making the most of them – who am I to argue with perfection? I looked

through her bras – she was 32E all right. Lacy bras mostly, big but still

sexy, almost all of them lacy almost see through numbers. I found her

underwear drawer and looked through Kate’s panties. A good mix of tight

panties and the sexiest little thongs and g-strings you’ve ever seen. I took

some of the sexiest ones and put them in my pocket. I was shocked out of my

hard on by a keycard in the door and a turning handle. I froze, stuck to the

spot. In walked Kate Keltie, to see me kneeling beside her underwear drawer,

her panties in my hands. Oh fuck.

“What the fuck are you doing you little perv?” she screamed. I panicked and

threw her panties to the floor. I moved over towards her, confused as to

what to do. She bolted for the door and I moved to block her. I grabbed her

arm to stop her from getting out. “Get off me, you freak. What the fuck are

you doing?” I pushed her shoulders against the wall and she started to

scream for help. I clasped my hand over her mouth to stop her screaming but

still she continued. The screams were so loud, I had to shut her up. My hand

made a fist and I punched her – full force in the face. She dropped to the

ground, in silence. She was seriously dazed and she seemed to be struggling

to talk. “Listen up, you little bitch – I’m gonna leave now and you’re not

gonna tell anyone what happened here” Kate looked up at me “Room 316″ she

whispered. That was my fucking room! What did you say?” “Room 316” Oh fuck

this – My heart started to pound. What was I gonna do? I had checked in

under my real name – I didnt know any of this was gonna happen! Just as I

was thinking about what to do, Kate bolted for the phone. I grabbed a hold

of her mid flight and threw her to the bed. She tried to get up so I climbed

onto the bed and pinned her down by her shoulders. “Please dont – I beg you.

I’ll give you anything you want – I can give you money” I was still a little

shocked, I didnt want money, I just wanted to check out Kate Keltie’s

underwear drawer and now I had her pinned to her bed offering me money! Just

as I was thinking of a way out of all this, she started to scream – “STOP

IT” I shouted but still she continued. I cupped my hand over her mouth but

still the sound escaped. I pushed her head further into her pillow till the

sound stopped. I let go of her and she gasped for air. I got a feeling of

absolute power – here she was, this beautiful young girl lying under me

helpless. The feeling was good and I wanted more of it. I guess Kate saw the

change in my eyes because now she looked much more scared than angry.

“Listen up, you little tease – If you scream again I am gonna cut up that

pretty little face of yours so bad. Think about it – No-one is gonna want to

watch little Michelle Scully when she is mutilated so just lie back and take

what I give you”. She nodded slightly in compliance. This was gonna be


I lifted Kate’s little white mini skirt up to her hips. Her panties were

silky white, so tight that I could see the lips of her pussy through them. I

slid them down her thick thighs to her knees. Her pussy was nicely trimmed,

not totally waxed but just nicely kept. I slipped a finger inside her and

she wimpered. I could feel her pussy tighten as I played with it. She was

trying to push my finger out. I lifted her top over her breasts – they were

as magnificent as I had imagined they would be. Even though she was lying on

her back, they remained so perfectly shaped. Firm to the touch and large

erect nipples – two perfect round globes. I could hear her soft whimpering

as I slowly ran my hands over her breasts. She drew sharp intakes of breath

each time I ran a finger over one of her now very erect nipples. I lay on

top of her, pushing her down into the bed. She turned her head to one side

to avoid my kiss. I roughly grabbed her by the hair and turned her face to

mine. I pressed my lips against hers and forced my tongue into her. “Please

dont” she whispered, holding back her tears “Dont rape me, please”. This

just turned me on please to hear her beg for her innocence. I pushed my hips

against hers, so she could feel my hard penis pushing against her soft

pussy. “No, no please – Leave me alone!” she began to get hysterical and

squirm but I had her pushed hard against the bed. I zipped down my fly and

took my cock out through my boxers. As she felt the head of my cock touch

her perfect little pussy she began to scream louder. I clasped one hand over

her pretty little lips. With the other I slipped two fingers into her pussy

to open it up for my cock. I slipped it into her, and inch of my head at

first. I could feel her screams in the palm of my hand which covered her

face to the point that all I could see of her was her big green eyes, almost

as if they were pleading with me to stop the violation.

I pushed my cock further into Kate’s pussy and felt her wet lips close

around my shaft. I felt her bare her teeth against my hand which was clasped

even tighter over her mouth. I slid in an inch at a time until I had well

and truly filled her sweet little pussy. I continued to fondle her perfect

breasts with my free hand, rubbing her nipples between my fingers. I began

to slide my cock in and out of her. With every stroke, I could feel her try

to groan in pain. I was rubbing her pussy raw as I violated her. I got

faster and faster, pumping away in Kate Keltie’s tight little pussy. I took

my left hand from her beautiful face and grabbed a handful of her tit flesh.

I pulled at them roughly as I rammed my cock into her little hole. By now,

her screams were lower but still so painful. She was using all her strength

trying to tighten her pussy and push me out of her. She began to cry, the

tears streaming down her face as she felt my cock deep inside her young

body. I pulled at her big titties and shook her whole body as I fucked her.

I felt my orgasm building and knew I was about to cum. I guess Kate felt it

too as I could tell she was bracing for me to cum inside her young cunt. She

stopped trying to push me away and gripped the sheets of the bed, twisting

them around her hands. At last her tight little pussy relaxed a little and I

was able to release my orgasm. It was such an intense feeling, shooting my

hot cum deep inside Kate’s little pussy. Her body shook as the wave of

orgasm overcame her and her head shot back in ecstacy. She arched her back

and moaned deeply. I relazed the clasp of my hand over her mouth and

breathed deeply to catch my breath. I popped my cock back out of her tight

little hole and looked into her big eyes. She turned her head to one side,

but not before I spied the tears rolling down her cheeks. As I released her

body under my weight, she curled up into a ball on the bed. She lay there,

sobbing softly, her sheer white panties hanging loosely between her knees.

Her pussy was sticky and wet, with a hint of blood mixed in with our cum. I

slipped a finger into her asshole, to feel how tight she was – by now she

was totally relaxed, as if she no longer had full control of her body. I

played with her ass for a minute or two but she didnt respond at all other

than her soft sobbing and crying. I decided to leave her.

I left Kate Keltie lying there on her bed, her pussy still dripping with my

cum, tears still rolling down her soft cheeks. I closed the door behind me

to the best fuck of my life as I left. I heard nothing since about that

evening and now I am back home and it seems only a distant memory. Kate has

since left the part of Michelle Scully in Neighbours and doesnt seem to be

doing too much at the moment. I still check up on her through the fan sites

and all those pictures of her in her Erinsborough High uniform just serve as

a great memory.

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