Halloween Challenge 2

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Halloween Challenge 2
By voodoojoe

“I was surprised you invited me to come with you tonight,” Quentin Hicks asked Renee Olstead as they approached the door.

“I couldn’t go without a date, so I went with an old friend,” Renee replied.

Renee had been best friends with Quentin’s sister as a kid in Texas and had always had a crush on Quentin, even before she really even started to notice boys. When she’d found out that Quentin had come to LA to go to college she’d made sure to get in touch with him so they could both have a friend to hang out with if they needed it.

Truth was, after seeing Quentin several months back for the first time in a couple years she’d realized that her crush hadn’t gone anywhere. If anything, it had deepened and the Halloween party invitation had convinced her it was time to act on her desires. Thus, she’d called Quentin and invited him to go with her.

“Renee,” Kelly Clarkson said, hugging Renee when she opened the door and saw whom was on the other side. “Ooh, who’s the cutie?”

“Kelly, this Quentin. He was the brother of my best friend back home,” Renee said, introducing the two of them. “Quentin, this is Kelly Clarkson.”

“Are you supposed to be a magician or something?” Kelly asked Quentin, noticing the top hat and cloak that went along with what appeared to be a tuxedo.

“Close enough,” Quentin stammered; taken aback by the fact that Kelly Clarkson was answering the door at a Halloween party he was about to get into. He also didn’t want to quibble with someone that seemed genuinely cool like Kelly.

“And look at you,” Kelly said, looking Renee’s goth girl costume over.

Renee had piled her red hair on top of her head and worn a tight, low cut black strapless dress to reveal healthy amounts of cleavage. To further enhance the goth image she’d painted her fingernails black and used a dark red shade of lipstick. Knowing that Quentin had a bit of a thing for legs she’d put on a pair of black fishnet stockings and she’d already caught him taking a glimpse or two when he thought she wasn’t looking.

“You only get to dress up once a year, right?” Renee said, striking a pose for Kelly as if she were the paparazzi.

“So young and innocent,” Kelly said, grinning as she patted Renee on the cheek. “Some people like to play dress up for fun more than once a year.”

For her part Kelly had dressed up as Madonna in her early years. She’d put on a black tank top that came down to just above her belly button and paired it with a pair of loose black pants. Black lace gloves with the fingers cut off and a lace ribbon in her hair had been added to further the illusion. She’d even put a fake beauty mark on her lip to complete the look.

“Speaking of your costume, don’t you think it’s a bit much?” Quentin asked Renee as they walked past Kelly and into the party.

“Geez, you sound like my dad,” Renee said, grinning inwardly because that was pretty much the exact reaction she’d been hoping to get.

+ * + * +

“Let’s go upstairs,” Renee suggested after they’d hung around the party a while. They’d both had a couple drinks and when they’d danced she’d made sure to rub up against him as much as possible whet his appetite.

“I don’t know,” Quentin said. The combination of her costume and the grinding he’d received on the dance floor had him sporting wood that he hoped wasn’t obvious through his costume, but he doubted his sister would support the idea of him fucking one of her dearest friends.

“You do too know,” Renee said, subtly reaching down and squeezing his cock through his pants. “Little Quentin doesn’t lie, though he certainly doesn’t feel little at the moment.”

“I really want to,” Quentin confessed. “But I don’t think I should.”

“Then stop thinking,” Renee snapped, grabbing his arm and pulling him toward the stairs. “Thinking is good if you’re trying to cure cancer but not if you’re trying to get laid.”

“What about Kristin?” Quentin asked, bringing up his sister. “I don’t think she’d like the idea of us hooking up.”

“And Kelly thought I was the innocent one,” Renee said, smirking as they mounted the stairs. “Kristin’s been telling me to do this for months. She’s the one that suggested I invite you tonight.”

“Huh?” Quentin asked, blind-sided by the revelation.

“You didn’t think I’d put the moves on my friend’s brother without consulting her first, did you?” Renee asked, opening a door. Finding an empty bedroom on the other side she pushed Quentin through before he could object.

“I guess not,” Quentin said as Renee flipped on the lights and closed the door. He still felt completely weird about the whole thing, even if it had his sister’s stamp approval. After all, he’d known Renee for years and he had trouble reconciling the image of the vivacious creature in front of him with the one in his head of a gawky little girl.

“Good, now unzip me,” Renee said, turning her back so Quentin could get at the zipper on the back of her dress.

Without even thinking Quentin’s hand reached out and his fingers closed on the tab of the zipper. As he pulled it down a white bra strap came into view.

When the zipper was as far down as it was going to get Renee turned back around to face him. Pulling the top of the dress down her breasts came into view, encased in a strapless white bra. Pushing the dress down over her hips it fell into a heap around her feet, exposing a pair of panties that matched her bra.

As her body came into view Quentin quickly found the image of young Renee being pushed out of his head. The evidence that she wasn’t a little girl any more was insurmountable. He’d been to frat parties in college where the women didn’t have nearly the kind of assets Renee had, though some of them were just as willing to show them off.

“You’re not getting undressed?” Renee asked, noticing the lack of movement of any kind on Quentin’s part.

“Uh, sorry,” Quentin said, his eyes still roving Renee’s body as he quickly tore off clothing.

“I can take it from here,” Renee said when Quentin was down to his boxers.

Dropping to her knees in front of him Renee grabbed his boxers and unceremoniously yanked them down. When his cock popped out to greet her she smirked and wrapped her fingers around it.

“For little old me? Why, thank you,” Renee said, looking up with such cuteness that Quentin felt lightheaded at the lack of blood heading to his brain.

After giving his cock a couple jerks with her hand she leaned in and kissed the tip. Sticking out her tongue she ran the tip along the ridge of the crown while her free hand reached out and fondled his testicles.

When she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into her mouth Quentin groaned and his eyes rolled up in his head. She wasn’t the most expert woman he’d ever gotten head from, but she was close enough that it made him wonder how much practice she’d had.

After swirling her tongue around the head Renee began to push her head down, working more of his cock into her mouth in the process. She let her tongue move slightly, caressing the underside of his shaft as she went. When the head bumped against the back of her throat she pulled back off.

“Yummy lollipop,” Renee said, pulling her mouth all the way off his cock. Opening her mouth she let some of her saliva drip from her mouth onto his cock before swooping in to take the head back into her mouth.

“You’re much too good at this,” Quentin said, grunting as she bobbed her head up and down on half of his cock. Her hand was stroking the other half, meeting her mouth in the middle.

“Then I’ll stop,” Renee said, pulling off his cock once more and standing up. “Don’t want you coming too soon because I’ve other things for you to take care of. Right now you can return the favor though.”

Quentin was about to respond when she grabbed the waistband of her panties. As she started to push them down he caught sight of the bush of red hair that adorned her pussy and his ability to speak deserted him.

“Nice to know I’m having an effect on you,” Renee said, grinning as she put her hands over her breasts. Pushing them together she used her thumbs and index fingers to unhook the clasp on her bra. Pulling the cups apart she exposed her tits to him before letting the bra drop to the ground.

Sitting down on the end of the bed Renee used her hands and legs to push her back towards the middle. Laying back she spread her legs as Quentin stood at the foot of the bed taking it all in. She’d left her fishnets on and could tell they were working by the way his eyes continually shifted between them and the rest of her body.

Crawling onto the bed between her legs Quentin pressed his palms against her legs and curled his fingers around her calves. He could feel diamonds of smooth skin against his fingers between the bumps of the stockings as he pushed his hands up her legs. Reaching the tops of her stockings he thought momentarily about removing them but ultimately decided against it and continued his journey.

Renee sucked in a breath in expectation as Quentin’s hands swept across the insides of her thighs. As he settled down on his stomach between her spread legs he let his fingers graze against her pussy, drawing a groan of anticipation.

Noting her reaction Quentin took his time getting down to business. He let his fingers stroke the skin all her pussy but backed off when they strayed too close to where she really wanted them.

“Please,” Renee said, moving her hips in an effort to get his fingers into contact with her cunt.

“Tell me what you want,” Quentin told her, finally deciding that as long as he was going to do it he might as well do it right and get into it.

“Eat me,” Renee gasped as he leaned his head in and blew a stream of air across her pussy.

“Sorry, couldn’t hear that,” Quentin said.

“Eat my pussy,” Renee snarled, about ready to go out of her mind if the teasing didn’t stop soon.

“I must be getting old because my hearing seems to be going out,” Quentin said, lightly dragging the tip of his thumb along the length of her slit.

“Eat my fucking pussy, please,” Renee snapped.

“All you had to do was ask,” Quentin said, rewarding her with a broad lick of her slit.

“Yeah,” Renee moaned. The accompanying jolt of pleasure was small but to her it felt a bit like a drink of water to someone lost in the desert.

Still keeping away from her clit Quentin used his tongue to tease her labia. As she lifted her ass and pressed her crotch against his face he let the tip of his tongue burrow into her hole and collect a few more drops of her juices directly from the source.

“Uh,” Renee grunted. Since he wasn’t paying any attention to her clit she tried to reach down and take care of it herself but he swatted her hand away.

“You want to masturbate or do you want me do it?” Quentin asked her.

“Please,” Renee groaned, her eyes looking at him pleadingly as she moved both of her hands to her breasts.

Giving in Quentin let his tongue move up to take a quick swipe at her clit before moving back to his previous task. Before she could complain though he extended one of his thumbs from its resting spot on top of her bush to touch her clit. As his tongue drilled into her hole he let the shifting of her hips determine the movement of his thumb against her clit.

“Fuck yes,” Renee gasped, alternating between humping her hips against his face and moving them from side to side.

As Renee got more and more into what he was doing Quentin decided to change it up a bit. Moving his hand he removed his thumb from her clit. Renee whimpered at the move but it quickly turned into a moan as his tongue shifted upwards to take its place and flick at her clit.

“Oh God,” Renee moaned as Quentin eased his middle finger into her waiting hole.

Setting up a nice rhythm with his finger fucking her pussy Quentin matched the tempo with his tongue on her clit. As she started to thrash about in search of her climax Quentin slipped his index finger in alongside the finger he already had working on her.

“Oh God, oh fuck, gonna come,” Renee screeched, pinching her nipples between her fingers to add to the pleasure she was already feeling.

As her pussy clamped down on his fingers Quentin closed his lips around her little nub and sucked on it, drawing out her orgasm and extending her peak a bit longer. When she finally started to come down he slowed down on his ministrations, allowing her to catch her breath a bit.

“Wow,” Renee said. She gasped for breath as Quentin disengaged from her pussy and sat up. “You’re even better at that than Kristin.”

“What?” Quentin asked, almost falling over as he reeled both mentally and physically at her comment. The odd thing was that he actually found it rather arousing to think that she’d fucked his sister. He tried to chalk it up to it being more about Renee and another woman but deep down he knew the taboo of thinking of his sister being the other woman played just as big a part in his arousal as anything else

“Come on and fuck me,” Renee said, propping herself up on one elbow and reaching out to pull him to her with her other arm.

Grabbing her legs Quentin lifted them up until they were straight up in the air. Leaning them against his chest he took a moment to observe the way her skin had flushed a nice shade of red in the wake of her orgasm before taking hold of his cock.

+ * + * +

As the guests started to filter out of the party Kelly found herself feeling rather melancholy. The party had been nice but a damper had really been put on her evening before it had even started. Her boyfriend had called and bailed at the last minute, saying something about needing to do something with his band.

Lately he’d been spending less and less time with her and it was really beginning to hurt. She could understand, and fully support, wanting to do things with other people once in a while, but she wanted to feel like she at least ranked in the top five among his priorities.

As the last of the partygoers were filing out the door Kelly climbed the stairs. She’d come down and lock up in a bit, but at the moment she just wanted to change.

Pushing open the door to her bedroom she stopped dead in her tracks as she found a pair of people about to have sex on her bed. The guy had her legs clutched against his chest and looked like he was using his free hand to position his cock for entry.

Kelly was about to announce her presence when she saw the clothes on the floor. They looked familiar but she couldn’t place them until the guy on the bed shifted and she saw the red hair of the woman he was about to fuck.

Recognizing the hair Kelly’s voice left her in shock that Renee of all people was the one about to get fucked. Not sure what to do Kelly remained in the doorway trying to decide whether she should walk away and give them privacy or stop them from going at it on her bed.

“Either join in or wait outside,” Renee said, catching sight of Kelly as Quentin drove his cock into her in one thrust.

“Huh?” Quentin asked. He hadn’t seen Kelly so Renee’s comment did nothing but leave him confused.

“It’s my bedroom,” Kelly said, finally finding her voice.

At the sound of Kelly’s voice Quentin started to panic. He started to dive to the side to cover himself but Renee quickly grabbed one of his hands and held him in place. Instead he turned his head to see what kind of mood Kelly was in.

“Join us,” Renee said, letting her legs drop and locking them around Quentin’s waist in hopes he would take the hint and get back to business.

“I don’t think so,” Kelly said even though the thought did far more to arouse her than she would’ve thought possible even a couple minutes before.

“Fuck me,” Renee demanded, digging her heels into Quentin’s ass and pulling him further into her.

“Go ahead, fuck her,” Kelly said, taking a step into the room and closing the door.

With Kelly’s permission Quentin put his hands on the bed and pulled back until his cock was halfway out of Renee’s pussy. After pausing for a moment he lunged forward, fully burying his dick inside her.

“Harder,” Renee said, using her legs to pull him into her as she met his thrusts with halfway.

Wanting to tease her a bit Quentin gave Renee a couple quick thrusts before going back to the slow and steady approach. Every few thrusts he shifted his hips a bit and drove into her at a slightly different angle.

“Fuck me,” Renee grunted, trying desperately to get Quentin to speed up.

“No,” Quentin said, gritting his teeth as he attempted to keep himself in check.

Taking his hands off the bed he reached down and slipped his hands between her thighs. Lifting her legs up in the air he cupped his hands behind the backs of her knees and felt her pussy loosen slightly as it opened a bit more. With the tension in her pussy relaxed he found it easier to keep making his long, slow lunges into her.

Meanwhile, Kelly was finding herself becoming more and more aroused by the sight. Pushing off from the wall she got bolder and moved closer to the bed. As she drew closer Renee made eye contact and bit her lips and started to moan louder for Kelly’s benefit.

“Such a nice fucking cock,” Renee grunted, her eyes locked with Kelly’s as Quentin fucked her.

Pushing Kelly’s presence out of his mind for the moment Quentin found his body starting to ignore his commands. His pace started to speed up as his fingers caressed the stocking-clad legs in his hands.

“Join us,” Renee said, one hand reaching out to grab Kelly’s hand when she moved close enough.

Kelly wanted to resist but her eyes were riveted to Renee’s marvelous breasts as they jiggled with each thrust. She tried to avert her eyes but they kept coming back to the irresistible sight of the redhead’s mountains shaking and quivering to the sound of flesh crashing against flesh.

Splitting her focus Renee kept enough of it on Quentin to continue participating in the fucking she was receiving, but she channeled the rest into pulling Kelly toward her. Noticing where Kelly’s eyes were Renee brought Kelly’s hand to her chest.

Too turned on to back away Kelly’s hand instead instinctively cupped Renee’s breast. She wasn’t surprised to note that they felt essentially the same as her but the size of them did shock her. Kelly had never been blessed with particularly large breasts but she’d been happy enough with their size, yet feeling the heft Renee’s breast provided she was suddenly feeling a little envious.

“Pinch it,” Renee said, reaching her hand out once more and this time slipping a finger into the waist of Kelly’s pants behind the button.

As Renee popped the button on her pants Kelly took her advice and pinched Renee’s nipple with her fingers. The gasp Renee gave made Kelly grin inwardly and she rolled the nipple between her thumb and index finger.

“No panties?” Renee asked, pulling down Kelly’s zipper and finding herself staring directly at a thin mat of pubic hair. “Easier access I guess.”

Not sure how to respond Kelly merely nodded. With only one hand working on Renee’s breast Kelly used her other hand to help Renee pull down her pants. When they were around her ankles she kicked her shoes off and stepped out of her pants to leave her naked from the waist down.

Shifting her upper body Renee urged Quentin to move with her. They moved until Renee was laid out diagonally across the bed and Kelly was right in front of her. Reaching out over her head Renee grabbed hold of Kelly’s hips and pulled her forward.

Unable to object Kelly moved onto the bed on her knees. As Renee slipped her hands down to grip the cheeks of her ass and continued to pull her forward Kelly let herself be pulled. She wasn’t sure why she was doing it, she just knew she couldn’t stop and wasn’t sure she wanted to even if she could.

“Shit,” Quentin grunted as he watched Kelly lift her tank top up to expose her braless tits and move to straddle Renee’s head. The sight of a naked Kelly lowering her pussy to Renee’s outstretched tongue caused him to speed up even further as his orgasm took a leap forward. “I’m not gonna last much longer.”

“Pull out,” Kelly moaned as Renee’s tongue lashed out and made contact with her pussy.

As Quentin’s cock was removed from Renee’s snatch Kelly leaned in and put one of her hands on the bed. With her other hand Kelly grabbed hold of it at the base and without even thinking about the juices that coated it she quickly took the head into her mouth. Her eyes widened as she tasted Renee on him and realized what she was doing, but, if anything, that knowledge only helped spur her on.

“Gonna come,” Quentin warned, biting his lip as Kelly greedily sucked Renee’s juices off his cock.

He’d expected Kelly to pull away but she only intensified her suction and sucked more of his manhood into her mouth. Unable to hold out and longer he put both hands on the back of Kelly’s head and groaned as the first shot erupted from the end of his penis into Kelly’s mouth. She pulled back a little but kept the head in her mouth as several more spurts coated the inside of her mouth with his come. Spent, Quentin pulled out and sat down on the bed to catch his breath.

Looking up at Quentin Kelly opened her mouth to show a healthy amount of his semen still in her mouth. A little dribbled out over her bottom lip though, landing squarely on Renee’s pussy before she could close her mouth and make a show of swallowing. Spotting the drippage Kelly leaned her head down and quickly licked it up, wiping up a bit of Renee’s cream in the process.

Moaning at the contact Renee lifted her hips and humped her pussy against Kelly’s tongue. Gripping Kelly’s ass tightly Renee lifted her head and let her own tongue dart among the folds of Kelly’s pussy in hopes that it might spur Kelly on and give her confidence to do the same. Quentin had come so close to making her come that Renee needed Kelly to get in there and finish her off or she felt like she’d go crazy.

Liking what she’d tasted, and loving what Renee was doing to her, Kelly let her tongue dart out and give Renee’s slit a long lick, collecting the drops of pussy juice that were collecting there. When Renee moaned Kelly figured she was doing something right and gave her another, surer lick.

“You’re not making it easy for a guy to catch his breath,” Quentin informed them as he watched Kelly’s tongue lap away at Renee’s cunt.

“Good,” Kelly said, lifting her head from Renee’s crotch. “Can you open the top drawer of that table there and get something for me?”

“Sure thing,” Quentin said, sliding off the bed and moving to the table next to the bed by Renee’s head. “What do you want me to get?”

“You’ll know it when you see it,” Kelly said, her response slightly muffled by Renee’s pussy.

Opening the drawer Quentin immediately spotted what he figured Kelly wanted. Taking hold of it he lifted it from the drawer and heard a gasp as Renee caught sight of the black vibrator.

“This what you wanted?” Quentin asked Kelly as he held it in front of her face.

“Definitely,” Kelly said, taking the vibrator from his hand. “Now be a dear and fuck me, will you?”

“That won’t be a problem,” Quentin said, grinning as he moved along the bed until he was standing next to Renee’s head.

Settling on the bed behind Kelly, Quentin was about to grab his cock but he felt another hand beat him to the punch. Looking down he saw Renee’s fingers wrapped around his cock. She lifted her head and engulfed the head of his cock with her tongue before positioning it at the entrance to Kelly’s pussy.

With Renee aiming his cock Quentin grabbed hold of Kelly’s hips and pushed forward. As he pushed forward Kelly moaned and lifted her butt higher into the air in her eagerness to get him fully inside her. Noting Kelly’s shift of position Quentin complied and drove his cock into her to the hilt with one quick thrust.

“Uh, yeah,” Kelly grunted, her eyes fluttering shut momentarily as she luxuriated in the penetration.

As soon as he was fully inside her though, Kelly realized it wasn’t going to take much to get her off. It had been a couple weeks since she and her boyfriend had found time for sex and that layoff coupled with the arousal she was feeling and what Renee’s tongue had already done to her had put her well on her way.

Gripping Kelly’s ass with both hands Renee lifted her head and flicked her tongue across Kelly’s clit. As Quentin withdrew his cock from Kelly, Renee tilted her head back and pressed the tip of her tongue against his cock, collecting some of the juices that coated it.

Moaning at the combination of cock and tongue working her into a frenzy Kelly gripped the vibrator in her hand. She’d bought it a couple years ago to help her wind down after the excitement of performing. Since then she’d used it numerous times, but this was the first time she’d used it on someone other than herself.

Twisting the base it hummed to life in Kelly’s hand and another moan escaped her mouth as Quentin slammed his cock back into her. Pressing the toy against Renee’s clit Kelly did what she always preferred when she was having some alone time with her pocket rocket and slipped a finger into the redhead’s snatch while the vibrator buzzed away on her clit.

“Oh God,” Renee moaned, planting her feet on the bed and lifting her hips, fucking her cunt against Kelly’s fingers. When Kelly curled her finger and grazed her g-spot Renee arched her back, almost lifting Kelly up as she thrashed about in ecstasy.

“Whatever you did, do it again,” Quentin told Kelly as he slammed his cock into her, noting the way Renee was flailing around.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Renee panted as Kelly’s finger found her g-spot again and she felt her orgasm hit her full force.

As Renee soaked her finger with cream Kelly grinned and kept the vibrator pressed firmly against the redhead’s clit. Each vibration on Renee’s clit pulsed through her, causing her already tired muscles to clench and spasm of their own volition, intensifying her orgasm even further.

“God, that was intense,” Renee told Kelly, lying tired and virtually useless on the bed underneath her, too tired to do anything at the moment. “I’d pay you back but I don’t think I can move.”

“I guess your friend will have to do it then,” Kelly grunted, turning off the vibrator as she pushed back onto Quentin’s cock.

“How are you doing Quentin?” Renee asked as she watched his cock piston in and out of Kelly. “Got anything left in the tank?”

“Oh yeah,” Quentin said. He’d already deposited a load into Kelly’s mouth and as hot as Kelly was her pussy wasn’t nearly as tight as Renee had been so he still had quite a ways to go before he reached his limit.

“Fuck her ass,” Renee said, using her hands to pull Kelly’s butt cheeks apart.

“What?” Kelly asked as Quentin slowed his thrusts.

“He’s gonna take his cock and fuck that tight little ass of yours,” Renee said as Quentin withdrew from Kelly’s pussy completely.

“Wait,” Kelly hissed as she felt the head of Quentin’s cock press against her asshole.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” Renee promised, staring up at Quentin’s cock as it paused at Kelly’s anus. Kristin had introduced Renee to anal and watching her fingers disappear into Kristin’s asshole had quickly become one of her favorite things. Right now Renee wanted to pass that experience on to Kelly, along with the desire to see a cock pound into Kelly’s ass. “Hand me the vibrator and just trust me.”

“Okay,” Kelly finally said, handing the vibrator back to Renee. When the redhead grabbed it out of her hand she put both hands back on the bed and bit her lip as she waited for the extreme pain she could sense was coming.

“You heard her,” Renee said, lifting her head and giving Kelly’s clit a couple flicks to keep her mind off any pain as Quentin began pushing forward.

“Uh,” Kelly grunted, her eyes clenching shut as Quentin’s cock forced its way past her sphincter.

Opening her eyes Kelly realized that the head was in and she was surprised at how little pain she felt. Sure there was some, but for the most part it had been offset by Renee’s tongue and by the thought of what she was doing. The lack of pain actually encouraged her and it only took a moment before she pushed back against Quentin.

Letting go of Kelly’s ass Renee quickly cleaned the vibrator off with her tongue. After taking a moment to contemplate just how good her pussy tasted she twisted the knob on the base and pressed the tip against Kelly’s clit.

“Shit,” Kelly grunted; a spasm shooting through her lower body as the vibrator came into contact with her nub.

“Fuck her ass,” Renee told Quentin, using her other hand to fondle his testicles.

About halfway into Kelly’s ass Quentin tightened his grip on her hips and withdrew slightly. Pushing back in he started fucking Kelly’s ass with small strokes, driving a little more in with each thrust. After a half dozen or so strokes he finally had his whole cock buried in her asshole.

“Oh God,” Kelly moaned, the vibrations from the toy in Renee’s hand coursing through her body.

“You’re not gonna come yet,” Renee said, pulling the vibrator away from Kelly’s clit.

“Please,” Kelly pleaded, desperate to feel the sweet release of orgasm.

“Quentin’s not done yet,” Renee said, eyes fixed squarely on the cock moving slowly in and out of the death grip of Kelly’s anus. “You don’t come until he’s ready, so you better tell him to fuck you harder.”

“Fuck me harder,” Kelly gasped. “Fuck my ass hard.”

Taking her words to heart Quentin picked up a little speed. Her ass was tight enough that he couldn’t pick up too much speed, but that also meant it wasn’t going to take as much to push him to the brink.

“Getting close,” Quentin said as he began to pound Kelly’s ass with as much speed as he dared.

“Then Kelly gets to come,” Renee said, moving the vibrator back into place. Rather than press it against her clit again Renee instead it pressed it against her hole.

“Fuck,” Kelly hissed, her eyes opening wide as she felt the vibrator being pushed into her snatch. She already felt incredibly full down there but the vibrator quickly made her feel like she was being stretched further than she thought possible.

“Come all over your vibrator, Kelly,” Renee demanded, moving her free hand to Kelly’s clit to give her extra stimulation.

“Oh shit,” Kelly grunted, the vibrations inside her pussy setting her off like a bomb. Every muscle in her body seized up momentarily and then seemed to turn to jelly at once as her orgasm rocked her body.

“Gonna come,” Quentin grunted, the added tightness of Kelly’s ass clenching in orgasm proving too much for him.

“Pull out,” Renee said, reaching out and putting a hand on Quentin’s thigh.

“What, you want to swallow a load too?” Quentin asked as Renee pushed Kelly off of her.

“No, I want you to fuck my tits,” Renee said, reaching down to rub her pussy. As Quentin moved around on the bed she brought her newly lubricated fingers up to her chest and smeared her pussy juice between her tits.

Finally coming back to the land of the living Kelly pulled the still humming vibrator from her pussy. She twisted the base to turn it off and sat up as she watched Quentin straddle Renee’s stomach and position his cock between her tits.

“Bet you want to hold them together, don’t you?” Renee asked Kelly as she pushed her tits together and wrapped them snugly around Quentin’s cock.

“Yeah,” Kelly said, nodding as she reached out and slipped her hands underneath Renee’s.

“Come here,” Renee said, letting go of her tits so she could reach out and grab Kelly. She pulled Kelly’s head down and kissing her.

“Mmm,” Kelly moaned as Renee’s tongue slid into her mouth.

Moving his hips and sliding his cock in between Renee’s tits Quentin watched with rapt fascination as the two girls kissed. As Kelly’s head moved away there was a thin strand of saliva that connected their mouths momentarily before Renee’s tongue darted out and licked Kelly’s lips.

“Gonna come,” Quentin grunted, the little impromptu make out session enough to push him over the edge.

“Come all over my neck,” Renee said, reaching up to fondle one of Kelly’s hanging breasts as she stayed hunched over.

“Fuck,” Quentin grunted, gritting his teeth as the first burst of come shot forth from the end of his cock. Renee tilted her head back and it hit her square on the bottom of her chin before trickling down her throat. A few more jets erupted out and covered her throat and upper chest before he fell to the side, completely spent.

“Clean me up?” Renee started to ask Kelly, only to find the brunette already leaning in to lick up the splattered come.

Dragging her tongue along Renee’s neck Kelly did a meticulous job in licking her clean. When she’d collected all the come she could see she moved back up to Renee’s mouth and kissed her. Sliding her tongue past Renee’s lips Kelly passed the prized contents into the redhead’s mouth.

“You’re killing me here,” Quentin said as he watched the two of them share his load between them.

“Can’t do that, now can we?” Renee said, smirking as she licked her lips to catch the little bit of come that had dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. “At least not yet anyway.”

“I’m gonna hit the shower,” Kelly said, feeling dirty all over and loving every bit of it. “You two are welcome to stay, but I don’t have any guest rooms so you’ll have to sleep here.”

“Sure you don’t mind sharing your bed with a hot stud like Quentin?” Renee asked. “Or an overly frisky girl like me?”

“Only if you promise to wake me up before you start getting frisky,” Kelly said, smiling as her eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Hmm,” Renee said, pretending to think about it a moment. “I guess that can be arranged.”

“Good, now if you’ll excuse me,” Kelly said, slipping off the bed and heading for the bathroom.

“Looks like it’s just you and me for a bit,” Renee told Quentin, only to find him already half-asleep. Shrugging her shoulders she grabbed a blanket and pressed herself against him. “Don’t hog the blanket and we’ll be fine.”

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