Good boy: Still Good


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“Good Boy: Still Good”

by Slider1234

November 5, 2004 – April 22, 2005

This is a continuation of a fantasy about meeting the beautiful and under-appreciated Larisa Oleynik, star of The Secret World of Alex Mack from back in the day, and 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s a story of romance, humor, lust, and erotica.

It’s a story with an actual plot that includes sexual activity. It’s riddled with dirty jokes and humor. It includes MF, FF, MFF, cons, oral, dream, rom, exh, Mmast, Fmast, Fdom, Mdom, inc, voy. Celebrities referenced – Larisa Oleynik, Avril Lavigne.

I highly suggest you read the first part of this series, “Good Boy”, before reading this story. It will really help to explain the events and characters. And it was a pretty kick ass story if I do say so myself.

Happy jacking.


“MOTHER… FUCK!” I yelled out as I tugged on the computer wires tangled behind my desk. I didn’t know what’s more stressful in college, final exams or packing all of your shit up to move out… or finding rufees. (I don’t even know if I spelling that right. THANK YOU MICROSOFT SPELL CHECK!) You’d think date rape drugs would be easy to score. Oh contraire.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lee as he shoved all his clothes into a giant hockey bag. He always brought his clothes and other small belongs to and from the dorm in giant hockey bags. I could understand his reason for doing so. It did save you from carrying a dozen boxes, but the bags must have easily weighed over a hundred pounds. He never stopped to think of that as he packed them as tight as possible. At least it was fun to watch him try to fling it over his shoulder and lose his balance. Silly old Jew.

“Fucking wires. They’re all tangled,” I answered as I gave it one nice hard yank. Even with all the twist ties and careful grouping and placement, they somehow got tangled over the last five months. All while not being touched. So what else is there to do when you’re pissed off, besides have a nice drink? Punch something. That’s what. You know what I’m talking about Gary. The basement wall… the bowling alley ball return. With that, I threw my fist into the desk with extreme prejudice. “Aaahhhh you CUNT.” The beer happened to be too far away, so I had to settle. At least it wasn’t ridiculously hot this year. That would have made the packing experience that much more enjoyable. Just to make it clear, that was sarcasm. Yeah. How are you. If there was anything more annoying to me than packing for a couple hours, and going number two, it was sweating.

I had started to pack up all my belongings for the move home a few hours before I hulked out on my desk. Luckily, Lee and I were getting picked up to go home for the summer at the same time. Wonderful. … … All I need is him throwing his stuff around the room like an idiot when I’m trying to keep everything organized. ‘If he takes any of my porn home by accident I’m gonna flip a shit,’ I thought to myself. Please. In reality, I always keep track of all my porn. There’s no way that could happen.

We continued packing our stuff in silence before he spoke up in a last effort for some roommate bonding. “So when’s Larisa coming back from California?”

“She doesn’t get in until later tonight. I’m going to try to get settled at home as fast as I can so it’s not chaos when I bring her back from the airport.” Larisa and I had decided she would spend the summer in New Jersey with me in my parents’ house. She was going to Sarah Lawrence College in New York in September and we thought it would be good to get her accustomed to the east coast before school. It gave us the opportunity to be together until classes resumed in the fall and it would also be easier to move her in that way.

My parents weren’t too keen on the idea at first. Obviously they weren’t big Nickelodeon fans, or they would have jumped at the opportunity to house the sexy movie star for a few months. After sitting down and talking with them like ahdults, and begging a little, they agreed. After all, they would be in Arizona for some of the summer, getting their newly built winter vacation house decorated and furnished. I begged them not to buy a house in Arizona. It’s way too fucking hot there. I don’t care if it is a dry heat. So is an oven and look what that did for the Jews. ZING! And then there were the deadly spiders, snakes, and mountain lions. At least I’m pretty sure there are mountain lions there. Or a bobcat or some shit. Who needs that crap? I think when God created Arizona he forgot to make grass. And he also forgot to put it a little further away from Mexico. Nevertheless, I had declined every invitation thus far to visit my future inheritance.

“OH, WHAT THE FUCK!” I still couldn’t get the mess of wires untangled. I just decided to throw the clump in a bucket and deal with it later, dust bunnies and all.

“Are you excited about this summer?” he asked me as he threw his shit over pretty much the entire room. Piles of dust flew up… stacks of books and papers tipped over. And then he accepted the award for student with the most common sense. By now, I was so happy to get away from Lee. It’s not that he was a bad guy. We had a lot in common, got along for the most part, all that jazz. The two of us were so tired of each other after one, let alone two years, of being roommates. We just had enough of being trapped together.

“Yeah. I’m looking forward to starting it off by getting yelled at.” It was a tradition for me to get yelled at by my parents at least four times while packing up the minivan for the ride home and during the ride itself. “It starts before I leave. But at least I’ll get to spend time with Larisa. That’s worth it.”

“I still can’t believe you’re dating her. It’s like… who woulda thought? All those years of batching to her…” It took Lee a while to catch on to my vocabulary, my vernacular, my loquacious diction, but he did.

“I know. Now, I’m batching to my girlfriend.” My cell phone rang, interrupting our conversation. All I’m going to say about the ring tone… Europe – Final Countdown. It was my mother. “Yeah… Where are you? Uhhhhhhh. … …FINE. …WHATEVER. …Bye.”

“Didn’t leave yet did she,” he asked as he made an ever bigger mess.

“Of course not. My head would fucking explode if for once, she stayed on schedule.” I make my schedule according to a certain agreed upon time and she never follows it. So as usual, I have to sit there being pissed off and wait for her to arrive… with all my shit already packed up, leaving me with nothing to do. Yeah. How are you.

Luckily, the computer I had been trying to dissemble was the last thing that needed to get packed up. After that was taken care of, I was off to say goodbye to the people on my floor.


After I took a quick piss, I stopped by Val’s room. She wasn’t going home until the next day, due to her exam schedule. “Hey Val,” I said as I knocked on the open door.

“Hey Matt. What’s up?” she asked, looking up from her notebook. Things between Val and I weren’t awkward anymore after Larisa told me she knew about the late night sexual antics that went on when the three of us shared a bed. Without having to worry about getting busted, and knowing of Larisa’s acceptance of the events, there was nothing to make it stressful any longer. There was also the family reunion ordeal.

“Nothing. Just finished packing. I just wanted to say goodbye before I left. You know. Make the rounds,” I said as I sat down on the corner of her bed. Val put down her notebook, giving me her full attention.

“Okay. Well, I’m sure we’ll see each other over the summer. …Larisa and all,” she said. Val would probably come to my house to visit Larisa and I at least once or twice. After all, they were cousins.


“It was quite a year, huh,” she half laughed. She looked as hot as ever as she sat on her bed. It was warmer out now, so all the girls had on their tiny tight t-shirts and short shorts with a word written across the ass. I stared at Val’s amazing body. She sat with her back against the wall, her legs spread apart, her knees slightly bent. Her red booty shorts came down just below her ass, allowing me to gaze at her thighs. Her golden tanned legs were so toned. I already had half a boner from checking her out. Her body was incredibly tight and fit. Had I not known her personally, I would have guessed she was a swimmer. They have amazing bodies. They also have warts and other skin fungi on their feet from not wearing flip-flops. But that comes with the territory. So what are you going to do. I’ll tell you this, I will never get a footjob from anyone in that field of sport.

“I’ll say.” She noticed me leering at her lower half.

“Want a goodbye blowjob?” she said as she moved her hands to her pussy, gently stroking it between her open legs. Her right leg was closest to me, and she rubbed her foot against my thigh as she looked me right in the eyes, rubbing her intimate area. And what a sexy foot it was.

“You. You’re too much,” I joked as I pointed at her. She was killing me! She knew I wanted to fuck her ever since that morning in her room where we kissed, or rather, the night before in my room where she jerked me off as I slept next to Larisa. “Oh yeah Val. SO badly.” God’s honest truth right there. I’d fuck her like I’d fuck the 15-year-old girl that sat in front of me at the Green Day concert. “I think I’m going to have to pass though.” Seriously though. The Green Day girl. She was so incredibly sexy. In retrospect, she could have been twelve, but I’m not choosy. Where the hell was I that I missed these girls when I was younger?

“Well. I’ll consider this a rain check,” she said, acting a little disappointed and yet serious at the same time.

“You do that.” I stood up and turned to her. “Well Val, I’m gonna finish saying bye to everyone.”

“Well… do I get a goodbye hug?” she asked, pouting her lips, making a sad puppy-dog face.

I nodded. “Sure.” She stood up and wrapped her arms around my broad shoulders, clasping her hands together behind my head.

“Have a good summer Matt. I’ll see you soon,” she said warmly as I hugged her back.

“You too Valerie.” She hadn’t let go, but instead held me tighter. I could feel my dick grow inside my pants as I smelled the sweet scent of her hair. ‘That’s a BAD cock. BAD cock!’ I thought. She smelled like a wet flower. Sniffffff. All of a sudden Val jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist, causing me to lose my balance and fall backwards onto her bed. She sat on me, straddling my waist. “Val…”

“Oh come on Matt,” she said as she leaned down to kiss my neck. “You know you want this.” I really, really did. I had wanted to sleep with her since the first day I saw her at school. I knew I couldn’t now because of Larisa. Val pressed her soft warm lips against my neck, gently pushing her tongue past them, licking my skin. I unconsciously ran my hands over her exposed thighs, rubbing them as she seduced me. Her skin felt so soft and smooth as I worked my way high up her legs, just below the bottom of her shorts, my fingers poking underneath the thin fabric. After a few seconds of Valerie kissing and sucking on my neck, and softly moaning, I pushed her away from me.

“Val. We can’t… We can’t do this,” I told her. We couldn’t. …We couldn’t? Right?

“You didn’t seem to mind at the family reunion,” replied Val as she rubbed her body against my erection as I lied pinned on her bed. My hands were still pressed against her upper thighs, my fingers poking further underneath the bottom of her shorts, inching towards her panties. I was at full attention now, my manhood forming a tent in my dark green cargos, rubbing against the thin red material of her shorts.

“Well… Larisa was with us.” She gave me a weird ‘I’m deep in thought’ look.

“So you’re saying it’s all right when we’re all in the same room, but not when we’re alone?”

“…Yes.” Pretty good logic if you ask me. Val didn’t have the air conditioner on high like Lee and I had. This, combined with the sexiness of the situation and her body heat, caused me to start to get warm. It also caused my cock to swell up in thickness and length. Niiice. I had such a wicked chubby.

“Then we’ll see what happens when I come visit you guys this summer,” she said with an incredibly wicked smile. I could definitely gather that there was going to be some sex in the coming months.

“We shall. …So you can get me off any… get off me anytime you want.” I accidentally let my penis do the talking.

“Oh really Matt. I knew you wanted this!” she exclaimed as she leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I brought my left hand up to the side of her head, running it over the hair controlled by her loose ponytail.

“Freudian slip!!” I tried to yell as her tongue slipped into my mouth. I wasn’t even sure if I used it right but it sure sounded good. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop touching her. It was an involuntary reflex.

“Hehe.” She gently placed a final kiss on my lips before getting up off me. I finally stood up in a mighty attempt to thwart any more sexual temptation from this vixen.

“Well… as soon as my dick is soft I’m gonna get goin Val.”

“Haha. Okay.” We both sat there on her bed in silence for a minute or so as my dick shrunk to normal size. As I stood up, Val said, “Bye Matt. I’ll see you soon.”

“You bet,” I responded as I gave her a long final look before turning to leave her room. She leaned back and looked at me seductively, her legs stretched out, one bent at the knee. Val spread her legs open slightly as she sexily smiled, still trying to seduce me. It almost worked. I figured I’d soak up one final vision of her in short shorts to jerk off to. Come on! Who knows when I’ll see her again. Memories fade.

I made my way down the hall saying goodbye to the rest of my fellow floor-mates. As I had left the last room on my farewell tour, my cell phone rang. IT’S THE FIIIINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! I answered and found it was my mother, letting me know she was downstairs. Let the fighting begin. In the words of the referee from MTV’s Celebrity Death Match, Judge Mills Lane, “LET’S GET IT ON!”


Just as I had predicted, there was fighting. God forbid any of my belongings rested on the leather seats of our eight-year-old minivan and scratched the upholstery. Right? This was going to be a long summer. Luckily, getting settled wasn’t as big a problem as it usually was. I learned from the past and decided to bring home my belongings little by little during the last few weeks of school, putting everything in its proper place in my room as it came home. All I really had left at school was my guitar, computer, and some clothes, and a shit load of posters.

“So what time are you picking up that girl at the airport?” my mom asked me as she drove under the speed limit in the far right lane.

“Not for a few hours yet. And her name’s Larisa. I told you this forty times.” She showed so much respect for my soul mate.

“Sorry. I forgot,” she said half sarcastically.

“Yeah. Well maybe she’ll forget to buy you a house for your anniversary.” Not that Larisa would. And they had just bought a house. I could tell my mom wasn’t thrilled about having a stranger live in her house, and fuck her son in every room. =] I can understand her hesitation, being Larisa hadn’t met her, my dad, or my sister yet, but come on. Gimme a break. “Hey. Did you hear?”

“Hear what?”

“They opened up lanes one, two, and three. So, feel free to change it up a little,” I said sarcastically, trying to get her out of the slow lane.

“You better watch it. Why don’t you drive home then,” she asked angrily. My mom always pulled this. “Don’t start. And I want you to dust everything off with a damp rag before you put it away. I don’t need your dust all over the clean house. I don’t care.”

“Yeah, well… We’ll see how much time I have to do that before I head to the airport.”

“Don’t you start with me! Or this is going to be a long summer!” I’m getting pissed off just writing this right now… because this is exactly how it goes.

“Hey ma. How’s it feel?”

“How’s what feel?”

“Knowing this is why I drink.” Her nagging about the most retarded things pissed me off beyond belief. The only responses I had were sarcastic. No wonder my blood pressure was bordering on hypertension. Seriously Gary, anger management this winter break. Me and you.

“JERK.” This was one of her normal names for me. Such a loving relationship. No. In all seriousness, our relationship wasn’t that bad. I’m just up-playing it for comedic reasons. I’m not saying that we aren’t sarcastic and standoffish… but maybe it’s coming across too harsh.

After about an hour-long drive, we finally got back home. It was nice. The trees were covered in leaves, the grass slightly long. It reminded me of my childhood. When you’re around a nice neighborhood like mine all the time when you’re little, you don’t appreciate the beauty of it. It’s a lot nicer than seeing a street filled with minorities and homeless people for weeks at a time. …As I get all serious and deep for a second…

I carried my boxes up to my room to finish putting my stuff in its proper place and “dusting it off”. Insert loud farting noise. I couldn’t wait to see Larisa again… to hold her. I missed her so much since she went back to California a few months before. Even though we talked everyday, I yearned to hold her, to feel her soft body against mine, to stare into her loving brown eyes. I missed the comfort and love I felt in her arms. I missed the way she laughed, the way she smelled, the way she tied me up and gave me a foot job. I thought of her the entire time I unpacked, staring impatiently at the clock until it was time to pick her up at the airport.


“Ma!” I yelled for her on my way out the door to go to the airport because I forgot my CD holder. “Can you get my CD holder for the car? I have my shoes on. It’s on my dresser.” Yeah… I could take my shoes off and get it myself. Your point?

The thing about my car’s CD player was that there was no CD slot in the dashboard. There was a holder for a six CD cartridge in the trunk. It was sort of a pain in the ass to have to take it out to switch discs. That’s why I spent 2 months driving around with the following CDs – a Metallica bootleg you couldn’t even understand due to shitty quality, Oasis, Presidents of the United States of America, and two Tantric albums. I put the cartridge into the CD player. I had selected some Metallica and Avril Lavigne CDs for the ride. After all, I was going to need something relaxing for when I got stuck in airport traffic and/or got lost. Most likely “and”.

After about a half hour minute ride, I was at the airport. Being the clueless bastard I am, I probably parked in the furthest lot from her gate, but I’m getting experience and that’s what counts. I never had to do the airport pickup before. I’ve done the drop off, but never the pickup. I left myself enough time to wander around the airport looking for her terminal. Surprisingly, I found my way to her arrival spot easily and had to wait about fifteen minutes for her plane to land. The airport wasn’t too crowded. It wasn’t empty, but wasn’t filled with a mob of passengers. I decided to peruse the nearby gift shop and bought a guitar magazine and a Snickers bar because really… why wait?

I saw the plane pull up to the connecting tunnel, and a few minutes later, people exited the aircraft. When Larisa walked out of the terminal, I realized I had forgotten just how breathtakingly beautiful she was. She wore a pair of faded low-cut jeans and a cute little collared baby blue top. Her dirty blonde hair had gotten longer since the last time I saw her, now laying a bit past her shoulders. Think Alex Mack… but with breasts, so think circa season four. That’s where puberty hit her… hard. She looked around for me, carrying her backpack on her shoulder. As I saw her, a flood of happy and comforting memories filled my loins… and my head. I remembered how good I felt around her and how she had a way of making all my problems instantly fade away. Finally, she saw me through the crowd of departing passengers and her face lit up like the cafeteria at my college last month. The top floor of the place erupted in flames with the fire of a thousand suns. I couldn’t help but smile like a giddy retard, whose chicken nugget kids meal had finally been delivered by the Friendly’s waitress. Her smile… Man.

Larisa ran towards me in what seemed like slow motion, just like a movie. It was kind of like that scene in the movie Lady Bugs where Jonathan Brandis and the girl in the ladybug-colored bikini were running towards each other, but not as gay… and I wasn’t running. She got to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders as I held onto her and picked her up off the ground, spinning her around in a circle. Her hair smelled like tropical fruit, gently resting against my face as I cradled her close to me. She leaned back and looked into my eyes with her amazing, comforting, big brown ones. “Maaaatttyyyyy!” She leaned in to kiss me. I was immediately brought back into Heaven as her lips made contact with mine. I wish I could bottle this amazing feeling for a crappy day. The two of us shared a soft and romantic kiss in the airport terminal, just like a TV show, for about a minute.

As the kiss ended we looked back into each other’s eyes. “I missed you soooo much Larisa. It feels so good to have you near me again.”

“Aww. Matty,” she said as she stroked the side of my face with her hand. She looked deep into my eyes as a smile formed, ear-to-ear. “I missed you too love. So much.” I slid my arms around her again, pulling her close to me. We were getting friendly looks from the other people around us, staring at the two lovebirds finally reunited. After a nice long hug we let go and walked to go get her luggage, hand in hand. I also carried her backpack because I’m good like that.

“I got you flowers, but they’re in the car. I thought they’d be just another thing to carry back, and with the luggage and all…” I said as we made our way to get her suitcases.

“That was sweet of you, and so logical,” she laughed as she squeezed my hand and nudged her shoulder against mine.

“So, how was your flight,” I asked as we waited for her luggage to appear at baggage claim.

“It was long. It sucks when you’re not flying with a friend.” I assumed she was referring to the flight she took here with her friend Michelle over a year ago. I’m sure they talked and tussled each other to pass the time.

“Yeah. Well at least they showed a movie right?” I asked as I held her from behind, my arms wrapped around her waist. She held them in her hands as I watched for her bags among the others that appeared on the belt… not that I knew what hers looked like.

“Yeah. They showed 10 Things I Hate About You.”

“Hahahahaha. Oh that sucks Rissy.” That was so friggen funny. I rested my chin on her shoulders and tightened my arms around her waist to comfort her from the pain of the in-flight movie. It felt so good to feel her against my body. I felt… whole.

“It’s not even that I saw it too many times. I was IN the movie,” she laughed.

“Aww.” I kissed her on the back/side of her head.

“…I HATE that kid,” I whispered, thinking out loud. I was referring to that little bastard Tommy from 3rd Rock that got to make out with her in the film.

“I know dear,” she said as she playfully sighed. “God, I hate flying. I’m getting better though.” Larisa was scared of flying, especially when she didn’t have a friend with her to calm her down. She always opted for a seat in the isle so she wouldn’t have to look out the window.

“You know, I used to be afraid of flying.”

“Really?” she asked. “I didn’t know that. How’d you get better at it?”

“Well I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a little TV show by the name of… Lost… but that goes to show you that even when the plane’s missing the nose AND the tail, at least forty-five people can survive. And now… it’s a breeze for me.”

“Love… I don’t think that’s going to make me feel better.” Well, I tried. “So, when’s the last time Val hit on you?” Larisa asked in a, ‘it’s a common occurrence’ way.

“Today.” Larisa just laughed as she involuntarily tightened her grip on my arms as they surrounded her. I guessed she probably felt a bit threatened. “I went to her room to say goodbye and she jumped me.” I wanted to be honest with her. There was no reason to hide it.

“God that girl’s such a whore,” she said in a sweet joking way of course. “She needs a boyfriend of her own. I wonder if it was a bad idea to share her with you that one time.”

“You mean twice?” I asked, correcting her.

“Yeah. True. That night in bed.”

“I was referring to the other time, but whatever. I don’t think it was a bad idea. It was awful nice of you to let her get some from me.”

“Haha. I bet you don’t stud.” I mean, hey, Val was digging me in a big, big way and Larisa let her play with me… twice. That’s nice of her. Nothing shows the love between two people like sharing a cousin, or like two cousins sharing a guy. “There are my bags,” she said, nodding at the matching triplets that were coming out of the small dark room.

“Okay.” I stepped forward to grab them and mother fuck were they heavy. Fucking girls always bringing suitcases full of bricks. There were two large ones and a smaller one. I put the strap of the smaller one across my shoulder and went for the other two, grasping one in each hand. Of course there were no colored folk pushing a group of carts for wheeling the luggage around. Oh come on. They’re usually good-natured Negroes… as Brad says. God forbid she bought ones with wheels either. ‘This shit is heavy as fuck,’ I thought. I’d tip in the form of a handjob if one showed up right about now.

“I’ll take one of them,” said Larisa, reaching for one.

“Oh no you won’t. I’m the man here,” I grunted as I heaved them up off the ground.

“But they’re really heavy Matt.” Pssh.

“Hey. I wear shorts in the winter. Do you know why?” I asked her.

“Because you’re hardcore?” she said, not really asking, but reiterating. I had told her this many times before.

“You’re damn right. Hun, I think I can handle three suitcases.” So this year I’ve worn shorts from the day school began until the end of the first semester, December 23rd. We made it about two hundred feet before I almost collapsed like Jesus carrying the cross… the item that MADE his career, by the way. “…Just gotta rest the hands.” I wiggled my fingers around like the bassist from Tantric, trying to loosen them up… get the blood flowing. God there are so many inside jokes in this story that only one person would get. Sorry. Haha. I was this close to getting a hernia (spreads thumb and pointer finger less than an inch apart).

“Look. One of those carts,” said Larisa as she quickly walked over to get it. She was the only person that had suitcases without wheels. I was surprised they weren’t bright red hard shell suitcases from the 70’s to be perfectly honest.

‘Thank God,’ I thought to myself, ecstatic with joy and relief. I threw her bags onto it and we made our way to the parking lot, where we saw a guy that couldn’t have looked more like a shoe bomber unless he had “shoe bomber” written on his forehead. I didn’t make eye contact with him and I sped up, not wanting to draw attention to us.


“That one over there,” I said as I pointed to the car a few spaces down.

“A Volvo… Sexy.”

“Ahem. It’s the Vulva. And it’s the best car ever.” I unlocked it using my clicker and I made the OOO EHH OOO locking noise. “You better be nice. This car’s gonna take you around all summer.”

“Leather seats… Six CD changer. Nice,” said Larisa as she looked around the luxury vehicle. I love my car. It’s a 1995 Volvo something. I know shit about cars. It’s nice and broken in. “Matt, I’m so excited about this summer.”

“I know. It’s going to be so awesome. We’ll get to spend a lot of time together. I’m going back to my old job. Still not getting a whole lot of hours or pay.” Barely part time hours and I was making $6.50. How are you. “Just enough to take you out and spoil you a bit.” Spoil her at the dollar menu.

“Haha. I may look for a job too. Of course it’ll have to be something close by because I don’t have a car.” She took my hand and held it in hers as I drove back to my house. “I’m so happy to see you again love. I couldn’t wait to be with you again,” she said as she lifted my hand to her mouth, kissing it.

“I know Larisa. I missed having you around so much. I thought about you all the time.” I took her hand and kissed it, reciprocating the same gesture. “This is going to be the best summer ever.” She flashed me one of those amazing million dollar smiles she had. Her happiness looked so pure. That made me feel even better. I could see how much she loved me from how she looked at me, and also by how she kissed me. There was so much tender love and passion in her kisses. I never felt anything like that with my other girlfriends.

“This last week took FOREVER. It seemed like a month. All I wanted to do was get on that plane.”

“Aww. Hun. The last week flew for me. Well I guess that was because of exams,” I joked.

“How’d you do on your last one?” asked Larisa. “I didn’t get to talk to you after it.”

“Uh… it was okay. I had to BS one of the essays, but I think I got at least a B. Maybe a B+.”

“Well that’s good.” She hesitated for a moment, looking down at her hands, twiddling her fingers.

“What is it?” I asked, focusing my eyes back on the road. I knew her signs of nervousness.

“I’m nervous about meeting your family, actually. I hope they like me,” she confessed.

“Aww, Riss. They’re going to love you. You’ll probably get along really well with my sister actually.”

“Why’s that Matt?” she asked as a small look of relief crept across her face.

“I don’t know. Just trying to make you feel better.” She playfully punched me in the arm.

“Oh thanks,” she laughed, brushing the hair out of her face, pushing it off to the side. “That helps a lot!”

“No. But my sister used to watch Alex Mack. …She was more of a Clarissa fan, but I’m sure she’ll still love you.”

“Haha. I hope so. Aren’t they all going to Arizona?” she asked me, talking over the low background noise of the air conditioner and music.

“Yeah. In a week or so I think. I’m not really sure. They want to get the house up and running. Buy some furniture and stuff. We’ll end up having this house to ourselves for a few weeks.”

“Haha. It’ll be like we’re married,” she joked.

“Yeah. A dream come true.” I hope we would still have a sex life in this fake marriage or I will divorce her ass in a heartbeat. …Then bang her constantly.

“A dream love?” She squeezed my hand and grinned at me.

“Well… I have dreams about us getting married. But I also have dreams that you stop hogging the covers.”

“That’s not even a dream-dream. That’s a goal-dream!” she yelled back in shock and playful disgust. Her eyes were opened wide, as well as her mouth. She looked as if she wanted to laugh.

“Yeah. Well… unlucky for me, all dreams don’t come true. So…”

“Pssh…” She pushed my arm in retaliation as she began to smile. “…Well speaking of special events. Someone has a birthday coming up,” said Larisa. I had forgotten that my birthday was actually coming up in a week and a half. “So when were you going to remind me?” she asked.

“I wasn’t,” I answered, keeping my eyes on the road.

“How come?? You’re turning 21. That’s a big milestone.” I didn’t like to make a big deal about my birthdays. No one in my family really celebrated or made a big deal about them since me and my sister were little. I haven’t gotten excited about them since I was like twelve years old. It’s just like Christmas. When you get to a certain age, or when there aren’t any little kids around, it doesn’t seem as big a deal anymore. I could even forget about my own.

“I just don’t like to make a big deal. That’s all.” Larisa got quiet for a second, a slight expression of shock and confusion viewable on her face.

“Oh… So what do you want for your birthday?” asked Larisa as she looked at me.

“I just want to have a couple drinks, play some guitar, and spend a lot of time holding you. That’s more than enough,” I said, my eyes looking towards her then focusing back on the road. After all, I did play better drunk. I’m being serious. I have the audiotapes. It’s like… I stop concentrating on playing it perfectly and play more by feeling and vibe. It sounds better.

“Oh. Well I already got you something. I was debating on calling it an early birthday present…”

“Oh yeah?” I replied. “What is it?” I may not get excited about my birthdays, but I can still get excited about receiving presents.

“Matty. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

“Oh come on Riss. You CAN’T say I got you something and then not tell me. That’s cruel. Haha.” I was very curious and pretty excited. She’s not a normal girlfriend, so I assumed it wouldn’t be a normal run-of-the-mill present.

“Haha. I suppose. …I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you.” Porn! A hooker! A Gibson Les Paul guitar! …Porn! “I got us tickets to see Avril Lavigne.”

… … …STILL GOOD! STILL GOOD! “Whoaa. Really??”

“Mmmhmm,” said Larisa. She felt relieved at my enthusiasm. “I know you’re really digging her at the moment and I thought it would be a nice present.”

Of course I dug her. I dug her in a big, big way. What guy wouldn’t want to have sex with a hot little punk rock chick? She was the type of girl I fantasized about, with the black nail polish, the dark eye makeup, and the punk/goth clothes. I’m not so crazy about the tie, but they can’t all be fuckin winners right? She had an amazing little ass. She was so hot. I mean, the music was pretty good too. “Riss. You’re the best. Thank you so much. That’s so awesome.” I leaned in to kiss her, keeping one eye on the road.

“You’re welcome Matt. I’m glad you’re excited. I was hoping you didn’t already have tickets.”

“No. I actually forgot she was touring.” And I didn’t think any of my metal head friends would wanna go to an Avril concert. “So where are our seats, anyways?” I asked my girlfriend.

“Front row. And backstage.”

“You got me backstage passes… to Avril Lavigne?!” I was going to beat off like CRAZY after meeting this little star!!! Like you wouldn’t. I was already on my way to a boner just thinking about her.

“Yeah. My manager knows some people. He was able to get them for us,” Larisa explained. “He said she’s really nice in person, despite what everyone says.”

“Oh… Larisa. Thank you so much. This is going to be the best birthday I’ve had in a long time. Thank you soooo much.” It was a really awesome present… from an awesome girl.

“Don’t worry about it. I love you and wanted to give you something special. …And since I couldn’t give you my cherry. Well… You know… I had to make it up to you.”

“…That’s good. I like it. Someone’s been practicing their jokes,” I laughed.

“I’m glad it shows,” she responded in a good-natured cheerful way.

“I love you too Riss. You know, you… with the good jokes. It reminds me of the old days before you peaked.”

“I never peaked. I’m still improving,” she said, looking out the window, taking in the scenery.

“Riss, let’s shake on it. 2004, the year of the comedy comeback.” Her mouth hung open as she appeared shocked.

“There’s no comeback because there was a never went!” she playfully exclaimed.

“I don’t even know what that means,” I joked.

“Grrrrr,” she said, not really angry with me at all. I just laughed and took her hand from her lap, kissing it again.

“…A night with Larisa and Avril. Mmmm.”

“Yeah. Well, don’t go getting any ideas you dirty boy. I don’t know if she’d be into a couple.” She knew what I was hinting at. We were always on the same page. “But we can hope right?” she said, giving my a little wink. Page 69.

“We certainly can.” Larisa looked down at my crotch, noticing my slight erection.

“Looks like you already got some ideas.” She reached down and put her left hand on my cock. She wrapped her small hand around my member through my pants, feeling it grow from her touch. “Mmmm. I’d love for you to tell me all about them too.”


“I love your neighborhood,” said Larisa as we drove around the block to my house. “It’s the kind of place I want to raise a family in.” I lived in the courts, which was a group of blocks inside a large semi circle street. Imagine a block inside a cul-de-sac. It was a pretty nice place. Kids rode their bikes around and old people sat outside on summer nights, gossiping on everyone and everything. It was a pretty good place to grow up in. You wouldn’t think that a block or two outside was a shit hole filled with poor minorities, but it is.

“Yeah. I had some good memories growing up here. It’s nice and quiet,” I told her as I thought back in time. If this were a movie, here’s where I’d throw in a childhood montage.

Larisa and I finally arrived back at my house. I knew my dad was away on a business trip so he’d have to meet Larisa when he returned in a few days. I found the driveway empty and assumed my mother and sister must have gone out somewhere. At least I could skip the embarrassment they were sure to cause me for a little while. We got out of the car and grabbed Larisa’s luggage.

“I love your house. It’s so cozy,” she said as we made our way inside, through the kitchen and into the living room. Yeah, fucking tiny and cozy.

“Thanks. Let’s get these upstairs to my room and then I’ll give you the grand tour.”

“Sure,” she said as she followed me, checking out my sweet ass, carrying the smallest of the three bags.

“My room’s upstairs in the attic.”

“Nice. That must give you some good privacy,” she said. When we got to the top of the stairs, Larisa looked around with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Yeah I know. Where’s the door right? …Yeah. How are you.” I didn’t have a door to my attic room. When I was first born and they were renovating the house, my parents decided not to make it a full two family house. They didn’t plan on living there more than a few years, let alone till I was twenty-one. Now with the odd shape of the roof, and fire codes, a door at the top of the stairs just isn’t feasible. “But look at my kick ass curtain,” I said sarcastically. They had at least installed a curtain for some sort of privacy. Last year, when I was twenty.

“You don’t have a door? How do you… take care of business?” asked Larisa as we put her bags down.

“You learn. You’d be amazed how stealthy my masturbation can be.”

“Haha. You’re too much. Well…” said Larisa as she wrapped her arms around me. “I think we can work around this.” She smiled at me lovingly, her expression giving a small hint of sexiness.

“Oh yeah?” I teased as I pulled her close into me, our mouths a few inches away from one another’s.

“Mmmhmm.” We leaned in and kissed, our mouths making contact for the first time since the car ride. I kissed her hard and lovingly. Larisa’s hand moved to the back of my head, holding it close to her as our tongues probed one another’s mouth. I slid my arms around her, placing them on her ass, or arse, for you Brits out there, pulling her against my newly formed erection. “Uhhn. Matt,” she moaned into my mouth. “I… want you… so bad,” she whispered in between kisses. “I want you inside me.”

Larisa pushed me back and I fell back onto my bed. She immediately climbed on top of me, straddling my waist. Goddamn deja vou. Didn’t I just do this with Val… about five hours ago. I slid my hands under the back of her shirt, moving up towards her bra, rubbing her soft skin as she continued to sexually assault my mouth. I was as hard as a rock by now and desperately wanted to fuck her again and again.

“God Larisa. I want you so bad.” I unhooked her white bra from underneath her shirt as she grinded against my throbbing manhood. We continued to furiously make out, however, softly and tenderly roaming over one another’s body with our hands, both desperately craving fulfillments of our sexual needs. I slid a hand up the front of her shirt, cupping her plump breast through her unfastened bra.

“Ahem,” came a voice from the stairs. We both turned and looked over in complete shock.

“Kar!” I exclaimed in both shock and embarassment. My sister had been watching us from the stairs. See why a curtain doesn’t fucking cut it. “Hey… What’s up?” I stammered as I pushed Larisa away from me.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” she said apologetically. “I wanted to say hi.” My sister hadn’t seen me for over a month and wanted to welcome her big brother back home. If only that’s how it really is. I didn’t see my sister for the first three days of the previous summer because she was doing her own thing. My guess was she just wanted to see this mystery woman I was bringing home.

“Oh… Um… Kar, this is Larisa.”

“Hi Karen. Nice to meet you,” said Larisa as she climbed off me and sat on the edge of my bed, full of embarrassment.

“Hi Larisa. …Wait,” my sister said with a weird look on her face. “You’re the girl from Nickelodeon! Right??”

“Yeah, that’s me,” she answered. My sister hadn’t been informed of whom exactly my new girlfriend was. She was in shock her brother was able to tap a fine piece of ass like that.

“Oh Wow! I had no idea! Matt. Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Did I need to tell you who she was?” I questioned. Who was she? My mother? My sister and I never really took an interest in one another’s lives. We never had those friendly brother to sister talks. Nothing. It’s not that we didn’t care. It’s just… that we didn’t care. To be perfectly honest, her being in college three time zones away has only brought us closer …and that closeness has disappeared since we both came home for winter break.

“Well, no. But still. It just seems like something you would brag about. I mean you have enough pictures of her on your computer. And the one on your wall.” YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

“… … …” I was so fucking speechless. I was embarrassed and someone was getting an ass kicking from hell. She’s never seen karate… like my karate. Larisa turned to look at me, grinning.

“You know, one day you’re going to have to show me this collection,” Larisa said. I turned three shades of red in about two seconds.

“THANK YOU KAREN. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN DO FOR YOU?” I asked in a pissed off Adam Sandler Anger Management sort of way.

“…Oh. Oh I’m sorry.” She realized she completely embarrassed me. Not that Larisa didn’t know that I masturbated to pictures of her. I told her personally. I just didn’t need the action to be reminisced. I was still lying on my bed, resting on my arm, facing the stairwell. Larisa pulled me up next to her and I put my arm around her shoulder, leaning against her. “You two look cute together,” she said, trying to get herself out of trouble.

“Thank you Karen,” said Larisa happily. “You know, you’re brother’s amazing. You really did a good job teaching him how to treat women so well,” she said as she looked at me, giving me a warm smile. The smile stretched across her angelic face, her slightly pudgy nose cutely scrunching up.

“Yeah. I guess,” she replied. Bullshit. All my sister did was hit me with a yardstick or throw a TV remote at my head. This was whenever she wasn’t screaming like a rape victim, getting me into trouble for coming into her room to ask her a question. Dumb trick. “Well, I’ll leave you two alone. It was nice to meet you Larisa.”

“You too Karen.” With that, my sister walked through the curtain and went downstairs.

“Well… I guess they’re home. That went well… I think,” I said, sincerely yet sarcastically.

“Oh yeah. Great first impression. Seeing me dry hump her brother,” said Larisa as she reached under her shirt and refastened her bra, angry and upset. She wasn’t all too thrilled about the circumstances they just met under. She seemed more worried about my family liking her after what had just happened. “I didn’t want it to start like this.”

“Riss, don’t worry. She’s cool,” I assured her. “Come on. Smile. In a few days, we’ll all laugh about this.” I shook Larisa back and forth and her hair flew side to side. Finally, she cracked a smile.

“Okay. I guess.” She brushed her hand through her hair, pushing it back behind her ears, straightening herself up a little. “We’re going to have to be more careful up here until they leave,” she commented.

“Yeah. We can handle it. Trust me.” I ran my hand over Larisa’s cheek, looking hopelessly into her eyes. “You’re so beautiful Larisa. When you smile.” She blushed and looked down at her lap.

“You always know what to say love.” She held my hand against her face, looking back at me. “What do you say you give me another kiss and we go meet your mom?”

“Sure. Where would you like it?” I asked her.

“On the lips of course,” she said, angling her head towards me, preparing for the kiss.

“Okay.” I leaned down and moved my head towards her crotch.

“Hey!” she laughed. “Not those lips!” Her face exploded with laughter as she pushed my head away from her pussy. “If you do that I’ll never get to meet your mom tonight. Haha.”

“Fine. Have it your way,” I said as I leaned in and softly pressed my lips against those of my celebrity girlfriend. I could taste the strawberry flavor from her lip balm. “Mmm. I definitely can get used to this,” I said as I rested my hand on her thigh, giving it a playful squeeze, then kissing her once more.

“Kissing me whenever you want for the whole summer?” she asked, still blushing.

“No. You’re lip balm. It’s delicious,” I said. “I could go for a Pop Tart so bad. Strawberry.” Larisa laughed at my joke, her face erupting in calmness.

“I missed this,” she said softly as she giggled, my hand still on her leg. “You making me laugh like this.” And I missed the angelic look on her face that my jokes caused.

“Well I’ve got all new material. You’re gonna love it. Come on. Let’s go downstairs,” I said as I stood up. This was definitely going to be a great summer.


My mom was unpacking groceries when Larisa and I walked into the kitchen. “Hey ma. This is Larisa.”

She turned around to face us, holding some oranges. “Hi. How are you? I’m Lori.”

“Hi. Nice to finally meet you,” said Larisa nervously. “You have such a lovely home,” she quickly added as she played with her hands. When Larisa was very nervous about something she had a habit of twiddling her thumbs or playing with her fingers.

“Thank you. You make sure Matt keeps it like this when we’re gone. Do I need to teach you how to do laundry?” my mom asked me as she put a pack of my fat free Kraft Singles cheese in the fridge.

“Yes you do, as a matter of fact,” I said angrily. “I don’t know how to work these high-tech machines. I know the two colors and whites buttons.” Way to embarrass me right off the bat, wouldn’t you say. Dumb trick.

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep him in line,” Larisa joked. She looked at me, seeing I was slightly pissed off about my mom’s comment. “I’m sure it won’t be too hard. Your son is an amazing man,” she added in my defense, taking hold of my arm. Yeah! How you like me NOW?! Larisa always knew what to say to make me feel better.

We all continued to make small talk as the awkwardness finally left us. My mom and Larisa seemed to get along fine as we all chatted about plans for the summer and other stuff, keeping all the sex plans out of the conversation. Larisa asked a whole bunch of questions about their new house, which my mom seemed to like. I bet she loved it, being I don’t give a shit and all. The area/town where the development is doesn’t even have a town name yet. They bought a house in a place without a name. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? After a few more minutes, I took Larisa on the tour of the house. I showed her where the bathroom was and then the basement entertainment room.

My basement was the shit. We had a projection television with a screen about eight feet in diameter. We also had two leather couches and a leather recliner. “So what do you think hun?” I asked Larisa. She slowly twirled around, looking around the basement. It’s awesome. I bet porn is cool as hell on this screen.” She always knew what to say. =]

“It’s pretty cool.” There was something about porn that made me want to not watch it on the big screen, but on a small TV with the volume low. I felt like I was going to get caught even if no one was home.

“Well you’ll have to show me what it’s like to see it that big,” she said as she took my hand and held it, staring into space, imagining the giant cock that would soon be on the screen… or pussy.

“Maybe you can make your next big screen appearance right here.”

“Haha.” She looked at me and laughed, leaning against me as I held her hand. “Hmm. We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we. I’m not sure if it goes against the union rules and all.”

“Haha. We’ll have to check with your agent about that then,” I joked. “And these couches are amazing,” I added. Each half of the sofa was able to recline and pop out a footrest.

“Yeah. They look comfy,” Larisa responded as she sat down on the nearest one. “C’mere. Sit with me.” How can I object to that, right? After all, we’d probably fuck like animals on each one of these seats. I moved over to the couch and sat down next to her. She immediately leaned in against me. I placed my arm around her and held her tenderly. She leaned down onto my lap and I kissed the top of her head, pressing my lips against her soft hair. She closed her eyes as she used me for a giant pillow with a penis. “Mmm.”

“What baby?” I asked.

“I could really get used to this.”


Larisa and I finally headed back to my room to unpack her belongings. I shuffled clothes around to give Larisa half of my closet and half of my dresser. “Oh,” I said as I opened my skylight window, covered by my Metallica – Master of Puppets poster. The light beamed through the window and would light up my face in the morning. Who needed that shit, so I covered it up with a poster. “I almost forgot. We have a pool in the back too. …Annnnnd as you can see it isn’t opened yet. Sorry to get your hopes up.”

“Haha. It’s fine,” she said as she stood next to me looked out the window.”

“I’m sure my dad’s just been too busy to open it. Soon probably.” Larisa went back to unpacking her clothes.

“So will I need to use this?” she asked as she held up a bathing suit. It wasn’t overly skimpy, but it was revealing nonetheless.

“Well that’s totally up to you. Use your best judgment.” She laughed and continued with her work. “Nice,” I said as I saw her putting her panties in the dresser.

“I thought you might like them,” she said as she held up a tiny black pair, dangling them around in front of me.

“Hey Riss.”


“…Please say it. For me.” She sighed and shook her head.

“AHA! Black panties!” she said as she held up the underwear. She chuckled as she acted out the 10 Things scene.

“Haha. Thank you dear.” It made my day. I know it was stupid, but stupid things amuse me. Like midgets.

“No Problem. I don’t know why you like it so much,” she said as she resumed unpacking.

“I like it because I can have you act it out for me. It’s your catch phrase.”

“How is THAT my catch phrase?” she said as she quick turned her head towards me and laughed.

“It’s the most memorable thing you’ve said.”

“Haha. I see.”

As she unpacked, I put some more posters on my walls. I was one of those people who needed their entire wall completely covered. I had posters and magazine pictures of all my favorite bands. After all, music was such a huge part of my life. I did have some posters of women. I purposely didn’t put too many up because I didn’t want to seem like a perv. I however did put up my Avril and Eliza Dushku posters. They both look so fucking hot in them. And the best part is that I didn’t have to pay shipping for them because of a promotion. Yeah. How are you. I also refrained from putting up my Larisa print out picture. That would be too weird.

I looked around the room as I filled up the bare white walls. My room was tiny. The walls bent inward as they reached the ceiling, forming a sort of triangle shape, with a flat top. With my bed, desk, and guitar amps, there wasn’t much room for anything else. It would be kind of cramped with the two of us sharing the room. I briefly thought about us sleeping in my parents’ bed after they left, just as a way for the two of us to get out of the prison cell I called home. ‘Perhaps,’ I thought.

“So what do you want to do when you’re done unpacking,” I asked her as I hung up another picture. It was late by now, but not too late.

“Honestly, I’d just like to lie down. I’m really tired from the trip,” she said as she put some clothes into the dresser. She turned her head around to face me, asking, “Is that okay? Or did you want to do something tonight?” I could tell by the look on her face that she was afraid of disappointing me.

“No, I didn’t have anything special planned. I’m tired too. It’s been a long day for the both of us, having to pack up and whatnot. Just trying to be a good host.”

“You are Matty,” said Larisa reassuringly. “OH! I almost forgot,” said Larisa as she rummaged through her bag. “I got us a little something.”

“Airplane peanuts?” I asked as I looked at the items she pulled out of her bag. She rolled her eyes and shook her head at me. A second or two later, she pulled out a small padded black case and unzipped it. “It’s for when we play,” she said as she pulled out a digital video camera.

“Whoa. That’s awesome baby. So much better than my shitty webcam.”

“Hey. That cam’s got sentimental value!” she joked. It captured all the times we’ve had sex, thus far. I had batched to the videos a number of times. Larisa burned herself CDs with the videos on it, so I’m sure she batched to them as well.

“True.” Larisa got all excited about the new toy as she handed it to me.

“I figured we could make a lot of home movies. You know, as a way to remember every bit of fun we’ve had,” she explained.

“Yeah. That’s awesome. We can even record other stuff besides sex,” I said as I looked at the video camera.

“Haha. Yeah. We can. But lets not waste the battery too much in case we make love in a random place.” I laughed at her comment. I loved how this woman thought.

“True. Well, I’m going to go grab a shower. I’ll let you finish here,” I said as I handed her back the camera.

“Alrighty,” she replied as she put it back in the case and resumed folding some shirts. When I came back ten minutes later, Larisa had just put the last of her clothes away. “Can I take a shower Matt?” she asked.

“No. …Of course you can. Riss this is your house too now. Okay?” I wanted her to really feel welcome and comfortable. I understood why she was nervous. Meeting the family of your significant other is stressful. I also couldn’t help but wonder if she was nervous that we may get tired of each other because of all the time we’d be spending together. It’s not normal for people to move in together early in the relationship. Not that we just started going out, but we’ve been apart for so much of our relationship. I know I thought of that possibility. I wondered if she did.

“Okay baby. I know. I’m just not used to this yet.”

“It’s fine. There’s some towels in the closet at the end of the hall. You can just throw your clothes in the hamper with mine. I’m sure they won’t get mixed up with anyone else’s.”

“Okay. I’ll be right back,” she said as she walked down the stairs. I climbed into bed and put the air conditioner on higher. I thought, ‘I better get this room as cold as an elderly lady’s titties. This way, if she makes me shut the AC off, it wont be sweltering hot like it is between my ass cheeks in August.’ Or December for that matter. …It’s glandular. I turned on the TV and watched HBO’s Oz until Larisa came back. Oh look. Another ass raping.

Larisa entered my room again, this time a gray towel was wrapped around her body, hanging on her breasts. Dammit! That was my fucking towel! You see, I had the specific towel I always used because it was huge, allowing me to drape myself in it for days at a time. Note to self… set her straight immediately. I didn’t see it in the closet or I would have taken it. She looked so sexy with her semi-wet hair pushed back. She turned to face the TV as she pulled off her towel and dried herself better, standing there naked. This was going to be a great summer.

I looked her up and down, getting hornier by the minute. That’s not too acceptable when you’re watching a male prison show. Larisa had gotten fitter since the last time we saw each other. “See something you like?” she asked, having seen me leer at her body. She continued to dry her hair, rubbing it with the now damp towel.

“Every inch of it. That’s new,” I said as I pointed to her pussy, my erection poking hard against my boxers.

“Yeah. Shaved? …Is the expression?” she said in Shannon Elizabeth’s horrendous American Pie accent. Yeah. How am I. “I started shaving it. How does it look?” she asked as she ran her hand over the top of her pussy, rubbing it slowly with her fingertips, causing my dick to shake under my gray boxers.

“It looks so fucking beautiful. Like a nice 12-year-old’s.”

“Ew. Perv.” She continued to dry off. “…I’m glad you like it Matty.” I thought 11-year-old was too much too soon. Larisa went into the drawer and fumbled around for a second. The room was dark except for the television. Finally, she pulled out a pair of white cotton panties and slid them up her legs.

“Aww. Where’d it go?” I asked in regards to her smooth hairless cunt now being put out of sight, but definitely not out of mind.

“Maybe we should wait until we’re alone before naked time,” she replied as she lifted up my blanket and began climbed into bed next to me.

“No shirt?” I asked. “So much for holding off on naked time.”

“Would you rather I fully cover up Matt? I’m tying to help you out. Help me. Help me help you.”

“Haha. It’s fine by me. …Hey. Other side Riss. You know the deal.” She knew I liked to be to the right. All my game was towards the left. As you all know, I couldn’t make a move to my right side.

“Oh. Silly me,” she said as she threw her right leg over my body, climbing over me, stopping midway to straddle me. She sat on my cock as her breasts hung down above my chest. I noticed her nipples were erect, either from the cold or from my D pressed against her pussquah. “I forgot about how your ‘game’ works.” And a good game it was. After all, it worked on her.

I reached up and held Larisa’s face in my hands, rubbing my thumbs back and forth across her cheeks. She gently bit her bottom lip and smiled as she looked down at me. “You’re so beautiful baby. I can’t believe I forgot how amazing you look.”

“Aww Matt. But you can at least say that while looking at my face instead of my boobs,” she said as she leaned down and kissed me. She smiled and continued with her move to the other side of the bed. We crawled under the covers and lied there facing each other, gazing into the one another’s eyes. “Hey love… Do you remember the first time we slept in bed together?”

I stroked her left cheek with my hand. “Of course I do. How can I forget something like that?” I said. “It was the first day we met… after we were all drinking. I woke up the next morning before you and looked at you just like this… watching you sleep.” My mind wandered back to that night. Larisa wore tiny black panties and a red spaghetti strap tank top. She looked so fucking beautiful.

“Mmm. You do remember,” she smiled as her eyes began to close. Goodnight my love.”

“Goodnight Riss,” I said as I rolled onto my back, putting my left arm under her.

“I love you Matthew,” she said as she curled up in my arms. I pulled her close to me, feeling her bare smooth skin pressed against mine. I felt her breasts rest against my body as I put my right arm over her back, hugging her, rubbing my hand over her body slowly. I rested the side of my head against Larisa’s, slightly turning to kiss her on her forehead.

“I love you too Riss.” It felt so good to hold her in my arms again. I could feel her breathe in and out as her chest rose and fell with mine. “I like your hair, by the way,” I said about her hair being longer. I wanted her to know I noticed.

“Thank you,” she said with her eyes closed. She curled up and pushed herself deeper into me like a baby kitten burrowing itself half under its mother, trying to stay warm. Before I knew it, I fell fast asleep, holding the woman I love… half naked… touching her boobs.


“Oh Riss. That feels sooo good.”

“Good baby. It feels good from my end too,” she replied.

“This is so naughty hun,” I said as Larisa pressed her body into mine, pushing me back against the door, slamming it closed as our bodies made contact. She forced her lips against mine as she pressed against my stiff cock. I slid my hands down the side of her white blouse, continuing down over her black skirt, finally resting my hands on her ass. I gave it a playful squeeze as she gently bit my bottom lip, tugging at it as she grinned sexily. She raised her leg and brought her thigh up to my side. My right hand slid from her ass, trailing further down her elevated leg.

“I’ve wanted you all day. You look so sexy in that new outfit we bought you.”

“I wanted you too. You don’t know how much it turned me on… every time you crossed and uncrossed your legs,” I said between kisses. Earlier, Larisa was sitting across the room from me, talking to a few people as I mingled with some other guests. She kept making eye contact with me, crossing and uncrossing her legs, spreading them apart a little. I kept catching a glimpse of her panties every time she did so. She would give me the subtlest smile when she caught me looking at her. Larisa got off teasing me, making my cock hard, knowing I couldn’t relieve myself. She made it so hard to keep up a conversation with anyone. How can you not look? Right? “She’s got little hearts on her panties! Look you fucking pussy!” – Stiffler.

“That’s the idea,” she replied as she snaked her tongue through my mouth, her libido insatiable. We fumbled from the doorway to the nearby desk. I picked Larisa up by the hips and sat her down on the desktop, knocking over a cup full of pens. She opened her legs enough for me to slip in between them. My dick was rock hard from the excitement caused by what we were doing. It was such a rush because we could be caught at any time by someone. “Mmmm. Your cock feels so good pressed against me.” My prick poked at Larisa’s sexy red panties through the front of my beige dress pants. “God I could have you right here, and no one would even know.”

“What did you tell them to slip away?” I asked as I pumped myself against her crotch, fumbling my hands through her hair.

“Mmm,” she cooed in my mouth as she kissed me. “I said… mmm I said I had to go to the bathroom. Oooh yes,” she moaned as I sucked on her neck, slowly inching towards her collarbone. “You?”

“I said… I said the same.” I continued slowly kissing her neck as my hands ran over her thighs, caressing her soft skin. I slid my hand under the right side of her skirt, feeling her smooth creamy thigh in the palm of my hand. I felt Larisa’s right leg and left foot come together around my butt, pulling me closer into her. “You look… sooo fucking sexy today baby,” I whispered into her ear, then resumed kissing her on the mouth. My hand was in her skirt, up to her ass now, semi-roughly squeezing it.

“Oh yeah?” Her breathing sped up as I grinded my member against her aching wet pussy. “Is my skirt turning you on? Did you like seeing up my skirt?” she asked, tilting her head backwards and to the side, her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open as she moaned. I tenderly nibbled and sucked on her neck, moving up to under her chin, eventually reaching her soft lips once more.

“Fuck yeah Riss. Mmmm.” Her grip on me with her legs tightened.

“Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to fuck me through my skirt?”

“Yessss baby.”

“Tell meee. Tell meee how bad,” she quietly cried. “I need to hear you say it.”

“Ohh. I wanna fuck you Riss. I wanna fuck you so bad. I wanna come inside you… right here.” Larisa continued to kiss me as her hands fumbled with my belt and zipper.

“Maybe… Just maybe… today’s your lucky day.” She unzipped my Dockers and slid one of her hands inside, rubbing my stiff cock through my boxers. I felt her grip it like the handle of a tennis racquet as I heard a noise behind me. I thought nothing of it because Larisa was facing that way and wouldn’t continue to rub me if something was wrong.

“I hope so baby,” I whispered. Larisa pulled me close to her body as she kept her hand in my pants, trying to jack me off through the cotton boxers that kept her from the warm skin of my throbbing penis. She rested her chin on my left shoulder as we held an incredibly tight embrace. Her hand still squeezed around my throbbing aching cock as she stared at the person standing in the doorway, unbeknown to me.

“Mmm. Yessss Matthew. Your cock feels fucking amazing. Mmmm,” moaned Larisa into my ear. “These feel so full of cum sweetie,” she said as she cupped my full balls, not taking her eyes off the teenage girl who was slowly and quietly closing the door. “I can’t wait to see how much you come today lover.” She was teasing not only me, but the person who quietly observed our less-than-innocent act. “Do you like watching us baby?”

“Huh?” I grunted. I opened my eyes and looked at the photographs taped to the hutch of the desk we were dry humping on. Val and Nat. Val and Ross and Nat. Val and Riss. Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where we were. Only a person who isn’t blind. ‘Oh shit. We’re in Valerie’s room,’ I thought. I didn’t even pay attention to what the room looked like when we stumbled into it. I quickly panicked and turned around to see who was spying on us. Valerie was leaning against the door, her hand running over her left breast, her fingers slowly tracing circles around her nipple.

“Don’t stop on my account you two.” Val looked so fucking hot. She had on a skirt like Larisa’s, but much shorter and much more revealing. Her legs were emphasized by the heeled sandals she was wearing, her red toenails grabbing my attention as I looked her up and down. She had on a tight V-cut red top that was like a second skin to her stomach, and squeezed her breasts together against her body, showing a shit-load of cleavage. Val’s curly black hair fell down to her shoulders, soon moving to the side as she gave her head a quick shake, tossing her locks to the other side.

“Oh, I’m not hun,” she responded as she kept rubbing me harder and harder through my boxers. She felt my dick grow even firmer in the palm of her hand as she tightly squeezed her fingers around it. “I wouldn’t think of it.”

I closed my eyes tightly because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe Riss and I were playing in front of her cousin. When I opened them again, the room was pitch black and I was lying on my back. I felt a hand on my cock, stroking my shaft up and down. In a panic, my thoughts immediately drifted to Valerie, having been in a similar situation with her. I fucking told ya. Read part one. If you didn’t, then I hope you’re lost because I’m not going to explain it. As quickly as that happened, my thoughts switched back to Larisa rubbing me through my boxers as Val watched us. I shook my head from side to side, trying to figure out what the hell was happening. “Uhnn. Wha?” I mumbled as Larisa jerked me off under the covers.

“Mmmm baby. Just relax,” she replied as she started kissing my neck, still manipulating my man pole. It was all a dream. I couldn’t fucking believe it. ‘It was all just a dream,’ I thought to myself, recalling what happened in it. I was dreaming of what transpired at Larisa and Valerie’s family reunion that I attended a while back. Holy crap. That was some hot shit right there! And this is some hot shit right here! I was immediately wide-awake as my brain kicked into overdrive, trying to process what was real and what wasn’t. I felt Larisa’s lips on my neck, gently sucking on it, pulling my skin away from my body with the vacuum created by her mouth. As the minutes passed, I became more and more relaxed.

“Oohh. Riss. That feels so good.” I closed my eyes and pulled her closer as she molested me. “Don’t… don’t stop.”

“I won’t baby. Just relax. I want you to enjoy this.” The feeling of her hand on me was just what I needed to relieve the new sexual energy in my nuts, caused by the erotic dream. Small moans escaped my lips as she performed her girlfriend duties. “I can’t help it love. I need you so bad,” she said as she softly moaned into my ear. “Uhnnn. Uhhh. Maatt, I need your cum. I need you.”

“Aaah. Fuck yeaaah.” I buried my head in Larisa’s shoulder and moaned as she half lied on top of me. I sucked on her collarbone as my cock throbbed in her small warm hand. I brought my left arm up to her back, rubbing her hot body as she took care of my needs. The other one lied at my side, as I was still tired and part of me still asleep.

“Have you saved it up for me lover? Have you saved me all your cum?” she asked as she made a fist around my prick, squeezing it in her hand as she squeezed up to the plump head. Larisa and I promised we wouldn’t masturbate for two weeks, building up our sexual desires for each other. Of course I cheated. Well… sort of. I ran a batch to the point where I was on the verge of busting, but then stopped myself. You get used to the blue balls. I probably had enough man juice to fill a 7 11 big gulp cup. Man did they hurt from time to time though. I won’t lie. And as long as I don’t come, it counts. Right? Still good! Still good!

“Yeaah Riss. I’m filled to the brim.” “THAT’S FUCKIN DISGUSTING!” ala Stiffler from American Pie 2, being that this is also a sequel. That’s a jizz free fichus.

“Good boy,” she whispered in my ear. I LOVED to hear that phrase. It turned me on so much. “I want you to come inside me. Fill me,” she whispered as she licked my earlobe. Larisa gently pulled my cock out through the hole in the front of my boxers.

“Ahh shit. Unnn. That feels… so good.” I missed this so much.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she quietly asked me as her thumb grazed over my pee hole, massaging the head of my cock, spreading my precum around.

I pulled Larisa on top of me and grinded against her yearning cunt through her panties. Her breasts hung down over my chest as her legs took their rightful place at my sides. “Mmhmm.” I tried to keep it as quiet as possible so we didn’t wake anyone up. Half of my room was directly above my sister’s room and the other half above my parents’ room. Larisa put her hand under the blanket and pulled her panties over to the side. I took hold of my cock and rubbed the tip against her slit, feeling her wetness. She was really horny.

“Please… don’t tease me lover. Put it in me,” she pleaded with me as she desperately wanted to feel me inside her body. I slowly pushed my hips up, sliding my tool inside her love hole little by little. I heard her coo as my head entered her. “Uhhhh yeah. That’s what I’ve missed,” she groaned as more of me slipped inside her, inch by inch, as her eyes closed and mouth formed a smile. My cock was completely engulfed by Larisa’s tight pussy, our waists now touching. I pulled the covers over her back to her shoulders and held her close to me in our little cocoon of love, letting my dick rest inside her. I knew she got off feeling my prick throb as it lied still inside her. She shoved her head between my shoulder and neck, holding me close to her.

“You like that Rissy? Is this what you missed?”

“Oooh fuck,” she whispered into my neck. “I love your cock.” I slowly began to thrust my hips against her, moving my manhood in and out of her pussy.

“Wait, wait. The camera…” I remembered.

“Don’t worry baby. It’s already on.” F’in hot. Lucky for us, Larisa had set up the camera before she began seducing me and woke me up from my slumber. I looked over at my TV stand and saw the blinking red light of the video camera as I ran my hands over her back, rubbing her silky skin, pulling her against me as we quietly fucked in my parents’ house. “Do you… like fucking me through my… panties? Does it turn you on?” she quietly teased and groaned.

“Mmm. Yeah baby. I love fucking you through your little, white, cotton panties. You’re such a dirty girl.” Larisa’s breathing sped up and her face began to turn a light rosy shade of red… from what I could tell in the pitch black, dark room.

“Uhnn. Fuck me like a dirty girl. I’m your dirty girl,” she said… dirtily. I slid my hands down her back and over her ass, squeezing it hard, pushing her against me even harder. “Get on top. Fuck me hard lover.” I grabbed her small body and quickly rolled over, remaining inside her and under the covers. Larisa dug her nails into my head as she wrapped her legs around my lower body. She held onto me for dear life as I slid my cock in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. “Uhh. Uh… Uh… Ohhh.” Soon we were grinding our bodies together hard as we approached climax. Because of our mutual sexual frustrations, we were both close to coming almost instantly.

“Larisa, hold me tighter,” I said into her ear as I lied on top of her, hardly supporting my own body weight. She gripped her legs around me like she was riding a horse that went insane. Yeah. Ride that shit. Ride that shit with the skills. I pounded her pussy as hard as I possibly could, not really focusing on making too much noise. Larisa bit down onto my shoulder to muffle her screams of ecstasy, pushing her teeth into my skin like a vampire. I slid my arms underneath her hot body as I smothered her under the covers. We started to sweat from one another’s body heat trapped under the heavy blanket. “Riss I’m gonna fuck… I’m gonna fucking come.”

“Fillll meeee,” she mumbled. “Fill my pretty… little… pussy.” She slid one hand inside my boxers, gripping my ass, pushing me deeper inside her. “Ohh yeah. Uhnnn. Mmmmm.” My thick prick slid deep into Larisa’s hairless little pussy, drenched in her juices. I slammed my cock in and out of her, pushing it against the back of her cunt.

“Ohhh fuck. Riss… be quiet.” She bit down on me even harder. “Bite me hard. Hurt me,” I whispered to her. I felt her clamp down on me like a crocodile. She dug her nails into my back and ass as I pounded her like a jackhammer, hearing the squeaking of the mattress.

“Uhh! Aah! Aaahh!” she yelped as I fucked her pussy like I was never going to fuck anyone… or anything… ever again. “Be a good boy… and… come in me. You… fucking… good boy.” I felt her totally soaked panties rub against my waist as I was on the verge of busting the hugest nut of my life. Her long light brown hair dangled over my face, resting on it, tickling my nose and lips.

“Ohh. Riss. Riss. I’m gonna come. Tighter. Hold… tighter.” I wanted to feel her squeeze my body like a clamp and suffocate me as I filled her hole. I wanted her to hurt me and smother me with her body. I wasn’t even sliding my dick in and out of her anymore. Instead, we grinded against each other, holding the other’s body so close that it was difficult for me to push and pull my cock in and out of her. The sheets were becoming wrinkled and pulled off the corners of the mattress, not to mention, coated in a little bit of perspiration. Apparently our deodorants weren’t body heat activated, even though they claimed to be. But that’s a horse of another color.

“Commmme Maaaatt,” she begged me, panting and whimpering as I poked at her dripping cunt.

“Uhnnn. Uhh. Now… Now,” I grunted as I exploded inside of her, showing her my O face. :O OOOHH! OOOH! OHHH! Two weeks of my stockpiled seed erupted from my cock head and filled her pussy. Thick stream after thick stream of my thick hot cum poured inside Larisa as I bucked my hips. An insane amount of my jizz filled her up, some dripping back out.

“Uhnnn! Uhhnn!!!” she yelled. I held my hand over her mouth, forcefully silencing her as she came from feeling my ooze shoot inside her. Imagine… Ghostbusters 2 with the slime shooting backpack. “Hmmm. Hmmmmm,” she screamed into my hand. Her body spasmed underneath my weight as she violently came, finally releasing her pent up sexual frustration. I was unconsciously cutting off her breathing, making her lightheaded, helping her produce a much more euphoric orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she exploded and shuddered underneath me. Her legs squeezed tighter against me and then loosened as I lied on top of her, shaking as my orgasm slowly subsided. The last bit of my semen dripped out of my cock head and into her cunt.

I lied on top of Larisa for a minute, her mouth still covered by my hand. When I saw she was done, I pulled it off and let her breathe. She let out a large gasp for air as her chest shot up off the bed. She huffed for a few seconds catching her breath. “I’m sorry baby. I got carried away,” I said, apologizing for me dominating love tactics.

“It’s okay…” she said as she breathed heavy. “Whoo. I feel dizzy. …Good dizzy.” She closed her eyes as her breathing started to steady.

As I rolled off her and pulled my semi-rigid rod out of her tight pussy, she squeezed her cunt muscles like she was pushing out a baby. Larisa took two fingers and scooped up some of my cum that dripped out of her vagina, bringing it to her lips, consuming my seed. “Mmm. We taste so good together.” We both lied there, still covered by my comfortable ass blanket with the flowers on it. Example number two as to why part one is important. “Ooooh lover. Aaaahhhhhh,” she quietly panted as she calmed down. “Oh God. There’s so much of your fucking cum inside me. I still feel it in my pussy… everywhere inside it.”

“Oh Larisa,” I said as I leaned over towards her, resting my head on her chest, just above her tits. “That’s such a relief,” I whispered. She ran her hands through my hair as she cradled me in her arms, like a loving mother would a child. And no, the mother and child didn’t just have sex. It’s just an expression. …Unless it’s a step mom. That’s pretty hot.

“I love it when you make love to me. It’s the best thing I’ve ever known.” She pulled me up her body, her face now even with mine. She was still slightly breathing shallowly, her mouth open and face reddened. She pressed her lips onto mine and we kissed. Her tongue parted my lips as she ran her hands over my head. I dragged my phalanges over her butt, sliding them under her panties, pushing them down her legs. That’s fifth grade science talk for fingers. THANK YOU LONG TERM MEMORY. She kicked them off and pushed them away from her feet, not wanting to touch the garment soaked with her sexual juices. “Go back to sleep lover,” she said as she held me once more, stroking my face with her hand.

I felt her hot body against my sweaty skin, and it felt incredible. I surrounded her person with my arms, bringing her closer to me as I closed my eyes. “I love you so much,” I whispered as we kept out embrace intact.

“…I know love.”


Larisa cupped my chin in her hand and pulled my face back to hers. “Mmm,” she moaned as she looked at me. “Do you like Val watching us love?” She was still rubbing my cock and holding my chin in place so I’d only focus on her as she waited for a reply. How the hell do I answer this? Is it a yeah, or more like a Stone Cold Steve Austin OH HELL YEAAAAH!

‘OH HELL YEAH!’ was my response in my head. What came out was, “Yeah baby.” The look she was giving me was so sexy. Her eyes were piercing as she gave me a little timid ‘Daddy don’t be mad at me’ type look. “I love it when she’s watching.” She kept her face close to mine as she awkwardly stroked me, pulling at my penis through gap in between our bodies. I couldn’t stop staring into her eyes.

“Oh is that so?” Larisa pulled me towards her with her legs once again as she started kissing my neck, gently pressing her soft, gloss-covered lips against every uncovered area of that part of my body. Val stood against the door, the hand rubbing her breast now joined by her other hand on her pussy. Larisa watched as she spread her legs open a little and tugged her skirt up, allowing her access to her sweet box, hidden underneath the black covering. Her eyes were locked on the two of us as we corrupted her cheap and flimsy desk. Talk about clearance items at Staples: The Office Superstore… The worker saw her coming. Val’s fingers rubbed up and down the length of her slit, over her panties, as a small involuntary moan shot out from her mouth. Larisa locked eyes with Val, watching her cousin get off to us as she continued kissing my neck. Larisa enjoyed watching the watcher, getting more turned on by the minute. She also got off by the fact that I couldn’t see the other girl. I desperately tried to catch a reflection of her in picture frames and mirrors as Larisa extended the arm not juggling my testicles and motioned for Val to come towards us.

Before I knew it, Val was standing right behind me. She leaned forward, resting against my back, wrapping her arms around my stomach as she softly kissed the other side of my neck. “What the!?” I said as the other girl startled me. Multiple, inbound bogies! In the next second, I was at ease, enjoying the 360 degrees of pleasure I was on the receiving end of. I felt Valerie’s breasts squash against my back as her tongue slowly licked my neck… as her hands ran over my stomach, feeling the results of the ab roller I bought a few months before. “Oh man. Fuck,” I whispered. If Larisa had no qualms about a little incest, then I didn’t give a fuck. After all, it is the “sweetest taboo.” To be honest, I had fantasized about this before. That and what it would be like to have a sexy stepsister. Please, if Larisa was my stepsister, and she showed any sign of sexual interest, I’d be all over her like an AZN on a calculus problem.

I took one hand out of Larisa’s skirt and put it behind my back, looking for Val’s ass. I soon found it and palmed her right cheek, squeezing it as she started flicking her tongue across my earlobe, playfully sucking on it every few seconds. “Mmm,” she moaned. “I told you I’d have you,” she whispered almost inaudibly into my ear. I was shocked Larisa didn’t hear, but she was in her own world… seven inches away… on the other side of my head. I felt Val’s teeth on my earlobe, gently biting on it. Larisa continued to tug at my cock as Val’s hand worked my stomach, just a few inches away from her cousin’s. I took my right hand off Valerie’s ass and brought it to her hand, pushing it down towards my pole. “Aah. Mmmm,” she continued to coo in my ear, as Larisa moaned in the same fashion.

Larisa switched the target of her kisses, moving to my lips, letting the other girl work on my neck. As Valerie’s fingers ventured down towards the mountain in my pants, Larisa tightened her grip around my cock, then pushed the invading digits back away. Worth a shot, right?

After a few minutes of this dual lip assault on me, Larisa pulled away from my neck and touched Val in an effort to follow her lead. “Go sit in the bed Matthew,” she commanded me. I stepped back a few feet and hopped onto the edge, my pants unzipped and my shirt untucked in the front. Larisa was still sitting on the desk and reached for her cousin’s hands. She took hold of them and pulled the brunette back into her, so they were both facing me. She wrapped her arms around Val’s midsection and legs around her waist, resting her chin on her shoulder. “What do you think Valerie…” Larisa trailed off as she rubbed her cousin’s midriff.

“Hmmm?” she cooed back in response, staring at me lustfully. She needed food for her sexual appetite.

“What should we do with him?” Larisa sneakily began rubbing Val right above the top of her skirt, her hand slipping under her red shirt. My hand instinctively traveled to my crotch and began working myself. “No, no. None of that,” Larisa teased. “No touching until we say so.” Damn. I needed to come badly. And it’s not like we had all day here.

“Mmmm Valerie. You smell so good.” With that comment, Larisa brushed the brown hair away from her mouth and began sucking on her relative’s neck. Val complied with this new stimulation and angled her head sideways, at the same time grabbing Larisa’s hand and bringing it to her pussy. She rubbed her swollen lips through the thin material of her skirt.

“Mmmm Riss. Aahh.” Val turned her head sideways and Larisa pressed her lips onto the fresh set before her. The two made out slowly in front of me, gently caressing the other’s face and manipulating their sex organs. This was so f’ing hot. Nothing like a little girl on girl action in front of me. I had never really witnessed full on lesbian sex, just drunken girls kissing for a second or two on a dare. I could make out Val’s tongue probing into her cousin’s mouth, gently rubbing against hers during their open-mouthed kiss. I tried to restrain myself. I desperately yearned to fondle myself. It seemed like such a wasted opportunity if I didn’t run a batch, or at least do some diddling. In an effort to stop myself, I placed my hands on the bed a foot or so behind me and leaned back. Can’t beat off if my hands are being used elsewhere, can I?

“Mmmm,” moaned the actress as she pulled away. “I don’t know why we don’t do this more often.”

“I know Riss. It’s been so long… What should we do with him?” she asked Larisa. ‘How many lesbian experiences has she been hiding from me!? This is getting ridiculous. Michelle. Val,’ I thought.

“Hmmmm,” she replied as she cupped Val’s tits through her shirt. Her nipples poked through the thin crimson material of her top. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Pokies!!!

“When’s the last time you sucked a cock hunny?”

“I can’t remember Riss. Over a month.” Her face lit up as she realized what Larisa was hinting at. Val LOVED my cock. She craved it and Larisa had been nice enough to let her jerk me off. Would she let her suck me off now? “Can I??” she asked giddily, now filled with vigor and excitement.

“Face me,” she said sternly. I loved it when Larisa took charge. Val complied and turned to face her. Larisa reached down and caressed the side of her face with her manicured hands. “Do you love me Val?” she asked softly.

“Yes Larisa.”

“Tell me,” she said as she pushed her hand further back, now weaving her fingers through Val’s dark curly hair, smiling warmly.

“I love you Rissy.” Val moved her eyes down to see Larisa’s other hand rubbing her slit underneath her skirt. “Mmmm,” she moaned from the actress’s touch.

“Do you want to suck my lover’s cock?”

“Mmmm hmmmmm.” Her eyes were closed as she felt waves of sexual heat coarse through her body. She loved having her pussy rubbed by anyone. Being it was her cousin, she was more sexually turned on. The very sweetest taboo.

“Ask me for permission,” she said playfully as she played with the girl’s hair.

“May I please suck Matt’s cock?” Larisa took a handful of the silky, soft brown hair and pulled it back, yanking Val’s head backwards. Her mouth shot up towards Larisa’s and the domineering girl pulled the submissive’s body closer to her own. “Oh you can do better than that. Ask me like the little slut we all know you are.”

“May I please suck his cock? I need to suck it so bad.”

Larisa got right up against the girl’s face. She looked down at Val and pulled her hair back harder. “Whose cock??” she asked forcefully. Larisa shoved a finger into the girl’s pussy, pushing through the stretchy material of her thong, forcing the thin material inside her. Val closed her eyes for a moment and couldn’t help but smile. She was really loving being controlled and talked down to.

“Riss, may I please have permission to suck your lover’s big thick cock? I need to suck a cock like your lover’s soooo badly. I need to have him fuck my face and come down my throat,” she pleaded. If I had a nickel for every time someone said that about me… Never mind, I can’t even think of a funny joke.

Larisa smiled wickedly. “Mmmm. You’re such a little fucking slut Val. You know that?”

“Yes Riss,” Val moaned as Larisa pushed her digit deeper into her cousin’s saturated cunt. The permeable material of Val’s panties wrapped around Larisa’s pointer finger. Her juices began to flow from the rough foreplay, covering Larisa’s finger in a sweet, sticky wetness. Val tried to contain the smile on her face as best she could. She was loving every second of this.

“Mmmmm. You may suck my lover.”

“Thank you Larisa,” she replied. Larisa still gripped the brunette’s hair and pulled her face close to her own. She stuck out her tongue and looked into Val’s eyes. Val took the initiative and leaned forward, wrapping her lips around the tongue in front of her. She sucked it deep into her mouth as Larisa fingered the girl’s sweet wet pussy. Larisa finally let go of her hair and broke the kiss. “Now… Go choke on his big thick fucking cock.” Yeah. How are you.


I woke up the next morning to Larisa’s naked body pressed against my hard on. I immediately realized that it was just a dream… again. It was very rare that I returned to the same dream after waking up for a bit. This must be my lucky day. I tried to go back to sleep as I recalled the dream, unknowingly rubbing my dick under the covers. In the middle of dwelling on it, I opened my eyes again and saw Larisa, sound asleep. Her lips were slightly parted as she breathed through her mouth. My mind switched gears and I went over in my head how good our sex the night before had been. It felt so amazing to be able to finally release my sexual fluids. ‘Man. It’ll be a long time before I stop beating off for over a week again. That was torture,’ I thought to myself.

I slowly lifted the covered as I got out of bed, trying not to wake up the love of my life. I also sneaked a peek at her naked body. It was okay because she was my girlfriend. Her breasts were so perfect, her beautiful globes, her tiny pink nipples, her tight stomach, her long toned legs, her hairless pussy, even her sexy feet. I made a bold move and ran two of my fingers over her slit. She remained still as I dragged them up and down the length of her lips, feeling her begin to get wet, ever so slightly. Finally, she groaned and rolled over onto her back. I jumped back in fear of her realizing I was molesting her as she slept. No but seriously, again, it’s okay because she was my girlfriend.

It was early and I thought she needed the rest. The clock on my desk said 10 A.M. I wanted to go back to sleep but I figured I should get up and go to my old job early if I had any chance of reclaiming my position of employment. Position of employment. HA. I got paid to sit on my ass and listen to Ron and Fez. Sometimes, if I was lucky a customer could come in and break the hour of silence. That, and I didn’t want to hear shit from my parents about procrastinating.

I spread my blanket on top of Larisa, keeping her warm. Then, I showered and got dressed and headed back to the store where I had worked the past two summers. It was a bakery and cookie thrift store, part of a large commercial corporation. Lets be clever and call it P Farm. I’m sure you’re sitting there pondering this conundrum, this clever riddle. I don’t know if I used it right but it sounds good.

It was hard for a college kid to come back home and find a summer job. Places wanted fulltime help throughout out the year, not just the summer. That, and they had kids working there throughout the school year, so they didn’t needed any new help. Luckily, I had gotten the job there one year, and then the next year when a new manager took over, she hired me again because I had experience. Hopefully, she’d hire me again for the same reason. No body likes to train people… unless they’re running a train on people. For that, I prefer to be the caboose, sticking it in her as opposed to getting my D sipped. But that’s just me. You do what you wanna do.

When I arrived at the store, I found that Cheryl was working. She’s she Nazi-like district manager that enforced the dress code we all loved so much. I remembered the good old days at work, wearing my shitty thin parachute material shorts and my Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt, talking about how hot Larisa was with the other kid Jeff. Good times. She ran a tight ship and her pants were even tighter. “Hey Matt. How are you,” she asked me as she checked the record books, probably looking for something to yell about. She’s a real bitch.

“Hi Cheryl. I’m fine and yourself?” I asked, acting cordial towards her. She often gave off the impression that she was being fake.

“I’m doing great thanks. Doing some shopping?” She acted like she was straight out of those employee-training tapes with the super smile and helpfulness… Always up for a little good-natured chitchat. “Aah Haaa Haaa,” in my most douche bag fake voice.

“Only if I get my old position back. Haha. Is Dawn around?” I asked. Dawn was the store manager. She replaced Rae Ann, who was a hot 28-year-old redhead. Boy did I miss staring at her ass, then going into the bathroom to run a nuisance batch. Man I ran a lot of nuisance batches there. What can you do when nobody comes in the store for an hour? You feel me?

Rae Ann was also a pretty cool chick. She would talk female celebrities and hot girls with me and the other male coworker, Jeff. She would read her Cosmo magazine and tell us what was bullshit in it. She was just an incredibly cool and laidback boss. Of course, she ended up getting fired for laziness.

“She ran to the bank for some change and the deposit slips. I’m sure we can do something about rehiring you again,” she said coyly, surprising me with her tone. Cheryl was about 28-years old and had only been with the company for about a year and a half, but climbed pretty far up the ladder in that short amount of time. She was about 5′ 9″, maybe 5′ 10″, and had shoulder length straight brown hair. She looked a lot younger than she was, dressing in cute little woman cargo or dress pants and a cute and slightly dressy top. She actually resembled my Spanish teacher freshman year of high school. I had tried to flirt with her, but nothing ever materialized. So I just punched the clown in the bathroom right after.

Today she was wearing a green collared shirt and a nice pair of dark brown Old Navy type cargo pants. She definitely knew I had checked her out last summer whenever I could. She even caught me looking down her shirt as she filled out some paperwork, preparing it for me to give it my John Hancock. I’ll give her my cock all right. Right in that tight workplace dominatrix puss of hers. And speaking of looking down shirts, I remember seeing so much titty that week, from cleavage. It was up to like four women a day for a week, ranging from young girls to MILFs. The little toddler who kept taking the straps off her overalls… I’m not going to count that. All Cheryl did was smile and pretend she didn’t catch me. Oh. And she was married. Not that I cared. See, all women are fair game until they’re married… most even after that. “…Matt. Would you lend me a hand for a second? There’s something in the back I need your help moving. A new delivery came in,” she asked, motioning to the back room as she quickly looked around the store.

“Yeah sure,” I said. I knew how much of a pain it was with the deliveries. The guys would throw the shit all over the back room, which was too fucking small to hold everything they shipped us. I figured being nice would help me get my old job back. It struck me a little weird because technically I wasn’t working there right now, so if I somehow got hurt, I could sue, and she was a stickler for following the rules. Maybe she was just in a whatever, fuck it type of mood.

“Just in the corner there,” said Cheryl as she pointed to the crowded corner of the room, filled with a wall of boxes, forming an alley-type formation with the wall.

“What do you…” I started to ask when I felt a hand reach around the front of my body, taking hold of my cock. I felt Cheryl’s hand massaging my instantly semi-rigid cock through my pants, causing it to harden more with every second of her touch. “Ooh, Cheryl,” I moaned. “What are you…?” I was in total shock, and my penis was shocked into a state of hardness.

She continued to sexually harass me in the back room, pulling me close to her, forcefully kissing my neck. “If you definitely want your job back, you’ll let this happen,” she said sternly as she sucked on my ear. Her grip on my member became firmer and more forceful. She spun me around and moved her body up against mine, pushing me backwards a few steps into the wall. We were fully covered from view from the stack of boxes, preventing anyone see her grind her cunt against my aching cock.

‘Man. If I didn’t fuck Larisa last night, my pants would be covered in cum right now,’ I thought to myself. Thank god I busted my load, because this definitely would have done it. I grabbed Cheryl’s waist and quickly pulled her against my cock, thrusting myself into her crotch. “Is this what you want?” I asked her, planting a hard kiss on her lips.

“No,” she replied as she roughly grabbed my chin, squeezing my cheeks together, pulling my lips towards her dark lipstick covered ones. “It’s what you want.” …YEEEYAAAHH!!!. “I saw how you looked at me all last summer, staring at my ass, down my shirt. You didn’t think I knew. Did you?” I actually did. “And then you went in the back and played with yourself right after I left. Didn’t you.” YEEEYAAAAHH!. She bent down and kissed me again, lustfully. Her tongue penetrated my lips and slid down my throat. I could tell she definitely wanted this as she fucked my mouth with her tongue. It made it hot because she was older than me by a few years, we could get caught at any second, and she was in a power position at my job. This is what every guy dreams of. Fucking his boss.

I grabbed Cheryl and spun us around again, pushing her against the wall now. I took hold of her hands and pulled her arms up and out away from her, her body forming a Y. We interlocked our fingers tightly as I pinned her to the wall, pumping my rock-hard erection at her yearning, married cunt. I could smell her perfume as we continued to rape one another’s mouth… as we dry fucked each other. “Mmmmm,” she moaned through the kisses. I slid my hand under her thick right thigh, picking her leg up, holding it at my side. She angled her leg behind me as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders tightly, pulling us closer together in the back of the store. I forcefully pushed her off me and slid my hand up her shirt, violently squeezing her tit through her bra.

“Yeah. I went in the back and played with my cock. Then I came all over the floor. Is that what you wanted to hear you little whore? Is that what you want your employees to do?” I asked her as I assaulted her yearning pussy through her pants and groped her large chest.

“Yeaaah Matt. That’s… exactly what I want,” she said as she pushed her face back to mine, fighting to resume the kiss. She was moaning loudly as we slobbered on each other. She had one hand on the back of my head, pushing mine closer to hers as if she was trying to swallow it. I could feel the hard band of her wedding ring digging into my head. Hot. Her other hand was on my ass, following my lead as I pumped myself against her. This was so fucking hot. I was hooking up with my boss in the store. If that bell on the door went off, I was going to murder the customer on sight… after I blow my load.

“God you’re such a fucking whore. Does your husband fuck you like you deserve? I bet he doesn’t.” I took my hand out of the district manager’s shirt and slid it down to her waist, sliding it into her pants. Luckily, they weren’t too tight, allowing me to infiltrate her pants with ease. I immediately felt her wetness on my fingers as I slipped my digits into her panties. ‘Mmm. No hair,’ I thought to myself as I explored this forbidden territory. “I’ll fuck you like you need to be fucked.” I rubbed my fingers against the opening of her slit, causing her to moan out in pleasure.

“Uhnnn. Maaatt. Fuck yes baby,” she cooed as she bucked her hands against my fingers. “That’s it. Finger fuck your boss’s slutty cunt. Fuck it!” she commanded as she forced her tongue into my mouth again. “Fuck it like my worthless husband should.” I slipped my two warm fingers into her cunt and pounded away. I fingered her for all she was worth… A job and something I could beat off to later on. “Uhnn. Aah! Aaah!” Cheryl yelled into my shoulder as her body shook in ecstasy.

“You gonna come for me? Huh? You gonna fucking come for me?” I asked as I fondled her tits forcefully and slammed my digits into her dripping hole. All she could do was bite down on my shoulder in an exclamation of sheer pleasure.

“MMMMmmmmmmaaahh!” she yelled as my shoulder muffled her screams. I slipped a third finger into her pussy as I felt her need to reach the point of climax.

“I bet you love to fuck young guys don’t you Cheryl. Makes you feel younger, doesn’t it,” I teased her. “I want you to kiss me as you fucking come all over my young hand,” I firmly said. Her body trembled as we acted inappropriately in this place of business.

“I… I make the… rules. Do you under… fucking understand me,” she said as she grabbed onto my face with her hand, squeezing it hard, staring angrily into my eyes, tired of being dominated. She tried to choke me with her tongue as she gave a final moan before she exploded in her pants. “I’m… I’M… Uaaaahhhhh!!!” she screamed as her body shook with the force of an earthquake… or a tsunami, if we’re trying to stay current. Cheryl’s leg was wrapped around my backside tightly as she held onto me for dear life. I was shoving my hand inside her tight hole as she bucked and jittered into my digits. “Aaah! Aah! Mmmm. Uhhmmmmm!” she yelped as her fluids released all over my hand. “I’m comminggg!!!” It was as if Cheryl was pregnant and her water broke in her pants. Her juices completely soaked my hand and her pants, leaving them damp in that area. I hope she wasn’t putting in fulltime hours today. That would get annoying with a wet crotch.

“That’s it Cheryl. Come all over the employee-of-the-month’s hand.” I hadn’t stopped sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy even though she already came. Her legs gave and she collapsed on top of me. I held her on her feet, up against the wall. She kissed me once more. Our tongues mingled in one another’s mouth as she groped my body. I desperately wanted to fuck her, but this is not the time nor place. No. Seriously. Dawn would probably be back any minute. And I was in no hurry to fuck her too. But sometimes… Any port in the storm right?

I pulled my hand out of her pants, bringing it to my mouth, licking my district manager’s juices off. “Mmm. Tastes… Tastes like I’m getting a raise this summer.”

“Fuck. You sure will get a raise. I guarantee that,” said Cheryl as I jammed my hand into her mouth.

“Taste yourself you fucking whore.” She eagerly and yearningly sucked off the three fingers that I fucked her pussy with, running her tongue around them, sucking them hard, not taking her eyes off mine.

“When can you start?” she said as she pulled her head back, taking my digits out. She began to lick the wetness off the rest of my hand as I answered.

“Tomorrow,” I replied.

“Good,” she said as she fixed herself up. “And you’re getting hired because I expect more of what just happened. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied.

“Ma’am. Hmm. I like that,” she said.

“And you’re gonna like when I fuck the shit out of you next time. I’m gonna rail you right over this desk,” I told her as I slapped her ass hard. “I’m going to give you what your husband won’t.” I never got like this. I was in the zone today. Controlling women was never really my strong suit, especially with a boss. That was just crazy.

“Don’t you tell me what you’re going to do you little fucking prick,” she sternly responded. “I’m still your boss and I’ll tell you when and where we’re going to fuck. And you are to tell nobody about this and whatever else happens. You got that? I swear to God I’ll make you sorry if I get fired for fucking you,” she warned me as she fixed herself up. We heard the door open and heard Dawn fiddling with the register, putting the deposit slips in their proper place. “Shit. She’s back.”

“Looks like we finished in the nick of time,” I laughed.

“Yeah,” said Cheryl. “Now go grab that box and bring it up front.” I looked at her and just laughed. “I’m not joking. Bring that box up to the front of the store,” she said, the Nazi in her taking over again, not expressing an ounce of humor. I just got owned.

I lunged at her and took a fistful of her long brown hair in my hand, pulling her head backwards, ramming my tongue down her throat once more as I squeezed her ass as hard as I possibly could. “Cheryl, next time… I’m going to fuck you and then come inside your cunt.” I forcefully pushed her off me and turned to pick up the box. Now I’m doing some owning of my own. …Who am I kidding. I talk a big game, but I can’t back it up. I could tell she loved it, the struggling for power between us. She probably never had anyone match her dominating personality, either in business or pleasure. I grabbed the box of cookies and began walking to the front of the store when I felt Cheryl reach for my nuts and squeeze them tightly in her hand.

“You bastard. NOBODY does that to me,” she whispered angrily and sexually turned on, tightening her grip on my nuts to the point of causing me a lot of pain. I felt her bite down on my neck hard, like a vampire as she crushed my balls. As my knees buckled, and I started to wobble back n forth, she let go. I huffed and tried to fight off the pain moving to the pit of my stomach. I paused for a moment as Cheryl straightened up the collar of her shirt, then continued walking out behind me.

“Hey Dawn,” I said as I put the box down next to the register.

“Hey Matt. What are you doing here?” she asked.

“He was just getting rehired for the summer,” chimed in Cheryl as she appeared from the back room.

“Oh,” said Dawn in surprise.

“I think Matt will do a lot of good here this summer. Let’s give him a raise too,” she said as she looked angrily at me, being careful to make sure Dawn wouldn’t see. It was a good thing Cheryl wore dark colored pants. You could faintly see her juices that poured from her pussy if you stared at them long enough. We all stood there making small talk for a few minutes before I made up an excuse to leave for home.

I excused myself and got in my car, sitting there for a second. My cock grew hard as I went over what just occurred, not even giving Larisa a thought. As I drove, I kept one hand on my dick, squeezing and massaging it until I got home, keeping it ready.


When I finally got back to my house, Larisa was up and in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She was still wet, having not fully dried off after showering. “Where were you love,” she asked me as she spit in the sink.

“Just getting my old job back,” I said. I didn’t want to tell her what happened. I should have. But I didn’t want to. I was getting back the world’s easiest job by any means necessary. And I didn’t even bust. So it doesn’t count! Matt = asshole.

“Good for you,” she said, smiling at me through the mirror. “So what are you going to do now?” asked Larisa.

“I think I’m going to go upstairs and jerk off.”

“Lovely.” Oh boy did she seem thrilled with that response. “I’ll have to come and lend a hand,” she replied with a smile on her face, not believing me at all. “Don’t start without me,” she laughed, mocking me. But see, that’s the kind of relationship we had. You have to work for it.


I popped in my A Time For Dancing DVD and went back to my bed. It was one of Larisa’s newer movies. She looked amazing in it, having hard nips for most of the movie. After all, the material of a leotard is quite thin. I sat on my bed, my back against the wall, and kicked off my pants. I wouldn’t want to get them cum-stained would I, not knowing how to do laundry and all, as made clear by MUHHHTHER. I took out my semi hard dick and slowly stroked it, both watching Larisa on the TV and thinking of what I did with Cheryl less than an hour ago. The combination of stimuli brought my manhood to full attention in no time. ‘Oh crap,’ I thought to myself. ‘I should record this as a surprise for her.’ I moved over to the TV stand and turned the camera on, pointing it at the television to show what was on, and then at my bed. As I sat down again, I began relieving the sexual tension trapped inside the seven and a half inch long prison. I figured the video would be a testament to how hot I thought she was.

I didn’t notice Larisa standing quietly in the doorway, watching me use her to relieve myself. She stood in the out of sight place for a minute or two, watching me flog my dolphin. Her hand slowly moved down her body towards her pussy, moving along the towel wrapped around her, my towel, hanging just above her breasts. “Mmm,” I heard her moan. I looked over at her, continuing to stroke my rigid cock, not letting her break my concentration. “And what do you think you’re doing?” she asked me, still lightly running her hand over her intimate area.

“I’m jerking off,” I answered. “I told you I was going to.” I could tell by her expression that she thought I was kidding when I told her what I was about to do.

“I can see that,” said Larisa. “I meant with the video.” She walked over to my bed and sat on the corner, the towel riding up her legs as she did so.

“Oh. Well I wanted to use a tape of the most arousing woman I could think of. So I put in your movie.” Smooooth. Like Maverick in Top Gun. THAT’S RIGHT!!! Ice…(teeth click) I AM dangerous. I tell you, nothing puts a guy in the mood for slow motion volleyball more than Top Gun.

“But I play a girl that dies of cancer.” …Yeah. …How am I.

“… …But you have hard nips through most of it,” I responded, trying to cover my ass. I didn’t know if she was just kidding around with me or not.

“Oh. I see,” she said as she smiled. “Well, let me help you take care of that. Here. Move for a second.” Phew! Larisa took my seat on the bed, her back resting on the pillow against the wall. As she sat down, she loosened the knot in the towel, allowing her to get more comfortable. “Come sit here,” she said as she rubbed the area between her legs. I moved over, sitting in the middle of her two smooth, newly-shaven legs. “Lie back lover,” she whispered in my ear. “Watch the TV… and let me take care of you.”

Larisa moved her hand to my cock and gently wrapped her fingers around it. “Mmm. This is definitely better,” I said. I relaxed as I leaned against her, letting my arms hang down at my sides. She put her other hand on me from around my waist, moving them both up and down on my Charlie Brown as she kissed my neck. I was in Heaven. My girlfriend was giving me a handjob and telling me to watch her on the TV screen as she did so. It was so awesome to have Larisa as a significant other. How many other guys can say they had this happen to them?

“Spit in my hand baby,” said Larisa as she brought her hand up to my mouth. I did just that and she brought it back down to my rod and continued stroking, now having some natural lube. Her hands squeezed around my dick harder as she twisted them in a corkscrew fashion. I could hear the squishy sounds of the saliva on my dick as she slid her palms along the length of me. She stroked up and then turned her hand upside down, rubbing me that way a few times before resuming the standard batch method. I watched Larisa on the screen, lying in bed, rubbing her hands over her body, daydreaming about feeling the touch of a lover. At least, that’s how I interpreted it. “Yeah Matt. Keep watching me.” Larisa moved her left hand down and cupped my nuts, gently rolling them in her fingers.

“God Larissaa. It feels so good.” She could feel my penis twitch in her hands, signaling I was close to coming. The hands on my member moved up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder. She was driving me insane. I took the remote and skipped to the chapter where she was in the shower, looking to change up the visual stimulation.

“Uhnn. Uhh. Mmm,” she moaned in my ear, giving me some extra stimulation, some aural stimulation. “Are you going to come? Come for the girl on the screen. She’s thinking about you Matthew, thinking about feeling your hands all over her body. She’s fantasizing about your long… hard… cock, deep inside her wet virgin pussy.” I was going to lose it. Between this and Cheryl, I was about to nut all over the place. She sucked on my neck, running her wet tongue up and down on it, causing my body to shudder in her arms. Her hand and soft lips felt so good on me.

“Larisaaaa,” I moaned as I bucked my hips against her hands, fucking the vagina like object she made around my tool. My body shook as her hands jerked me off, moving up and down on my cock. Larisa put pressure on my shaft as she furiously masturbated me from behind. “I’m… I’m gonna come Larisa! Noowwww!!” My cock exploded in her hands. Warm salty sperm shot from my pee hole into the air. Stream after stream of thick ooze spewed into the sky, landing all over her hands, my cock, and my bed.

“Mmmm. Yes baby. Come for her. Be a good boy and come for her.” Larisa’s hands continued to travel up the length of my cock as she squeezed up towards the head, helping me shoot my load all over the place. She milked out the rest of my seed, using it as more lube as she continued with the handjob. “Mmm. That’s a good boy. …Such a good boy.”

“Aahhhh. Shit baby,” I moaned as my body slowly stopped trembling. “Mmmmm. Larisa,” I cooed as my head fell backwards onto Larisa’s shoulder. I turned it slightly, allowing her to kiss me easily. Her lips pressed against mine and we shared a soft and tender lip lock as the last bit of DNA was squeezed out of me. “Rissy…”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it baby.” I collapsed against her body, lying there with my eyes closed as her hands remained on my now soft cock. “You came a lot lover. It’s like you never came last night.” ‘Yeah,’ I thought. ‘There was a LOT of stimulation.’ She fondled me a little more as we lied there on the bed. She ran her thumb over my slick pee hole as she watched and I listened to the movie she starred in, the movie I watched as she jerked me off. As I lied there covered in my own jizz, I felt more and more uncomfortable as the cancer talk dominated the screen. I’m one sick puppy… but the nips man. The nips.


A few hours later, Larisa and I were hanging out in my room together. I was sitting in my beanbag chair playing my acoustic guitar. I craved a beanbag chair for two months before I got one. I enjoyed my friend’s so much because it was broken in like a nice whore. New beanbag chairs suck. How are you. Larisa was lying on my bed, listening to me play. She looked adorable. She was wearing a pair of those cotton short shorts with a word spelled out across the ass. I had bought her a pair that spelled out my college’s name, as a gift. Her legs went on for miles, distracting me as I played. She had her arm draped across her chest, slowly running her right hand over her stomach, grazing her skin with her fingers. She had such a peaceful look on her face, like an innocent child lying in a field of grass at a park. Her eyes were closed as a smile stretched from one side of her face to the other. She was perfectly content.

“That sounds really good Matt,” commented Larisa through her fully content expression. I was playing The Scientist by Coldplay, doing my best to sing along at the same time. Sing or hum, depending on if I knew the words. “It’s so relaxing.”

“Thanks hun.”

“Hey Matt…” said Larisa, hesitating as if trying to develop some idea in her head.


“…I don’t know,” she said as she thought about it some more. “Let’s do something.” She had only gotten in last night, but I’m sure she was anxious to go out and do something, Jersey style. Larisa wanted to get a feel for the area, to drive around, to go shopping. I’m sure she really wanted to meet my friends too. She kept asking about them whenever we talked on the phone. I did my best to tell her all about them, sending her pictures through email if I had any. She sprung up with a new burst of spirit. She shot up like a pop tart out of a toaster, startling me.

“What do you want to do?” I asked as I put my guitar away.

“I don’t know. Haha,” she laughed. “Let’s do anything,” she said as she leaned forward and grabber her feet, so she wouldn’t lose her balance and fall backwards.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Yeah, actually,” she said as she worked her fingers in between her toes, playing with them as we made plans. It was turning me on a little as I watched her.

“Want me to see if Gary and his girlfriend want to get something? You’ve been telling me you want to meet him. You’d probably like his girlfriend too.”

“Sure. Sounds like fun.” I took my cell phone and called my buddy up.

“Hey… Nothing… … …Nah… … …Haha. …What are you up to? … …You feel like goin to the diner? …Yeah. … …That’s fine. … … …Later.” Yeah. We have the type of relationship where we don’t need to say much. The “….” represents silence.

“He talks a lot?”

“No.” How are you. “He said him and his girlfriend will meet us at the diner in about a half hour. He’s trying to clean up his room so he can get air conditioning and new electrical wiring installed. When he finishes whatever he’s doing, he’s gonna pick her up.”

“Awesome. I really wanna meet him,” she said as she got up and looked for something more appropriate for a public place.

“Just remember. I throw the D a lot better.”

“Oh. Haha. Is that so?” she chuckled as she started to change. Good Boy – Still Good. Guaranteed three chuckles a reading session.

“Yes. It is. Don’t you start to like any of my friends,” I teased, half serious.

“Aww. Matt…” She walked over towards me and put her arms around my shoulders. “Matt. That won’t ever happen. I love you way too much.” She leaned her head close to mine and pressed her forehead against mine.


“Hey. Smile. Okay?” I looked into her eyes and felt more loved than I ever had before. I started to form a crude smile. “C’mon,” she said as a huge smile appeared on her face. “C’MONNNN.” I couldn’t help it anymore. I smiled back at her.

“…I love you too Riss.” I put my arms around her waist and held her against me. “Riss…”

“Yeah?” She asked as her head lay on my shoulder, her arms holding me dearly.

“You may want to put some pants on before we leave.” She stopped getting changed prematurely, like my ejaculations…NOT, to hug me.

“Yeah… I KNOW Matt,” she said sarcastically.

“I’m just looking out for you babe.”

“Hmmfff,” she said as she took a pair of jean shorts out of the dresser, pulling them up her legs. “So how come you’re so wary of me meeting your friends? I notice how you kinda change the subject a little whenever it came up on the phone.”

“Well… I had a girlfriend freshman year of college. Well. Sort of. We we’re getting there. Then, one of my friends from high school came to visit. She ended up liking him a lot more than me,” I told her as I changed my clothes as well. “I just don’t want that to happen to someone whom I’m more involved with. Especially someone I’m in love with.”

“Well. You don’t have to worry about that. I don’t think I could ever find someone who makes me happier than you do,” she said to me reassuringly as she adjusted her cute little baby blue shirt.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that,” I said as I pocketed my wallet and keys. “Ready?”

“Yeah. Just let me pee really quick,” said Larisa as we walked downstairs towards the bathroom.

“Sure. I’m gonna go too. Just make sure to spread your legs wide so I can fit my mule in their too.”

“MATT!” Larisa yelled half laughing with some disgust. “What the fuck? Hahaha.”

“It’ll save time. …C’mon. It’ll be fun. A funky adventure!”

“Hahaha. NO!” she laughed as she shut the bathroom door, locking me out. I waited a minute for her to finish and come out. “…MULE!?” She had never heard a penis referred to as a mule. O.B.V. (obviously) Finally the door opened and Larisa walked out.

“I was just trying to conserve water. Geez,” I said as she pushed by me, slapping my ass playfully in the process.

“Go. Take care of your …mule,” she said as she rolled her eyes. “You’re too much.”

“But you still love me!” I yelled from the bathroom.


I drove Larisa and myself to the diner me and Gary frequented. It was our hangout. If this were Saved by the Bell, the diner would be the Max. The diner… or Hooters if it was 2001. We had gone there after just about every concert we ever went to together. Sometimes in the summer, we’d go there four or five days in a row, ordering the same thing until the waitress just knew what to bring us without having to ask. Of course, being at school most of the year, they forgot what I always ordered. Cheeseburger deluxe well done and a coke no ice. It’s not hard. Would you trust anything else at a diner?

I looked around the small parking lot for Gary’s car, realizing we got there before him and his girlfriend Jenna. We walked into the diner and were led to our seats by the worker that’s there from opening to closing every day of the week. “After you,” I said to Larisa as I placed my hand on her lower back, allowing her to go first. We sat down at the same side of the booth, her going in first. The busboy whose been working there for at least eight years, as a busboy for eight years, gave us some menus and water. You’d think after eight fuckin years they’d promote him.

Larisa was looking over the menu for a minute before asking me, “What are you going to get?”

“Cheeseburger deluxe well done.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot.” She rolled her eyes and went back to the menu, looking for something to order.

“They’re here,” I said as I half-ass pointed to the window as they walked by. They saw us sitting there and started to walk over when they entered the diner. “And what’s with the rolling of the eyes?”

“Nothing,” she mumbled as she studied the menu, appearing as if she was ignoring me.

“No, tell me,” I replied.

“You should try something different once in a while. Variety is the spice of life,” she said.

“I got the chicken fingers once. But that was a bad experience.” The night was, not the food. The night where Gary and I got ditched by Mike Fehnel, the kid with the broken Linkin Park condom from part one of this story series.

“Sup bro,” said Gary as they got to our table.

“Hey Matt,” said Jenna as she sat down after Gary.

“Hey guys. This is Larisa. Larisa, Gary, Jenna. Jenna’s the one with the breasts.” They all just looked at me in unison as I kept a straight face, downplaying the whole thing. Gary laughed first, joined a few seconds later by the women.

“Hi. Nice to meet you both. Matt’s told me so much about you.”

“Oh really,” said Jenna as she opened the menu.

“Good things. Don’t worry. Gary, we’ve talked before,” she added.

“Yeah. What’s up?”

“You talked to her before?” his girlfriend asked. The professional busboy came back with more water, silverware, and place settings for the two new arrivals.

“Yeah. Online once.” I don’t think he told her he gave Larisa some ideas for sexual stuff she could do for me. I.E. read part one of the series. Pivotal… plot… points.

The waitress came by and asked us if we were all ready. She looked at Gary and nodded, knowing what he was going to get. Hamburger deluxe well done and a coke no ice. I ordered the usual, Larisa the same, and Jen a lemonade and a baked ziti. After we ordered, Larisa excused herself to go to the bathroom. “Oh, Gar. You do realize that you can’t batch to her anymore, right? Her being my girlfriend now.”

“HA! Come on bro,” he joked. “…Dude she’s so hot in person,” he said, getting serious.

“Yeah. How are you,” I replied.

“Poop, do you beat your meat to her?” Jen asked her boyfriend. Poop was her nickname for him. They also had this other little thing where he growled at her like a dog. Ruffff. I don’t know. You’d have to ask them.

“Not anymore. Thanks. Haha,” he said to answer both our questions.

“You two look so cute together,” said Jen as she peered around the establishment, as if she was looking for someone else.

“Thanks,” I replied. “It’s because we still have passion. I’m sure one day you two will get it back.”

“Hey!” yelled Jen as she tried to kick me under the table. “There’s STILL passion.”

“Yeah, but it’s going this way,” I said as I moved my hand back and forth between the two of us.

Larisa came back to the table and I stood up to let her get back to her seat. “So. How do you and Gary know each other?” she asked, wanting to learn more about one of my better friends.

“Well. We met in high school the first day. But, apparently, we played baseball on the same team at the Boys Club when we were little. Our parents were friends from back in the day, and from baseball, so when we both decided on going to the same school, they introduced us again. ‘You remember Gary right?’ No. ‘You remember Matt, right?’ No.” I swear to God I had no idea who he was. I couldn’t have picked this kid out in a line up… in a good way though. But when you’re the only kid from your grammar school in a new high school, you’re gonna run to the first kid you sorta know. You have to look like you know someone. You don’t wanna look like a loser.

“So at lunch, I see him standing there alone and I walked over to him.” And it’s safer in numbers. “We became friends right there,” I concluded, “for the second time.”

“So do you have a lot in common?” asked Larisa. She sort of knew the answer already, but just wanted to make conversation.

“Yeah. Pretty much,” I said.

“Dude, it’s so freaky how alike we are. We like the same clothes, music, bands, video games,” added Gary to Larisa. He called everyone dude, even his mother. And boy did my mom get pissed when I started calling her dude.

“And porn,” said Larisa. We all looked at each other silently, like ‘what the hell just happened here.’ So they just heard Larisa Oleynik talking about porn at a diner. They’ll be sure to remember this day for the rest of their lives.

“These two. They’re like friggen Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,” said Jen.

“Yep. Dude, Teen Wolf or Teen Wolf Too?” I asked him.

“Dude. Too. Come on.” There really was no question about it.

“I don’t know how you two idiots like that movie,” said Jen. “Poop made me watch it at his house the other night. I fell asleep it was so boring.”

“How can you not like Teen Wolf Too??” I asked. “It’s got the song! …When they got the studying and having sex montage.”

“Ooooohh!” said Larisa, getting excited. “I love that song!”

“Isn’t it the best part of the movie?” asked Gary. We both said yes in unison.

“How do you not like that movie?” my girl asked Jenna. “Next you’re going to say Rocky IV wasn’t the best one.” And I didn’t even tell her to say that! I LOVED this woman.

“You know what. You two really are perfect for each other.” We all had a good laugh as we sat there, continuing to make small talk. And by far, Rocky IV was the best one.

The food came and we ate, talking and having my friends get to know my girlfriend. They liked her as far as I could tell. They all got along well, which was good. There’s nothing worse than when your friends dislike your significant other. It brings so much tension on the friendship. Then when you get married, it’s weird between you and your friend. No one wants that.

We all finished eating and just hung out at the table, continuing the conversation. Larisa leaned into me and I put my arm around her shoulder. She rested against me, full from the burger. I leaned my head against hers as I rubbed her upper left arm. “Dude. I didn’t tell you. I’m going to see Avril. Larisa got me and her front row seats AND backstage passes.”

“That’s awesome. She’s so hot,” he replied as he picked at his fries.

“Yeah man,” I concurred.

“Ughhh,” said Jenna. Obviously she didn’t agree. “She’s ugly. I don’t know what you two see in her.”

“She’s hot and she’s a punk slut,” he told her. Yeah. So by the way, we’re all really comfortable with each other by this point. So this dialogue isn’t at all shocking or offensive to any of us.

“Hell yeah dude,” I said. “And I don’t know why you’re saying she’s ugly. You copied her hairstyle.”


“You’re highlights. Same as hers,” I said as I pointed at her hair. So if I forgot to mention what Jenna looks like, she’s about… yay high and has hair like Avril Lavigne.

“Does she really have the same hair as me?” she asked Gary, looking for someone that wouldn’t lie to her about it. He said the same thing as me.

“I’ve been getting these for years,” she argued in defense of her highlights.

“Yeah, well. She had them first. By the way, Gary said next time you two… you know… (insert an interlocking fingers hand gesture to signify sex), he wants you to wear a neck tie… and spiked wrist bracelets.” Gary just looked at me, silently laughing. I always like to bust his balls and embarrass him with something. It was all good clean fun and they enjoyed it. And I got to practice my improv. I usually made Jen cry from laughing at least once every time we all hung out. Sometimes I’d get him to tear up like a little bitch too.

“Poop! Did you!?” she asked Gary, laughing mostly at the hand gesture. Larisa was laughing at the drama I had just caused. I could tell she was having a good time. Gary just shrugged his shoulders, looked at me, and laughed. It was like the time I told her the next time she and Gary spooned, and he had his arm around her, he was going to roll over and say “My turn.” “Ugghhn,” she said as she pinched his nipple really hard.

“I didn’t!” he managed to get out.

“Yeah right. And he wanted you to pull your hair over your face too. And call him your skater boy.” She looked at him in disbelief and attacked his nips again. This time he was more prepared and pushed Jen’s hands away as she tried to engage him in nipple combat.

“Hahaha,” laughed Larisa. “You guys are all crazy.” We all talked for a few more minutes before paying the check and leaving the diner. I didn’t want to overdo it with the dirty nasty humor. The last thing I needed was to shock Larisa and have her change her feelings about me… thinking I’m disgusting and weird. I didn’t want to immediately break out the pedophilia jokes. You know what I’m saying. You have to ease into something like that.


We all walked outside to our cars and said our final goodbyes. “It was so nice meeting you both,” said Larisa to my two friends. “We should definitely do this again.”

“Yeah,” said Jen. “We all need to hang out more.” She was always trying to get me and Gary to hang out more, normally telling one of us to call the other one and initiate something.

“Dude what are you two doing later?” he asked me.

“Nothing as far as I know,” I said, looking at Larisa. She gave no hint of any prearranged plans.

“Maybe later we can do something. I gotta finish doing some shit in my room first.” As I said before, he had the fun task of cleaning out his attic room so it can get rewired for an air conditioner. The kid’s room was a sweatbox. You’d expect to see a few little Spanish kids sewing soccer balls in there it was so damn hot. I knew exactly what his pain was. I had only gotten an air conditioner up in my room a few years before. Sometimes you thought, ‘This is why I don’t have a gun. Because I’d just put one in my head to get away from this f ‘in heat.’ And the other fun part about his cleaning task was that his room, like mine, had closets filled with all sorts of shit that didn’t belong to him. Our parents treat our attic rooms as a regular attic, storing miscellaneous shit in our closets like no one lived up there. What did I tell you? We’re fucking twins… except I have a longer shlong. Speculating of course. Much to Jenna’s dismay, me and him didn’t sit around comparing dick sizes. She claimed it would be normal to do so.

“Yeah sure. I’ll give you a call later and we’ll see what’s what,” I told him.

“Cool. Okay bro, we’re gonna get going. Nice meeting you Larisa.”

“You too. You too Jenna.”

“Bye Matt, bye Larisa,” she said. She fiddled with her clothes as Gary got in the car.

“Get in the damn car!” he yelled at her, half joking.

“Oh keep ya pants on ya bastahd,” she yelled back… her New York accent slipping back in. The thing came and went like athletes foot. I can’t explain it. She wasn’t even from New York, but from a city in New Jersey right across the river. I guess the accent travels over water too.

“You wanna clean my room?”


“Then get in the damn car!” So much love there. I guess I was wrong about the passion being gone. He was pissed off because he had to go back to cleaning.

“Dude. Try not to have another heart attack,” I joked. He thinks he might have already had one… at twenty-one years old.

“OH! Matt,” Jenna yelled. “I forgot to ask. How did you two meet?” Gary hadn’t told her how, I gathered. I looked at Gary and gave him a look.

“Well…” Gary knew by my expression that this was going to be good, so he got out of the car. “It was the craziest night of my life. I got stood up on a date, bought a hooker, and met Larisa all in the same night.”

“What?!!!” she exclaimed in complete shock as she looked at me and my girl. “You got a hooker???” Here goes…

“Yeah, but I got no damn kiss on the mouth though. That just kills it.”

“Are you serious??” she said. She half believed me. After all, not all my crazy stories were fabricated. Gary shook his head and just laughed. Larisa stood there and tried to contain herself. Jen looked over at her boyfriend in utter disbelief, hey eyes wide open. He just shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

“Why did u get a hooker??? And why does that kill it?” she asked.

“Well, because you wanna at least pretend like she’s your regular girlfriend.”

“Haha. I don’t believe you.”

“Fine. Believe what you want,” I said sarcastically as I turned to walk away.

“No! Wait! Fine. I believe you.” She desperately wanted to hear more. She needed to hear more to decide if I was fibbing. “She didn’t kiss you?”

“No. But… she did toss me off in the back door region. So it’s sorta like she was my girlfriend.” I couldn’t believe she was buying this at all. “So that was fun.”

“Matt. Stop. You’re kidding right?” She had no idea. I kept my straight face on and Gary looked like he couldn’t care less, as if he heard the story before. She looked around at everyone. “Was she old and ugly?”

“No, not too ugly. And at least she was young, about twenty-two I’d say. But you really don’t care about her face when you’re both doing lines of coke off a toilet seat.” It’s a gift. It’s like… like I just can’t control it. “She was about my age… so she said. She coulda been fifteen. I don’t really care.”

“COKE!? You did coke???”

“What are you? A cop? …With all these questions.”

“…What did she look like?” Jenna asked, now believing me a little more, not about the coke, but the hooker.

“Well, she was about five foot seven… my height. Probably like ninety to a hundred pounds. Skinny. Probably does crack or something a lot.”

“Crack head huh?”

“That’d be my bet. But you know. That comes with the profession. She had blonde hair… and no hair down there.” I looked down at my shoes as I kicked a few loose pebbles in the lot. I was totally relaxed. “OH. And a few tattoos which I dug in a big, big way.”

“Well that’s good. At least she turned you on. So you had sex with her?”

“Yeah. It was an extra twenty dollars to go no condom, but I was like you know what… I got the money. That’s not the issue. But I’d… I’d just rather not with my luck.”

“Oh my GOD!!! Larisa and you’re okay with this?!”

“Well… we’re both swingers. I’m used to him being with other people. And I mean he used a condom too,” answered Larisa. “…But he met me after this. So I can’t be pissed at him.” I LOVE THIS WOMAN! She definitely got huge bonus points for playing along that well. She even contributed. Gary almost pissed his pants he was silently laughing so hard. He was standing behind his girlfriend, who was totally buying this, trying not to make any noise to kill the flow and make her realize this was all a bit. She was incredibly shocked. I thought her head might explode if we didn’t stop.

“Poop. Did you know Matt’s a swinger?!”

“Yeah,” Gary responded.

“And you never told me!?” She was pissed now, flailing her arms as she fired away question after question.

“It never came up.”

“POOP! You’re supposed to tell me these things!” she yelled at him. “Geez… So did she let you eat it??” she asked me, resuming our conversation.

“Just straight sex. There was a little hummer to prep me. Then she tussled my ass.” Maybe you prefer tossed my salad? “HAVIN YOUR SALAD TOSSED… MEANS HAVIN YOUR ASSHOLE EATEN OUT… WITH EITHER A JELLY OR SYRUP. I PREFER SYRUP,” as Chris Rock so eloquently put it.

“Tussled my ass. Haha,” she laughed, snorting like a baby pig. She usually did the little piggy snort when she laughed really hard. She laughed and snorted, then paused, trying to regain her composure. She started laughing again, not able to get serious. “Hahaha.”

“And she used the hand.”

“The hand?” she asked. “She put her hand in your ass!?”

“Yeah, she fisted my ass… because I’m sooo loose back there. No! A handjob you fucking pervert.” She looked like she was going to hit me. The nerve of ME calling HER a pervert raced through her head. “As she worked the back… a little rusty trombone action.”

“Oooh. Was that your first?” she asked. I wasn’t sure if she meant sexual experience or sexual experience with a hooker.

“Hooker… no.” Let’s go with hooker. “I was too scared the first time so I pussed out.”


“I don’t know. A few times. Every New Years Eve for the last few years.”

“What!? No, no, no. You were with us last New Years Eve,” she said, trying to catch me in a lie. Matt be nimble, Matt be quick, Matt… fuck Larisa’s twat with a candle stick…

“Last year I didn’t. I didn’t have enough money at home. The Christmas cash was already in the bank.” I paused for a second, trying to come up with anything. “Look… I know this may sound OLD FASHIONED… okay? Every New Years Eve, I get two hookers, some coke, and a bottle of Jack.”

“No you don’t.”

“You really want to doubt me?” I gave her a hard stone-cold look.

“…No.” Wuss.

“So… Yeah. Funny story about the New Years Eve the year before the party with you two,” I started. I couldn’t stop. I had to keep going fast to make it sound realistic. “So we’re in their house… This is so old fashioned… and I’m doin rails off their asses. And I know. Yes. It’s old fashioned. So we’re getting fucked up before the ball drops, getting ready to have sex.”

“And how’s this a funny story???” she asked angrily.

“Well… One of them died. So, I’m running down the street with my pants down, trying to yank them up. It was so funny.”

“… … … … …,” said all of them. Gary and Larisa were staring at each other in just total fucking disbelief. They were beyond laughing. They stared in amazement like they just saw a UFO. Jen just stood there, dazed and confused.

“But yeah. So that night wasn’t my first time with a hooker.”

“Oh… … …So how long did u last?” Jenna asked, getting back into the story. She could not even process what I was telling her as I bombarded her with material after material, nonstop.

“The first time, like a half hour. The second time, about ten minutes. She doesn’t have all day, you know… so we kinda had to rush it. It was only forty-five minutes per ‘visit.'”

“Where did u do this?” she asked me. Larisa and Gary just stood there masking their disbelief. It’s not every day you witness comedic genius and improvisation at this high up a level.

“There’s a place a few towns over… in ________.” I don’t know how many female stalkers there are out there. I wouldn’t want to have too many girls hunt me down by me giving away my general location.

“It’s off River Road. That’s the last place you’d think, right?” I apologize in advance. “She wasn’t a Jew though. I’ll tell you that much.” Not too far in advance, however. “Not by the way she sucked it.” The town this fake event took place in had a very large Jewish population.

“How did you hear about this?” She was more interested in this than Barbara Walters with Monica Lewinsky.

“My friend from grammar school told me about it,” I explained. “Two hundred bucks for forty-five minutes.”


“And I figured… Stilettos’ champagne room, the local gentleman’s club, that’s two hundred plus a tip for like ten minutes. It’s just not worth it when you compare.”

“Well, there you go… You did it in your car?” she asked me.

“No,” I said outright.


“… …” The silence confused her. She looked at me as if she just offended me, so I played along. “…There was a room. The coke Jen. On the toilet seat. How many cars have toilet seats? Please, keep up.” The suspense was killing her. “The only regret was that I didn’t bust in her mouth and make her deal with the humiliation of her running to the toilet to throw up. Then, having to deal with her mouth smelling like bleach for the whole car ride home.” Everyone there broke up in hysterical contagious laughter, especially Gary, who found the same things as me funny. Again, twins.

“HAHA!” laughed Gary and Larisa in unison. Jenna just stood there like :O before joining in the laughter.

“OH MY GOD!” Jenna yelled. “That’s it poop! We’re going home!”

“That’s your cue to exit?” I asked.

“Yes. That’s my cue to exit,” she said as she walked away from me incredibly pissed off. She wasn’t offended, just confused and in disbelief. Gary just laughed his ass off on the way back to the car.

“You don’t even wanna hear how we met?” I yelled as they walked away, grabbing Larisa and pulling her close to me.

“Next time!” she yelled back from across the lot.

We waved them off as they finally drove away, then walked a few feet over to my car and got in. “Matt. I have to be totally honest with you.” Uh oh. This could be bad. “That’s some of the best acting I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how you, A, came up with that so quickly, and B, kept a straight face. You’re seriously gifted,” she complimented me. “You never wanted to take up acting?”

“I get stage fright. You know that.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot,” she said.

“And props to you for kicking in with the swinger joke. Good stuff.” I was so proud of her. “I’m proud of you. You stepped it up.”

“Thanks. I was inspired. Haha. I’m seriously having my doubts about which one of us is the better actress.”

“…You mean actor.” I said.

“Whatever rows your boat,” she sarcastically and playfully said.

“Don’t go thinking you’re as funny as me. You better take a humor refresher course next semester. A 101 class. ‘Intro to Joke Telling.'” Well… It was funny my freshman year.

“Wise ass,” she said as she scrunched up her nose and made a mean snarling face at me.

“You’re only going to turn me on more with that face,” I said as I put my arm around her. We sat together in the car like that for a minute or two.


“Yeah hun?”

“That’s all just BS right?” she asked, seeming concerned, looking down at her lap, fiddling with her fingers.

“Yeah. I’d never get a hooker.”

“No… I mean about the drugs.” Sigh. “Have you ever done that?”

“…” I looked at her. “Do you really want to know?” I asked, basically revealing my answer.

“Yeah. I do,” she said softly, glancing towards me, her head still leaning downward. Her soft hair fell over the right side of her face.

“…I have done it. Just once though. It was a long time ago.” I was lying to her. I had done it more than once. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her. There were just some demons that I didn’t feel comfortable bringing out of the closet yet.

“Really?” She was definitely concerned now.

“Yes. I just wanted to see what it was like. That’s all. I was tired of being a good boy, listening to what everyone told me about it. All the bad stuff. I just wanted to see for myself… to make my own judgments about it.” My improv for the day wasn’t over with, apparently. I was going through a rough time with some stuff. This girl suggested I try it. I did. And it did help me with the problem I was trying to get over. It helped me to forget. After a while, I was scared to keep using. I felt I would start to become addicted and I didn’t want that. And there was the money too.

“I see.”

“Have you ever done drugs?” I asked her.

“Yeah. I mean, just weed. Nothing serious like coke. I did ecstasy once. I know I’m the ‘good girl’, but I’m not trying to be the poster child for D.A.R.E.”

“I know. …Riss, I’m done with that stuff. I have been for a while. You have nothing to worry about.” Cocaine’s a hell of a drug! Haha! I’m Rick James bitch! Lucky for me, coke’s not a cheap hobby… so there that went.

“Okay. I’m… I just worry about you. That’s all. I’ve seen that stuff totally mess up people, and I don’t want that to happen to you. I love you too much.”

“Riss… C’mere,” I said as I pulled her towards me and hugged her. “It’s over. You have nothing to worry about. I promise,” I whispered into her ear. “I promise.”

“Okay,” she replied. She squeezed me tightly, holding on for a few seconds before letting go. We sat in silence. I just lied to her, again. Not telling her the real reason was a judgment call I made on the spot. I didn’t want her to know about my messed up past. It was over with and ancient history. I kept telling myself that she didn’t need to know. Larisa looked straight ahead, obviously thinking about our conversation. … …Cocaine’s a hell of a drug! I had to break the silence.

“So what did you think of them,” I asked Larisa.

“I really like them. They seem like a lot of fun. Do you always bust their balls like that?” she asked me as she put her seatbelt on.

“Yeah. I went easy on Gary today. It was Jenna’s turn. I’m glad you liked them though. I know they liked you. I could tell.”

“Good. I’m glad.” I started the car and began driving home. I turned on the radio and started to think about lying to her. I HATED having to lie to her. There was nothing I could do about it now. And I thought it was for the best. After a minute, I switched over to thinking about the whole Larisa meeting my friends thing. ‘So that situation could have been like watching a giant abortion, with a rusty coat hanger.’ Luckily all of us got along, so that bomb was diffused. I could only wonder about what else had the possibility of going wrong in the next few days. You know. Because I still haven’t got yelled at by my parents in front of her yet. I don’t want to count that out too soon.


When Larisa and I returned home, I saw my dad’s car in the driveway. He had gotten back from his business trip when we were at the diner. It looked like Larisa was about to meet the last member of my family. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. No. Seriously. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. As we went inside, the only thing I could think was, ‘Please have pants on and don’t be farting.’ The men in my family preferred to walk around in our underwear and fart till our heart’s content. It’s all fine and dandy until someone loses an eye or brings their celebrity girlfriend home to a stinky and funky smelling half-naked house. And by the men in my family, I mean me and my dad.

“Where’s dad?” I asked my mom as we walked into the kitchen.

“He’s upstairs in his office.” Yeah. Office / my room.

“Okay…” My mom reassured me with the ‘Yes. I told him have pants on.’ look. With that confidence builder, we made our way up to my room so Larisa could meet my dad.

“Hey dad,” I said as I went up to him and gave him a hug. “When did you get back?”

“Hey pal. About fifteen minutes ago. What’s new?” Larisa stood behind me, out of the way for the few seconds we talked.

“Nothing really. Um. I want you to meet Larisa. Larisa, my dad,” I said as I motioned for her to come into my dad’s office. “Hi Mr…”

“Call me Rich. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Same here,” she said. “I love your house.”

“Thanks. Make sure Matt doesn’t destroy it when we’re away.” YO! WHAT THE FUCK!? I looked for a black cat walking around the upstairs because I was getting deja vou. Matrix style. My mom just said the same thing last night. It’s so comforting to know they’re so confident in my ability to run things.

We all made small talk for a few minutes, letting my dad and girlfriend get a feel for one another’s personality. Again, like with my mom and sister, they seemed to hit it off. My dad told us he had to go grab a shower and take my mom to Costco, a wholesale club. Maybe you prefer Price Club or BJ’s. …I know I would refer a BJ.

“Let’s watch a movie Matt. Do you want to?” Larisa asked. I sensed she was tired since dinner at the diner. She had been leaning on me like she was exhausted after we finished eating. Sometimes a good meal will do that to you; put you right to sleep. Just like a good meal of Jack Daniels and pain killers. Hey, that don’t make you a bad person.

“Yeah sure. Which one?”

“I don’t care as long as I’m not in it. Haha.” She changed back into her thin little red short shorts and sat down on my bed. I got my CD wallet and sat down next to her.

“Okay. Let’s find something to watch.” We shuffled through the pages, finally settling on Crazy/Beautiful. Kirsten Dunst and Taryn Manning as drugged out sluts. How can you go wrong. Man, how many times I batched to those two lezzin it out in my head. And how many nights I spent driving around the local high schools, pinching my shaft, looking for two sluts and a good time. I put the DVD in my computer and turned the monitor around to face us. My TV was in a weird position to watch from the bed, especially with two people. I never really used the TV unless I was at my desk watching it while doing something else. My shoebox of a room was horrible for entertaining. It was small, awkward, and I hated it more than Bush getting reelected.

Larisa turned up the air conditioner and lied back on my bed, sliding under the covers. “Come here,” she said to me as she held the edge of the blanket up, wanting me to get under it as well. I kicked off my cargo shorts and socks and crawled underneath the covers, now wearing only boxers and a shirt. Larisa immediately wrapped her arms around me. She cuddled with me, her head on my shoulder, her arm sprung across my chest. I held her close to me as I leaned my head against hers. Whenever I held her, I realized just how much I was in love with her. Holding her in my arms just felt so right. I realized that she really didn’t care what movie we put on. She just wanted something, and someone, to doze off to. I felt her feet pushing against mine, trying to help them stay warm. “I like the cold air blowing on us and you keeping me warm,” she said as she curled up tighter next to me, as if I was a giant teddy bear. “Matty…”


“I love you.”

“I love you too Riss.” She no longer looked at the movie playing on my monitor, but now looked at my face, resting her head on my chest like I was a pillow. “I’m sleepy.”

“Me too. Let’s take a nap.” I was a bit tired too. I got up crazy early to go to work, and lying down after eating dinner at the diner was making me tired. Maybe the busboy was pissed off he never got a promotion, so he slipped us all mickeys. I’m not going to rule it out.

“Mmmkay,” whispered Larisa. She was already drifting off to sleep. I leaned down and kissed her head. My hand stroked her arm up and down as I cradled her in mine, snuggling together underneath the warmth of the blanket. Her skin was so soft and her hair smelled so sweet. “Goodnight,” she managed to get out before falling asleep.

Thoughts raced through my head as I held the woman I loved, negative self-destructive thoughts. After all I was a hardcore pessimist. The glass isn’t half empty. It’s a paper cup that’s wearing thin from moisture. I couldn’t help but wonder if all the happiness I was feeling was going to abruptly end. ‘In the long run, could I make her as happy as she makes me?’ I thought to myself. I mean, I was an average guy and she was a stunningly beautiful Hollywood star. What did I have to offer her? I’m younger than her and live with my parents. I don’t have a decent job. I just didn’t want to fall hopelessly in love with her only to get hurt in a most devastating way.

More importantly, I didn’t want to disappoint her. She fell in love with me and I’d hate for her to start to see me as something else, something she couldn’t love anymore. The last thing I wanted to do was make her unhappy or sad. These negative thoughts and feelings of paranoia raced through my head as I tried to go to sleep. I looked down at the angel before me and felt terrified.

I lied there for a few minutes before she rolled over, allowing me to get up without waking her. What does one do when they’re feeling down and upset? They hit the bottle. And that’s exactly what I did. A little self-medicating if you will. I had brought home some Jagermeister from school that I never finished. I went down to the freezer and popped the sucker open and started drowning my sorrows. I sat at my computer and drank, listening to music through my headphones, trying to bury these feelings deep down inside me where they couldn’t do any more damage.


I had been drinking for a good hour before I got so bored I tired myself out. I was incredibly drunk and just wanted to pass out. First, I definitely had to take a piss. Normally, I would just take out the empty soda bottle because, really, who’s got the time to keep going downstairs. I used to piss on a bottle and then dump it out the skylight. Pee WILL stain a roof… FYI. It will also stain the side of a house when the wind catches it. I can never win. Anyway, I did have company, so I held back. I stumbled downstairs and made my way to the bathroom. My mom was in the living room reading a book, seeing me in a less than acceptable condition. “You’re drunk,” she said.

“Yeah. So what?” I asked. I’m doing my best to provide drunken dialogue, so bear with it.

“You better not think you’re going out anywhere after this!” she said. I looked at my watch and saw it was a little after 10 P.M. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy early.

“Noo. I’m jst going to slepe.”

“Was Larisa drinking?” she asked me.

“No sshe fell slepop an hous ago,” I slurred back. She just shook her head and went back to her book, not wanting to argue with a drunk. I wouldn’t blame her. I hated drunk people, with their loudness and stupid jokes and their hooking up with everyone besides me… because I’m the nice guy. However, she wasn’t going to let me do anything stupid. I went to the bathroom and sat down to piss like a girl. I in no way felt like cleaning up any urine that missed the hole or splattered on the seat. What I wouldn’t give for a urinal in my house. I finished taking the longest piss of my life and headed back upstairs. “Nigt. Love,” I said to my mom as I ascended the stairs.

“Goodnight. Love,” she said back. I turned off my monitor and gently climbed back, EG stumbled, into bed with Larisa. I didn’t make enough of a commotion to wake her, only enough to cause her to roll over and shift positions. The more than decent amount of alcohol I consumed did the job of making me feel a little better. Sleeping lubricant as Lee once called it. I was pretty hammered, sloshed, drunk, shit-faced… whatever you like to call it. I soon drifted off to sleep next to my girlfriend.


Valerie turned and began to slowly walk towards me, shaking her ass as she approached. I immediately tensed up and got nervous. It’s not like I never had a girl sip my D and play with my yambag before, but it somehow felt a little uncomfortable with Larisa not directly participating. I didn’t want to look like I enjoyed her more than I did Larisa.

I lied back on her bed, resting my hands on her beige-colored comforter to hold myself up. My cock was about to explode out of my pants. Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t rip a hole through the material. Val got in front of me and brought her hands to the sides of my face, holding them there as she winked at me. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips vigorously. She started to crawl on top of me as we kissed, her weight causing me to collapse down onto the bed, trapped underneath her. She had her legs on either side of me, grinding against my rock hard prick as she kissed me harder. The tip of my rod was sticking up through the hole in the front of my boxers, now finally free from its constraint, pushing out more and more as she moved her body against me provocatively. Her tongue forcefully slid past my lips as we made out. I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her harder against me. Now, I was no longer nervous about Larisa, being totally focused on the moment at hand. I slid my hands down the length of Val’s short skirt and tugged it up her legs. I ran my hands over her bare ass cheeks, finding she was wearing a thong.

“Mmmm Matt,” she moaned in between kisses. “I told you,” she whispered into my mouth. “I would have you.”

“Uhh huhh,” I responded as I stuck my thumbs in the sides of her thong, trying to pull it down. Maybe I could swipe it when they’re not looking. You know… as a souvenir. As I did this, Val pushed her semi-bear crotch down against my huge pole.

“VAL!” yelled Larisa. “Don’t fuck him!” She saw that my penis was exposed and Val’s panties were coming off. She could also see how my dick could accidentally slip inside her cousin’s slutty pussy as we grinded our special regions together. Instead of blowing up my spot, she said something to Val as a way to warn me. I could take a hint. I stopped pulling Val’s thong off and Val just paused for a second, as a way to show she understood. She began to slide down my body, rubbing my chest and stomach as she slid off me like a slippery snake.

“This is so hot,” I mumbled out loud. “So f’in hot.” Val kneeled down on the carpeted floor in front of the bed, between my legs. She took her hands and began rubbing my area that was still covered by my boxers, working and teasing the region around my dick, including my balls. She rubbed her fingertips over my nuts, gently taking hold of them, cupping and massaging them. I grabbed the two pillows from the head of her bed and shoved them under my head, allowing me to see what was going on down below without straining my neck.

“Is that better Matthew?” asked Larisa from across the room. She had a perfect viewing angle from here she was on the desk, behind Val, a little off to the side.

“Mmmm… yeah.” Larisa had her legs spread as she sat there, leaning back against the wall. Her hand was on her pussy, rubbing the outside of her slit up and down with one finger. She didn’t have it all the way in, but rather only the tip, teasing herself as the fun was about to begin. Val caught my attention again, taking hold of my shaft and pulling me completely out of my underwear, balls and all. Her hand slowly rubbed me up and down. It felt so good. This whole situation was so fucking sexy. Larisa was such a wonderful generous girlfriend with a hot family that felt a touch incest was best.

“Good. I want you to enjoy this. I know Val does too. Isn’t that right Valerie?” All Val could do was mumble in agreement as she took the tip of my cock and slid her lips around it, sucking on it. Her lips were pulling at the lip of my head, tugging at me. Her tongue flicked across my pee hole as she lubed up my cock with her spit. The pleasure was amazing. The whole time she tongued me, her fingers were playing with my balls, slapping them back and forth playfully, her eyes not breaking contact with mine. She really knew how to work every part that needed attending to. I ran my hand through her soft brown hair and placed it on the top of her head, not forcing her to do anything, just showing some affection.

Larisa stared at us intently as she played with herself. She unbuttoned one or two buttons of her white blouse and had her free hand inside it, caressing her breast as her finger traveled inside her love canal. She ran it back and forth like the paddle of a gondola. Val’s mouth lessened the amount of suction it was producing and her lips relaxed as she took more and more of me in her warm mouth. Her eyes focused on mine as she stared at me sexily, hungry for my cum. “That’s it baby. Just like that,” I whispered as I slightly put pressure on Val’s head, pushing her deeper onto my throbbing dick. Before I knew it, she had taken all seven and a half inches down her throat.

“Gauuhhgggg. Cough.” Val was choking on my dick. He face turned a shade of red as she gasped for air, trying not to pull away from me.

“I’m sorry baby,” I said as I stopped pinching her nose closed. “I just couldn’t resist.” Oops. What a faux pas. Pronounced fo-pah. Again, I don’t know if it’s used right but it sure sounds good. What can I said. She was a little whore… and she didn’t really object as I went for her nose. I just saw Larisa giggle as she realized what I was doing to her.

“Matty, be a good boy,” said Larisa from across the room. She winked as she said it, still going to town on herself. Val took her mouth off my cock and moved around on the floor. After a second, I realized she was removing her thong.

“Here you go baby,” she said as she tossed them to me. “Those are for you. See how wet you’ve made me baby?” Before I could answer, she slammed her head down onto me, her throat now accustomed to the monster she was working with. Her head bobbed up and down on me faster and faster, twisting side to side. She really knew how to suck a mean dick. “Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.” The only noises coming from this room were the sucking noises of Val’s mouth and the saliva on my cock, and the moaning from me and Larisa, the voyeur.

I took Val’s black thong and brought it to my face, taking a deep breath. Her juices smelled sweet and they tasted even sweeter. I held them over my mouth and nose for a few seconds, taking in a few deep breaths. Larisa smiled wickedly as she saw me getting a little kinky. “Oh shit Val… That feels sooo fucking good.” I brought my hand back to her head and guided it as she sucked me for all she was worth. As much as I wanted Val, wanting her to suck my cock, wanting to fuck her, she wanted it even more. She was living a dream right here. This was what she craved from the first story Larisa told her about my manhood and sex with me.

“Mmmghhmm,” Val responded. She had about two to three inches of me in her mouth, sucking it like a high-pressure vacuum as her right hand jacked me off fast and hard. ‘Oh FUCK,’ I thought. Her other hand was traveling up my stomach underneath my shirt. I felt her nails digging into my skin as she felt up my abs. “Oh FUCK Val… Keep sucking… Uh, God. Just like that.”


I know what you’re thinking. Again, with the dream. All I can say is, “THANK YOU JAGERMEISTER!!! DREAMING LUBRICANT” The next morning I woke up to Larisa watching me sleep. She was wide-awake and had a nice grin on her face. Apparently she saw my morning wood poking from my boxers… the aftermath of a sexy dream.

“Hmmnnm,” I mumbled as I rubbed my eyes, deciding to keep them closed but trying to stay awake. “What time is it?”

“Morning love,” she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. “It’s noon.”

“Go back to sleep,” I told her. The slight nausea I felt in my stomach told me that I definitely wasn’t ready to start my day.

“I’ve been up for a bit, watching you sleep Bedtime Bear.”

“…Bed what?” Nigga, what the fuck…??? I was still half asleep and hadn’t decided if I was hung over or not, but the scales favored hangover.

“Bedtime Bear. Remember? One of the Care Bears?” Larisa asked.

“Vaguely,” I mumbled, giving it about zero thought. No fucking clue. I had such a headache and felt the urge to take a leak.

“He’s the one that slept a lot. You slept for so long, just like Bedtime Bear.” Yeah. Okay. Enough with the fucking bears.

“That’s cute Riss. I like it.” It was pretty stupid but I wanted to play nice. I’d have to do some Internet research to give her a Care Bear nickname as well. Like I remembered any specific Care Bears. I just remembered that movie with the gay kid in short shorts that turned evil at the summer camp. The Care Bears and the fake Care Bear Cousin animals saved the day. Such a homo show.

Larisa stroked the side of my face with the back of her hand as she stared at me lovingly. I finally opened my eyes and blinked for a minute, trying to focus them. “What time did you fall asleep?” she asked me.

“Like an hour and a half after you did.”

“Oh. That stinks. Was it too hot?” she asked me.

“…Yeah. …Too hot,” I replied as I closed my eyes again.

“Well I’m going to get up and grab a shower,” she said as she got out of bed. She grabbed the towel that she used yesterday from my weight bench/thing I put all my shit on. I keep forgetting to tell her about the towel. Fuck me. As she turned around, she saw the shot glass and empty bottle of Jager on my desk. “What’s this?” she asked as she held up the bottle I killed the night before in an attempt to make myself feel better. From the bed, it was out of sight, causing her to not notice it.

“Nothing,” I said as I turned over to face her, slightly opening my eyes to look. My crappy timing told her I knew what she was referring to before I saw it.

“You were drinking last night?” she asked me. Suddenly my empty bottle of liquor became contraband. Well, that’s what you get when you’re only twenty years old.

“I had a little.”

“Why did you have so much? Matt, it was like half full when you came home,” she stated sternly. She in fact had been the one to suggest putting it in the freezer instead of the fridge, so she knew how much there was. It did taste better ice cold. THANK YOU LARISA! You learn something new every day. Like when I learned why the testicles hang outside the body. That helps it regulate heat for producing sperm. And here I was, thinking it was there to humiliate a chick when I placed them on her nose.

“I don’t know,” I said, rolling over, closing my eyes, trying to get back to sleep.

“Matt. Look at me.” Her tone became even more authoritative. “Why were you drinking? Tell me.” She made the assumption from the amount I drank and my perky demeanor that morning that I was drinking not for fun, but for other reasons. You are correccctttt sirrrrrrr. Haaaa Haaaaaa.

“I just had some stuff on my mind. Don’t worry,” I said as I tried to assure her I was fine and tune her out at the same time… just like muhhhther. I understood why she was nagging me, but I didn’t want to hear it right then and there. Like when my mom would yell at me. She’d wake me up after a four-hour night of sleep and begin to yell. I can’t even keep my eyes open for five straight seconds, and she thinks I’m listening to her. Larisa stood at my desk, brushing her messy morning-hair away from her face. She looked down at the bottle again, sighing.

“Matt. I told you. You can talk to me. I don’t know why you won’t.” She put the bottle back down on the desk, making a clinking noise. “You know I don’t like it when you do this.”

“…I know.”

“Would you please look at me?” she said, getting more upset. I turned over to face her and sat up slightly. “You know I love you right? More than anything.”

“I know,” I said. She moved over towards me on the bed, sitting down next to me and wrapping her arms around me.

“Look. You don’t have to tell me why you were upset. That’s your business. You know. But Matt, I care about you so much.” She pulled back from me, still retaining the crude embrace. “I want to be a part of your life… a part of the good and bad. I’m always going to be here for you,” she said, on the verge of getting choked up. I felt terrible. I know she didn’t like to see me like this. This wasn’t the first time this happened. She knew I had started to drink as a way to solve my problems and she didn’t like it. We had two similar conversations over the phone a month or so back about this. I just denied and denied the fact that I needed someone to talk to, not only about how I felt about her, but about some other things as well. I really did need someone though. I just didn’t want her to know how messed up I was inside.

“I’m so sorry Larisa. I didn’t mean to make you upset,” I said as I put my arms around her, reciprocating the hug. “I… I’m sorry.” I just couldn’t tell her why I was drinking. I didn’t want to upset her even more. Withholding probably did more damage than it would have had I told her. I pulled her close to me. “I know you want to help. I’m fine though. Seriously.” I just lied to her again, and I hated myself for it.

“Are you sure?” she asked, not totally buying it. I guess now we know who the better actor is after all.

“Yeah. I’m sure. I love you Riss.”

“I love YOU,” she said as we tightened our embrace. “So much.” I felt like such a dick. There were things I just couldn’t tell her right now. At least… not without a few more drinks in me. She held me tight for a moment. “Okay,” Larisa said. “I’m going to shower Matt. You should get up. It’s late.”

“Okay. You’re right.” She held her hand against my cheek, looking into my eyes. She hesitated, shooting me a fake, half-happy look, and then finally turned and walked to the stairs, her head hung low. She could see the truth in my eyes.

“Riss…” I said, as she was about to walk through the curtain.

“Yeah?” she asked, with a look of disappointment on her face that was so powerful it could kill a grandmother.

“…What do you want me to make you for breakfast?” I said in a cheap way to change the subject and ease her mind.

“…Pancakes,” she said after thinking about it for a second, not excited about it one bit.

“Pancakes it is.” She smiled, trying to mask her real feelings. I felt so disgusting from not showering yet and from lying to Larisa. Feeling bad for drinking to keep myself from feeling bad. It’s a vicious circle. Looks like I need a spanking.


I made Larisa her pancakes for breakfast and we sat down and consumed mass quantities. I made them into little shapes. Her food crudely spelled out, “I (heart shape) (_)_)======D”. I thought it would be funny a way to cheer the both of us up. And if not, I was amused. Luckily, Larisa cracked a smile as I placed it in front of her. Then she sighed and shook her head. Neither she nor I had brought up my earlier behavior as we ate. We didn’t even talk much.

Actually, we didn’t do much together all afternoon. My sister decided to take Larisa shopping at the mall as a way to bond and get to know each other. It gave her some time away from me, some time where she could perhaps forget about what I did and relax. To pass the time I went for a run and then stopped by work to figure out exactly what I was going to do about working; finding out my hours and pay rate and such. I also decided to buy her some roses on the way home from the job.

I was sitting out on the steps on the phone with Gary as the two girls came back a few hours later with Starbucks coffee. Fuck Starbucks and fuck the trendy cunts that shop there. I have never stepped foot inside a Starbucks and never will… until my going inside gets me laid.

“Lemme call you later bro. …Okay. See ya,” I said as I hung up the phone. “Hey Kar. Hey Larisa. Lemme help you with those,” I said as I walked across the grass towards the car, wanting to help them carry their bags in.

“Who are you and what have you done with my brother?” my sister asked in utter shock as she slammed the car door shut. God forbid she ever closed it gently like a normal person.

“I wasn’t talking about your bags,” I said as I pushed past her to grab Larisa’s stuff. My sister kicked me in the ankle and muttered some sarcastic comment. “Stupid cu…” I started to say as Larisa shot me a look. “Cu… rling irons… I hate these things,” I said on the fly, not wanting to upset Larisa. “I burned myself tryin to do my pubes before.” What a save. Hextall! SaaAAve! Whooaa!! I am Goldberg… the GOALIE!!! There’s my Mighty Ducks reference for part two. It’s good for me that I’m pretty quick with coming up with material. My sister looked disgusted and Larisa put her head down and tried not to laugh. “Gimme those,” I said as I forcefully grabbed the bags from my sister. Larisa smiled at my helping my little sibling, but it was still an empty smile. She was still bothered by what happened that morning.

I carried the shopping bags into the house and left my sister’s outside her door, carrying the rest upstairs to my room. Larisa followed me up the stairs and started to take her new clothes out of the bags, laying them on the bed. I stood in the doorway, watching her as she held up one of the shirts, giving it a look over as she folded it neatly… prepping it for a spin in the washing machine. “Riss…”

“…Yeah Matt?” she asked, not looking at me or seeming interested.

“I… I want to talk. About what happened before… with the drinking.” She turned around and looked at me, slightly surprised. “Um, sit down I guess,” I told her. She neatly laid the shirt down on the floor and moved to the edge of my bed.


“No. Let me just get it off my chest in one thing,” I said as I interrupted her. I sat down on my beanbag chair and started to explain. “Riss. I love you so much and I know you love me too. It’s just…” She looked at me, concentrating, actively listening. She sat with her hands on her lap, leaning forward. “Sometimes… I’m afraid I’m not good enough for you, and you just don’t realize it yet.”

“What??” She raised her eyebrows and expressed a look of total… confusion…. Metallica: Behind the Music. When Lars is talking about James Hetfield getting burned during Fade to Black. It’s hysterical the way he says it. Total…(closes his eyes and looks up) confusion…

“I’m afraid that one day you’re going to realize that I’m not good enough for you. That’s why I drank last night.”

“Why would you ever think that?!? Matt!” she yelled out. Her bottom lip trembled ever so slightly and lines appeared on her forehead as she looked confused, trying to find the words to express her feelings. I looked at her, trying to tell her to calm down. She put her head down, looking at the floor, and paused for a second, choosing her words. “…I’m head over heels in love with you.” She had no idea this was coming. I felt terrible because I know I was upsetting her. I tried my best to explain it simply and not ramble on.

“Riss. …I’m just an average guy… average looking, average life. You’re this famous actress. I’m just afraid that one day you’re going to ask your self, ‘What am I doing with him?'” I told her. She started to say something and I put my hand up to stop her. “I… I just don’t want to disappoint you… is what I’m trying to say. The last thing I want to do is disappoint you.” I started to slightly tear up in a totally masculine way. I wasn’t crying. THERE’S NO CRYING!!! THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!!!

Larisa started to get choked up on my bed as well. “Riss, I just don’t want to give you a life that isn’t good enough for you. I want to be able to take care of you and support you.”

A single tear ran down her cheek. “Matthew. You can never ever disappoint me. Ever. Do you understand me?” she stated very matter of factly. “And support me? Matt we’re only dating right now. We’re still in college. We haven’t even talked about thinking about getting married or anything…” She looked confused and ran her hands through her golden brown hair, pushing it back behind her ears. She then took both my hands in hers, holding them. “I don’t care if you’re not famous… or rich… or practically a male model. I love you for who you are.” She leaned closer to me. “Matthew. You complete me.”

“… …” I couldn’t respond. I was choked up and at a loss for words. I felt so fucking stupid at that moment. I knew she loved me so incredibly much and I still let myself feel those feelings. Tears dripped from her eyes, gently rolling down next to her nose, landing on her lip.

“Matt. You give me EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted in a boyfriend, in a lover… and in a friend,” she said as she brought my hand up to her lips, gently placing a kiss on the back of it. I started to tear, my throat clenching up. It broke my heart to see her cry like this, because of my self-confidence problems. It was a cry like 24’s Jack Bauer in the last scene of season three. Very masculine.

“Rr… Riss… I’m so sorry. Pl… Please don’t cry.” Told ya my throat was clenched up. I took my finger and wiped away a few of her tears. She took my hand and held it against her face. “Riss. I love you more than anything else in the world. I’m so sorry. I… I…”

“Come here,” she whispered barely audibly. I stood up and threw my arms down around her slowly, having her hold me. Our bodies were pressed together with the tightness a divine being couldn’t separate. I ran my hand through her soft light brown hair, cradling her head in my palm.

“I’m so sorry Larisa. I didn’t want to hurt you,” I spat out as we quietly cried in each other’s arms. “You complete me too.”

“I do?” she said as happiness penetrated her tears.

“Yes. You do.” She started smiling/laughing and her tears of sadness were replaced by tears of joy. We held each other there in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying the comforting touch of one another. It reminded me of when I comforted her in my dorm room last year, except this time the roles were reversed.

Finally I spoke. “That’s why I was drinking. It’s the only way I can stop these thoughts sometimes.”

“Matt… I don’t like you drinking like this.”

“I know Riss. Sometimes, I just don’t know how else to deal with what’s going on in my head.” By now we had broke off the hug and were sitting facing each other. She rested her hand on my knee, listening intently to me.

“Just talk to me instead. =]” she said as she squeezed me knee. “I want to make you happier. I don’t like seeing you upset.

“I’ll remember that,” I said. I brought my hand up to her cheek and lightly grazed her face with the back of my hand. I felt so incredibly content looking into her eyes. Those big chocolate brown eyes were so soothing and comforting. I deeply stared into them for a second before leaning in to kiss her. My lips slowly made contact with hers as our eyes closed. I held her cheek, tilting her head to the side so our mouths would fit together perfectly. She did the same to my cheek, holding her hand against it. We shared an incredibly romantic and loving kiss on my bed.

My hand roamed to her leg, stopping on her thigh as we made out like two horny high school kids. I felt her tongue slowly and stealthily sneak into my mouth, tickling mine. “I love you,” she whispered ever so softly into my mouth.

“I love you too,” I spoke back in the same fashion. My hand started to wander up her thigh towards her shorts. Larisa leaned back on my bed, pulling me down on top of her body. Her arm wrapped around my upper back, pulling me close to her, as her other ran through the short hair on my head. Her tongue pushed into my mouth more forcefully and our kisses became more passionate. My hand slipped underneath her leg, grasping her tan limb, pulling it up close to my body. Her skin was so smooth, her touch so loving.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as my dick sprung to attention. Larisa didn’t comment, but pushed her hips up into me, knowing exactly what I was referring to. My hand molested her leg, working my way into the back of her denim short shorts. My other arm supported my weight above her, allowing my right hand to move from her leg to her chest. I slid my hand up inside her red tank top, feeling her breast in the palm of my hand. “No bra?” I said as I began kissing her collarbone and neck.

“Not today lover,” she responded as she pushed my head into her neck. “Mmm. Right there. That feels good.” I aim to please, so I kept sucking on that specific erogenous zone of her body. Her legs wrapped around my waist and held me in place, my hard cock pressing against her pussy region. “Unnhh,” she moaned as I grinded myself into her. “God I want you so bad,” she whispered. “Matt… the curtain,” she said as her breathing pace quickened.

I looked over and saw the curtain was open. ‘Fuck,’ I thought to myself. “Yeah. I don’t want to stop baby,” I said as I kissed her mouth deeply. I’m just lazy.

“Someone… someone can see us,” she said in between kisses.

“I don’t care. Maybe then they’ll… they’ll put a door… up,” I said as I pressed my lips upon hers. Maybe seeing me bone a girl in my room like a normal guy in his early twenties will make them realize I need privacy and they’ll give me a door, just like they should have for when I was fourteen and was doing some heavy petting and had to jump off when I heard the thumping coming up the stairs. Petting my wiener and jumping off the bed into the corner, out of sight.

I continued to dry hump Larisa for a minute or so before she spoke again. “Matt. Uhnn. Mmmmm. The curtain. Please,” she pleaded, trying to push me off her. I gave her one final deep kiss before I leaped off her, swung the curtain closed, and pounced back on top of her.

“There you go. All private now.” Yeah. That’ll stop anyone from coming upstairs. (Loud farting noise). I resumed kissing Larisa’s neck, moving down to her shoulder as my hand pushed up her tank top, rubbing her tight stomach.

“Mmm Matty. Wait. The camera.” Man this girl was demanding!

“Guh,” I said as I turned around to my desk and turned the camera on. I can’t always record from the TV stand. Gotta shake things up once in a while. “There you go. Anything else?” I asked as I hovered above her, waiting for the okay to continue pleasuring her.

“Haha. No love. Now get back down here,” she laughed.

“Yes ma’am,” I said as I brought my head to her stomach and slipped it under her shirt, gently running my tongue across her tummy, rubbing it around her belly button. I felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing it down towards her shorts. “Just relax Riss. That’s where I was going.” Her eyes were closed, her head leaning back on the pillow, experiencing pleasure and anticipation as I prepared to eat her cunt out. I started kissing her right above the waistline of her shorts. Without looking, I undid the button slowly unzipped them. She was wearing a black thong, the same thong I saw her unpack the other day. “Ah ha. Black panties,” I whispered. I could hear her snicker as I moaned out loud. I slipped my fingers inside her denim cutoffs and panties and raised her legs straight up into the air, sliding them down her long legs and pulling them off her cute little feet and tossing them to the floor.

Her hairless pussy stared me in the face, her wetness shimmering in the light from the window. “It’s so beautiful,” I said as I brought my face to it. I gently kissed right above it, gently sucking on her private area. She spread her legs a little more, pushing her lips apart, inviting me to come devour her. “I have something you will like,” I told her as I reached back on my desk. I grabbed a pack of menthol cough drops and popped one into my mouth.

“What’s that for lover?” she asked me.

“Patience baby. You’ll find out soon enough,” I assured her. I put my head back down between her legs and resumed kissing around her wet pussy, teasing her until she couldn’t stand it anymore. I softly licked her inner thighs as I dragged a finger between her lips, gently massaging it. She quickly became wetter and wetter as I warmed her up. She moved her legs and put them over my shoulders, squeezing my head slightly, trying to grab my attention.

“Don’t tease me… Mmm Matthew, just lick it. Lick it,” she moaned as she closed her eyes. With all the relief she gave me these past few days, it was only fair I return the favor to her and give her the orgasm of the year… with the help of this menthol cough drop.

I gently spread her legs out to the side as I resumed my muff diving. Softly blowing on her vaginal lips, I spread them apart with my fingers. “Oooh. That… that feels… Mmmmm.” Menthol at work! Apparently, I found out that the menthol causes the girl heightened pleasure. It makes her pussy tingle with delight from whatever is in menthol that makes it cool and soothing.

“That’s the magic of menthol baby.” I started to run my tongue up her slit slowly, letting the menthol-flavored wetness from my tongue coat the outside of her little pink lips.

“OH MY GOD!” she exclaimed. “That feels SOOOOO good!!!” Luckily, my parents weren’t home right now, so they wouldn’t hear the review of my oral sex skills… not that they wouldn’t be proud. My sister was the only person home and I didn’t care what she thought. I didn’t say anything when she had the Greek, the Mexican, or the kid with the chocolate face over. She owes me for that. But then again, I did put my butt up to the air vent and fart a few times, letting the sound reverberate in the duct that went to her room. They were both like, “WTF!?” My sister just blamed it on the pipes.

“Yeah. How are you.” If this were a movie, this is the part where I’d pause, look at the camera, and raise my eyebrows in a ‘Yeah. That’s right.’ kind of moment. No one had ever pleasured her with this sexual prop before. I didn’t want to disappoint her so I continued my oral assault on her meat wallet. I licked each of her pussy lips, sucking on each one, tugging it from her body. I was taking my time, attacking in waves of pleasure. Larisa pushed her crotch against my face, trying to fuck it as the foreplay of the oral sex dragged on.

“Ohh baby. That feels sooo good. Mmmm,” she moaned as she slid her hands up under her shirt, cupping her breasts. She squeezed them nice and hard as she rocked herself against my face, begging me to advance harder.

I slipped my tongue in between her wet lips, licking her insides. I flicked it up and down, faster and faster along the length of her cunt. Holding her apart with my fingers, I spit into her pussy, letting the cough drop work its magic from the inside. Her breathing quickened and her toes crunched up as waves of pleasure rushed through her body. My tongue moved around her lips as I slowly slid my index finger inside her.

“MMMmmmmmm BABY!” Looks like there was no chance of her stopping the yelling. Oh well. I moved my attack to her clit, which caused her even more pleasure. “AAAH. Aahh. MMM! Oooh!” she moaned in ecstasy. “Lick it. Liiickkkk itttt.”

Larisa spread her arms out, gripping the edges of the mattress in an attempt to hold herself down. “Does that feel good Riss?” I asked as I gently pushed my finger in and out her little pussy. As I fingered her, I continued to run my tongue over her clit, pushing down on it a little. Her wetness lubed up my digit in about half a second. I looked up at Larisa’s face as I feasted on her box. Her mouth hung open and the hugest smile sat on her face. She bit down on her bottom lip to restrain her cries every so often.

“Ooohh my God. Matt! Yes baby!” I took a short break from assaulting her box with my mouth, moving back to the area around it. I slowly placed kiss after kiss around her inner thighs, moving from the left one to up above her pussy, to down her right one. Larisa stretched her body out, arching her back in pleasure. She put her hand on my head, guiding me around her lower half. “You’re the best lover Matthew. Mmmmm,” she said as my lips pressed against her leg, my nose accidentally pushing against her cunt.

“Say my name again,” I told her as I forcefully sucked on her clitoris.

“Mmmm. Matthew!!!! MATTHEW YES!!” she cried out as she ripped the sheet off the corner of my bed. It turned me on to have her moan my name.

“Are you ready for round two?” I asked.

“Mmhmm lover.” She spread her legs further apart to accommodate my face. She made this so easy for me. I moved my mouth back to her pussy, slowly running my tongue up the length of it, pushing it inside her just a tad.

“God you taste so fucking good Riss.” I sucked on her tender, sensitive clit, pulling it up between my lips, letting my saliva fully coat her little man in the boat. She got back in the zone and bucked her hips up in attempt to fuck my face. Larisa’s hands pushed my head down deeper into her sex as she arched her neck up and leaned her head down backwards. I grabbed her tits in my hands and squeezed them hard as I fanatically dined at her pink taco stand. Her nipples were like diamonds they were so hard, and her pussy was so slick a senior citizen would definitely slip on it and break a hip. I kneaded her moon rockets like they were dough and this was “Grillin n’ Chillin with Matt.” Taking it back to part one. Old school.

I alternated penetrating her hole with my tongue, like I was drilling for oil, and sucking and flicking it across her clit. Her body was responding better than I had expected as the cough drop did exactly what it was supposed to. Thanks for the tip Brittany, my bisexual friend with lesbian tendencies. Although now she wants to be referred to as a full-blown lesbian. “Shittttt. AAahh! FUCK! Ma… MATT! Don’t stop!” Her screams were getting louder. Unless my sister had the headphones cranked up in her room with the door closed, she could definitely hear us.

I worked my tongue across her beautiful tight pussy like a snake, and the menthol was its venom. Only this venom produced orgasms. “MATTHEW! LICK MY PUSSY! OH GOD!” Her body trembled as I worked her cunt hard with my tongue. I put my whole mouth over her pussy and sucked in, stretching her skin up away from her body. I was like a human vacuum, the whole time furiously rubbing her clitoris with my fingertips. “YOU’RE… GONNA MAKE… MAKE ME COME!!!!” Larisa moved one hand under her shirt, pinching and squeezing her nipple as she grabbed at her tit, molesting and groping herself. Her other hand was trying to force my head inside her pussy. “Matt! Maaa! I’m GONN!” she yelled out.

‘It’s show time,’ I thought to myself. I went into overdrive on her pussy, licking it for all I was worth. I crossed two fingers and shoved them inside her, twisted them around. I fingered her tight hole nice and good, letting my mouth work on her clit to bring her over the brink. “AAAHHH!!!! MAAAAATTT!!!!!!!” she screamed out.

“Come Larisa. Be a good girl and come all over my face.” I sucked on her clit like I was… I don’t know… sucking really hard, slipping another finger between her lips. I pressed the last bit of the cough drop on her clit, pushing it against it hard. That did it. The power of osmosis. Larisa’s body trembled like she was in an earthquake that read off the Mercalli scale. It’s just like the Richter scale. I worked my digits in and out of her little sopping pussy as she was seconds away from climaxing. Her breathing was erratic and short.

“AAAHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! OOOOOHH!!!!!!” She shot her hips up against my face as she came. “I’m COMMMMIINNG!!!! MAAAHH!!! MAAATTT!!!! OHH!!! AAHH!!! AH!” Her body bounced off the bed as if she was possessed by a sexual demon. She shook like she was having a seizure. I held her down as best I could as I pounded and fucked her cunt as she came and came. This was one intense orgasm because before I knew it, she squirted all over my face. A small stream of liquid shot out from her pussy. I made her squirt. I thought it was only a myth. Or something that only occurred in good pornography. It was an erotic Old Faithful. Her sexual wetness shot all over my face and in my mouth. “AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” She was hysterical, in tears as she came. She clawed at the sheets, gripping them in her hands, her knuckles white as her body quaked like it was caught in a tornado. “HOO… HOOO… HOOOOLY FUCK!!!! SHIITTTTT! I’M COMMMMMMING!!!!!”

I could only continue to assault her cunt with the intensity of a thousand warriors going into the battle of their lives. She finally stopped squirting as her orgasm was on the verge of stopping. Being the gentleman I am, I fingered her harder and faster, wanting to make her climax a second time. Her juices ran down her pussy, dripping down onto her little asshole. I gently bit down on her clit as I ran my tongue across it. My hunger for her pussy was insatiable. I slipped another finger between her lips and fingered it as I gently slid a finger from my other hand over her backdoor. “I LOVE YOU! I FUCKING LOVE YOUUU MAAAT!!!” I sucked on it and kissed it and licked it like it was my last meal. Finally, my finger slipped inside her sphincter, pushing in up to the knuckle. “YOU’RE… YOU’RE GONNA MAKE MEEE… COME AGAAAIN!!!”

I pushed my fingers deep inside her and twisted them around like a drill. I could feel the walls of her love hole contracting around my digits as she rocked her legs back and forth. She was soaking wet and her juices covered my entire hand. Tears of ecstasy poured from her eyes and her hands clutched my head for dear life. I continued to flick my tongue across her stiff clit, applying pressure with each lick. She gripped my head tightly, digging her nails into my scalp. “AHHH NOWWW!!!!!!!!!” Mission complete.

Larisa’s beautiful fluid covered body shot up a second time, convulsing on top the sheets as she came again. “HOOOO!!!!! HUHHH!!!!! UNNNNNH!!!!!” She was literally crying as I brought her some of the best pleasure of her life. I pushed the lone finger inside her ass, slightly feeling my other hand inside her box. “MATTTTHEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!” She slammed my head down against her cooch, digging her nails further into my head hard, causing me intense pain. Her legs clamped down on my neck and head, slightly cutting off my airflow, making me a little dizzy. Her body shook even worse than before as she received multiple orgasms. It was indescribable.

“Maaaaa… FUCKKK MEEEE!!!! Uhnnnnn!!!!!! AHHHAAAHAAA!!” she yelled out in one final cry of pleasure. Her erratic breathing only got worse before it got better. Her voice cracked as she let the expletives and dirty moans and groans fly. I would never quit. I fingered, sucked, and licked until she was done climaxing. Her chest heaved less and less as her orgasms, plural, subsided. “Mmmmmm.” She was completely out of breath and the look on her face made her appear as if her poon was touched by God Himself she was so happy and joyous. “Hooooly fucking Christ. Awwhh shit…”

She held my head there as her head hit the pillow in complete and utter exhaustion. She went down like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV. She tried to talk for two minutes, but couldn’t get any words out. She panted and panted like a dog in heat. “What thuh… fuck was… that candy!?” she finally managed.


“Oh my Christ,” she said. Larisa was completely baffled and exhausted. “That was the best… fucking… orgasms of my LIFE!” She pulled me up to her, holding me in her arms. “Holy…” In her weakened state, she tried her best to pull me up to her face and kiss me forcefully. The starlet ran her tongue deep into my mouth, like she was trying to taste my lung. She pushed my head against her mouth with her hands and her juices dripped off my face and onto hers, leaking into her mouth. “Why… why are you so wet??” she asked me as I slowly ran my fingers over the space between her two exhausted pussy lips.

“Riss! You squirted! All over my face!” I laughed. She looked baffled, then her eyes widened and mouth dropped open.

“You’re kidding me!? No fucking way!” she yelled as a huge smile spread across her heavenly face.


“I’ve never ever squirted… ever. My God, Matthew. You’re seriously… you’re the BEST… FUCKING… LOVER… EVERRR!” she exclaimed as I pushed my fingers inside her once again, shocking her. She closed her eyes and just laid there, her chest rising and falling fast, trying to regain her composure. “Thank you soooo much baby. I loved every second of it.” I kissed her on the mouth again and stroked her face as she recovered. “I can’t even… I LOVE YOU.” I laughed at her comment, fully aware she couldn’t put her feelings into words. “Lover if you don’t stop touching me I’m going to die. Haha.”

“Okay baby,” I replied as I stopped playing with her pussy. I leaned down and gently kissed her cunt one more time.

“Love… my ass,” she laughed.

“Sorry. I completely forgot.” I pulled my finger out of her butt hole slowly.

“Anyway, it was all my pleasure my love. Now I need to go rinse off. Haha,” I joked.

“Hmmmm,” she giggled, the smile on her face about three miles wide.

“Are you alright?” I didn’t want to kill her after all.

“Baby, I could just go to sleep.”

“Sleep then. Rest yourself,” I said as I leaned down and kissed her passionately once more. She tasted so amazing. They should put her juices on the subs at Subway. I’m telling you. It’s delicious. Eat fresh! By the way… Is it just me, or is that Jared starting to come off as a douche bag?

“Mmm. I taste so good,” she laughed.

“I totally agree.” I leaned over to the desk and then back to the paralyzed woman on the bed. “Here. Take a sip first,” I said as I handed a bottle of water to her. “It’ll make you feel better.” She just laid there, her arm barely raised as she tried to grab it. I unscrewed the cap and said, “Open.” Larisa opened her mouth and I poured some water into it. She swallowed every drop and closed her eyes. I drizzled a little more water over her face.

“Aah!” she laughed.

“Sorry. I thought you wanted more.”

“Hehe,” she laughed as she wiped the excess off her face. I took the bottom of her shirt and tried to slip it off her.

“You have to help me out here, Haha.” She finally moved to let me strip her naked. Larisa closed her eyes and fell asleep almost instantly, the angelic ecstatic look remaining on her face.

I had forgotten all about the flowers. I decided to sprinkle the rose petals all over her and my bed, letting her wake up to a nice and romantic surprise. I even left a couple full roses on the pillow next to her. Before I showered, I took an extra sheet from the downstairs closet and draped it over her. I didn’t want to leave her here naked in case someone came upstairs while I was washing up. As I left the room again, I thought to myself, ‘Man. Did I love this woman. And now she DEFINITELY loved me!’


I came back after showering off Larisa’s pussy juice. Man did she squirt a lot. Looks like I can check that “to do” off my list of sexual things to experience. I came back and she was lying in my bed, still asleep, not for long however. My cell phone rang and the noise woke her up. Of course it was a wrong number. She picked her head up and looked around. “Awww! Love,” she said as she ran her hands over the rose petals I scattered over her and my bed. “Matthew this is so romantic of you.” I pointed over to the pillow next to her, pointing out the three remaining whole roses. She smiled and picked them up to her nose, smelling their fragrance.

“I forgot to give them to you before. I figured this would be a suitable way to give em to you?” She smiled and sniffed the flowers again.

“Matt. C’mere,” she said. I walked over to her and she opened her arms, pulling me into an embrace. “I don’t know how someone could be this… perfect.” She pulled back and kissed me gently on the lips. “Thank you baby. This is really sweet of you.”

“You’re very welcome,” I replied.

“My heart’s still racing Matt. God damn that was good,” she said. “I can’t believe I was able to fall asleep.”

“I’m glad I could be of service to you. I enjoyed it just as much as you did.” I climbed under the sheet and lied down next to her. We lied together in silence for a moment, enjoying what had recently happened, basking in the post oral sex bliss. “Hey Riss… What’s our relationship status?” I asked.

“What do you mean,” she asked as she opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

“Like… about bringing other people to bed with us. I’m just curious… after your family reunion and all.” Events that occurred at Larisa’s family reunion that I had attended a few months before made me question what exactly the bounds of our relationship were.

“Hmm,” she said as she thought of a response.

“It’s just, what happened with Val. I mean… I hooked up with her in her bedroom. You’re okay with that?”

“Yeah… I am. I mean, I told her to hook up with you. And I watched you two do it,” she said. “It’s not like I didn’t enjoy it or didn’t know about it.”

“I just want to hear your thoughts on what we can and can’t do.”

“Matty… Is there someone you want to sleep with!! You can tell me!!” she said with a big smile on her face. I guess she wanted to have girl talk with me? I don’t know. “That’s so cute!” she laughed, grinning ear to ear. “Tell me who!”

“No, no. It’s not that. …No one you know anyway,” I joked as I rubbed her thigh under the sheet. She was so excited and giddy. Sure there were a dozen names I could throw out there to fulfill fantasies, but I held back.

“Well. Okay, Matt. I don’t care if we bring other girls into our relationship. It’s fine with me. I enjoy girls too.”

“I know. But I’m not at all crazy about the thought of you with another guy. I don’t even want to think about that.”

“Aww Matt. The only cocks I want are yours and ones made of plastic. Haha.” That’s love right there.

“Haha,” I responded.

“No, seriously though Matt. I have no desire to be with another guy. But I do enjoy watching you get pleasure, even if it’s from another girl.” Larisa went on to explain her reasoning in a deeper way. “I’ve had my fooling around in the past. It’s like I got it out of my system. You know?”

“Um. I guess.” No. Not really.

“Well, let’s see. …I know I’m the only girl you’ve slept with. I want you to experience other girls. I don’t want to cheat you out of other experiences. I don’t know if I’m making sense,” she said with a frustrated and puzzled look. She seemed deep in thought for a few seconds.

“No Riss,” I said as I turned to look at her. I propped my head up on my arm and said, “I understand what you mean.”

“Good. And I think that we can be together and still let you do other things. With them it’s just sex. Right?”

“Yeah. Nothing personal with them. Any feelings are just for me and you,” I replied. However, I really didn’t believe sex was void of personal feelings. Someone always gets attached or doesn’t share the same feelings about it as their partner. But, I figured with all the love Riss and I had for each other, it wouldn’t be a huge problem.

“Good. I’m glad we’re on the same page.” She turned over to face me. “I agree with you… the feelings part.” She took a second to think about my previous question, trying to formulate an answer. “…If we had to set any rules… I guess… I guess I’d just want to be there in the room with you when it happens. Like with Val, I was five feet from you guys as she sucked your dick.”

“You make it sound so dirty.”

“Fine. …As she made sweet oral love to your penis,” she said half sarcastically.

“That’s better. But, man she was in Heaven,” I said as I recalled what took place that day, feeling my cock stir under the covers.

“I know, right! She wanted to do that for so long. We really made her day,” Larisa giggled.

“Yeah. You didn’t seem too unhappy yourself, sitting over on her desk playing with yourself,” I laughed as I started to tickle her tummy.

“Hehe. Stop, haha,” she yelped as she wiggled around on the bed, like a worm on a hook. I lightened up on my attack and let her finish. “Well… I enjoyed watching you two. What am I supposed to do? Not masturbate?”

“Haha. True. You know, it kinda turned me on to have you watching us. It made it feel dirtier… like more hot,” I confessed.

“Mmm,” she said as she turned her head to face the ceiling. She closed her eyes and ran her hand over her chest slowly, gently grazing her breasts. I noticed her hardened nipples poking through the thin white sheet covering her. “I know what you mean…” she trailed off. My guess was she was recalling the events of that day too.

“Okay Riss. So it’s no guys, but girls are allowed, and we have to be in the same room. Right?”

“Right. Oh. And you have to wear a condom with them too.”

“What if it’s anal?” She just rolled her eyes and sighed.

“What am I going to do with you?” she laughed. “Huh?”

“What! It’s a valid question! Okay, okay. Raincoat. Got it.” It seemed fair enough. “I’m glad that’s settled,” I said as I stared at her face. She looked so beautiful laying there, her tan skin and dirty golden hair contrasting the white sheet. It looked like a Maxim magazine photo shoot. The sheet lied on her provocatively, coming up her torso just enough to cover her breasts from view, her leg sticking all the way out. “Speaking of Maxim, why haven’t you done a spread like this? You look so sexy right now.”

“Speaking of what? Haha,” she chuckled. See, the joke was I was narrating the Maxim text, not including it in dialogue.

“Actually, they asked me about it once. It was supposed to be a ‘Girls of Nickelodeon All Grown Up’ spread or something like that. But not everyone signed up to do it. And for as open as I am about sex… I dunno. No one really knows that about me besides you and one or two other people.

“Really?” I was curious now.

“Matt, I’m not as promiscuous as you think I am.” Cough slut for me only cough.

“No! No. I didn’t mean it like that.” I thought I had offended her for sure by accident.

“I know hun. Yeah, I’ve slept with guys before… and girls too. But it was never really as kinky or sexually hardcore as the relationship between me and you. Compared to us, stuff with them was PG rated. You know more about me than them in that area. I kinda didn’t want everyone to know it.” She was more open about sex with me than with anyone else. I felt special that she came out of her shell with me.

“I understand.”

“Sweet and lovable Alex Mack. Always and forever,” she whispered as her voice dramatically trailed off. I didn’t know if I should say anything.

“What?” Okay, so I guess I thought I should.

“Nothing… The roles I play… I don’t know. They’re all the same. It just…”

“Gets old after a while?” I said to finish her statement. She turned her head to face me again. Her eyes focused on mine and we shared a look that silently screamed of understanding. Not that it was a hard inference to make here.

“Yeah. I’d like to play a more sexy role. Something more racy. I’m typecast as the lovable, innocent, sweet girl.”

“Hmm. Well, you were a lesbian in 100 Girls.”

“But I was the sweet, innocent, cute straight girl for ninety-nine percent of the film.”

“Well… I know you can do both very well. From personal experience.”

“Haha. Thank you baby,” she said as she stroked my face.

“If they don’t believe you, I’ll show them the tape of sex number two… you with the skirt.” Her eyes popped out of her head and her mouth sprung open.

“OOOOH NO YOU WONT!!” she yelled as she jumped on top of me. :O

“No. Riss. I think…”

“Hahaha. I don’t care! We cannot show that to casting directors.”

“Baby it’s for your career!” I pleaded, trying to reason with her. Larisa was on top of me, straddling my waist, playfully wrestling with me as we both laughed to our hearts’ content. The sheet was pulling away from her, exposing more and more of her… assets.

“Skrew the career! We’re more important. We need our privacy!” I stopped wrestling with her for a moment. ‘Us together was more important than her career?’ I thought. Did she really mean that??

“What did you say?” She paused, looking into my eyes. Calmness set over her face.

“I said we’re more important than my career.”

“Riss…” Did she really mean that?

“I did.” She really did mean it. “This, right here, you and me… We’re all that matters right now. We’ve got a good thing going on, and I’m not going to sacrifice anything with us for my career.” I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless. I had no idea she felt so strongly about our relationship and its importance over everything else.

“Riss… I…” She looked me in the eye. She was dead serious and I saw that in her gaze. That, and love and respect.

“You and me. Nothing else.” I could have cried tears of joy. I knew we had a lot of love, but this… I was really and honestly touched by what she just told me.

“Nothing else,” I whispered. I pulled her head down to me and kissed her softly and romantically. I held her naked body against mine as I showed her how much I loved her through my lips.

This is what I’ve always wanted to hear from someone. I wanted a girl to love me more than anything else in the world. Now I had someone who did just that. Nothing was more important to her right now than our relationship. The fact that made the whole thing taste sweeter was that this amazing girl was the girl I fantasized about for years. My celebrity crush was madly in love with me. Holy shit. How am I.

We kissed and held each other, enjoying the words just spoken. We kissed a few more times. She looked like a fucking angel. She smiled and laughed as her hands ran over the sides of my body, softly caressing my skin. Her laughter filled my mouth as I brushed her hair out of her face, pushing it behind her ear. She was so pure and innocent and honest and truthful at heart.

“And that magazine thing. That kinda freaked me out,” she said as she pulled back from the kiss we were in the middle of sharing. She rolled off me and leaned her head against my shoulder as she continued.

“What, having weird guys like me run a batch to your pictures?”

“No. I know guys did that to my TV show and movies. I’m used to that. Haha. But posing sexy and having my pictures taken just seemed like a bit too much.”

“I understand.” A guy can picture her in her panties from watching her TV show or movie. She just didn’t want them to see her in her panties for real.

“Yeah,” she said as she bent her right arm in a funky way so she could touch my face. I shifted and laid half on top of her and half at her side, running my fingers over her cheek.

“You’re so fucking beautiful Riss.” I leaned down and placed my lips upon hers. Our eyes closed as we locked lips. I ran my fingers over her cheek and down to her shoulder, dragging the back of my digits over her soft delicate skin. I continued further down and began caressing her breasts. I took a handful of her left breast and squeezed it tenderly in my hand, feeling her soft nipple press against my palm. After a few seconds my head joined my hand, kissing her mouth, chin, collarbone, and then tit.

I took her right nipple in my mouth and gently suckled it. Flicking my tongue over the little nub, I could hear her quietly moan. She brought her fingers to my head, running them through my hair. Her left leg rose up, bending at the knee. “You’re insatiable,” she whispered through her smile. As I moved to her other breast, my hand continued south, finally reaching its destination: her pussy. “Mmm Matt…” she moaned. I stroked her lips once again, feeling her get wet from my touch once again. “Oohhh love.”

Larisa closed her eyes and pushed my head against her bosom as she breathed in deeply. She leaned her elevated leg away from me, towards the wall, opening her vagina up for me. “I can’t help it. I want to please you.” I ran my tongue over her breasts, lapping the crevice between the two flesh melons. “I can’t resist you.”

I pushed two fingers into her cunt slowly, feeling her take them inch-by-inch. “Matthew…” She wrapped both arms around my body, pulling me deep into her. “I want to feel you inside me. Please, make love to me,” she said as she squeezed her legs around my hand and softly gyrated her hips into it.


Larisa and I lied in bed together after we made sweet love to each other. I held her naked sweaty body against mine, among the rose petals, as we both caught our breaths. After a few minutes, Larisa finally spoke. “That was beautiful love,” she said. “Mmmmm,” she cooed as her head rested against my shoulder.

“So, were you ever going to show me?” I asked as she caressed my cheek and looked me in the eyes.

“Show you what?” she curiously asked.

“All the clothes you bought today. I carried a shit load of bags up here.” She laughed softly, that angelic look of innocence spreading across her face once again.

“Haha. Yes Matt. I was going to show you, but you started to go down on me… and then we started to have sex. I guess I was a tad selfish wasn’t I? Haha.”

“Yes you were,” I added as I kissed her hand. “But the sex is good so I guess I can forgive you.” Larisa turned sideways and playfully hit me.

“Hey!” She shook her head as she laughed. She jumped on top of me again, pinning me to the bed. She sat on top of me, holding my arms above my head, against the mattress. The sheet that covered us was hiding her body from my sight, somehow clinging to her torso as if it were taped to her. “Well, I guess our relationship can always fall back on that if the conversation gets tiring. That’s a plus.”

“Very big plus,” I whispered as she leaned down and pressed her lips against mine for a few seconds. If only my friends in high school and college could see me now. I’d definitely win most successful graduate at the ten-year reunion.

“Now, time to show you what I bought. If you’re good I may even model them for you.”

“I just made you squirt! How good do I have to be?!” I joked. She hesitated for a second.

“…Good point. I guess you deserve a little show. I almost forgot… I got you some shirts too. I think you’ll look very handsome in them.”

“Do they have the logo of a band on the front?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, no. I figured you had enough of those. But, I did almost buy you an Avril shirt at Hot Topic. I didn’t think you’d wear it out though. Haha,” she laughed, busting my balls as she got up and moved to the bag of clothes, the sheet still wrapped around her like a toga, leaving me totally exposed.

“Yeah. True. It’d be hard to look tough in an Avril shirt. Good lookin out.” I do actually have an Avril shirt from the concert of hers I went to. I’ve yet to wear it once. Going on seven months. But it’s got her face on it… so I could always jizz on it and use it as a batch rag. To be honest, I was incredibly embarrassed about buying it. I was tipsy at the concert and left to go take a leak during one of her songs I wasn’t in love with. I figured what a great time to buy a shirt. There was no one around. So I walk up to the stand and pick out which one I want, but to play it off cool I go, “So what shirt do all the girls buy? I need to get one for my girlfriend.” The woman points out the one that I was going to buy. So, I agree to get that one and she asks the size. “Extra large,” I reply. You know, she gives me a look like, ‘Extra large? For your girlfriend?’ So I just add, “Yeah… Big girl. She’s getting lipo during the holiday break. I tried talking her out of it because she doesn’t look bad… but she wants it. What can you do, you know? (Make the clothing/cash exchange) Have a good one.” Boy oh boy did she give me a weird look. But come on. I didn’t wanna look like a faggot. Faggot in a good way though. Not in that man on man way.

“Yeah. I wouldn’t want to be seen dating a sissy boy either,” she jested. “Lemme show you these clothes now.” She rummaged through the bags looking for something to put on to show me.

“Hey. You’re gonna get Larisa juice on them.”

“Haha. They’re going to get washed anyway.”

“Then WHY did you spend the five minutes folding them when you came home… and waste your time?”


Later on that night, Larisa was hanging out in my sister’s room while I ran to the store for my mom. She liked to send me to the supermarket every night for some random thing, milk or deodorant, or some other crazy item. Usually it was a pint of ice cream. The cashiers knew me as a regular at this point because I always went in around 11 P.M. Finally, I just started telling them the food was for my sister who was pregnant. They’d laugh and ask if her and her husband were excited. I’d say something like, “Yeah. Right. She’s fifteen years old. How are you.” They’d give me the weirdest fucking looks you could ever imagine. Oh well. A young lad’s gotta get his kicks from somewhere. I’m sure that at least this silly goose entertained them for a while.

Anyway, as I was saying… Larisa and my sister were hanging out again. They really hit it off shopping for clothes earlier that day. “So uh. It sounded like you were having a good time upstairs before. What were you doing?” my sister asked my girlfriend.

“I wasn’t doing anything. Haha. You’re brother was.” My sister’s face gave off a look of total gross out. “OH! No, no! Haha. We weren’t having sex.”

“Thank God. Gross.”

“Actually no, wait. We did. Sorry,” she said, remembering everything we did. My sister just rolled her eyes and shook her head. “We took a break first.”

“Oh Riss, I didn’t need to hear that.” Larisa just laughed.

“Let’s just say… your brother knows how to please a woman.” Hopefully, my sister would go brag about my sexual skills to her friend Katelyn. I used to want to bang her so bad. She’d come over and try to go up to my room because she had a crush on me and wanted to talk to me all the time. However, my wonderful mother cock blocked me, telling her not to bother me. Now she had crabs and some other V.D. But there’s nothing wrong with making her want me more, right?

“Ewww!” she responded.

“Aww, Kar. I hope one day you’re lucky enough to have a lover with your brother’s talents.”

“OH NO SHE WON’T!” I exclaimed as I walked into my sister’s room. “Don’t give her ideas like that. You’re almost as bad as Crystal.”

“Haha. Oh stop, overprotective big brother,” joked Larisa.

“My sister’s never going to have sex or fool around. And DON’T tell me you already did. …And you,” I said as I looked at Larisa. “Don’t you go busting my balls like Crys, making up stories, telling me she did stuff… had lots and lots of sex.” I was a totally overprotective big brother. My sister has never, and will never even kiss a boy as far as I was concerned.

“Haha. Oh chill out Matt,” said Larisa. “She’s gotta grow up sometime.”

“Or I have grown up already,” added my sister, trying to torture me, giving me a little smirk.

“You’re breakin’ my balls here. Breakin’ em.”

“Who’s Crystal?” they both asked.

“A really, really good friend. You never met her Karen. She moved to Oregon a few years ago. Now, if you two will excuse me, I’m gonna go have a stroke.”

“He means masturbate, Kar,” she joked.

“THAT’S NOT THE STOKE I MEANT!” The two of them both had a good laugh. “Riss, don’t put any more ideas in her head.”

“I can’t promise that Bedtime Bear,” she laughed. I shook my head and walked out, leaving them to do the female bonding thing. You know, let them gab about boys, have a pillow fight, fuck up the timing of each other’s menstrual cycles.

“But I was pretty damn good, right?” I said, popping back in.

“The BESSST!!” she laughed as I smiled and walked out.

“Bedtime Bear?” my sister asked.

“Yeah. He slept so long today, so I called him that. That was the Care Bear that slept a lot. The dark blue one.”

“I vaguely remember,” said my sister. Again, what’s with the fucking Care Bears? “You know, he’s a lot happier now. Being with you.”

“What do you mean?” Larisa asked, straightening up, giving my sister her undivided attention.

“I don’t remember seeing him this happy in a long time. He didn’t date a lot at all growing up. He just played his guitar and stayed at home a lot. You could kinda tell he was upset about it. I felt bad for him because he really is a good guy.”

“Kar, your brother’s sooooooo sweet. I love him so much.” Larisa’s face erupted with joy as she talked about how much she loved me. My sister saw her genuine emotions and was relieved. I guess she was a protective little sister after all. An example of why this is a fictional story.

“He’s a good guy,” she told Larisa.

“He really is. He makes me feel so special and loved. I never had a relationship this fulfilling and gratifying before.”

“Aww.” My sister started laughing shortly after. “It’s so weird.”

“What’s so funny?” Larisa asked the chuckling girl in front of her. “What’s weird?”

“You and my brother.”

“How so?” she asked inquisitively.

“Well, he watched Alex Mack religiously. It’s just weird how he was in love with you as a kid and now he’s dating you, and you’re living with us. It’s just funny how things work out.”

“Haha. Yeah it is. Did he really watch my show all the time?” Larisa asked. She could really dig up some dirt about my admiration, cough, unhealthy obsession, cough, with her.

“Alex Mack, Boy Meets World, Third Rock. He watched them all. He didn’t like Third Rock though. He just wanted to see if you were in that episode.”

“Haha. Awwwww.”

“OH! OH!” exclaimed my sister as she jumped up and launched into an Indian-style sitting position, getting all hyper. Let’s see how she further embarrasses me here. “We used to drive down to Florida a number of years ago, and we’d get to rent a few movies each for the ride. He hated every movie I rented except for Babysitters’ Club. Haha. That’s the only one he didn’t complain about. He’d even suggest we watch that. It was so cute, yet sort of pathetic.” Okay. A, it wasn’t a bad movie, and B, I’m only admitting this for the good of the story.

“Hahahahaha! Awwww. I’m definitely going to have to bust him on that later,” said Larisa.


The next few days went by pretty much the same way as they had been going. Larisa and I would hang out, sometimes with my friends, and we would make out or play together in some other way. We had sex again too… on tape of course.

We spent the time getting to know each other on a more daily and more personal level, seeing how we act around one another when we’re together continuously, our habits, etc. One day, I worked myself up into an aroused state and put on a condom… and just walked around the house. Larisa saw me and was like, “What are you doing wearing that?”

I replied by telling her, “Sometimes… you know… I like to just throw one on… when I want to feel sexy.” Her mouth just dropped and she slapped her forehead. …And then we had sex. I took off the condom of course.

We had deep discussions… “Rissy, who would win in a fight? Six chimpanzees or a Great White Shark?”

“In the ocean?” she asked.

“Yeah in the ocean.”

“The shark of course,” she replied a matter of factly.

“Okay, okay. What If we gave the chimps those inflatable arm things for little kids, swimmies.”

“The shark.”

“Swimmies… and nun chucks.”

“Matt. The shark. Come on. It would kill the chimps in three bites.” She was a tough one all right. “Especially those sharks off the coast of like, Australia.”

“You are DRUNK my friend,” I told her, in total disagreement. Now to change it up a little.

“Okay… You have a little lake and a brook connected to the ocean. It’s all salt water. The shark is in the little brook.”

“The shark can’t move. It’s too big for the brook,” she argued back.

“No. It’s big enough to move around a little. And there’s a bridge. And I take the six chimps and throw them off the bridge onto the shark. Who’s going to win then?” I asked.

“Why are we even debating this?”

Other than being with me, Larisa spent her time hanging out with my sister, learning more embarrassing information about my childhood. She even saw home movies from when I was a little kid. I’d come downstairs to find her watching them with my sister, seeing how stupid I was at ages one through seven. I tell you, no one should ever be allowed to watch baby movies of you. Make them and throw them in a closet for thirty years. If you’re thinking, ‘Hey. What’s this kid talking about?’ get real. I doubt you were as suave and charming as… John Travolta… at that age. Please.

I remembered to email Crystal to update her on my relationship status with Larisa, having brought up her name a few days before in my sisters room. It had been a good amount of time since the last time she emailed me back or called me. Crys and I had been friends since I was a freshman in high school, I think. We became fast friends and a year or so later, she and her family moved out to Oregon. I missed her a lot. We kept in contact over the phone, then more and more by emails because our cell phone calls were expensive with the plans we had.

I missed her so much. She was incredible. Besides being one of the most beautiful and adorable girls I had ever met, she was the first person I ever truly, truly loved. I cared about her as much as I cared about myself. It wasn’t necessarily even in a boyfriend/girlfriend type way. I loved her for the person she was. She was the most incredible, sweet, funny, and caring person I’d ever met. She was the kind of girl you’d want as a girlfriend, a friend, or a sister. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be with her in a heartbeat if she asked me, because I would. She had a serious boyfriend and it made me so happy to see how happy he made her. That’s how I loved her. She was probably the only person I felt comfortable talking to about my feelings and thoughts, aside from Larisa now.

Anyway, she was pretty busy with her boyfriend, her new job, and the end of school. (I had gotten out a lot earlier for the summer than she did.) I just hoped she was doing fine and that she’d contact me soon. It was normal for us to not talk for a while every so often. Even though we were great friends, our schedules and such caused us to have periods of time where we wouldn’t talk. But when we finally did, it was for hours. She was the first person I talked to in detail about Larisa, the first person I really “talked” to about sleeping with Larisa. She was so happy for me, after all the years I spent obsessing over her.

I had also started working two days after the squirting incident. I was working about fifteen to twenty-two hours a week, depending on other people’s schedules. It wasn’t too demanding of my time. I did get a raise though. I was making $7.50 an hour. Awesome. Let me put my paychecks towards that Bentley I was saving for. Work was work. It was the same old boring job as the last summer. I sat around, hardcore work right at opening and then again right before closing. The rest of the day was all Ron and Fez radio shows. Cheryl hadn’t come to the store the days I had been working. I started to wonder if our brief encounter was a onetime thing only. Then again, she did have her own job to do and was needed at other stores.

Larisa came to visit me one day at work for a little while. The job was the kind where I had people stopping by from time to time to keep me occupied. I remember how my friend Paul would come in day after day for like four hours at a time, just hanging out. At twenty years old, he had no job and was an aspiring actor who attended college. Perhaps one day he would get his own Alias-type show. It was nice to see how my co-workers almost shit themselves when Larisa came in and kissed me hello. I’d be like, “Yeah. How are you.”

Like I said before, the days came and went. Nothing important or special happened. I worked. Larisa did her thing. Before you know it, it was my birthday. Finally, my twenty-first birthday had arrived. Let the drinking and debauchery begin. Liquor, drugs, and transvestite prostitutes all around!


“Uhhhnnn… Riss… What time is it?” I asked, blinking my eyes multiple times, trying to focus. I was exhausted from being up late as fuck the previous night, downloading porn and what have you. Hey, I still got needs.

“It’s time for the birthday boy to wake up,” Larisa said with an excited look on her face. …She was excited enough for the both of us.

“Riss… I’m tired. What time is it?” My body was totally limp, including my eyelids.

“Baby it’s just about one in the afternoon.” So apparently, it was late in the day. I thought maybe I should get up… in five to ninety minutes. “It’s time for your birthday present.” I debated pulling my junk out of my boxers and saying, “Let me have it.” Larisa seemed so excited and antsy to give me my birthday gift. She had probably been up and ready to give it to me at 7 A.M. She looked so energetic and filled with anticipation that I didn’t want to upset her by going back to bed. Now that I think about it, wouldn’t the nice thing to do be to let the fuckin birthday boy sleep in?

“Does it taste good?” I asked, in hopes that it was an alcoholic beverage.

“Well, all I can tell you is that it’s Canadian.” ‘Must be cheap beer,’ I thought to myself. Is Canadian beer cheap? I don’t have any idea. “Come on Matty. It’s downstairs.” I rolled my eyes and started trying to get my legs moving, silently mumbling curse words under my breath. “Oh. Good morning and happy birthday!” exclaimed Larisa as she leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips, her hand tenderly grasping my chin. “Let’s go downstairs.” As she leaned down I could see down her low cut maroon shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, as usual. Seeing her breasts hanging down freely was the only reason I kept my eyes open.

“Okay… Fiiine. Fiiine.” I was so friggen exhausted. ‘This better be some amazing gift,’ I thought. I put my shirt on as Larisa nudged me from behind, trying to rush me. This bitch is about to get pimped smacked if she pushes me again. “Okay! Okay! I’m going.” I started to walk down the stairs and said, “Riss. I told you, you didn’t have to get me anything.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone sitting on the couch in the living room. I shut my eyes tightly and opened them again. What I saw totally shocked me.

Avril Lavigne was sitting in my living room. The pop/punk princess herself was in my house, dressed in her usual skater attire. I stopped midway down the stairs to look at her. She sat before me dressed in baggy black cargo pants and a tight little green t-shirt. She wore Vans sneakers and had a bunch of those plastic rubbery looking bracelets as well as a studded one on her wrists. My mom was going to throw me a beating if that spiked bracelet punctured the sofa. The black nail polish. The dark eye makeup. She was so fucking hot in person. She looked up at me, her hair slightly covering her face from the part near the center of her head. She was in the phase where she lost the necktie and changed her hair a bit, making her look older.

I don’t know about most of you out there. I thought Avril Lavigne was fucking hot. Some of you out there are thinking, ‘Hmmm. She has no body and looks like a 13-year-old boy.’ Well. Call me a homo with pedophile tendencies, because I want to bang her so hard. …And I’m very partial to her CDs. Okay fine. I’m an Avril Lavigne fan. I’d let her take a dump on my chest, then I’d hand her a hundred bucks as I wiped my own cum off my stomach.


“Happy birthday Bedtime Bear,” whispered Larisa into my ear as she wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling herself against me. ‘So is my gift getting to boff Avril?’ I wondered.

“…Hi there,” I said in total shock, my eyes now wide open. I totally forgot the fact I just woke up, was wearing a shirt and boxers, and probably had the worst morning breath.

“Matty. Meet Avril,” she said as she extended her arm out, motioning to the singer.

“Hi Matt. Happy birthday,” said Avril in her Canadian accent. I found her accent so incredibly sexy. The way she said words like “about.” It sounded like “eh bOAt.” So sexy. It’s gonna be a lot easier for you guys to read this if I don’t type everything she says the way it sounds. Accents take way too much fucking time to write.

“Thanks. …It’s so nice to meet you. What…? What are you doing here?” I asked my new guest. I was still dumbfounded she was here and my brain was still partially shut down from exhaustion.

“Well Matt. As you know, Larisa got you front row seats and a few backstage passes for the show tomorrow night. From what she told me, you’re not a bad guitar player.”

“Yeah. That’s right,” I said as I turned to look at Larisa. I was no Kirk Hammett, but I could hold my own.

“Do you know any of my songs?” she asked me. Obviously she already knew, otherwise why would she be here? I moved over to the living room, closer to her. I still kept my distance due to not having yet brushed my teeth.

“I know a bunch of them actually. Why?” I asked, looking at her and then at Larisa. “I’m sorry. I REALLY gotta go to the bathroom. Would you excuse me?” Avril just laughed and nodded. Larisa, on the other hand, looked embarrassed for both of us. I quick took my morning piss and drank about half a bottle of mouthwash. Not literally. I got back to the living room and apologized once again.

“Feel better… relieving the tension?” Avril asked. Man did it sound like she was flirting. It caught me off guard. Apparently, I didn’t notice the hole in the front of my boxers was slightly open, letting the singer catch a glimpse of my cock. It’s not my fault. Sleeping and a mid-slumber boner stretched out the fabric.

“Very much. Thanks. So you were saying…?”

“How would you like to play one song with us onstage tomorrow night?” I do believe I just shat myself.

“Are you serious?” I asked Avril, my pulse quickening. “Did… did she just…?” I asked Larisa as I quickly turned to face her.

“Yeah baby. She did,” Larisa responded, not being able to contain her giant smile. I did know a bunch of her songs. I had bought all the sheet music for it. As I said before, I’m a fan. It had always been a dream of mine to be in a band and go on tour. Since a month ago when I realized how much I actually hate school and my two majors. I also felt that my other dream of being the singer for Journey was a tad impossible. Now I’d get to go play at a giant arena in front of thousands of people!

“Haha. I’m totally serious. How would you like to play Fall to Pieces tomorrow night. Just me and you on stage for your birthday present. It’ll be a little acoustic duet.” In all actuality, I wish she asked me to play Fuel by Metallica. I’d show them the real way to play that shit. Not that weak ass crap they brought to the MTV Icon show.

“I’d fucking love to!” I yelled. I was fucking giddy at this point. “That’d be incredible! Yeah. Thank you so much Avril.” I was beside myself in shock and excitement. I didn’t know who to thank more, her or Larisa, but I babbled to both anyway.

“Good. And call me Av. All my friends do,” she said as she rested her hands on her knees, leaning forward. She looked at me with a sultry smile and an intense gaze. I pondered for a moment as to whether or not she wanted to sleep with me… based on her look. Probably not.

“Riss! I’m…!” I shouted. “…Am I getting Punk’d?”

“Haha. No love.” I saw Avril also crack a smile.

“Did you do this??” I asked her.

“Yeah baby. Happy birthday.” I grabbed Larisa’s hands and pulled her towards me, wrapping my arms around her before she knew what hit her. I kissed her and hugged her again and again.

“Thank you so much. Thank you… both of you. This is so incredible.”

“Well, before tomorrow, let me just get a feel for how good you are,” Avril said as she reached over and pulled out my acoustic guitar from the side of the couch. I hadn’t even noticed it sitting there. “Here Matt. Why don’t we play it once here, just to see what I’m dealing with.” A big thick cock. That’s what.

“Yeah. Sure. Don’t worry. I don’t suck. Haha,” I said as I took it from her. “Uh… Do you have a pick?” Avril fumbled around in her pocket for a second.

“Yeah. Here ya go,” she said as she tossed it to me. Awesome. An official Avril guitar pick to add to the collection of concert memorabilia. “Okay. Are you ready?” I nodded as I got prepped. “Okay. One. Two. One. Two. Three. Four.” I started playing the song. I was so nervous. I didn’t want to embarrass myself, and most importantly, Larisa. After all, she organized this whole thing. I also didn’t want Avril to feel like she dug herself in a hole here. I was never so nervous playing before. Luckily, I was doing pretty well. It wasn’t the most complicated song ever. Do I really need to make a complicated joke here, after her song “Complicated?” I think we’re all beyond that. Come on.

I played the song in my living room, more than halfway decently, as Avril sang along. “And I don’t wanna fall to pieces. I just want to sit and stare at you. I don’t want to talk about it. And I don’t want a conversation. I just want to cry in front of you. I don’t want to talk about it. Cause I’m in love with you.” As she sang, a look of relief appeared on her tiny face. Man was she hot! She was so happy I didn’t suck. I don’t know what would have happened if I was a newb. And she had such an amazing voice. She also looked incredibly sexy and beautiful as she sang it, looking at me the whole time. It’s like she was singing it just for me. I hope I didn’t get a boner. You know… in front of the woman. Then again, that could spark a little three-way action.

We finished doing the song and Larisa applauded. “That sounded really good. Keep practicing it today and you’ll be fine tomorrow,” said Avril.

“Thanks. I certainly will.” I put the guitar down, resting the neck on the sofa cushion.

“Okay. Good. Well Rissy, Matt, I have to go do some press interviews and stuff. It was really nice to meet you two. I gave Larisa all the details about tomorrow night, so don’t worry,” she told me.

“Okay. Thank you so much again Avril! This is so awesome,” I said.

“Av. It’s my pleasure,” she said as she stood up and gathered her belongings before she left.

“Oh. And I’m sorry if I made you wait long. Long night last night.”

“No. It’s no problem.”

“Thank you again,” I said.

“It was good to meet you finally,” said Larisa as she took a step towards her. Larisa put her arms around her and gave her a quick hug.

“Same here, Av,” I added. I didn’t move in for a hug. I wasn’t sure if it was kosher. Apparently a hug was in fact kosher because Avril took a step forward and put her arms up around my neck, giving me a nice little hug.

“Happy birthday Matt.” I felt myself inadvertently push my crotch against her. She either didn’t notice or she didn’t want to say anything as I did so. I pulled her close to me with my hands gripped around her waist, just above her firm little butt. She didn’t seem to care, keeping the embrace going for another few seconds. ‘I wonder if she would pick the chimps over the shark,’ I pondered.

“Thanks.” After that, we said our goodbyes and I walked Avril out the door.

“Riss… This…”

“I know,” she said, assuring me she knew what I was about to say.

“This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten, probably,” I said, thinking back… just to be sure.

“I’m happy you’re so excited. She’s pretty isn’t she? In person I mean.”

“She’s fucking hot. A lot smaller than I thought,” I said. She was probably about five foot and two or three inches. She was petite and delicate, yet such a strong girl. Hopefully she sipped a mean D and was bisexual. Hehe.

“I could tell you thought so. Did you cop a good feel?” Was it that obvious?

“It was merely a friendly embrace…” She just looked at me with her arms folded across her chest. “… …I’m the birthday boy! It’s my day!” It’s the best I could come up with. Sue me.

“Haha. It’s ok love. I know it is.”

“Larisa. I love you so much. Thank you,” I said as I pulled her close to me, my head just a few inches from hers. We stared lovingly into each other’s eyes, seeing in them how much we cared for each other.

“You’re welcome,” she whispered as she leaned in and kissed me. Our lips made contact and softly rubbed against one another’s. Her hands ran over my neck as she put her arms around me. I held her by the waist, gently, as I kissed her passionately and slowly. “Hey love,” she started to say.


“We’ll kiss some more after you brush your teeth.” Someone wasn’t aware of my mouthwash usage.


I practiced playing Fall to Pieces all day long until my fingers were numb. I wanted more than anything to play the song correctly in front of the audience and Avril, hoping I’d impress her. Maybe that would let me get a little three-way action. Heh heh… Hoooooo riiight! “Hey babe. I love hearing you play guitar. But please… throw a different song in there,” joked Larisa. I could understand her annoyance. I had been playing it over and over for a few hours. But come on. She knew what was at stake here. Watch this…

“Yeah. You’re right. Want me to play some No Doubt?!” I said all fake excitedly.

“YESSS!!!!!” She got all enthusiastic and hyper. It made me sad to do this…

“Don’t know any. Sorry.” What! What! Shot down. …I know in part one I said I would pretend she liked my music for the most part, but that was to satisfy a pivotal plot need. Back to her crappy ass music. Not that I disliked No Doubt or anything. I mean, I’d bang Gwen Stefani like any other guy. I just wouldn’t titty fuck her. Oh like it’s even possible to. …Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!

“MEANIE!” she yelled in half-assed anger. I hung the guitar up on the wall mount I had and moved back to my beanbag chair.

“C’mere,” I said as I held me arms out. “Sit with me.” Larisa walked over and sat down between my legs, lying back on my chest. She looked so beautiful today. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts that barely covered her at all. She didn’t wear those outside. They were her around the house shorts, so broken in and worn out that they were on the verge of falling apart. I had a pair of cargo shorts like that years ago. I didn’t even have to unzip them to take a piss… just pulled it out through the hole in the crotch. As she rested her head against me, I couldn’t help but smell the Caress soap and the Herbal Essence shampoo she used that morning. Her hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, allowing me access to her neck. I rested my chin on her orange tank top-covered shoulder, pressing the side of my face to hers, my nose slightly pushing against her cheek. She had changed out of her maroon shirt because she got hot in it. “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had. And it’s all because of you,” I whispered as I looked at her long outstretched legs. They were so sexy.

“You’re so welcome love. I’m glad I could make it so special.”

“Hey. I’ve been meaning to ask. How come you call me love?” I asked as I grazed my hands over her stomach, sliding them just under the bottom of her shirt.

“You don’t like it?” she asked, assuming the worst. “I think it’s cute,” she replied as I saw her smile from the corner of my eye.

“No, it’s not that. Just… not too many non-British people say that.”

“Haha. Well. I think it’s cute. And you’re so cute, with everything you say and do. And because you’re my love.” I covered her with my arms and held her close to me. Larisa took my biceps in her hands and held my arms against her body. She extended hers up and back, placing her hand on my cheek. “That answer your question?”

“Sure does love.”

“Haha. You can’t use it. It’s my word for you. =]”

“Well, what am I going to call you Riss? Celebrity crush doesn’t work anymore.”

“Haha. I’m sure you’ll think of something love. You’re creative.” We sat there for a minute in silence, enjoying one another’s touch. Finally, I broke the silence.

“Did I ever tell you how I could knock out any animal?” She turned and looked at me from the corner of her eye.

“Any animal?”

“That’s right.” She lied back, putting all her weight on me. She knew we were about to have one of THOSE conversations. “I could knock out any animal.”

“Love, as strong and as masculine as you are, you couldn’t take on, let’s say… a wolf.”

“I could totally knock out a wolf,” I said in response to her negative comment.

“Matt. It has sharp teeth.”

“Well I’m not gonna punch it in the mouth! Come on!”

“Okay then. You tell me how YOU are gonna knock out a wolf.” She took my hands in hers as I began story time.

“Well, what I’d do is I’d clog up its nose first. I’d put like super glue in it. Now I don’t want you to be like, ‘Oh that’s cheating.’ It’s just fighting a little… dirty. Anyway, and then I could probably sneak up behind it. And like… picture a wolf’s ears. And imagine taking it and folding it down towards the front of its head. And then I’d have someone staple it closed.”

“That’s not fair!” she exclaimed with laughter.

“Riss. It’s fighting dirty. And anyway, I’d sneak up behind it and I’d get on top of it. And I’d knock it out.”

“Matthew, you cannot knock out a wolf.”

“But Larisa… I’M COMING DOWN ON IT! Bam! Bam! Bam!” I said as I play punched the air. I heard her sigh out loud as she shook her head.

“Okay fine tough guy. You tell me how you cold take on… a blue whale.”

“Easy,” I replied. I was just spittin improve now.

“Easy?” She really doubted me.

“As pie. I’m not gonna fight it in water, obviously. What I’d do is have it hanging, like on hooks for about two days. And it’s gonna be all weak and hungry and dizzy. And then what I’d do is I’d charge at it,” I said. “And it’s gonna be out of it, thinking, ‘What’s this thing running at me?’ because it’s all dizzy. And then I’d leap up, with the fist cocked back in mid air… like some kind of Jackie Chan thing. And I’d LIGHT IT UP! POW! I mean of course, I’d have to hit it in the right spot.”

“Love. You are crazy,” she laughed.

“But at least you know I can always defend you and keep you safe. That’s a plus.”

“How are you going to protect me against a blue whale if we’re swimming? You can’t pull it out of the water.”

“Well, then you’ll always either be protected or avenged.” I pulled her closer to me, feeling her curl up in my arms.

“Hahaha. Well that’s nice to know.” We both sat there in silence for a few minutes, enjoying each other’s touch once again. “Mmmm,” she moaned.

“I know. It feels so right, doesn’t it?”

“No. I was thinking about ice cream actually,” she said.

“Oh…” Well then. Maybe next time.

“Hehe. I know what you mean. Mmmmmmm to yours too,” she laughed, mocking me a little. “I just got a craving.” She continued to softly laugh as she sat there in my arms.

“Maybe you’re pregnant and you’re getting strange food cravings,” I suggested.

“DON’T EVEN KID!” she laughed half seriously. “Matt that’s so not funny. Haha.”

“Then why are you laughing baby?”

“God. You’re too much,” she said as I rubbed my hand over her stomach, as if I was rubbing a pregnant belly. I just heard her sigh and she shook her head.

“When did you do your nails,” I asked, pointing at her feet.

“I did them when you were playing guitar. Me and your sister did them together. What do you think of the color,” she asked, wiggling her toes. They were a dark metallic blue color. I enjoyed it.

“Look’s sexy,” I replied.

“I’m glad you like them.” I turned my head and kissed her on the neck, right below her ear.

“You want me to take you for ice cream?” I asked her.

“Mmmm. Yeah. That sounds good.”

“Okay. Let me just get ready real quick,” I told her.

“Sure. I’m gonna go pee,” she replied back as she stood up. She turned to me, halfway to the stairs. “Happy birthday Matthew.”

“Thank you Larisa.” I sat there for a second holding a pair of pants. Yeah I forgot. I was only wearing boxers when she sat on my lap. Like I said. It was my house and I’ll walk around in my underwear if I so choose.

I sat down on the edge of my bed and thought of all the things that happened, not only today, but every day since I met her. She opened my world to so many new things. I never would have experienced any of them if it weren’t for her. And she loved me. She loved me a lot. She even got Avril Lavigne to come to my house, play a song with me, and invite me to play with her onstage at Continental Airlines Arena. She was such a wonderful part of my life. …And the sex was phenomenal.


It was about 6:30 when we left the house to go to the Dairy Queen. We seriously hit about every fucking traffic light going there. As we drove down one of the main roads of town, Larisa leaned towards me, resting her head on my arm. I pulled my arm from underneath her, so I could put it around her. As she leaned against my side, I gently rubbed her shoulder, my fingertips grazing her tan skin. That made using the turn signal a pain in the ass, having to try to steer at the same time. And I’m not ambidextrous either. I’m surprised I can even run a batch with my left hand. “Mmmm. This feels so nice,” said Larisa as she slid her hand onto my crotch.

“Riss. What are you doing?” I asked, all surprised. Because of the hot weather, my dick was larger than normal. You guys know what I’m talking about. When it’s cold it shrinks and when it’s hot it expands. It instantly became fully hard when she first touched it.

“I’m rubbing you love. It’s your birthday and we haven’t even played at all yet.” She continued to rub me through the front of my cargo shorts, wrapping her hand around my stiff member and she continued to look forward out the windshield.

“Riss. Not that I’m complaining… but it’s not like I expected us to make love today.”

“I know Matt. That’s why I want to be with you right now. Because you don’t expect it.” I mean I was pretty sure I’d get some. You know. It’s my fuckin birthday and all. Her hand rubbed me harder and harder through my pants. It felt so good. She hadn’t gotten me off in the last few days and I haven’t beaten off at all. Because I wasn’t really working alone anymore at the store, I couldn’t close the place to go beat off in the back. What are you gonna do? You know? …Come to think of it, I could have just said, “Hey. I’m going to go take a dump,” and cranked one out. I’m an idiot.

I was trying to focus on the road as Larisa fondled me. I couldn’t imagine getting head while driving. This made it hard enough. I wanted to just lay my head back and close my eyes, to enjoy the whole experience. I’ve had never gotten any play in the Vulva before. That’s my Volvo, incase you don’t have a good short-term memory. Err… long-term memory. That reference was like eighty-five pages ago.

Larisa turned her head and softly kissed me on the neck. “Baby, is there somewhere we can park?” she whispered in my ear. She pulled the right leg of my shorts up and slid her hand inside and under my boxers, now playing with my uncovered dick.

“Um. We can go to the store. They’re closed by now. I’m sure Dawn’s counted the register and left.” Oh man. Her hand felt so good on me. Her fingers gently stroked the tip of my erect cock, playing with my head, sending small wave after small wave of pleasure through my private area. I wanted to feel release and relief more than anything.

“No. I want to do it in here,” she said as she continued to kiss and suck on my neck, alternating between there and my ear.

“So f ‘in hot,” I mumbled. We happened to be stopped at a red light at the moment. Larisa, reaching across my chest, moved her left hand up and placed it on my left cheek, pulling my head to face her. She slid her tongue between my lips. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the gorgeous blonde girl in the white beetle next to us. She happened to casually glance over at us and pause, watching me and Larisa suck face. I kept my eyes open, looking at her as we made out in my pimp mobile. As the light turned green, I pulled away from Larisa. The blonde spectator recognized her and expressed a look of shock. I looked at her like, ‘Yeah. How are you,’ and pressed on the accelerator.

“Do you know somewhere we can go that’s quiet?” she said to me as she squeezed my cock. “I’m getting really horny love.” I did know of one place. There was my old high school. I’d just assume go to the town high school’s parking lot, but with all the Puerto Ricans around that area of town, I was hesitant. I wouldn’t want have someone break in and rape one of us. Hey. They can be bisexual. And I apologize for the racist remark, even though it’s true in my town. If it really bothers you that much, just remember that the story is mostly fiction and hope that particular remark was fake. Anyway, my old high school was up the highway a ways. My good old all boy Catholic high school. Don’t even get me started. I also wanted to fuck her there for that reason as well. It usually took between fifteen and twenty minutes to get there. I got there in ten this time, fondled the whole way. We pulled the car around to the back of the school, near the track. Even though school was out, there was still activity there so cops didn’t swarm on a car that was parked there. The sports teams had summer training camps there during the day and random people came to run or walk on the track. Because it was about seven at night, no one else was there, even though it was still light out.

I backed into one of the last spots so that I could see any oncoming cars. This way, we could quickly stop if we we’re going to get busted. As soon as I put the car in park and pulled the parking break up, Larisa pounced on me. She swung her leg up and over the center console, straddling me in the front seat. “I want you so bad Matthew. I can’t stand it anymore.” She grabbed my head and slammed her lips against mine. She gripped my hair as I slid my tongue past her lips, taking the offensive. I put my hand on the back of her head, shoving my fingers through her hair, pushing her face against mine. My dick throbbed in my pants as her body rocked against mine. “I guess… you don’t really… want ice cream,” I said in between our sloppy kisses.

“Only if I can eat it off you,” she answered back. I ran my free hand up and down the side of her body, feeling part of her perky tittays in my palm.

“Well, I really don’t feel like getting all sticky. So I guess you’ll just have to have me.”

“I can… mmm… live with that,” she responded as her lips attacked mine. So there I was, parked at my old high school about to fuck a girl in my car. And this girl was Larisa Oleynik, THE MORPHING INTO A PUDDLE GIRL HERSELF. If only my entire class could witness this. I’d definitely, DEFINITELY, be the biggest success at the reunion. Unless someone cures cancer. But I’d be a close second.

Larisa unzipped my pants and pulled out my junk, still using her hand on me as we made out in the parking space. We were facing away from the wooded fenced off area, parked under the crappy basketball hoops. It was dense foliage, eg. weeds and out of control trees. At least it blocked out some of the sun, keeping us from dieing of heat exhaustion. “So… how do you want to do this? The… the… back seat? Or here?” I asked as I pulled her head next to mine. I ran my tongue over her neck, up towards her ear, sucking on her earlobe as her hand rested on my mule in the narrow crevice between our two bodies.

“I want you right here.” This was so like The Chase, starring Charlie Sheen. I groaned in approval and slid my hand up inside the back of her tank top, feeling her warm bare skin. She wasn’t wearing a bra, as usual. She had started to not wear one because of the warm weather. I guess it was more comfortable having them flap in the breeze and not being encumbered. I understand. You gotta let them breathe. And boy do I love pokies.

“You’re gonna need to take your shorts off baby,” I said as I slipped off her top, pulling it over her head and tossing it over on the seat beside me. I hit the button on the side of my seat, sliding it back to give us as much room as possible. Larisa unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, trying to pull them off. Oh I wish you all could have seen this. It was hilarious. Because of the way she was straddling me, it was almost impossible for her to get them off without changing positions. She struggled like the world’s worst escape artist, kicking and maneuvering her leg, trying to free herself from her shorts. She leaned back and lifted her body, trying to slide them down her legs. She banged against the door, the window, and hit her head on the ceiling. “Here. Maybe if you…” Larisa lost her balance, falling backwards onto the steering wheel, unintentionally honking the horn. She lunged forward and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, startled from the noise. We both started laughing hysterically, incapable of stopping. It seemed even funnier because she was half naked. She held the top of my head in her hands, her wrists and forearms pressing against the sides of my head, looking down at me full of love and laughter. She looked more beautiful than ever as she ran her fingers over my hair.

She stared down at me, our eyes locking. We didn’t have to say anything. We had a whole conversation about how we felt for one another in that one brief look. I had always dreamed of someone looking at me, her looking at me, like she just did. I can’t help but get lost in her deep, loving, brown eyes. “Here. Turn around,” I whispered, breaking the silence. She moved her legs and turned her body around so she was facing out the windshield. I put my hands on her hips and lifted her up slightly, helping her slip off her pants. “It’s a good thing you’re not wearing panties either. Then you might have really hurt yourself.”

“Haha. Shut up,” she laughed as she turned back around. She was still as horny as before, but couldn’t help but find the humor in our situation. She took my arms and raised them above my head, then pulled my shirt off. Larisa bent down and kissed my forehead, then my lips, and then my neck. She sucked on it as if she was trying to give me a hickey. I held her bare back in the palm of my hands, gently rubbing it as I grinded against her. Her skin was hot and felt slightly sticky from the heat. It was that good sticky though, the kind of feeling you get after having sex… and we haven’t even done it yet. Our bodies stuck together as we embraced. Eventually she leaned down and kissed both of my nipples, gently tugging on them with her teeth. God I loved that. You learn something new every day.

“Mmm. That feels so good,” I said, commenting on her nipple sucking. She just coyly smiled as she sucked them, not looking up. Larisa sat on my lap, my rigid cock standing straight up, sandwiched between our two stomachs. She was totally naked, straddling my waist, leaning back a few degrees. “Are you ready?” I asked her as I gently kissed her lips.

“Yeah Matt. I just wish we had the camera,” she said as her head tilted back and eyes closed, allowing me to start sucking on the nape of her elegant neck.

“Yeah. I coulda pulled a Tommy Lee,” I said, referring to the scene where he’s fooling around with Pam in the car.

“Haha,” she chuckled. I placed my hands firmly on her waist, slowly raising her up. Larisa helped me by pushing down on the seat with one hand, lifting her body as her other hand guided my penis to the entrance of her vaginal abyss, rubbing it across her opening a few times, lubing me up. I closed my eyes and groaned as I felt the tip penetrate her twat (because I don’t think I’ve used twat yet). I slowly lowered this angel down on me, feeling inch after inch of me disappear inside her. Her soft hands took hold of my head. “Matt,” she whispered. “Look at me.” I opened my eyes to see her face just an inch or two away from mine. “Stay with me.”

“Mmm… Okay baby,” I whispered back. She looked lustfully and romantically into my eyes. The ecstasy on her face was infectious. My mouth dropped open, as did hers, as my seven and a half inch flesh missile throbbed inside her. Mother fuckin Scud missile right there.

“Uhnn. Uhhn,” she whispered into my mouth, not taking her eyes off of mine. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, grasping her hands together behind the headrest of my seat. I slid my hands up and down her back, palming it as we made love in my car. I felt little drops of sweat seep from her skin as she timidly rocked her body back and forth, sliding up and down on my love staff. “Ahhh. Ooh,” she cooed. “Yes Maatt.”

“Ahhh. Oh Riss. Oh yeah… Go slow,” I whispered as I leaned my forehead against hers. “I want to make this last.” The mixture of heat and humidity in the car and my horniness was going to make me bust sooner that I liked. Larisa moaned softly and quietly, slowing her pace a tad.

“Is this better?” she whispered as she brought her head to the side of mine. I felt her grip on my body tighten.

“Mmmmm… Yesss.” I could feel the walls of her vagina, her soft lips gently massaging the length of my prick as she took her time sliding up and down on it. I slid my hands under Larisa’s arms, resting them back on her shoulders. I kept her close to me as I pumped my crotch against Larisa’s. I started to sweat more as we fucked one another. Our combined body heat was too much for comfort, but I didn’t care. We both held each other tighter, our sweats mixing together, lubing our bodies, and allowing them to rub together with ease as we fucked.

Larisa’s pussy, or axe wound, as I liked to sometimes call, felt amazing on me. She was really wet and was beginning to leak out onto my shorts. I involuntarily sped up my hip thrusts as I became closer to releasing my cum inside her. I ran my hand through Larisa’s hair, feeling her salty perspiration on my fingers. “Matthew… Mmmm. Yessss Matthew,” she whispered in my ear. “Just like that. It feels soooo good.” I rocked my body in a circular motion, causing my dick to swivel around inside her.

I didn’t think I could hold out any longer. “Riss… Please. Hold on, hold on.” She pulled herself closer to my body, gripping onto me tight, just like she’d always done in the past. “No. Baby… Hold up.” I stopped pumping myself into her. “You’re gonna make me cum Riss,” I said, panting slightly from the full body workout. She smiled and sat still for a few seconds. I felt my cock stand at full attention inside her beautiful body, shaking from arousal.

“Mmmm,” she softly cried. She took hold of my left cheek, planting a kiss on my dried lips. Her other hand was still gripped on the headrest, helping her remain against me.

“Okay… Riss. We can…,” I said in between kisses. She interrupted my words by tenderly rocking her hips against mine, resuming our lovemaking. “…Yeah. You got it.”

“=]” she said. We began to fuck one other harder, as if making up for lost time. She dug her nails into my head as she squeezed her thighs tight against my legs. Her juices dripped from her lips, running down my cock and my nuts, leaving my shorts damp. “Mmmm. Aahhh. Uhhhh, uhhh, uhhh.”

“God Laaa… Larisa,” I moaned out. I silenced myself by sucking on her shoulder hard.

“Baby… I’m gonna cum. You feel sooo amazing,” she softly cried. I cupped her butt cheeks in my hands, holding her up as I pushed and pulled the entire length of my cock in and out of her tight sweet little pussy. “Aaahhhh,” she moaned as she bit down on her bottom lip, then my shoulder. After a minute or two, I sped up my motions and humped her pussy hard. My huge prick slid in and out of her faster and faster, the tempo increasing. She desperately wanted to match my movements, restrained by my hands. “Aaaahhhhh.” I let go of her bottom and she immediately followed her natural instincts, and God given natural talent, by bouncing up and down on my cock, moaning in my ear as she did so. I gripped her tiny little waist and slammed her down on me nice and hard a good number of times, livening up the sex.

“Look into… my eyes as you come. I… mmmmm. I wanna see the look on your faaaace,” I told her, not able to speak steadily anymore. My whole body just got the shakes, out of nowhere. It was like a spasm, but not orgasm-induced. With that, she backed her head away from my shoulder. At this point I had given up keeping watch of any oncoming cars or spectators. The only thing that mattered was consummating our love. Nothing outside that car existed at that moment in time. “Uhhnn. Ahhh. Fuck yesss.” I became closer and closer to exploding inside her.

“Fill me lover. I need to feel you in meee.” I had never used a condom during sex before, but I knew I could never start now. The feeling I got when Riss told me to come inside her, the thrill and excitement of knowing that I could very well get her pregnant, the feeling of my cum shooting from me unencumbered… I had busted into a condom before… just to see what it felt like… It made our love making so much more intense.

She looked deep in my eyes and gave me a look, nodding in approval to the orgasm I was holding back. I had merely seconds away from having it. “Laa… Uhhhh!!!” I whispered as I released inside her. I forced myself to keep my eyes open and gaze into hers. My whole body trembled as I came in Larisa’s pussy. My thick salty seed seeped out of me, spurt after spurt. “Aaahhhhh!” My eyes started to roll back in my head as I lost control of my body.

“Staaaay… with me baby,” she whispered, bringing me back into reality. She rode my orgasm, grinding herself down into my waist, pushing my cock as far into her as it would go. She started to orgasm as well, her body subtly shaking. “Fuck YESSS! Aaahhh!” she yelled. Her lips quivered as she felt my DNA coat the walls of her cunt. “Mmmnnnn.” She shook, reacting to my orgasm as well as her own. I had a look on my face like I was about to scream out in pleasure or cry. I tried desperately to focus on her eyes. She gripped her hand on a small fistful of the hair on the back of my head, holding it to steady herself. My body shook and shook as the last bit of sperm made its way out of me and into its new home. Larisa took her thumb and rubbed it across my eyebrow, wiping away the beads of sweat that dangled on the bottom edge of it, ready to fall down on my face.

“Mmmy… God… Ahhhhhh,” I moaned. My orgasm had subsided, but I still felt the waves of pleasure course through my body. Larisa could only stare into my eyes lovingly, in such pleasure. Her lips moved as she mouthed words silently. No noise came out as her body slightly twitched.

Finally… “Mmmmmmm baaaaaaby,” escaped her lips. She rested her forehead on mine as she grinned ear to ear. I collapsed back in my seat in exhaustion, Larisa soon falling on top of me, tired out from the sex. She just laid her head down on my shoulder, her hands moving from my face to my waist, holding my sides as she rested on top of me. She grazed her fingertips over the sides of my waist and abdomen, tickling me a little bit. I closed my eyes and put my head down on top of Larisa’s. We didn’t have to say anything. We just sat there panting, covered in sweat and exhaustion, basking in the aftermath of the exchange of love that just occurred.


We returned to my house about an hour later. However, we did in fact stop for ice cream. The frozen treat was just what we needed to cool off from the crazy vehicle sex that we partook in. We stopped at the Dairy Queen on our way back and got ourselves a few blizzards. Larisa opted for the Butterfinger topping. I told her she’d be picking out little hard chunks of peanut butter from her teeth. Did she listen? No, of course not. I got to watch her pick that shit out of her teeth. Very sexy. It was nice, feeding each other a few spoonfuls, laughing as we sat outside the place consuming.

That was the first time anyone had ever asked Larisa for an autograph since we began dating. This girl our age named Judy came up to us with her little brother Doug who was maybe about thirteen or so. She asked if Larisa was Larisa and said her brother recognized her, but was too shy to ask for her autograph. She went on to embarrass him further, saying he had a crush on her and loved watching reruns of Alex Mack and 10 Things. Larisa was flattered and signed a napkin they had, being there was nothing else. She also gave Doug a playful hug, probably giving him wood. I just gave him a hard ass look and stared him down… with nobody looking of course. Either way, I found it funny that we just fucked and Judy and Doug had no clue.

Anyway, we happened to be about a minute and a half away from the Dairy Queen when we decided to go have sex somewhere. Less than a minute had we not hit the light. I just find that funny. Obviously, we also had to hit up the liquor store on the way back to my house as well. Twenty-first birthday niggs.

When we returned to my house, my parents and sister were waiting. They wanted to give me my birthday gifts. Larisa and I walked into the house to find the rest of my family sitting around the kitchen table.

“Where’d you go for so long?” asked my dad.

“Uh… We went for ice cream. Then we just drove around.” …To my old high school and then we rocked that Kasbah.

“Well, here,” said my mother as she handed me an envelope. I opened it up to find a few hundred bucks.

“Thank you mom, dad,” I replied as I tried to inconspicuously count it.

“You’re welcome. Happy birthday,” said my dad. Then, my sister handed me an envelope. It turned out to be a gift certificate to Best Buy, which I could always use. I thanked her and then Riss and I sat with them, talking about random things. They asked her questions about her career and whatnot. Typical questions I’m sure she got a lot. Then, they asked how we met and Larisa filled them in, leaving out the details about my obsession with her growing up. She really was a sweet girl. She kept throwing in how well I treated her and how I make her feel so special, which I’m sure pleased them.

After about an hour or so, we excused ourselves and went to my room. “Ugh,” said Larisa as she peeled her sweat dried tank top over her head. “I think I definitely need a shower.” She continued to disrobe as I went to my computer to check my email and IMs. No one important in either form. Larisa wrapped her towel, my towel, around her and said, “I’ll be back in a few.” Why even both at this point.

“Hey Riss…,” I said as she made it to the stairs.

“Yeah love?” she asked. I wasn’t sure if I should even ask, but I would have drove myself crazy had I not asked her.

“Before. Tonight, I mean. Did you…”

“Did I what Matt?” she said as she came back into my room, leaning against my TV stand.

“…Was it good for you?” I asked her.

“Of course it was love,” she said with a grin on her face. “Why?”

“It… It just didn’t seem like you climaxed hard.” She really hadn’t had the earth-shattering orgasm she had with me in past experiences. I didn’t know if maybe she wasn’t as into it tonight, or the type of sex we had didn’t call for it. I just wanted her to enjoy it as much as I did.

“Matt…,” she said as she came towards me. “Matt I loved every minute of it. It’s not like you fucked me like a porn star, you know?” She sat down on my knee, like a kid on Santa’s lap. “We made sweet passionate love in your car. It was so great, even if I didn’t look like I came hard. It was intense… emotionally intense.”

“…” I didn’t know what to say, really. “But you enjoyed it?” I asked, needing verbal confirmation.

“Yes love. I really enjoyed it.”

“Good. Because it was amazing for me Riss.”

“I’m glad. It was amazing for me too. …I hope Doug’s as good as you in the sack. He was a cutie.”

“Don’t even start. Haha. You’re gonna make me jealous,” I said as I slipped my arms around her torso.

“You shouldn’t be.”

“I know. And… my dick is bigger than his. So, you know. I got that goin for me… which is nice.” I should have said that to him like in Friday After Next. My DICK is biggah den youurrrrrs!

“Boys,” she laughed as she shook her head. “I need to shower my love. I’ll be back.” I groaned as she tried to stand up, pulling her closer to me. “Baby…”

“I know Riss. I just don’t want to stop holding you.” I pulled her tight to me, resting my head on her shoulder. It was still sticky from sweat.

“The sooner you let me shower, the sooner you can hold me till we fall asleep.” She stood up, pushing my arms off her. “We’ll both take quick showers. Okay?”

“Sure thing hun,” I replied. I was exhausted, yet hyper. The sex we had before stole my energy, but I was so pumped about Avril tomorrow night. ‘I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink tonight,’ I thought to myself. On top of that, I really had to piss. I went downstairs to the bathroom that Larisa was showering in. Like I need to walk down another flight of stairs to a different toilet. I knocked on the door a few times. “Riss. It’s me. Can I come in?”

“Sure,” she yelled back. I opened the door and walked into a room full of steam. It was so goddamn humid in there. Thank God I hadn’t taken a shower yet, or I would have needed another one. Sometimes when I’m in a hotel, I’ll turn on the water to the hottest and then turn the air conditioner to max and just try to make clouds. I’d love to call the front desk and be like, “Yeah. I got a complaint. It’s raining in my room.” And just have the bellhop come into a downpour.

“Geez. So much for cooling off in the shower.”

“Haha. Sorry Matty. What are you doing?” she asked.

“I just gotta pee.” I stood up and took out my mule and dropped a tissue in the toilet. Target practice. Like you guys never did it before. Time for operation “Sink the enemy patrol boat!”

“Okay. I’ll try to save you some hot water,” she said as she stuck her head out of the curtain. I turned my head as I urinated, finding her watching me.

“Hey. What are you doin?” I asked as I continued to destroy the enemy.

“Just watching,” she said, not taking her eyes off the golden stream. She looked intrigued, with her big cute nose and innocent eyes.

“You got a fetish about it?”

“Not really. It’s just fascinating to me. The whole… thing…” She looked hypnotized by my Johnson. I started to get aroused as she watched me take a piss. The combination of the heat, sweat, and arousal made my cock gigantic. It was probably about the biggest it had ever been before. But an erection when pissing… that definitely isn’t a good thing.

“Cool. You’ll have to spread your puss wide for me sometime and lemme stare at it for a bit. Cause I’m fascinated too.” She wasn’t even listening. Finally, she looked back up at my face, snapping back into reality. “Okay. I’ll see you when you’re done,” I said as I flushed the toilet. It was a joke people!

“Aaah!” yelled Larisa as a sudden hotter spurt of water burned her skin.

“That’s for staring.” With that, I walked out the door before she had a chance to respond.


I showered a little while after Larisa finished up in the bathroom. Luckily, she hadn’t flushed every toilet in the house as I did, in retaliation. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t do it eventually. Looks like I was going to have to keep my guard up …and my penis too. Who knows when she would feel like goin at it again. I climbed into bed at around ten at night. Larisa was downstairs with my mom. They had been talking about whatever for about an hour or so I guess. Larisa was asking all kinds of questions about the new house they bought, which was good for me. After all, she was asking for the both of us. … Sigh.

Just before I got into bed, I checked my email, finding one from Val. She just wanted to say hello and find out how my summer was going. I replied back and told her everything was cool. Larisa and I were having a lot of fun. I did however neglect to tell her I had been dreaming about our little reunion rendezvous. There was no need to tease her with what she couldn’t have. I’m a nice guy after all. Then again, I could have given her something to finger herself to as she lied in bed. And how hot is that. Oh well. There will be other days.

As I lied there, my mind drifted off to how that one night concluded. I thought about how Val sucked me off and Larisa watched. Good times. Good times. Before I knew it, I had drifted off to sleep. So did I make it obvious enough that the conclusion to the dream is about to take place?

This gorgeous girl sucked cock like a pro. As I tensed up like I was about to come, she pulled her hand off my shaft and deepthroated me, slowing down her pace, trying to make me last. My dick disappeared past her soft lips time and time again. I could hear Larisa moan as she kept the same pace as me on the road to her own orgasm. “Mmmm. Unn. Yeah Val. Suck him… just like that.” Val responded by bobbing her head on my tool, pushing my dick head against the back of her throat. I heard her gagging on me as her eyes teared up and her face turned redder. I put my hands on the back of Val’s head and forced her further down on me, holding it there, her nose pressed against my trimmed pubes, eventually pulling it back up when I sensed she needed a break to catch her breath.

I felt I was going to come very soon and Val knew it, and Larisa knew it. Val gave me a wicked smile. “Fuck my face with your big thick cock, you dirty bastard.” I began thrusting my hips up, doing exactly that. I jackhammer fucked her face as I held her head in place, quickening the pace like I was in a race. My dick pushed wildly into her mouth, down her throat, against her cheek… I was going too fast to keep it steady. It felt so fucking amazing to rape her mouth like this. Val just stayed still and took it like a real trooper. Small tears formed in the corner of her eyes and slowly cascaded down her cheek as I drilled her face. “Guhhh. Ahgghhh,” she gagged. Larisa had two fingers buried inside her now, furiously pounding her wet hole as she watched me violate another girl. “Uggmmm. Hummmmmbbhs,” Val continued to spit out.

The feeling of treating someone this shitty was insanely nice. I really enjoyed being in control and shoving my meat in her hole. I knew she liked it to, being she was such a whore. “That’s it Val. Ta… take it… just like that,” I said. “God you take it so good you little slut.” My body was tensing up and my sack tingled. I knew I was about to come soon. I released my hold on her head and let her take over.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she swirled her tongue around the shaft of my penis, while still in her mouth. I watched her as her head bobbed down on me, still retaining most of my meat inside her, trapped between her lips. I watched the smile on her face try to form around my aching cock.

“God baby. You’re…”

“I’m such a slut for your cock. I’m your little dirty whore,” she said interrupting me. She immediately swallowed my length once more, getting back to work. Her dark curly hair flopped all over as she bounced up and down on my prick, her spit and lips producing a sloppy wet noise. She gripped my shaft hard in her fist, squeezing it, as she pulled her lips off my head, making a loud popping noise. It sounded like one of us just opened a bottle of champagne.

“Vaa… Valerie… Fuck baby. I’m…” She knew how close I was and started to use her hand on me. She breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath from the ordeal I just put her through. “Are you gonna come for me baby? Are you gonna let me taste you?” she asked.

“Yessss. Yesss.” I closed my eyes and tried to stop myself from busting right there. Her oral stimulation was making my body all tight and super sensitive. She even had me crinkling up my toes in pleasure.

“Feels good doesn’t it Matthew,” she said, squeezing the base of my shaft tightly, twisting her right hand around the top of my penis, rubbing her thumb over my pee hole as she did so. “Imagine how god it will feel when you fuck my tight wet little pussy.”

Larisa looked over at Val from the desk, shocked by her words. Finally realizing it was an attempt to heighten my arousal, she resumed pounding her box with her digits, now turned on even more. She stuffed three fingers between her lips, ferociously ramming herself. Her other hand was busy either squeezing her tits through the opening in her blouse or rubbing her clit hard and fast. She stretched out one of her legs, resting it on the desk chair as she reclined, leaning against the hutch of the desk. “Mmmm, God,” she whispered softly. “Suck him dry.” Her command was loud and clear.

“I… I wanna… come… in you,” I cried out in a whisper.

“Well then…” she said in reply to me as she swallowed me again. She twisted her head from side to side as her tongue slid around the head of my dick. I looked up at Larisa, watching her watch me. She looked so fucking sexy sitting there, playing with her pussy. I loved how she looked when she touched herself. The look of ecstasy on her face just made you want to come in your shorts. I defy anyone to find something sexier. Not including raping a girl with a Michelob bottle. Larisa and I locked eyes as I was about to explode. I concentrated on her, not even acknowledging the girl going down on me.

The look on Larisa’s face was about to bring me over the edge. “Larissssaaaa,” I silently mouthed. My eyes were closing and I gripped the blanket at my sides, taking two fistfuls of the soft beige comforter. I pretended it was my girlfriend sucking me off. I knew that Larisa realized how much I loved her as I focused on her, not her cousin. She fingered herself harder and faster as my body shook. Val looked up at me and gave me a dirty look, dirty mean not dirty sexy, seeing how I wasn’t paying attention to her anymore. She had her hands on my thighs, moving towards my ass. She dug her sharp nails into my legs, trying to grab my attention. It hurt like hell, even though she did it through my pants. I looked back down at her and her eyes pierced me. She was pissed, as if she thought I wasn’t enjoying myself. “Ooohhhh shit. Fuck! Vaaal! Are you… Uhnnnnnnhh… ARE YOU READY FOR THE GUHK??!” The look of utter shock spread across Val’s beautiful face as I heard Larisa giggle. A little Andrew Dice Clay right there.

Val was so distracted that the first spurt of cum caused her to gag as it hit the back of her mouth. She almost threw up, her head dropping forward, her throat clenching up. I placed my left hand on the top of her head, keeping my cock in her dirty mouth, and grabbing a fistful of hair to steady her and stop her from puking. I continued coming as Val relaxed from the shock of it and pushed herself off me. She locked her lips around the top of my dick and wrapped her hands around my exposed shaft, quickly jerking it up and down. “Oh FUCK! UHNN! Aahhh!” My fluids poured from my piss hole and filled her waiting open mouth. I felt the pressure on the tip of my cock increase as Val sucked it harder, like she was sipping cum through a straw. “Vaaa… Aaah FUCK.”

I turned my head to see Larisa have a little orgasm of her own as she watched, her body curling up in ecstasy. “Oh Gawwhd,” she cried out as she watched me explode in her cousin’s mouth. Her head fell backwards and her body shook in sexual release as she squeezed her legs together, forcing her hand to remain inside her.

“Ahhhh RISS! I’m commmmming!” I groaned as I gripped onto Valerie’s head. “Vaaaallll! Oh YES.” Val’s right hand squeezed my balls as I came a great amount. All the teasing and Val’s patience, and a few days of no orgasms had produced a stockpile of semen inside my nuts.

“AAAHH. Come lover! Come… come in her filthy… aah mouth!” moaned Larisa from the desk. She kicked her legs out as her body tensed up and relaxed. Val’s quick moving hand squeezed the sperm out of me, gush by gush. I came a lot, letting her feast on wave after wave of delicious cum. Not that I know what it tastes like.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned with my dick still in her mouth. I stopped shaking after about a minute and a half or busting and quit pumping my hips up towards her. Her lips again made a popping sound as she pulled her head off of my hard rod. She leaned her head back a little and opened her mouth, revealing some of my unswallowed load. She stared up at me seductively, then gulped it down, letting it settle in her stomach. She opened her mouth again and stuck out her tongue, showing me her magician skills, making my DNA disappear deep into her body. “Mmmmm. You taste so fucking good.”

“Holy shit. …Fuckin A,” I said as my body collapsed back in exhaustion. I rolled my head over to the side and saw Larisa panting from her own orgasm. I still felt Val’s hand on my still stiff cock, rubbing it up and down. She used her dainty fingers to squeeze out the remaining drops of my sperm and then leaned over to lick it up with her tongue. Larisa quietly and slowly got down from her perch atop the desk and walked up behind Val. She stood there unnoticed for a second, her skirt still hiked up to her waist, her white, see-through shirt still partly unbuttoned. She took a handful of Val’s hair and yanked her head backwards, causing her to yelp in pain. Holding her free hand to Val’s chin, she squeezed her cheeks together and planted the biggest sloppiest kiss on her cum-flavored mouth. From Val’s perspective, Larisa’s head was upside down, and they made out like that scene in Spiderman, where he’s hanging upside down in the rain, kissing MJ.

Larisa forcefully shoved her tongue past her relative’s lips, lapping up the remains of me from the lucky girl’s mouth, and then shoved it down Val’s throat. Val waved her arms for a moment, not sure where to put them. Eventually, she grabbed onto the back of her cousin’s head and pulled her closer. I just watched them try to swallow one another’s face as my cock remained at full attention. “Mmmm you taste delicious,” said Larisa. She pulled back and licked her tongue across Val’s lips, getting the last bit of my flavor from them.

“Mmmm haha,” Val laughed as they slowly stopped kissing. “I know.” Using my slight-of-hand techniques, I slipped Val’s soaked panties into my right pocket as a memento of this great day. Val looked back at me as Larisa released her head. She started to crawl on top of her bed on all fours, climbing on me like a lioness. I grabbed her and pulled her up to me, kissing her much like Larisa did. It was okay because Larisa took away any cock taste that Val might have. That’s how I justified it in this particular case. I grabbed onto her head and pulled it against mine, our lips tightly locked together. I palmed Val’s tight ass and pushed her private area down on my hard cock. I started grinding into her, no longer caring about accidental slippage. I hoped Val would position her waiting pussy over my cock and let me slide it deep inside her, filling her with my thick love muscle.

I felt the bed shake as Larisa climbed up next to us. I put one hand back behind Larisa’s head as I pulled away from Val and moved to kiss my girlfriend. Our tongues teased the inside of each other’s mouth as I groped the two girls at the same time, still dry fucking Val, looking for her vagina with my dick. Then, Larisa pulled Val’s head into our kiss, allowing us to share one of those “triple kisses” made so popular by MTV’s spring break recap shows from the late 1990s/early 2000’s. The kiss was comprised of a mess of slobbery tongues mingling together, licking each other’s face, and a lot of roaming hands.

Both girls were half on top of me as we made out. I slid my hands between the legs of the two cousins, rubbing them against their bare wet slits. Dual “Mmmmm’s” escaped from their lips. It was such a forceful and lustful exchange of spit. We were all incredibly aroused and ready to go at it. If there were any time we would all fuck together, this would be it. However, the knock at the door wouldn’t allow for that. Yeah. …How are you.

“Whooo isss it?” Val yelled into my neck, my fingers still inside her. I thought it’d be funny to speed up my digits as she yelled out to the cock blocker. Her mom answered back, yelling for her to come back out and stop ignoring the guests. “OOOOKAY. I’ll be out in a sex! ONE SEC! Oh fucking… That feels sooooo good Matt.”

“Thank you so much Val. That was so fucking incredible.”

“You’re welcome baby. Thank YOU Larisa,” she replied. After all, without her approval, this would never have happened.

“You’re welcome baby,” Larisa said as she pulled her cousin in for another deep passionate kiss. “Thank you Matt for supplying the cock.”

“My pleasure Riss. Anytime.”

“I gotta get back out there. You two come back out in a minute or two,” Val said as she slid her skirt down to the appropriate level and used a towel to wipe her sexual juices from between her legs. “You can keep the panties Matt. I was going to give them to you anyway,” she laughed as she looked in the mirror, giving herself a final look over. So much for my slight-of-hand skills. I guess I better just stick to letting girls suck my cock.

She ran back over to give me a final kiss, running her hand over Larisa’s thigh as our lips danced together. I slid my hand through her hair, pulling her back to us, not waiting to let her go. She smiled and pulled back, walking away from Larisa and I. She opened the door half way and slipped out, leaving us on her bed, still pressed together with my hand between her legs. “Did you enjoy that love?” she asked.

“Yeah. I love watching you play with yourself.”

“Mmmm. No. Haha. Val.”

“Yeah, she was great. Not as good as you though.”

“You’re so sweet love,” she said as her hand caressed the side of my face.

“Did you two plan that?” I asked, rubbing my fingers against her wet pink lips, slipping the knuckle of my middle finger between them.

“No. Mmm. Um… She just came in randomly. I guess… ooh… I guess she saw us come in here. That feels so good love. We should get… ahh… back out there.” Her head tilted back and her eyes closed as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Soon, Riss. Soon. Just relax and enjoy it hun. It’s my turn to do something for you,” I said as I pressed my lips to hers, placing a soft loving kiss on them. Our bodies grinded together as I started kissing her cheek and neck, as I stimulated her lubed up pussy for another climax.

“Mmmm. Matthew,” she whimpered as she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed her legs shut around my hand like a clamp. “I’m sorry.”

“Huh???” I mumbled as I rolled over to the side.

“Go back to sleep love,” Larisa whispered as she climbed over me, not wanting to wake me. There was no way she could have climbed to her designated side of the bed and get under the covers without disturbing me. She couldn’t get in from the other side, not with the way my bed was positioned against the wall. For a split second I realized that she woke me up from the dream by shaking the bed. I didn’t care, as I was asleep again almost instantly, dreaming right where I left off. “Happy birthday Matthew,” she softly whispered one final time as she kissed me on the cheek. “I love you.” Then, my girlfriend rolled over and closed her eyes, joining me in sleep.


The next day was the day I’d make my mark on the music industry, the day my birthday present from Larisa would be fulfilled. When I woke up that morning, I had the world’s largest butterflies in my stomach. Larisa was still sleeping when I got out of bed, looking so peaceful as she dreamed the sweetest dreams. Her mouth hung a tiny bit open, not in a disgusting drooling way, but in a cute way. She really looked good in the morning, not like most other girls. I brushed a few loose strands of hair back, out of her face, as I watched her sleep for a few seconds.

I decided to go for a run as a way to clear my head and relax a little. It was nice running early in the day. Most people were already at work, so the neighborhood was somewhat quiet, giving me some privacy. I don’t need to be a spectacle. I don’t like having people see me exercise. If I have to run past people, I’ll speed up. Same reason I don’t go to a gym. I’d rather get ripped in the privacy of my own home, then go there to show off every once in a while.

On my way out the door, I said goodbye to my parents and sister. They had to change their flight to Arizona because of some conflict with my dad’s work schedule. He had to work with someone in the area a few days earlier than they originally planned. My parents were just glad they were home for my birthday. I helped them carry their shit out to the car and we said our goodbyes; have a nice flight, have a good time at the concert, I’ll call you later, etc. As they drove off, I started running parallel to the car. They thought I was running after them, when in actuality, I was running my run. It only took a minute of waving them away from me before they realized.

As I ran the four-mile loop, I thought about how amazing my life had become lately. I mean, come on. I was dating a celebrity. Not only that, but we were living together. She got me front row seats for shit. AND… She got me the opportunity to play guitar on stage at a friggen arena. The free thirty pack of beer she bought me for my birthday is up there on the list too.

It was hot as hell and I was sweating bullets. I preferred to run outside rather than on the treadmill in the basement. That was for running at 3:00 a.m. or when it was pouring out. I thought it was more hardcore to deal with the elements of nature. It was just like Rocky IV… especially in the winter. In the summer, the heat helped with getting a nice dehydration weight loss going. I’ll take it any way I can. After about forty minutes, I returned home, soaking wet. I took my shower and went up to my room to find Larisa up at my computer checking her email. “Good morning love,” she said, giving me a quick look before returning her focus to the screen.

“Morning Riss,” I replied back as I dried myself off better.

“Where’d you go so early?” she asked as she quickly glanced up at me. I looked like an idiot, standing there naked, drying myself off like they do in the Zest commercials, rubbing the stretched towel against my back. Larisa looked adorable on the other hand. She was sitting on my chair with her legs bent, her knees up against her chest, feet on the seat. Her hair was done up in a loose ponytail. She sat there looking like a squirrel. And not just any squirrel. I’m talking about the hot squirrel from Disney’s The Sword in the Stone. I don’t care who you are, that was one sexy animal, and Lee agreed with me.

“I went for a run. I wanted to wake up… clear my head about some stuff.”

“You’re nervous… aren’t you.”

“Yeah,” I said as I went to the dresser to grab some underwear.

“I could tell. I’d be…” she said as she typed.

“Thanks. Way to help out,” I joked sarcastically, stepping into my boxers.

“Haha. Wellllll… You didn’t let me finish. Joe Interrupt over here,” she laughed. “I’d be… but I know you’re going to be fantastic, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. I’ve heard you play that song so many times and you play it perfectly every time.” She exaggerated somewhat. Perfect? I doubt out. But to her untrained ear, it would sound pretty accurate. I walked over and stood behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders, massaging them a little as an instant message popped up on the screen.

“Thank you. I needed that.”

“I know love,” she replied, putting her right hand on her left shoulder, on top of my hand.

“Who is that?” I asked, talking about the IM on the screen.

“Oh. That’s Michelle.” Ah, the sexual temptress of my old dreams. So, she has reentered the picture. I didn’t know Larisa and her were talking again. She never told me they hung out after the incident where Larisa’s dad died… where she blamed us for her not being there when it happened.

“I didn’t know you two were friends again,” I said as I pressed my lips to the top of her head.

“Oh. Yeah. I never told you. It just slipped my mind,” she started. “I apologized to her about everything a month or two after the whole… thing.” She paused, I assume to think of her dad.

“Good. You two were such good friends. I’m glad you worked it out.” I tried to keep her mind from thinking unpleasant thoughts. I didn’t want her to get upset from me bringing up bad memories of her dad’s passing.

“Yeah. She says hi. She’s coming over to see Lee and the rest of her family sometime this summer. We should all hang out.” How are you.

“Yeah that sounds great,” I replied as I got dressed in the corner of the room. I really wanted to see Michelle again. She was so fucking sexy. And she knew she made me nervous… sexually speaking. She loved to tease me. Michelle also loved to tease Larisa about me too. She was a real pistol, that one. “She just told you about this?”

“No. This was a few days ago.” I remember the dreams I had about her, the two of us having dirty, nasty, porn star sex… waking up with the hugest hard on with Larisa sitting next to me, seeing how excited the dream made me. Of course, I panicked and had to make up a great dream on the spot. I couldn’t tell her I fucked one of her best friends in my sleep. Not gaahhhhh do it. Not gaaah do it. Wouuuuldn’t beeeee pruuudent. I couldn’t help but check out Larisa’s gorgeous legs as she sat in the funky position. She was only wearing one of my t-shirts and panties. Not my panties. Hers. Not that I didn’t have my own. One’s girls gave me… and some I took without asking. When people accidentally leave them behind in the laundry room… finders keepers. Her legs were so beautiful. Larisa had gotten tan from the time we spent outside or doing whatever. Just sexy. I wanted to just get down on the floor and crawl between them… have her wrap them around my head, feeling her soft skin as my hands slowly run up and down her thighs. Mmmmm. Another time perhaps. I had to practice for my performance tonight.

“See something you like?” she said as she saw me checking out her lower half.

“Eh… I guess.”

“What do you MEAN, you GUESS!??” she asked, :O half laughing.

“Well, I thought you were talking about my Eliza Dushku poster next to you. I didn’t wanna make you jealous.”

“UGH!!!!” she snapped as she threw a post-it note pad at me. >:O

“You’re going to have to be a little more specific with me than that darling,” I teased.

“Fine.” I moved back to my place behind her and leaned down to wrap my arms around her shoulders.

“You know she can’t hold a candle to you Riss. You’re so much more beautiful.” She crossed her arms and put them on top of my arms. “So much more,” I said as I kissed her on the cheek. “With those nice… toned… creamy thighs of yours… Mmm.”


“Yeah hun,” I whispered in her hear.

“You smell like Caress soap.” …Yeah. How am I. Apparently not Zest-fully clean.


“Avril said be there at 4:00 to come backstage and hang out.”

“Yeah, I know Larisa. There’s traffic because of this accident.” I left with plenty of time, but of course Route 17… God forbid it’s ever not all bumper-to-bumper. My guess was that there had been an accident about ten to fifteen minutes from the place. It was going to take at least forty-five minutes to get there from where we were, remembering back to the Metallica concert. “Put the radio on. Let’s see exactly what happened.”

“Okay,” she said as she hit the dial. “What station is it?” She wasn’t familiar with the New York/New Jersey radio stations yet.

“A.M. 1010.” She hit the presets until it came up to the station.

“Traffic and weather every ten minutes on 1010 WINS,” said the radio announcer. “Now time for the traffic and transit report. All bridges looking clear. An accident on the G.W. Bridge is all cleared up and traffic is moving along. Few delays on the Garden State Parkway South due to an overturned van. Looks like it’ll be crowded for another… hour or so. Route 17 South is backed up for miles due to the bomb threat at Continental Airlines Arena. Police have set up roadblocks and detours. Next traffic and transit report… in ten minutes.” Larisa and I both sat there in silence. You’ve got to be kidding me! MY MOMENT IN THE SPOTLIGHT! MY POSSIBLE THREESOME!

“Riss. Put on 100.3 F.M.”

“What the hell is this all about?” she asked me, in total shock. We waited about five minutes for the DJ to come back from playing a stupid Puerto Rican song. That station was responsible for putting on the show that evening. She told the radio audience that there was a bomb threat called in and the show had been postponed to a later date, not yet available. Apparently the police and venue management decided to shut down the building until an investigation took place.

“Oh. This is FUCKED UP!” I was pissed off. “God DAMMIT!” I yelled as I half-assed punched the steering wheel. You GOTTA be sucking my fuckin nut!

“Matt… I’m sorry…” Larisa was in shock, in just as much shock as I was. She knew I was disappointed, not only because I’d be playing, but because I wanted to see the concert as well.

“Riss… it… it’s fine. It’s just…” YEAH. HOW AM I.

“Wait!” Larisa said as she interrupted me. “I have her cell number.”

“Whose?” I asked as she fumbled through her bag, looking for her cell phone. Dumb question.


“You do?”

“Yeah. She called me to let me know she was coming over that morning.” This was awesome. I could find out more details now, assuming she answered her phone. “Call the number Riss.” Larisa scrolled through her cell phone’s recent calls list and found Avril’s number. She called up that piece with the quickness. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds… obviously the phone was still ringing.

“Hey Avril? …This is Larisa Oleynik… … …Yeah. We’re on our way and we heard on the radio… … I see…” I stared at Larisa, chalked full of anticipation. It’s not like the call was going to change the events that occurred. But still. “Yeah. We totally understand… … Okay. Yeah… …That’s great. … Sure thing. No, don’t worry about it. Be careful… … Ok. Bye Av.” Larisa clicked the off button on her cell. We were still stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, crawling at best.

“She said they got a call about a bomb threat like two hours ago. The concert is postponed until further notice. They took her and the bands out to the hotel for their protection.”

“Well that’s good. Is this the real thing?”

“She doesn’t know. From what she heard, it’s just a false alarm. But they wanna be positive.” She put her hand on top of mine as I gripped the steering wheel. “Matt… I’m sorry. I know how much you wanted this.”

“Riss… to be honest. I’d rather not be there if there was any risk of you getting hurt. If they decided it was clear to have the show and then it wasn’t… and then something happened… I…”

“Awwww. Matt… I know. I know you were looking forward to this though. For a number of reasons. I just feel bad.”

“Hun. It’s fine. Don’t worry at all. They’re going to reschedule it. So it’s not like we’re missing the show.”

“Yeah. Well… I have some good news for you.”

“There’s an exit fifty feet ahead?” I asked sarcastically. Larisa quick leaned over and looked out the window, peering through the glass.

“No. But… Avril said if she can, she was going to try to stop by later… if she could get it okayed with her security and manager.”

“Are you for real Riss?” I asked as I looked over at her, in no danger of a high-speed collision.

“Mmmhmm. She said she has the next two days off and they weren’t leaving for the next gig for at least another day. It was going to be her day off tomorrow. She said she’d like to hang out with the two of us. You know, make it up to you for your birthday.”

“Riss… That’s. That’s awesome.” I could see she saw the happy expression on my face by the way she smiled back at me. “Riss… A night with you is all I wanted. Something we could both enjoy.”

“Aww. Matt. You’re the sweetest.” She slid over closer to me and rested herself against my side. “Let’s go home.” She smiled as she touched me with her body. “We can have our own post birthday celebration for you,” she said with an innocently wicked smile on her face. She leaned onto my shoulder and looked out the windshield, mentally plotting the events to come.

“Okay hun.” I cut some guy off a minute or two down the road and made a U-turn to take us back home. This whole fucking situation is so Yeah… How are you.


Larisa and I got back to a completely empty house. Luckily, the traffic coming home wasn’t too bad. I took as many back roads as I could because of the normal rush hour commute. As we got out of the car, I put my arm around Larisa’s waist. “You look really beautiful today Riss. I don’t think I told you before.”

“Thank you love. You look pretty great yourself,” she replied as she put her arm around my waist, reciprocating the gesture. “My little rock boy.” She looked fucking… spectacular. She had on cute little sneakers and jean skirt. The dark blue denim bottom wasn’t whorish short, but short enough to grab some attention. She had one of those studded belts on to complete the lower half. Was she wearing panties? That I wasn’t sure of. She also wore a black tank top, with no bra of course. She liked to let them flap in the breeze and get some air. My guess was that she thought her nips might get smothered and suffocate from too much clothing. Maybe that’s some kind of real phobia. Who knows. Let’s not judge others. Is that what you wanna be doing when Jesus comes back?

Larisa and I entered the house void of parental supervision. “Hey Riss. Do you hear that?” I said as I paused and pretended to listen for a weird noise.

“No? What?” she replied as she held onto my arm tightly, as if she was afraid of a burglar.

“That… that sound….” I stuck my head through the doorway, pointing my ear towards the living room. “It’s the sound of no parents or sisters.”

“Jerk!” she yelled as she slapped my arm. “Don’t scare me like that,” she added with a sort of disgusted look as she pushed past me and entered the kitchen. Apparently she’s not into the ‘someone broke into the house’ jokes.

“Jerk? You’ve been hanging around my mother too much.” I put my hands on her hips and spun her around to face me, resting them on the little bit of visible skin between her skirt and tank top. “We have the whole house to ourselves.”

Larisa took half a step back into the wall, pulling me with her. She slung her arms around my neck and slid her right arm down, her hand rubbing across my shoulder. She placed it on my cheek and slipped it half behind my head, pulling me closer to her. “I know love.” She inched her head forward, keeping her lips just a little bit away from mine. She angled her head back and forth sideways, as if she was going to move in to kiss me, and then changed her direction of sexual attack. “Do you know what I really… really want to do baby?” she said as her lips gently grazed against mine as she spoke.

“No. What?” She moved her hips against my crotch and slid them side to side over my package.

“I want…” she said, her lips still brushing against mine every time she pronounced a syllable. “…I want to take off… all of my clothes.” She dared not break eye contact with me, keeping this sexual anticipation boiling. “Annnnnd then,” she whispered, “take off all of your clothes…”

“Ann, annd…” I mumbled, incredibly turned on right about now.

“Annnnd then…” Larisa slid her black nail polish-covered fingers through the hair on the back of my head. She ran her nails along the skin on the back of my neck, causing me to get chills. “Mmm. Then get into bed…” I was so fucking erect right now it hurt. I realized we could fuck anywhere and everywhere in the house, make as much noise as we wanted, and as many times as we wanted to. There was nothing to stop us from giving into all our deepest sexual urges and fantasies. Her gaze was so incredibly sexy, staring deep into my eyes. “And then… hold each other so tightly… and have a good… long… talk.” … … …

I’m not going to say I wasn’t disappointed. I was hoping she suggest we fuck on the kitchen table. Again, they can’t all be winners, can they? “That… would be soooo… nice.” …

“Matt…” She pursed her lips, pushing them against mine. Her kiss felt so good. “We have all the time in the world.” She kissed me softly again, gently slithering her tongue just past my lips, licking them ever so slightly. “I just want you to hold me so badly. I want to stare at you and have a good conversation with you.” She looked up at me, her eyes piercing mine. I would do anything she told me to when she looked at me like that.


“Mmmhm.” She smiled at me, her eyes right in front of mine, our faces inches apart. “I have my reasons. Just trust me Matthew.”

“You know I do.” A wicked smile of my own appeared on my face. I ran my hand down Larisa’s right thigh. I suddenly kicked her legs out, causing her to lose her balance.

“Aahhhh!!!” she yelled as she fell, right before I scooped her up in my arms. “Maaatt!!!” she yelled in shock.

“I have a few surprises of my own Alex Mack.” She wrapped her arm around my shoulder, holding onto me. She pulled herself up and placed a kiss upon my lips. “If you play your cards right, I could be carrying you like this to our hotel room on our honeymoon. Okay… now I’m gonna do my best to not hit your hit against the wall as I bring you upstairs.”

“Be careful hun.” Larisa just giggled like a little girl, pulling her body into a ball to avoid collision as I brought her up to my room. Lemme tell you, carrying a girl up a staircase isn’t as easy as it looks. I almost smacked her head into the railing and wall like twice.

As we finally got to the top of the stairs successfully, and with no injuries, I felt a sense of relief. I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for me. I carried her over to the bed, and feeling crazy, I went to toss Larisa onto my bed. It was just like a romantic comedy movie. Except, I misjudged the distance. Larisa landed on the edge of the mattress and bounced off onto the floor. Oh fuck! “Riss! Oh shit! Are you okay??” I asked in a panic. Look. It’s not that she’s too heavy and I couldn’t throw her far enough. I just misjudged the distance is all.

The shot-put I call my girlfriend just looked up at me and gave me a look like, ‘What the hell…?’ She was utterly and completely speechless. I ran over to her and knelt down besides her. “Matt…”

“Yeah Riss. Are you okay???” I was so worried she hurt herself. She sat there on the floor, her legs spread, with a look on her face like a dumbfounded dog. And she wasn’t wearing any panties. So that answers my previous question.

Matt… My butt hurts.” Whaaaaaaaat? “Haha. I haven’t bounced off a bed like that since I was a little kid. Haha.” I was totally shocked. I thought she would have been crazy pissed off at me. “That was so much fun.” Well, what could I say to that?

“…That’s what I was going for. I’m glad you enjoyed the ride.” I tried to scoop Larisa up to bring her back to her feet.

“No… that’s okay stud. Haha. Just pull me up,” she laughed as she extended her arm. I took her hand and pulled her up off the ground, onto her feet.

“Baby. I’m so sorry…” She interrupted me, putting her index finger against my mouth.

“No apologies.” She smiled at me and put her hands on my waist. She pulled me closer to her and leaned into kiss me. I closed my eyes and went in for the smooch. I felt Larisa’s warm breath on my lips as she moved towards my mouth. She hesitated before kissing me, then grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up my body. I instinctively raised my arms, allowing her to remove my top. She pulled it up over my stomach and shoulders. As the neck of my shirt pulled up past my mouth, she stopped. I felt her lips lock around mine as the shirt covered my eyes, my arms still raised in the air. Looks like someone was ripping off a scene from Starship Troopers.

“Mmm,” I quietly moaned into her mouth as our lips pressed against each other. “This is so Starship Troopers.”

“Mmmmm. You caught me,” she softly laughed. I wasn’t about to let her get away with it. She resumed lifting my black shirt off my torso, tossing it over to the floor. She looked up at me and smiled as I took hold of her top and pulled it over her head. I started kissing her neck, tenderly moving down, sucking on her right collarbone and shoulder. “I love it when you do that baby,” Larisa cooed.

Larisa brought her hands up to my shoulders, gripping my upper arms in her hands. She tilted her head, leaning it against mine as she felt my muscles. I slid my arms around her back, pulling her small body into mine. I continued to suckle her shoulder as she moaned over and over. My dick was completely hard now, poking against her skirt, the only defense from me penetrating her beautiful axe wound… well that and my pants. That’s slang for pussy, again. I held Larisa’s body against mine tightly, leaning back, bringing her up off her feet for a second.

“You feel so good against me Larisa. You’re Heaven to hold.”

“Mmmm Matthew. So are you.” I slid my hands down the sides of her body, stopping at her butt.

“Does this make it feel better hun?” I asked as I rubbed her cheeks with my hands, gently squeezing them through the denim material.

“Not as good as this,” she whispered as she pushed her body into my groin. I dragged my right hand from her butt cheek to the snap and zipper on her skirt, undoing it. My body pressed against her crotch was the only thing keeping it on her waist now. I leaned back a tad and the short skirt slowly fell down her legs, landing on her feet. She lifted one foot after the other, taking a step out of it, and then kicked it to the side. Larisa stood before me completely naked, except for her socks. Well… she said she wanted to take all her clothes off.

I squatted down in front of her slowly, my head moving down to her tits, past her stomach, until I was face to face with her beautiful bald pussy. It smelled so sweet and I desperately wanted to kiss it, to lick it, to make her come again and again. My hands grazed across her waist, sliding down her thighs. I brought my face to about an inch away from her vagina and inhaled the sweet aroma seeping from it as my left hand moved down her right leg. I slowly lifted her right leg to allow me to remove her sock. Larisa put one of her hands on my head to help her keep her balance. Doing this, she pushed my head closer to her yearning hole. I softly blew on her lips and on her clit before she pulled away from me.

I noticed Larisa’s body shake as I gave her area special attention. I could sense she wanted me to bury my face in her, but I held back. I know what she wanted to do. I took off her one sock and then the other in the same fashion, my head remaining just a hair away from her carnal treasure. Not a pubic hair… because she shaves it. As I removed the second one, I lost my balance and my nose ‘accidentally’ pressed against her, poking between her lips. I heard her immediately take in a deep breath. She desperately craved some sexual tending to even though it wasn’t her plan. While squatted down, I also removed my socks, because a woman doing that to a man, well… that’s just plain unsexy.

I started to kiss around her pussy for a moment, my lips pressing against her inner thigh and right above her slit. My soft lips gently teased her sensitive areas, causing her body to subtly tremble. I worked my way up her thigh to her stomach, running my tongue up the center, over her belly button. As I got up to her breasts, I gently took one nipple in my mouth, feeling it harden at the touch of my lips. I flicked my tongue back and forth over it a few times. Then, to be fair, I did the same thing to the other one, giving it equal attention. Remember, she didn’t want sex. But there was nothing wrong with teasing her, was there.

“Mmmmmm… Ma… Matt.” I ran my tongue from her left breast up her chest to her neck. I concluded the sexual teasing journey with a deep, yet gentle, kiss on her lips. Larisa’s eyes closed and she held my head in her hand as she parted her lips. I slid my tongue a tiny ways into her mouth, massaging the tip of her tongue with my own. I held her against me, one hand on her lower back, the other on her toosh, pushing it against my rock hard member. We made out for a minute or two before she pulled back.

Larisa looked fucking… breathtaking. She stood there completely naked now, her perky nipples standing at attention. Her dirty blonde hair cascaded down her head, lying on her shoulders, complimenting her tan skin. Her body was so toned and tight, showing no imperfection at all. And she was so fucking horny now, her nipples hard, her pussy wet, her breathing heavier. “You’re so… beautiful love,” I spoke quietly, adopting her lingo.

“You make me feel beautiful.” We were pressed against each other, our bodies glued to one another’s. She brought her hands to my belt now, wanting to remove my pants. Larisa moved her head next to mine, allowing her to look down at what she was doing, letting our faces touch. She pushed her head back and forth so that our cheeks rubbed together. As she unbuckled my belt, she quietly moaned in approval of her own actions, and then went for the zipper on my cargo shorts. She looked back up at me, flashing me an incredibly wicked smile, slowly running her tongue over her bottom lip. She turned me on incredibly as she looked into my eyes. Then, her gaze returned to my pants.

Larisa took her hands and slid them into the front of my pants, pushing them to my hips, rubbing the back of them against my rock hard pole. She gently pushed my shorts down, looking into my eyes the whole time, with that innocent girl next-door look of hers. I craved for release from her. I was so incredibly aroused, my giant cock poking straight out like a steel rod, and I needed her to let me come. My pants fell down around my ankles, leaving me standing there in my boxers with a tent pole inside it. Larisa dropped to her knees, the large protrusion in my pants pointing towards her beautiful face, pushing against the front of my boxers. She took hold of my underwear and pulled them down next, my upward aimed erection pulling against them as they moved in the opposing directions.

Finally, my cock was free from constraint and stuck straight out towards her mouth. “Mmm,” I heard her whisper. I took one step out of my pants so Larisa could toss them away. As I lifted my foot I leaned forward and my raging boner pressed against Larisa’s cheek. So my aim was a little off. She moved the clothing out of the way, throwing it on top of hers. She stared at my member for a few seconds and licked her lips, struggling not to let herself satisfy her needs. It seemed that she wanted to taste me as much as I wanted to taste her.

Instead of teasing me and kissing my body like I did to her, she just stood up, making me want her even more. She pulled me in for an embrace, wrapping her arms tightly around my upper body. This produced such an amazing feeling… my rock hard cock pressed against her lower stomach, her wet pussy rubbing against my leg, her breasts squashed against my chest. I moaned into her ear as we stood there holding each other. “Mmmm.”

“Let’s lay down,” she spoke softly. I let go of Larisa and turned to my bed, pulling the covers down.

“Ladies first,” I said as I held up my big ass comfy blanket, helping her get under it. She crawled into her proper section of the bed, the left hand side. I followed her, snuggling against her. Larisa stuck her foot out from under the blanket and kicked the air conditioner button to the on position. I taught her that you know. The using the foot to turn it on. She took to it quickly. She was so talented. Her parents… well I’d be proud if I were them. She pulled her leg back into the warmth of the comforter. “So, now what?”

“Now… you hold me.” I ran my hand over the side of Larisa’s cheek, brushing her hair back. I leaned over and wrapped my arms around her. She followed in suit, her hands grasping my back as she held on to me. “Mmmm.” Our arms locked around one another, our legs tangled together, and our bodies rubbed back and forth against each other’s. I felt my stiff cock pressed against her inner thigh, practically touching her yearning pussy. Our private areas were so friggen close to each other’s. She was right. This was incredibly sexy and arousing.

“Oooh,” she moaned in pleasure as I shifted, causing the shaft of my penis to slide against her pussy lips. I felt Larisa lock her legs shut, keeping my member in place between her thighs. I started to gently kiss her neck once again as we lied in bed together, completely naked and attached. “Mmm lover.”

I tingled with delight as Larisa’s clad body rubbed against mine. We weren’t having sex, but the eroticism of this act was much more intense. We desperately wanted each other, like animals feeling the need to satisfy their most primal urge. Larisa grinded her body back and forth into me, her pussy rubbing against the length of my throbbing rod. I was praying for it to slip inside her, even if just for a moment. “God Riss. Was this what you had in mind?” I asked, panting slightly.

“Ohhhh, yeah. Pretty much,” she responded as she dug her nails into my back. “Hold me tighter. Hold me close,” she whispered.

I squeezed Larisa tighter against me, my palms taking a handful of her soft tender tanned flesh. She held onto me like a life vest on the Titanic. Or like my hand on my dick during that scene in Titanic. What can I say? I was young and there was nudity. I could feel her hardened nipples poking against my chest as we rocked back and forth, having quasi sex. The wetness of her cunt made for a perfect lubricant as my prick slid back and forth against her, like a giant saw cutting into a log. We did our best to control ourselves as we teased one another. We both wanted to make passionate love to each other, but holding back would just made it that much more intense and mind-blowing when it did happen.

I slid one of my hands down Larisa’s back, massaging it on the way down. I started to run my fingers over her sacrum, the little area right above the butt, near the base of the spine, or as I like to call it, the “Bermuda Triangle of Lust.” I tenderly applied a little bit of pressure against it, causing her body to shudder as I hit another one of the erogenous zones of her body. My other hand was busy running through her silky, shiny hair. My fingertips grazed over her scalp as they ran through the golden brown locks. Apparently massaging the scale releases endorphins. Thank you Internet! “Oh God, Matt. Aaah!” she yelped as she grinded herself against me. Pleasure was running throughout her body as we acted naughtily in my bed. “Where did you find out about that??” she asked with excitement in her voice.

“Internet,” I mumbled as I kissed her neck some more.

Larisa ran a hand over my ass as I pumped myself against her. Her fingers gripped into my butt cheek and she pushed me deeper between her legs and against her. “Riss. God baby. You were so right.” We were basically dry fucking porn start style now. I pulled my head back from against her shoulder and brought it to the front of her face. I quickly leaned in and planted my lips on hers, kissing her passionately.

“I… Uhh… I know. We… we really should… stop before… you come,” she said in between kisses. Our tongues slid against each others, gently probing each other’s mouth.

“Before I come?” Psssh. Who’d she think I was? She was like the stripper who put the satin jizz cloth on my lap, like she was THAT good at giving dances. “I think we should worry about you as well,” I said as I thrust my prick against her clit a few times. Her eyes rolled back as she tightened her grip around my body.

“Maa…!” she moaned loudly, feeling the stimulation against her little bean in the burrito. I’ll show her who’ll come first.

“But, I guess you’re right,” I said, interrupting her. I was getting close to coming. Whatever. It wasn’t just the stimulation to my loins, but the erotic and passionate act we were trying to refrain from doing that was going to put me over the edge. We leg go of one another’s body and let a little space in between us. However, we were still touching a great deal. I started to rub the side of Larisa’s face with my hand as I looked into her eyes. I saw nothing but pleasure and love in those big chocolate brown eyes. They were not a dark chocolate, but a nice milk chocolate… without almonds. There was so much life in her eyes.

I was still rock hard as I lied next to my girlfriend, stroking her face. Our breathing had steadied as we paused our hook up. “Matt, tell me about your first time.”

“You mean sex?” I asked. I figured she would know a great deal about my first sexual experience, being she was there at the time. “Well, see… I seduced this famous girl with my charm and humor…” She just rolled her eyes and laughed slightly.

“Haha. Yeah, I’m sure you did… No. I mean the first time you masturbated. I’m just curious.” She looked intrigued and more than willing to find out more of my sexual past.

“Well, all right. But only if you share yours.”

“Deal.” Larisa looked relaxed as she waited for me to begin story time.

“Okay. Um. I guess I was about eleven or twelve. This is right after we got the Internet. I had started looking up the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, looking for pictures of the models. That was how I got started down that path. Anyway, after a few weeks of that, I moved onto the harder stuff… looking up Jenny McCarthy, who as you know was the co-host of MTV’s Singled Out.”

“Mmmhmm,” she said with a warm smile, getting the feeling my first batch of semen was all for Jenny.

“Well one night… it’s like four in the morning… and I’m looking around and found out she was in Playboy. So I memorize the address. So like a week later, I’m sitting on my one leg, looking at more pictures, shifting around normally… and I realize that my penis pressing on my leg felt really good. Well, I kept moving them a little, rubbing against myself.”


“The feeling was just…” Larisa pushed her thigh up against me, pushing it against my aching erection. I immediately was brought back to that day in sixth or seventh grade. The feeling of her leg on me opened up a flood of old feelings and sensations.

“Just like this?” she asked as she moved her thigh against my cock, up and down, sliding it back and forth.

“Hoooo God. Uhh, yeah.” My eyes began to roll back a little as I smiled uncontrollably. “Yeah, pretty much… like that,” I continued as she continued.

“And before I knew it, my body tensed up and out came my first load, all on my leg and the floor.”

“Mmmmmm,” she smiled devilishly.

“Not mmmmm that day. I thought I freakily pissed myself and I didn’t know what happened. I quick ran and got tissues and cleaned up the mess. Then I sprinted to the shower.” Dude I was freaking out. I had no idea what just happened. Just panic and sheer terror in my eyes at that moment.

“Hahaha.” Larisa laughed hysterically as I told her of my masturbational final product paranoia.

“Hey! Haha. I didn’t know what it was! So I washed up and thought, ‘Wow. That was friggen awesome.’ I did it a REAL lot for the first week or two. Haha. And uh, I been doin it ever since.” Still a REAL lot.

“Hahahaha. Ohh. My poor Matty, scared of his own sperm,” she teased as she leaned in and draped her arms over me, hugging me as her thigh and knee was still pressed between my legs. I knew she was kidding, so I just smiled back and let her kiss me for a few seconds. Our hands groped one another’s bodies as we sucked on each other’s tongues. And she was still working her leg against my manhood.

“Riss. Mmm your leg. That feels so good.” It was gonna make me come all over her thigh if she kept it up.

“I know it does baby,” she whispered, her face just an inch or two from mine.

“I want to come so badly Larisa,” I pleaded. My balls tingled so bad, my body felt weak. It was getting really tough to hold it in as she kept stimulating me, jerking me off with her legs.

“I know lover. So do I. Not yet,” she said as she held my cheek. “Look at me, okay?” she said, breathing slowly, trying to calm me down. Her touch and look were so soothing. It was working a little. I breathed in and out in time with her own inhales and exhales. I know Larisa wanted to come as well, almost climaxing as we dry humped before. “I haven’t told you of my first time yet.”

“Okay,” I said as I scooted closer to her. “But real fast. Quick Jenny story you’ll probably enjoy.” My leg was now pressed against her slippery pussy as we both rubbed each other, hands free.

“Okay. Go ahead.”

“Well, I started looking at pictures on the net, as I told you. I thought it’d be really good to print out pictures for… nothing more than the pleasure of looking at them at that point. This was before the first bust. Well one night, I didn’t grab them all. One fell behind the printer.”

“Uh oh.”

“Yeah. Uh oh. How am I. My dad finds it the next day and calls me downstairs. He says he found a picture and I FREAK OUT. I’m like, ‘One sec. I really have to poop.’ So, I run to the bathroom… I don’t have to go… but I stay there for about an hour. You know, hoping he’ll just forget.”

“Hahahahahaha,” she laughed. “Awwwww love…”

“So my mom’s knocking on the door asking if I’m all right. I’m just like yeah. Stomach ache. Finally when I came out, he just asked if I felt better. That was the end of that. He played it cool and didn’t embarrass me.”

“Hahaha. Oh Lord. Matt, that could only happen to you,” she laughed. I had started to go soft as I told my story, having Larisa stop her leg movements against my cock as she laughed. However, she immediately resumed after the giggling died down.

“I was such a sexually awkward kid. But go on with your story,” I said as I took her left arm and brought it to me.

“What are you doing?” she asked as I started to run my fingers against her skin, dragging the tips back and forth, occasionally working the palm of her hand in the same fashion.

“Just pleasuring you,” I said with a smile.

“Okay.” She responded the same way, with a giant smile. “And as for as sexually awkward as you were, I think I whipped you into pretty good shape. Don’t you think?” she laughed.

“Not too bad at all.”

“…Well, I was probably eleven or twelve the first time too. It was back when I was on Alex Mack,” she said as I ticked the palm of her hand with my fingers, slowly tracing the tips of them up from her wrist to her elbow. “Mmm. That feels so nice,” she whispered. “So yeah. I used to hang around with Meredith in her trailer.” Meredith Bishop played her older sister, Annie, on the show. “One day when I went to her trailer during lunch and I heard her moaning and whimpering. So I watched her for a minute from the doorway, not really able to see what she was doing. I didn’t want her to catch me spying too, you know?”

“Mmhm. She was facing the other way?”

“Yep, and sitting up too. Well, I ended up sneezing and she caught me. So curiosity did its thing and I asked what she was doing. She told me she was masturbating and I had no idea what that meant. It just looked really fun. I asked her to teach me how because, well… it looked like fun.”

As Larisa told the story, she closed her eyes from time to time, giddily grinning as she recalled the sensations and memory of her first self-pleasuring incident. It was beautiful to watch her face as she told the tale. “She didn’t like get me naked and touch me. Sorry to disappoint you,” she said, laughing a little. “Well, she told me how to do it and told me not to tell anyone where I found out about it. She didn’t want to get in trouble somehow for my inappropriate acts.”

I continued to rub my knee against her vagina as she talked, causing her to moan softly and whimper a few times. She was getting wetter and wetter as I stimulated her intimate area. Again, this was all hands free. “I did it for the first time, not really thinking about anyone. And I LOVED it Matt! I loved every minute of it! I gave myself an orgasm the first time. I did it every day since then. …Pretty much every day. Mer told me other ways I could do it as the show went on. She was my teacher and I will always love her for that.”

“Mmm. That sounds nice Riss.” I couldn’t help but think of Meredith and Larisa fingering their pussies in front of each other, watching the other get off, helping one another to come. I fantasized of Meredith teaching her all about sex, stripping her down to nothing, tenderly and lovingly showing the preteen girl all the pleasures a woman could bring her.

“This feels so nice lover. …Touching you. You touching me,” said Larisa, snapping me back into reality.

“It sure does baby.”

“Mmm. You learned some new tricks love. The arm, my hair, the small of my back. God you were going to make me come if you kept that up… among other things.” She had a giant smile across her adorable face, right under her plump nose which I found cuter every day.

“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” I joked.

“Well they’re amazing tricks. God Matthew… you make me feel so wonderful. Your touch sends me to Heaven… every time.”

“Riss, you do the same for me. Every time I feel you, I could just… it’s bliss… and it’s ecstasy.”

“It’s not just that. You treat me so perfectly. You’re what I dreamed of marrying when I was a kid. I love you for making me feel so… whole… and for making my dreams possible. ” She was on the verge of tearing up… extremely happy tears. We climbed into each other’s loving arms and once again embraced, holding onto each other so incredibly tight.

“Riss… I’m just trying to show you how much I love you. I know you do the same for me.” She kissed me on the forehead, then on the nose, then finally on the mouth.

“I’m glad you know,” she said. “This feels so nice Matt. The cool air. The warm blanket. The warm, naked, you,” she added, bringing it back to my favorite subject: sex. I could feel my cock twitch against her leg as she said it, her voice getting sultrier with every word. “I love you so much Matthew. I always have.”

“Larisa. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you more than anything in the world. I love how you make me feel.”

“Aww. Matt,” she said as she rubbed my arm, dragging her fingers across my skin. “I love every single thing about you.”

“Riss, you’ve done so much for me… things I never thought could happen to me.”

“And I never thought I could love someone like I love you,” she said as she smiled a serious genuine smile. “We complete each other, love. We’re going be together forever,” she said, her voice getting lower.

“Forever,” I whispered, our hands pressed against one another’s face. She looked incredible in my arms. I gazed into her eyes, and she gazed back intently.

“Make love to me Matthew,” she whispered softly, looking at me with all the love in the world. I didn’t answer, instead just touching my lips to hers. It was the most romantic, sensual kiss we’ve shared to this point. Her hands ran through my hair and over my back. I cradled her in my arms as we lip locked, about to make sweet love to each other.


Larisa slid her tongue around my mouth as she lied on top of me. We had been making out for a few minutes, running our hands over one another. She had her legs on either side of me, straddling me as I slid my hands up and down her back, massaging her sweet skin. The tip of my stiff dick pushed against her clit as my shaft rubbed between the length of her pussy lips. “Mmm. Love… The camera.” The beloved video camera that captured almost all our sexual antics sat on the floor next to my closet, plugged into the electrical socket as its battery charged.

“Riss… would you,” I moaned as she grinded against me, her stomach rubbing against my prick, still awaiting the privilege of slipping inside her.

“Stay there. I’ll get it,” said a third voice.

“Huh?!” we both said in unison, looking towards the steps. Larisa fumbled for the blanket, desperately trying to cover herself up.

“The door was wide open. I’m sorry. I let myself in.” We had no idea anyone was in the house. We hadn’t heard any one and our cell phones were silent, stuck in the pockets of our clothes lying in a messy pile. My cock remained as stiff as a metal pipe as we looked at the voyeur among us.

“How long have you…” Avril Lavigne stood on the landing of the stairs, leaning against the wall. She looked sexy as hell. She had on a pair of black cargo pants, tighter than the ones she wore the other day. The little pants were a mix of gothic and punk style, conforming to her body perfectly, showing off her tight little ass. She wore a baby blue tank top and her studded and rubber bracelets. Larisa wasn’t in a hurry to cover herself up anymore, being it was only Avril Lavigne I looked at her face as she remained on top of me, resting her head on my chest, looking back at Avril with me.

“Yeah. My hair,” she said as she shook her head slightly, tossing it back. It was lighter, more blonde, and parted more to the side. The larger side of the part still sort of covered her face a little, but it looked more glamorous and made her look older… sexier.

“You look beautiful,” I said as I looked her up and down, pulling Larisa closer against me, showing my girlfriend I was still more interested in her. After all, sex with her was definite. Why waste it on a maybe. Besides, nothing like pressing your cock against one girl while picturing fucking another.

“You do. I love your hair,” said Larisa, still horny, her hand still sliding up and down the left side of my abdomen, where Avril could see it.

“Thank you. I didn’t mean to interrupt… I was just looking for you. It looks like you two were in too much of a hurry to close the door.”

“Yeah, haha,” laughed Larisa. “Sometimes we get like that.” We had immediately begun to make out and fondle each other, forgetting to close up shop. No wonder my parents were afraid of me being home alone for an extended period of time. I just left the fuckin door wide open.

“I’ll do the camera if you want?” suggested Avril timidly, not wanting to overstep her bounds. “…If it’s okay with you both that is.”

“Love?” asked Larisa, lifting herself up a bit, looking me in the eye. She knew perfectly well that I wanted Avril to stay and watch us fuck. …Duh.

“It’s fine with me.” I could feel my cock twitch with excitement as I said it. Larisa felt it too, giving me a little smile.

“Okay Av. It’s all yours,” said Larisa. The singer picked up the camera and took off the lens cap, playing with it for a second.

“Okay. Pretend I’m not even here,” she said as she moved towards us, popping out the camera’s viewing window. I looked up at Larisa and stared into her eyes, running my hand through the hair hanging down on the side of her face.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you more,” she responded as she smiled back at me. Now it’s not that I have stage fright… I have really bad stage fright. Having Avril with us, watching intently as we made love to each other… I got a little bit nervous. ‘Oh man,’ I thought. ‘This is a lot of pressure. Is she going to join us? What are the rules here?’ My thoughts of paranoia were halted by Avril’s voice.

“Kiss her Matt,” she whispered in that Canadian accent of hers, smiling as she watched the tiny camera monitor. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Finally. Some direction. I slid my hand to the back of Larisa’s head and pulled her face down to me. Pressing my lips against hers, I kissed her like I was the best lover in the world. I wasn’t afraid and nervous anymore. I was in the zone.

“Mmmm,” Larisa moaned we kissed. “I want you inside me Matthew,” she whispered lowly. She leaned forward, moving up my chest, allowing herself to slide backwards onto my pole. I took my raging boner and positioned it, pointing it towards her waiting vagina. She slid her body down onto it, pushing herself back onto the head. It was Heaven on Earth as I got to feel her body take me in. She closed her eyes and silently gasped as she took more and more of me inside her. As usual, as soon as I was fully engulfed by her pussy, we remained still. “It always… feels better, each time,” she moaned into my ear as she gently collapsed on top of me. Her head rest against my chest, lying on her ear, my groin pressed against hers.

Avril stood a few feet away, watching the look of joy on Larisa’s face, seeing the excitement and pleasure behind her closed eyes. I lied still, feeling the walls of her hole squeeze my dick as it throbbed with desire. I looked over at Avril, staring into her dark makeup covered eyes. She smiled at me as she watched the little screen, slowly running the tip of her tongue along her lips, and then she looked up at my face. The stiff nipples at the end of her small perky breasts poked through her shirt. I didn’t think she was wearing a bra. Avril smiled as she looked into my eyes, then quietly mouthed, “Fuck her.” Larisa had no idea of our brief and silent conversation and cooed as she enjoyed the feeling inside her. Then, I slowly began to rock my hips back and forth, sliding in and out of her. My thrusts started slow, my member moving inside her only a few inches. Soon I was moving the fully lubricated seven and a half inches of myself deep inside her pussy. “Yesss lover,” Larisa moaned as she picked up the pace. “Feels… sooo good.”

Larisa sat up straight, still straddling me, my stiff cock still buried deep within her. The covers fell off her shoulders as she rode me harder and moaned, “Uhhh. Uhnn.” She rocked her body back and forth across my groin, grinding against me as I held her by the hips, helping her keep her balance. It felt so good to finally be inside her after all the teasing that went on that day. I moaned as we fucked gently on the bed.

“Aah. Yeah. That’s it.” I slid my hands up her waist to her tittays, rubbing and squeezing them in my hands. Her nipples poked against my palms as I worked her chest, grinding my hips up into her. “God Riss… keep doing that,” I groaned as she moved her body back and forth in a circular motion. She placed her hands on the ceiling wall angled towards her as she sat atop of me, pushing herself downward, forcing me deeper inside her pussy. “Oh God.” Her vagina totally swallowed my entire cock, my balls now

pressing against her ass.

Larisa’s head hung down and her hair covered her face as she moaned over and over, quietly, enjoying the love making that would again be caught on film. “Mmmmm. Oooh. Ooh. Uhhnnnn. Yessssss.”

Avril used the camera like a pro, zooming in and out, moving around to get different angles. I’m telling you… with this girl and this cinematography, this video would be amazing to anybody who saw it… except Larisa’s mom. “Haaaaaaaaated it.” But I’d give it two snaps and a twist. …I don’t know if anyone else caught the In Living Color reference. She walked up sort of next to me/behind me and squatted down, pointed Larisa’s camera up at her, shooting her face, capturing the sensual smile half hidden by her cascading hair. Avril’s face was right next to mine as she got the desired shot. I couldn’t help but look at her as I fucked my girlfriend. ‘Will she join in?’ I kept thinking to myself. As if she could read my mind, the rock star smiled at me with those perfect sensual lips and winked as she continued to film the sex. As I felt her head press against mine, I felt my dick harden to a painful stiffness. I kind of nudged my cheek against hers as I fucked Larisa.

Avril slid her arm behind me and placed her hand on the other side of my head. She just smiled as she held our faces together, gently moving her fingertips through the hair around my ear and over my cheek. I got chills as she first touched me, not expecting her flirtatious gesture. But God did she smell so good. I could hear Avril moan ever so softly as she intently watched my thick pole disappear into the actress’s smooth hairless pussy time and time again. Larisa looked up towards the ceiling and then back down, closing her eyes, as I involuntarily fucked her harder and faster, a result of the extra stimulation. We remained like that for about a minute before she moved again for a different vantage point.

Larisa arched her back and leaned backwards towards my feet. “AAAHH!! FASTER MATT! UHHNNNNN!! FASTER!” exclaimed Larisa as I quickened my pace, fucking her harder. I felt her grab onto my shins to balance herself as she leaned away from me. I thrusted my hips up faster and faster, slamming my cock into her pussy deep and hard. I pounded her like a jackhammer and grabbed her hips, pulling her into me, meeting my every thrust. “Maattthhewwww! Uhhnn. AAHH! OOH! YES! YES!! YES!!!” Her perky breasts pointed up towards the roof as she grinded her wet pussy against me, her head falling all the way back. I was at maximum hardness now.

“Riss. Aaahhh. Fuck. Fuck yeah,” I cried out as I felt a sudden burst of energy, using it to double my efforts. I felt Larisa’s thighs squeeze against me like a clamp, tightening her grip as not to slip off of me at the current speed. I was the mechanical bull she was riding. I reached forward and began to rub her clit as I penetrated her again and again.

“OOH YESSS!!! RUB MY CLIT! Jusssst… like that!” I pushed my thumb against her little pink bean and rubbed it like I was trying to get a pen mark off skin.

Avril moved behind Larisa, capturing her head on film, now appearing upside down. Avril leaned next to her and pointed the camera down at me, capturing the orgasmic look on my face as she began to touch my girlfriend. Her head was pressed against Larisa’s much like it was with mine. Avril moved her right arm, the arm free of the camera, under the blonde’s back, trying to support Larisa as she held her awkward position. Her hand appeared on the other side of Larisa’s body, her hand cupping her breast from the side. Avril grabbed a handful of tit as best she could, squeezing and pinching it with her fingers. “AH! …Mmmmmmm,” Larisa moaned as the shock of other girl’s touch turned to pleasure. The singer groped her body and Larisa leaned her head on Avril’s shoulder. Larisa began to moan in the Avril’s ear. “Yes baby. Aaahhh just like that!”

She responded by panting back in Larisa’s ear, stimulating her orgasm even more. I couldn’t tell if she was talking to me or not, so I kept rubbing her clit. Avril continued to fondle Larisa’s breast, adding to her intense sexual pleasure. She held the camera steady, focused on me for a minute or two more before moving to the middle of us.

Avril zoomed in on my cock sliding out of Larisa’s tight little pussy. Her juices reflected the incoming light from the window, making for a great shot I assume. As she held the camera as steadily as possible, her other hand moved to her own breast, squeezing it through her light blue tank top. She stared at Larisa’s cunt intensely, squeezing herself harder as the seconds ticked away. “Unnh,” she moaned softly, not taking her eyes off the vaginal penetration before her. Larisa and I both heard her moans as clear as day, even though she thought she was doing it inconspicuously. Larisa pulled herself back upright and then collapsed on top of my chest again. I slowed down the speed of my thrusts, allowing myself a bit of time to relax and lose the urge to come. Which I desperately needed, by the way. Larisa grabbed my cheek and pressed her lips onto mine. We kissed for a few seconds before she looked at Avril. She was fidgeting with herself, squeezing her covered tits.

“Baby, why don’t you get more comfortable,” she said to Avril, seeing how horny she became while watching us express our love. “Enjoy yourself,” she continued.

“Okay Riss.” She seemed hesitant even though she immediately agreed. She put the camera down on my desk, still having it fixed on us. Avril stripped off her tank top revealing two perky large B cup breasts. I really don’t know the size. If she wore a bra I mighta stole it to better inform myself. She had small nipples at the tips of her mounds, like little pencil erasers. She unbuckled her black pants and slid them down her legs, leaving her only in a little pair of red panties. I noticed the front of her panties looked a little darker in some spots. She had gotten pretty wet as she watched the two of us fuck. Avril’s body was amazingly fit. She didn’t have an ounce of fat anywhere on her. God how I wanted to grab her little body and pull it in the middle of us. She stood there, now hardly covered as she ran her hand through her hair, looking at us timidly. You could tell she was a little shy.

“That’s much better,” said Larisa as she stretched out her hand towards the Canadian eh. Avril took a step towards her and felt Larisa grab her hand and pull her in close, yet still out of frame. Avril giggled as she felt my chick pull her head down and kiss her hard. To make it easier, the singer dropped down to her knees, putting their heads at a more equal height. The two women shared a deep open-mouthed kiss as I pulled Larisa tighter against me. I watched Larisa ram her tongue into Avril’s mouth, where she willingly sucked on it in response. Larisa ran her hand through Avril’s newly dyed hair as Avril held onto her face with both hands, not wanting to let go. Taking some initiative, I dropped one arm from Larisa’s back and put it around Avril’s waist, helping her get even closer. My palm held her the petite body in place, feeling her warm smooth skin. My cock jerked deep inside Larisa’s pussy as I massaged the other girl’s back gently. “Spit in my mouth baby,” Larisa whispered as they kissed. She complied and let loose a wad of purebred Canadian saliva, letting it drip into her mouth as they still fiercely kissed. “Mmm,” Larisa moaned as she pulled away from Avril and motioned for me to sit up.

I used all my abdominal muscles to sit up without pulling out of Larisa. Avril quickly picked up the camera and pointed at Larisa’s face. As I got to the top of my movement, she slid her hand to the back of my head and pulled it to hers. She stuck out her tongue, with some of Avril’s spit resting on the top of it. I took her tongue into my mouth and sucked it as she spit the rest into my mouth. This was so fucking sexy. Even if we weren’t all having a threesome, I got to see Larisa Oleynik kiss Avril Lavigne and got to have Avril tape us and watch us fuck. Everyone else can go suck a nut because you got nothing on me.

My semi rigid cock immediately stiffened and became harder than a diamond, which if I remember correctly is crazy hard. Larisa slowly bounced up and down on my cock as we made out while sitting up. “Mmmm yesssss,” she groaned into my mouth.

“Uhnnnn Risss. Yesss baby.”

“This feels soooo good,” she whispered. I slid my arms around her body and held her close to me. I cradled her head against the side of mine, holding her dearly. We slowed down our pace and looked one another deep in the eyes. Her mouth hung open and her lips trembled as my entire shaft plunged deep inside her and pulled out ever so slowly. “You make me feel so good Matthew,” she said as her hand pushed through the hair on the back of my head. “Matthew… be a good boy and make me come.”

“Yesss Larisa.” I scooped her up, placing my hands under her butt, having her legs squeeze around me. I picked her up and gently laid her down on her back, still remaining inside of her.

“Show Avril how good you are. Show her why I love you so much,” she whispered. All I could think was now there’s some proof Avril Lavigne watched us have sex. Who else is named Avril? C’mon. C’MON!

I scooted up Larisa’s sweaty body, resuming my thrusts. I started off slow and easy. The angle of my dick caused it to rub against her clit with each pump. Larisa began moaning softly, responding with gyrations of her own. “Aaaahh. Nnnnhhh. Uhhhhhnn.”

“Hold onto me.” I loved it when she grabbed on for dear life. It made me feel more needed and loved. It also made me hornier. She slid her hands over my skin, crossing her arms around my back, and gripped my shoulders with her hands. “Tighter Riss. Tighter.” She responded by squeezing her thighs together, pushing against my waist. She dug her nails into my skin, squeezing me to get a better grip, causing me some pleasurable pain.

I started to buck my hips faster and faster, fucking her harder and harder. I could feel my prick push against the back walls of her cunt as she cried out in pleasure. “Aaahhh yes lover!!! Don’t… don’t fucking stop!!” I pounded her pussy with my jackhammer of a penis. I could feel Larisa’s wetness lubing up my cock more and more with each insertion, soaking it.

“Aaah FUCK! Riss!” I moaned. “Your pussy… so tight… around me.”

“Gaaahhh. OH! OH! OH!”

“Tell me… Oh fuck… Tell me… you love me.” Larisa closed her eyes shut tightly as I violated her hole with my love staff. She clamped down on my waist with her legs, wrapping them around me, her toned thighs pressed against my sides.

“Matt… hew. I love you. I lo… love you sooooo much. Keep… fucking me!!!” she cried out between breaths.

“Are you… uh… going to come for me Riss?” I whispered into her ear. “You gonna come for your lover?” I pressed the side of my head against hers, placing her mouth right against my ear. “Tell me…”

“I’m… going to come for you… lover. I’m… I’m gonna coommee so hard.”

“That a girl.” I pushed into her harder and faster, sensing she was on the verge of exploding. She started panting like a dog as our bodies, wet with perspiration, rubbed against each other’s. I looked at Avril out of the corner of my eye. She had a hand buried in her panties, fingering herself as she watched us. Her knees buckled as she pounded her box, trying to keep the camera steady. I watched the bulge in the front of her panties from her hand shift around as she slid a finger or two deep inside her, locking her eyes on mine as I watched her. “Be a good girl and come for me,” I whispered into Larisa’s ear as I looked yearningly into Avril’s eyes.

Avril subtly nodded at me as her hand moved quickly in her underwear. With that I sped up and bucked my hips into Larisa as fast as I could, slamming my rock hard rod against the back of her pussy. My dick rubbed against her sensitive clit over and over as it slipped past her swollen lips. Larisa stretched her legs out sideways, opening up her cunt for my taking. I pushed her thighs towards the sides of the bed as I fucked her insatiably. She screamed out obscenities as well as my name as she dug her nails into my back, scraping them across my skin. I felt my skin rip from my body as her fingers left bloody marks across my back. “FUCK ME! AAHH! AAAAHHH! MATTTT!!!!! DON’T YOU… FUCKING STOP! FUCK ME… WITH… UHNNN… GIANT… COCK! She met my movements with thrusts of her own, pushing me deeper into her. She once again wrapped her legs around my waist and squeezed them together tightly. I loved it when she tried to hurt me. She once again dug her nails into the torn skin on my back even harder as she cried out, “YES! OH MATT! YESS!!! KEEEP… FUCKING ME!!!”

I stared at Avril as she fucked herself faster and harder with her skinny fingers, trying to mimic our movements, pretending it was me fucking her and not her hand. Her mouth hung open as she breathed heavily, giving herself a good workout. “Huh, huh, huh,” she panted. I could see the girl’s knees wobble back and forth. The camera started to shake like it was Blair Witch. I wished that she took off the panties saturated with her own juices to let me see her get off to me and Larisa fucking. I could tell she was about to come very soon as well. I watched her for a minute or two as I tried to make Larisa orgasm all over my cock.

“Yeaah Rissss. Uhh. I wanna … come. You feel so good… Aaaah.” It was Heaven to fuck Larisa. I was so lucky to have her arms around me, feeling her crave me and want my big raging cock to please her. Her cries, her touch, her subtle tendencies during sex, they were enough to carry me across the edge. Her body shook in my arms more as I kept up the fast-paced rhythm.

“I’m… I’m gonna… COME! I’M… MATT… COME! PLEEEEEEASE. DON’T STOP!” she pleaded. She pushed my head up as she screamed out and then pulled it back down onto her mouth. With her eyes open, she forcefully kissed me. I watched the sheer ecstasy in her eyes as we massaged one another’s tongue. “OHH! AHHH!! UHNNN GOD! Shit baaaaby! I’m sooooo… CLOSE!!!”

“AAAH FUCK! Me too… RISSSS! Tell me… God baby. Fucking… TELL ME WHEN. …Tell me when.” I felt my balls tingle like crazy and cock twitch as I was on the verge of coming. I couldn’t contain myself for too much longer. I looked over at Avril again. She had put the camera down on my guitar amp because she had a horrendous case of the shakes. She leaned against the guitar cabinet, draping one arm over it, leaning on her elbow as she pinched at her nipples with one hand and pounded her box with the other.

“Come! Come!” Avril mouthed in between moans, looking at me as she was about to explode. She looked like she was going to cry she was so hysterical with pleasure.

“AAAHHH MAAATT!!!!!” yelled Larisa. She pulled my head towards hers so I would face her and not the girl in the corner. She looked at me, her eyes slightly watering. “Come inside me,” she said shakily as her bottom lip quivered and quaked. She closed her eyes tightly and I slid my arms underneath her, pressing myself against her sweet little body. “NOW LOVER!! NOW!!! COMMMMMEEEE!!!!! AHAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!” she screamed out into my ear.

Larisa’s body spasmed greatly as she bucked herself up into me. I pulled her ass against my groin and exploded. “AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! FUCK!!!! UUUHHHHHHH!!!!!” I kept her groin against mine, keeping my dick buried inside her sopping wet pussy. Thick shot after shot of my spunk filled her yearning cunt. “RISSSSS!!!!!!!”

Larisa’s entire body shook as she exploded, her juices soaking my waist and balls. She screamed out in pleasure, hurting my ear. “FILLLLLL MEEEEEEE!!!!! AAAHHH!!! FUCCKKKK!!!!!! MEEEE!!!!”

Avril collapsed onto the floor as the orgasm seized control of her body. “Ohhhh FUCK!!!!!” she screamed out as she fell sideways, shoulder first, sliding down against the wall. She had three fingers pushed inside her as her other hand violently rubbed her clit from the inside of her soaked red panties.

“GOOOD BOOYYYYY!!!!!!!!” Larisa cried out as she tried to push her hips away from and then towards my cock. I still held her tight against me as I came inside her, one hand under her shoulders and one under her waist, palming her ass. As I was almost done filling her cunt with my cum, I started to fuck her nice and hard again. My dick slammed in and out of her tight hole as I panted, shooting my DNA. I was totally out of breath, sweating and gasping for air. I did my best to pound her for another couple minutes with the exhaustion I was feeling.

“Risssss. Soooo goooooddddd. Aaaahhhh!!” I collapsed on top of her, completely exhausted. She just lied there still as a rug, panting as well. She held onto me as tight as a frightened girl would to her father.

“Sooo full… You’re such aaa goooood boyyyy Matthhhheww. Goood boyyy.” She closed her eyes and pulled me against her, her body slowly subsiding from her orgasm. My head was pressed against Larisa’s right shoulder as I huffed and puffed. I opened my eyes and looked over at Avril sitting on the floor, her back against the wall. She had one hand in her panties, still rubbing herself as she calmed down. Her other arm just dangled down, limp, and her hand rested on the floor, her energy completely spent. She looked up at me with a relieved and exhausted look on her face.

After a few minutes, I rolled off Larisa and let her finally breathe. As I pulled out of her, I saw some of my cum dribble out of her pussy. She tilted her head towards me, looked me in the eyes. She took her right arm and moved it across my chest, placing her hand on my cheek. She smiled as she lied flat on her back, her arm resting on my abdomen. “You’re the best lover I’ve ever had,” she whispered. “You’re my everything.”

“I love you Larisa,” I whispered back, still out of breath.

“I love you Matthew,” she responded, her voice cracking. She moved her hand and wiped the sweat off my forehead. Avril sat on the floor quietly and inconspicuously. We could have easily forgotten she was in the room. “And you… Get over here,” she said to the rested Avril, who could now stand on her own two feet. Avril took a few steps towards us and then stopped. She slid her hands inside her soaked panties and slid them down her legs, kicking them off to the side. I’ll have to certainly pocket those later. She then walked in front of the camera, which was still recording, unbeknown to her, and stood next to my bed. I guess she forgot it was still on. That was awesome for me, being able to prove what happened in fact happened. Her pussy was amazing. The thin little wet lips were so beautiful. She had a tiny little neatly trimmed patch of short brown hair right above her cunt. Larisa reached over and grabbed the singer, pulling her into the bed next to me.

“Aaahhh,” said Avril as Larisa leaned over me and sucked face with her. Avril ran her hand through Larisa’s sweaty hair as the two locked lips for about thirty seconds. My dick was rock hard, being about three inches from this lesbian display. Sorry. This celebrity… lesbian… display. Larisa held onto Avril’s head and broke the kiss. She pushed Avril’s head down towards mine, trying to keep me involved. Avril greedily slipped her tongue past my lips. She raped my mouth with her tongue, slobbering into it, like she wanted to do the first day wet met. She grabbed my face with both hands as she cooed. Her tongue slid over my lips and then she gently bit onto my lower one, tugging at it for a second. I was so rock-hard now, having this second sexy celebrity pleasuring me. “Mmmmm,” I whispered. She stared me in the eyes with a look of lust and desire, then kissed me again, full tongue. Larisa looked over at me and flashed a smile as she saw the other girl enjoying me, and me enjoying her… maybe a little too much. After a few more seconds of sloppy kissing, Avril pulled back and laid her head on my chest.

I ran my hands through her light brown hair as I looked over at Larisa. She draped her arm over me, resting her hand on my chest muscles. I unconsciously squeezed Avril tighter against me as I ran my hand through her newly dyed dark blonde hair. My girlfriend didn’t notice my flirting with the other girl as she looked me in the eyes. She winked and then shut them for a few seconds, just relaxing and regaining her composure, still giddily grinning ear to ear. She looked as if it was the magical perfect sex of her first time all over again.

“Av. Your orgasm looked insane,” I joked. She focused her eyes up at mine.

“Whenever I come standing up, I get weak in the knees. I have to lie down or sit… or something.” Larisa laughed as she now rested her head on my chest as well. I put my free arm around Larisa and pulled her closer to me and my new close friend.

“Thanks for filming Avy,” she said as she placed another small kiss on the Canadian’s lips.

“Thank you for letting me… and letting me watch you two. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in so long. I REALLY needed one.”

“You’re so welcome,” Larisa responded.

“And thank you Matt… for everything.” I didn’t know what to say. It’s not like I fucked her. Larisa expressed a really quick look of confusion from the musician’s comment.

“I’m glad I could be of some help,” I said, drawing her attention away.

“Love. You’re the best at everything. I love you so much.”

“I love you too Larisa. So much.”

“You’re still such a good boy,” she said as she once again brought her hand to my cheek. She stroked it softly as she smiled a loving satisfied smile. “You tired me out. I could go to sleep.”

“We could all use a nap,” I said. “Av?”

“Definitely naptime,” she giggled sexily.

“Good,” I said. I leaned over and kissed Larisa for a few seconds and then she closed her eyes, awaiting sleep. Her head lied on my shoulder and chest, eyes closed, with a gigantic smile spread across her face. As I held my lover close to me, I could feel Avril wiggle herself against me. Her naked body was half on me, her legs tangled with mine. Her thigh pressed against my penis, much like before during the cuddling with Larisa. I put my other arm around her, pulling her close… probably too close for Larisa’s liking. She took her hand and reached for the blue blanket lying in a ball at the end of the bed. Avril pulled it up and spread it over us. “Thanks.”

“Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed my lips once more time. It was a soft semi-long kiss. Her thin lips pressed on mine and I felt her hand slowly move from my chest, down my stomach. Her fingertips tickled my torso as they grazed across my skin. Larisa was halfway to sleep as Avril’s hand reached my cock. She ran the back of her hand against my shaft, feeling it harden once again from her touch. “Hmm,” she whispered as she tenderly wrapped her hand around my manhood, jut barely sliding it up and down on me. I was fully erect as she secretly fondled me. As if it was nothing unordinary, she let it rest in her hand as she kissed my chest for a few seconds, gently taking my right nipple into her mouth. She sucked on it tenderly, pulling it from my chest, and then let go. Is she going to jerk me off? Then, she closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift off to sleep. So much for my happy ending! I laid there, my throbbing dick in Avril Lavigne’s hand, my heart racing, surrounded by two beautiful, sexy, naked celebrities. I pulled Larisa, my love, closer to me as she lay almost fully asleep… as Avril pulled herself even closer. “Mmm,” Avril whispered, breaking the silence. “This blanket is so comfortable.”

…Yeah. How are you.


The summer carried on with its ups and downs. Apparently, Avril was very attracted to me and desperately wanted me to fuck her like I fucked Larisa the day we all played together. She tried to secretly seduce me that night and a couple times the next day. She finally succeeded.

I found out from Crystal’s older sister that she had passed away a few days after my birthday. I was completely heartbroken when I found out. Never had I experienced pain like that before. I’m sure in time I’d experience worse. Larisa did her best to listen and comfort me in the days following the tragic news. Crystal would never get to hear all the wonderful things that would transpire that summer.

Avril had her concert a few weeks later and I got to have my fifteen minutes of fame. It was great to have Larisa to share the experience with. The three of us also shared one more experience, again, caught on videotape. By the way, Avril could be a director with the stuff she shot that first summer’s night.

Work was work. I listened to a lot of my radio shows to pass the hours of boredom. Cheryl ended up getting fired for getting caught having sex with a worker like me from another store… that cheating slut. From what I heard through the grapevine, her husband wasn’t too thrilled with his wife’s antics, soon divorcing her.

Unfortunately, Val never got to come visit us. Her parents finally gave her permission to spend the summer in Europe with a few of her friends. She opted to do that, being she would surely see us the following semester. I could only imagine the crazy European sex she would have, and the crazy American sex we could have had.

Larisa and I lived together for the next few months, like a pretend husband and wife, without any major problems. Sure, we had a little fight here and there, but it was never anything serious. And you could imagine the makeup sex that followed each spat. I never thought it would feel that good to be with someone every day. We never got tired of being with each other. We learned a great deal about one another and how to make a relationship work as the months passed. We became better friends and our love for each other grew even stronger.

At the end of the summer, Larisa moved into her dorm at Sarah Lawrence University. It was a lot nicer than mine, but I guess when you’re living at an all girl school, things are going to be cleaner. Women are the homemakers, after all. And in the case of gays, the homemaker was the one who took it in the ass. Her roommate was really beautiful and they both got along well. I found out that her roommate was also bisexual, making for a very fucking enjoyable semester for Larisa… and me whenever I ran a batch. After Larisa and I moved her into her new temporary home, I went back to complete my own senior year of college. We visited one another every chance we got… weekends, holidays… random weekdays. Nothing would keep us apart.


And if for some reason you felt that the conclusion to the story wasn’t as grand as part one, then this is for you…

And then Darth Vader says to Luke, “I… am your father!” GASP!!!


– # –



Crystal, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and of how much I miss you. I would give anything to have just one more day with you.

C. M. F.

September 9, 1986 – May 30, 2004

You’re always with me.


First off, I’d like to thank Larisa Oleynik for being the most beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, and cutest girl I’ve ever seen. Without her, this story would never have been written. If by some chance she reads this, email me. =]

I’d also like to thank Avril Lavigne for her music that provides hours of enjoyment for me and countless others. It’s also nice to jack to. She is a very talented sexy young woman who can be appreciated more after being seen live. Again, if by some chance she reads this, email me. =]

I’d also like to thank,, and for providing similar stories that I can batch to. This story is dedicated to me because I actually finished it in about a millionth of the time it took me to complete part one. It’s also dedicated to Larisa Oleynik, for obvious reasons. Thanks to all my high school and college buddies and whoever else who made the side stories and inside jokes possible.

I’d like to thank a few bands for giving me something to listen to for hours and hours as I created this tale: Tantric, Five for Fighting, Audioslave, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Lisa Loeb, Splender, Kelly Clarkson, Journey, Him and Fuel. And by the way, I know it’s soft music, especially for my tastes. But, you can’t really write romance with Slipknot playing. As for the official proof reading music of “Good Boy: Still Good”, and not that there’s anything wrong with Tantric now, but I had my fill of them during the proof reading phase of “Good Boy”. Sorry fellas. This round’s winner… I can’t even remember.

Also helping out with the writing process were countless hours of the talk radio shows of 106.7 WJFK. Listen to Ron and Fez and The Hideout with El Jefe and J-Dubs on 106.7 WJFK.

I plan to conclude this series with a part three. I hope that you enjoy “Good Boy: Still Good” as much or even more than “Good Boy”. I believe this story is of the same caliber as the first, probably even better. I’d like to thank all the readers who sent comments via email or instant messaged me on the AOL for Broadband. They are very much appreciated. Once again, please email me with your comments and suggestions.

Squeeze biotch. I’m out. Five thousand.


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