Gwen Stefani’s Wild Ride

Story Title: Gwen Stefani’s Wild Ride

By sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rosedale

Codes: mf, nc/cons, inter, fetish, anal
The story you are about to read is not true and very has happened to my knowledge. As far as I believe Gwen is faithful to her husband Gavin Rosedale. I an not aware of any baby oil fetish that she might have or anything else that you may read here. Please remember that this is all my fantasy, and if you are under eightteen years of age or you happen to be easily offended I suggest you stop reading now. Anyone with any questions or requests
please feel free to send them to I have one thing to say before you send your request. I refuse to do any stories where minor celebrities have sex, so please stop with those requests. It won’t happen. That’s not C-S-S-A talking that’s me talking. Thank you.

By sharkboy

The concert in New Zeeland is now done, and Gwen Stefani sits in a secure area of the arena where she put on a pretty good show. The next show is here tomorrow, so she has no place to go in a hurry. She is so glad to be out of Malaysia, because she had to wear too much clothing for her shows. When Gwen performs she sweats a lot, and she looses a lot of water. She must have lost ten pounds in those shows. She still needs to rehydrate herself. “You have any idea what’s on my mind right now Kim?” She asks before she takes a drink of some sports drink.

“When all of the men rioting in Malaysia shall stop. These people pay good money to see a show featuring Gwen Stefani and you come out dressed like a nun for the entire show. Yeah, that’s fair. What’s next? Elton John comes to Malaysia and he leaves the rynstones at home.”

Gwen laughs hard at her best friend Kim’s little joke, and she shakes her head no. “I would like to think that more than one man who came to my show came for my music and dancing. Men are not all into T&A Kim.”

“Most men who come to the show come to look at your legs and your ass Gwen. Some of them are gay and they come to hear Hollowback Girl or whatever that song is.” Gwen laughs once more at the funny joke from her friend Kim. She knows the name of the song. Sometimes Kim is so full of shit, and she loves her for it.

Then the fun stops, as a recent mistake that Gwen made walks around the corner. His name is Scott Jennings an African American man who’s twenty-two years old. He so wants to be a dancer, the man has the body for the work but he lacks the moves. “Kim, stay close.”

“Another mistake Gwen? Who here besides me hasn’t gotten to second base with you?” Kim says a little bit pissed off, because on the road Gwen Stefani gets horny. Sometimes she’ll make out with a handsom young man. On rare occassions the man might get to second base. When things get that far they usually go bad. On the last tour a man who got to second base with Gwen told her that he loved her before everyone. Gwen was so shocked and embarrassed, and she was pregnant too, and she was showing. All that guy did was show what a smuck he was, and he was soon let go for some bullshit reason.

“You act like I fool around with everyone here. I was a little drunk and my hydration was not up to parr yet.” Gwen rolls her eyes, because Kim talks like she screws everyone who tours with her. If she did that she would have no time to sing or dance. “Besides he’s cute as hell.” Gwen giggles some, as Scott comes her way. That does not help her I can’t do that because I’m married case at all.

“Hello beautiful, and Kim.” Scott smiles at the curvy babes who he happens to be very close to now.

The look on Kim’s face is a look of misery. Yes, Kim happens to be very beautiful and she can hold her own with any woman in the looks area, but Kim happens to be sitting by Gwen Stefani. She can make any woman look plain. Gwen will not take any disrespect to her very good friend. “Say you are sorry to Kim, or you’re fired. Never act like anyone is not here when you speak to me.”

“What?” Scott says a little bit put off, as he shakes his head and he looks at Gwen. “You need me?”

“No, you are here incase I really need a back up dancer. There are two guys before you that never dance, and they got some talent.” Gwen rolls her eyes, as she points at Kim. “Her I need. You may leave at any time.”

Scott then leans down, and he looks into the beautiful green eyes that belong to Kim, and he says in the sweetest tone. “Stunning Kim, I am so sorry that I did not bask in the great beauty that you produce.” Then in a sly voice he adds. “Want to join me and Gwen in a threesome?”

Gwen rolls her eyes at that suggestion, and she sighs hard as Kim giggles so hard. Now she has two sharks circling her. “Yes, lets excite my bi-sexual good friend.” Gwen smiles, as she looks at Kim. If these two try to double team her she shall kick their asses.

Then a kid who works with them at this stadium runs to them, and he looks at Gwen. “Mrs. Stefani, one of the dancers has a really sore leg. Her calf has swollen some.” Gwen can see the fear in his eyes.

She then looks to Kim. “Can you make sure that she uses ice on it and she does nothing stupid before the doctor comes. Frank, the doctor has been called correct?” Frank nods, and he smiles at Gwen, because he has done his job well. He has impressed the pretty pop star. “Can you lead Kim to her now?”

Frank nods, as he leads Kim to where the dancer gets her treatment, and Gwen rolls her eyes. “I figured that dumbshit hurt herself. Come on Angel use your brain. You get hurt sit down. The show can go on without any dancer except me. The next time a dancer limps I sit her ass down.” Gwen then smiles at the handsome Scott. “That happens four or five times a show you might dance for me.”

Scott smiles, because he does not give a shit about dancing for Gwen, because he wants to fuck Gwen Stefani. His dance resume is as false as Pamela Anderson’s tits, and he does not care. He has been expecting someone to take him aside and tell him that he needs to leave, or some large men to take him out to the parking lot and beat his ass. “You act like I care.”

“Because you are only hear to fuck me? Your resume is about as real as my blonde hair.” Gwen smiles, as she looks at the handsome Scott.

“So, what the fuck am I doing here then?” Scott becomes a little bit angry, as he looks at Gwen.

“Because it’s cheaper to pay a man on a dancers salary to help unload the trucks than a union man. You have a strong back, and you don’t do anything else.” Gwen smiles, because his resume looked so fake. Even she does not have the dance credits that Scott has, and she can so easily tell that he hardly has danced at all.

He looks at her so mad. “So, why do you make me learn the dance moves then, bitch?” Scott becomes so angry, because he figures that Gwen has been using him.

“To laugh at the lack of talent that you bring to the table. Kingston already dances better than you and he’s a little older than one.” Gwen smiles, because her son so loves to dance. She also knows that Scott happens to be too angry to make a pass at her tonight. Her plan has worked!

Scott stands, as he walks behind Gwen Stefani and he fumes so hard. He had a plan to seduce her, because he read something online that said that Gwen had a certain sexual weakness. Before Gwen began acting like a smug bitch he was not going to use it. She seems to really love her husband and Gavin happens to be a nice guy too. “I am going to enjoy this slut!”

Gwen grins, because if Scott plans to sexually assault her he does not know that she has trained against such attacks. She’s no martial arts master, but she knows how to hurt a guy. She reaches into her pocket, and she grabs her bus keys. “You are not going to…” Gwen then hears something open that brings back a flood of memories from the past. Then she can testify that she can hear Scott pour something into his hand. “Scott… what are you…”

She shivers, as his baby oil covered hands glide over her sexy shoulders and she closes her eyes. His hands are excellent, and they happen to be extremely slick with baby oil. Gwen mouns so loud, as his hands continue to rub baby oil all over her sexy body. “Oh gosh…” Gwen says so softly, as more and more baby oil is added to her shoulders.

It does not take too long for the baby oil, and the hands that work it into her skin to seduce her. His hands glide over her skin making it more and more oily, and she shudders so hard while it happens. He then pours the bottle over her shoulders and it flows down her sexy body.

He then moves the straps to her shirt down exposing her tits. He then begins to work the oil into her white sexy body, and Gwen can do nothing but sigh and love it. Scott’s hands move over her shoulder blades, and a finger moves up and down her spine. “Oh gosh…” Her eyes are closed, as she enjoys what Scott’s hands do to her sexy body.

Before not to long Scott’s hands find her oily tits, and he begins to rub the baby oil into her skin. He holds her tits like he really likes touching them, and Gwen loves how he touches them. “You have beautiful breasts.”

Gwen smiles up at the handsome black man who has just seduced her. “Thank you. You must like your breasts in size small.” She shakes, as his hands move over her tits and Scott does not respond to that comment.

Then he begins to pour the baby oil over her sexy hall of fame legs. She shivers so hard as this happens. “Not my legs… please…” She quivers so hard, as his hands move over her sexy legs rubbing the oil into them. Scott rubs the errotic oil into her skin and she loves every minute of it too. His hands move over her sexy thighs and her alluring calves, as he rubs the oil into her skin.

“You have exceptional legs Gwen. They are so sexy.” His hands move up and down her oily sexy legs, and Gwen shivers so hard. “So, did you fuck David Letterman the last time you were on his TV show?”

Gwen giggles hard, as she remembers how he went on over and over about how sexy her legs were. Then a devilish smile crosses her face, as she remembers what she and he did in the backroom of The Ed Sullivan Threatre. “Wouldn’t you?” David did not get that far though, and she prays that he does not discover her baby oil weakness. This weakness came way before she met Gavin, and she has never told her husband that if he needs to fuck her all he needs to do is open a bottle of baby oil.

Scott then leans down, and he begins to kiss her legs he does not mind how they taste right now. Gwen gasps so hard, as his lips move over her oily legs. Her eyes roll, as his lips move over her oily legs, and she shakes so hard. He spends over twenty minutes kissing up and down her very oily and sexy legs. Scott always brings her to the brink of orgasm, but he does not let her go over the edge. Damn him to hell! If she cums she’ll be free!

After Scott has all sorts of fun playing with her sexy legs, and he looks into her beautiful brown eyes, and he asks. “Gwen, lets go into your trailer, and I can fuck you so hard?”

She smiles, as she looks into the eyes of the handsome Scott. “Give me my cell phone, please?” Scott hands her the cell phone thats in her jacket. She calls the person who takes care of Kingston while she’s on stage. Sarah, its Gwen. Can you leave my trailer now? I will be there in less than five minutes.” Gwen listens and she smiles, as her close friend objects to that question. “Sarah, I am within sight of it. You may go and sleep now.”

Jennifer Harrigan stands within sight of the trailer that the young man who Gwen calls son sleeps inside of and she sighs so hard. Why did Gwen come back so late and why did she ask her to leave before she got back? Then when she sees an oily Gwen Stefani lead Scott into her trailer it dawns on her, and she exhales so hard. “Gwen, if you insist on being a fucking slut, let Kingston stay with me. I would what my chances with Gavin are when he dumps your whorey ass?”

Gwen and the handsome Scott get inside of her trailer, and she smiles at the handsome Scott while his hands move over her oily legs. She shakes as his hands move over her oily gams, and she sighs so hard. His hands caress her sexy muscles on her legs, and she shakes so hard. Then Scott begins to unsnap her shorts. “Oh gosh… your planning on fucking me now aren’t you?”

His hand then moves inside of her shorts and her eyes roll, as his greasy hand moves into her panties. Scott’s baby oil covered hand moves over her clit, and she breaths so hard. “Gwen, I’m going to take you into the bedroom and fuck your brains out of your pretty little head.”

She smiles, as Scott tells her something that she has known ever since the first night that he hit on her in Malaysia. The way his eyes move over her body, the way that the sexy Scott would look at her in pure lust so turned her on too. The reason that Scott was never fired for his false resume is that he helped Gwen’s self-esteem on the days that she did not feel that well at all.

“Before you take me back for a shag make me a promise?” Scott nods, and Gwen smiles. His fingers continue to rub baby oil over her clit and the act sends a charge up her spine. “Oh gosh… tomorrow never say a word to anyone please? My husband has so many friends who work for me.”

“Yes, Gavin does have may spies on hand here. It must drive you so nuts.” His fingers continue to play with her clit, and Gwen gasps so hard.

“They are our friends Scott, besides I have never given Gavin a place not to trust me.” She then kisses the handsome Scott with powerful passion. “Before now.”

Scott picks up the ultra hot Gwen Stefani in his arms, and he carries her into the main bedroom. He plans to fuck her brains out, and any man on this tour would give anything to change places with him right now.

Gwen giggles hard, as Scott tosses her oily ass onto the bed, and she bounces so hard. She takes off her own shirt, and she smiles as his eyes rove her sexy body. “You are so fucking sexy, Gwen.” His hands continue to give attention to her legs, and Gwen so loves it too.

He then pulls her shorts down her sexy legs, and Gwen shivers so hard. Now all that she has on her body is some sexy pink panties that say L.A.M.B. on them, and it does not take Scott long to remove them. “So, I have got my own pair of Gwen Stefani panties in my hands right now?” Scott smiles, as he looks at the panties. Not only are they greasy, but they’re soak and wet too. Her vagina does have some baby oil on it too. “You need more baby oil on that body, Gwen.”

She licks her lips, as Scott pours some more baby oil into his hands and he rubs them. He then lies beside of Gwen and he rubs the baby oil over her ass and vagina. “Oh gosh!” She moans so loud, as the baby oil covers her vagina and her outstanding world class ass.

Then Scott begins to undress and her eyes widen, as his clothes are thrown onto her side of the bed. She’s really going to screw this guy! How can she do such a thing? She’s married to the handsome Gavin Rosedale. When his greasy hands move over her body once more Gwen remembers why its going to happen. She’s so fucking horny, and Gavin could not be any farther away.

Suddenly, Gwen then does become afraid, because she has never gone all the way with an African American before. Is what all of her friends say true? Gwen turns towards the handsome Scott, as his hands now move over her upper thighs. Her eyes roll as this happens. “Oh gosh…” She skin begins to goose bump.

Her eyes then widen, as she looks down at his errect penis. She stops breathing, as she cannot take her eyes off it. “Oh my God. Your HUGE!” Gwen moves her fingers over his penis, and she can’t believe it is real. It is real and oh so large. “Oh my God. Baby oil, please?”

After a short pause, Scott hands Gwen the baby oil, and she squirts some into her hand. Then she begins to coat his penis with plenty of baby oil. “No way you are sliding that thing inside of me dry.”

Scott then looks into her brown eyes, as she parts her legs for the handsome man before her. While they both lie on their sides, Scott works himself inside of her. Her eyes bug out, and her chest heaves as Scott slides his manhood inside of her. “OhmyGod!OhmyGod!” Gwen screams loud, and fast as the member is worked inside of her pussy.

He then lies Gwen on her back as she adjusts to his massive size, and her eyes cross as it happens. Her chest expands and it heaves so hard, as Scott begins to fuck her hard. His oily hands move over her sexy greased covered skin, and she moans so loud. She could not be more turned on if the handsome Adonis from Greek myth was screwing her ass.

The size of his penis so amazes the beautiful and extremely sexy Gwen Stefani, and Scott fucks her so hard and very long. She has never had a man of this size before, and Scott fucks her for all that he’s worth. Gwen so loves how Scott fucks her so hard, and she cums all over. She feels like she’s in the world’s best fuck machine, and she so enjoys the wild ride. She screams so loud, as Scott fucks her pretty ass all night. She orgasms over and over too.

After what must have been her one thousandth orgasm, Scott cums inside of Gwen. This must have been the best sexy that Gwen has ever had in her life. Scott was a warhorse in the bedroom and he wore her out for sure. Gwen just had a long show, but that rarely affects her performance in the bedroom. As she sucks wind so hard, as she looks at the ceiling she can only utter one phrase over and over. “Oh my fucking God…”

The next day Gwen Stefani wakes up in her sticky as hell bed. She can tell that it happens to be after noon. Not unusal for Gwen. Before she had Kingston she sleep mostly on her down time on tour. “Shit! I have the change these fucking sheets!” Gwen crawls out of bed, as it feels like she has been hit by a fucking car. “Oh God damn that was a huge mistake!” Gwen sobs, as she tries to work out the kinks in her body.

Scott gets out of bed, as he unsticks himself from the sheets too. Apparently he screws women this hard often, because he has little problems moving at all. “Are you sore, beautiful?” Gwen glares very pissed off at a very cocky Scott.

Help me to the shower, before some large men kick your ass!” Gwen demands of Scott, as she becomes so angry. She has to perform tonight, and she happens to be sore as hell. No way in hell she’ll cancel the show.

He escorts Gwen into the bathroom, and he turns on the shower while Gwen looks for something that might relieve her pain some. She has to be careful, because she’s still nursing Kingston. “Got some good pain relieves in my trailer, because of all the heavy lifting that I do.” Scott smiles, as his eyes go over her naked body.

“No thank you. I am nursing still.” She does find something that might take the edge off the pain. They key word here is might. Gwen swallows some, and she looks at Scott. “Please tell me that you aren’t sick, or a drug user please?” These are questions that she should have asked last night.

“I don’t do drugs and I have never had an STD before in my life.” Scott smiles, as he looks at Gwen.

“You know we can’t do this again, right? Right?” Gwen looks at Scott, as she pleads with him.

“Why not? I’m a large man and you are a great fuck. You sure were impressed with my size last night.” Scott gives her a cocky smile that makes Gwen want to smack him so hard.

“Yes, you are freaking huge, besides I am married to a man that I have never felt worthy of. No matter how huge you are I am not screwing that up.” Gwen wobbles towards the shower. Her legs hurt so fucking bad that she wants to curl up into a ball and cry so hard. She presses on, as she walks to the shower.

Scott helps her into the shower, and the water happens to be very hot which she so needs. He then climbs in behind her. “What are you doing?” She glares back at Scott, as he presses his errection to her back. She shivers hard, as it happens. “Oh gosh…”

Gwen closes her brown eyes, as his hands move over her sexy ass. His fingers are outstanding, and Gwen shivers as they move over her ass and upper thighs. “I am trying to conserve water Gwen. What happens when we use it all?”

His fingers begin to creep inside of her butt cheeks, and he parts them some. She knows what his goal is here, and she becomes so afraid. “Please NO!” If Scott ass fucks her he shall be able to take her at any time that he wishes to do so. She can tell that Scott shall screw her until her marriage falls to pieces.

“NO!NO!NO!” She screams, as Scott moves his huge penis inside of her anus, and Gwen cries so hard. It does not hurt that bad, infact it feels really good and it does not take long to get into the act.

She bangs her tight sexy ass against his penis, as his member expands her anus. This feels like Heaven wrapped in Nirvana, as Scott fucks her ass so hard. The water and steam move over her muscles, and it relaxes her body. He screws her harder and harder before Scott cums into her asshole with great power. Gwen’s brow then furrows, and she looks back at Scott. “Now help me clean that stuff out of me.” She demands, as she grabs a wash cloth.

Jennifer Hadigan sits in the living room part of Gwen’s tour bus, as she holds a cry Kingston. He has been okay for awhile until he heard his mother have violent sex with the person who’s she’s cheating on her husband with again. “It’s okay Kingston.” She rocks the little guy, as she coos.

Gwen and Scott walk out into the living quarters, and Gwen gasps so hard. “What are you doing here?”

“Do you have any idea what time it happens to be? I feed Kingston both breakfast and lunch.” Her eyes widen, as Gwen hears that Kingston has eaten lunch already.

She then gasps, as she looks at the wall clock. “Oh my god! I have some work to do!” She should have been at work way before this, because the she needs to make sure that some things are done before the show happens. She uses Scott as she limps out of the tour bus. “Take care of my son please?” Gwen begs her, as she hobbles down the steps. She’s not sure that she can do a show tonight because she can hardly walk.

As Gwen tries to make it to the trailer, Jennifer hugs Kingston and she says something so cruel about Gwen and something that is not true. “Your mommy might not care for you, but Aunt Jen loves you.”

After the show Kim helps Gwen, as she limps to her trailer. Tears run down her pretty face, as she endured a show of pure agony. Her right leg locked up half way through the show, and she happens to be hurting so bad. “Gwen, I still think that we should call the doctor.”

“No doctors!” Gwen shouts so loud, as she cries so loud. Her legs kill her, and every step in pain. “When we get back to my trailer can you…” Gwen swallows hard, before she finishes the question. “Can you help undress me so I can take a nice hot bath?” Gwen hates asking Kim to help her undress, because she gets such charge out of seeing the beautiful Gwen naked. She’ll likely hit on Gwen, and Gwen will likely go down like a house of cards.

“Okay, no doctors, but I am taking a look at that gam. I think it’s swelling some. You can hardly put any weight on that leg.” Gwen and Kim limp towards her trailer, while Gwen cries so hard.

“Kim, I did something terrible last night.” Gwen confesses to her best friend.

“Yeah, everyone heard you screaming in desire. Your next tour bus needs to be sound proof.” Kim rolls her eyes. “Why?”

“Because he was a handsome man who found my weakness.” Gwen limps. Her right leg kills her so bad right now.

“What would that happen to be?” Kim smiles, as she looks into her eyes.

“That shall go to my grave.” Gwen smiles, as she hops on her left leg.

“You need some help with her, Kim?” Kirk asks, as he walks to them. Kirk Phillips is the sound guy who works on the show and he happens to be extremely valuable to the show. Gwen likes him, because he’s a handsome and very nice guy too. He takes her arm under her shoulder, and he takes the load off from Kim. She was very close to collapsing too. “Put your weight on me Gwen. I’ll try and not feel you up.” Kirk smiles at the pretty Gwen Stefani, as she puts her weight on him. “I can carry you if you wish.”

“Yeah, Gwen Stefani carried back to her trailer after a concert by a sexy man. The media would sure jump on that.” Gwen smiles at the handsome Kirk, because he’s not hard on the eyes at all. If they were both single she might take him back to her trailer, and let him fuck her brains out of her pretty head. Niether of them are single and Gwen likes his wife Beth.

The six-foot tall and brown hair and blue-eyed Kirk smiles down at the Orange County fake blonde while he takes her to her trailer. “So, Gwen Stefani thinks I’m sexy? Wait until I tell Beth. After that I’ll have to look for another job.” Kirk laughs some, as he carries Gwen.

“Like I can compared to Beth. She’s a natural blonde who’s I have over ten years on. By the way Kirk your a caddle robber.” Gwen smiles, as he trailer comes closer to them. Kirk is thrity and Beth happens to be twenty-two. That’s hardly robbing the craddle in Gwen’s opinion. “Kim, can you go get Kingston? Jennifer might have tried to kidnap him.”

“No one has tried to take Kingston off the grounds. Jennifer might be a little over attached to the kid though.” Kirk smiles, as Kim walks to Jennifer’s trailer where she and a lot of the staff live. “I got to pick you up to get you into your trailer Gwen.”

“Kirk, you just want to press close to my body don’t you?” Gwen asks, as Kirk picks her up. She blushes some at the thought too. She can feel his hard on against her thigh.

“If we press we press, but there is no way in hell I am letting you fall down those stairs. Screw anyone who gets a picture of it too.” Kirk then carries Gwen up the stairs into her trailer. If Gwen gets any more injured the show would be over. Kirk’s afraid that she might be badly injured though.

Gwen sits on her bed, as Kirk pours what’s left of the bottle of baby oil on his hands. “This is your last chance Gwen to call a doctor. I have been told that I have some amazing hands. By the way I used to give massages for a living.”

She smiles at the tall and very handsome Kirk, and he sits beside of her on the bed. “I so hate… ouch, ouch, ouchy!” Pain shudders up her leg, as Kirk begins to massage it. Within moments the pain that she knows is replace by relief and pleasure.

The way that Kirk massages her leg is not like how Scott did it at all. He does it theraputicly, and Scott did it to screw her sexy ass. The problem is that they both used baby oil, and it turns her on so much. Gwen bites her lip, as Kirk rubs the baby oil over her sexy thigh. His hands move up and down on her stocking covered leg turning her on so bad. Kirk massage her sexy muscles making her leg feel so much better and turn her on so bad too.

“You are so beautiful Gwen. Thank you for letting me…” Before Kirk can say the very nice thing to her, Gwen grabs him by the shirt and she brings him in for a seering kiss. Kirk becomes very surprised, as he and Gwen kiss with great passion. His hands move over her tits and legs, as they kiss for so long.

When they break the kiss Kirk begins to ask her a very good question, but before the first word can come out of his mouth she puts her finger to his lips. “Shhh… Kirk, do you want to make love to me?” Gwen smiles, as she removes her sweater. Then she removes her tie and she unbuttons her shirt.

“What did I do to…” He then looks at her greasy thigh. “Oh my God, you are a kink!” Kirk grabs the bottle of baby oil, and he squirts some on her left thigh while he begins to work it into her skin.

Gwen shakes and she shudders, as Kirk rubs the oil into her stocking covered thigh. “You are so beautiful and extremely sexy.” He pours more and more oil into her hand making her lick her lips, and become so wet down stairs.

His hands move over her sexy legs, as her shirt comes off, and she shudders so hard. “Let me remove the bra please?” Gwen smiles, as his hands move behind her, and he unhooks her bra. He then pulls it down her arms.

Kirk then squirts more of the baby oil into his hands, as his eyes move over her perky tits. Gwen does not have a huge rack, but Kirk finds her tits so beautiful. “Your breasts are so stunning Gwen.” He begins to oil her breasts, and Gwen falls onto the bed. Kirk slowly oils her breasts, as Gwen unsnaps his pants, and she begins to pull them down. He steps out of them when they get low enough. He’s going to cheat on the beautiful Beth with the lovely goddness named Gwen Stefani.

He removes her tight little shorts, and her leg cramps up some and she takes a look of agony on her pretty face. “Are you okay?”

She smiles up at the handsome Kirk and she nods yes. “Be gentle please.” Kirk then gently removes her panties, and then he stretches her leg some. Gwen smiles, because Kirk really does not want to hurt her, and she wishes that Scott had that attitude. If he did not fuck her so hard she would not have endured hours of agony tonight.

Gwen parts her sexy hall of fame legs, as Kirk moves his amazing hands all over them. He knows he won’t last long, because he’s seconds away from making love to the beautiful Venus from Roman myth. He can tell that the kinky Gwen won’t last very long too.

Kirk works himself into the ultra tight Gwen Stefani, and her eyes widen because of his size. Beth is a very lucky girl, but tonight the luck happens to be on Gwen’s side. Her eyes close, as Kirk begins to screw her so gentle, and her chest heaves so hard.

His hands move over her fine and sexy body, as Gwen enjoys it so much. She squeezes him so hard with her pussy. “Gwen… I have to cum…” Kirk does not want to cum this quick, but when Gwen fucks a man he usually has little choice.

“Yes, yes, yes! Cum inside of me!” Gwen is very close to orgasm too, and it set her off the man usually has to cum inside of her. Kirk orgasms inside of her hard, and Gwen cums in response to his orgasm. “Oh God YES!” Her legs tighten around Kirk, and she blows her load. Her chest heaves, as she grins up to the handsome man. “Thank you.”

Then the door slams behind them, and Gwen gasps so hard. “Oh shit! Gavin!” She looks up, as Gavin Rosedale her husband stands behind them holding a now balwing Kingston. Kirk happens to be on her in bed naked and she’s naked except for stockings. “I can explain!”

“Talk to my lawyer Gwen…” Gavin says in a curt voice, as he and Kingston leave the room.

“GAVIN NO!” Gwen gets up and her leg cramps badly. She covers herself with a sheet, as she hops after her husband Gavin Rosedale. If he would only talk to her she could explain this! She chases Gavin until her leg gives out on her.

A month later, in Orange County California, Gwen and Gavin sit in the office of a marriage counciler named Judith Gold. She’s a beautiful brunette female who happens to have long legs and a real shapely body. Gwen hates her, because she refuses to stop flirting with Gavin. She believed that she was here to help them save their marriage, and not put the last nail into it’s coffin. This happens to be the third session that the sexy couple have had.

“So Gwen, why did you cheat on Gavin?” Doctor Gold asks her, and Gwen shakes her head no.

“Because a couple of guys figured out my weakness. It was not planned or anything.” Gwen curles up into a ball, as she cries so hard. “I want to see my son!”

“Gavin, how long has it been since Gwen has seen Kingston?” Doctor Gold asks, as she looks into his eyes. “We have talked about this.”

“She has not seen him since the night that I caught her screwing her sound guy.” Gavin glares at Gwen, as she cries so hard.

“That was a freakin’ mistake Gavin. Why won’t you believe me?” Gwen begs of Gavin. She sits on her side in the chair, as she weeps openly. Her right leg is wrapped, but the pain happens to be gone. She’ll have a career if no marriage anyway.

“Gavin, you have never made a mistake with a woman before?” Doctor Gold asks him. She turns to him, as she asks the question. Doctor Gold also crosses her long and sexy legs too.

“Stop doing that! If you want my husband to look at your freakin’ pussy take off your clothes and shove it in his face!” Gwen sits up, as she is overcome with anger.

Doctor Gold and Gavin turn back to Gwen with a look of shock in their eyes. Their mouths are poped open too. “So, you dislike how I have been hitting on Gavin then?” She smiles at Gavin.

“You mean like all of the touching exercises that you and he did our last session? That so made me want to scream in fury! I am so close to kicking your ass too.”

“That is what those exercises are designed to do. I can make sure that they never happen again if you tell me one thing. How were you seduced?” Doctor Gold looks deep into her eyes.

Gwen bites her lip, as she looks at the erection in Gavin’s lap and then she looks at Doctor Gold once more. “Baby oil… it can turn me into a complete whore.”

“So a little bit of Johnsons can turn Stefani into an easy target?” Doctor Gold smiles, as she looks into her pretty brown eyes.

“Any brand can turn me into someone who becomes so horny. Gavin, can I at least visit Kingston?” Gwen begs of him.

“Gavin, I want you to go and get Kingston and bring him here. While you go and get him I want you to think of a way that Gwen can pay you back for cheating on you.” she then looks at Gwen. “She shall do it too, as long as it is legal. While you do that she, and I shall talk of her current weakness.”

He agrees to the terms that the sexy Doctor Judith Gold set, and he leaves to pick up Kingston. “So Gwen, have I told you that I’m a huge fan of your work? I have all of your CDs.”

“You do? I figured you to be a Bush backer to tell you the truth.” Gwen brightens some, because she can tell now that Doctor Gold happens to be in her corner now. Maybe she can save her marriage?

“No, I have been in love with you for years. No Doubt rules!” Doctor Gold says with a sexy smile.

“You like No Doubt…” The the smile vanishes from Gwen’s sexy face. “Did you just say that you are in love with me?”

Doctor Gold takes a large bottle of baby lotion out of her bag, because she was watching her bady niece this morning. She pops it open and she looks at Gwen. “Lets talk of this baby lotion fetish?”

As the beautiful and extremely sexy Doctor Gold comes towards Gwen with two hands full of baby oil Gwen can only say three words. “NO! NO! NO!” Gwen does not get her wish, and she and the beautiful Doctor Judith Gold screws her brains out of her head too. They then shower together before Gavin returns with Kingston.

A few weeks later, Gwen and Gavin arrive at a motel where no one who has anything to do with entertainment goes to play. This happens to be a hang out for mostly hookers and drug dealers. They can smell the filth, as they walks to where they need to go. Some dealers offer them stuff while the disgusted couple walks by them. One pimp even makes a comment about Gwen that makes her so angry. She turns to face him, but Gavin reels her back in before she does something stupid.

“You do not need any rumors about you doing something stupid here, Gwen.” He reminds her. There are already rumors about her rocky marriage, and friends who she has not hear from in years come out of the woodwork for a shoulder for her to cry on. That shoulder is likely coated with baby oil too.

Gwen stops outside of the door that Gavin, and she have to walk through to make things up to him. “Are you sure you wish to do this?” Gwen shudders, because she knows what’s on the other side of the door. What might end her married sits on the other side of that door.

“I owe you one remember?” Gavin opens the door and he walks inside of the room, as he takes Gwen’s hand and he escorts her into the room. Inside of the room The Harajuku Girls lie on one bed all buck naked. They all look so sexy, as Gavin and Gwen come into the room.

They all sit up and smile, as they walk into the room. “So Gavin… which one do you want?” Love, Angel, Music, and Baby are all naked infront of the handsome Gavin Rosedale, and Gwen knows a couple of these girls can screw her under the table too. She has hear the sex that they’ve done with other men before. She prays that Gavin does not choose those two.

Gavin walks before each of the Harajuku Girls, and he enjoys looking them up and down naked. Gwen sits in a chair before them, and she begins to break down and cry so hard. How can Gavin make her watch this? What did she do to deserve… wait she does deserve this.

Gwen watches him, as he checks out Love, Angel, Music, and Baby. “Ladies? Do you think she has learned her lesson?” All of the girls nod yes, and Gavin smiles as he looks back at Gwen. “Thank you for your time. You may get dressed now.

All of the Harajuku Girls stand, and they begin to dress. They cannot look Gwen in the eye, because she might get so angry that she would fire them. “Gwen, are you going to cheat on me again?” Gwen shakes her head no. “I forgive you then. Let’s go home. Kingston will be so happy that his mommy shall put him to bed tonight. I do want you to get some help for your baby oil problem.”

“That has already happened. Since Doctor Gold raped me with baby oil I become ill when exposed to the stuff.” Gavin and all of the Harajuku Girls gasp hard, because that was not a part of the plan.

Gwen Stefani smiles, as she reads the kinky story by sharkboy on C-S-S-A, and she licks her lips some. She has never had sex using baby oil before but it sounds so kinky and fun. Once again she ponders sending an e-mail to the man behind the screen name. That could never happen, because if anyone discovered that Gwen traded e-mails with an online fan who wrote dirty stories about her that could be pretty bad.

“Are you coming to bed… Gwen are you reading more of that garbage that people write about you?” Gavin rolls his eyes, because some of these people think that Gwen is easy pickings. It took forever for him to get in her panties. “Let me guess dolphin dude?”

“It’s sharkboy, and you know his name.” Gwen sighs, as she shakes her head hard. “I love the stories that he write about me. They make me feel so sexy.” Gwen smiles, as she imagines someone rubbing baby oil over her beautiful body.

“Yeah, has it occured to you that he could be young enough to be your son? He calls himself sharkboy for the love of God.” Gwen smiles at this comment.

“Or he could be a professor at Havard who’s old enough to be my dad. Relax. I’ll never leave you for sharkboy.” Gwen giggles hard.

“Gwen, if he were a professor at Havard he would know that the ‘S’ on sharboy should be a capital ‘S’.” Gavin smiles, as he roles his eyes and he sighs. Sharkboy is likely an adult with a lot of free time.

She gets up, as Gavin reads the story and he smiles some. Sharkboy does weave a good tale about his sexy wife. “Gavin, where’s the baby oil?” Gwen asks. It takes a moment, but he has figured out that Gwen wants to do something like what the story states. He gets up, as he walks fast to the bedroom. His last thought before he goes into his bedroom to a naked and oily Gwen is. Don’t even try it sharkboy!

THE END. Send any questions or comments to

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