Hazy Night with… (Part 18)

Title: Hazy Night with… (Part 18)

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Willa Holland, Anna Kendrick

Codes: MMF, FF, cons, oral, anal, toys, interr, drugs

Summary: Taylor tells Carrie’s story

Disclaimer: The following story is completely fictional. Any similarities to real life are purely coincidental. If you have read previous installments of this story, you know the basic premise. Anna Kendrick appears in a minor, non-sexual role (this time *wink, wink*).

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – thebiglove126@yahoo.com or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett and absolutely no Kardashian/Jenner).

After telling us her story about the encounter with Hayley Williams, Taylor needed a nap as her sickness continued. Samantha and I went into the kitchen and had some soup and crackers, chatting about the two stories we had already heard. Samantha was much more surprised than I was at hearing of Taylor’s sexual adventures. I knew my little blonde lover too well to expect anything less.

Samantha and I recounted the stories and got to a point where our imaginations began to make our blood rush south. We were both very turned on and had no interest in holding back anymore. I yanked my girlfriend’s shirt off of her slender body and attached my lips to her hard little nipple. She happily giggled as I grasped both hands around her perky little breasts while running my tongue over the nubs, switching between breasts every few seconds.

I felt Samantha’s hand slide into my pants and grasp onto my cock, slowly stroking all eight inches of it while pushing my pants down. I let go of her breasts and pulled my pants all the way down. She dropped to her knees and let the rod slide between her moist lips. I threw my head back and groaned as she rapidly bobbed her head up and down my member, letting the tip touch the back of her throat and slide down. Her free hand tickled my tightening scrotum, bringing me closer to the moment I desperately needed.

After hearing the stories that Taylor told, I knew that I would not be able to hold off for too long. Ever since we had started dating, I had a signal to give to her during oral sex to indicate that I was about to cum. I brushed my thumb across her eyebrow and she immediately knew that I was ready. She dropped her head down, taking every bit of my cock in her mouth while continuing to tickle my balls. Semen began to shoot deep into her stomach, one thick spurt after another. She kept her sexy brown eyes staring into mine while I fed her thousands of little sperm.

After I was finished, Samantha kept my cock in her mouth for almost a minute before pulling away. She started to laugh while she licked the head clean, tasting any leftover cum that stuck around.

“I love you,” she whispered as she stood up and dropped her skirt to the floor, exposing her bare pussy to my hungry eyes.

I stood up and pushed her back to the counter, lifting her up and sitting her down on the granite. I roughly brushed my thumb against her wet clit with one hand as I opened a drawer with the other. Reaching in, I pulled out a brand new wooden spoon with a thick handle and showed it to her. She bit down on her lip and let out an evil chuckle.

“What are you going to do with that?” she asked, knowing the answer.

I put the end of the handle, which was about as thick as a standard hairbrush, and slowly inched it into her soaking wet cunt. She grunted into my ear as it easily slide in. I felt her teeth nibble on my ear lobe as more than half of the spoon was inside her, fitting about ten inches.

I began to spin the spoon around inside of my girlfriend. It was not a handle that had a perfect cylindrical shape to it, meaning that she felt a new part of her vagina stretch with each slight turn.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed.

“Taylor is sleeping,” I said before shoving my tongue into her mouth.

I continued to spin the spoon around while pulling it back and forth. She grunted and groaned with each movement for just over a minute before she had an orgasm of her own. She too had been extremely turned on by Taylor’s tales so there was no real work that was needed to get her off. With her body still spasming, I pulled the spoon out of her pussy and held it between our faces. We each licked a side of the damp wood, enjoying the taste of her warm leftover juices.

“Nothing like a hot quickie,” she said as we began to re-dress ourselves.

With our sick guest still fast asleep, Samantha and I decided to get some house work done. She cleaned out bedroom while did the dishes, which had been piling up over the last two days. The work was able to keep us busy while Taylor was out and also kept our hands away from each other, not wanting to spoil what was bound to be a heated, passionate session after hearing this story about my other favorite blonde.

As the sun began to set and we ate our small dinner, a fully nude blonde superstar entered the kitchen and sat down across from us.

“Morning, sleepy,” Samantha said as she took a bite of her chicken sandwich. “Feeling better?”

“Barely,” Taylor said as she stretched, giving us both a fine look at her bare chest. “At least I’m not vomiting anymore.”

“You were out a while,” I commented. “We’ve been waiting for you to wake up for a while now.”

“You want to hear the Carrie story, don’t you?” she asked us while grabbing a packed bowl off of the table.

“You know me too well,” I smiled.

Taylor took a deep hit from the pipe before finally telling us the story she had heard from Carrie while at the charity event.

Carrie was on a movie set, a rare location for the songstress to be. Her song ‘Before He Cheats’ was to be used in a new comedy starring Chris Pratt and Anna Kendrick during a scene where Anna was destroying a pickup truck, like in the music video, owned by her ex-boyfriend, being played by Dave Franco. In the scene, Anna would be caught by Franco and his girlfriend, played by Willa Holland, and runs away.

Carrie wanted to be present during the scene’s filming just to make sure that everything lined up perfectly, as part of the agreement. Luckily for everyone, she loved the scene as it was first filmed and so did the director. Her entire trek out to the film set was all for one take lasting about three minutes but she was not upset. She made small talk with Willa before the actress was called away to her dressing room.

After a few minutes with nothing happening, Carrie started to talk to Anna before the brunette was pulled back on set. Feeling bored, the blonde headed over to her special green room which sat directly adjacent to Willa’s room. As she walked by, a very strong, very familiar scent shot out from the ‘Arrow’ star’s dressing room. It had been a week since Carrie had experienced the high of her beloved marijuana so she decided to knock, hoping to join her smoking session.

“Willa?” she asked quietly as she knocked three times. “Willa?”

With no answer, Carrie grabbed the handle and started to push the door open. She stepped in and peeked her head around.

“I can smell wh-oh!” she quickly backed out and shut the door, shocked at the sight she saw. “Was she?” she asked herself after catching a fully naked Willa Holland sandwiched between two large black men while a haze of pot smoke lingered in above. “Oh god.”

Carrie scurried away, hoping that she was not seen or heard by the busy actress. She entered her green room and sat on the couch, thinking about what she had seen. The blonde could not get the image of Willa being “Oreo’d” out of her mind. The pictures in her head began to make her pussy drip with excitement. Feeling a massive heat emanating from her cunt, she spread her legs and reached under her short black dress. Moving her panties out of the way, she plunged two fingers up herself and started to roughly fuck herself with her eyes closed.

For several minutes, Carrie continued to finger herself while thinking of Willa and her two black lovers. Just as she was about to experience an awesome orgasm, a light knock came to the door. Her eyes shot open and she pulled her drenched hand out, wiping it on the couch before gathering her composure and standing up to answer the door. She opened the door to find Willa standing there, her brown hair messed up and a small stream of mascara running down her cheek while she adjusted her black t-shirt.

“H-hey Willa,” Carrie said in a shaky voice.

“Hey, did you like it?” she asked.

“I thought the scene was great, my song fit perfectly,” Carrie answered.

“Not that, silly. Did you like what you saw in my dressing room?” Willa asked as she walked in and closed the door behind her.

“You saw me?” Carrie asked her.

“I heard you, your voice is pretty recognizable,” she explained.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” Carrie said with a look of embarrassment on her face. “I just smelled the smoke and…”

“And what? You wanted to join in?” Willa asked as she walked past Carrie and sat down on the couch, putting her bare thigh on the spot where Carrie had cleaned herself.

“Um, yeah I did,” Carrie stated. “The pot that is, not the um, the sex,” she said, knowing that she would have enjoyed the sex just as much, if not more.

Willa wiped her hand across the wet spot and brought it to her nose, taking a deep whiff of the older woman’s femininity.

“Liar,” Willa sensually said. “Someone left fresh pussy streaks on this couch and judging by the glistening on your hand, I’m taking a wild guess and say it was you.”

Carrie took a deep breath before a smile came across her face.

“Busted,” she said as she sat down next to Willa. “I originally just wanted the pot but I can’t get the image of you getting double-teamed out of my head.”

“Imagine being the one in it,” Willa said with a laugh. “Never pegged you as a pothead though, you seem too clean-cut for that.”

“If only you knew,” Carrie whispered to herself.

“Oh?” Willa asked, hearing the whisper. “Fill me in then.”

“Let me just say that there is a world that you are missing out on, only a few of us know about it,” she explained.

“Who are these ‘few’?” Willa asked while listening intently.

“Emma Stone, Demi Lovato, a girl you may have heard of named Taylor Swift and a few others,” Carrie said as her hand found its way to Willa’s bare thigh, slowly sliding towards the bottom of her silver miniskirt.

“Wow, you all get together and smoke?” she asked as her bloodshot eyes pointed down at the hand crawling towards her recently abused cunt.

“Yeah we smoke, we fuck, we…” she said before Willa grabbed her hand.

“Fuck? You and Taylor fuck?” Willa asked as the corners of her mouth formed an innocent smile.

“Well we have a guy we usually share with the others but yeah, we’ve gone it alone, just the two of us,” Carrie said as her fingers started to disappear into Willa’s skirt. “If you have any more weed on you, I can show you what I’m capable of.”

“Damn, I have to be back on set soon,” Willa said with a sigh as Carrie’s hand stopped. “I can hook you up with the guys and we can get together tonight.”

“Deal!” Carrie exclaimed before shoving a finger inside Willa before pulling it out and bringing it to her lips. “Just a taste before the whole meal.”

Willa and Carrie stood up and walked next door to the actress’s dressing room where her two dark lovers were still sitting. As she walked in with the hot blonde in tow, the men both stood up and stared.

“Guys, I have to get back on set but my friend Carrie wants a piece of what I had,” she explained. “She needs some weed and some cock badly.”

“Let me see that ass,” one of the men said.

Carrie turned around and pulled her tight jeans down, exposing the top half of her ass.  She bent over slightly and shook her back end. Willa licked her hand and gave the exposed skin a hard slap.

“Deal!” the man yelled. “I’m Jay, that’s LaRon.”

“I’ll see you tonight babe,” Willa whispered as she kissed Carrie’s cheek and slipped a sheet of paper with her address on it into her pocket.

Once Willa was gone, LaRon handed a freshly-packed bong to the blonde singer. She brought it to her lips as he struck a lighter and held it into the marijuana, lighting it and allowing the pipe to slowly fill with the white smoke. Carrie stared at him as he pulled the bowl out of the bong, forcing all of the smoke into her lungs. She held it in for a few seconds before lowly exhaling a massive cloud of the potent smoke.

“Wow,” Carrie exhaled. “That’s some good stuff.”

Carrie took another massive hit off of the bong, exhaling a second large cloud of smoke and giving the room a thick haze like before with Willa. As she took a third hit, she felt Jay’s hand at her jeans, unzipping them and starting to tug them down her perfect legs. By the time the tight pants had reached her ankles, she had exhaled again and was preparing for a fourth hit. She felt a smack on her panty-covered ass, forcing her to laugh the final hit out.

“Someone came to play,” LaRon said as he put the bong on the table and placed a kiss on her lips.

Carrie turned her head to kiss Jay before falling to her knees between the men. Simultaneously, she pulled each man’s massive cock out of their pants. With Jay’s nine inch penis in her left hand and LaRon’s ten incher in the other, she looked up at the men and smiled before pulling both cocks to her lips. She tickled both heads with her tongue at the same time while stroking each cock slowly. Jay let out a deep groan as his was the first member to make it past her lips.

Carrie was purring as she engulfed the nine inch cock with her warm, salivated mouth. Her tongue instantly went to his cock hole, dipping in and giving the man an amazing jolt of pleasure. She stared up at him with her red eyes and smiled as he brought her head closer to his pelvis, allowing his cock to slide past her tonsils.

LaRon reached down Carrie’s grey tank top, into her pink bra and grabbed hold of her perky breast. Her eyes shifted to him for a second before they closed and she softly moaned. With his hand molesting her chest, she pulled Jay’s cock from her mouth and raised her arms up. LaRon reached down and pulled her shirt off over her head before tearing her bra off, snapping it in two pieces, eliciting a laugh from the singer.

“Rough…I like it,” Carrie said before taking all ten inches of LaRon’s cock down her throat.

The better-endowed man grabbed both sides of her head and pulled her hard into his crotch, forcing his pubic hair up her nose while his big balls rested on her chin. Her eyes were wide open with tears running down her cheek as she struggled to breathe around his thick dick. After a few seconds, he pulled out and slapped her cheeks with his moist member.

“Enough suck, lets fuck,” LaRon said as he pulled Carrie to her feet.

The two tall men yanked her panties to her feet before Jay placed his cock at her pussy. LaRon poked her in the ass cheek with his cock before guiding it to her tight asshole.

“Hurry up!” she demanded before both men rammed their cocks inside of her. “SHIT!” she screamed. “Oh my fucking god!”

Jay quickly had all nine inches of himself in her cunt while LaRon had more work to get his entire cock into her asshole. It had been a little while since Carrie had had a cock in her ass but quickly remember why she loved it so much. Within thirty seconds, she was filled with all nineteen inches of chocolate man meat.

The men began to rhythmically fuck the blonde woman while she squealed in ecstasy. She stared into Jay’s eyes with an angry smile as she was double-teamed. Never before had she had two cocks inside her at once but she was already loving it. The three horny humans stood upright for about a minute before Carrie shoved Jay down onto the couch. She crawled on top of him while LaRon kept his entire cock deep into her ass.

Carrie arched her back as she remained still while the men each slammed into her as hard as they could. She bent down and gave Jay hard kiss, moaning into his mouth. Jay grabbed onto both of her breasts and roughly pinched her nipples while LaRon grasped onto her bubbly ass cheeks. Carrie was loving the feeling of being, like Willa, the cream in a stoned, sexual Oreo cookie.

Having just recently fucked Willa, both men were able to last longer than they normally would while ravishing such an awesomely hot woman. After about eight minutes on the couch, not giving her one second of relief, one of the men was about to reach his peak. LaRon pulled out of her ass, grabbed Carrie by the hair and dragged her to the floor. She rested on her knees with her a huge smile on her face as he pointed his massive dick at her face and painted her cheeks with thick shots of cum. She started to laugh hysterically has the creamy seed dripped off of her cheeks and onto her thighs.

Jay grabbed her by the hair as well, this time sitting down on the couch and pulling her on top of him. She lowered her pussy onto his slick cock and resumed their fucking. LaRon stood up on the couch and put his slowly deflating cock back into her mouth. She cooed as she happily sucked any remaining semen from his large log.

“What a cocksucker,” LaRon commented as he lightly ran his fingers through her wavy blonde locks.

Jay kissed her back while he pulled Carrie up and down on his cock, his hands digging into her ass cheeks. He could only hold on for about a minute before he reached his own breaking point. He softly pushed Carrie down onto her back on the couch and stood up next to her. He aimed his cock at her chest and gave her perky b-cups a white, sticky glaze. Carrie reached out and milked his cock for the last few shots with a huge smile on her stoned face.

“Damn,” Jay grunted as he completed his orgasm.

“Wow,” Carrie commented. “I am so glad I did this.”

“So are we,” LaRon said as he tossed a towel to Carrie.

While Carrie cleaned herself off, the men got re-dressed and each took another hit from the bong. Nobody said a word while she put her clothes back on, the men were too busy watching every jiggle her body made, especially when it was time to pull the super-tight pair of jeans up. She walked over to both men and gave them each a long, deep kiss before exiting Willa’s dressing room.

As she walked out, Carrie literally bumped into Anna Kendrick, who was walking to her own dressing room. Carrie could immediately tell that the short brunette could smell the pot smoke wafting from the room before she had time to close it. Anna giggled as she peeked into the room to see the two black men and a bong in-between them.

“You too, huh?” she asked.

“Me too, what?” Carrie asked, pretending to be oblivious.

“Don’t be dumb, we all know what Willa does when she’s not filming. I can smell the weed and you missed cleaning a spot on your lip,” she explained.

“Secrets out I guess,” Carrie responded, wiping the missed cum from her face.

“Don’t worry, Willa talked me into it too,” Anna said. “Now I pretty much have to be stoned off my ass to enjoy sex.”

“Really? She is a slutty little thing isn’t she?” Carrie asked.

“Oh yeah,” Anna said.

“Well if you like getting high and fucking, I do know someone who you would probably like a lot,” Carrie said as she pulled a piece of paper off of the wall and grabbed a pen. “If you are ever near Seattle, go to this address and tell him that Carrie sent you. You will not regret it.”

“Thanks,” Anna said, sliding the paper into her bra. “I’ll be up there later in the year.”

“Dan will be glad to meet you,” Carrie responded. “I don’t mean to dart off but Willa invited me to her place for the night.”

“Lucky you,” Anna said. “Have fun.”

Carrie grabbed Anna’s head and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before walking away. The blonde left the studio and started towards Willa’s place. She had to wait outside for Willa to arrive home but once she did, she got out of her car and walked up to the door. The younger brunette met her with a deep, rough kiss, pulling her inside and kicking the door closed. Before Carrie even knew what was happening, her shirt was being pulled over her head.

“I’ve been waiting for this since I left you,” Willa said as she roughly tugged Carrie’s breasts out of her bra, taking a nipple to her mouth.

Carrie groaned as she felt the rough suckling that her new friend was doing to her. She unhooked her bra to give Willa more access, allowing her to take a breast in both hands. The blonde undid the ponytail of her brunette lover before kissing the top of her head.

“Keep going,” Carrie whispered.

Willa alternated between each breast for several minutes while Carrie groaned and panted. Willa started to kiss down her stomach until she reached her jeans. She quickly unzipped them and tried to roll them off of her, quickly noticing how tight they were.

“Only little sluts wear tight jeans,” she said with a smile.

“You know me too well,” Carrie responded.

With some work, Willa got her jeans down to her feet. She yanked the panties down and shoved her tongue as far up the singer’s snatch as possible. Carrie pushed her back against the door and arched her back as she felt her friend try to force her tongue up to her brain. She was amazed at how long Willa’s tongue was.

While tickling Carrie’s insides, Willa pulled a glass pipe, packed to the brim with her favorite green herb, from her pocket and handed it up to her blonde lover. She then handed her a lighter and went back to concentrating on pleasing her orally. Carrie brought the pipe to her lips, struck the lighter and lit the weed, inhaling her beloved smoke. She coughed as she blew the cloud from her lungs.

“Damn that’s strong,” she commented between coughs.

“If I’m getting stoned, I want the best shit possible,” Willa commented without pulling her tongue from Carrie’s cunt.

“Well you did a good job,” she responded as she handed the pipe to Willa, who declined.

“I already got nice and baked on the way here, smoke that whole thing,” she said.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Carrie said with a laugh before taking another deep hit off of the pipe.

It had been a long time since Carrie smoked an entire bowl by herself but quickly remembered just how awesome it was. Once she was half way through the bowl, she was already flying high. Coupled with the pussy licking she was receiving, she was in absolute heaven. As she inhaled another hit of the drug, she experienced a very intense orgasm that soaked Willa’s mouth. The girl pulled her mouth away from Carrie, giving her lover a chance to see her own juices dripping off of her chin.

Willa started kissing back up Carrie’s body while she continued to smoke the bowl. Carrie was higher than she had ever been from the intense weed she was given. Willa got eye to eye with her and, after she had taken a long hit, wrapped her lips around hers and gave her a kiss. Carrie exhaled directly into her throat, causing the younger girl to press her body tightly against hers. Willa blew the smoke out of her nose before breaking the kiss.

“You have one minute to get me naked or I’m just going to fuck myself,” Willa said, backing away from her.

Carrie pulled Willa’s skirt down her legs, revealing no panties to cover her cleanly shaven cunt. Her hands sipped under her shirt and she pulled it off of her, confirming that she was not wearing any kind of underwear. Despite being given a minute, it only took ten seconds to strip Willa of all of her clothes. The brunette grabbed Carrie’s hand and walked her up the stairs and into her bedroom.

Willa flopped down on the bed and spread her legs wide while she bit down on her lips and stared sensually at her lover. Carrie started to walk towards her when she was stopped.

“Top drawer,” Willa said as she pointed to her dresser.

Carrie opened the drawer to find a ten inch pink dildo attached to a strap-on. The blonde giggled as she pulled out the toy and started to fasten it around her waist.

“There’s a switch on the base of the dick,” Willa said.

Carrie flipped the switch and the rubber dildo quickly spun around. The small curve in the cock made it look almost like a propeller spinning around. With the speed in which it turned, it caused the entire strap-on to vibrate, giving Carrie just as much pleasure as she would give to her friend. The tool was ready to go and Carrie began to stroke it as she approached the ready twenty-three year old. Willa licking her lips as she was joined on the bed.

“Can I suck your cock, Carrie?” she asked as she reached out and grabbed the rubber dick.

Carrie rested her ass on Willa’s chest while she rested the toy on the girl’s tongue. They locked eyes as she slowly pushed forward until the head was at the back of her throat. Willa began to move her head back and forth, sucking on the strap-on while Carrie put a hand on her own hip and closed her eyes, slowly moving her hips forward and back.

Willa sucked on the fake cock for several minutes, long enough for the vibrations to rock a small orgasm from Carrie, who almost fell over from the rush. Willa pushed her friend off of her and onto her back. Before Carrie could notice what was happening, the brunette climbed on top of her. She took the rotating head of the cock to her pussy and dropped down on it. She sat still for a few seconds, feeling the toy spin inside of her while her jaw hung wide open. The girls locked eyes again before they locked fingers and Willa began to push herself up.

Carrie could not stop giggling while Willa rode her like a cowboy riding a wild buck. The blonde looked up to see Willa’s brown lock swinging around wildly while she grunted and moaned. After a few seconds, Willa dropped down until her sweaty stomach was resting upon Carrie’s. She lay still except for her hips which were wildly jumping up on down on her fake cock. The girls embraced in a deep, sensual lip lock. Carrie’s hands went to Willa’s cheeks as she felt fingers swimming through her blonde waves.

“Make me cum,” Willa whispered.

Carrie placed her hands upon Willa’s back, sitting up and resting her on her back. She grabbed one leg and pointed it to the ceiling while she began thrusting hard into her cunt. Like a mad man, Carrie’s lower body was moving a mile a minute, slamming the spinning, vibrating toy as deep into the ‘Arrow’ star’s pussy as possible. She stared down at her lover, watching every movement of her facial muscles and loving the picture of sexual bliss beneath her.

The older woman pushed the younger one’s leg down until her foot was near her head and leaned forward, plunging the toy deeper and changing the angle, allowing the rubber to slide across her g-spot in the most desirable way.

“Harder!” Willa exclaimed. “I’m so close!”

Carrie was amazed at how fast her own body was fucking the actress. She was sure she would throw her back out if she did not change position but was too blinded by her stoned sex drive to care. The only thing important to her was returning the feeling that her friend had given her minutes earlier. Any discomfort was gone and only helped by a loud, high-pitched squeal coming from between Willa’s lips.

Willa grasped the sheets tightly as her body finally reached its peak, releasing an intense orgasm that soaked the bedding under her tight ass. Her deep green eyes were wide and staring directly into Carrie’s big brown ones.

“Fuck,” she whispered.

Carrie smiled and gave her a quick kiss before pulling her fake cock out of Willa’s cunt. She immediately slid down her body until her face was against the still-spasming pussy. She slid her tongue inside to taste her juices before they ran out of her and onto the bed. After a minute of licking her, Carrie rose to her knees and stared down at the girl.

“Damn,” she said.

“Yeah,” Willa responded before sitting up and giving her chest a kiss.

“And that was all she told me,” Taylor told us as she was knuckle-deep inside herself, causing an orgasm of her own.

Taylor had started to rub herself once she described Carrie’s orgasm that she had received from Willa. The end of the story was told in a high-pitched, shaky voice as the beautiful blonde was intent on timing her cum perfectly, which she did. I was about to bend down and lick her pussy clean but Samantha beat me to it. I simply smiled as I watched my girlfriend eat out a thoroughly pleased Taylor Swift.

To be continued…

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