Gwen Stefani: Not Just A Girl

Gwen Stefani: Not Just A Girl
by Victor Field <>

This was the first time James Prince had ever tried to
write an adult story. This was also the first time he
had ever tried to write about something that had
actually happened to him. Of course, he would have to
change some of the actual events. Fortifying himself
with a quick drink, the 24-year-old sat down at his
desk, picked up a pen, and began: "I was standing in
the front row of the concert hall…"

James was standing in the front row of the concert
hall. It
was the first night of No Doubt’s tour, and
this was the only date in his town; he’d waited for
ages to see this…to see her. When the band finally
took the stage, his heart leapt on seeing her.

"You and me…" Gwen Stefani crooned into the
microphone, launching into their biggest hit to close
the show. As with the other songs this evening, he’d
been captivated by Gwen’s voice, her energy, and her
beauty. Judging from the looks of naked lust on some
of James’s fellow audience members, he wasn’t the only
one. But he really hoped he didn’t look as "hungry" as
some of the others.

As Gwen pranced and danced on stage, she stopped for a
second and glanced directly at him. She mouthed
something at him… he spent half the rest of the show
wondering what it was, and the other half just
forgetting about it and enjoying it.

James had no idea what made him do what he did later;
he’d been to hundreds of concerts, and not once had he
even tried to sneak backstage after the show. It
wasn’t usually his thing. But Gwen’s sizzling
performance had genuinely touched him; he even tried
to bribe the security guard. That, along with a
bodysearch (which James volunteered for, just to prove
he wasn’t planning anything) got him inside – "But
only for five minutes."

The band members were busy getting themselves a drink
or bathing, meaning that a shaky, unnerved James was
alone in the dressing room. "I guess he let me in
because he knew they wouldn’t be back before the five
minutes were up," he thought to himself. Still, the
guy was just doing his job, he mused as he turned to

"What is this, room service?" Gwen Stefani called from
behind him. He turned again, and faced the woman who’d
brough him there. She was still dressed in her stage
clothes, through which sweat was seeping. She’d worn a
cropped top and no bra… he was glad he was several
inches taller than she was – made it less obvious that
he couldn’t stop looking at her breasts without great
difficulty. "So you got the message, huh?"

"You mean that was…"

Gwen nodded. "What you thought it was, yeah."

James was confused. On the one hand, he really liked
No Doubt musically and he had often made Gwen the
subject of his fantasies; on the other hand, the idea
of actually fucking her without any preliminaries
was… And it wasn’t like he had made the first move
or anything. "Let me ask you a few questions," Gwen
continued, coming towards him. "Are you gay?"

James shook his head, unable to speak as she

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

Again the negative approach.

"Then what," finished Gwen as, now next to him, she
took his right hand and placed it under her top right
onto her left breast, "is the problem?"

James couldn’t resist giving the breast a little
squeeze, and reaching up with the other hand to fondle
Gwen’s pink hair. "That’s it, Jimmy," she said
encouragingly as his strokes continued. "Here, let me
give you a better view…" and she peeled off the top.
Her breasts may not have appealed to the kind of men
who jerked off to images of Li’l Kim, but they were
just the right size for James. He bent down and licked
Gwen’s nipples, mumbling "Call me James…"

"Don’t be so formal, kid," Gwen urged, as she felt his
tongue going along her stomach and kissing the front
of her jeans. James didn’t even wait for her to ask
before unbuttoning them and letting them drop,
fondling her lovely thighs and looking at her trimmed
blonde box. He was stunned at the sight of it – he had
suspected that she wasn’t wearing any underwear on
stage, but he never expected to be proved so
drastically right. "Do me a favour, Gwen," he
breathed, "don’t ever dye down here. It’s perfect the
way it is…" and for the first time he started to go
down on a woman. He was a bit nervous at first,
manoeuvering his tongue around the soft, pink area
between Gwen’s legs, but it tasted far better than the
"raw fish" a friend of his had dismissed it as. He
only wished he had a tongue like a lizard; he wanted
to explore as much of Gwen as possible.

"Usually it’s the guy who won’t go down there…"
panted Gwen as James continued to eat, "…but I…
oh… wait…" she sighed as his fingers spread over
her taut behind, sliding up her asshole and squeezing
the flesh. Gwen felt herself on the verge of an orgasm
as James’ oral and digital sex (no one had ever
finger-fucked her so well) did their jobs…

"…and he would never forget the way her cunt-juice
tasted as she came in his mouth?" a voice came from
behind. "I’m glad you changed the names and
everything, but you’re not really gonna put that on
the Net, are you?"

James blushed as he realised that Gwen had been behind
him, probably reading the whole thing. She had been
kind enough to let him stay on with them that night,
but this looked an awful lot like taking advantage…
"I’m… I’m… I guess I… I can’t now…what the
hell was I thinking?"

"Hey, I never said I minded," Gwen pointed out. "It’s
just that last night you were a bit hesitant at

James had found that his initial nervousness had been
replaced by an eagerness for more of Gwen. To his
surprise as much as hers, he pulled her down to his
level and kissed her hard on the lips. Gwen, to HIS
surprise, returned the kiss even harder and helped him
remove his clothes as they began to have sex urgently.
"What – were – you – asking…" James said between
kisses on her neck, shoulders, chest, everywhere.

"I was saying that I don’t go down on guys…" Gwen
explained, digging her fingers into his back,
"…unless I really like them. They always expect me
to suck their cocks like it’s in a contract or
something." She began to rub his body with hers,
completely circling him and seducing him with her lips
and hands. James was getting even more aroused as the
phone rang. "Shit! I bet it’s Adrian again…"

"Don’t answer it," James begged, but the musician side
of Gwen Stefani temporarily took over the lustful
side. Disentangling herself, she answered the phone,
giving James a view of her beautiful behind as she

>From the other end of the phone, Adrian Young was
puzzled as Gwen suddenly started trying to hide
giggles in between the conversation about what was
holding the rest of the band up from returning and why
they needed to talk about the song order. The reason
was that James, seizing his courage, had crept up
behind her and was literally kissing Gwen’s ass, in
addition to gently rimming her anus. And it tickled in
addition to turning her on…try and try as she might,
the feeling of James’s tongue exploring her back door
and going as far up it as possible was slowly putting
her mind back to less/more important matters. Finally
she squealed as she hung up, and gave herself to her
fan’s attentions.

James slid up Gwen’s back and wrapped his arms around
her, feeling his throbbing rod pressing against her
rump. "What are you waiting for, James?" panted Gwen,
as she opened her legs further. Finding her snatch,
James paused a second to savour what he was about to
do, then slowly pushed himself into her. He was dying
to take it slowly, relish each second with her,
feeling her push back against him as she enjoyed what
he did to her. The two were locked together as they
went through their passion; the room was silent apart
>from their pants and grunts…

Gwen’s eyes opened as she finished reading. "You’re a
weird one, James," she murmured. "You left in the part
about the premature ejaculation? I figured you’d…
you know…exaggerate kinda."

James shook his head. "Any man would find it hard to
hold back with you," he replied, before realising just
how damned corny that sounded, but Gwen didn’t seem to
mind. She put her arms around his neck, and kissed
him. "I’ve gotta go do the soundcheck, but we’ve got
time for a second chance," and she started to kiss
down his body. He stiffened again at the thought of
what was about to happen.

"You don’t have to if you don’t want to," he told the

"I never do ANYTHING I don’t want to," Gwen replied,
and began fellating him, putting the same energy into
swallowing and sucking as she did to her stage
performances. Remembering last night, James tried to
visualise something to keep from coming, but all he
could think of was a sexy blonde singer with a red dot
on her forehead and a penis in her mouth. "Please,
stop Gwen… Gwen… oh man oh God oh Gwen Gwen Gwen

If I were Gavin Rossdale, he vowed to himself as her
mouth was filled with his come, I would NEVER leave
her. I would also be more talented… Gwen sat back,
and James joined her in an embrace. He was dying to
enter this hot woman again, but it could wait a few
minutes. He wondered if he should tell her he was no
longer a virgin thanks to her. He also wondered if she
had gotten as much out of this as he did. Looking up
into her soft eyes and smile, he knew the answer to
that second question.

By the way, he never did post the story.

>From England’s biggest fan of Cindy Crawford,

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