Hallowed Be Thy Name, Chapters XVII-XX

Hallowed be thy Name, Chapters XVII-XX


by Dark Genesis

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Anyone who has played Silent Hill or any of its sequels will notice that this story was heavily influenced
the series, they were the inspiration to sit my ass down in front
of the computer and write this damned thing. But before you blame me
for plagiarism, remember these immortal words from Joss Whedon:

“Great art doesn’t come from
inspiration; great art comes from something you saw before that worked.”


This fictional story is for people over 18 years old. It contains sexual encounters, graphic gratuitous
violence, and very coarse language (not necessarily in that order).
If you’re not old enough or you feel like this story might offend you,
you should stop reading now. Also, the personalities or sexual habits
described by this story do not reflect the lives of these particular
celebrities, remember that it is fiction.


Michelle Trachtenberg, Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan

*** ***

Chapter XVII – Awakening

Michelle Trachtenberg woke
up from her slumber that had followed her conversation with Matt, a
mysterious local preacher. Her nightmare had been a little too vivid
for her taste; seeing her own gravestone wasn’t generally a good sign,
even if you didn’t believe in the significance of dreams. The floor
of the local hotel’s lobby didn’t feel too comfortable, so she stood
up and scanned the room for any psychotic clergymen. Thankfully none
were in sight and she sighed with relief.

“What the hell?” Michelle
thought to herself wondering how Matt had been able to throw her in
a state of unconsciousness.

“Phew! That rain wouldn’t
stop for a booty-call from a Russian hooker,” Lindsay Lohan walked
in soaking wet.

“What?” Michelle looked
at Lindsay with confusion; she was still in a daze from her episode.

“Yeah, I couldn’t get the
car started, sorry. What the hell do I know about wiring anyway, right?”
Lindsay apologized casually and sat on the counter.

“Oh yeah, the car…so, what
are we supposed to do now?” Mitch managed to pull herself back to
reality, but she was still going to keep her guard up; after being convinced
that what had been a dream was all real, she couldn’t tell whether she
was experiencing the same thing all over again.

“Yeah, the one we were supposed
to steal to get out of this town, remember?” Lindsay reminded Michelle
and noticed that something was wrong with her, “Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine I guess…just
a little worried about how were gonna get out of here, I suppose.”

After telling Michelle about
what she had been seeing in her dreams and now all over town, Lindsay
had built some trust with her, so now it would be Mitch’s time to tell
a little story.

“Did you see them?” Lindsay
asked warily.

Michelle glanced at Lindsay
feeling hesitant about telling her what she’d seen, not because she
wouldn’t believe her, but because it might freak her out.

“No, it wasn’t like what
you saw. It was more…it felt real,” Michelle had to try and make
sense of everything or she’d be losing grip on reality, “I didn’t
see a monster like you, but…I saw my gravestone and…it said I would
die today.”

“You only saw a gravestone?
Are you sure you didn’t see anything else, like some person in the shadows?
Or voices in your head?” Lindsay continued her interrogation hoping
to connect her dreams with Michelle’s.

“No, just my boyfriend,”
Michelle shook her head and a terrible thought came to her; it wasn’t
really Shawn. And if it wasn’t Shawn, it must’ve been Matt, or…that
creature Lindsay had been seeing.

“Did you talk to him, I mean…did
you just get a glance, or did you touch him and feel him?” Lindsay
asked with some fear in her voice.

“Yeah, we…it just felt
so real, so I treated him like I always did, and…he seemed completely
normal, just like he’s always been,” Mitch was trying to put the puzzle

“It could’ve just been a
normal dream…did you just zone out, or fall asleep?”

“No…it was Matt,” Michelle
decided to come clean. It was clear at this point that Matt was dangerous,
“We were standing here talking…I asked him about that word that
we couldn’t remember, Azrael, and I just…I blacked out and woke up
in my room. Shawn was there and he…he told me that all of this was
just a bad dream, that I was home with him,” tears started forming
behind her eyes, “I was so relieved, you know? That I never came here,
no one went missing, and I’d just go back to normal life.”

“Yeah, I wish my dreams were
like that. How did that guy do all this…and why?” Lindsay thought
out loud and painted a frown on her face.

“I don’t know, and right
now I really don’t care. All I want is to go home,” Michelle sobbed
and turned to Lindsay, “I want to go to sleep without being afraid
of disappearing like these people. There’s something really wrong here,
and I don’t think we should even be around long enough to find out.
If we stay any longer we’re gonna end up like Hayden and Amber, I know

“Please don’t say that, you’re
freaking me out,” Lindsay stated and stood up.

“What good could we do? What
the hell were we thinking? Find out what’s happened here, and meanwhile
the entire town’s dead and we’re all vanishing into thin air?” Michelle
cursed Terry and Mandy in her head for wanting to look for Amber one
last time.

“Hell yeah! We have to tell
Terry and that fucking bitch that we’re leaving no matter what! Apparently
they’re not back yet, so that’s gonna have to wait,” Lindsay pointed
out that Terry and Mandy hadn’t come back yet.

“Yeah, I have a feeling we
won’t see them either,” Mitch was ready to say her fear out loud,
but she wasn’t convinced that they were really gone. She was torn about
leaving and waiting for Mandy, but she couldn’t put Lindsay at risk
if she wanted to wait.

“Maybe…let’s just get our
stuff down here so we can keep an eye on each other,” Lindsay suggested
that they’d get their luggage down to the lobby, “We might as well
be ready if those two show up with a car, or something.”

“Yeah, Elisha’s been up there
for a long time,” Michelle noticed as she and Lindsay made their way
up the stairs.

The two walked down the hall
toward their rooms, not sure if they’d even want to check whether Elisha
was in her room. Granted it would just be one more person to disappear,
but this time it would be right under their noses. But why would Matt
and his so-called partner spare Michelle and grab Elisha? She had to
be alright.

“I’ll keep the door open,”
Lindsay stepped into her room informing Michelle that they could hear
if something was wrong easier by putting fewer obstacles between them.
Michelle nodded and continued her way down the hall toward her room,
which was opposite to Elisha’s.

Seeing Elisha’s door wide open
wasn’t very comforting, especially since there didn’t seem to be any
sign of her. Michelle had a look inside and didn’t see a sign of the
girl, and the room looked exactly like no one had stayed there in the
past two days.

Trying to wipe the feeling
of insecurity from her head Michelle quickly entered her own room and
started stuffing her clothes back into her bags. She was starting to
toy with the idea of going out to look for Mandy and Terry, but leaving
Lindsay alone for such a long time seemed like a very bad idea, and
she seemed very adamant about just dropping everything and leaving this

Lindsay was ready to drop dead;
the consistent fear of seeing that terrible ghoul any time she’d turn
around was unbearable. She tried to close her eyes every time she’d
turn her head, but putting her stuff into suitcases was proving to be
difficult without eyesight.

There was one thing that could
help in this kind of situation. She would have to get it together since
it started to look like they’d have to walk tens of miles to the next
town. There it was lying at the bottom of her bag; a bag of white powder
calling out to her assuring that things would get much easier from one

“I’m not gonna do it, I’m
not gonna do it…” Lindsay kept repeating to herself while sloppily
shoving stuff into her bags.

Unfortunately having the choice
would always be better than not to have it, so she reached down under
the clothes and pulled the cocaine out. Lindsay eyed the pouch knowing
how much easier it would be if she’d just take one little shot. Not
yet, she wasn’t at that point of desperation. She had decided that she
wasn’t touching that stuff while filming, but had brought it along for
emergencies much smaller than this. No one would find out, she could
just have one quick line and the fear would be gone.

*** ***

Cold water dripping from the
ceiling of the hotel basement woke Mandy Moore up. After being lead
downstairs by Matt and having finally figured out what was happening
she had passed out on the stone floor. The old chapel was haunting enough
as it was without the pictures of her missing friends on the altar,
and as Mandy looked at the row of photos she noticed that there was
one that wasn’t there before; Elisha’s picture.

“Oh God, no!” Mandy started
weeping and leaned over the table. She knew what must’ve happened; Elisha
was now dead like Terry. Would this continue until they’d all die? It
was becoming clear that just leaving wouldn’t save them, whatever Matt
was saying would be the only thing that could.

Mandy dug up the photo of her
and Zach on the beach from her pocket and examined it carefully. Her
image was starting to turn blue, and her clothes were stained with dirt.
This must’ve been a sign; she obviously didn’t have a lot of time left.
Finding Matt was the only thing that could keep her alive, and even
that wasn’t certain. What if this was just some sick game and the remaining
survivors wouldn’t stand a chance? How do you fight God?

“That’s impossible, there’s
no way I could,” Mandy thought to herself and managed to control her
emotions enough to stop crying. Standing around in the cellar wasn’t
going to help, so she left the ominous chapel behind her and ascended
the stairs back up to the hotel office.

When Mandy reached the top
she was greeted once again by the white-dressed man, Matt. The look
on his face wasn’t one of mockery, but concern.

“Did you find answers to
your questions?” Matt asked.

“In a way, yes,” Mandy
nodded successfully hiding her contempt for the guy.

“He will always give you
answers, even if they’re not the answers you were hoping for,” Matt
preached and stepped closer to Mandy.

“Am I gonna die?” Mandy
looked into Matt’s eyes that were filled with grief.

“Yes, eventually. But if
you’d like to see the sunrise and many after that, you’ll have to repent.
All your sins have to be forgiven, including your deadly sin.”

“Can I give my confession
to you?” Mandy asked, but Matt shook his head.

“Confession helps only a
small number of people; those who use His name in vain, dishonored their
parents, only the things that can be easily forgiven. Your sins go much
deeper than that, like most people in creation.”

“How can I repent then?”

Matt stepped out of Mandy’s
way and opened the door to the lobby, “All you need to do is step
through this door, and complete the trials as set by Him.”

Looking through the doorway
the lobby seemed as normal as anything, but something told Mandy that
the trials weren’t going to be that easy, “What are the trials?”

“You’ll see when you get
there. Once you complete them you’ll be free to go,” Matt explained.

“Fine,” Mandy walked to
the doorway, but had to ask one final question, “Wait…what about
my friends?”

“Your friends…don’t share
your mindset. There’s one more I’ll try to guide, but I’m afraid the
other one will suffer the same fate as those already punished,” Matt
informed Mandy that there wasn’t much hope left for others than her.

Without many choices in front
of her Mandy took a deep breath and stepped through the doorway. When
she walked through the portal her eyes were blinded by an intense light.
She fell through a world of love, hope, and faith and a world of hate,
misery, and madness.

*** ***

Lindsay stepped out of her
room with her luggage right as Michelle closed her own room door. Noticing
that Elisha’s door was wide open but Mitch wasn’t pointing it out, she
realized what must’ve happened; Elisha was gone and wasn’t coming back.
They were down to four in numbers, she thought. If she had known what
happened to Terry and where Mandy was in this point of time she would’ve
just given up right then and there.

“I wonder when Mandy and
Terry are gonna show up?” Lindsay thought out loud, trying to mask
the thought that they might not come back at all.

“We’ll see,” Michelle sighed
carrying her bags along with Lindsay toward the stairs, “I guess we’ll
wait for a while, and then…we’ll see.”

They walked down the stairs
into the empty lobby and set their luggage on the counter. Waiting around
for a long time didn’t seem like a good idea, but once again they were
fooled by the hope that Mandy and Terry would show up any minute. This
time they were on a time limit, though.

“If nothing happens in 15
minutes we’re gonna walk out of here, alright?” Michelle suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds like a
good idea. I wouldn’t be sure about waiting for those 15 minutes, but…I
think we owe Mandy that,” Lindsay nodded and sat on the floor leaning
on the counter.

“Not Terry, just Mandy?”
Michelle sneered slightly amused.

“Oh, come on! Terry’s a regular
fucknut, can’t you tell?” Lindsay laughed.

“Well, I might not classify
him as a fucknut, but there’s definitely something wrong with his head.
You remember that conversation when we left the set yesterday? When
we talked about how Terry had a crush on someone. He practically tried
to rape Mandy in Hayden’s room,” Michelle informed Lindsay about what
Mandy had told her in the hotel bathroom.

“Get the fuck out of here!
I thought there was something going on between him and Hayden,” Lindsay
was a little surprised by that information, not knowing that Terry did
have a relationship with Hayden. She dug up her cigarettes from her
pocket and lit up, “You want one? I can’t take it anymore; I haven’t
had a smoke in over eight hours.”

“Yeah, sure,” Michelle
took up the offer.

There was a short silence in
the room; absolutely no other sound was heard over the persistent rain.
The thunder had calmed down, though. Maybe the fact that the number
of sinners in the town had greatly diminished had contributed to the
storm giving up a bit.

“What’s the first thing you’re
gonna do when you get back home?” Lindsay asked as she took a drag.

“Sleep. Just sleep for a
very long time. I don’t wanna see anyone, hear anything, I just want
to sleep,” Michelle answered with exhaustion in her voice.

“I wish I could do that…sleep,
I mean. I’d be too afraid to go to sleep, especially after all this.
I know I’d just see that monster again and I would completely freak
out,” Lindsay started pouring out her heart, “What I would do…I
want to see my friends, I want to call my mom, I wanna hear my sister’s
voice,” tears ran down her freckly cheeks.

“Yeah, I guess I’d like that
too…I think it would just be weird, you know? Telling them where we’ve
been and what happened to us…we’re probably facing loads of therapy
after this,” Michelle shook her head at the thought that nobody would
ever believe them when they’d tell the story.

“Therapy’s not that bad,
really. You just lie there and start talking, and once the hour is up
you’ll leave. Same time next week! Repeat until dead or insane…more
so than when you came in for the first time,” Lindsay’s analysis of
going to a shrink wasn’t too comforting to Michelle.

“Sounds like fun.”

“It has its ups and downs.
But you do get to let everything out, and that person will listen. Stuff
you can’t talk about to your parents, guys, girlfriends…stuff that
scares you,” Lindsay stared at the wall like in a trance.

“There’s nothing I haven’t
told Shawn. He knows absolutely everything about me, and I know everything
about him,” Mitch smiled at the thought of coming home to open arms.

“Let me ask you something…if
you already know everything about each other, then where’s the excitement?”
Lindsay proposed the question.

“I don’t know…it’s just
there I guess. You need to know everything about a person to really
know them, don’t you?”

“That sounds so boring to
me. I don’t know half of the things about my boyfriends, and I’m pretty
sure I don’t even want to know,” Lindsay wiped the tears from her

“I guess that’s a…I don’t
know what it is. Don’t you ever want to settle down with someone you
can trust?” Michelle asked turning to Lindsay.

“Trust has nothing to do
with it, you can trust a complete stranger if you want to. All we need
to do…is fuck. Fuck the shit out of each other until we die. That’s
the rule,” Lindsay put out the cigarette on the carpet.

“But you can fuck anytime
you want, and almost anyone. Shouldn’t you have someone special?”

“I already have someone special
– me! I don’t need anyone who is more special than me in my life. We’d
just fight about which one is more special…that kind of sounds literally
retarded, but you know what I mean, right?”

“Yeah, I know,” Michelle
accepted the fact that even though Lindsay seemed to care about her
family very much, she was always going to put herself above everyone

*** ***

Chapter XVIII –

As soon as the hellish ride
through twisted worlds stopped, Mandy noticed that she was back in her
room. All her stuff was on the floor and packed up, but what time was
it? It was 3 PM, and she had missed the plane. It’s like she just didn’t
leave her apartment that day, just stayed there. She heard the front
door open and close, could it be Zach?

“Zach, is that you?” Mandy
called out and footsteps started coming toward her. Sure enough it was
Zach who looked more than surprised that Mandy was still home.

“Hey! You’re still home?
I thought the flight left this morning,” Zach walked into the room.

“I decided not to go…I
tried to call you,” Mandy remembered what she had done that morning.

“You did? That’s funny, I
didn’t notice,” Zach dug out his cell and took a closer look, “You’re
right, you did. I’m sorry, I’ve just had a really busy day, I haven’t
really had the time to check my calls.”

“That’s okay. Are you leaving
again?” Mandy asked whether Zach had any plans.

“No, I’m done for the day.
You got any suggestions on what we should do?” Zach asked playfully
starting to approach Mandy.

“Suggestions? Well, I am
a bit tense. Maybe you could give me a backrub?” Mandy smiled and
Zach started advancing closer to her. As he got closer, she started
seeing something strange in his eyes…it was like they were burning.
She had made a mistake and forgotten where she was for one minute. Just
before Zach managed to get his lips on her face she backed off.

“Wait a second. I…I think
we’re doing something wrong here,” Mandy thought out loud.

“Oh, come on! We’re always
doing something wrong here, something very, very wrong,” Zach didn’t
get the message and was still trying to kiss Mandy.

“No, I’m serious. We need
to do something else,” Mandy stated in annoyed manner.

Zach stared at her girlfriend
for a while, “What do you want? An actual backrub? I can’t do that,
I’m not really qualified.”

Mandy pulled the picture out
of her pocket and looked at it; her image wasn’t changing, so she hadn’t
gotten anywhere, “Something’s missing…what’s going on is we’re having
sex without something.”

“What are you talking about?
We use condoms and you’re on birth control, right?” Zach was getting
confused by the mess. Usually Mandy didn’t have many objections for
this kind of thing, but now she was acting very strange.

“Zach,” Mandy finally figured
it out, “Why aren’t we married yet?”

Zach was now even more confused
than before. They had gotten engaged a while ago, but they hadn’t discussed
the date yet. Was she having a problem with the engagement?

“Because we haven’t talked
about it yet? What’s going on with you? You seem really…different
today,” Zach gently put his hands on Mandy’s shoulders, this time
without the intent to get into her pants. Her eyes lit up and she smiled.

“Let’s get married! Right
now,” Mandy let out, thinking that would solve the trial.

“Married? Hold on a second,”
Zach immediately backed off, “Look, I thought we’d plan it before
we’d to it! What, we’re gonna go to Vegas and get blessed by Elvis?”

“I’m not kidding!” Mandy
laughed and walked up to Zach, “We know that minister, right? He would
definitely marry us right now, wouldn’t he?”

“Mandy…what’s gotten into
you? I mean, I wanna marry you and everything, but isn’t all this a
little too sudden?” Zach was cornered.

“I bet if I call him right
now we’ll be married by the end of the day, and then…” Mandy smiled
and gave Zach a soft kiss, “You can give me that backrub.”

*** ***

Over 15 minutes had passed,
but Lindsay and Michelle hadn’t mustered up the courage to leave. One
of them was ready to go, but the other one was feeling overwhelming
guilt about leaving Mandy behind.

“We should start walking
if we’re gonna get out of here,” Lindsay suggested, but Michelle was
in a whole different world.

“Mitch? Come on, we gotta
go!” Lindsay stood up and put her jacket on.

“I…I can’t do it,” Michelle
shook her head.

“What are you talking about?”
Lindsay wasn’t going to start another search that would result in their

“I can’t leave without Mandy,
I just can’t!” Michelle left her bags there and quickly walked to
the door.

“No, you’re not going after
them! Do you remember what happened to everyone else, huh? They’re dead,
Michelle! All of them! Let’s just get the fuck out of here while we
still can!” Lindsay screamed her last attempt to pound some sense
into Michelle’s head, but she wasn’t having it.

“I’m sorry…you can leave
if you want, I have to know if Mandy’s alright,” Mitch apologized
to Lindsay and said her farewells, “I’m gonna see you in L.A. real
soon…that’s a promise. Get out of here and call the cops,” she headed
out toward the church in the rain.

“Come back here! You can’t
do anything about it, you fucking bitch! Don’t leave me by myself!”
Lindsay yelled through the rain, but she wasn’t stopping Michelle.

“Fucking cunt…fucking…fuck!”
Lindsay took a look at all of her luggage, and decided that it would
only slow her down. She would have to be able to move very fast, “Fuck
all this stuff, what do I care?” she headed out in the opposite direction
from Michelle and tried to pick up her pace.

“How could she leave me alone?
Fucking selfish bitch,” Lindsay cursed Mitch without seeing the irony
in her way of thinking. She continued her way through the muddy roads
and eventually came up to the bar where there would be a straight road
out of this town. The temptation of stopping inside to grab a bottle
to warm up was creeping in her brain, but staying alive started making
more sense to her than stopping by for a drink during an escape.

You wanna fuck a superstar?
God, you fucking moron…” Lindsay shook her head and took a look
at her shoes that were covered in mud. When she looked back in front
of her she saw a familiar sight in front of her; the ghoul was back.

Lindsay looked up in terror
as the monstrosity grinned at her lying on the ground only 20 feet away
from her. Its face hadn’t changed, its lifeless eyes were still as nightmarish
as ever, and they cut through the rain like headlights.

“No…no, no, no, no!”
Lindsay started screaming. She had almost gotten out, but now her way
was blocked by the bloody form.

“You came…and you WILL
The monsters voice boomed through Lindsay’s head and it
started crawling toward her.

There seemed to be only one
thing to do – run. However, when Lindsay turned around she saw the same
sight in front of her as behind her; the ghoul was coming after her,
and she couldn’t do anything about it.

“What do you want from me?”
Lindsay screamed at the creature, but received no answer. She looked
around and saw no way around fighting this thing; it was at both ends
of the street and in every alleyway. The only place she didn’t see it
was the bar. Trying to make it inside and block the door seemed to be
the only chance she had, but how could she hide from it if that thing
could just materialize anywhere it wanted? It was worth a shot since
the option seemed to be just getting killed.

Lindsay dashed toward the bar
and managed to get in and shut the door. Amber’s tactic of blocking
the exit with furniture was probably useful now, so she started piling
up the chairs and the tables as fast as she could. She was afraid to
look out of the window to see whether the monster was still there, but
it didn’t seem to get inside the bar.

“Fucking shit!” Lindsay
cursed and ran to the backroom door just in case the barricade would
fail. Unfortunately the block didn’t have any effect; the green-toothed
nightmare came right through the door without moving one piece of furniture.

“You’re not real…you’re
just in my head!” Lindsay yelled trying to make it stop, but it wasn’t
helping, “You’re just my imagination.”

Leaving a wide blood trail
the creature seemed to have a straight way to Lindsay. Suddenly the
thought came to her; if that monster was just her imagination, she would
only have to disable her thoughts for it to go away.

“You’re not here…you’re
not here…” Lindsay closed her eyes and tried to forget what was
coming after her, but the horror was too great; it dominated her thoughts.
She could only force her mind to shut down one way quick enough.

“Okay, little bitch…you
wanna play hard with me?” Lindsay stood up for herself and dug the
bag out of her pocket, “You’re not scaring me any longer! After this…”
she poured the powder onto the counter, “You’ll be long gone.”

Without giving the idea any
more thought, Lindsay shoved her nose in the pile of white powder and
snorted a very large amount of it; enough to make her double back and
let out a loud growl. As she fell on the ground before her last seconds
in a conscious state, she saw the monster fading into nothingness. Lindsay
smiled and gave the apparition the finger, “Got ya!”

*** ***

Pushing the church doors open
Michelle stepped inside from the cold rain. Candles were illuminating
the way up to the altar, but the light was too subtle to see if anyone
was in the room. She walked halfway up to the altar when she recognized
that someone was indeed in the church with him. A figure was standing
in front of the altar facing the painting of Christ.

“Matt, is that you?” Michelle
asked not seeing who was there.

The figure seemed to lift its
head from prayer and turned around to face Michelle, but since the lights
were so dim she couldn’t make out whether it was Matt or not.

“Look, I don’t know what
happened back there at the hotel, and I don’t care. All I want to know
is if Mandy’s okay…can you at least tell me that?” Michelle tried
to stare down the figure she thought was Matt, but it became clear that
she was talking to the wrong person.

“Ah, it’s you.
I’m not the one you’re looking for, but…”

His booming voice surrounded the church.

“W-who are you?” Michelle
stuttered a bit.

“I’ve been waiting for
you. I was going to find you myself in a short while, but it appears
that you’ve come to me. Do you seek redemption?”

“Oh, you’re the partner Matt
was talking about,” Mitch realized who she was talking to, and all
of the sudden she felt even less safe.

“Yes, we could be called partners. But enough of that…”

The man started approaching her.

“Where is Mandy? What did
you do to her?” Michelle tried to get answers, but Matt’s partner
seemed just as cryptic as he.

“She is doing fine. We
expect her to finish the trials without much trouble. You on the other
He stopped walking, “You showed commendable redemption
when you came here. You were worried about your friend and you wanted
to save her…how ironic.”

“What do you mean?” Michelle
started slowly backing up, getting ready to run if she needed to.

“Even though your envy
has diminished, you’ve still condemned yourself to Hell for all eternity.
You’re not even worth His attention, you didn’t even pass the first
trial. Instead you did what your kind have always done – given
in to lust.”
He started approaching Mitch again.

“My kind? Then what are you,
huh? Some freak who likes to play ‘angel of death’ to get off?”

Your ignorance will make delivering you even more enjoyable than your
With swift movement Azrael charged at Michelle, but
she managed to dodge the assault and ran straight out of the church.

Death was right behind her
as she dashed through the mud and the rain on the streets, even though
Michelle couldn’t hear his footsteps she knew he was there waiting for
her to give up. She wasn’t going to do that; she needed to get out of
this place and tell everyone what was happening in this town.

Taking turns at every corner
Michelle felt like she was finally starting to put distance between
her and the maniac, and with every look behind her she couldn’t see
him anymore. She wasn’t about to stop until she’d find a place to hide,
so she kept running through alleys until she came across a bundle of

Hiding behind a few shabby
pieces of metal wasn’t that good of a hiding place, but what else could
she do? This would be the best opportunity to lose the guy, and in this
weather he could never make her out, right? So there she sat in freezing
rain with no protection, her clothes getting soaked making her even
colder, and the fear of getting caught running through her head. Worse
than any nightmare she ever had.

*** ***

“…For better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you
part?” The minister asked the question from soon-to-be Mrs. Mandy
Braff, and Zach Braff.

“I do,” Mandy simply replied
completing the vows.

“I now pronounce you husband
and wife. You may kiss the bride,” The minister finished the ceremony,
and Mandy embraced Zach with a warm kiss in the small chapel. This was
the first trial, when would she move forward to the next one?

Driving down the road toward
their house Mandy and Zach hardly spoke a word because of the sudden
change in their situation. Zach seemed very confused about it, but still
went through with it, and Mandy was wondering what it would take to
move on. The wedding night must’ve been the big finish, she thought,
but the thought of what else was she going to have to go through to
get out was scaring her.

“So…do you think we did
the right thing?” Zach asked as they pulled over to Mandy’s driveway.

“Of course! We love each
other, right?” Mandy tried to play the part by imagining that this
was really happening.

“Yeah, I know I love you,
but…you seem a little different than yesterday, that’s all,” Zach
mentioned Mandy’s different behavior.

“I’m…I’m just in love,
that’s all,” Mandy pasted a smile on her face and kissed Zach, “Do
you want to go bed and give me that rub?”

“Yeah, if you want.”

They got out of the car and
proceeded inside the house and into the bedroom. It was getting dark
outside and a cool breeze was pushing through the open window. Zach
walked over and closed it while Mandy got out of her casual dress that
she had worn to the ceremony, her priority wasn’t to establish an unforgettable
memory but forget as quickly as possible. What she was about to do had
to work.

“Ready for that backrub?”
Zach asked and walked to the bed where Mandy was undressing herself.

“Why don’t we just…skip
the backrub?” Mandy smiled and let a strap of her bra fall down her

Zach smiled and started taking
his suit off while Mandy slowly dropped her bra to the ground exposing
two perfectly shaped globes behind her long, brown hair cascading down
her body. Finally she slid off her white lace panties giving her husband
a clear view of her trimmed snatch.

Lying down on her back Mandy
started rubbing her thighs and staring at Zach with a glow in her eyes
that told him to come over, and he opened the nightstand starting to
look for protection.

“Forget that, just come here,”
Mandy smiled saying that they didn’t need it this time.

“Are you sure?” Zach closed
the drawer and dropped his pants.

Mandy nodded with a smile and
Zach lied down on the bed next to her. They started kissing passionately
and gently running their hands over each other. His hands quickly found
their way down to her crotch and hers went straight for his member also.
Mandy started stroking him softly until he seemed to be in full capacity,
and her pussy was starting to moist from Zach’s fingers.

They pushed their bodies together
and embraced kissing while Zach’s hard cock was rubbing against Mandy’s
soft stomach. The temptation was becoming unbearable, and even though
she was doing this to move forward, seeing Zach there and feeling him
like he was real was very comforting after all that had happened.

Breaking the kiss Zach started
moving down on Mandy’s body working his tongue on it and closing in
on her slit. She quickly noticed and before he reached the area she
lifted his head up to her face.

“I need you inside me now,”
Mandy whispered.

Zach didn’t give it much more
though and positioned himself properly to enter her. Mandy spread her
legs and locked them around his body bracing herself for the penetration.

“I love you,” Zach mouthed
when he pushed himself inside, but didn’t receive a reply. Mandy didn’t
want to hear any more words; she just wanted it over with.

The slick cavity between Mandy’s
legs didn’t put up a fight, and welcomed his hard rod inside by wrapping
around it tightly. Zach let out a moan from surprise; this was the first
time they had sex without a condom. Holding out was going to be much
more difficult than before, but regardless of that he started pulling
himself out and back in again.

With Mandy’s legs wrapped around
him there was no way he was going to get a breather, so Zach paced himself
and tried not to move too quickly. This wasn’t too pleasing for Mandy,
but she did get some enjoyment out of the act. It wasn’t nearly enough
to orgasm, but that wasn’t her priority; it was pleasing him until he
would finish.

“What are you waiting for?
Do it,” Mandy whispered into Zach’s ear and held him tighter in her

“I can’t take this much longer,”
Zach tried to explain that he wasn’t used to this.

“It’s okay…I want you to
feel good,” Mandy decided that it was time to go to acting school
and put on a little show.

When Zach finally started increasing
the speed of his thrusts, Mandy started gasping heavily and meeting
every thrust with her hips. She was lifting her firm butt up from the
bed and pushing the dick deeper inside her puss, the wet walls of her
hot cavity were working him hard, and trying to milk him empty of every

Finally the groaning started;
Zach was starting to feel like he was at the end of his road. His cock
was barely able to function when the feeling came over him, and when
Mandy noticed it she started panting faster and faster.

“Come for me, please,”
Mandy whimpered with a desperate look on her face.

Zach wasn’t sure whether Mandy
wanted him to finish inside or pull out, but her body language suggested
that she didn’t want him to leave with any cost. With a few final thrusts
his body started jerking and he grinned when he felt his sperm rushing
up her shaft. Mandy felt the warm fluid filling her hungry pussy without
any trouble, and Zach’s aggressive groans made her feel like she had
accomplished something she hadn’t done before. Then she remembered the
note he had left for her that morning and what she had thought afterwards.

“Zach…one last kiss?”
Mandy looked straight into his eyes and laid back.

With that kiss that she hadn’t
received that morning Mandy felt complete, and as soon as the moment
was over, so was the first trial. Zach disappeared into nothingness
along with her room, and she started falling through worlds again.

This time the reception wasn’t
as pleasant; she fell straight onto a hard floor that felt very strange.
Mandy didn’t notice the pain until she looked at the floor that was
covered in shards of glass that were now embedded into her back. She
let out a sharp scream when the glass started piercing its way deeper
into her back.

Not long after she was finished
screaming and the noises she was making became sobbing, the floor ignited
and caught on fire around her. Mandy noticed that the flames behind
her were coming toward her and there was a clear path in front of her
where the flames hadn’t caught on yet. She tried to stand up, but her
legs weren’t functioning, the only option left seemed to be crawling
down the path through the shards before she would get incinerated.

Mandy tried to wipe the sharp
glass off the floor, but she realized that all of it was embedded into
the floor when her hands caught a number of bleeding wounds. Regardless
of the damage to her body from the floor she had to continue crawling
through the inferno and hope that the way out was there.

After managing to put a few
feet between her and the flames trying to catch her, Mandy saw a blink
of light at the end of the path. She had to make it…no matter what
followed it couldn’t be worse than this. With scars all over her naked
body she pulled herself toward the light, and when she finally reached
it the light engulfed her like the flames that were after her.

She started ascending back
upwards through the same worlds she had gone through on her way down,
but this time her situation was getting better. The light filled Mandy’s
body and cleansed it of all sins she had committed against God, giving
a fresh start to her new life; a life in the path of Him.

*** ***

Chapter XIX –
Jack of Spades

After sitting in the rain for
a while and not even hearing footsteps around her, Michelle was getting
convinced that she had managed to lose the psycho that was after her.
She carefully peeked from behind the garbage cans to see if he was anywhere
in sight, but saw no one. Her skin was pale as snow from the cold and
her feet were getting numb, so she started walking back to the hotel
as stealthily as possible. She peeked behind every corner and used every
possible shadow to her advantage.

The lights of the hotel were
somewhat comforting. Maybe Mandy had come back with Terry and they found
a car? Of all the strange things, there in fact was a car parked in
front of the hotel. Michelle was still far away from it, but it wasn’t
a big stretch to run all the way there. Maybe someone had come to rescue

Those hopes were quickly shattered
when Michelle felt a blunt object hitting her in the back knocking her
down on the muddy road. It was Azrael who was now armed with a shovel.

*** ***

The light finally faded from
Mandy’s eyes and she stepped into the lobby of the hotel fully clothed.
She looked around in panic to see what was coming next, but then she
realized that it was over. The picture of her and Zach was finally normal,
and a great feeling of serenity had come over her. She had gone through
the trials, and if Matt was telling the truth, she was free to go. But
how could she get out of this town? The storm hadn’t subsided and trekking
through the dark would only get her even more lost.

When Mandy looked around the
room more carefully she noticed something on the counter. It was a note
and a key…a car key. She walked over to the counter and picked up
the note.

Don’t stray from this path.
Hopefully you’ve learned
that it’s the right one.

Mandy saw the bags on the floor
and recognized them to belong to Lindsay and Michelle. They weren’t
her responsibility; they could save themselves if they wanted to, just
like she did. She grabbed the key and headed out to find the car.

*** ***

Trying to crawl away from her
doom, Michelle panted hysterically while Azrael, calm as anything, walked
behind her with his shovel raised in the air. He was obviously waiting
for something, and that something soon came to happen.

Michelle saw Mandy walking
out of the hotel and stopping in front of it. Before she could open
her mouth to cry for help, Azrael smashed the shovel against her spine
leaving the girl helpless and voiceless to ask for aid. The last thing
she saw with her eyes was Mandy getting into the car and driving off
away from the town. Azrael dropped the shovel and grabbed Michelle’s
body from the ground and walked off with a destination in mind.

After walking in the rain for
a number of minutes the angel of death reached the nearby lake. He hold
the body in his grip for a few moments until the rain stopped and the
clouds finally moved away from the sky revealing the moon behind them.
He dropped the cadaver on the ground and took out a small stone cross
from his pocket. He placed it on Michelle’s body, and it seemed to merge
with her skin on her chest. He kneeled down and read the last rites
to the poor girl and pushed her into the lake where her body seemed
to sink like it was made of stone.

Michelle’s body hit the bottom
of the lake, and there it lay next to Hayden, Amber, Terry, and Elisha,
along with the hundreds of skeletons that had come before them.

Azrael stood proudly at the
edge of the water after accomplishing his mission, and soon candles
held by the townspeople appeared behind him in the darkness, they were
humming a song for the restless souls of the sinners.

*** ***

Chapter XX –
Magenta Fog

Whispers in the dark; she can
faintly hear them again, but she sees no one around her. Smoke-covered
walls trapped her inside the nightmare once again. It wasn’t emptiness
of space, a flowery field, or her room, it was just a dream; a dream
she would never wake up from again.

Lindsay stood in the middle
of the fog without moving a muscle, and thought about whether the creature
she thought to gotten rid of was back and defiling her body at that
very moment. It didn’t matter now, nothing mattered to her anymore.
She just gazed into the endless sea of smoke knowing she’d never see
her family and friends ever again.

Music filled her ears again,
that same sad melody she had heard many times before, but this time
she didn’t call out to it. She just walked to the table in the middle
of the room and looked at the engraving on it. When she read it she
knew she was all alone.

“Every living substance
that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.”

This was the world inside Lindsay’s
head; a world full of nothing. The fog was her detachment from other
people, the piano player putting all her tragedy and loneliness into
one single song that was going to haunt her forever.

Lindsay sat down on the floor
and looked up at the ceiling where she hoped she’d see the clear sky
again, but wasn’t granted that opportunity. She would just have to hope,
and wait for the day when the door back to the real world would be opened.


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