Heidi Klum – How She Got Pregnant

Heidi Klumm

How she got pregnant


This is an adult story. Do not reed if you are underage or offended by explicit language.

I don’t own any of those characters.

NC-17, Mmmf oral, anal.

Let me tell you a true story. 😉

We all know the top model Heidi Klumm. And, possibly, all know about her relationship with the boss of formula 1 team Renault-Benetton Flavio Briatore.

What we don’t know is the reason of their break up.

Let’s go back in a warm summer night. The boss was pissed of and wanted results for the next race. So the whole team had to work overdue to fix some
problems with the autos.

They were at a break around midnight when the door opened. Their boss girlfriend Heidi Klumm entered the garage.

She greets them and asked them how they were going.

They told her that everything was okay because they were afraid of their jobs.

Heidi laughed and told them that it was okay to talk free to her and she apologized for the behavior of Flavio.

Then she left wising them strength and luck.

The next day’s trials were very satisfying and Flavio left without cursing.

The crew sat at the garage starting to talk about the last day

The door opened and Heidi walked in.

She was dressed with a whit braless top and a long blue skirt.

She asked them if everything was all right now and they nodded yes.

She told them they should actually celebrate that good result.

They showed her some bottle of bier. She smiled and asked if this was they way to celebrate. They said that it was all they could afford to.

Then she told them she could help them make the celebration a little better.

They looked at her waiting to see what she would say, what she would do.

And when they saw it their jaws fall to the floor!

Heidi placed her thumbs in her braless top and pushed it down freeing her big breasts!

Her top was just a piece of textile around her waist.

They looked at her not believing their eyes.

She kept pushing it downwards and took her skirt with it in the way. She didn’t ware anything underneath!

Her clothes where now a pile in the floor. She stepped out of it and walked to them.

Dressed only with her high heels!

She cupped her breasts and squeezed them. She asked them if they want to touch them.

They quietly nodded yes. She told them to stand up and make a row. They obeyed instantly!

The first one cupped her breasts and squeezed them; he pinched her nipples and used his fingers to twist them.

Heidi moaned and smiled at him. She stopped him and pushed him away. The next in the row took his place and played with her big globes.

One after another the twenty-five members of the played and had fun with her breasts.

Heidi looked around and saw that the first had already started to remove their clothes and had huge erections.

She sat in a work bench and spread her legs. She was already wet from anticipation and the long play with her breasts.

The men make a new row and the first one took place between her legs. He grabbed her ankles and lifts the legs up. Heidi took his cock in the hand and guided him in her wet pussy. He pushed forward and entered heaven. He started to fuck her faster and faster. Her boobs wiggled with every thrust. One man climbed on the bench and sat at her belly. He placed his cock between her globes and pressed them together trapping his cock. Then he started to fuck her cleavage!

Heidi smiled at him and told him that he lost his turn in her pussy but he didn’t care. It wasn’t so bad to fuck her boobs after all!

While her back laid on his surface the bench was wide enough to let Heidi’s head on the air. A third man walked around the bench took hold from her hair and turned her head to the side. He pressed his cock at her lips and she opened her mouth taking it in.

Heidi didn’t care for discipline anymore she cared only for cocks! She felt the cock in her pussy starting to contract and spurt sperm in her! She came too and moaned around the cock in her mouth.

The man in her pussy pulled out and another took his place fucking Heidi.

The man in her mouth came too and while Heidi did make it to swallow his whole load she couldn’t to stop the man in her cleavage from shooting his sperm all over her breasts, neck, chin and face!

But that didn’t make her angry. She laughed, scooped it with her fingers and licked them clean. Then another man feed her with his cock!

After the two new men came and filled her with even more sperm the rest lifted her up and rotated her to face the floor. They brought her over a man, laying on the floor, and lowered her and impaled her in his cock! They moved her up and down few times and then left her. One kneeled behind her and pushed his cock head against her back door! She groaned and he pushed harder as he felt her tight anal muscle give up.

Now Heidi was fucked in both holes and a third man walked ready to feed her with his cock.

One after one they took their turns and fucked their holes filling them with sperm. They also covered her skin with it.

Then the door opened and Flavio Briatore entered the room!

Heidi just smiled at him and then she shoved the nearest cock deep in her throat! The crew didn’t bother to care with him. They knew they could loose their jobs but fucking one of the most beautiful woman in the world was well worthy!

He wanted to send all of them to hell but he knew he needed his experienced crew. So he just told Heidi to take her stuff and leave for ever.

Few weeks after her gangbang Heidi found out that she was pregnant and everybody thought it was Flavio’s baby. But Only Heidi knew, well not exactly, it was someone from the crew!

Then Heidi found a new lover. Singer Seal. And his manager, his band, and the rest of his staff!

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