By Robbins

Tom was at the bar when he saw Elisha Cuthbert, the sexy co-star of
24,at the bar.

“Hi” he said to her. “Hello” she replied. “Can I get you a drink?”
he asked. “Sure” she replied.

Tom,and ELisha were at a table. They had been drinking. Tom was very
attracted to Elisha.

“I was wondering If you could help me” she asked. “What on” he

“They want to make my charcter Into a Dominatrix next season” she
said. Tom was stunned.

“I could use help preparing for It” she said.

“Sure” he replied.

“Thank you so much” she said. She
kisses him. They stand up,and

Elisha Is tying Tom to the ceiling.

“That’s not too tight Is It?” she asked. “No” he replied. “Good” she

Elisha pulls down his paints. She pulls off his boxers. Tom was
turned on by the thought of Elisha touching him.

“I’ll be back In a minute” she tells him.

Elisha goes on.

ELisha comes out of the bathroom dressed In a Dominatrix outfit. She
has a riding crop. She hits her hand with It. She smiles. She goes
up to him.

“Ready?” she asks. “Sure” he responds. “Ok” she replies.

She hits his butt with the riding crop. He screams.

“I’m sorry” she says. “That’s Ok” he says.

She hits him again even harder. He screams.

“I’m sorry. I haven’t done this before” she tells him. “It’s fine”
he says. She smiles,and starts again.

Elisha continues to hit his butt. He screams.

“I’m sorry. I guess I am strongier than I realized.” she says. “It’s
all right” he says.

Elisha smiles.

Elisha Is hitting his back with the riding crop.

“I think we should stop” he says.

Suddenly she grabs his hair.

“We’ll stop when I decide to stop” she says.

Tom had a thought.

“You have done this before.” he says.

“How did you guess Bitch?” she asks him tauntly.

Elisha hits him even harder now.

Elisha goes to the bathroom. Tom was wondering what she would do

Elisha came out of the bathroom nude. She goes up to him.

“You deserve a reward for being such a good bitch” she tells him.

She goes in front of him. He is stunned to see her nude. She was a
sight to behold nude.

“Just relex” Elisha told him. That was hard to do with her nude Tom

Elisha kneels down,and spreads her legs,and begins to ride his dick
with her pussy. Tom enjoyed this.

“Oh Elisha” Tom moarned as Elisha was riding him. He was glad he
helped her.

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