Hailee Gets Even

Title: Hailee Gets Even

Author: Tori

Celebs: Hailee Steinfeld, Kendall Jenner, Griffin Steinfeld

Codes: MF, MFF, MMMMMF, inc, oral, anal, fist

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Nngggh….nngggh….nngggh……nngggh”  Hailee Steinfeld put her ear to her brother’s bedroom door and listened to the noises coming from inside.  She figured her brother was banging some random slut he’d picked up and was just about to walk away when she heard a very familiar voice.  “Fuck me Grif.  Fuck my tight little asshole with that big hard cock.”  Hailee put her hands on her hips and said, “Why that little whore.”  She opened the door and walked into the room and yelled, “GRIF!!!  WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?”

Griffin Steinfeld turned to look at his gorgeous 19 year old sister and said, “What does it look like I’m doing?”  Hailee quickly closed the door and stared at the brunette beauty getting assfucked by her brother and said, “It looks like you’re fucking this whore in the ass.”  Kendall Jenner tried to reply but the only sounds coming out of her mouth were, “Nngggh….nngggh….nngggh” as the big cock slammed in and out of her gaping hole.  Griffin turned his attentions back to Kendall and said, “Well you’re right.  She is just a whore and I am fucking her in the ass.”

Hailee walked over to the bed and stood facing her brother and said, “How could you?  I though I was the only one you fucked in the ass.”  Griffin smiled and said, “Hold that though.”  He slammed his cock balls deep into Kendall and then pulled out, covering her ass and back with hot cum.  Kendall collapsed flat onto the bed and was still breathing hard as Griffin squeezed the last of his load out of his softening cock.

He looked at his sister and said, “Why don’t you make yourself useful?”  Hailee hesitated for a moment and the leaned over and took his cock into her mouth.  She sucked and licked him clean and then stood back up.  Griffin hopped off the bed and put his hands on her shoulders and said, “Listen sis, I know you hate this cunt but I just couldn’t help myself.  I’ve always wanted to tap this bitch in the ass and when the opportunity presented itself, well, I took it.”  Kendall propped herself up on her elbow and said, “Do you mean to tell me your brother fucks you in the ass?  That’s just wrong.  And you call ME a whore.”  Hailee looked at her and said, “I don’t let him fuck my pussy.  I just love his big cock and from what I just witnessed, so do you.”

Kendall giggled and said, “It is pretty awesome, isn’t it?”  Hailee giggled too and said, “He’s the best fuck I’ve ever had.”  Griffin cleared his throat and said, “Hey, I’m standing right here you know.”  Hailee looked at him and said, “Shut up Grif.  I’m still not happy about you fucking this whore.”  Griffin slowly pushed Hailee to her knees and said, “Why don’t you shut up and get me hard again and I’ll fuck your ass, ok?”  Hailee opened her mouth and started sucking her brother’s cock.  The taste of Kendall’s ass still coated his 10 inches and as she slurped him down her throat, she could see Kendall start to finger herself.  As she deep throated Griffin, Kendall slipped two and then three fingers into her sopping wet pussy.  After several minutes, Hailee stood up, pulled her yoga pants down to her ankles and bent over.  Without saying a word, Griffin pushed his cock deep into his sister’s tight asshole.  “Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!!” and then screamed, “GODDAMN!!!!!!!”  Kendall was so turned on by the sight of the brother and sister fucking that she shoved the remaining fingers and her thumb deep into her pussy.

No one said a word for the longest time until Griffin pulled is cock out and said, “Open wide” to Kendall.  The long legged beauty opened her mouth and took rope after rope of hot cum into her mouth.  She slammed her fist wrist deep into her cunt and started to cum and when she pulled out, her pussy juices squirted all over Hailee’s face.  Hailee leaned in and licking up her brother’s load while Kendall’s juice ran down her face.  When she stood up, she pulled her oversized tee over her head and used it to wipe off her face.  She looked at Kendall lying on her back and said, “Nasty whore.  You should see yourself.”  Kendall swallowed what was left in her mouth and said, “THAT, was so fucking hot!”

Griffin sat on the end of the bed and said, “Why do you hate her so much?”  Hailee bent over and pulled her yoga pants up and said, “A couple of years ago at Coachella, this cunt offered me money to have sex with her fat assed brother.”  She spit on Kendall’s face and yelled, “I’M NOT A FUCKING WHORE LIKE YOU BITCH!!!!”  Kendall wiped the spit off her cheek and said, “No, you’re just a sick perverted slut that lets her brother fuck her in the ass.”  Hailee lunged at Kendall but Griffin grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back.  “Calm down Hailee.  Jesus Christ.”  He looked at Kendall and said, “You really shouldn’t have tried to pimp out my little sister.”  Kendall got up off the bed and said, “All I was trying to do was get him laid.  How was I supposed to know she’d go all holier than thou.”  Griffin held Hailee in his arms and said, “How much did she offer you?”  Hailee rammed her elbow into his gut and said, “Fuck you Grif.  That’s not the point.  The point is she actually thought I’d take money to fuck that loser.”  Kendall slapped her face and said, “He’s not a loser.  Well, maybe he is but I was only trying to help him out of his funk.  Sorry.”  Hailee didn’t say a word and just stood there against her brother.  Finally, Griffin whispered in her ear and that brought a smile to her face.  He let her go and she left the room.  Kendall sat back down on the bed and said, “What’s going on?”  Giffin just smiled and said, “Oh, you’ll find out.”

Ten minutes later, Hailee came back into the room only this time, she was wearing black thigh high leather boots with black fishnet stockings, a very short black leather skirt and a black silk corset that pushed her young, firm breasts up high.  She looked at her brother and said, “It’s all set.”  Kendall started to stand but Griffin pushed her back onto the bed.  As he held her down, Hailee opened one of his dresser drawers and took out several silk ties.  The two quickly tied Kendall’s wrists behind her back.  Kendall tried as hard as she could to get away but the brother and sister were just too strong for her.  As soon as she was secured, they flipped her over and Hailee got on top of her legs and spread her ass cheeks apart.  Kendall looked back and saw Griffin hand her the biggest butt plug she’d ever seen.  “FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!” Kendall screamed as Hailee shoved the huge plug deep into her ass.  As she was forcing the bulbous monster in, Griffin was pushing a metal “O” ring gag to her mouth and attached the straps behind her head.  The two siblings pulled Kendall off the bed and forced her to her knees.  Hailee put her arm around her brother and said, “They should be here any minute.”  Just then, the doorbell rang so Griffin went downstairs to let their guests in.

While he was gone, Hailee kneeled down next to Kendall and said, “You’re going to enjoy this.  By the time they’re through with you, you won’t be able to stand, let alone sit for at least a week.”  She pulled and twisted the young models nipples and then she smacked Kendall’s ass with her hand and started to laugh.  She was still laughing when her brother and his friends came into the room.

Griffin told his buddies to strip and after the five men took off their clothes, Hailee motioned the men over with her finger and said, “Let’s get you boys hard and then you can do whatever you want to this whore.”  Griffin sat down on a chair and watched his gorgeous sister start sucking off his friends.  She switched from one cock to the next like a porn star, deep throating and gagging as she got them hard.  The first guy pushed Kendall over on her knees and shoved his cock into her pussy.  He was pounding away at her when the second guy got behind him and forced his cock into her next to his friends.  The two were double fucking her cunt while a third pulled her head up by her hair and shoved his cock through the “O” ring and down her throat.  The other two let Hailee continue to suck their cocks while they watched Kendall getting fucked.  The first guy in her pussy pulled out the butt plug and shoved three fingers into her gapping asshole.  He quickly got on the floor and pulled Kendall on top of him, impaling her cunt with his cock.  The other guy shoved his hard cock in her ass and began to sodomize the 21 year old model.  Within minutes he filled her ass with cum.  One of the two remaining men getting sucked off by Hailee took his place behind Kendall and pushed his cock into her sloppy hole.  The last guy grabbed Hailee’s head and started to fuck her face, making her gag each time he shoved his cock down her throat.  Griffin looked over and said, “Hey man, take it easy, that’s my sister.”  His friend pulled his cock out of Hailee’s mouth and covered her face with cum.  He looked back at Griffin and said, “Sorry dude but she gives the best head I’ve ever had.

Hailee stood up and grabbed a towel and wiped off her face before sitting down on Griffin’s lap.  They sat and watched the five men brutalize Kendall for the next hour.  When they were finally unable to get hard again, they got dressed but before they left, they each dropped a twenty dollar bill on the floor next to the ruined girl.

As soon as the other men left, Hailee picked up her phone and took several pictures of Kendall lying on the floor with cum still oozing from her well-fucked holes, making sure the money lying next to her was in each photo.  After she posted them on Instagram, Griffin untied her wrists and pulled her limp body up and bent her over the edge of the bed.  He slammed his cock deep into her asshole and started to pound into her while he removed the “O” ring from her mouth.  Kendal didn’t say a word as she got one last hard assfuck from Hailee’s brother.  After almost fifteen minutes, Griffin finally filled her ass with his load and pulled out only to have Hailee get down and do ass to mouth on him, sucking the rest of his cum and Kendall’s ass off his softening cock.

The brother and sister picked up Kendall’s clothes and then dragged her down the stairs and put her into her car.  Hailee leaned in and started the engine and said, “I don’t ever want to see you near me or my brother again, understand whore?”  Kendall looked over at her and nodded.  They watched Kendall drive away and then ran back into the house and up to Hailee’s room.  They fucked each other for several hours before they finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

No one saw much of Kendall Jenner over the next several months.  The photos posted on Instagram caused quite a commotion for a few weeks as everyone speculated as to who posted them.  Kendall refused to tell who did it and kept to herself.  Meanwhile, Hailee and Griffin continued to fuck each other at every opportunity and never saw Kendall again.

The End

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