Hazy Night with… (Part 17)

Title: Hazy Night with… (Part 17)

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams

Codes: FF, cons, oral, toys, drugs

Summary: Taylor tells the story about meeting Hayley Williams

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional story and is a continuation of the series. This chapter will be a reminiscent-style story similar to chapter 16.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – thebiglove126@yahoo.com or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett and absolutely no Kardashian/Jenner).

After hearing the story about her encounter with Carrie and Cassadee, Taylor jumped off of the couch and scurried to the bathroom. The flu bug was in full effect and she was not doing well. It looked like she would lose it as she described Cassadee’s orgasm but she held through and finished the story.

“Wow, poor Taylor,” Samantha said as the sounds of sickness echoed throughout our house. “But damn, that story was hot. I never would’ve guessed that Cassadee Pope would do that.”

“I’ve learned to not doubt anything,” I told her. “After you’ve had someone like Demi Lovato, someone you have never met, walk into a room and blow you without thinking twice, you learn.”

“I guess you are right,” Samantha said before giving me a kiss.

Taylor walked back in the room naked, holding her head.

“What happened to the robe?” Samantha asked.

“I couldn’t hold it in before I got to the toilet, the front of it is kinda messy,” she said as she curled into a ball at the end of the couch.

“Eww okay, I’m gonna go toss that in the washer,” my girlfriend said as she ran off to the bathroom. “Oh dear god!” she yelled as she walked in.

“Again, I’m really sorry Dan,” Taylor said as she looked in my eyes.

“No worries Taylor, you know I love you,” I said as I grabbed her hand. “I really enjoyed that story and hopefully I get to meet Cassadee real soon.”

“You would like her but then again, I don’t think you would meet any celebrity that’ll get high and fuck you that you would not love,” she said with a tempered laugh.

“Very true,” I said as Samantha walked back in wearing a new shirt and having a disgusted look on her face.

“Don’t ask,” she said as she pushed me towards the end of the couch and lay down between Taylor and I. “So what happened with you and Hayley Williams?”

Taylor had a dreamy look on her face as the name ‘Hayley Williams’ hit her ears. She turned to face us and began the story.

Taylor was invited to perform at Halloween concert outside Dallas, Texas. Along with her on the bill were Nicki Minaj, Seether, The Killers and Paramore, leaving Taylor as a major outlier by comparison. Even she was unsure as to why she was invited, believing that she had to have been a twentieth-in-line replacement. The prim and proper pop/country princess was extremely nervous as to how the crowd would react to her.

It was suggested that the performers took the stage in costume so Taylor brought along her costume for the evening. She wore a skintight red devil outfit down past her ass with a skirt, horns included, as she carried a suitcase containing street clothes for after the show. Buried in the pocket of her jeans in the suitcase was a small bag of her green friend.

After she arrived at the facility, she asked several people to point out her dressing room but she was continually ignored or ridiculed.

“Ugh, you actually showed?” a tall man covered in tattoos scoffed. “Fuck off.”

This was a rock event with rock people, none of which being interested in anything that sweet, innocent little Taylor Swift had to say. The nervous blonde wandered around until she found her name on a door in very small letters.

“Wow, even the promoters don’t want me here,” she thought to herself as she walked inside.

The normally calm Taylor was starting to feel overwhelmed. Never before had she felt so unwelcome in a place. Instead of tending to her plans of immediately getting high and enjoying herself, she leaned against the door and sank to the ground. Her emotions reached a breaking point and she started to cry loudly.

“I want to go the hell home,” she thought to herself as she watched tears drip from her cheeks onto her red costume.

Taylor brought her knees to her chest and sobbed loudly into her thigh-high red boots. As she was ready to get up and leave, a small knock came to the door followed by a female voice.

“You okay in there?” the voice asked.

Taylor wiped her eyes and sniffled before yelling at the person.

“Yeah, I-I’m fine,” she said before sniffling again.

“You don’t sound fine, open the door,” the girl said.

“Why? So you can tell me to fuck off too?” Taylor said before bursting in tears again.

“I’m coming inside, I won’t tell you to fuck off,” the girl said as the handle on the door turned.

Taylor stood up and faced the door as a short woman with rainbow-colored, shoulder-length hair stepped inside and closed the door behind her. Dressed in a tight white tank top and loose black pants, the girl admired Taylor’s devil outfit.

“So we finally meet,” she said as she extended a hand. “Hayley Williams, Paramore.”

“Taylor Swift, out of place,” Taylor responded while shaking her hand.

“I know who you are,” she said. “I actually am a fan of yours.”

“At least someone here is,” Taylor said, wiping a tear from her eyes.

“Yeah it’s a tough crowd,” Hayley said as she put her hands in her pockets. “So who told you to fuck off?”

“Some big guy with tattoos on his neck,” Taylor explained.

Hayley opened the door and looked outside, spotting a man matching the description. She motioned Taylor over and pointed him out. Taylor acknowledged that it was the same man that had disrespected her.

“Wait here and a watch,” Hayley said as she hurried to the man. “Did you tell Taylor Swift to fuck off?” she asked the man.

“Damn right,” he said. “We don’t need some poppy country whore around here. We need more rocker chicks like you.”

“That’s what I thought,” she said before reeling back and slapping him across the face with the force of a bullet. “Don’t you EVER disrespect my friend like that again or I’ll close my hand next time I hit you!” she screamed as she grabbed him by the ear “Understand, bitch?!”

“Yes, I understand,” he said in a cowardly fashion.

“Apologize to her,” Hayley demanded as she motioned her devilish friend over.

“I’m sorry Ms. Swift,” the man said as Hayley twisted his ear.

“Good enough,” Hayley yelled as she let go and grabbed Taylor’s hand, running her back to the dressing room. “That was fun!”

“Yeah, it was,” Taylor said as she stared down at the shorter girl.

“Your eyes are really red, you might want to wait a bit before you head out. People will think you’re a stoner,” Hayley suggested.

“They would’ve been red anyway,” Taylor said as she walked to her suitcase.

Hayley watched curiously as Taylor dug through her bag. She turned around and showed a glass pipe filled to the top with fresh, stinky weed. Hayley’s eyes lit up as she saw the pipe in her hand.

“Damn, I never would’ve guessed that you were a stoner,” Hayley said as she locked the door behind her and approached her, pulling a lighter out of her pocket. “Let’s get this party started!”

Taylor put the pipe to her lips as Hayley struck the lighter, dipping it in and setting the grass ablaze. The devil took a deep hit and blew the smoke out smoothly into the air. Hayley took the pipe and took a deeper hit before blowing the smoke all over Taylor’s body.

“If you smell like weed, you will gain respect,” she said with a laugh before taking another hit and blowing a cloud of smoke over own clothes. “Nothing smells better!”

“It makes so many things better,” Taylor said as she took the pipe and took two hits.

“You ever done the nasty while baked?” Hayley asked as she took the pipe back.

“You have no idea,” Taylor said with a smirk.

“Do tell,” she responded.

“There is this one guy in Tacoma, Washington,” Taylor started. “I met him on a win-a-date thing and I accidently let my stash be visible. We ended up smoking together and goddammit, that started the best year of my life.”

“Lucky guy, how many times have you done it?” Hayley asked as she passed the pipe.

“I lost count. A couple months ago I hosted a birthday party for him with a couple other famous girls and we had a big friggin orgy all day,” she explained, causing Hayley’s jaw to drop.

“You nasty little girl,” she said. “Who are these ‘famous females’?”

“You can’t tell anyone, I don’t know if all of them want me spreading their secret,” Taylor said as she took her eighth hit off the pipe. “Ashley Tisdale, Ariana Grande, Emma Stone, Demi Lovato, Lucy Hale and my favorite little slut Carrie Underwood.”

“What a roster!” Hayley said. “Is he still alive? Did you sexy sluts kill him?” she asked with a laugh.

“To my knowledge he is, we haven’t talked in a while, I’ve been so busy,” Taylor explained as she put the pipe down, already feeling very stoned. “I’m hoping to see him on his birthday, give him a nice surprise again.”

“How big is he?” Hayley asked as she sat down on the couch after having stood in front of her the whole time.

“He’s an eight incher,” Taylor said as she stared at Hayley’s rainbow hair.

“Fuck, I’ve only been with one eight incher before. The guys in the band are all six at best,” she said as she noticed Taylor staring at her hair. “Is there something in my hair?”

“What? Oh no, I was just looking at it, it’s so trippy looking when you’re high,” she explained as she walked to her and started petting her.

“I can see that,” she said as Taylor stood inches away from her. “How tall are you?”

“Five foot, ten,” she answered.

“I’m five foot two. Hey, eight inches!” she laughed. “You mentioned your ‘favorite little slut’, I’m guessing you are into girls as much as you are dudes.”

“Oh yeah, although Carrie and the guy’s sister Carly are the only girls I’ve gone one-on-one with,” she said as she felt Hayley’s hand touch her hip.

“Not for long,” she said as she gave Taylor a sexy smile.

Hayley stood up and reached for Taylor’s neck, pulling her head down for a deep, sensual kiss. The blonde devil quickly returned the favor and forced her tongue into her mouth, allowing her tongue to touch the base of her tongue. She ran her fingers up the back of her hair and gripped it tight. Hayley put her feet up on the couch to make herself taller and take control of the kiss.

Taylor grasped Hayley’s tank top and quickly slid it up her body. She broke the kiss to allow the shirt to fly, leaving her in a pink lace bra. Taylor’s hands went right to her back and unhooked it, freeing her pasty petite tits. The taller girl broke the kiss to give her a chance to admire the topless form towering over her.

“Aren’t they nice?” Hayley asked as she shook her breasts side to side.

“Perfect!” Taylor exclaimed as she leaned forward and wrapped her lips against the girl’s hard nipple.

Hayley moaned loudly as her new stoner buddy gently suckled on her chest, switching back and forth between each breast. She ran her hands through her blonde hair and kissed the top of her head. Her fingers ran down her hair until she reached her shoulders. She grabbed the devil outfit and pulled it down her shoulders. Taylor narrowed her shoulder and allowed the outfit to be pulled down. She had to pull her body away from her to strip her easier.

Taylor stared at Hayley as her costume slid farther down her body. She moaned as she felt the cool air on her rock-hard nipples. She heard an approving squeal from her new lover as her tiny tits were exposed. Hayley did not stop to admire but instead continued pulling the costume down until it went past her panty-less cunt, down her legs and at her ankles.

Hayley took a step back and looked Taylor up and down. She could feel her pussy moisten as she saw her standing in thigh-high leather boots and a pair of fake devil horns with not a single stitch of anything else on her.

“Sweet Jesus,” she said as she reached down and unzipped her pants.

Taylor watched as Hayley pulled her pants down and kicked her sneakers off. Only left in a pink, lacy pair of panties, the rock star grabbed the waist in two hands and ripped her underwear to pieces. Taylor giggled as she saw the fabric rain on the ground in pieces, allowing her to see the untrimmed pussy of Hayley Williams.

It seemed to Taylor that it had been two weeks minimum since the last time Hayley had taken a razor to her pelvic area. She did not have any problem with this as she loved a nice, hairy cunt to play with. She walked over to Hayley and stood mere inches away from her.

“You are beautiful,” she said as she twirled a lock of green hair around her finger.

“Takes a hottie to know a hottie,” Hayley responded as she grabbed Taylor’s waist and tossed her on the couch.

Taylor sat upright as Hayley dropped to all fours and crawled to her feet. The rocker stuck her tongue out and pressed it to the top of her foot. She licked between the laces before sliding north. Taylor started rubbing her pussy as she saw her face coming closer. Hayley’s tongue reached the knee and kept going.

Taylor jumped as she felt a tongue touch the skin of her thigh, leaving a saliva trail as the destination was about to be reached. She bit down on her bottom lip as she felt Hayley’s warm tongue make contact with her waiting lips. She grunted and looked at the ceiling as her tongue worked up and down both lips, teasing an entry.

Hayley grabbed both hips and gripped them tight before shoving her face hard into Taylor’s crotch. She began to motorboat the young woman’s cunt, causing her eyes to shoot wider than ever and her mouth to do the same. Never before had Taylor felt anything like she was experiencing. She reached down and pulled her face closer to her crotch (not that it was possible).

Hayley stopped blowing against Taylor’s pussy and started to slowly work her tongue in and out of her hot opening. She looked up and saw Taylor’s breathing heavily after the rough oral attack. She giggled before setting her focus back on eating her taller lover out.

Taylor released her grip on Hayley’s hair and brought her hands to her face. She began to run her hands through her own hair as she slid her lower body forward and back, causing Hayley’s tongue to go deeper. Her moans were getting higher in pitch and closer together while sweat was beading on her face.

Hayley’s tongue worked out of her pussy and focused on her throbbing clitoris. She brought two fingers to her cunt and roughly shoved them inside, beginning to fuck her as hard as she possibly could. Her tongue daintily danced on the tip of her clit while she went three knuckles deep inside her.

Taylor was losing it as her nerves were burning with extreme sexuality. She was bucking harder and harder against Hayley’s hand as she got closer to her climax. Her butt slid off of the couch and hit the ground but her lover did not miss a beat. Her fingers never left her damp love glove while her tongue never lost contact with her clit.

“Fuck!” Taylor screamed as her body tensed up and she experienced a massive orgasm.

Hayley pulled her hand out of her and viciously rubbed her clit, causing a short spray to shoot from her convulsing cunt. Taylor lifted the couch cushion up and covered her face with it, screaming as loud as her vocal chords would allow. Hayley laughed as she watched a dark wet spot form on the shag carpeting.

Before Taylor was finished climaxing, Hayley straddled her leg and rested her own wet pussy against her thigh. She grabbed the cushion off of her and tossed it across the room. She stared her in the eyes as she started rubbing her crotch against the smooth leg of Taylor Swift.

Taylor focused her eyes on Hayley and watched as she slid back and forth against her. With her orgasm finally complete, she was able to pay attention to the warm streaks of feminine juices that Hayley was leaving behind on her leg. She reached forward and just barely grabbed her nipples, giving them a quick pinch. The rock star squealed and laughed at the sharp feeling of the pinch on her sensitive nub.

“You can go harder than that, Swifty!” she yelled as she grinded her crotch harder against her.

Taylor sat up took both nipples between her fingers. She shot Hayley a sexy snarl before tweaking the nipples as hard as her slender hands would allow.

“Ahh shit!” Hayley screamed as the electric pain shot through her stoned body. “Don’t stop!”

Taylor repeatedly twisted Hayley’s nipples until her hands began to hurt. The rainbow-haired freak egged her on, begging for her to go at her as hard as she could. Once she realized that Taylor’s strength was gone, she lightly shoved her down flat on the floor and stood up.

“Hit me with your horns you little devil,” she said as she sat down at her head.

Taylor rolled onto her stomach and rose to all fours. She aimed her plastic devil horns towards Hayley’s cunt and dashed forward, hitting the rounded edge square on her clit. Hayley took a deep breath and started laughing.

“Again!” she demanded.

Hayley spread her legs as wide as they can go as Taylor bumped her pussy with her horns again. The blonde looked up at Hayley and started laughing along with her before gently pressing the horn to her clit. Instead of running into her, she slowly moved her head back and forth, rubbing the horn against her enlarged clit.

“Oh my fucking god!” Hayley exclaimed. “I know why that guy likes you.”

Taylor took the horns off of her head and continued to rub her with it while she pressed her tongue to her stomach. Taylor ran her tongue up Hayley’s body until she reached her neck. She gave her several soft kisses on her neck before planting a bite on her, leaving a hickey behind.

“One to remember me by,” Taylor said as she slid the thick horn inside Hayley’s pussy.

The base of the horn and headband brushed against Hayley’s clit while the horn hooked upwards against the inside of it. Hitting the rocker in the same spot that she herself would experience at the hand of Cassadee Pope weeks later, she twirled the horn around in the exact spot of extreme pleasure that every woman prays to have stimulated.

Hayley stared into Taylor’s eyes as the blonde whispered to her, “who is Taylor’s little freak?”

“I am,” she answered.

“Yeah?” Taylor asked.

“Definitely,” she responded.

“Say it!”

“I’m Swifty’s little freak!” she exclaimed as she felt a tight feeling in her pussy.

“Tell me that the devil made you cum.”

“The devil, oh my fucking god!”

Hayley’s cunt exploded in a giant orgasm, one bigger than she could ever remember experiencing. Taylor grabbed her at the back of the head and placed her forehead on hers. With a look of heavenly bliss on her face, Hayley looked her in the eyes and softly pecked at her lips.

“The devil…made me…cum,” she panted as her body began to relax.

“Say it again,” Taylor said as she grabbed Hayley by the cheeks and licked her upper lip.

“The devil made me cum!”

“That’s Swifty’s little freak,” she said before planting one more deep kiss.

After several more kisses, Taylor stood up and pulled the shorter woman to her feet. Hayley wrapped her arms around her waist and gave her a tight hug.

“That was an unexpected way to spend my night,” Hayley stated as she gathered her clothes. “You might as well keep these,” she said as she handed her torn panties to her lover. “I won’t need them anyway, I go commando so often I won’t even notice.”

“I’ll have something to clean up with when I have some fun before bed,” Taylor said with a laugh while pulling her devil costume back on.

“Before you go, do you mind if I get that guy’s info in case I’m ever up in Washington?” Hayley asked as she pulled her shirt back on over her bra.

“Sure, just wait until I see him before you contact him. It’s been a while and if anyone gets to fuck him, it me,” she explained with a laugh.


Taylor wrote down the info on a card and handed it to Hayley, who slipped it in her bra. They shared a quick kiss before Hayley headed off to prepare for her set. She stopped first to give Taylor a piece of advice.

“Get out of here, you won’t have fun here,” she said. “I’ll give you the pay you will miss out on. It’s my little ‘thank you’ for the pot and the fun. Love you, Swifty!”

“Love you!” Taylor exclaimed as she packed her pipe up and left the room.

Taylor passed by the man who had disrespected her earlier and stopped. The man looked at her and nodded. She nodded back and gave him a kiss on the cheek before slowly walking away, wiggling her ass with each step.

“Sweet Jesus,” Samantha said. “That was the hottest thing I have ever heard.”

“Yeah that was amazing,” I responded.

“You know what else is amazing?” Taylor asked. “I texted Hayley last night and Paramore is in town next Saturday, with nowhere to go on Sunday. She wants to meet you. I mentioned Samantha and she was excited.”

“Oh my god, that’s great,” Samantha exclaimed.

“I love you, Taylor,” I said as I leaned forward to kiss her but stopped when I remember her sickness.

“If you loved that, you will love the story Carrie told me the night at the charity event,” Taylor said with a smile before running off to the bathroom once again.

To be continued…

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