H And Claire’s Contract Deal

This fantasy contains scenes of a homosexual nature, do not read if you are offended!

This in no way represents the real artists or their sexuality.


H and Claire were due to sign a contract with WEA records, after pondering for a few weeks who offered the best deal.

They were nervous, but excited as it was their first venture as a duo since leaving Steps.

They climbed out of the car and walked towards the office building were they were about to sign their lives away.

The boss of the record company sat back in his chair, his erection painful as he thought about the signing with the
newly formed duo H and Claire.

He had already planned what he was going to do when they arrived.

The thought made him go hard.

He would have to finish himself off later.

H was a hotty, and he wouldn’t say no to Claire, if he was straight that is.

A tap on the door interrupted his thoughts.

It was his secretary to tell them they had pulled up in the in the car.

He had asked H and Claire to come and see him before the actual signing, he wanted to find out if they suited the standard he expected of them.

He had bedded all of the former artists before signing, and H and Claire were no exception.

H and Claire reached the foyer where the receptionist greeted them warmly.

She picked up the phone and rang his personal secretary.

‘He’s ready to see you now’.

They walked upstairs, following the receptionists directions.

Both of their stomachs were turning as the edged closer.

The door opened again, this time it was H and Claire.

They looked around, surprised to see no lawyers, as this was the standard procedure.

Sensing what they were thinking, he piped ‘I asked to see you first before we negotiate a deal, get to know eachother a little’. He smiled.

He motioned for them to sit down, not getting up himself as his erection was bulging out of his pants.

He badly wanted H.

They relaxed a little and sat down.

‘I took the liberty of ordering a bottle, I hope you both like champagne’.

Claire loved champagne but it always made her tipsy quickly and often made her do things she later regretted!

They discussed a few issues first, answering any questions they had, answering the ones he had.

An hour and half a bottle of champagne later, the conversation started getting a little more personal.

‘So, you guys have partners?’ David, the boss asked.

‘I do’ answered Claire almost immediately.

H didn’t answer.


H shook his head.

David failed to hide his smile.

Just then, the secretary appeared with another bottle of champagne.

‘If I didn’t now you better, i’d say you were trying to get us drunk’ Claire giggled.

She was tipsy, hell she was MORE than tipsy!

She loosened up a bit and opened her legs slightly.

David was middle age, but not unattractive, he was also a charmer and very comfortable to be around.

She thought he would probably be a considerate lover in bed. Probably a stallion too!

She was starting to find him very sexy.

If only she wasn’t with Mark!

She silently cursed herself at the thought.

H had his own thoughts.

As a closet homosexual, he was also starting to fancy this man.

He wasn’t quite as drunk as Claire, but he was starting to loosen up.

The conversation was heading towards sex and both popstars were opening up, much to David’s delight.

‘You look very sexy today Claire’

‘Oh thank you’ came the reply, ‘I chose this especially’

‘And you H, you’re looking very…..handsome today’

H smiled and felt himself go hard.

‘The reason I called you here first was to get a little more…..’friendly’ with you….see what…talents you have.’

H started stroking his hardness as David continued.

He leaned forward and was now only inches away from David’s face.

He badly wanted to kiss him and explore the man’s mouth, to feel his tongue inside him.

Claire watched in silence, wondering what was going to happen next.

David made the first move and pulled H’s head closer so their lips were barely touching.

He opened his lips slightly and poked his tongue out and brushed H’s lips.

H opened his mouth to accommodate him and before long they were in a full on liplock.

Claire opened her legs and started stroking her pussy through her wet panties.

She could feel her clit enlarge as she ran a finger over it.

She knew H was gay, but had never actually witnessed him with another man.

She was surprised to find this a turn on.

They broke off the embrace and turned to Claire.

‘You ever seen two men fuck eachother?’ David asked Claire.

She quietly shook her head, still stroking her soaked panties.

‘Watch and learn girl’ he replied.

He leaned over and stroked H’s hardness. It must have been at least 8 inches.

H sighed and kissed him again.

They embraced for a few minutes, stroking eachother with such passion

Claire had discarded her pants and was working furiously at her pussy.

She slipped two fingers inside her wet hole.

She could hear squelching noises as they ran rhythmodically in and out.

She slipped a third finger in.

The two guys undressed eachother as quickly as possible, fondling and kissing along the way.

When they were both naked, David said ‘Suck my cock, you bitch’.

H obliged, surprised by the way David spoke to him, but also turned on by it.

He licked the tip first, then his tongue worked frantically up and down his shaft.

David groaned loudly and his eyes fell on Claire who by now had had two orgasms.

H squeezed David’s balls, which brought a sigh to David’s lips.

It had been a long time since anyone had done that to him.

H now had the guy’s whole 10″ cock in his mouth and was slurping loudly as it scraped the roof of his mouth.

Each thrust was pulling David in deeper.

Within a few minutes, David was approaching orgasm, H stopped.

‘Save it for later’ H said quickly, winking.

David smiled.

H kissed David’s body from his throbbing cock, up to his face.

David grabbed H’s head and pulled him towards him, his tongue working frantically around H’s mouth.

H responded, exploring David’s mouth with his tongue.

Claire was sat in silence as she watched the scene before her unfold.

She was rubbing her own breasts, which were now out of her lacy bra, her large pink nipples so erect they hurt.

She put one breast in her mouth, rolling the nipple with her tongue.

She moved to the other one.

At the same time she was rubbing her clit furiously, shuddering at the sensation it caused.

She groaned loudly as she approached orgasm, this one was more mind blowing than the others had been.

She was now watching David go down on H, a sight she had never seen two men do.

H was moaning as David’s long experienced tongue moved up and down his shaft.

He moved to his balls, who were aching to be touched.

He rolled one around in his mouth.

Whilst doing this, he jacked H off, running his hand smoothy along H’s truncheon.

It wasn’t long before H came, his jizz spurting on the older man’s face.

David continued to lap it all up, stuggling to get it all in his mouth.

Once he had finished, David, now hard again from bringing H off, instructed H to bend over the table.

He did this, antcipating the man’s moves.

David slowly stuck two fingers up H’s arsehole as Claire watched in fascination.

H groaned a little at the intrusion, but eventually relaxed as David forced another finger in.

They rocked back and forth in a rhythmic motion, both grunting.

David motioned to Claire and she got up.

He told her to kneel down and suck H’s cock.

She silently obeyed.

Nothing sexual had ever happened between the two in the 5 years they’d known eachother, but she was willing to try it out.

She knelt in front of H and took his slightly limp member in her large mouth.

She felt him go hard.

She had no trouble getting the whole cock in her mouth and she could feel it reach the back of her throat.

The combined motions of David finger fucking him and Claire sucking his cock brought H to the edge and he climaxed hard, shooting his jizz into Claire’s mouth.

She gagged slightly as the large load filled her mouth.

He had never considered Claire in a sexual way, she was more like his sister, but the sight of her large mouth engulfing his cock turned him on immensely as he came over and over again.

David broke the silence.

‘Why don’t you give your friend a little thank you gesture?’

H nodded and motioned for Claire to sit on the desk.

She sat up and opened her legs.

H could see her love juices trickling down her shapely thighs.

As he bent towards her, he could smell her sex and it made him slightly dizzy, as well as the fact he felt like he was having sex with a member of his family.

Claire sighed as she felt his tongue flick up and down her slit.

This felt sooooooooo great, she had no idea he was so good!

She wasn’t sure whether he actually had been with a woman, but he was doing a great job!

He moved his tongue up to her clit. She grabbed his head and pulled him into her.

Her pelvis grinding in motion with his mouth.

With each thrust, H could fell his mouth filling up with her juices.

He had to admit, she tasted good!

H lurched forward as he felt David enter him. He was looking forward to this!

He had wanted him inside him ever since he caught sight of his big cock an hour ago.

He grunted into Claire’s pussy at each of David’s thrusts.

He felt so good inside of him.

Claire seemed to be enjoying herself too, he could hear her little whimpers as his tongue flicked over her slippery cunt lips and over her throbbing rosebud.

He thrust his tongue in her love hole and heard her gasp.

Their eyes met and they both smiled.

Then he moved down to her shit hole, this wasn’t the first time he’d licked an anal passage, he was used to this.

Claire seemed a little surprised, but enjoyed the sensation as H’s long tongue delved into her turd tunnel.

H then thrust 2 fingers into her tight arsehole whilst licking her clit.

‘Don’t stop, H’ he heard her whisper.

David could feel himself about to explode. H’s shit hole was so tight.

One last thrust and he was there. He groaned loudly.

At the same time, Claire climaxed in H’s face.

H lapped up her juices, some of it dribbling down his chin.

She helped him by shoving two fingers into her satsfied cunt hole and licked them off.

David pulled his limp cock out of H, and H stood up.

He was the only one who hadn’t climaxed yet.

David turned H around and grabbed his hard member.

‘Now it’s your turn’. he said.

He rubbed up and H’s shaft in quick, swift movements.

H could feel the tingling sensation of an orgasm already approaching as David set to work.

Claire was sat quietly on the desk, cleaning herself up.

Once done, she put her clothes back on and sat back on the chair.

H was getting closer to release.

He felt his balls tighten as he got ready to shoot his load.

Suddenly David stopped and knelt down in front of his purple throbbing cock.

‘Come all over me bitch’

With that, H exploded his load all over David’s face, spurting it in his mouth, on his cheeks, everywhere.

David struggled to lap it all up.

He motioned for Claire to come over.

He told her to help him clean H up.

She licked the jizz off David’s face, before cleaning H’s now limp member.

‘Wow,’ H said ‘That was the best sex i’ve ever had!’

‘Better clean up, the lawyers will be due any minute’ David interrupted him.

They hurriedly got dressed. At that moment there was a tap at the door.

The secretary popped her head round the door.

‘The lawyers are here to see you now, sir’.

‘Ok, bring them in Marge’.

The lawyers entered the room and were ushered in to a seat.

They all shook hands and introduced themselves.

‘We’ve just been getting to know eachother’ said David, winking at the two popstars

They returned with a grin.

‘Let’s get down to business shall we?’………..


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