Hidden Desires 1

Hidden Desires – Part 1
Courteney Cox Arquette, Jennifer Aniston, David Arquette (MF, FF, nc; FF, cons, oral) by Exintaris

Disclaimer: This is complete fiction, not intended to suggest anything about the sexual orientation or relationship of Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston, or the state of the Arquettes’ marriage.

Stoically Courteney Cox Arquette endured the inept attempts of a complete stranger to fuck her doggy style with a strap-on. So inept were they, in fact, that she would bet that the woman had never done anything similar before. And what was more likely,
when she was an evident geek, so obsessed with Friends that, like others of their captors, half the time she called Courteney Monica, and Jennifer Rachel?

Admittedly, these geeks, most but by no means all apparently women, had been competent enough to plan and carry out a slick capture, which must have depended on skilful stalking and gathering of inside knowledge. But clearly most of them had not thought beyond getting the stars of Friends into their hands, and had little idea of what they were going to do once they had managed this. Obviously there was a sexual element: she and Jennifer had been stripped and tied up, if carefully, and there had been some fondling, which, she could not deny, she had found slightly arousing, if anything. But several of their captors seemed so overawed by the reality of their presence that they hardly touched them.

Overall, in fact, they had not been treated badly at first, though she had been given a tongue-lashing, accompanied by slaps on the butt, by one woman, seconded by several others, for being so mean to “poor Chandler”, and Jennifer had been similarly spanked for the way she treated “poor Ross”. As if either of them had much control over the way the episodes were written! But when she had pointed this out, and gone on to express some pungent opinions of her captors, they had gagged her, and a more vicious element had crept into their treatment.

She could not help grinning as she remembered how one of the gang had proposed that they make them give head. Jen had been right on the ball there.

“So, you’re so into us that you’d like us to bite off your clits or cockheads?” she said ironically.

Monica had actually laughed at the way several of the gang had involuntarily reached to protect their genitals. It was a potent threat.

“Fuck ’em,” said the gang’s leader, a large and grossly fat man. “We can hold ’em down and fuck ’em.”

“Aw, can’t we lick them?” said one of the women. “I’d like to lick Courteney Cox.”

“We’d have to take our masks off then, dummy,” said the leader in derision.

“Shoulda got masks that didn’t cover our mouths,” said the woman resentfully.

“Well, we didn’t,” the leader replied firmly. “And for good reason. When the whole face is covered, it really isn’t easy to recognise, and that’s what matters most.”

There was a murmur of agreement.

“Do we have to hold them down?” said a man. “Couldn’t we sorta get them stirred up, and then they’d go for it?”

“You’ve been reading too much celebrity porn,” said the leader scornfully. “That kinda thing doesn’t happen in real life.” His face turned towards the two bound stars. “But there is this. You remember that film Seven, and what the killer said he did to some girl, to test her vanity? We could do something not so bad, but like that, to you, if you don’t cooperate.”

There was a confused murmur among the gang; Courteney thought that some sounded dismayed. Herself, she was prepared to call his bluff, but Jennifer was not.

“Oh, don’t do that,” she pleaded in a desperate-sounding voice. “We, we’ll cooperate, won’t we, Court?”

She looked at Courteney pleadingly. Courteney sighed, but nodded. After all, maybe it would be wise to avoid alienating these people, and whatever they were made to do, it couldn’t last long. Their captors must be aware of the dangers of being discovered if they held onto them for an extended period of time.

“But after this, you have to let us go,” Jennifer said more firmly. “Remember, Court’s a mother, and Coco will be wanting her, sooner rather than later.”

This caused much more evident uneasiness among the gang. In fact, when the leader asked who wanted to be first, there was clear reluctance, with what would have been bashful glances at each other and some uneasy shuffling.

“I’ll do it,” said a large, heavily built woman eventually, the one who had wanted to lick Courteney. “I’ll fuck Monica, from behind.”

“And I’ll take Jennifer fucking Aniston,” said a noticeably thin man, who sounded young, barely out of adolescence, “the same way.”

So here they were. Courteney hoped that the others would continue to be nervous of doing something in public that most of them had probably done only rarely, if that, in private, and that the apparent guiltiness that some had shown over the reference to Coco would work in her and Jennifer’s favour.

She looked across at Jennifer, to see that, despite the fact that the man was not wearing a condom – he had simply laughed when Jennifer had protested – she was smiling, her eyes closed in an expression of pleasure. Why, she was actually enjoying it, Courteney thought. Of course, now that she had broken up with Vince Vaughn, she had fewer chances to get fucked than Courteney herself did. She knew Jennifer well enough to guess that, even though she was going on dates with various men, she was unlikely to go to bed with them casually, just to satisfy her needs. Too, the man did seem to know what he was doing.

“Come on,” said the leader, addressing the woman attempting to fuck Courteney. “You’re not getting anywhere.”

The woman had been panting and puffing, and the power of her irregular thrusting had noticeably weakened. Now she pulled back out of Courteney rather roughly and sat back.

“She’s not getting worked up, and that doesn’t help me,” she complained. “She must be controlling it some way.”

Courteney snickered, deliberately loudly; like so many men, the woman simply could not imagine that what she was doing was not good enough to arouse her. The woman slapped her hard on the ass and yelled, “Bitch! You’re a real bitch at heart, Monica!”

“I have an idea,” said the leader. “We make them do it to each other, and in character.”

This was received with acclaim, though the man fucking Jennifer called out, “Just let me finish! I’m nearly there!”

Within a few seconds he proved he was right, as he ejaculated into Jennifer with a loud grunt of effort. Jennifer grunted also, but did not appear to come.

“Right,” said the leader. “Rachel, you are gonna lick Monica good.”

Courteney cried out through her gag, “No way!” as loudly as she could, but Jennifer sat up, breathing a little hard, and after a moment said, “Okay.”

Courteney looked at her in amazement. She was sure they could face their captors down over this. Jennifer returned her look, with an expression that suggested guilt. Did she actually want to do this?

“I’m sorry, Court,” she said. “I just want this to be over. You’ll let us go after this, won’t you?” she appealed to the leader. “If you promise to do that, I’ll give it my best shot, I really will.”

“You have my word,” said the leader solemnly.

Courteney started to get to her feet, ready to fight to avoid this further humiliation, but the woman behind her grabbed her wrists and pulled her back.

“Someone help me hold this bitch down,” she called.

Within moments Courteney was spread-eagled, unable to move a limb. Jennifer approached her on hands and knees. She was smiling gently.

“I’ll make it good, Court, don’t worry,” she said softly. “Just relax and enjoy it.”

Courteney gazed at her helplessly, and felt a tremor of anticipation in her limbs and her stomach. She had had oral often enough from David, and others before him, but what would it be like from a woman, and her best friend at that?

Still smiling, Jennifer ran her hands over Courteney’s body, caressing her breasts pleasingly, then moved down to her stomach and hips, then stroked along the inside of her thighs and up to her mound. She brushed lightly over this, running one finger along the landing strip of bush that Courteney left when shaving herself there. Courteney could not help it; she wriggled a little, and felt a rush of heat down there, and a moistening in her pussy.

“You’re so cute, Mon,” said Jennifer, and she stroked and rubbed some more. Courteney found it impossible to prevent herself getting aroused again, and found herself almost instinctively pushing her body up at Jennifer’s hands.

“Now she’s getting worked up,” said the big woman holding her arms, with a mixture of satisfaction and derision. “Maybe she’s a dyke at heart.”

“Looks like Rachel is too,” said another female spectator. “But what would you expect, when they lived together so long? I’ll bet they got it on now and then.”

“Yeah!” cried one of the men. “Come on, Rachel, let’s see some action.”

Grinning in apparent acknowledgement, Jennifer bent down and kissed Courteney on the top of her mound, then ran her tongue with a feather-light touch down her pussy lips, swirling around her clit but not lingering there. The sensation made Courteney groan with awakened lust, and her juices really began to flow.

“Ah!” said Jennifer in a satisfied tone, and she began to lick within Courteney’s pussy lips, up and down and, more tentatively, to work her tongue inside a little way. It was very exciting, and Courteney found herself trying to push up hard at Jennifer’s face, desperate to feel her tongue fully inside her.

“Ease up on holding her down, and take off that gag,” the leader ordered. “Looks like Monica’s really getting into it.”

It was no more than the truth, Courteney admitted to herself. She now actively wanted Jennifer to fuck her with her tongue and make her come. But she was not going to give these perverts the satisfaction of hearing her say so, and she tried to control the moans that Jennifer’s work with her tongue was forcing out of her. She was so good, it made Courteney wonder whether Jennifer had done things like this before.

Jennifer put her hands on Courteney’s hips and suddenly pushed her face down and drove a stiffened tongue in really hard, making Courteney squeal involuntarily at the intensity of the sensation. Then she pulled back, and after a few more sweeping licks up and down began to suck on Courteney’s clit. As Courteney again pushed up at her instinctively, Jennifer ran her hands underneath to hold her butt, and before Courteney knew it a finger was teasingly rimming her anus, then pushing in. This drove her wild. She hardly noticed the removal of her gag and of the restraining hands on her limbs, she was concentrating so much on the marvellous things Jennifer was doing to her most intimate areas.

“Yeeeaahh, do it to me, Jennifer!” she cried, forgetting her previous resolution.

“In character!” the leader snarled.

“Do it to me, Rach!” Courteney cried obediently. “Give me all you’ve got!”

Jennifer chuckled. “Try to keep your ass in the air,” she murmured. When Courteney did so, Jennifer kept one hand under her with a finger in her anus, but moved the other so that she could insert a finger into Courteney’s pussy, and begin frigging her with the same rhythm as she was using in her anus. At the same time she was licking, lipping and sucking her clit. Courteney found herself writhing in ecstatic torment, begging for release, but Jennifer held her at that point for quite a while before suddenly giving her clit a firm little nip. That was it: Courteney shrieked like a banshee and came tumultuously, almost shooting juices out. With appreciative noises Jennifer licked them up, while removing her hand from below Courteney, who relaxed her body onto the floor, momentarily drained.

“That was good,” said the leader, gasping a little, and Courteney looked up to see that he clearly been jerking off. In fact, the whole pack of them had evidently been masturbating.

“We should have Monica turn the tables,” said the big woman who had been holding Courteney. “She should get to fuck Rachel, with this.” She held up the strap-on she had been using.

This was met with a roar of acclaim.

“Hey,” said Jennifer protestingly. “You said you’d let us go!”

“So we will, after this,” said the leader calmly. “But turnabout is fair play. I guess Monica would want to show you that. Also, if you think about it, she’s much more likely to initiate stuff like this.”

Courteney had to agree with him. If there had been any sexual activity between Monica and Rachel, she was sure it would have begun with Monica, much the more forceful of the two, and she might well have wanted to fuck Rachel. She herself now felt ready, even eager to fuck Jennifer and get some pleasurable revenge on the little slut. Okay, she had enjoyed what Jennifer had done, very much, but the fact remained, she had caused Courteney to make a spectacle of herself and show this bunch of perverted geeks what should only be seen in private, by a lover.

“I’ll do it,” she said clearly. “I just need a little recovery time.”

Jennifer turned and darted a much more readily interpretable look at her, accompanied by a very swift wink. Evidently, she did want Courteney to do this. But her voice was sulky.

“I guess I don’t have a choice,” she said. “Can I get a drink, at least? My mouth’s all sticky.”

Someone passed her a can, from which she drank thirstily, then poured some on her hand, which she rubbed over her face.

“You sure are productive when you come, Court,” she said lightly.

After a minute or two the leader decided it was time to start. With some help from the big woman Courteney fitted the strap-on, her hands shaking a little. She was feeling even more anticipation than she had before. Was this something she had always wanted to do, in her heart of hearts? She certainly felt a strong desire to do it now.

Jennifer was told to take the doggy position and did so very readily, looking back at Courteney invitingly. Courteney approached and ran her hands lingeringly over her fine body. Jennifer whined and pushed up against her hands like a cat being stroked.

“Get to it,” the leader ordered.

Courteney took hold of Jennifer’s hips firmly, took a breath, and began prodding at her with the strap-on, trying to find the hole. Without hesitation Jennifer not only spread her legs wider, but reached back, took hold of the strap-on and pointed it, saying, “Here, Mon.”

Courteney drove forward and felt a strong sense of achievement as she penetrated. Gripping Jennifer, she surged in, producing a sort of groan out of her. Then, without thinking about what she was doing, she began to thrust in and out quite forcefully, driving deeper in each time. She could not understand how the big woman trying to do her had had a problem; the motion seemed to come naturally. But then, she was fit and fairly supple from her constant working out, something the big woman looked most unlikely to do. Within a few strokes she had established a regular rhythm.

“Oh Mon!” Jennifer called out. “That feels so good.”

Out of the corner of her eye Courteney noticed several of the gang feeling themselves again. She decided to give them a show.

“Feels good, does it?” she cried, increasing the power of her thrusts. “I’ll show you, you lazy little bitch! Remember all the times you’ve shirked helping out in the apartment, or screwed me over some way? Well, now I’m screwing you, and I’m gonna do it so well, you’ll stay screwed!”

There were cried of appreciation from the audience, including the leader, who called, “More! More!”

“I’m sorry, Mon!” Jennifer called after a few moments. “Sorry for being lazy, and messing you around! But don’t think this is a punishment – I like this!”

Courteney reached her hands forward to grasp Jennifer’s breasts and squeeze them hard, rejoicing in their soft fullness, tipped by those ever-prominent, now bullet-hard nipples.

“How about this?” she snarled. “You like this?” She tried to drive even harder into Jennifer.

“Oh YEEAAAHHH!” Jennifer cried joyfully. “Oh, fuck me, Court, I mean Mon, fuck me hard, fuck my ass right off!”

By now they were in a fast rhythm as Jennifer drove back at Courteney equally strongly, to meet her thrusts forward. This delivered white-hot pulses of delight to Courteney’s clit. Oh man, I might get to come again, she thought deliriously. Eagerly she gripped Jennifer’s breasts and tweaked and pulled her nipples.

Jennifer was now producing regular gasping cries which suggested urgent need, and this excited Courteney still further. Feeling sweat running down her face, she tried to put all her remaining energy into her thrusting.


Jennifer screamed, humping back at Courteney frantically. She squealed in ecstasy, her body shaking, and Courteney was sure she felt drops of liquid fall on her thighs. She heard cries and gasps from the audience, but only dimly, because she was now focused on her own imminent climax. She tried to grind against Jennifer, who must have divined what she was doing because she pushed back and rubbed her ass hard against Courteney’s crotch. The wave crested, peaked, then broke – with a shudder of ecstasy and an inarticulate noise Courteney began to come even more copiously and noisily than the last time.

Groaning, the two rubbed their bodies fiercely against each other for a short while before they began to relax, shaken by little aftershocks occasionally. They continued to kneel for a while, Courteney embracing Jennifer, panting heavily. She could not remember feeling so satisfied for a long time. She hoped she had been right, and that Jennifer had wanted that and got as much out of it as she had. Soon she was reassured on that point.

“Oh Court,” Jennifer muttered, so that only she could hear, “that was ace fucking. Thank you.”

“My pleasure, sweetie,” Courteney murmured back in a Monica voice. Jennifer chuckled and wriggled against her.

“Oh … my … Gahddd,” said the leader in a Janice manner. “Well, you certainly kept your part of the bargain, ladies, so we’ll keep ours. Give them their clothes back.”

Courteney thought of something. “Hey, don’t we get to clean up?”

“You see any washrooms?” said the leader ironically. “Okay, now when you’re dressed you’re gonna be blindfolded …”

They had been told to keep their blindfolds on for a slow count of fifty, and Monica obeyed. When she removed it, she saw Jennifer looking at her with a very mischievous expression on her face.

“Well, we’ve done it now,” she said.

“We certainly have,” said Courteney, holding out a hand.

Jennifer took it and said, “You really did me well, Court, and you taste delicious. I feel so good.”

“Me too,” said Courteney, squeezing her hand and beaming at her. “And I came twice for your once.”

“Well, yeah,” said Jennifer, “but I liked licking you – really liked it. It was almost as good as coming. Well, what shall we do now?”

Their captors had not left them their cell phones, though at Courteney’s insistence they had smashed them in her sight. Courteney did not want anything like a repeat of the Paris Hilton incident. Looking around, she saw that they were in open country, but clearly close to a major road, for sounds of constant traffic could be heard.

“If we walk up there,” said Courteney, pointing along a track, “we should come to the road soon enough.”

“M’m, yeah,” said Jennifer uncertainly. “You, uh, you don’t want to … do some more first? I mean, we haven’t been missing very long. People may not even realise we are missing, in fact.”

Courteney looked at her suspiciously. “Jennifer Aniston, do you have some kind of crush on me? Was that why you seemed so eager?”

Jennifer looked down. “Yeah,” she muttered. ” I always thought you so attractive, and you’ve been so good to me, and now … now I truly want you.”

“Oh wow!” said Courteney in quiet amazement.

“You enjoyed it too, didn’t you?” Jennifer said. “Even if you don’t feel for me what I now think I feel for you, you’d like some more sex without any risks, wouldn’t you?”

Courteney was badly tempted, but regretfully decided that this was not a good idea. She came up with a reasonable excuse.

“You see anywhere round here you’d be willing to lay down?” she said. “No, we should go get ourselves rescued.”

“We could use our clothes like blankets,” Jennifer pointed out.

Courteney looked at her. Jennifer’s expression seemed to combine longing and hope.

“Well ….” she said slowly. Jennifer exaggerated her look of anxious hope as Courteney thought, so much that it made Courteney snicker. Finally she decided, what the hell, why not?

“You’re right – who knows when we’ll get a better chance?” she said.

Jennifer beamed and began unbuttoning her shirt fast. Since, as so often, she was not wearing a bra, her delightful breasts came into sight very quickly. Courteney paused in her own unbuttoning, overcome with what could only be described as lust. She stepped forward and laid her hands on the breasts, thumbing the nipples.

“You’re so hot, Jen,” she murmured.

Jennifer put her hands on Courteney’s breasts, still covered by her bra. “You’re just as hot.”

“Even though I’m in my forties?” said Courteney quietly.

“Who cares about age?” said Jennifer rather indignantly. “To me you’ll always be Court, my dear hot friend.”

Moved, Courteney swept her into a kiss. Both sighed as they settled into it, embracing each other closely, and Courteney realised this was something she had been longing for, deep down. Jennifer’s lips were so full and soft and enjoyable. They continued their kiss as they shed their shirts and in Courteney’s case her bra. Then they broke, to push down pants and panties, remove footwear, and finally lie down together on a tumbled heap of clothes.

“They’ll get awfully dirty,” Courteney muttered.

“Who cares, Monica?” said Jennifer, looking at her impishly.

“I’ll get you for that!” Courteney cried, lunging at her and piling her body on top of Jennifer’s. Jennifer did not seem to mind this a bit, giggling and lifting her head to kiss her. Courteney moved around on her, enjoying the feeling that pressing her breasts against Jennifer’s gave her, and almost by accident got herself into a position where her pussy was rubbing against Jennifer’s. With a gasp of pleasure, Jennifer pushed up against her.

“Oh yes!” cried Courteney, and began to rub herself against Jennifer more strongly, getting great enjoyment from the pressures on her clit.

“Oh my god!” cried Jennifer as she responded, pushing up harder against her.

They got into a circling motion, grinning at each other as they found a rhythm that both liked, and continued, panting with effort, speeding up as they felt their arousal heighten. When she could tell that another orgasm was really quite close, Courteney bent down and began to kiss Jennifer really intensely, eager to express the strong feelings that she was developing for her friend.

“Oh Court!” Jennifer moaned. “Court, I love you!”

“I love you too!” Courteney gasped, sure that she meant it. More and more this seemed right, and good, and what she had always wanted.

Jennifer’s face contorted and she gave a scream of pleasure as she began to come, with almost frenzied humping up at Courteney. Her movements were enough to set Courteney off. She gave an exultant yell as her climax hit, then pressed her lips to Jennifer’s again, delighted with her, the woman she was coming to see that she wanted even more than her husband David.

Both drew long gasping breaths as they began to relax. Courteney raised herself in a while to look into Jennifer’s eyes. What she saw there made her heart turn over.

“You meant it,” was all she said.

Tears appeared in Jennifer’s eyes. “Yes, Court, I meant it,” she near-whispered. “Did you?”

Courteney paused for a moment only. “Yes,” she said decisively, and bent to kiss her new love again.

The short-lived abduction of Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston was the subject of a prolonged feeding frenzy in the celebrity magazines and scandal sheets. They revealed in interviews that they had been sexually molested by their captors, but nothing else. It seemed that they were trying to wait out the speculation, patiently handling the often rather prurient enquiries from friends as well as journalists; Courteney had the added problem of trying to reconcile her husband David to what had happened. Just when the rush of comment and speculation was slackening, a bombshell burst. Evidently, without their noticing, someone had filmed the whole sexual sequence that they had played out as Monica and Rachel, apparently secretly and so not too well. There was even a sound track which had picked up the impassioned cries of Courteney and Jennifer. This was all over the internet in a flash, and videos made from the original tape or copied off the internet were soon in lively circulation. And just when this scandal was at its height, another tape appeared. Someone, maybe the same someone, had filmed their lovemaking after they had been freed. This was clearly from a distance, and there was no sound track, but what was happening was clear enough to anybody.

The outcry these tapes caused completely dwarfed the original response. Everyone, it seemed, had an opinion. Many in the lesbian community were gleeful, welcoming the apparent endorsement of what seemed to them a natural preference and natural behaviour by two such prominent figures, though it was widely said that they should have been honest about it from the first. The evangelical Christians, on the other hand, were aghast, and called for a boycott of all films and shows in which the two were involved. For a while the two went into hiding to avoid journalists and paparazzi, taking Coco Arquette with them. But David Arquette did not accompany his wife, and, although he remained tight-lipped, rumours began to circulate that he was intending to separate from Courteney. Some commentators pointed out that he had been showing signs of restiveness for a while, and might well seize this golden opportunity to leave a wife seven years older than him and find a younger woman.

Finally, when the storm had largely died down and new scandals were preoccupying the celebrity journalists, the two re-emerged, to hold a formal press conference along with David Arquette and several friends who were evidently present for moral support. This led to a new sensation, for in answer to one of the first questions, by a very sharp-eyed young journalist, Jennifer Aniston admitted that she was pregnant, by the man who had effectively raped her. She went on to state that she had taken no measures to get rid of the pregnancy because she had been wanting a baby for some time, and this seemed an ideal situation in many ways, because she had no need to establish a relationship with the father.

“Aren’t you afraid this man will show up and demand joint custody and maybe marriage?” a journalist asked.

Jennifer fixed him with a look of withering scorn. “What, and admit to being involved in kidnapping and rape?” she asked. “He’d be in jail so fast his feet wouldn’t touch the ground.”

“So, you’re going to bring the baby up on your own?” a female journalist asked.

Jennifer looked at Courteney, who nodded. “No, Courteney and I will bring the baby up,” she said blithely.

This produced a hubbub of questions and comment, and it quickly transpired that the main business of the press conference was to announce that the Arquettes were separating and that Courteney and Jennifer were going to live together as a couple.

“We realised that, all along, we had been secretly attracted to each other, and now that we had been forced into acts with each other that brought this out only too clearly, we were not going to go back on it,” said Courteney.

David Arquette confirmed that for some time he had not been happy in his marriage, and had begun to have suspicions about the true nature of the relationship between the women.

“It worried me, when Jennifer kept turning to Courteney, and Courteney gave Jennifer so much time, after the break-up with Brad,” he commented. “I thought they were maybe more hung up on each other than they realised. But we’re going to stay friends, and I will have joint custody of Coco.”

Courteney and Jennifer maintained steadfastly that there had been no sexual or quasi-sexual contact between them before the abduction, apart from the notorious kiss in the final episode of Dirt’s first season. But Jennifer admitted that this kiss, light and fleeting though it was, got her thinking. Many were inclined to disbelieve them, but neither wavered under questioning, and the journalists finally if reluctantly accepted their account.

The story continued to rumble on for some time, as Jennifer’s pregnancy was monitored constantly by the celebrity press, but once the baby, a son, was born without incident interest died down. By this time the antics of younger actors, singers and party animals were preoccupying celebrity journalists again, and the relationship became as accepted, and rarely commented on, as that between Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Rossi.

When Jennifer held a first birthday party for John Matthew Aniston, David Arquette was invited as father of Coco Arquette, and stayed over that night. When the children were finally asleep, he sat up talking relaxedly with Courteney and Jennifer about Coco’s progress. After they had exhausted this topic there was a short silence. Then he looked them over, with a strange smile.

“You seem very happy,” he said.

“Oh, we are,” they said together, with equal enthusiasm. Then they looked at each other and laughed, and Courteney took Jennifer’s hand.

“Good,” he said in a satisfied way. “Then it all seems to have worked out. I wasn’t absolutely sure it would.”

Courteney narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Just what does that mean, David?”

He grinned at her. “Now it can be told. I set that whole thing up.”

They both looked at him in amazement. “You did?” said Jennifer.

He nodded. “It took my agents a long time to get a group together that could be trusted not to freak out over the whole thing, or do worse than what they did do. Man, there are some weird people out there!”

“Why did you do this?” said Courteney, who was looking and sounding rather mad.

“Because I could see that you and Jennifer really belonged together,” David said simply, “and this was a way out of our marriage that raised a lot less stink than just leaving you would have done.”

“You took a hell of a risk, at our expense,” snapped Courteney. “If they’d been bolder, we might have had to do some serious putting out, and we could have caught something. And Jennifer got pregnant.”

“Oh, but I wanted that!” said Jennifer. “That was worth a little bit of humiliation, to me. Don’t you think so, Court?”

Courteney squeezed her hand and smiled at her. “Yes, that was a great piece of luck – but David doesn’t deserve any credit for it.”

David nodded, looking apologetic. “I admit, I did miscalculate a bit there. I didn’t think geeks like that would have the nerve. And when it had happened, I thought sure you would get a morning-after pill, Jen. I, um, hope it wasn’t too bad an experience.”

Jennifer shrugged. “It was okay.”

Courteney suddenly snickered. “You should have seen her – grinning like the Cheshire Cat!”

Jennifer giggled. “Well, you ought to realise, I was going seriously short at that time. And the guy was nothing special, but he wasn’t smelly, or a great big lump like the woman who tried to screw you!”

Courteney still seemed rather perturbed. “What about the guys who made the tapes?” she said. “Did you set them up too?”

“There was only one guy,” said David. “He stayed behind when they dropped you off. I got the suggestion to him that, if all went well, you’d have a yearning to do more. I have to say, girls, you put on a fine show – far hotter than that Paris Hilton stuff, though it was a bit short.”

Courteney snorted. “Yeah, great, just the kind of publicity we needed.” But she no longer seemed quite so mad.

“Oh well, it hasn’t really done my film career any harm,” said Jennifer nonchalantly, “except that it brought in sleazy offers I had absolutely no interest in.”

Courteney gave a short laugh. “Me too! And there was that offer from Playboy, to have us do a spread together.”

“Would have sold out completely,” said David emphatically. “They’d have been offering fortunes for copies on eBay.”

They both giggled. “Aw, you’re such a sweetie,” said Jennifer. “But seriously, David, aren’t you afraid you could be blackmailed by your agents, or that someone will talk?”

David shook his head. “All of us involved have a good reason to keep our mouths shut – the law. And I paid really well. As for the people who were there, the guy who made the tapes has the originals, and is very pleased with them, so I hear, and the others, well … people are not gonna be very ready to believe the claims of geeks like them, and I did get my people to make the odd veiled threat. No, I think I’m safe.”

Courteney was still frowning, but Jennifer brought her hand to her lips and kissed it. “All’s well that ends well, is how I see it,” she said. “I can’t be mad at David, really, when what he did has got me something I really wanted – a healthy baby – and secure love with you as well.”

Courteney relaxed and smiled. “Yes, and it got me you. Okay, David,,” she turned to him, “I guess you are forgiven.” Suddenly she yawned. “Time for bed, I think.”

Jennifer leaned in to her and whispered something, which made her produce a surprised shriek of laughter.

“Really?” she said.

Jennifer nodded, bright-eyed, and whispered something else.

Courteney looked speculatively at David. “Well … why not?”

She stood and reached out a hand to David. “Want a reward for getting us together?”

With a surprised look on his face David got to his feet, taking her hand. He looked uncertainly at Jennifer, but she took his other hand without hesitation, smiling broadly.

“A real cock is nice now and then,” she said.

“Oh man,” he said reflectively, as they walked to the bedroom together, “I am one lucky s.o.b. I’m not stuck in a marriage neither of us really wanted any more, you’re forgiving me for what I did, and now I’m getting to go to bed with both of you. Brad Pitt should be so lucky.”

Jennifer and Courteney snickered appreciatively.

“I almost feel sorry for him, having to look after that army of kids and keep Angelina happy,” said Jennifer. “Almost.”

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