Happy Birthday, Emma Watson pt. 1

Title: Happy Birthday, Emma Watson pt. 1

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson

Code: MF, MDom, rape, oral, anal, beast

Summary: Emma Watson has a birthday party, just not the one she was expecting.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I do not condone any behavior portrayed in this story, it is just a work of fiction. Also, I do not make any money from the distribution of it.

It was the night before Emma Watson’s 26th birthday, and she had plans for a quiet night at home, just her, a few close friends and some wine. The wine they were drinking came from the finest vineyards in the south of France. But, what she and her friends didn’t’ know was that it had been drugged, and that man who had drugged it was waiting in a van outside her London flat.

He waited till he was sure the bottle was finished before he snuck in to her apartment. Inside, he found Emma and her friends passed out, sprawled on couches and chairs around the TV, wine spilled and all thoroughly unconscious. He lifted the unconscious starlet easily into his muscular arms and carried her down to his van. He tossed her down in back, and used zip ties to bind her arms and her ankles together. He then administered a second dose of the drug to ensure she remained out until they reached their destination.

Driving through the night and into the morning, they reached their destination, a rural house in northern Scotland as the sun was just beginning to rise in the sky. The house had been in the man’s family for generations, but no one had actually lived there for more than ten years. But, in preparation for this daring kidnapping, the man had brought up supplies and other necessaries a few weeks before. He parked the van in a work shed out back, and lifted Ms. Watson into his arms and carried her down into the root cellar. The cellar had likewise not been used in a dozen or so years, but had recently seen some renovations.

A small 5×8 cage had been erected at the far end, it unlike the rest of the room had no finished floor, just bare earth, and had only a dirty blanket for furnishing. He placed Emma down in the cell, used his boot knife to cut the zip ties, before locking the heavy iron door with a loud clank.

The rest of the room, had a concreate floor with thick area rugs covering it. There was a small bathroom with a toilet, a sink, and a simple shower. A twin bed with a heavy metal frame rested against one wall, and a tall iron supply closet stood against another.

He left Emma there while the drugs wore off, and went back out to the work shed. He removed the license plates on the van, and replaced them with the plates registered to it. Using a blow torch, he then destroyed the stolen plates, and spent an hour or so prepping the van for its new paint job.

The drugs would be wearing off soon, and he wanted to be there when his prize woke up. So he went into the house to take a shower. Reave, his Irish wolfhound was there to greet him as he went inside. The dog was anxious to see him, as it had been almost two days, but he was well trained and waited for his master’s command to approach.

“Come boy!” Reave hopped up and ran to his master, who wrestled and played with the dog for a few minutes. Irish Wolfhounds are known for their size, and Reave was no exception, he had thick shaggy dark grey fur, and stood four feet at the shoulder, and over six on his hind legs. The man left Reave to take his shower, knowing that soon, his prize would awaken, and he didn’t want to miss that.

He was sitting in a plastic lawn chair, with a bright pair of halogen work lights aimed at the cage, as Emma awoke. She looked around hazily at first, then with ever mounting fear as her surroundings became more apparent to her. “Hello…” she said fearfully as she sat up to get a better look around. “Is anybody there?” Emma stood up, her bare feet pressing into the cold earth. “What’s going on? Where am I?” she asked, as her voice wavered, and her bottom lip began to tremble. She gripped the bars of the cage, as the first tears of this ordeal slipped from her eyes.

The man said nothing at first, enjoying the look of fear shining out of Emma’s gorgeous dark brown eyes as they searched the shadows behind the blazing lights. She wore only a slim tee-shirt, and a pair of tight blue jeans, both of which were already covered in a thin layer of dirt. “Look, I’m really scared, please, is anyone there?” she asked again, fear evident in her voice.

“Ms. Watson” the man spoke clear and ominously, “do you wish to live through tonight?”

The weight of his words hit Emma like a punch to the stomach. She dropped to her knees and more tears trailed down her cheeks. “Yes, please…don’t hurt me.”

“Pain. Well that will be up to you. If you do as I ask, I see no need for you to suffer…” he grinned in the darkness “…much.”

Emma hugged herself and rocked slowly back and forth. “Ok, well…what do you want from me then. I, I have money. One call, and you’ll have—”

“I don’t want your fucking money!” the man bellowed, causing Emma to sniffle and immediately quiet down. “We’re going to make a couple movies. You’re an actress right? If you do a good job, I’ll let you go. If not…” he paused for a moment for effect “…well let’s just say I’ve already dug the grave out back.”

Emma began to sob, tears rolled down her cheeks… “Please. Just let me go.” She started whimpering, rocking back and forth and softly repeating the phrase over and over.

The man ignored her pleas, pulled a ski mask over his head. He stepped into the light. He handed Emma a black leather collar with the word SLUT spelled out in bright silver letters. Attached to the collar was a thick corded leash. “Put this on if you want to live.” She looked down at it like it was a coiled viper, recoiling to the back of the cage. “And take off your clothes.” Seeing her hesitate he added, “You have two minutes, one second longer, and I use the Taser. The story ends the same way, only this time with a baseball bat up your ass.”

Reluctantly she edged forward, taking the collar. She pulled her tee-shirt over her head, and slipped her jeans off, revealing a taunt little body and perky b-sized breasts. She took up the collar, and through a few sobs, managed to cinch it around her neck.

“Hand me the other end” the man commanded, and Emma did as she was told. He then unlocked the cage, holding tightly onto the leash in case she foolishly tried to run. Emma was smarter than that and stood there obediently. “Follow.” The man led her over to the twin bed, and attached her leash to hook in the celling, giving her very little lead. “If you try to run, I’ll still make my movie, only you’ll be dead. Understand?”

She nodded fearfully, waiting, kneeling on the semi clean mattress as the man set up some tripods, and moved the lights around to illuminate this corner of the room. Emma used the time to look around the dingy cellar. The door to the surface was closed, probably locked, the only other thing she noted was the huge Irish Wolfhound gazing at her from a spot on the floor. Its tongue lolled from its mouth lazily, and its eyes glowed ominously from the shadows.

Once he had everything set up, the man unhooked her from the ceiling and commanded her to kneel on the floor in front of him. Emma noticed as she reluctantly complied to his demands that he now had a small camera strapped to his head, and that he was now naked, except the ski mask which he still wore.

The man looked down at Emma as she knelt before him, enjoying the look of fear, revulsion and surprise at the sight of his manly manhood. He pressed it to her face, and her eyes grew wide. “Happy Birthday,” he said with a wicked grin. His smile faded to a menacing scowl as he then said. “Now, you are going to suck this, and I’d issue a warning about biting, but I assume you know your predicament by now.” To emphasize his point, he slapped the flaccid meat against her cheek a few times before pressing the tip to her lips.

She had no choice. Tears welled up in her eyes, and rolled down her cheeks as she opened her mouth and placed her lips around the swelling head of the man’s massive cock. She sucked on it half-heartedly, barely managing to move her mouth even a quarter of the way down his shaft before the man gave a sharp jerk on the leash and said: “Slut, you better do a better job than that. I thought you said you wanted to live through this… sure doesn’t seem that way. And I want your eyes up here,” he said pointing to the camera. “My audience wants to see that tear streaked face as it takes my dick.” To emphasize his point, he pulled out his large boot knife, and pressed the blade gently to her cheek. “Now, when I pull this away, I expect you to work this dick like the slut you are. Understand?”

Emma Watson nodded just barely, acknowledging his threat without inadvertently cutting herself on the blade. “Good” he said in a low whisper. He pulled the blade away, but kept it in hand so she could see it as she worked. Once the blade left her cheek, Emma pulled her gaze away from the knife, and reluctantly turned her eyes to the camera. Mustering all her willpower, and trying to focus on living, she began to ardently suck on the man’s dick.

She worked her lips up and down the shaft, flicking her tongue around his head as her mouth moved up, and working it around his shaft as she went down. She kept her gaze on the camera as much as she could, even as her eyes began to water.

The man was groaning in pleasure as the beautiful starlet worked his cock like a pro, even maintaining eye contact. Her lips slid up and down his shaft, and her tongue work was just as good. He grabbed her head and began to force his cock down her throat saying “I knew you were a little cock sucking slut. Say it!” He then pulled his dick free of her mouth, pressing it to her face.

Emma looked up at the camera, tears poured from her eyes, and her lips trembled. “I said say it you fucking bitch or so help me I’ll gut you.”

She swallowed, fighting the urge not to empty her stomach, fear and hopelessness filled her gaze. “I…I’m a little cock sucking slut.”

The man felt his dick galvanize as she gazed up at him in defeat, saying the words he always knew to be true. “Tell me how much you love my big meaty cock, and how you want it deep inside you.”

Again, she hesitated for just a second before complying to the man’s wishes. “I, I love your big meaty cock, because I’m a little cock sucking slut. Please I want it inside me.” She hated herself even as she said the words which spared her life. She had never felt more degraded in her entire life. She didn’t have much time to think about it though because the man said.

“Up on the bed slut. Hands and knees, face toward that camera, ass to the other.” Emma complied, she didn’t have a choice if she wanted to live through this nightmare. She rose from the floor and climbed up on the bed kneeling in front of one of the camera’s, and pushing her ass up toward the other. “Rub your pussy and suck on your fingers while I focus the cameras.

She did as she was told. She slid her right hand underneath her body, and pressed her finger’s to her slit. She was angry and revolted to find she wasn’t bone dry. Her body must have been anticipating the next phase. She looked into the other camera, and started to softly suck on her middle and index finger, running them slowly in and out of her mouth.

“Moan like the whore you are!” the man said from where he stood adjusting the second camera. Emma began to moan as she slipped two fingers into her tight little snatch, and gazed into the other camera as fingers from her other hand slowly slid in and out of her mouth. “That’s it, get yourself nice and wet for my cock. Tell me again how you want it, and call me master from now on.”

Emma continued sliding her fingers in and out of her two now very wet holes as she gazed directly into the camera in front of her and moaned, “Master, please fuck me with your big meaty cock.”

The man moved in behind her and grabbed her hips. He thrust forward, and slammed his cock deep into her pussy with one hard stroke. Emma’s twat was wet and waiting for it. She moaned unprompted as his thick rod filled her. “Look at the camera, slut.” He pounded in and out of her for several minutes, soon his cock was well lathered in her juices, and she was moaning all on her own has his dick plunged deep inside of her with each forceful stroke.

Emma gazed into the camera as instructed, her head bouncing back and forth as the man pounded her from behind. When her body began to respond, and she couldn’t hold back her moans of pleasure any longer, tears of loathing began to fall from her eyes. She hated herself for the way her rapist pleasuring her. She hated herself for knowing this was probably the best sex she’d ever had.

When Emma began to cum uncontrollably, shuttering and moaning as the man fucked her, he suddenly grabbed two handfuls of her soft brown hair. He held her by her hair, and forced his hips forward again and again as Emma came five, six, seven straight times. He then buried his shaft deep in her tight pussy as he blew his load. He continued to thrust forward, holding and painfully yanking on her hair, forcing her back onto his dick again and again till his balls were empty.

He pushed her off him, down onto the bed and said, “Yep just as slutty as I always imagined. You feminists are all the same. Crying over this and that—spouting off about how unfair the world is, till you have a hard dick inside you that is.” He laughed mockingly adding, “Then you’re all just a bunch of cum-hungry-cock-worshipers…”

The man left her sprawled on the bed while he prepared for the next scene in his movie. Emma was so battered, so tired, so full of hate for herself, and this horrible man that she couldn’t’ even move. She just laid there as he moved around the room, sobbing softly as more tears flowed down her cheeks.

The man lifted her, and carried her back to her cage then. Stepping inside with her, he produced a pair of hand cuffs. He then pulled her arms through the bars, and cuffed her wrists together, effectively immobilizing her against that wall of the cage. Then, he used a separator bar with restraints at either end to prop her legs open.

Emma was preparing herself for another round of him fucking her, when suddenly he produced a jar of peanut butter, and began to lather it all over her pussy and asshole. He spread it thick, applying it generously, even using his fingers to work it inside her holes. Emma began to sob and cry at this very strange and unexpected occurrence, wondering what he had in store for her next.

“Reave, come.” The huge Irish Wolfhound popped up off the floor of the root cellar and came bounding toward his master. The man led the excited dog into the cell, closing the door with a thud, leaving him locked inside with the prone Emma Watson.

Emma was flooded with the sudden horrible realization that the man was going to have this enormous beast have its way with her, and she began to beg. “Please. Please don’t do this. Not the dog. Please, I’m begging you.”

The man laughed, zooming in one of his camera’s on Emma’s tantalizing ass, as Reave began to sniff around her backside. “Beg…Ms. Watson. We haven’t begun to hear you beg yet.” He focused the other camera directly on her face, using the camera on his head to follow Reave’s movements as he decided what to do next.

It didn’t take long for the shaggy Wolfhound to begin lapping at the peanut butter. Emma began to weep and sob, turning away from the camera at the humiliating experience. The man leapt up, and grabbed her by the hair, forcefully turning her back to the camera and causing her to cry out in pain. “Turn away again, and the dog fucks your corpse.”

Emma stared into the camera, tears leaving streaks in the dirt and sweat which now covered her face. Reave’s tongue was lapping at her pussy, taking long broad strokes as he greedily consumed the peanut butter. His tongue began to probe deep inside her pussy as he worked for every ounce of the delicious treat. As he worked, Emma’s pussy naturally began to wet from the attention, and soon Reave’s massive veiny red cock began to poke from it’s sheath. When he finished with her pussy, Reave turned his attention to Emma’s asshole, which was likewise covered. He lapped furiously, probing into it as best he could for every last drop. Soon he was whining in pleasure and his massive shaft was fully exposed.

The sweet stink of Emma’s pussy filled the small space, and Reave mounted her. Emma collapsed under the weight, and cried out in pain as his paws scrapped across her back, drawing out small amounts of blood. Reave began thrusting forward urgently, and copious amounts of thin milky fluid began to spray all over Emma’s pussy and ass as the huge dog thrust forward looking for a hole.

Soon Emma’s back was covered in scraps claw marks, and pre-cum as Reave’s attempts to find her hole proved unsuccessful. But finally after several failed attempts the massive wolfhound found his mark. Emma’s eyes bulged in shock and surprise as what was easily the most massive cock she’d ever had slammed into her now well used pussy. She screamed as it pushed home. “Get off me! Please”

“It’s too late for that slut. Besides, you might find that you like it.” He laughed deep and throaty, catching all the action as Reave began to fervently drive his thick red cock in and out of the beautiful starlet. “Just think, Ms. Watson, I can release this right alongside, Beauty and the Beast. I’ll make a fortune.”

Emma sobbed at his mocking, her head bouncing and banging against the cage as the man’s monstrous beast used her pussy for its pleasure. She gazed hopelessly into his camera, and the dog began to grunt in ecstasy. She began to wonder whether she’d live through this after all. Or, even if she did, if she’d ever truly be the same.

She didn’t have much time to ponder that thought, as Reave’s thrusting became more urgent, and she started to, if that was even possible feel more of his cock inside her. She raised up suddenly, again screaming as Reave’s knot forced its way into her unwilling pussy. The dog really started going at it, whining and forcing his hips faster and faster. Soon, Emma’s pussy was flooded with the dogs massive seed, it sloughed forth from her twat with every thrust, even as he stayed linked to her by his heavy knot.

Emma screamed till her voice failed her with the pain of Reave’s knot pushing into her. After that, she collapsed again under the dog’s weight, and laid there, dirty and sweaty beneath it until finally his cock slipped out her, and even more of its seed spilled forth from deep inside her.

The man unlocked the cage saying “Good boy” to Reave as the dog exited the cage. The man, then stepped inside bringing a bucket with him. The bucket, he sat in the corner. “Shit and piss in the bucket, or you’ll be eating it off the floor.” He then took two granola bars from inside the bucket, pulled them from the wrapper, and dropped them into the cum covered dirt. “Eat, there’s bottled water in the bucket.” He left the cage and added, “continue your good behavior, and maybe the next scene I’ll let you have my cock again. You seemed to enjoy that…”

The man left her alone in the dark after freeing her from the bindings. Emma just lay broken in the dirt for what seemed like hours before realizing she was starving. She sat up, and picked the two granola bars up off the ground. They were covered in dirt and dog cum, but it was either eat them or starve. With fresh tears rolling down her cheeks, Emma bit into the granola, devouring it moments, despite its bitter taste. She found two bottles of water in the bucket, and drank them down greedily before pulling the now filthy threadbare blanket over herself, and settling against the wall of her cage to sleep. Her last thoughts were of her friends and family, of her birthday party, and what they must be thinking, and she cried and cried till finally unconsciousness over took her.

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